DHS Says Fewer Bullets Stockpiled Than Reported; Buys In Bulk To Save Cash


Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) was among the earliest officials to criticize the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for entering into contracts that obligate it to buy more than a reported 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition — enough for a 20-year war.

He demanded an explanation from DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in a letter he sent last November. “Big Sis” evidently responded sometime back in February, but Coburn didn’t publish the full response on a Senate website until this week.

As many critics of the mass bullet buy had predicted, the response (issued not by Napolitano, but by Nelson Peacock, DHS assistant secretary for Legislative Affairs) reveals what the department has been doing, while utterly concealing any real motive as to why:

DHS routinely establishes strategic sourcing contracts that combine the requirements of all its Components for commonly purchased goods and services such as ammunition, computer equipment, and information technology services. These strategic sourcing contracts help leverage the purchasing power of DHS to efficiently procure equipment and supplies at significantly lower costs.

The official response, then, is that computer equipment, IT support and ammunition for guns all cost less when you buy in bulk.

That’s all the verbiage Coburn managed to elicit as to why DHS needs that much ammunition. But, taking at face value the amount of ammo DHS self-reported in an attached itemized summary, the momentum behind earlier reports that the department is stockpiling billions of bullets indeed falters — if only a little.

That’s because DHS reports “only” 263 million total rounds of ammo in its present inventory, though it also disclosed it will maintain the pace of recent years in continuing to spend roughly $37 million on additional ammunition.

As this analysis of the numbers points out, it’s evident that DHS, by its own accounting, isn’t expending ammo at the same rate as it’s buying up the stuff. Rather, it’s averaging more than 70 percent inventory retention (aka “stockpiling”) over the past three years, even though the department’s annual spending on ammunition hasn’t dropped off as its inventory of bullets swells.

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  • Warrior

    Who knows, maybe the “regime” has found a different “avenue” to move munitions to “freedom fighters” in syria.

  • Eyes Open Patriot

    If they are trying to save money, why are the buying hollowpoints for “training”?

    • TNS

      They are not buying them for training the hollow points are being distributed to the same organizations that have been using them which is mostly security groups and police orgs etc. If all of this ammo was meant just for the DHS yeah it would be cause for alarm but that’s not what is happening the ammo purchased was for all federal orgs including the military and if you add all the ammo purchased when they bought it individually it is about the same. Also think about it if the DHS was planning an all out war with us would 7,000 rifles spread throughout the country be enough. That wouldn’t be enough to arm all the police in CA let alone to wage war they would need millions of rifles.

      • independent thinker

        The military does not use hollow point ammunition it uses “ball” ammunition except possibly in a very very few special applications. The great majority of the ammunition being talked about here is soft point or hollow point ammo. Besided DHS dopes not make purchases for the military the military purchases its own ammunition.

      • JRJ21

        Except that our military, by treaty,does not use hollow point ammo.So that blows what you say out of the water.Makes your other statements suspect.

  • CatGman

    Regardless of what excuse was given by DHS, who among us is gullible enough to believe anything the government tells us. My first instinct is to assume they are lying, then look for proof. The truth in general is a rare thing these days. The truth from government is a fairy tale.

    • -Disabled American Patriot-

      I agree. If they tell me the sky is blue, I look for clouds.

  • mort_f

    The salient question should be: Why is the Federal government stockpiling ammunition that is banned from military usage? Ammunition whose only purpose is to kill people, not wound, KILL!
    Any reference to ‘training’ is purely ‘smoke and mirrors’. Any arming of much of the Deparment of Homeland Security is unconstitutional and should be grounds for impeachment.

  • -Disabled American Patriot-

    The U.N. Uses Americans as a fighting force
    to enforce its laws on Americans on American soil

    I do not like having our tax monies buying ammo that we need and then facing
    inflationary prices when we do find ammo.

  • Tomtom

    Please keep this embarrassing women out of the news. She should never be in public office. What a disgrace to America.

  • perry holmes

    The reason DHL needs sooo many bullets is that they plan to kill as many Americans as they can to keep Americans from taking the country from the law makers that are working the Bilderberg group to be the rulers of the new world order.

  • texastwin827

    It would be interesting to know exactly how much the Govt is paying for 1.6 billion rounds. Care to bet it’s more, per round, than what an individual pays, per round? If so, that kind of defeats the “bulk buying” story.

  • Michael Shreve

    DHS is set up to be the Obama Gestapo. THEY have the acquired the arms and ammunition of a private army.

  • Howard C

    No one uses HPs for target shooting. HPs are MAN STOPPERS and that is all. The military is not allowed to use HP ammo under the Geneva Convention. These Bureaucrats are buying this ammo to use against US Citizens in the event of a civil uprising. That is okay because I got HPs also and when the SHTF I will not be aiming for center of mass because these government goons will most likely be wearing body armor. BRING IT ON you bunch of TREASONOUS FUCI<$!!!

  • steve buckner

    Someone on here said the military uses ball ammo, well they are not using flint locks any more. Mostly the military uses either steel jacketed bullits or they use copper yipped soft nosed bullits. The only use that the DHS has in mind is to make sure that the people of America follow everything that King Obama wants, especially of how HIS America should be and yes the DHS is HIS gestopo. Doing what HE wants!! War will come to America and it won’t be from the outside it will be from our own Government, trying to over throw the citizens. They want a utopia well, it’s really slavery for the lower class, or as they see it the citizens that are left after they win. Or so Obama thinks!! WRONG !!

  • Ed

    A bullet buy from the lady that brought us Waco fried children.

    Did anyone ever get in trouble for Waco? Ruby Ridge?

    Who paid for the lives of those 200 some children?

    Who cried tears for them like sandy hook?

    Where was the media outcry about the Waco fried children?

    Why was the media response so different between Waco and Sandy Hook?

    Does any American think on a regular basis?