Big Brother Hears All


Despite repeated claims by members of the elected class and government functionaries that the USA Patriot Act was designed to catch “terrorists” and was not being used to spy on Americans, the National Security Agency is currently collecting the telephone records of millions of U.S. customers of Verizon. The records include both local calls and those made to people abroad.

The UK Guardian obtained a copy of an order from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) requiring Verizon to divulge to the NSA its customer metadata from April 25, 2013 until July 19, 2013. The order directs Verizon to produce on a daily basis information that includes “session identifying information”, such as “originating and terminating number”, the duration of each call, telephone calling card numbers, trunk identifiers, International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number, and “comprehensive communication routing information”.

Of course, this is not new. In 2006 USA Today reported the NSA had been secretly collecting the phone call records of tens of millions of Americans using AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth as part of a secret program implemented by President George W. Bush that saw the collection of domestic telephone, Internet and email records. Senator Dian Feinstein, who chairs the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, says the program has been going on for years and regularly renewed. But Obama has apparently taken it further than Bush ever did.

“Under the Bush administration, the Guardian writes, “officials in security agencies had disclosed to reporters the large-scale collection of call records data by the NSA, but this is the first time significant and top-secret documents have revealed the continuation of the practice on a massive scale under President Obama.

“The unlimited nature of the records being handed over to the NSA is extremely unusual. Fisa (sic) court orders typically direct the production of records pertaining to a specific named target who is suspected of being an agent of a terrorist group or foreign state, or a finite set of individually named targets.”

Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall have been issuing cryptic warnings about the regime’s surveillance activities for nearly two years but the classified nature of the information has prohibited them from being specific. In a letter to Attorney Criminal Eric Holder last year, the pair argued that “there is now a significant gap between what most Americans think the law allows and what the government secretly claims the law allows.”

The practice goes far beyond Orwellian and violates the NSA’s original mandate that its surveillance activities would be focused on foreign threats and it would not turn its surveillance apparatus on U.S. citizens.

Of course, the government knows who the terrorists are because, typically, they are FBI or CIA creations. This unConstitutional breach of trust is another brewing scandal for Barack Obama and his lawless regime that continually doubles down on the very policies of the Bush Administration that Obama condemned as a Senator and a candidate.

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Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Darral

    Every dictatorship spies on their subjects, why would the dictatorial, tyrant Democratic party of America be any different, Abolish this Destructive Treasonous Democratic party.

  • rbrooks

    the patriot act. passed by the gop and signed by little bush. the right wing idiots are now trying to blame obama and the democrats. hilarious.
    you should write a story on how reagan used the fbi.

    • me

      Sounds like another one of those Owebunhole butt kissers to ignorant of how we are losing our rights. why blame everyone else. I have seen it coming for a long time. Democrats are just as guilty as anybody else. Owebunhole is pushing people control hard with his bypassing of the bill of rights. they are effecting a huge part of it by trying to passing bills which effect out first, second and forth amendments.. Just keep blaming every oneelse for what is going on when the one in office is trying for more.

      • perry

        We only have our own stupid voteing for our troubles

    • hungry4food

      Obama ran as the Most Transparent ,,,, HA what a Hypocritical Liar !!!!

      • mari

        He didn’t mean that he personally would be transparent, he meant that all of our private lives would be transparent.

        • hungry4food

          Ain’t that the truth right down to our health records open for public view if it serves a Political agenda because we sure as heck can’t trust the IRS with this or any Information anymore !!!!!

        • hungry4food

          We are watching the 2 party bureaucracies fight over the use of these powers of national security in a oneupsmanship contest while destroying Trust and Liberty is all about trust that this won’t happen because of a oath to defend the USA from all enemies foreign and domestic , talk about a boondoggle .

          And while this scandal makes the rounds look how all the other ones are being forgot about …. HA thats the goal here ….

          • mari

            There does seem to be a plan behind all of this chaos.

    • hungry4food

      And this Culture is spreading like WILD FIRE !!!!!!!

      Ore. Senate
      passes bill to regulate tracking devices for kids

      Scope of phone records seizure causes alarm;
      data collection goes beyond Verizon

    • hungry4food

      And as we Watch your every move we will
      force feed you grain that we really don’t know what it might do to you !!!!!!

      Monsanto sued by Kansas farmer over GMO wheat discovery that’s hurt US

      Read more:

    • S.C.Murf

      How about we write a story of why you should make that popping sound.

      up the hill

    • independent thinker

      Go away and do not come back until you learn to read and COMPREHEND what you have read. Mr. Livingston clearly stated the (un)Patriot act was passed under Bush. He then pointed out how your hero obama has continued and expanded its use and abuse.

      • rbrooks

        it seems rather obvious that the gop and bush passed the patriot act. and so many of you sheep supported that. tried to tell you what would happen.
        you can not complain about it now.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear rbrooks,

          You write: “it seems rather obvious that the gop and bush passed the patriot act.” It seems rather obvious you are a disinformation agent. Read these and return and defend your position that the Democrats weren’t complicit, including Obama.

          Best wishes,

          • WTS/JAY

            Mr. Livingston, a new and rather disturbing trend is emerging and coming to our shores soon…


          • Bob Livingston

            Dear WTS/JAY,

            Sort of crystal meth on steroids?

            Best wishes,

          • WTS/JAY

            Hmm, yes. Well put!

            Btw, it seems that Conservatives are not the only one’s taking issue with the patriot act’s flagrant and un-Constitutional intrusion of data-harvesting. It seems that some on the other side of isle are finally beginning to take notice and expressing their outrage.


          • rbrooks

            after reading that, it seems that the gop was the sponsor and that little bush signed it into law.
            it is even more revealing when one factors in all of the lies told by bush and company to get his two wars going and this act passed.
            you and your fellow sheep are the ones most responsible. you supported this act and called those of us who were against it, traitors.
            now you seem to be a traitor as well.
            i was against this act then and i am against it now.

            the real question is why you have changed your position.
            was it simply convenient to wait till a democrat made use of the act before you condemned it? did you think the politicians would not make use of it? really?

            all politicians are crooks. even the ones you support, bob.
            wishing will not change that.
            i am curious. will you remove my response to you yet again?

          • WTS/JAY

            Oh, rbrooks. You could almost be considered a human-being, if only you weren’t so mentally-unstable and intellectually-dishonest .

            Senate and House Vote Roll Call on U.S. Patriot Act 2001 & 2006…

            U.S. Senate vote in favor to extend Patriot Act spy provisions…

            Democrats vote to renew Patriot Act…

          • rbrooks

            the dishonesty is all yours. you supported this act only because the gop and your little lord bush told you to.

            you ignored all of us who told you this was going to be the eventual out come.

            you guys started this when you originally backed it. you approved of the gop’s support and applauded little bush when he signed it.

            now, at this late hour, you want to complain. and your only complaint is that a democrat is making use of an act you fully supported.

            you reap what you sow.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear rbrooks,

            You write: “you supported this act and called those of us who were against it, traitors.” I encourage you to find one thing I’ve written to indicate this. You assume much that is wrong.

            You write: “the real question is why you have changed your position.” Again, please provide of this assertion.

            You write: “all politicians are crooks. even the ones you support, bob.” Please indicate which ones I support.

            You write: “i am curious. will you remove my response to you yet again?” As I have not removed any of your posts that did not violate the comment policy, and this one does not either, I guess you have your answer.

            Best wishes,

          • rbrooks

            well, bob, since you are the one that determines what is a violation, and the one that removes comments, you have simply shown how well a dictatorship or censorship can work.

            it is very comparable to what the patriot act provides.

            your entire site is designed to support what you label as conservative republicans.

            you, your contributing writers, and many of the your supporters, jumped on the bush band wagon and rode it till the wheels starting falling off.

            didn’t you support old romney?

            who is nothing more than another version of the same old.

            your own story is slanted. you try to defend the actions of bush and his administration. while condemning the actions of obama and his administration.

            they are all crooks. equally. as they have shown.

            you should write a story that shows just how much alike all of these crooks are. regardless of which ticket their name appears on.

            best write it soon. thanks to little bush, you will no longer be the one allowed to censor what is being written. it will be some goon in the govt.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear rbrooks,

            You write: “since you are the one that determines what is a violation, and the one that removes comments, you have simply shown how well a dictatorship or censorship can work.” The comment policy is prominently displayed and quite clear. Abide by it and you will have no problems.

            You write: “you, your contributing writers, and many of the your supporters, jumped on the bush band wagon and rode it till the wheels starting falling off.” Your handlers who assigned you to this site to obfuscate and denigrate have done you a disservice. Contrary to your assumption, you have not arrived at a Republican site. I am not now nor ever have been a Republican. You would be wise to spend more time reading old articles and less time spouting inanities if you want to be an effective disinformation agent.

            You write: “didn’t you support old romney?” See my advice above. There is a listing of topics on the bottom of the home page. Select “Election 2012” to see all I wrote about the election and you will have your answer. Feel free to also click on my name on the author list on the home page and you will see everything published here under my name since the website started in late 2008.

            You write: “they are all crooks. equally. as they have shown.

            you should write a story that shows just how much alike all of these crooks are. regardless of which ticket their name appears on.” I have done this many times. Again, if you would read rather than type, you wouldn’t appear as ignorant as you have.

            Best wishes,

          • rbrooks

            The comment policy is prominently displayed and quite clear. Abide by it and you will have no problems. <<

            the patriot act.

            abide by it and you will have no problems.

            Contrary to your assumption, you have not arrived at a Republican site. <<

            lol. i almost fell out of my chair laughing over that.

        • WTS/JAY

          Hey, dumb dumb. Bush may have signed the Patriot-Act, but guess who wrote the Patriot-Act?

          Here, numbskull, educate yourself!

          • rbrooks

            try reading mein kampf. you will find a version of home land security and the patriot act.

          • WTS/JAY

            That must have been the source from where old Joey got his inspiration?

          • rbrooks

            several of our wonderful politicians, from both sides, have presented various versions over the decades.

            i am glad i was able to help further your limited education.

          • WTS/JAY

            Sources please, dumb dumb!

          • rbrooks

            lol. you were not even aware that your hero hitler wrote it. nor was he the first.

            your education, or lack of, is not my concern.

          • WTS/JAY

            Although Obama may very well be Hitler incarnate, i can assure you, bottom-feeder, he is no hero of mine. Unlike you, who roots around so far inside Obama’s behind, that you can’t see the sun for the moon!

          • rbrooks

            you are so much like old hitler. a true fascist. which is rather funny.
            obama is more like reagan than any other past president.
            if he was white and gop, you would marry him.

            you should spend some learning a bit about history and definitions of the words you try to use.

            you might try a different methodology as well. childish rants never work.

          • WTS/JAY

            If Obama were white, he would be Hitler. Actually, he’s Hitler with a tan. Or perhaps, George Bush with a tan? Either way, same chit!

          • rbrooks

            or romney. why leave any of the crooks out?

          • independent thinker

            If childish rants never work why are you so fond of using them?

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            The Nazis were Socialists, rbrooks, like you.

          • rbrooks

            america, and all americans, are socialists. always have been.

        • independent thinker

          I damn well can complain about it because I NEVER supported it. In fact I stated numerous times when it was being considered the (un)Patriot act was written in such a way that it would be abused.

          • rbrooks

            did you state that on this site? these folks called me a traitor when i spoke against it.
            did you really oppose your savior, little bush?

          • WTS/JAY

            When did you ever speak against it? Reference the archives and provide us the evidence, Pinocchio!

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Who called you a traitor? And when was that? did not yet exist when the Patriot Act was passed.

          • rbrooks

            was there a point? perhaps you should try reading that post again.

    • Michael Shreve


      • rbrooks

        i agree. so many of the gop sheep support these actions when the republicans do them and then complain when a democrat does the same thing.

        if we had stopped the first wrong we would not be discussing the 2nd wrong.

    • Harold Olsen

      The Patriot Act came in under Bush but he did not abuse it. Obama is abusing it. He’s using it to act like a Hitler wannabe. Bush was a terrible president. Obama is a gazillion times worse. He’s a lying, racist, America-hating, Nazi scumbag who is out to ruin our country.

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Only 1 Democrat senator voted against the Patriot Act.

      The House did better, but still 145 Democrats voted For the Patriot Act, and only 62 voted Against the Patriot Act.

      • rbrooks

        you would expect those terrible democrats to support this.

        i am waiting for one of you to explain why the gop voted for it.

        and then you can explain why little lord bush signed it.

        the story is about how the evil satan obama has used the patriot act.

        without the gop and bush, there would not be a patriot act.

        the story claims that is another scandal perpetuated by obama and his administration.

        yet this was going on under bush and his administration.

        why aren’t all of the conservatives screaming for bush’s head? demanding the recall of all the gop members who supported this act and those who have publicly announced continued support.

  • mari

    I was against the patriot act when it was signed. It seemed like a dangerous power to give to any government. People had warned that there was a danger of government misuse of such a power. Now it is becoming apparent. This is why we need to return to following the constitution and keeping all of it’s amendments in tact. If we had been heeding it, the patriot act would have never been signed. President Obama was so loved and trusted that many Americans trusted him totally. You can’t depend of people, they are too easily corrupted or often have hidden motives. Maybe this is a wake-up call, and we will heed it, and turn this country back to the roots that made it a great place to live.

  • ridge runner

    Darrel, better send the worthless fascist/communist/dictator loving Democrat Party of to some pedophile worshipping 4 th world cesspool. They will never be ended or exterminated. To many triators and worthless pukes in the whole DoJ and court system, along with any media idiots will not expose or discuss the legion of democrat teasonous pukes in Washington even from is it beginnings.

  • Michael Shreve

    The problem is the NSA provides a perfect way for any tyrant to conduct domestic surveillance. There are simply TOO MANY federal agencies capable of terrorizing U.S. citizens.


    All that money, power and information and none of the dummies know who did what to who….

  • 45caliber

    The big story here is not that they were listening, it was that the media suddenly realized that they were listening to the reporters! And if some of the informants the reporters use were to learn that the government was listening and could identify them the reporters would lose their ability to get info.
    Actually the government has been doing this since Clinton’s first year in office. The Verizon problem is simply an outgrowth of this.

  • Old Wolf

    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which ‘side’ the individuals are on when they propose the abolition of your rights, under color of any law, or any custom. It doesn’t matter if they’re ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’, what matters is if they’re totalitarian, or freedom-oriented.

    Freedom is about choices. Not necessarily the choices you’d want to see people make, nor the choices you think they *should* make, but the freedom of conscience to make those choices, and letting those that make them deal with the consequences of those choices.

    The right of conscience was the paramount issue that was the impetus for the first amendment, the right to decide what to believe, and follow that belief without interference from government.

    It is much harder to follow conscience, or to speak, or perceive, or meet, to argue or discuss, to enter into public discourse, when the government monitors all communications methods, seeking dissent. Ultimately that seeking will move from searching out and storing and collating, to crushing the dissent.

    It is not a left or right issue. It is freedom and rights versus control and coercion. Similar to the government defining religion by any religious precept, or the definition of what it means to keep and bear, or the definition of what a meeting or ‘speech’ or anything else within our rights is, if the government can define it, they will define it as narrowly as possible, ultimately to the destruction of that right.