Disabled Woman Attacked By Cop Calls 911 For Help


A Hearing-impaired Washington woman who was pulled over for allegedly using her cell phone while driving had a difficult time explaining to the officer that she couldn’t understand his commands.

Part of the reason for that, it seems, was that the cop didn’t bother listening to 36 year-old Megan Graham, who also suffers from a cognitive disorder, as she tried to tell him that she is disabled.

According to Graham, she got out of her car at her destination – the apartment of a friend whose pet she was caring for – and suddenly realized that a police cruiser was pulled in behind her car with its lights flashing. So she approached Federal Way, Wash. police officer Justin Anholt, who hadn’t yet left the seat of his police cruiser and was barking orders from inside the vehicle.

What she didn’t know was that Anholt was telling her to get back into her car. Being hearing impaired and all, she kept approaching him to explain her disabilities. The cop was having none of it, allegedly grabbing Graham’s wrist and pulling it behind her.

“I pulled my arm back, grabbed my phone and called 911 to call for help,” she told KIRO TV. “I told the officer I had mental and hearing disabilities, and didn’t understand why he was trying to hurt me.”

The recording of the 911 call indeed reveals Graham telling the officer, “You attacked me before you said anything! There is no point whatsoever for you to touch me like that, especially with my condition, so how dare you even touch me?”

As that was going on, with Graham still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, another unnamed cop responding to the call escalated things by punching Graham several times in the face. Graham was left with a black eye and some very nasty bruises on the left side of her face.

Police have charged her with felony assault to a police officer.

“That woman was not resisting, I saw it,” said Graham’s friend Deborah Fenwick, who witnessed the encounter. “That woman doesn’t have a violent bone in her body. She’s got a heart of gold. If she would have understood the officer’s commands in the first place, she would have absolutely complied with him.”

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  • Harold Olsen

    This is typical of cops here in Washington state. The cops will investigate and decide the cops did nothing wrong and they feared for their lives. Shoot first and ask questions later. Protect and serve? That’s a laugh. “I’m a cop. I carry a badge. I can do anything I want and treat people any way I want.”

    • Jake Thomas

      Typical of cops in Washington State, this is becoming typical of cops everywhere.

  • $28109413

    They arrested HER for assaulting the police officer!!!
    I guess she was responsible for the bruises on the cops knuckles, where he punched her in the face….

    • FreedomFighter

      This is all the result of current police training and policy…

      A communist block authoritarian brutality mind set, obey or be forced to obey with quickly escalating amounts of force to the point of lethality. No longer are we the public dealing with “Peace officers” we are dealing with ENFORCERS, Law Enforcers, trained like attack dogs.All the public is the enemy, the enforcers are not there to protect you the citizen anymore, they are here to ENFORCE LAW by edict of government. This is a fundamental shift in the policy and training accelerated and pushed to extremes by our current government under Oblamer, but started slowly at least 20 years ago.

      Laus DeoSemper FI

      • mari

        We aren’t in Mayberry any more, Opie. Remember the college experiment where they made half of the class guards and half of the class inmates? The guards became more and more brutal and the inmates cowered. While our gun ownership rights are being threatened on one hand, the other hand is empowering our police to be as you say, enforcers. The same type of changes are being employed in the armed forces, where our military is being taught (and by taught I mean brainwashed) to think of our citizens as potential terrorists, and thus okay to use force against. When you consider what the IRS did with their power, you can see how easily and heartlessly brother can turn on brother (maybe comrade on comrade will soon be a more appropriate term).Everything that started slowly is escalating at an alarming rate…God have mercy on us and turn us again.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        You got that right ! Soon the day well come when we well have to fight them .

  • Darral

    WE don’t call it The CRIMINAL, justice system for nothing, Most justice systems are controlled by the Democratic Party, including law enforcement, Abolish this destructive Treasonous Democratic party, then we can work on a honest justice system with honest law abiding law enforcement, Until the we are under the threat of The Criminal justice systems tyranny control.

  • BobinCA

    Come on, lets be fair to the two officers here, this unarmed woman had to have her face beat on to control her by two officers with Mace, Night sticks and Guns. These poor cops had their lives on the line here, I mean, think about it, she pulled free from the first cop and pulled her cell phone and called 911. What would you do when someone pulled their cell phone on you? You beat the cr*p out of them because there are only two cops against one woman. So next time someone raises their cell phone and you feel threatened, beat the cr*p out of them, don’t worry, the police are showing you your rights here. These two cowardly men need to be put on a desk job, they can’t handle the stress of being a cop on the street dealing with the public in a Peaceful manner. It really makes me wonder why these guys ever became officers? Maybe they have mental problems identifying with their manhood? Or the manhood they don’t have otherwise?

    • wandamurline

      They need to be fired without benefits.

      • BobinCA

        What they really need is about a year or two in jail for assault. These two so called officers are so far out of line in the way they dealt with this woman even if she wasn’t doing as she was told. The use of force way out weighs the need. If these two cops can’t bring someone like this under control without punching her face in, their in big trouble if a man was there problem. Their cowards and have no business dealing with people on the street or anywhere else other than from behind bars.

  • Bachelor With Sense

    It is stories such as this that are angering the citizens to the point that these “Cops” are putting their lives in danger! Shoot first and ask Questions later MAY become the TRUTH of the Situation from the CITIZEN’S point of View!! IF that point in time occurs, there will be a lot of DEAD “Cops” in Washington!!

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Back in the 60s the way they paid the police back in the northeast was to call them , and when they showed up shoot them !

  • tim

    Their all pricks

    • Geof

      To be fair, there are some wonderful examples of hero public servants on our police forces. Even officers who make mistakes like this one have days when they are the hero. This was not one of those days.

  • vieteravet

    The police are now the union thugs!

  • manuel

    Just another example of the thugs now employed by many poeleec departments. Give a bully a uniform, a badge and a gun and you are asking for trouble.

  • Old Wolf

    Sadly, in many cases, the Police departments have become militarized, and become their own armed gangs. I’ve met far too many that only want the badge because of the power attached to it, not because of the service. Power comes with responsibility, in the words of Cincinnatus, “The more I lead, the more I serve.”
    Power without responsibility, without restraint, is tyranny. Assault and battery by police is no different than assault and battery by any other citizen, and may, according to the Supreme Court, be resisted as any other assault and battery, including to the point of the deaths of those officers. (John Bad Elk v US.)

    But they lie for each other’s protection, and engage in criminal conspiracy to cover up acts done outside of law, refuse to prosecute each other, and hide evidence that would exonerate the victim. I fail to see how this is outside of the Racketeering Influenced Criminal Organizations Act, as effectively they’re a ‘protection squad’ that only protects.. each other.

  • Michael Shreve

    Typical behavior of LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. Peace officers use FORCE as a LAST resort.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    your rights are void and null in the presence of a cop and a badge. You have no right to defend yourself when they are assaulting you and abusing their power. You simply take the beating, assault and injuries up to and including death and shut up because you have no right to fight for your life if the attacker dawns a badge which gives them full authority to beat down any and every unarmed citizens as they see fit.

  • Ibcamn

    all cops are trained to see you as guilty until you proove your innocent!
    they have been doing this for decades to people,it’s just now getting around to you and now your bitching!welcome to my world of dealing with the cops!
    all cops are corrupt and make up phoney charges to get out of trouble when they screw up,they just blame it on you!that’s why they don’t want you video taping them!cause nowadays it’s easy to proove them wrong and expose them for who they are,crooks!!

  • Geof

    Hello everyone, thanks for your comments. To clarify, Megan is hard of hearing, not deaf. She does have a message about law enforcement. She wants everyone to know that she believes police are a vital public service. The individual officers and the department they work for ought to be held accountable for their mistakes. However, Megan does not want incidents like this to destroy our faith in public servants. This posting written by Megan’s husband.

  • Duane Rosekrans

    For information purposes it is legal for people who are hearing impaired in the State of Washington to be able to talk on their cell phones while driving. I am hearing impaired but have bluetooth technology that allows hands free talking while driving. This is pricey technology and is not affordable by everyone. The woman was within her rights to be talking. As for the rest of the story. This is a common theme running through the police forces in this state due to the massacre of five police officers in a Starbucks like setting who were having their coffee and doughnuts when a crazy idiot came through and killed them. All of the cops are on extremely high alert and perceive any slight movement as a threat. Hey I am not sticking up for these bozos, but if you come to this state you might want to ratchet up your own alertness when there are cops around.