Why Hillary Clinton decided email issue was no joke

Asked by a reporter last week if she had wiped her email server clean, Hillary Clinton responded glibly: “What, like with a cloth or something?” Now, with fall approaching, her numbers slipping in some polls and Vice President Joe Biden seriously considering getting into the presidential race, she very consciously shifted her tone this week.

In Alaska, Rand Paul says he is preparing for the ‘long haul’

It wasn’t that long ago that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) declared he had to win the early voting state of New Hampshire to gain the momentum that would carry him to the Republican presidential nomination. But on Tuesday, Paul emphasized he’s looking more to the West for delegates and that his campaign is settling in for “the long haul.”

GOP senator: Clinton improperly passed state secrets to her lawyer

In a “serious risk” to national security, Hillary Clinton gave her State Department emails containing Top Secret and other classified information to her lawyer, who lacked sufficient clearances to possess it and who kept it for as long as eight months, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee charged Tuesday.

Then and now: Trump shifts from left to right

Donald Trump may be leading the polls for the Republican presidential nomination, but his record suggests that little of his support stems from a lengthy history of harboring bedrock conservative principles. A look at his stands on a number of issues shows him changing his stance from left- to right-leaning — as does his voting registration.

One big promise Jeb Bush made to Florida’s economy has yet to deliver

As former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush runs for the GOP presidential nomination, his 12-year-old plan for boosting is drawing scrutiny anew. Bush has put his economic stewardship at the center of his campaign, pledging that he would create a 4 percent annual economic growth for the nation “and the 19 million new jobs that come with it.”

U.S. heroes who stopped a possible terror attack on a train awarded French Legion of Honor

French President Francois Hollande awarded three Americans credited with stopping a possible terror attack on a high speed train with France’s highest honor Monday morning. At a ceremony at the Elysee Palace, Hollande pinned the French Legion of Honor medals to childhood friends Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler.

Even his harshest critics agree that some of Trump’s immigration proposals are worth a closer look

Donald Trump again shook up the presidential campaign this week when he dropped a policy proposal that would deny citizenship to U.S.-born children of parents here illegally and would require Mexico to pay for a border wall. Among the details are a handful of proposals that have stopped opponents from completely writing off Trump.

Snipers and vehicle moves among classified data emailed to Clinton

The email painted a vivid picture of a fast-deteriorating situation in Libya’s bloody civil war, complete with snipers shooting people, armed forces on the move and diplomatic personnel preparing to evacuate. The message, dated April 10, 2011, was forwarded to “H,” for Hillary Clinton, then the secretary of state.