Bail Out Detroit? Democrats: Maybe; Rest Of America: NO!


A Quinnipiac poll shows no decisive public will, even among Democrats, to involve the Federal government in whatever rescue operation may be deployed to dredge the ashes of Detroit for an economic bailout.

Only 51 percent of Democrats polled said they support a taxpayer-funded bailout, funneled through Washington, D.C., for Detroit, which is seeking bankruptcy protection over the opposition of State pensioners whose retirement funds could be decimated by court-approved write-offs of public debt.

By contrast, 73 percent of Republicans said they oppose any form of Federal bailout. And the majority opinion of Americans, regardless of their political views, is on the same side. Only 33 percent of all Americans polled said they support a government safety net for Detroit, while 57 percent said they were opposed.

The poll, which questioned 1,468 voters late last month on a number of current topics ranging from the Detroit bailout to “Stand Your Ground” laws to Congress and President
Barack Obama, showed a strong divide among various racial demographics on the extent to which the government should get involved in structuring a rescue plan for the Motor City.

With large racial and gender divisions, American voters back so-called “Stand Your Ground” laws 53 – 40 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. Voters also say by a wide margin that the federal government should not bail out Detroit.

…Partisan and racial splits also mark American voters’ 57 – 33 percent opposition to a federal bailout of bankrupt Detroit.

Democrats back a bailout 51 – 35 percent, while opposition is 73 – 18 percent among Republicans and 65 – 28 percent among independent voters. Black voters support a bailout 57 – 36 percent, with white voters opposed 63 – 26 percent.

Once the Nation’s fourth-largest city, Detroit’s population peaked in the 1950s at more than 1.8 million. The city has lost more than 1 million residents in a gradual decline that accelerated most rapidly from 2000 to 2010, eroding its tax base and leaving behind a sprawling and expensive infrastructure to maintain. Detroit’s current population hovers slightly above 700,000.

Unrelated footnote: The Quinnipiac poll also reveals that racial demographics invert respondents’ opinions about “Stand Your Ground” laws. Whites favor “Stand Your Ground” protections for would-be crime victims by a 57 percent to 37 percent margin. Blacks, on the other hand, oppose such laws by exactly the same margin.

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • independent thinker

    NO bailout for Detroit. They got themselves into this mess they can get themselves out.

    • Don 2

      Detroit’s answer is more bulldozers and less Dumocrats.

  • Warrior

    Great place to put a brand spanking new “presidential library”.

  • red neck

    The rest of America will soon look like Detroit as soon as obama-care kicks in.

  • Motov

    Detroit’s lesson should be required learning material in public schools.
    This is what happens when Liberal ideals are in place, the rich move out taking jobs with them, leaving the “entitled” poor behind with no means of getting off the dole, and then the whole thing implodes.

    • Vis Fac

      What happened to Detroit is what they TEACH in the liberal indoctrination camps also knows as the public school system.

  • Dajeno

    Maybe the Bozo in the White House can learn something from Detroit since that’s the same direction he’s taking the US.

    • Vis Fac

      ODUMBO knows EXACTLY what he is doing this IS the platform of CHANGE he campaigned on.

  • Nadzieja Batki

    If the Feds don’t need the taxpayers money, then they can create the money to keep bailing out Detroit. OR
    What if Detroit was meant by the Dems/Progs/Leftists to be brought down and then recreated and micromanaged as their vision city.

    • Vis Fac

      Detroit has been the the DUMBOCRITES “vision city” for 60 years and another lab experiment to see how much fasted a city can die is pointless
      We all know (except the liberals) that micromanagement by a Marxist is a death sentence to anything coming in contact with liberal dogma no further experimentation is necessary.

  • Ol’ Grey Ghost

    “Democrats back a bailout 51 – 35 percent, while opposition is 73 – 18
    percent among Republicans and 65 – 28 percent among independent voters.
    Black voters support a bailout 57 – 36 percent, with white voters
    opposed 63 – 26 percent.”

    Of course, Democrats and Marxists (did I repeat myself?) would support a bailout. If Detroit goes under, then it’s just more proof that Socialism fails every time in all its forms. They will eventually run out of “other people’s money” and then collapse anyway so everyone is only postponing the inevitable.

    “Unrelated footnote: The Quinnipiac poll also reveals that racial
    demographics invert respondents’ opinions about “Stand Your Ground”
    laws. Whites favor “Stand Your Ground” protections for would-be crime
    victims by a 57 percent to 37 percent margin. Blacks, on the other hand,
    oppose such laws by exactly the same margin.”

    A portion of the Black community appears to want a hundred innocent non-Black victims to die a violent death rather than another single Black criminal to suffer his demise in a justifiable act of self-defense.

    Our benevolent government officials, knowing that all political power comes from the barrel of a gun, want to keep the legal use of firearms all to themselves so that they are never controlled by other guns and the people who own them…

    • mikec711

      It is proof only if you understand that socialism has gone unchecked there since 1961. Progressives are somehow trying to blame the collapse of the most prosperous city in the US (in 1960) thanks to unbridled progressivism … on conservatives. While there is no sane way to do this, the MSM will back it and most of the sheople will agree. So while Detroit is a pure lesson in unbridled liberalism being unsustainable … the propaganda is already in high gear. If we stop now, we don’t collapse the rest of the country, and if we don’t collapse the rest of the country, the conversion to Totalitarianism cannot be completed (and it is far along, and they’d hate to see Detroit tip off the sleeping and miss that last 10 or 15%).

  • Bill

    Detroit made it’s own bed and now has to sleep in it.
    No bailouts!!!

  • Howard Roark

    Each of the fifty states are sovereign to the other forty nine states, and each of the fifty states are sovereign to the federal government. for the Fed. Govt. to take money from forty nine states and give it to a single state would be taxation without representation. only the people of Detroit and the state of Michigan are responsible for what happens there as they are the ones that elected the socialist communist people to represent them.the people of the other forty nine states had nothing to do with Detroits or Michigans elections.

  • rbrooks

    this was always the predicted results of’

    the second industrial revolution
    over population
    cheap immigration
    low wages
    borrow and spend

    the biggest culprits are not the politicians.

    it is the public.

    • Vis Fac

      What you say has a grain of truth indeed. However; the public is always looking for a bargain, and the price of the item is the number one motivator regarding any purchase. On the flip side workers want to be paid TOP DOLLAR for their time and labor. Since US workers (and UNIONS) demand high wages US industry has to price goods and services accordingly to assure a profit to stay solvent.
      The American public wanting a “bargain” usually purchases the least expensive items that can find regardless of its origin most often an imported item which costs less to produce and ship form some other country.
      The American public decries the fact that jobs are lost to overseas manufacturers yet will not support domestic operations by buying domestically produced goods. People have an aversion to paying more for quality and will often pay the cheaper price several times for an inferior product when they could have paid for one quality item and saved money.

      Products produced overseas do not support the US economy, they support a foreign economy. Foreign companies that have US based facilities that produce products in America do not fully support the US economy only the portion of labor or materials furnished go to supporting the economy here.
      You can partially blame the politicians for wasting taxpayers money thus imposing higher taxes on business whom they regard as bottomless money pits. This aids in the decision to outsource goods and labor to a more tax friendly environment.
      Common sense is all that is needed to understand what is happening in the US being a business person helps a little too.

      • rbrooks

        you are correct. yet most americans continue to blame one or the other political party.

  • JLouisK

    If Detroit is claiming bankruptcy, then it should sell off all of it’s assets. Public auction. All abandoned properties should become owned by any who would clean up, repair, and maintain said properties, either that or just let the whole city collapse into ruins… Then Eminent Domain comes in…