James Madison: How to stop the federal government

In response to federal overreach, most people tend to focus on three types of actions to stop them: elections, conventions and lawsuits. While they all have their place in an overall strategy to defend the Constitution, none of them should be the first step forward. That is, if you follow the advice of the “Father of the Constitution.”

Dianne Feinstein And The NSA Versus James Madison

A few weeks ago, Dianne Feinstein claimed that mass spying by the National Security Agency is “lawful, effective and Constitutional.” I won’t waste my time refuting that nonsense. But I will give you some tools to resist these criminals, without relying on people like Dianne Feinstein to do the right thing — which, by the way, is unlikely to happen.

The Only Way To Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights: Nullification

I know we’re all very upset about what’s happening in Washington. For many people, last week’s Senate vote was extremely upsetting. Sadly, though, we need to accept facts. The Federal government is filled with sociopathic criminals. But we can beat them. And we will.

Top 5 Ways To Fail At Eliminating Obamacare

With the June Supreme Court ruling allowing the Obamacare mandate to continue — and most everything else too — people are trying to focus on just that and asking themselves, “What should I do to spend my time and resources most effectively?” Here is a Top 5 list of things not to do.

Dear Federal Government: Go To Hell

Almost everyone I know has written a letter to the Federal government. They’ve contacted their Representatives or Senators at some point. They’ve emailed, faxed or even called — asking, demanding or just plain begging these politicians to do something or not. I never have. Why? Because I believe it is an absurd idea to ask the Federal government to fix problems it created, and that doing so just doesn’t work.

They Don’t Want Us Doing This; We’re Doing It Anyway

Going to the Federal government to fix problems created by the Federal government not only doesn’t work; but after a century or so of trying, it might be bordering on insanity. There is a solution to our problems, and it doesn’t rely on the Federal government magically fixing itself. Instead, it lies with us — through the Jeffersonian remedy called nullification.

Whether The Government Wants Us To Or Not!

We don’t need no stinkin’ permission to exercise our rights. We need to exercise our rights whether the government wants us to or not. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my views with readers of the Personal Liberty Digest™, and am looking forward to doing so as often as possible.