Bradley Manning Cleared Of Aiding Enemy Charge, Still Faces Possible 150 Years In Prison


On Tuesday, a military judge acquitted Pfc. Bradley Manning of the serious charge of aiding the enemy which was levied against the serviceman for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified military reports and diplomatic cables to the website Wikileaks.

The aiding-the-enemy charge could have resulted in a sentence of up to life in prison or even to the death penalty, though the military hadn’t sought capital punishment in the Manning case.

Manning, however, still faces up to 150 years in prison for a slew of lesser charges included in his 21-count indictment including: five counts of espionage, five theft charges, a computer fraud charge and a number of military infractions. Manning had earlier pleaded guilty to some of the indictment charges, risking a potential 20 years behind bars. But government prosecutors pushed forward with the full indictment.

Manning’s defense attorney had argued that the aiding the enemy charge should be dropped because the serviceman did not provide the information directly to the enemy, but he gave the documents to WikiLeaks in an attempt to “spark reform” and provoke debate about what Manning described as the military’s “bloodlust” and disregard for human life. Furthermore, Manning did not attempt to sell the intelligence cables, which a counterintelligence witness valued at about $5.7 million.

Manning’s sentencing is scheduled for Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

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  • JimH

    150 years as opposed to a life sentence?
    Brad must be relieved.

    • Alan

      Especially since he’ll probably have to do 100 years before he’s even eligible for parole.

  • chrisbieber

    I guess those brave Apache Pilots that we saw in Manning’s revealing to Americans are pissed at Military Justice here……they were battling the “enemy” in those streets and ambulances……

  • chrisnj

    Parole with time served within two years, and a presidential pardon on the day Obama leaves office (if he deigns to).

    Edward Snowden on the other hand will be hounded to the ends of the earth and probably assassinated with substantial collateral damage by a drone attack.

    Lesson for all future spies – use the liberal media to transmit your intelligence to the enemies of the United States, and the worst you’ll get is a few years at Club Fed with book and movie deals to follow.

  • chrisnj

    Parole with time served within two years, and a presidential pardon on the day Obama leaves office (if he deigns to).

    Edward Snowden on the other hand will be hounded to the ends of the earth and probably assassinated with substantial collateral damage by a drone attack.

    Lesson for all future spies – use the liberal media to transmit your intelligence to the enemies of the United States, and the worst you’ll get is a few years at Club Fed with book and movie deals to follow.

  • William James Ward

    He will be given a pardon by Obama and a promotion to four star
    general in the peoples army of Islamo- Amexica………………William

  • Jeffrey Mead

    I guess it was obvious what was going to happen once the judge let the prosecution redo their closing argument and then allowed them to reword some of the charges after the trial was over. It is still sad though that a person of conscience and of honor like Bradley Manning has to suffer for the good of us all. Like so many courageous people of the past, time will be on his side and hopefully the US will get an enlightened and honorable president who will pardon him and bring the real criminals to justice.

  • Alex

    Pardon Bradley Manning and give him the Medal of Honor which he deserves much more than the usual baby-killers we pass ’em out to…

    • Robert Zraick

      “Baby killers” is a bit strong, but when the government is corrupt and fighting wars based on lies, there will be some soldiers who are weak minded enough to follow orders without regard for humanity.
      Just as today we have police who protect the government and could not care less about the people they are supposed to serve and protect.
      But because we have such vile and traitorous government, is why we need whistle blowers who have the courage to come forward and expose the tyrants for what they are.
      It is my sincere hope that these tyrants will self destruct soon. The rest of the world is waking up to the truth about the U.S. government. even if half of the people are still blind and brainwashed enough to support them. Tyrants always go too far sooner or later. There comes a day when the “enough is enough” sentiment reaches a critical mass.
      There are more people who keep their oaths and value freedom than there are tyrants and robot troops who are nothing but an extension of their treason and corruption. When we see them for what they truly are, when the thin veneer of their masks finally fall from their faces, the tide will turn. Their own weapons which have been turned on the people will then be turned back on the tyrants.

    • Jeffrey T

      Your a dumb [EXPLETIVE DELETED] if you actualy believe that crap! You NAME ONE INSTANCE! A US Soldier ” sense Vietnam” has intentionaly killed a baby! and that wasnt even common back then accept isolated incidents! Even now any babies killed was done by accident and no sane soldier would kill an infant!

      • Sean Bell

        It is funny that you slam him over the baby-killer comment when one of the things Manning released was of helicopter pilots laughing about the “terrorists” bringing their kids to a battle which was happening in the middle of a neighborhood. That would be the same battle where the helicopters blew away some journalists.

        • Jeffrey T

          Yes , but were the Helicopter pilots laughing at ” killing kids or babies” or laughing because the terrorists ” brought their kids to a battle? Like going to see a basketball game?? And I said ” intentional killing” of babies! Is wrong! Deerinwater is correct as in their were alot of children killed ” INNOCENT KIDS & BABIES” and this term was coined in Vietnam though accidental killings of Innocents has happened througout history. I askek to name one instance of INTENTIONAL BABY KILLING! IN the recent wars in Vietnam the went off the so called reservation Im not sure if the spelling is correct but ill spell it as it sounds Mee- Lie massacre where US troops flipped those photo journalists were what the military coins unfortunatly ” collateral damage” civilian CD is an unfortunate side effect of wars and has been through out history those Photo journalists were accidentaly killed and that profession is a hazardous one. Some of our troops have been killed because the ROE denies our military Air or Artillary support because the Terrorists hide amongst the civilians to get people sympathetic to their cause. Also is a kid innocent when he is old enuf to hold an AK-47 & KILL AMERICAN & ALLIED TROOPS? Thats justified because little 13 yo AK-47 gun toting Ach- Med is gonna grow up to be 21 yo gun toting Ach-Med killing troops. INNOCENTS? But little Baby Ach-Med is an innocent baby. Also people taking their kids to a damn gun fight is so IGNORANT ITS FUNNY! What American or Civilized person would do that? Only the Johnnie Jihads would do something like that. So why is laughing about that a crime and how does it relate AT ALL TO BABY KILLERS? Or photo journalists killed accidentaly by troops? Because they were in the wrong place? They know the risks because they CHOOSE TO BE THEIR! where as Troops would rather be home with their families! Only a SICK BASTARD would relish killing another human being especialy a Baby. Thats unforgivable! Killing a baby is the lowest of lows. Its offensivei just like the generalization of guys in the Military are baby killers

      • Deerinwater

        That’s true, ~ but they did get in the way and became causalities of war.

        I worked on a 500 pound bomb line for 1 1/2 years before I joined up and just missed 68 Tet by a few months ~ I’ve often wonder if I did the right thing. ~ Dropping them on civilians was not what I had in minds ~ does that make me more innocent?

        i never killed anything on purpose that didn’t need killing ~ not so much as a rabbit but I laid down a curtain of hot iron until the barrel glowed red many times.

        • Jeffrey T

          I hope you dont think I was refering to you as the “Dumb- Azz”:I was addressing Alex in his Baby- killer comment ( sounds like a damn hippie from Vietnam era! )
          thank you 4 ur service im an 18 yr retired disabled vet & 12 yr FF&EMT

    • Deerinwater

      I don’t know about a medal of honor but he deserves more respect then he seems to be receiving.

      I’ve always maintained that people really don’t like the truth and more so when it’s bad news.

      Manning has exposed some unflattering truths. ~ Shame on him, bad boy! He was entrusted to do his job and keep a tight reign of his sense of morality.

      He will be a mortar for the truth, ~ I hope it’s not found too expensive.