Colorado Senate President Faces Recall In Voter Backlash Over Gun Grab


Two Colorado legislators who supported the State’s trio of new gun control laws in March are now fighting to keep their seats, as residents warm to the growing nationwide push to recall lawmakers whose in-office actions don’t reflect what voters thought they were getting at election time.

State Senate President John Morse, a Democrat, is the highest-profile target of voter backlash against the gun-control legislation, which passed March 20. Recall supporters have been compiling petitions in Colorado Springs, collecting signatures at gun stores and in high-traffic public places like libraries and grocery stores.

Morse told FOX News he’s already resigned himself to the fact that the petitions are there in adequate number to force a recall vote, but he protests that he’s been targeted not only by irate Colorado residents, but also by the national gun lobby — especially the National Rifle Association.

“That’s what’s going on here. They want to take out the Senate president,” he said. In a separate CNN interview, he elaborated: “It was a grassroots effort for a little while, but when that didn’t take at all, it was clear they were getting money from outside. And I wasn’t the least bit surprised the NRA was behind it.”

Recall organizers originally targeted four State legislators, including Morse, but two of those efforts have already stalled. That, in part, is why the NRA has thrown its support behind a single campaign to hold a recall vote for a high-profile Senator like Morse.

Recall leaders don’t dispute it, saying the effort is intended, in part, to remove out-of-touch Legislators from office — but also to send a message that voters have recourse when their voices aren’t heeded.

“It’s as much about saying Colorado is angry as it is about getting one guy out,” explained Anthony Garcia, who’s organizing the Morse recall effort. “Legislators need to know when citizens are outraged that they can’t ignore the people.”

For his part, Morse is campaigning as though it’s election season, urging voters not to sign the petitions. He’s getting outside support, too, in the form of a $20,000 contribution from America Votes, a nationwide progressive group.

In the meantime, guns and ammo keep flying off Colorado gun stores’ shelves. During the fiscal quarter when the Legislature took up and passed gun control, there were more than 146,000 background checks for gun sales in the State. A year earlier, there had been only 69,000.

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Harvey Nichols

    This is the only way these elected leaders are going to be woke up and made to understand that they are employed by the voters and we do have a way to make sure they do as they are told and that they they do not work for Obama and the national media.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. Once they realize that they must satisfy their voters, they will be a lot less likely to do things like this.

  • elmcqueen3

    Under Colorado’s new guw laws…Please don’t say the CommieCrats don’t like to tax and tax and tax…A $10. Universal Criminal Back Ground Check Fee (TAX) has been signed into law by chief CommieCrat Gov. John Hickenlooper…Take 146,000 new gun buyers x $10 equates to nearly 1.5 million dollars siphoned out of the pockets of responsible Colorado gun owners and into the coffers of an irresponsible governorship…Moto of the day….”Never Trust a Colorado CommieCrat!” especially if their name be John Hickenlooper…John Morse…Edie Hudak…Rhonda Fields…Jeanne Labuda…Mark Ferrandino…Daniel Kagan…Dan Pabon…Crisanta Duran…Lois Court…Angela Williams…Beth McCann…Paul Rosenthal…Dickey Hulinghorst…Angela Giron…Gail Schwartz…Mark Udall…Mike Bennet…Diana DeGette and Jared Polis…And more!

  • BarrackHussein

    Sounds like he needs to go…
    Maybe the Coloradians are not ready for communism.

  • antiliberal00

    Not only should they face recall, they should also be charged with high treason for their assault against their American citizens.
    No punishment would be strong enough to make them pay for their socialist actions.
    That also includes congress as well.

    • Diana

      I bought a book over the weekend for my grandson about the constitution.We were focusing on treason ,he’s 8 years old and he could see that alot of these people have committed treason.This is why I’m teaching him this so he will not be fooled by these people,and they can’t confuse him what his rights are.

      • Seth

        Elementary Catechism of the Constitution, can be downloaded for free from the federalist papers project website. For the first 100 years or so of this nations existence, this book was used to educate our children about the role of government in our country.

        • Diana

          Thank You! I want my grandsons to understand this fully.The schools seem like they are not doing a good job with this subject.I think it should be mandatory,and it should involve more time than just a week.Too short if you ask me .

      • Betta

        That’s what we all should be doing. Good on you! It all starts at home, doesn’t it.

        • Diana

          Thank you.Yes it is going to have to start at home,I truely believe they are trying to not teach our kids about this so they won’t know what government limits are and what the people’s rights are so they can violate them.We the people need to correct this. Our government is way out of hand.

  • Al Chemist

    Too bad we can’t recall the current resident of the WH as easily.

    • Catman

      Get all the scumbags out now

      • Diana

        I agree it’s more than just him.

    • Diana

      Gosh that would be a dream come true.

    • Average_Joe56

      The key is…if you can fix politics on the local and state level, those newly elected representatives will in turn help to fix the problems on the Federal level. As with any building, there must be a firm foundation to build upon. Grassroots…. from the bottom up.

    • Justsomeguy151

      True, he is hopelessly corrupt and a POS but we can’t make this about him, its about the very evil ideas he represents, socialism, communism, fascism, tyranny, hypocrisy and an overwhelming, irresponsible, traitorous govt.

  • Bill

    Good use of NRA funds. Keep your donations coming.

  • 45caliber

    If he hadn’t decided he was smarter than his voters and voted against them, he wouldn’t have to worry about this, would he?

  • independent thinker

    Morse complains the NRA is helping with the recall drive. The last I heard the NRA had members in all 50 states including Colorado. As a result any help the NRA gives to the recall effor is just supporting their members from Colorado.

  • mnkysnkle

    Morse is a lying sack of $#!T. And of course he’s going to cry like a liberal baby when the people of Colorado hold their representatives accountable to their constituents. Remember, they are the ones who brought in outside help to destroy our constitution, all the way from D.C. and California. So far, ALL of the recall efforts were started by the voters of Colorado. The NRA, GOA, NAGR, and RMGO at first were unwilling to support any recall efforts in the state because as they said, ” it would cost too much”. They only decided to support the efforts because their members then said, ” then why are we financially supporting you?” And of course the movement was gaining steam on it’s own. RMGO wouldn’t do anything until one of their own was personally attacked by rep. Cheri Gerou in the house. The enemies of the 2nd. have declared war on the supporters of the constitution. It’s about time we acted in “kind”. They are right……………”THIS IS A WAR!”….DEFENDING THE CONSTITUTION.

  • Average_Joe56

    Thank you Indiana and thank you Governor Mitch Daniels. Hopefully you have started a new trend!
    (don’t let the title scare you)
    Indiana legalizes shooting cops

  • JimH

    A recall in Illinois would be useless because the same Chicago cemetery voters that put these people in last election would just keep them there again.
    Go Colorado and keep the Denver cemetery’s out of your elections.


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    Once the attackers started receiving fire, they scattered like ants under the magnifying glass. Bravo gun slinging security guard… bravo!

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