Boston Friday Is Future America


Martial law came to Boston on Friday—Patriot’s Day, no less.

During the hunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the teenaged Boston Marathon bombing suspect, local and Federal law enforcers shut down the city of Boston. No mass transit. No taxis. No moving about of any kind. “Stay inside, don’t go to work, don’t go to the store,” said the “authorities.”

Police forced innocent Bostonians from their homes at gunpoint. They ransacked the home of Dumitru and Olga Ciuc—which was just a couple of doors down from the boat in which Tsarnaev hid until his capture—as they used it as SWAT command center.  Houses are full of bullet holes, Watertown residents claim, “and it’s miraculous that none of the people inside are full of bullet holes.”

Andrew Kitzenburg’s home was hit by a stray round as police shot at the terror suspects.

Martial law came to Boston on Friday.

FBI dressed in full military gear wandered through the neighborhoods peering into windows, opening doors, searching back  yards. Senator Lindsey Graham lamented that no drones were available to just blast Tsarnaev to oblivion and proclaimed, “This is Exhibit A of why the homeland (a very totalitarian description of America) is the battlefield.”

Search for Boston Marathon bombing suspects in Cambridge, MA
SWAT team members are driven down School Street in Watertown, Massachusetts on Friday. Credit: UPI

Martial law came to Boston on Friday.

Massachusetts has effectively disarmed its citizens. “Last night, a lot of people wished they had a gun in their house,” Mr. [Mardy]  Kozelian told The New York Times. But they didn’t, so residents meekly complied with the order and shuttered themselves inside their homes—except when ordered outside by “authorities” who obviously saw no 4th Amendment issue in doing so. And despite all this, “authorities” didn’t find Tsarnaev. A homeowner did, as he stepped outside for a smoke.

Search for Boston Marathon bombing suspects in Cambridge, MA
Massachusetts State Police search the backpack of a pedestrian on Friday. Credit: UPI

Martial law came to Boston on Friday, and there’s not a squeak or a squawk about its Constitutionality heard out of Massachusetts or the mainstream media or much of anywhere else. Americans are going quietly to their Orwellian, totalitarian future.

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Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • vicki

    The OP writes:

    Martial law came to Boston on Friday, and there’s not a squeak or a
    squawk about its Constitutionality heard out of Massachusetts or the
    mainstream media or much of anywhere else. Americans are going quietly
    to their Orwellian, totalitarian future.

    That does tend to answer the question of how the good German people could let tyranny happen in their country some 80 odd years ago.

    • GALT

      Those good german people at least had one thing in common, they
      were german…..and the french had made certain to exact their revenge.

      The next step was simply a matter of isolating those who were not
      so german…..the jewish german, who had the unfortunate luck to
      be identified with the “communist movement”………( in Munich ), which
      was a similar strategy to that employed by the “plutocrats” in the U.S.

      Unfortunately, 1929 exposed the “plutocrats” for what they were……and
      since being a “plutocrat” requires no special talent or intelligence…..and
      “class” is simply a matter of circumstance, when all means of “distraction”
      have been exhausted…….the magic of illusion fails, and the fact that the
      emperor is “naked” is now obvious to EVERYONE.

      Of course, being an “american” has always been a rather nebulous
      concept…….which didn’t exist in 1776, 1787, 1789, 1861 or today, for
      here there have been and will always be……those who are not quite
      “american” enough……

      So once again, magical illusion is working just fine……distractions abound
      and the ‘willfull ignorance” is more pronounced than ever.

      Ron Paul, squeaked and sqawked for twenty plus years, to no avail
      and was either completely clueless or lying by omission……preaching to
      others equally foolish or equally ignorant to no avail…….

      One wonders given the size of the area affected, and all the claims of
      gun owners waiting for the call….as well as, those who have vowed
      to resist confiscation “to the death”………that not one of these happened
      to live there…….and did not resist the commands of this “authority”…..believing it to be a pretext for “seizing” firearms?

      What are the “odds”?

      Of course, there is “squeaking and squawking” and “squawking and squeaking”……..and then they come for YOU. ( unless it’s just a
      business thing? )

      “To conquer, first DIVIDE!!!!!!” ( and then HANG, separately. )

      P.S. So where are those “common law and equity courts”? Don’t
      be shy………just shout it out when you know………or ask Rand Paul,
      maybe he will answer that question in his next filibuster?

  • Right Brain Thinker

    “Martial law came to Boston on Friday, and there’s not a squeak or a
    squawk about its Constitutionality heard out of Massachusetts or the
    mainstream media or much of anywhere else. Americans are going quietly
    to their Orwellian, totalitarian future”.

    That piece of rhetoric is perhaps a bit overblown, but Bob speaks some truth here. Quietly? Not a squeak or squawk? No, we’re too busy “squeaking and squawking” about gay marriage, illegal immigrants, the 47% moochers, welfare abusers, guns, taxes, government is too big, O’Bama is a Kenyan, and a whole pile of conspiracy theories about everything. That’s why we don’t talk about “our totalitarian future”—-you know, the one the plutocracy and the corporate fascists have planned for us? The one they are busily putting into place while we “squeak and squawk” about the distractions they put out there to keep us busy?

    I wonder where the “freedom fighters” and “warriors” and “vigilants” and “patriots” were in Boston and Watertown? Did they not run into the streets with their guns and defend the Constitition? No “pry my gun out of my cold dead hands” heroics? They needed CJ Grisham to lead them—-he could have shown them how to have your guns taken and your butt sitting in the backseat of a police car.

    • Warrior

      There, there, you said it. Do you feel better now you didn’t get your wish?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Said “what” and didn’t get what “wish”, WARRIOR? You really have to “say something” when you try to “say something” if you want a response.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Right Brain Thinker,

      You write: “I wonder where the “freedom fighters” and “warriors” and “vigilants” and “patriots” were in Boston and Watertown?” As I noted, they could not. Their government has essentially disarmed them. Nice try at deflection, though.

      Best wishes,

      • Right Brain Thinker

        “Could not” what, Bob? Any one of them could have picked up his guns and “died for his principles” if he chose to do so. My government has not disarmed me, and if and when I pick up my guns to try to use them against someone, that will be a choice I make—-live or die for a reason.

        No, I think that it’s largely just talk from the “freedom fighters” and “warriors” and “vigilants” and “patriots”—-they come here to PLD like it was the VFW or Elks club, sit around and spout nonsense, agree with each other, have a few beers, and go home feeling good about themselves.

        (And I am not “deflecting”, but basically agreeing with you from a slightly different perspective).

        • GALT

          well it is always possible the NRA has zero members in Watertown and Boston…….or no one owns a “registered firearm” there……or
          they had already been secretly confiscated without a “squeak or
          a squawk” then or…………?

          What seems to be true for the moment anyway is that no one
          has complained that “guns” were confiscated during this
          imposition of tyranny……..but it’s early yet.

          • ld

            no one including the militias are going to take their weapons and go head to head with the militarized cops. the politicians are way more afraid of being taken out one at at a time when they leave dc. that’s why they want to take the guns.

      • LaurenceTribe

        Absolutely a disarmed people; disarmed by dependency.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        in the north east they casterated them back in the late sixtys

    • Nadzieja Batki

      What ring of the three ring circus that holds all the dereliction of civilized society do you want us to not pay attention to?

      In your world how much evil should be done to combat evil of two human predators? But of course it is all done for good reasons so you believe, so anything and everything must be allowed. You didn’t notice that two human predators killed three and maimed and injured over a 150+ people but it was the people who did noone any injury who were contained and confined.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I responded to this comment but it has disappeared, and without even a comment deleted. I merely asked Nadzi to explain for us why she appears so bitter and downright nasty in many of her comments, and why all this talk of “evil”, “anything and everything”,and “dereliction of civilized society” rather than comments of substance.

        I also pointed out that she obviously has no idea what needs to be done in situations like this and why. She needs to get out and “stand the wall” before she questions those who do.

        • Bob666

          Yo RBT,
          Nads is a FOS (friend of swine), pork of a feather?

  • mark

    Patriots Day was actually on Monday Apr 15 – not Friday Apr 19. And this is not America’s future but rather a necessary response to a real emergency. The only way it would be America’s future is if the paranoid, vastly exaggerated fears of unhinged libertarians came true. This is not going to happen, despite how much libertarians desire it to, so they can start their own war against the U.S. government and live out their juvenile “Red Dawn” fantasies. Their overreaction to this speaks volumes about the powerlessness of libertarians and far-right conservatives in our society, their irrelevance, really. And why the American people will never entrust them with any political power. They are just too irresponsible to be allowed to do more than write crank letters on websites and swear at the TV set. Ron Johnson got 1% of the vote, last time out when Ron Paul lacked the basic courage to even run on their party ticket. Perhaps a new candidate will double that vote to 2%, but I doubt it.

    • David Wilson

      I hear your chains rattling Komrad.

      • Ted Crawford

        “It is difficult to free Fools from the chains they revere” Voltaire

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So you do the Dems/Progs/Leftists version of writing crank letters (your comments) and swearing at this site. Lying is also your stock and trade as you have no contact with the posters you denigrate.

      • mark

        Yes but we Dems/Progs/Leftist do more than just write crank letters. We write and pass policy. We control the White House and the U.S. Senate. Libertarians control zero branches of government and as a result can do nothing else but write crank letters. They exercise zero political power as their party wins zero elections.

        • Bob666

          Yo Mark,

          “They exercise zero political power as their party wins zero elections”. That is very true and that would be the problem. I wish that I could offer a solution, but until money flows in the Libertarians direction, it will remain status quo.

        • Richard Lewis

          Oh that’s right the “Dems/Progs/Leftist” do more than write crank letters. They made and mailed bombs in the sixties, they supported the overthrow of the establishment by using the Black Panthers as a shield as the rich privileged white kids (Bill Ayers) worked behind the scenes of the Weather Underground.

          Mark, you don’t control anything. You are controlled. Wake up; you can’t keep blaming Libertarians for your short comings.

  • David Wilson

    In fact they all lined up an cheered (USA, USA, USA… no less) while there Liberty had been stolen away. I ask myself, where did the Constitutional authority for all that come from? I mean, can the Feds and Police shut down a city and sequester it’s citizens any time it wants, for “whatever”reasons?

    • mark

      That is because some of their liberties were “stolen away” for only 24 hours and then immediately restored in full once the emergency was over. Don’t you get that? Perhaps you think the citizens of Boston should have all started firing at the police, killing them in large numbers until their liberties were restored? This is every libertarian’s wet dream. Launch a revolt against the government during a hurricane, an earthquake, or a terrorist attack because they have imposed a temporary curfew for the public’s safety. Join the terrorists in shooting down police until bus and taxi service is restored. This, my friend, is why no liberarian candidate will ever be president of the United States, why the Libertarian Party will continue to be a joke and exercise zero power in our society.

      • Ted Crawford

        24 hours THIS time! 48 next, two weeks after that, a month, only for our own protection of course!

        • mark

          Yes, but that assumes that there will be a violent, mass-killing terrorist attack in Boston every 2 days, which we all know there will not be. Without these kind of attacks, Boston officials will not take such measures. But by all means, enjoy life in your paranoid-wracked consciousness. That seems to be the only thing that sustains libertarians.

          • Dave

            Without massive ASSumptions Mark… what do these people have?

          • Ted Crawford

            Two problems here ; First you assume facts NOT in evidence! No one would even be remotely excused for labeling me a Libertarian! ! I believe that Ron Paul was the only candidate worse than Obama!
            Secondly, in what world would someone assume that this type of reaction be limited to Boston only? If they are allowed to take this type of action in ANY American City, what prevents similar action in any other American City! Your timetable is problematic as well the Progressives have three and a half years to prefect this !

          • The Snarf

            It could happen. After all,to liberals, the end justifies the means.

          • Dave

            Really? Proof of your assertion?

          • Richard Lewis

            This not about being a libertarian, liberal, or a conservative; this about the loss of our liberties, which we have freely been giving up since 9/11.

            Have you gotten on a plane lately? How is that TSA doing for you. Our political class bypass the TSA by riding on private jets, so do the rich (Al Gore), and Saudi Nationals. Have you walked down the streets of New York lately? Although the court has said time and time again that it is illegal to stop at random anyone and search them without probable cause the police do it anyway. Only the politically connected can get a permit or have a security detail.

            Your email can be read by the IRS. Your photos and statements are now owned by Facebook. Just because one is paranoid does not mean “They” are not out to get you.

            It is ironic that the town of Boston, which is where the first shot of the Revolutionary War started, and is the same town that drove the British out and forced them to Manhattan is now the town where the population is disarmed and the citizenry follow orders like the sheep that they are.

            Mark, when the authorities round you up and pack you into a cattle car and tell you that you are going to a pickle factory where there is work, food and shelter.are you going to go?

            Six million Jews and 4 million “undesirables” did just that. Right up until they were gassed they believed it couldn’t get worse than this.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        I lived in Boston for four years in the early 70s , they tend to talk the talk but never walk the walk , that would have never went down in a lot of southern states like that .

      • Richard Lewis

        If the citizens of Boston had been a well armed militia there would not have been a need for what was essentially martial law. The armed citizen could have protected his or her home against scumbag suspect #2. The same citizen was caught in a crossfire created by the same people sent to “protect” them. The citizen would have been shot and killed by the authorities if he or she answer the door with a firearm.

        I would have taken my chances with scumbag suspect #2. Have the civil liberties of the citizens of Boston truly been “fully” restored? Since 9/11 we have militarized our police force and have given police powers to our military. I served 4 years in the Army and 2 years in the National Guard. I know of what I speak.

        I don’t know anyone that would randomly fire upon the police, but then I am a law abiding citizen. I shouldn’t have to worry about the police kicking down my door without a warrant in the name of my safety.

  • Bob666

    Some good points have been made, there will be plenty of future discussion on how this took place.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Bob666,we will wait with bated breaths for you to solve the mystery of evil but since you align yourself with the creater of evil we will be discussed into oblivion.

      • Bob666

        Yo Nads,
        Another one of your passive-aggressive Mao gorilla post were you show-up, throw up and run?

        • Dave


          Nads is only good at the hit and run… he provides nothing of substance and is not worth your time. In fact, none of these people that do not realize that what happened in Boston was an extraordinary circumtance that was TEMPORARY…. I hope that word TEMPORARY can get through the bubble… is worth your time and effort.

          They NEED a conspiracy or their lives just feel empty. Bob L is simply providing a service to those people. Its just a shame Bob L capitalizes on the fears of the weak. But I guess someone has to take advantage of them. may as well be Bob L.

          • Right Brain Thinker

            Dave, FYI, “Nads” is a she, unless some “he” is using the name of the real Nadzieja Batki, a person of the female persuasion who can be googled.easily—-it’s a rather uncommon name, so uncommon that it gets ONE hit, so I can’t imagine why anyone would use it as a subterfuge. Why not just call yourself by a pseudonym, as so many here do?

          • Bob666

            Yo RBT/Dave
            I Googled that name when I first came to this site after I had a response or two from Nads. There is a photo that pops up in Texas of a woman by that name.

          • Right Brain Thinker

            I googled it too because it was such an unusual name. Yes, I didn’t see a photo but the only hit that came out was to San Antonio TX ,and gave other personal details, like she is 57 (or was at the time of one entry about her) and can be traced in various kinds of public records, like corporation lists of board members. It also gives some clues as to why she is so “old testament” in some of her comments. I also got a hit on just plain “Nadzieja”—-it means “hope” in Polish, and I have “tweaked” Nadzi several times about that but she won’t bite. Makes one wonder why someone would use their real name on a site like this when others can “look you up” and find out embarrassing things.

          • jamest

            Dave, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a
            little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin

  • hungry4food

    The Elected Officials Bureaucracy is willing to do these things we see going on because they all have become convinced that PEAK EARTH has arrived and its their duty to ZERO Growth and Eliminate the Consumer driven Free Market system and the only way to do this Peacefully is to do it through a systematically corrupted decline making it look like the Current economic system collapsed from within its own unregulated free market wild west self . We Have Heard Obama say this in Kansas City in a Speech remember ???

    The Globalist Government Elite working together in Concert , This is the only way we would see this cronyism continue like it is and has been doing since 2008 on the global manner it has and is with DEBT ran economies and Military actions that are further destabilizing all area resource supplies that are Free Market Consumer driven , are systematically collapsing every part of Individual Liberty with the destruction of Trust , as we see them go after Truth , Justice , and corrupt those elements so people become confused disoriented and eventually when everything is in a state of despair will be willing PEACEFULLY to EXCEPT a GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED WORLD All in the name of their Fear of Global OVERPOPULATION .

  • Steve E

    Isn’t it ironic that Boston was in the forefront of the American Revolution in the 1700s and yet it is now at the forefront of Martial Law in the 2000s? Do you see the irony?

    • mark

      Several times during that American Revolution that started there, Patriot leaders temporarily imposed martial law and curfew restrictions in Boston out of military necessity. General Washington did the same in 1776. By your lights and the reasoning of many on this site, the people of Boston should have hung George Washington for temporarily imposing restrictions on their liberties with a huge British Fleet off the coast loaded with Redcoats and Hessian mercenaries. Washington was obviously a traitor – as were the Boston Police in this recent crisis.

      • Steve E

        Me think you fib. In 1774, the British Parliament passed a series of laws collectively known as the Intolerable Acts, which were intended to suppress unrest in colonial Boston by closing the port and placing it under martial law. In response, colonial protesters led by a group called the Sons of Liberty issued a call for a boycott. Merchant communities were reluctant to participate in such a boycott unless there were mutually agreed upon terms and a means to enforce the boycott’s provisions. Spurred by local pressure groups, colonial legislatures empowered delegates to attend a Continental Congress which would set terms for a boycott.
        It was the British government that imposed martial law on Boston.

        • Dave

          Were the Colonies represented in the BRITISH parliment? No… so Steve… that would make the situation a bit different then wouldn’t it?

          Read and get educated

        • mark

          Yes of course, everyone knows this. But after the British left in 1776 on several occasions during the Revolutionary War, Patriot authorities restricted liberties and imposed martial law measures in Boston when the British Fleet was nearby along the New England and/or New York coast and Patriot military officers mistakenly feared a British attempt to retake the city.

  • Dave


    Please tell us what you have done since these two had explosives and heavy weaponry and they proved they had no qualms about using them.

    Tell us what you would have done. If we did things your way… there would be no security cameras so we would most likely know even know who these two were… so go ahead. Tell us how you would have done things. Business as usual?

    If you have no plan…. Then you really have no basis for criticism now do you?

    Are the soldiers on every corner now? No…The city is back to nornmal

    The Gov has always done things to maintain public safety

    Those riots of 1863 were quelled by United States soldiers. Was that the future of the United States too?
    Nobody wants to have martial law, but under these extraordinary circumstance, law enforcement did a great job. Sorry for your temporary inconvenience.

    • Ted Crawford

      ” Necessity is the plea of every infringment of Human Freedom. It is the arguement of Tyrants; It is the creed of Slaves ” William Pitt
      Pre-Conditioning for National Martial Law!

      • Dave

        So Ted,
        Your solution to hunt down the two brothers is to allow people to go about their business as usual while the brothers are killing people, MIT security officeers and throwing explosives from a hijacked car.
        I do hope the people that may have been killed appreciate your “moral” stance even though those conditions in which Bob alerted us to are gone now that law enforcement did it’s job and they got these guys.
        What do you do with yourself if you do not have imaginary oppression to complain about?

        • Ted Crawford

          I, of course am well aware and concerned about those who would seek to end my life with violence, but I much more fear those who wish to control my life with subterfuge! In the case that you have been fortunate enough that you’ve never faced death, believe me there are things much worse than death!

          • Dave

            I realize that Ted but that is NOT what is happening in Boston. Is reality such a foriegn concept?
            I prize my freedom as much as anyone but when you have two maniacs running wild in a smaller dense metro area like Boston, steps have to be taken.
            Everything is NOT the Gov trying to enslave you like Bob L and other authors try and get us to believe. This is one of those cases.

          • Ted Crawford

            I’m reminded of the story of the woman who aided the injured snake, only to have it bite her upon it’s recovery. As she lay dying the snake explained to her ” After all you knew I was a snake” Given the past four and a half years of Obama’s policies I also agree with Patrick Henry ” I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no other way of judging the future but by the past”

          • Dave


            I get it… you like literature and you like to use those as analogies.
            What Obama policies are you referring to specifically since much of what Obama has tried to do has been stopped by the GOP House of Representatives and the Fillibustering Senate?
            Can you help me understand those specific policies?
            The only one I know of is expanding upon the GOP’s Patriot Act with the indefinate detention of “terrorism” suspects. Of which I wholeheartedly disagree with…
            But what does that have to do with Boston? Please answer the question about what you would do under those circumstances? The cat seems to have gotten Bob L’s tongue on this one as well.

          • Ted Crawford

            Come now, you would use feinged ignorance as a weapon? The old “wear ’em down with foolishness”? In the first case the fact that he failed to achieve his ursurpations doesn’t discount his intentions! I’ll play along one more time : PPACA, Dodd-Frank, EO – 13524, EO – 13603, The constant attempt to override the Second Amendment, and his continued advocation to increase taxes and the fact that in just under 5 years he has increased the National Deficit by about 60% of what it took over 232 years and 43 previous Presidents to accumulate! Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Law Suits against States, continued demeaning of any who dare to disagree with him, ETC., ETC., ETC.!

          • mark

            What does the raising of taxes back the rates of the Clinton economic boom, the legal Congressional passage of a health care bill, necessary Wall Street regulation (after an unregulated Wall Street wrecked the global economy), and some slight amendments to executive orders originally issued by President Reagan and President Clinton have to do with the issue of local officials imposing restraints on freedom of movement in the city of Boston during a terrorist attack? I could also add to this ridiculous list: the national debt (Ronald Reagan tripled it in 8 years), a terrorist attack on U.S. consulate in Benghazi that lost 4 American lives (Reagan lost 242 in Lebanon), and a foolish attempt to track guns sold to Mexican drug cartels (started by Bush and called Operation Gun Runner). This is quite a laundry list but it has zero to do with the issue at stake in Boston. That would also include some very modest gun control measures, one on background checks that the NRA supported a few years ago, and one on assault rifles that was federal law from 1994-2004 and still allowed the private ownership by Americans of some 300 million guns? Some infringement on the 2nd Amendment that was! And these picayune measures were defeated in the Senate. Oh yeah, this is some successful conspiracy to impose martial law on America.

          • Dave

            Ted has no solutions to what he would have done in Boston so he resorts to the standard conservative play sheet.
            He can’t deal with the question I put to him and neither can Bob Livingston. Because neither have any answers and both live in this fantasy existance where the bad people just give up out of a guilt trip or sonnet Ted reads to them.

          • mark

            I hear you, Dave. It’s unreal. None of them seem to recognize that public safety officials faced with a real crisis, have to sometimes impose restrictions on personal freedoms for a limited time period (24-48 hours usually) in order to save lives. These often involve hurricanes, tornadoes, and fertilizer/chemical plant explosions as well. After the crisis, as in Boston and in West, Texas, all individual freedoms are immediately restored. I don’t like all of this myself but I can at least empathize with the police and authorities’ need to take pragmatic steps to save innocent life in a real life, real time crisis. That is their job, that is why we pay them, elect them, or elect boards and councils that appoint them. Any reasonable person, not straitjacketed by an all-consuming, over-the top ideology, would recognize this. But that is a tall order on this site. Best, mark.

          • Jamest

            News flash the job of the police is to enforce the law it is not their job to protect citizens

          • Dave

            The motto of the police is “To Serve and Protect”

          • Jamest

            That does not mean a damn thing. I could tell people my motto is help the poor help them selves that does not automatically mean its actually true. That may be their motto but it does not mean the are legally bound to do so.

          • Dave

            OK Jamest, doesn’t mean a damn thing… to you.
            The rest of us know exactly what it means.

          • nabiru

            Dave. Have you ever been in a revolution? I was young when I have seen guys like you have been hanged by the people because you are a demoralizing infiltrator.Trying to make the people doubt of themselves.Also in war situation you would be shot on the spot for this kind of enemy propaganda among the troops. This is just an advice to you for the future because your employers will tell you to carry out this kind of work for them. You should ask more money in return for your services.Good luck.

          • Jamest

            Legal passage of the healthcare bill? Think again. The supreme let that one through because it was considered a tax. Here’s a lesson for you taxes must originate in the house. The healthcare bill did not. Thus it was not passed legally.

          • Dave

            Oh boy, you go from literature to all the right wing talking points in a single bound.

            I will take them down one at a time.

            PPACA-Its called being part of society… If you can afford Insurance, it says you must buy PRIVATE HC insurance. Since at one point or another you will be using the system. I refuse to pay for your cheapness by allowing you to go to an emergency room and get the most expensive HC this country offers only to eventually see it in my taxes.

            Dodd-Frank- As opposed to the deregulation that took the country down in late 2007-2008. Most of Dodd-Frank hasn’t even been funded yet and you know we can’t have consumer protections under conservatives now can we?

            EO 13524-Sharing intel and capabilities with Interpol… Of course you assume the worst and think everything is a big conspiracy to take your guns and force homosexuals to perform abortions on you… I get it

            EO 13603


            The Deficit, that one is really funny… When Obama came into office, we were in the midst of the worst recession since the depression. During that time, two things happen in a recession automatically… tax receipts go down from the unemployment and spending oni services goes up. While this was happening, we had two wars and the Bush tax cuts going on at the same time… All this coupled with an aging population that is using more medicare and medicad. That equals spending… None of that has anything to do with Obama and anything he has done. If you bothered to notice, as economic conditions have improved, spending has gone down.

            I’ll even use the right wing Heritage foundation to illustrate the point.


            2010 which was the fiscal year that is truly on Obama watch the deficit was 1.344T dollars

            2011 the deficit was 1.322T dollars

            2012 the deficit was 1.122T dollars

            Its a downward trend and here is a clue for you PPACA

            has not even hit the books yet, we are still working on the old HC system so you can’t use that. So Obama’s major contribution to the debt we have now in the stimulus in which 40% were tax cuts which I thought you guys liked?

            Benghazi? Now you are really flailing about…If only conservatives wanted to get to the bottom of 9/11 so passionately. That attack was a horrible tragedy and the State Debt was dealing with conflicting data and conservatives have used that confusion to light up another silly conspiracy.

            Fast and Furious… Let me ask you. Do you trust the Mexican Gov to cooperate with you to try and stem the tide of weapons and drugs being traded back and forth? Bush trusted them and guess what his results were? ZILTCH… Obama went around them to get the bigger fish and guess what, he had more success nabbing these guys. I believe all drugs should be legalized so I do not codone this loser war on drugs business that puts more money in the private prison system’s pockets along with the gun manufacturers. But an agent got killed with one of those guns. This ignited another right wing witch hunt. Newsflash, that agent would have died anyways due to the circumstance that agent was in.

            Lawsuits against the States… You are referring to my state of AZ. It is not up to AZ to enforce immigration, it is the Fed Gov and since the dirty little secret continues to be that these illegals are going the work that American citizens will not due, the conservative “outrage” on this issue is completely phoney and it is designed to fire up the base of the GOP because they want someone to blame for the past 40 years of corporatism in Gov.
            Maybe you should stick to literature… Details about history and current events are not your forte.

        • Jamest

          OK you want to know how to do it differently? First. “Residents of Boston there are armed and dangerous suspects on the loose we recommend you stay in your homes. If you choose to leave your home do so at your own risk. If you own a firearm I suggest you keep it at the ready. All family members should stay together in one room of your home.” Then they should not search peoples homes because the is a minute chance the suspect may be hiding there.

        • Richard Lewis

          “now that law enforcement did it’s job” What, kicking down doors, shooting indiscriminately, ransacking homes. All in a good days work. Now that’s a job I am sure anyone would be proud of.

          It was a miracle that no one was hit by a stray bullet from over-zealous jack booted thugs with the force of “Law” behind them. If the citizens of Boston were allowed to arm themselves the need for martial law would have been moot.

          Charles Witmore, the Texas tower sniper, was pinned down by civilians with high power rifles, which allowed a single
          police officer with a pistol to climb the tower and take him out. There was no need for SWAT teams to violate civil rights because the well-armed citizens of Texas was the militia the 2nd amendment envisioned.

          • Dave


            The Texas Tower sniper and the Boston bombers are different in many ways… #1, in Texas there isn’t nearly the numbers of people crammed into a small geographical area. #2, the guy was in a tower… they new where he was. The Boston Bombers were running around in a carjacked SUV throwing explosives at police.

            So your example is not a good example.

            Just because people are armed Richard, that doesn’t mean they
            know how to react under such situations and do you really want a bunch of easily paniced population shooting their guns at every shadow? Talk about a recipe for disaster. The Monday monrning QB’s is fine but I will contend that letting the avg person handle getting these guys is a bad idea and the Texas Sniper was brought down by LAW ENFORCEMENT and not some vigilante.

      • mark

        Yes, necessity is often an excuse for tyrants to sieze power and/or impose extralegal tyranny. But necessity is also often a very legitimate issue that elected officials are charged to resolve in emergencies. When there is a hurricane with downed power cables whipping about on flooded streets, showering them with sparks and deadly water-conducted electricity, it is a prudent measure to deny temporarily people’s right to travel, to keep them indoors for 24 hours or so until this public safety issue can be resolved. If officials failed to do so, and children were allowed to wander off into the streets and were electrocuted to death, these same officials would be brought up on charges for derelection of their sworn duties with the innocent loss of life resulting. This dilemma cuts both ways. And every cry for restrictive measures “due to necessity” is not necessarily a conspiracy to deny permanently people’s rights and freedoms. Often such measures, that are so rarely imposed in our constitutional system, are very necessary indeed.

        No one today is talking about the equally horrific Texas fertilizer plant explosion in which armed local police and Texas authorities evacuated people from their homes and forbade them to return putting them up in public shelters to prevent more than the 14 who died and the scores hospitalized, from being violently killed or losing limbs. To the fevered paranoid minds on this site, this whole operation was an obvious big government conspiracy to take away all Texans and indeed all Americans rights to live in their own homes. To the few reasonable, sane contributors, these were extraordinary measures taken by the Texas police and authorites under enormous stress out of dire necesssity to save life and limb. Most would applaud such actions, but no doubt libertarians here feel that these Texas police should be arrested and charged with treason. They violated these folks’ Constitutional rights to live in their own homes. Better that 500 rather than 14 Texas citizens died in these explosions and fires. At least they would have all died as free Americans with their rights to live in their homes respected and untrammeled. I just Thank God, there were no libertarian public safety officials in either Boston or West, Texas . I will gladly give up a Constitutional right for several hours in order to live a life of freedom for fifty years afterwards when this right is restored again they now are in Boston and West, Texas – especially with deadly explosions going off all around me when these right were briefly suspended.

        • Ted Crawford

          It is your right to make that choice, concerning yourself. I also reserve the right to make my own choices, it is after all MY life that’s threatened. I believe as Mr. Jefferson did “Those who would surrender a little Freedom for a little temporary safety, will lose both and deserve neither”!
          And make NO mistake I am very definately NOT a Libertarian! Anarchy isn’t a better form of Government than Socialism, it’s simply a different form, no less dangerous and unsustainable!

          • Dave


            I will ask you again… You are a decision maker in the Gov, how do you handle the situation? It sounds to me like you would allow business as usual to go on and the possibility of mass casualties is greater just because you fear the Gov.

            The US Gov and white society did sanction the inprisonment of Japanese Americans after Dec 7th and we now realize that was wrong.

            The US Gov and white society were ok with slaughtering the indigenious people of N. America because it god said it was ok through Manifest Destiny. We have convinced ourselves that casinos somehow make up for destruction of a whole peoples language and culture…

            And then there was the whole slavery thing…

            But the US Gov has never tried to do anything like you are fearful of over the whole society… Its just not in our DNA to accept such conditions. After 9-11, if the Gov wanted to they could have rounded up all Muslims and I am sure a good % of people would have been fine with it so we did learn something from Dec 7th.

            So if you have a plan on how you would have dealt with those conditions in Boston, please share, otherwise you might want to keep the paranoia down to a dull roar.

          • Ted Crawford

            Well now it’s abundantely plain that you have chosen to be
            deliberately obtust, I’ll leave you with Mr. Jefferson response to others like you he encountered ” It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason , as to administer medicine to the dead”

          • Dave

            Yep, it certainly is clear and you do not want to give any solutions… But you have complaints-a-plenty.
            Let me know when you want to have a real discussion about reality.
            Until then, good day to you.

          • Richard Lewis

            Dave, It wasn’t in the DNA for the German people to gas six million Jews, but it happened. It is not in the American culture to round up Japanese Americans and confiscate their property, but we did it.

            Do you think the TSA is going anywhere? It is here to stay. The next step is to arm them and give them police powers. All great empires and societies collapse from within. Unfortunately, the USA will be no different. I used to think like you. “America is the greatest” warts and all. A country is only as great as its people, and we have fallen far from the people we used to be. I am still proud to be an American and of our achievements. I can’t say the same for the majority of Americans today.

          • Dave

            You know as well as I do that the Germanic people have no history of democracy. The Japanese internment was a knee-jerk reaction based on racism. The Gov and our society have admitted it was wrong which is why we didn’t do something similar right after 9-11 with middle-eastern mulisms in this country.

        • Richard Lewis

          Power lines whipping around dangerously? I never saw a politician out in any condition fixing them. If I wish to grab a live wire then that is my choice. I wish stupid people would do that so they don’t breed stupid children.

          As for evacuation: I might get shot and killed by police or the “authorities” if I don’t leave my home because of a serious threat to my well-being. That makes no sense. It is my home, my well-being, and my life. If I wish to stay in my home that is my choice.

          You never give up your rights for a couple of hours. Once they are gone they are gone for good.

    • Richard Lewis

      Dave, It is interesting that you use the Civil War and the fact that troops had to be used to quell the violence. The Civil War started over taxes and duties. It was a war between the Federal Government and the States. The States lost. You should read the Confederate Constitution at some point. It corrected the problems with the Constitution up until the Civil War.

      The war was never truly about slavery. During the Civil War Maryland was run by the Federal Government. West Virginia was carved out of Virginia against the Constitution. Fiat currency was created and led to the modern day concept of the Federal Reserve Note. An unlawful income tax was imposed. The riots were due to the creation of the Draft, which those of influence were allowed to pay others to take their place. The Civil War was the inadvertent groundwork that set the stage for the modern progressive movement.

      Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator or Tyrant? I would say…..Both.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Nice fairy tale, Richard, but maybe you ought to read the official documents from each of the seceding states laying out the reasons why they seceded? You might just find that slavery WAS the main issue, in spite of efforts to rewrite history since.

  • Seeker1212

    You have to wonder, was this governments excuse for testing of how the civilians would act under martial law, and will they find more and more excuses to exercise their superiority over the civilian population??

    • mark

      Yes, this was all simply a test engineered in Washington. In fact, the government planted the bombs in Boston, just as they murdered the children in New Town and Aurora, and flew those planes into the Twin Towers. The U.S. government did all of this as part of its larger nefarious plan to rob every single American of everyone of his or her Constitutional rights. You must know this. Welcome aboard, Seeker1212, you are going to love this site. You will feel right at home here. Just put on your tinfoil hat and grab a big thermos full of Kool-Aid.

      • Jamest

        No theories that the government had something to do with Boston bombing here, but the FBI new about these two suspects and did nothing. Did you see the 60 minutes interview of the sandy hook parents? I did. When asked about the fact the shooting took place 4 months ago this is what one parent said. ” To them it happened 4 months ago, but for me its feels like it just happened yesterday. Yet its been years since I seen my son.” I also heard lots of sniffles but what I did not see was a single tear. What are your thoughts on that. If you can come up with an explanation for that one parents statement I would love to hear it.

  • Nadzieja Batki

    Any of you commentors farmers or hobby farmers? Question to whomever? When you buy small animals like chickens, ducks, geese, etc. or sheep you have great expectations that they will be safe at your place. Then over time you notice that one chicken or goose or sheep is missing and then you find feathers or maybe the body so you go on alert because predators have discovered that your place is an easy meal source. You miss some more animals so you go out and buy fencing and netting and lose sleep and do all sorts of permutations to protect whatever is left. You fence and cage to keep your animals safe. What you end up doing is restricting the movement of your birds or sheep whether you may/may never catch the predators.

    This comment also shouldn’t be too difficult for you Dems/Progs/Leftists to translate into real life time.

    • Dave


      To use your example… the animals have been kept safe in their cages while the farmer caught the predator…with the threat now gone… The animals are free to roam again and they are released from said cages.

      So is your solution to search for the predator while letting the animals roam free? Or perhaps to use the animals as “bait” to lure the predator? Whats a few more dead animals right? As long as those in the middle of the herd are not harmed? Is that your idea here farmer Nad?

      Thankfully you are not in charge of protecting people… The bloodbath would be incredible under someone as naive as you.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        As I said in an earlier comment, Nadzi has never “stood the wall” and should not be talking about something of which she has NO comprehension or understanding.

  • ridge runner

    t is just what the Dumbocrap Party has always worked for, total government control. We all will suffer, because idoit degreed morons voted for the madrass educated marxist. Every meet or see a demorat that isn’t a supporter of fascism and communism. How many worthless degreed fks are flipping hotdogs and nesting like rats in a sewers. The same dumbazzes that vote for more freebies, more worthless college degrees, and don’t ever plan to pay off their college debts. Common sense to the worthless college educated pukes, never have done a honest day’s work, always had a 4.0 grade point average or gotten their fairy fingers dirty. These also are the same pervs that think a paper shuffling job should pay high wages, look at Onumnutts and his marxist slug administration and his domestic terrorists good buddies.

  • Scott Pam

    I’ll leave this here. Go through it and tell me what has NOT been completed.