Check Out These Creepy New Anti-Obamacare Ads


Generation Opportunity, a political group for free-thinking, liberty-loving young Americans has released a new advertisement encouraging Americans to opt out of Obamacare.


“Good news! You are not required to purchase health insurance through an Obamacare exchange! There are cheaper, better options for young people,” the organization says on the website “Sign our petition and declare that you will opt-out of Obamacare. Add your voice to those young Americans who know the truth about Obamacare. The more who sign the petition the greater our voice. Opt out!”

You can sign the Opt Out petition here.

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  • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

    Satirically pretty much on target except for one thing. Ad should have stressed that it would have taken several weeks. . . . or months to get an appointment with the doctor since about 30 million will be added to Obamacare coverage while no extra doctors will be added and actually many existing doctors will be leaving the profession or refusing to take Medicare or Obamacare patients.

    • Warrior

      Ah, but that’s why there is an “affirmative action” provision in oblamacare. AND amnesty is soooo important so we can get a lot more foreign exchange students on goobermint loan programs. Aah, what’s up doc?

  • StinkBomb Jones

    CREEPY??? NAH, more like the truth!!! God Bless Generation Opportunity!

    BTW, Good Looking Uncle Sam, better looking than Uncle Joe Biden!!

  • Warrior

    Oh looky here, the “sack of durbin” speaks. Oink, oink!

    Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin called Republicans a bunch of “squealing political pigs” this week, accusing them of bowing to tea party ideology in their effort to kill Obamacare by attaching it to a bill almost certain to lead to a government shutdown.

    Read Latest Breaking News from
    Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

  • Dave

    Obamacare fails, big time, without the younger generation signing up for it. This is an excellent alternative for them.

  • Frank Zappa

    Lions & Tigers and Vaginas oh my

  • lraivala

    I say shut the F**King government down. That will fix this piece of crap legislation. Screw H. Reid, D. Turbin, and all of the other liberal mouth pieces. This is how our government was meant to work. It is not a winner takes all government, We the People elect people to the House to do what we want, we do the same in the Senate and the Presidency.

    But the lower chamber is also know as the People House as these congressional representatives are closer to the people than the others.

    House of representatives create all budget bills, that means anything that required money, taxes, revenue is to be generated in the House, then it is sent to the Senate and then signed into law by the President.

    Our representatives are listening to the voters as 72% of the country does not want it. So they are doing there jobs. It is the lock step in the Democratic party that is ignoring the will of the people and if they do not want to sign the bill, so what?
    Shut it all down.

    • Alex

      Typical teagagger —would rather continue to allow Big Oil to screw her at the hose WHILE sucking up billions in corporate welfare than see that her fellow citizens have health care.

      Don’t you dummies realize WHY our ’emergency’ rooms are filled with people with sore shoulders and toothaches?

      Back to school for you, ma’am….

      • hardh8

        Yeah I realize why our emergency rooms are filled. The invading illegal alien la raza nazi border criminals.

      • CatGman

        Funny, most of us think we are being screwed by being forced to pay for other peoples healthcare. FORCED to buy something even if we don’t want it. Forced to do something by a group of tyrants who don’t have to live by the same rules.

        • Robbie

          You already pay for expensive ER treatments for those folks. Why not give everyone regular care and reduce that cost? Also you pay the fire dept when someone else’s house catches fire. Why not complain about that. And – worst of all – it’s YOU who pays for teachers working with OTHER people’s children How can you tolerate that that? And it must really hurt when you kick in tax dollars to pay the salaries of forest rangers who have to rescue folks lost up in the mountains. I guess you don’t mind when the postman brings you your mail but it must reaaly burn your backside on days when you don’t get mail but your neighbour does. What a nerve. Boy, co-operation sure bites the big one!

  • alboy5

    Significantly less or no medical care for people who actually paid for their insurance because of Obamacare. Repeal Obamacare and Obama.

  • alboy5

    No budget until the fathead(Obama) leaves the building and goes back to Kenya where he was born.

    • skyking

      Kenya is denying that obaba was born there

      • guest

        Where did you see or hear that?
        I understood that there is a sign as you enter kenya stating it is the birthplace of Obama.
        In any case, his kenyan grandmother stated until she was shut up that she was present at his birth-Mombasa.
        I believe her more than any other.

    • Robbie

      You win the dumb comment of the day award!

  • alboy5

    The anti constitution Supreme Court okayed Obamacare, although nobody in the senate understood Obamacare and did not represent the people. It is the constitutional duty of Congress to represent the people, therefore Obamacare
    violates the constitution and should be struck down.

    • Gib74

      The SCOTUS did GREAT if others would just have acted on it.
      Roberts said, yeah it works as a tax and the liberals jumped for joy and broke upen the champaign.
      If folks would just push the fact that taxes can ONLY come from the House it would be over. = [

  • alboy5

    There is a job opening in Iran for Obama, Khameni needs another mullah to bow
    down and kiss his feet.

  • Guest2

    Creepy? It’s the truth! You will know what ‘creepy’ really means when you, personally, visit any medical doctor or facility – guaranteed!