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Clowns Plan To Protest With Pies At NATO Summit

May 17, 2012 by  

Clowns Plan To Protest With Pies At NATO Summit
ClownBloq members boast that they “are NOT a joke.”

Some people think that those involved with the Occupy movement are a bunch of clowns. They are correct.

ClownBloq is a group that calls itself “the new BlackBlok” — likely a reference to black bloc, a protesting technique that has become popular within the Occupy movement. Black bloc protesters wear the same clothing and may even cover their faces so that police cannot identify them.

But instead of black hoodies, ClownBloq will be wearing red noses and makeup.

Thousands of people associated with different groups are preparing to protest the upcoming NATO Summit in Chicago with hopes that leaders from around the world will see their displeasure with war and global economies.

With a presence on Twitter and a site for donations, ClownBloq has developed a presence on the Web.

Instead of protesting violently, the group is planning to throw pies.

“I think it will be very telling of the violence of this state to see the response of the police officers to a pie,” said one member.

The groups Twitter page touts that many things are worse than getting hit by a pie. Such as:

  • “A government who defends the right to assemble overseas but does not at home.”
  • “Getting forced into illegal search and seizures.”
  • “US drone technology.”
  • “Getting sprayed with pepper spray.”

According to reports, the group plans on bringing 1,000 pies to the NATO Summit, which will take place May 20-21.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    I think we’d all like to see some pies hit a few faces at this meeting.
    If I can get out of work I’m driving to Chantilly, Va.

  • Scott in SC

    Once again Mr. Nash has shown his contempt for the Bill of Rights and everything American while urging us all to bow down to our NWO masters lest we become clowns.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Scott in SC,

      Either get some new glasses or take a course on reading for comprehension. Your comment is a non sequitur.

      Best wishes,

      • Scott in SC

        Really Bob, you’re my favorite writer on PLD, the only true conservative viewpoint. But your stock has just went down a few points. I believe in the 1st Amendment along with the rest of the bill of Rights yet mr. Nash believes those who exercise their rights are clowns and enemies of the state. His postings do this on a regular basis.
        the rest of the time he is busy fanning the flames of racism. He is just as much part of the problem as Jackson and Sharpton.

      • Vigilant

        Mr. Livingston is absolutely correct, Scott. the theme of Mr. Nash’s article is precisely the opposite of what you deem it to be.

        Tell me why Mr. Nash includes a link to a site for donations if, as you say, he “believes those who exercise their rights are clowns and enemies of the state.”

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Scott in this case they are clowns or perhaps more accurately pretend clowns.

    • Beno

      I thought this article was about the guy in the white house and his next decision?

  • Sirian

    Wonder who’s going to clean up the mess? Wonder how much it’s going to cost to do the same? Wonder who’s going to pay for it? Uh, WE ARE!! Get a grip clowns, get a grip!!

  • Jonathan

    “Instead of protesting violently, the group is planning to throw pies.”

    It is still assault, a violent crime, regardless if what is thrown is pies, fists, bricks, or bullets.

    • Vigilant

      I doubt the police will let the crowd ever get close enough to the NATO reps. to do anything. The gesture is certainly symbolic.

      • Steve E

        I agree, you can’t throw a pie very far. I wonder what the pies will be made of.

  • roger gunderson

    mr. livingston, please let scott in s.c. have his say. thank you.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      roger he did let scott have his say.

  • cawmun cents

    Typical liberal ploy,if you dont have other peoples money to throw at it,throw feces instead.
    The educated apes of Darwinism are showing their Darwinian Slips.
    If you cover urine and feces with a bit of whipped cream,you can assault the authorities with ape-like vigor,without fear of retribution,or so they think.
    Another fools parade,that what we need.The thought is…at least they are doing something,right?Well…yes,if you equate doing something with throwing feces.
    Not that I havent thought of this novel approach to gubment takeover.
    But I would choose to focus on the regulators,not the businessmen,to take my anger out.
    First the gubment decided to take over the education system.
    Now its a pile of feces.
    Then the gubment decided take over the housing industry.
    Now its a pile of feces.
    The gubment imposes strict regulations on businesses at every chance it gets.
    Businesses are bailing from the country at an alarming rate….I wonder why?
    Now its a pile of feces.
    The gubment is attempting to take control of the healthcare industry.
    Now its becoming a pile of feces.
    Now do the math.
    Does point A(gubment taking control),
    And point B(now its a pile of feces)
    Equals(what we are seeing on a daily basis)make a solution to the problem?
    You decide.
    For me it is simple second grade mathematics.Now its a pile of feces.
    But those who propose to progress in the name of progression,will do what they have always done.Point the finger of blame at someone else.
    Lets look at their track record.
    Throw money + and create laws to attain more money to throw at it = epic fail
    TRY THE SAME THING OVER AGAIN + tax the businessman out of business = epic fail
    So now what is their”new”solution to the problem?
    Why its doing the same thing over again!With the expectation that this time it will work.
    How do we get out of debt?We create laws to take money from one place and put it in another,but in doing so we create more debt.
    Debt + more debt = getting out of debt
    Now its a pile of feces.
    Is any of this getting through to the aslylums denizens?
    Nope….they want to do it all over again in the hopes that this time….it will work.
    Isnt that the definition of insanity?
    I am used to getting the liberal progressives answers.Problem is they just dont add up to even a second grade level of mathematics.A foolish fop could see that.
    But apparently progressives,in their quest to progress,cannot.
    God is on the phone……let the answering machine get that.
    That way we can just go along to get along with the program.
    What are we doing?
    Same thing over again…..but this time things will be different.
    We call that progressive thinking.
    Its new and novel….just ask any progressive.

    • Scott in SC

      Dang CC what kind of pies did your mom feed you growing up? You really need to get some help for your scat fetish. It permeates every one of your rants and is starting to stink. And I’m sure the NATO summit isn’t a business conference so what is your point anyway.

      • cawmun cents

        My point is that as londg as progressives run the city,county,state,country,it will amount to a pile of feces….but then It shouldnt take a moron like me to help you understand simple math.

      • eddie47d

        If you have so much political prowness CC why don’t you become a politician and change the world to your liking.

      • NOBAMA

        @eddie47d – one don’t need to be a politician to see what has become of this Country. Merely experiencing how lifestyles and economy and policies have changed by living in this Country for several decades will prove to allow a person his or her opinion on the status of this Country even if it goes against your ideas. Furthermore, lets not forget those pestgy little things known as “facts”, that always seem to get in liberals and progressives way. Along with your suggestion that he / she becomes a politician so they can change the world more to “their liking” is part of the problem here in the US alone. Politicians are supposed to be making changes for the betterment of their Constituents and the Majority not for their own personal beliefs and “likings” as you called it.

  • RichE

    Mr. Nash is supportive of OWS, but not the clown method. I’m not sure how else this piece can be taken, but I’m all ears.

  • RichE

    Bob Livingston or anybody,
    I just read the TEA PARTY request for donations you sent Bob and my question; Why is the TEA PARTY only focusing on conservatives and Republicans? I agree with two of them, ” constitutionally limited government, personal responsibility, and fiscal sanity” I don’t think ‘constitutionally limited government’ is the way to go since the constitution already limits the government. I believe the way to go is to insure the elected are stewards, but how do we insure that?

    • Vicki

      The Constitution is just a piece of paper. WE have to insure that our representatives honor the Constitutional limits on government power.

      • RichE

        My point, there isn’t a how. There’s lots of whats to insure, buy no hows.

      • Steve E

        Here’s how. Be very strict in the enforcement of the Constitution. As soon as a politician attempts to disobey or pervert the Constitution, you try them for treason and sentence them to death. Anyone attempting trying to cover up this treason, you try them and sentence them to death. You shame their name through the ages, (such as most do with Hitler and others) and teach that lesson to all students in school. This is one thing I allow someone to be LIBERAL about.

  • FreedomFighter

    Clowns scare the snot out of me, ever since that S. King movie.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Vicki

    Freedom of speech does not happen to include hitting people. Freedom to peaceably assemble does not allow the throwing of objects at non-consenting people.

    I am not surprised that some OWS people don’t understand this. They can show up dressed as clowns. They can maybe throw pies at each other (consent amongst themselves). They throw pies at ANYONE else and they are no longer being peaceable by any definition and should be arrested and given their right to due process.

    • NOBAMA

      I agree with your line of thought of what is and is not peaceable assembly. However, your comment of “given their RIGHT to due process”, no longer is a RIGHT since Obama signed the NDAA into law. They can be detained indefinately without charges if deemed terrorist by way of assault or intentions to assault world dignitaries and their “Right to due process” is abolished. The way Obama and his administration is, surely if some lemon or keylime filling with whip cream is slung around certainly should constitute the definition of a terrorists attack considering if calling the President a “Liar” is labeled as a terrorist, hater and/or racist.

  • Mary Ann Ludwig

    How mature of these idiots. The first amendment does not guarantee the right to harm or throw things at people who displease you. I’m just shaking my head. If anyone thinks this is “cool” or clever or whatever, they are about a brain short of intelligence.

  • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

    The police should have paint ball guns to “mark” the offenders and make it easier to follow them into the crowd. Why do liberal protesters always feel they are entitled to physically assault someone just because they disagree with them? Perhaps if enough of these clever, pie-throwing clowns are force fed their own pies, they will get the point.

  • just sayin

    a pie is still assault definitely and battery possibly

  • JimH

    If someone wants to hand me and not throw, a nice blueberry pie, with some vanilla ice cream( alamode) I wouldn’t mind.


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