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Asset and Wealth Protection

Personal Liberty focuses on conservative Americans who understand the importance of independent thought in the quest to grow and protect their financial assets, and are seeking to achieve financial freedom.

Deposits Are Dangerous

Hello Mr. Livingston,

We’ve been reading your newsletter for quite some time now. I have a question. What do I do with $150,000 dollars in the bank? I believe everything you are saying is about to happen and we are worried about losing our hard earned retirement savings. Please advise.

Thank you and God Bless,


Living Outside The System And Preparing For Coming Collapse

Living Outside The System And Preparing For Coming Collapse

We almost certainly face a black depression or a total collapse, and very few people are ready. Why? Most people are so accustomed to the easy life with everything at their fingertips that they cannot imagine a crash of the system leaving people desperate. It is much better to be prepared.

Financial Russian Roulette

Dear Bob,

Should I be taking my gold out of my retirement account? You mentioned confiscation of IRAs and 401K accounts which traditionally hold fiat currency, but I still have an IRA with some of my gold in Sterling Trust.

I’m getting a little nervous about it being there but I have not taken it because of the taxes I would incur. I have also wanted to wait until the price of gold dropped a little more. Sometimes it feels as though I’m playing financial Russian roulette. I’d appreciate some input.



The Dream Of Insurance For All: Make Less Money, And Government Will Pick Up The Tab

The Dream Of Insurance For All: Make Less Money, And Government Will Pick Up The Tab

A young married couple recently told me they’re trying to figure out how to make less money so they can qualify for a subsidy in order to make the Affordable Care Act “affordable” for them. Around the same time, and half a continent away, the San Francisco Chronicle published a story that reveals many middle-class Americans are awakening to the same dilemma.

Ron Paul: At The Fed, The New Boss Is The Same As The Old Boss

The news that Janet Yellen was nominated to become the next Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System was greeted with joy by financial markets and the financial press. Wall Street saw Yellen’s nomination as a harbinger of continued easy money. Contrast this with the hand-wringing that took place when Larry […]

Hide Your Gold To Keep It Safe


I just read The Insidious, Hidden Nature Of Theft By Government, which was excellent as usual. However, I question the ending conclusion, “Preserve your labor, your savings and retirement with gold and silver…” Every author of similar articles seems to conclude the same thing. And, I would agree if we were free to own it. Today we are, but what about tomorrow? No author ever mentions that in 1933 the “hoarding” of gold and silver became illegal, per Executive Order 6102. Hoarding at the time meant that it was illegal to own any amount of gold over a mere value of $100 (a face value equivalent to 5 troy ounces (160 g) of Gold valued at about $7800 as of 2011). This information is at

I can’t imagine that you are not aware of this, so why are you not pointing this out to your readers. After everyone “preserves” their wealth by buying gold, I believe it’s going to be taken away. People are being led to slaughter.

I welcome a rebuttal that makes good sense. More importantly, if this can happen again, please warn your readers.

Thank you for your consideration,

Steve B.

The Federal Reserve’s War On Seniors

The Federal Reserve’s War On Seniors

The Federal Reserve’s zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) of the past half dozen years or so has been a financial act of war on the country’s seniors and, for that matter, on all savers. Under ZIRP, interest rates are artificially lowered through the Fed’s monetary policy popularly known as “QE,” quantitative easing.

Who Watches The Watchers? ProPublica Details How The NY Fed Fired Examiner Who Took on Goldman Sachs

This story, written by Jake Bernstein, was originally published by ProPublica on Oct. 10. A version of the story was also co-published with The Washington Post. In the spring of 2012, a senior examiner with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York determined that Goldman Sachs had a problem. Under a Fed mandate, the investment […]

The Insidious, Hidden Nature Of Theft By Government

The Insidious, Hidden Nature Of Theft By Government

Depreciating currency is destroying America. America is a giant Ponzi scheme no different from the one pulled off by Bernie Madoff. Madoff’s scheme collapsed because he became locked into an economic death spiral of moving dollars from one pile to another. That is the case of the U.S. economy.

Yellen To The Fed Is Much Ado About Nothing

Yellen To The Fed Is Much Ado About Nothing

Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Janet Yellen is said to be President Barack Obama’s top choice to replace Helicopter Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve. Progressives are said to be ecstatic, viewing Yellen as someone who will continue if not double down on Bernanke’s money printing policies. As usual, progressives are missing the point.


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