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My new book, The Murder of the Middle Class launches this Monday, July 14, across America. I’ve spent the past year piecing together the most evil conspiracy in world history. It’s about how America, the greatest Nation in world history, is being destroyed from within, by the purposeful “murder of the middle class.” It is not happening by accident, mistake or coincidence. This is a purposeful plan. This is a widespread criminal conspiracy that even the Mafia could not imagine. This is a conspiracy that the robber barons could not imagine. This is a conspiracy that Bernie Madoff could not imagine. This makes the conspiracy to murder John F. Kennedy look amateur by comparison. I name the names involved, including the Federal Reserve, famous billionaires, the captains of big business and RINO Republicans.

So it was a shock to see that New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, known as “The Queen of Liberalism” and the great defender of Barack Obama, must have been reading an advance copy of my book. In her July 4 column in The New York Times, she made every point in my book about “the murder of the middle class.” She simply forgot to point out who the perpetrator is.

Nonetheless, thank you, Ms. Dowd. You just accomplished something those of us on the right have warned about for decades. Pay attention, America. It’s now fact. Dowd just made our case. She proved in her July 4 column that liberals are idiots, fools and delusional. Even more importantly, Dowd proved that liberals are dangerous to America’s survival.

Dowd’s column was a masterpiece of liberal thought. It should be framed on every sane American’s wall and included in every U.S. history book for the rest of time. It should serve as a warning of what happens when liberals are in charge. Even Dowd, the queen of liberalism, openly admitted that America goes to hell.

Can you imagine buying a beautiful home, in a wonderful, safe neighborhood, with great schools and then — through a combination of incompetence, ignorance, arrogance and purposeful intent — turning that home into a garbage-ridden, graffiti-covered crack house? In short order, the entire neighborhood goes to hell. The good people escape. Drug dealers and welfare addicts move in. The streets become dangerous. The schools become cesspools of crime, drugs, gangs and teen pregnancy. And then the landlord, who allowed this to happen (by being the worst homeowner on the planet), has the nerve to complain about how the neighborhood has gone downhill. Can you imagine the nerve?

Well that was Dowd’s New York Times column on July 4. Dowd admits America has become a disaster, a country in shambles, a country in decline. She says we are “scared of our own shadow.” Collapsing. Crumbling. Defeated. We’ve lost our confidence. We’ve lost our swagger. No more hope about the future. A country no longer “exceptional.”

This is the picture she paints, not me.

Bravo, Maureen. It’s all true. It just happens to be the exact same picture we conservatives have been warning about and predicting since Obama took office. This, from a woman who undoubtedly has Obama ornaments hanging from her Christmas tree and probably keeps a shrine to him in her home. This, from a woman who writes for The New York Times, the official propaganda outlet of the Obama dictatorship. Even that woman recognizes what America has become under Obama. A disaster. A crumbling, mumbling shadow of its former self. Obama has done exactly what he promised. He’s fundamentally changed America.

Dowd asks, “[A]re we losers who have soured our DNA?” She worries if we’re “forever smaller, stingier, dumber, less ambitious, more cynical. Have we lost control of our not-so-manifest destiny?” Yes, Maureen, some of us are dumber.

Dowd supported Obama through thick and thin. She campaigned for him. She defended his every socialist policy — the same socialist big government policies that turned Detroit into a Third World hellhole in the middle of America. The same socialist policies that destroyed the economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and even France (where the Labour Minister last year admitted, “France is totally bankrupt”).

These places are all run with the same exact policies that Obama has implemented in America. Dowd has defended these same policies in every column for six long years. Now she looks out at the wreckage, reports on the concrete results, but doesn’t notice who is to blame.

Just to be sure we are on the same page and that Dowd can’t wiggle out of this one, these policies are: big spending, big taxes, big regulations, big debt and big government. Those are the “big five” that murder the middle class all over the world. Add in free healthcare and income redistribution. They are all policies staunchly supported by Dowd, Obama and leftists worldwide.

Let me give Dowd credit. In her July 4 column, she perfectly describes the unimaginable results of six years of relentless spending, taxing, regulating, adding to the debt, growing government, Internal Revenue Service attacks, income redistributing and free healthcare by Obama. She describes the exact damage to our economy and psyche. I couldn’t have done it better myself.

The problem is, Ms. Dowd, you are the problem — you, Obama and your whole leftist cabal. It’s obvious you’re not completely blind, because you’ve correctly laid out the tragic results. You just conveniently forgot who was in charge when all this happened. Twice.

Yes, it has happened twice. And it is not a coincidence. Two extreme radical leftists caused the same misery and malaise in America — twice. Everything Dowd describes happened first under Jimmy Carter and now is happening under Obama.

Ironically, Maureen, you nailed it. You hit the bull’s-eye. You are describing what happens to America every time liberals, progressives or socialists (whatever you’re calling them nowadays) take charge. You forgot to mention that the first time (under Carter) Republican Ronald Reagan came along and saved America from ruin.

Your column also described exactly what happened to Detroit with Democrats in charge for more than 50 straight years. But with no Reagan riding to the rescue, there is no hope for Detroit. It is a “lost city,” a Third World hellhole in the middle of America.

Your column also described what happened to New York City with liberals like Abe Beame and David Dinkins in charge: economic ruin and out-of-control lawlessness.

Then Republican Rudy Giuliani came along and saved New York from ruin.

You are describing what happened to all the European socialist states, along with Cuba and Venezuela. Those people lost their swagger and hope for the future, too. Those people lost their jobs and gross domestic product. They lost their hope because of “fundamental change.” In Venezuela, they even lost their toilet paper!

Don’t laugh. In Detroit thousands of residents just lost something even worse: their water.

Are you sensing a pattern? This is always what happens with leftists and socialists in charge.

This is an open plea to Dowd and her leftist friends at The New York Times: It is you, and those who think like you, who have turned our beautiful home (America) into a dangerous, drug-infested, poverty-ridden slum filled with hopeless, helpless, government-addicted addicts. Before you complain about it, you might want to look in the mirror — or watch a 2008 Obama speech where he promises all the very policies that have led to this disaster.

But ironically, Dowd just did us all a big favor. “The Queen of Liberalism” just documented the destruction of America by liberal policies.

Dowd just proved in one column what I, and conservatives like me, have been warning about for 30 years: Liberals are insane and dangerous to our very survival.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I hope you’ll read my book, The Murder of the Middle Class. It’s available at any bookstore starting on Monday, or of course you can pre-order at Amazon.com today. Inside you’ll find more than just criticism of Obama and his socialist cabal.

My book contains 400 pages of: solutions to save America, the middle class and the U.S. economy; unique ideas for how to create jobs by the millions; and branding campaigns the Republican Party can use to fight fire with fire, win elections, win back the Senate and Presidency in 2014 and 2016 and to successfully brand the Democratic Party as “the party of economic suicide.” This is a roadmap for taking back our country.

See you next week. God bless America and save us from the murder of the middle class.

Personal Liberty

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle ClassWayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

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