The FAA Creates Thin Privacy Guidelines For The Nation’s First Domestic Drone ‘Test Sites’

Commercial unmanned aerial systems are set to start flying over U.S. airspace in 2015. In November, the Federal Aviation Administration released its final privacy rules for the six drone “test sites” that the agency will use to evaluate how drones will be integrated into domestic air traffic.

EFF’s Updated List Of Who Protects Your Online Information

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has asked the companies in its Who Has Your Back Program what they are doing to bolster encryption in light of the National Security Agency’s unlawful surveillance of your communications. Four companies are implementing five out of five of EFF’s best practices for encryption.

NSA Mass Surveillance Puts Major Stress On U.S. Economy

The Electronic Frontier Foundation explains how privacy may not be the only casualty of the National Security Agency’s massive surveillance program. Major sectors of the U.S. economy are reporting financial damage as the recent revelations shake consumer confidence and U.S. trade partners distance themselves from companies that may have been compromised by the NSA or, worse, are secretly collaborating with the spy agency.

New Documents Obtained By Electronic Frontier Foundation Confirm: NSA Collects First, Seeks Authorization Later

The government released a second batch of documents yesterday in response to EFF’s ongoing FOIA lawsuit for information concerning Section 215 of the Patriot Act — the provision of law the government relies on to compel the disclosure of records of millions of Americans’ calls.