California Cops Arrest Man, Shoot His Dog Because He Didn’t Follow Orders


Over and over, Americans are reminded: Many police officers really, really don’t like being videotaped — but they love shooting dogs.

California resident Leon Rosby crossed paths with police in the town of Hawthorn as they were responding to an armed robbery call. When he videoed the officers with his phone, they got angry and decided to arrest him for “suspicion of obstructing justice.” They also murdered his dog when the animal tried to ensure that the jackboot cops weren’t abusing his master.


The cops reportedly claimed that Rosby interfered with their investigation by not complying with a request to lower the volume of his car radio. But they didn’t confront the man until they observed him videoing them.

The Daily Breeze reports:

… [Police spokesperson Scott] Swain said Rosby stopped in the intersection with music blaring from his windows. Officers told him to turn down the music because they were trying to hear what was happening down the street. Rosby pulled forward, parked and got out with his dog, but left the music still playing loudly.

“It’s distracting the officers,” Swain said. “It’s interfering with what they are able to hear. It’s not just a party call. It’s an armed robbery call. The officers need to hear what’s going on with the people being called out of the residence. That music in his car is bleeding over and it’s distracting them.”…

… Rosby, who pulled out his own cellphone to record the police activity, did not lower the volume.

“I do apologize if I didn’t immediately comply. The music may have been a little loud but I was complying,” Rosby said. “I said, ‘Sir, I want to make sure nobody’s civil rights were being violated.’ “…

… Once police arrested the suspected robber, officers motioned to Rosby and began walking toward him. Swain said they intended to arrest him and told him to put the dog in his car. He complied.

The video shows him putting the dog in the car, but leaving the windows open. Rosby said he walked toward officers, turned and put his hands behind his back, and waited for them to arrest him. The video shows the dog barking as officers took him into custody.

Suddenly, the 130-pound, 3-year-old dog jumped out of the car and ran at them.

The dog approached the police officers and his handcuffed owner. And when an officer grabbed at his leash, the frightened  animal jumped, prompting the lawman to shoot the dog multiple times. Despite firing his service weapon repeatedly, however, the officer’s sloppy marksmanship left the dog writhing in pain in the road until it eventually died.

Remarkably, Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain claimed that the dog was shot because the cops feared that he was a threat to Hawthorn, who was rendered defenseless because he had been needlessly handcuffed.

“It looks like the officer tried to reach down and grab the leash, and then the dog lunges in the direction of him and the other officers there,” Swain said. “And I know it’s the dog’s master, and more than likely not going to attack him, (but) we’ve got a guy handcuffed that’s kind of defenseless. We have a duty to defend him, too.”

Rosby said that he believes the officers were simply retaliating against him for a complaint he previously filed against the department. Court records indicate that he has previous convictions for resisting, battery and driving under the influence. He said he has filed six complaints against the Hawthorne Police Department, alleging mistreatment and racial profiling.

“There’s been a pattern of harassment against him and other African-Americans in Hawthorne,” said Rosby’s attorney, Michael Gulden. “Last July, the police responded to his home and beat him unnecessarily, then threw him in jail for no reason. We sued for that. We’ll amend that complaint to include the dog incident.”

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  • William

    There was absolutely no reason for the Police to do this, and their “CYA Excuses” are just B.S. – in my Days (1944) the Police were respected, NOW the U.S.A. has become a Number 1 Police State, with “JackBooted, Nazi Gestapo” Police Power, and with a President that acts like a Dictator.

    W. Harvey

    • monizame

      you amerikans have to respect your police..That vicious dog wont scare any more police officers..good thing they had guns with lots of ammo…That dog lay in the street looking at his master with sad eyes only goes to show you that your police are there to help you.

      • vanguard7

        Now we know why the DHS has been buying up all that ammo….they are making sure they have enough to take out the dogs along with the American population when they go “full metal jacket” on the American people.

      • Karolyn

        Give me a break! You have to GIVE respect to GET respect. The dog was not vicious. His only crime was being a Rottweiler and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • hosss

      You did not see the dog attack the police? True, it was not the dogs fault but it was the stupid thugs fault….You never, never attack a police officer.

  • hosss

    The black thug provoked the police. That is what he was trying to do. The dog attached the police. The dog was shot. The police did the right thing. DON’T ATTACH A POLICE OFFICER…EVER

    • Mr Diesel

      I guess I’d have a problem to if I were attached by a dog. Attached to what? His leg? His leash?

      • dan

        Attach we must !

    • Average_Joe56

      Attach a police officer? Uh, no thanks, they won’t fit in my pocket…and they don’t accessorize well with any of my outfits….. I’ll keep my 9mm attached, accessorizes well with everything…..

      • hosss

        I’m sorry Joe. I should have said Attack…Yes he probably would not look very well attached to you blazer.

        • Average_Joe56

          Just a bit of humor to lighten the mood. ;)

  • macktheknife

    The policeforce is together with the feds the private militia of those in power, it should serve the people, but it oppressed them. They cannot understand the difference between a citizen and a serious criminal…. Everybody is a potential threat to them, on the other hand they are a threat to the public. That. Is why it is our civic duty to watch them, tape their actions, …
    The cop shooting the poor dog should be sent to Afghanistan, dropped between the taliban, without ammo.

    • maddog 81 mm

      HOW MUCH AID WAS THE DOG OWNER GIVING THE POLICE IN CAPTURING THE ARMED ROBBER,?? It appears he was only there to try and video the police ” GUESSING “, that there may be an escalation , or some sort of incident arising from the arrest. I hold him personally responsible for the dogs death, by allowing it to get free. Yes the animal was trying to protect his master, but it looks like he wasn’t secure, and wasn’t controlled by his masters voice commands if there were any. If the music was too loud , I feel it was intentional, and he should have turned it down immediately, for he was by his actions cognizently assisting the arrestee by making the arrest much more dangerous to the police , and to the public. He typically was provoking the police, and interfering with the arrest. I suspect he could’ve turned the music down, restrained his dog better, and observed , and videod from a greater distance. So what is the law on videoing the police , in that city ???

      • macktheknife

        You are free to take photographs and videotape in any public place within the entire USA and the European community. You are free to use the material as long as you do not use it for commercial purposes. (you need permission from those on the material ).

    • Jimmy the Greek

      With the star of david on his back ! RLMAO

  • Mr Diesel

    While it smacks of the usual police thuggery you cannot murder a dog. You can only murder another human being.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      See what they charge you with if you kill one of there police dogs when it is turned lose on you !

  • laura merrone

    Why didn’t he turn down his radio? That would have ended it right there…common courtesy, right?

    • Bill T

      I doubt this would have ended it. This guy has had numerous complaints against this police department. He was told he was obstructing their investigation, but yet he wasn’t that close to where they were doing their investigation. I stopped respecting police officers in 1982 when I was 28. I was pulled over and the first thing out of his mouth was “Where you going to boy” (we were both white.). Unfortunately, we need some police because the idiots that keep making law have prohibited us from defending ourselves.

      • Barbie

        Watch out for Beverly Hills Police. If you’re not white you’re in trouble even if you haven’t done a thing. I’ve hated them years ago and if you complain to the chief he will do nothing but pass the complaint to an a**hole smart aleck officer. I hate most cops….there are a few decent ones tho.

      • laura merrone

        gotcha…I see what you mean…

      • hosss

        Yes, you said it all. You stopped the respect in 1982 because ONE officer called you boy and was being disrespectful. That means ALL of them are the same. Right? Just lump all the police together as the same slobs everywhere. Why? Because they wear a uniform. That is a stupid thing to say.

        • TheSilverRanger

          I’m sorry to say, Hoss, but he’s kind of right. In the day and age we live in of participation trophies, and making everybody “special,” instead of able men and women who are supposed to be the upstanding and elite members of society, we get the lowest common demoninator joining up with the California police force. Usually, these police officers who join, when they were children, were never told no, never held back a grade, were shielded from the world, and got away with murder(metaphorically speaking, of course). UCLA did a study on these kind of children, and these children grew up to be abject failures as adults who were completely unprepared and unequipped to deal with the harshness and realities of the real world. And because we have the lowest common denominator joining the police force with this mentality, they think they can do and get away with anything. If I want a cop to be a part of the police force, I don’t want him to be a thug or a bully hiding behind a badge and a gun. I want him protecting my family against the scum of the earth. I want him to be busting into the scene saving my wife from a rapist while minimizing the collateral damage that might ensue. I hate to quote a line from an old 80’s movie, but what exactly ARE the prime directives of a police officer?
          1. Serve the public TRUST
          2. PROTECT the innocent
          3. Uphold the law.

    • Derickroy Capareda

      officials has lapses, they should or put some baricade or cleared the area for civilians.. stupid Pigs.. respect for the Dog

  • jimnjoy

    I hope all dogs go to heaven. Probably not.

  • zonkedout1

    The way people feel about their pets anymore. I think that the cops may be putting themselves in some serious danger if they keep killing pets this way. I think it’s like killing a family member to a lot of people.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      It Is !

  • FlyTyer2

    It does appear that both human parties have blame for improper conduct. The dog, on the other hand, lost its life because of stupid police actions. The police officers involved should be dismissed from the police force.

  • dan

    sounds like the Gang in Blue gettin’ some retribution…

    • mrsgunnut10

      Don’t know about that Dan, but what Ranchman is saying, in his comment above yours, does sound good and makes a lot of sense. Police all across these United States are beefing up their own protection with more powerful Weapons and even Heavy Duty Personnel Carriers as is used in the Middle East. They could, at a moments notice, use them against the American People, if they were ordered to. STAY SAFE AMERICANS !!

      • dan

        based my comment on the fact that the fellow had numerous run-ins with LEO…just seems they were looking for an excuse .
        Just because they’re legal doesn’t make them right.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        And they well ! when the time comes it well be the police that come first before the troops !

      • Jacobite2

        I give cops a lot of latitude when dealing with people (I probably would wouldn’t die of grief if the owner had been shot) but dogs — nope. The only real justification for shooting an unarmed man is fear that he might grab your firearm. Unless this dog was smarter than Rin-Tin-Tin, I think we can rule that out. Therefore, the shooting is un-justified and cowardly. I’d also be worried about living in a district where the police hire guys who kill dogs. This behavior is often a sign of further problems to come.

  • Ranchman

    I admit I couldn’t watch it, shooting his dog would make me crazy. I know these cops are out of control, and the govt is militarizing them with more and more equipment. What’s gonna happen when they decide to turn their tanks and machine guns on the people? There’s a revolution coming to America. I only hope the majority of the people have it in them to win again.

    • Bill

      The dog was only protecting his owner. However, his owner was pretty stupid to put the dog in the car and leave the windows all the way down.
      The cops had no business harassing this guy for taking photos. So, it was a comedy of errors by an overzealous police dept and a dumb dog owner.
      John Wayne said “Life is Tough, It is Even Tougher If You Are Stupid”

      • JRR

        One has to wonder whether the shooting of one of the officer’s dogs would be regarded as a “comedy of errors.”

  • mrsgunnut10

    I’m sorry that the Dog was killed, I have two small dogs that are getting old and are like “kids” to me. However, it does seem like Mr. Leon Rosby was “Pushing the Envelope” by being confrontational with the Police. It does sound logical that the Police were trying to hear what was going on around them and Rosby, was interfering with that process by not turning down, or off, his radio. People should use common sense when they stop, get out of the car, and disobey a Police Order when they are told a robbery is going on. It also seems, from reading News Stories about some of the “California Natives”, that they are sort of “irresponsible” when Police are trying to do their job anyway.

    • mari

      The police are armed and should be trained to handle a young man filming them and his protective dog without shooting either one of them. The dog was not even near them when it was shot. It seemed like a grave overreaction to me. There was no need for any of this to have happened. It is a tragedy that does not follow the motto, “To Protect and To Serve”. Instead of “might for right” (the Camelot motto), we are entering the era of “I’m armed and if you piss me off, I’ll shoot”. Again I’ll say, THOSE CARRYING WEAPONS, SHOULD NOT BE THE TYPE TO TAKE THEIR FRUSTRATIONS OUT ON THE CITIZENS THAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT. They should have qualities that rise above childish confrontations, because THEY ARE ARMED. We should not fear our police.

  • hosss

    I’m sorry, I should have spelled it attack instead of attach….

    • Mr Diesel

      It happens. It brings a little levity into an otherwise horrible situation.

      I just watched the video. It was bad watching the dog suffer for loving its owner.

  • manuel

    My friends, it will not be too long from now the death of this dog will be minor, compared to what will happen to citizens who dare to stand up for our rights. Cops are thugs and bullies. Unfortunately they have badges and guns, so that makes them gawd almighty. May they burn in Hell with their nazi overlords.

  • Timothy Thompson

    The video sayes it all, the dog was docile until his owner was handcuffed by police, the dog like any dog was trying to protect his owner. Seems there were enough police that the leash could have been grabbed and the dog constrained. These guys were all to quick to put the dog down, the bullets could have hit any innocent bystander due to thier high caliber bullets they use. I hope this is investigated to the fullest by outside officials, not the local police who will play it down.

    • Alan

      Those were my thoughts exactly! There they were, on a street busy with bystanders and this officer recklessly discharged his firearm 4 times. Any one of those rounds could easily have ricocheted off the pavement and struck an innocent bystander. As far as I’m concerned he should be relieved of duty for his “devil-may-care” attitude.

  • Quester55

    And regardless what you & I think, These THUGS in Badges, will get off Scott free!
    Just wait until they come for your Firearms, There will be Thousands of Group Graves, before it’s all done.
    And are you aware; Most States hold YOU Responsible, for every GUN you may have PURCHASED threw out your lifetime?, Even those Guns that have been Traded, sold or LOST?
    Good-Luck surviving the coming Gun Witch Hunt.

    • Karolyn

      Yes, they ALWAYS get off scott-free. Just recently a cop shot at a woman’s dog, and the bullet ricocheted into her leg. He didn’t even show any remorse AND he was sworn in as Chief this part Sunday I believe.


    OH say can you Seeeeeee…..the town of Hawthorne Ca handing this citizen a huge check for the incompetence demonstrated by these rash cops?

  • Centurian

    I’m an ex cop and if I’d been there, I would have fired on the cop that shot the dog.

  • Karolyn

    This occurs everyday throughout the country, especially in CA. There is a FB page “Dogs Shot by Police” that chronicles the shootings. They are even shooting dogs in their own yards for no reason, AND they are at the wrong house. Trigger-happy cops would rather just shoot than use any other method. They need to be trained in handling dog situations; and some PDs are doing that. In this particular case, many would say the guy did not act properly. Unfortunately, no matter how you behave, if a cop thinks you’re being “sassy” he’s gonna arrest you. I read an article about it this morning saying that the Hawthorne PD has been accused of corruption and sued. I can’t find it right now, but if I do, I will post it. Also, this guy has had problems with cops previously and has felt persecuted.

  • tim

    If a cop shot my dog, I wouldn’t be suing him. My dog is part of our family.

    • michael

      the hawthorn police dept is being sued.

  • MIke S.

    From what I read here, it sounds like Rosby is responsible for starting this event. I don’t know why he was there, but to be at a scene of a crime in progress with the noise blaring out of your car and I can imagine what kind of noise it was (boom boom), being told to turn it down or off and not complying, seems very stupid to me! Sounds to me like he was trying to stir things up, just too bad the dog got caught in the middle of it and took the bullet for his stupid master.

    • ridge runner

      Bet you support the queer marriage adment. Any sicko thatl loves there animal, Definite has spun their mental bearing,

      • jaybird

        He put his dog in jeopardy by what he did and even admitted to a reporter that he should have acted differently. I feel bad that the dog was killed, they should have shot the owner.

  • michael
  • MurryBlue

    The dog was the innocent party, he was just doing what dogs do for their master; protecting him……I understand the cops ire was up, but…..the poor dog, just rolling in pain for doing what he was born to do. The stupid man was finally complying; they could have had him contain the dog or they could have tazed the dog (as was already noted)… kill the dog was mean, controlling and despicable!!……The owner was dumb, the cop was mean and whoever plays the race card in this situation thinks like the owner……

  • TheTruthHurtsAsWell

    Heads will roll

  • anonamous

    Does anyone ever bother to proof-read’s articles before they go to print?

  • deadassdevil

    Someone, throw a Molotov cocktail in their department. In our country, when the police or a criminal is known to have done wrong, we apply the kangaroo court system of justice. The peoples justice and not the governments justice.