Even If Hell Freezes Over, The Obama Greens Will Wage Their War

Global warming ideologues are dangerous. This is especially the case when their theories are trumped by facts. So it is after a recent scientific report that shows the Arctic ice cap grew by almost 1 million square miles last year. Now, some environmentalists are claiming that the civil war in Syria may be the result of global warming.

Egypt Proves Obama To Be An Idiot Or An Islamist

Last week, President Barack Obama condemned the bloodshed in Egypt, demonstrating his anger over the recent violence by declaring that America’s armed forces will not participate in this year’s war games with Egypt. Yet the President has made it obvious that he is not going to suspend nearly $2 billion in annual aid to the troubled nation.

Sum Ting Wong?

“The conduct of Asiana’s flight crew was egregiously reckless and negligent,” said plaintiff attorney Michael Verna. “These pilots were unable to do the most basic task — land on a runway in the middle of a clear day with no wind.” That is really the something wrong in regard to Asiana Airlines Flight 214.

Happy Ramadan!

President Barack Obama just doesn’t get it about Islam, or does he? He is displaying either a total ignorance about the War on Terror (here is a hint, Mr. President: Islam is involved) or, worse, he has sympathetic views toward Islam, its goals and the murderous means it will use to achieve them.