Is corporate corruption being aided by local attorneys while watch dog agency doesn’t do its job?

How can a citizen expect to have fair treatment by government if local attorneys get away with aiding in the alleged corruption of public agencies? I was asked this question by a resident of Idaho Falls, Idaho, who is currently being sued by a collection agency engaged in collection efforts — even though they were not licensed (a felony under Idaho law?) — against him.

The US~Observer has begun an investigation into the dealings between the Idaho Department of Finance (IDF) and Value Recovery Group, L.P., which, according to one legal source, blatantly committed a felony in the summer of 2014 and then was given a “pass” by the IDF. So far there have been no consequences for Value Recovery Group because the IDF failed to investigate. This accusation alone creates “red flags” concerning integrity in the upper echelons of Idaho government!

Further, the law firm that helped Value Recovery Group, L.P. “illegally” collect this money may have allegedly committed the separate crime of either accessory to a felony or at least Misprision of a Felony (i.e., knowingly failing to report a crime). To date, neither the attorneys nor their client have been investigated for alleged crimes. In fact, although under the supposed scrutiny of an IDF pending “investigation,” Value Recovery Group, L.P. was given a newly-issued license as a collection agency in the State of Idaho in September 2014, when their so-called investigation did not close until October. Hmmm, who is minding the store?

That means the Department of Finance has licensed Value Recovery Group, L.P. so that it can allegedly break the law again — a condition that most citizens would think is unacceptable (i.e., licensing an alleged criminal that has allegedly broken the law because the government agency failed to complete its investigation is not what our government should be doing, is it?).

What the US~Observer wants to know is this: Do the laws only apply to individual citizens, and will allegedly corrupt private entities be allowed to violate Idaho’s statutes? If the US~Observer’s investigation proves right, and the law was broken, then the corruption potentially goes all the way to the Office of the Governor of the Great State of Idaho. That is, ‘the buck stops there.’

Specifically, there was a complaint filed and an investigation was supposedly in progress against Value Recovery Group, L.P., an out of state entity, while it was applying for licensure as a collection agency under the State of Idaho Department of Finance in August 2014. While the complaint was pending, IDF approved Value Recovery Group, L.P. for licensure in September 2014, without properly investigating it for crimes it had already allegedly committed in Idaho.

Let’s see, does this sound right: The license was issued while a Complaint was open and the investigation missed the fact that Value Recovery Group, L.P. had already allegedly committed a felony in Idaho? Then, the IDF, after having issued a license to Value Recovery Group, L.P. in September 2014, closed its complaint file in October 2014, failing to address a very serious financial crime allegedly committed by Value Recovery Group, L.P. in July 2014. Is that what is called a ‘cover up”?

Sources close to the US~Observer say that the only way the approval for licensure of Value Recovery Group, L.P. could have been given before the Complaint was resolved is if the agency’s head — appointed by Governor Butch Otter to be the ‘watch-dog’ over alleged financial criminals — Mr. Gavin Gee, the Director of the Department of Finance, gave his okay to the September 2014 approval.

According to one Observer source, “The closeness of the relationship between Gavin Gee and the attorneys for Value Recovery Group, L.P. has apparently been single-handedly responsible for unmercifully evicting hundreds of homeowners from their residences, when in fact there was a government sponsored solution to allow the individuals to stay in their homes.”

Also, the banks, which are considered “too big to fail” are receiving our tax dollars in the form of government bailout money on the back side, while foreclosing on innocent homeowners and making huge profits selling homes and suing the homeowner for unpaid balances called deficiencies, as is the case with the Idaho Falls man mentioned at the beginning of this article.

What is beginning to appear at first blush is the operation of a Corporatocracy (or corporate-run government) destroying individuals financially; and there is no accountability, even from the ‘watch dog’ agencies charged with that responsibility. In fact, if what allegedly happened last summer was a felony by Value Recovery Group, L.P., and it was swept under the proverbial “rug,” then, this is strong evidence that the corporate entities are being given immunity as they are destroying the citizens of Idaho with impunity.

In a future article we will let our readers know how the Idaho Governor’s Office responds to allegations of applying a “double standard” — that is, selectively enforcing the law because of alleged political influence of a governmental regulatory body that should have the trust of the citizens not to allow corruption, and certainly not to allow alleged felons to be licensed as collection agencies until the accusations of corruption are adequately investigated and dealt with one way or the other.

This question must be answered: Is the Idaho watch dog doing its job?

-Edward Snook

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

West Palm Beach, Fla. (US~Observer) — Sadly, on Oct. 13, 2006, 85-year-old Lucy Miller was killed while making a reckless U-turn. In April 2007, Jamie Clark, the other party to the accident, was charged with DUI manslaughter. Now, evidence has emerged showing prosecutors withheld evidence of Clark’s innocence. Justice is not being served here. More so, this case exemplifies the old adage “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

On Aug. 27, the 41-year-old Clark’s post-conviction relief (PCR) hearing began in front of Judge John Kastrenakes. The hearing lasted three days, during which time 15th Judicial District assistant state prosecutors Leigh Miller and Judith Arco extracted numerous twisted lies from their witnesses in an all-out effort to deceive the judge. Clark’s attorneys, Alan Ross and Benjamin Waxman, were able to clearly show that material evidence was not made available to Clark’s original defense counsel prior to or during his trial and subsequent false conviction.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg has been aware of the facts of this case for many months; he has been well aware of Clark’s innocence, yet he has chosen to hinder justice and cover up the false conviction of Jamie Clark. Aronberg allowed his prosecutors to make blatant attempts in open court to twist and distort information. If any prudent person were to analyze the evidence presented to Kastrenakes during the recent PCR case, he would have to conclude that the prosecutors were actually attempting to make Kastrenakes look ignorant and gullible, which he is not, by trying to get him to accept distortions that completely contradict fact and common sense.

Briefs are due on this case by Oct. 11, and Kastrenakes said he will give his ruling by Nov. 15. Before I expose some of the lies and deceptions that were perpetrated by Aronberg’s office during the PCR hearing, I prompt you to read our initial investigative article, “Florida’s 15th Judicial Circuit — Past Officials Flip-Flop on Justice.”

A Brief Review Of Clark’s Case History

Clark and Miller were involved in a car accident on Oct. 13, 2006. Clark was eventually charged with DUI manslaughter on April 7, 2007, regarding Lucy Miller’s death. An exhaustive US~Observer investigation showed that the accident was unavoidable due to the fact that Lucy Miller, while attempting to make a U-turn, pulled directly in front of Clark. Lucy Miller failed to yield to oncoming traffic, as required by Florida statutes. The State of Florida would, after two years, add a charge of vehicular homicide. Clark’s charges were originally dismissed by Kastrenakes in December 2010, due to the State’s filing a nolle prosequi motion. (The State of Florida dropped charges to avoid the court’s order to go to trial immediately.)

According to information obtained by the US~Observer, Assistant State Attorney Ellen Roberts, after much influence by people associated with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) and Lucy Miller’s son, Steven Schumer, re-filed Clark’s criminal charges in January 2011, more than four years after the accident. Clark was represented at his Sept. 12, 2011, trial by attorney David Roth. And according to witnesses and trial records, Roth failed to adequately represent Clark. Clark was convicted on Sept. 15 2011, and incarcerated that same day, nearly five years after the accident.

Clark has spent more than two years in prison for an alleged crime he did not commit — one that was politically and maliciously motivated!

Just how far will bad and dangerous human beings (prosecutors and their accomplices) go in an effort to exact misplaced vengeance and vindictiveness? Aronberg should not be the State Attorney for the 15th Judicial District in Florida or any other “District” for that matter, as he is a potential danger to any one of his constituents at any given time. In my opinion, Roberts and others involved in wrongfully destroying Clark’s life should be placed in a prison cell for a good, long time.

Read the rest of this informative article wherein the US~Observer exposes the lies, as well as the truth and facts presented during Clark’s PCR hearing, and you will clearly see the common sense that proves his innocence. You will truly be incensed!

And, how about this absolute shocker: The only eyewitness to the accident, whose testimony was restricted at Clark’s trial, was Rabbi Marci Bloch. She is a Jewish Rabbi. Lucy Miller was reportedly coming from “temple,” so I would assume she was Jewish, just as I would conclude that her son, Schumer, who has reportedly pushed for the continued incarceration of Clark, is also Jewish. Now for a real kicker: Aronberg is Jewish! Could there be a connection here?

I happen to have Jewish friends and the US~Observer is not big on conspiracies, unless they can be proven, but my readership can rest assured that we are currently digging into this subject matter. By the way, Clark is not Jewish.

Once you have been shocked, please be responsible. Call Aronberg at 561-355-7100 or by email at and let him know that you don’t appreciate unethical and dishonest prosecutors attacking Clark or any other innocent person.

Read the rest of the story here.

–Edward Snook


False Sex Abuse Charges Claim Lives

US~Observer Editor’s Note: One of easiest and most common of false allegations is sex abuse. Oftentimes, a conviction does not require any evidence, witnesses or anything other than one person saying it happened. Prosecutors are all too eager to jump on sex abuse cases, as they are well received by the public. The perception of the public is that those who their local newspaper reports as having been charged with a sex crime are guilty. So the district attorney gets a warmed jury pool from which to choose, and the charged is almost ensured of being found guilty — even if he is, in fact, innocent. The DA gets another notch in his belt, and the public perception is that he is doing his job. It’s the US~Observer’s job to demand accountability and keep innocent people from being convicted. The following article outlines one such case.

Jackson County, Ore. — Please keep in mind as you read this article about the attempted false sex-abuse prosecution of Michael Young of Medford, Ore., that the US~Observer has completed more than 1,600 false sex abuse cases successfully in the past 22 years.

This writer is much more aware than most that sex abuse occurs in our society. From 30 years of experience, 22 of those years publishing the US~Observer, I take the position that perverted sex offenders need severe punishment. I am also acutely aware that there are many false allegations of sex abuse today. And, solely from experience, I know exactly how to determine whether a sex abuse criminal charge is legit or contrived in a great majority of the cases I take on.

The US~Observer has been successful in busting numerous sex offenders and exposing them for their deplorable actions. However, most of our case articles are about false prosecutions, simply because that is what we primarily work on and innocent defendants are the ones who seek us out. Most sex offenders would not want to speak with us once they have read about our work and tenacity.

A General Outline: The Conspiracy Behind False Sex Abuse Cases

There are many dangerous, demented sexual predators among us; however, there are way too many innocent people who have had their lives ruined by dangerous, false accusers and incompetent members of our justice system. I am referring to ignorant, biased and abusive Department of Human Services (DHS) personnel (often referred to as children’s services, etc.); detectives who receive an accusation and build a false case based on lies, without conducting a thorough and competent investigation; and prosecutors who place their blinders on when they see clear and convincing evidence that a charged person might actually be innocent. I will also include many defense attorneys who take huge retainers from their clients and then do little to nothing to defend them.

These conscienceless people realize most of a defendant’s credible evidence will not be admissible in court, due to unConstitutional and evil rules that have been created to strip defendants (especially in sex abuse cases) financially, while enriching the attorneys and “justice system” that often prey on the innocent. In fairness, there are attorneys and even some people in the justice system who complete their jobs ethically, but they are few and far between. I highly commend these individuals.

Dissecting An Actual False Sex Abuse Case

In order to start a false sex abuse case and ultimately place an innocent person in prison and on a sex-offenders list for life, you need an accusation. In this case the accusations are many. As the accuser in this case goes deeper and deeper into her world of alleged bipolar disorder mental illness, the accusations become more and more insane, and they rapidly escalate; I will list few of them below. I am going to withhold the false accuser’s name in this case for the time being; but that will change if the lies, absurd accusations and false charges continue.

The following case facts are absolute, and the alarming truth is that a completely innocent and decent family has already been literally torn apart and all but ruined financially because of a 16-year-old girl’s false and ludicrous allegations. There has been no trial, there is no physical evidence and there is no witness who possesses credible evidence against Michael Young. However, there is a mountain of evidence — or “markers,” as I call them — to show any prudent person that Young is absolutely innocent. He and his family are the true victims in this case.

On March 21, 2012, 43-year-old Young was called into an interview with detective Diane Sandler with the Medford Police Department (MPD). Young’s stepdaughter had accused him of both physically and sexually abusing her over a 7- to 8-month period of time. Young was subsequently charged with multiple false felony charges. Our investigation shows that Young served honorably in the U.S. Army for seven years and that he has no criminal history whatsoever.

The girl started making her wild accusations to Rebecca Knowlton of Medford, Ore., while spending the night with Knowlton’s daughter; Knowlton immediately contacted the MPD. According to witnesses, Knowlton is a foster mother for DHS, and she has dealt with numerous children claiming to have been sexually abused. One witness stated, “I’m sure that Knowlton prompted and cultivated Michael’s stepdaughter’s false and vindictive claims.” In this writer’s professional opinion, Knowlton is a very dangerous person to the innocent.

Next, you need a detective and a DHS “trained professional” to build the false prosecution. In this case, Sandler and DHS’s Angie Albiar overlooked lie after lie coming from Young’s stepdaughter, as they coached her, groomed her and then tailored her castle of lies. Sandler, Albiar and others to be named at a later date have shown not only their potential danger to all innocent citizens by manufacturing this case, but they have shown themselves to be quite the drama queens.

You also need so-called “professionals” to interview the lying stepdaughter so they can enable the prosecutor to succeed at the future “star chamber” trial, wherein the prosecution and court exclude very pertinent defense evidence based on Oregon’s corrupt rape shield laws. In addition, the “professionals” further manufacture testimony and document observations to make the stepdaughter/alleged victim look credible when she has absolutely no credibility. They do this in order to assist Jackson County assistant prosecutor Terry J. Smith-Norton with possible future attempts to extort a plea bargain from innocent defendant Young or to help convict him should a trial take place. We have not obtained the names of counselors, psychologists, etc.; however, if this case continues, we will analyze and report on their “findings.”

Shocking: Suicide

In 2010, the stepdaughter in this case accused her biological father of molesting her. She also accused him of illegal drug use and drinking. Even though her mother knew her father didn’t abuse illegal drugs she halfway believed her daughter about the alleged sex abuse. The father left the home in April 2010. On Jan. 27, 2011, he committed suicide. One witness states that he was devastated when his daughter accused him, and he just couldn’t cope with it.

In the summer of 2011, the mother fell in love with Young. They were married, and they decided to move to Medford from Klamath Falls, Ore., in August 2012. Young’s parents needed his care due to their medical conditions. The family decided to secure a home where the Youngs could live with his parents and take care of their demanding medical needs.

As soon as they arrived in Medford, Young’s stepdaughter started causing problems and displaying all the symptoms of mental illness, according to a witness. Young and his wife quickly got her into counseling and tried desperately to help her. The entire family was very watchful and cautious with the stepdaughter because of her mental problems. Young was especially careful due to her past allegations of sex abuse against her father.

It didn’t take long for the girl to start making horrendous and unbelievable accusations against her new stepfather. While reading just a few of the accusations below, realize that the family lives in a one-level, extremely small and confined home in Medford. The allegations against Young all took place in an area about 700 square feet in size. From August until March 2012, Young, his wife and both his parents lived in the home with his stepdaughter. According to each of these people, Young was never once alone with his stepdaughter.

The living room, where Young’s parents spend a majority of their time, is in almost a direct line with the bedroom where the stepdaughter alleges Young committed all of the abuse. While taking pictures of the room, I stepped off 36 feet from inside the 12-by-18 tiny bedroom to the couch and chair in the living room where Young’s parents sit during the day and evening.

It is also important to note that Young and his wife were taking college courses on caregiving, and they were together each day studying.

False Allegations Created In A Very Troubled Mind

The stepdaughter claimed her “mother and stepfather are using meth, cocaine and prescription drugs.” Our in-depth investigation shows they have never used or sold any illegal drugs. She stated she took money from a table in the home because she didn’t want her parents to buy drugs with it. She stated that Young has committed just about every sex act imaginable with her. She stated that Young strangled her and that he strangled her 6-year-old cousin. The police went to the cousin’s school and questioned him. He stated that he had never been strangled and that there were no problems in the home.

The stepdaughter accused her older sister and her husband of drug abuse. She accused the family of constant fighting in the small home; and she made at least another 50 allegations against Young and others, some of which we will get into at a later date if necessary. Again, all of these allegations supposedly took place in a 700-square-foot area with four adults (three of whom are devout Mormons) over a period of seven months and with an additional adult and one other child for one of the months included in the indictment. And, get this, we have uncovered absolute proof that this stepdaughter is now claiming that Sandler and Albiar have lied about her saying certain things about her family. She has stated that she never told them some of the severe accusations that they have in their official reports.

Sandler and Albiar should be completely ashamed of themselves, yet they can’t have any shame if they were able to manufacture such lunacy and get a Jackson County deputy district attorney to buy their hoax.

I’ll assume for the time being that Smith-Norton hasn’t had a chance to take a close look at this case due to her heavy caseload. I would ask the elected Jackson County district attorney, who I believe is ethical, to look into this factually false prosecution and put an end to it. On a more positive note, Young’s family has been able to hire renowned sex abuse attorney Rich Cohen from Clackamas, Ore., to represent him.

Once this severe abuse is stopped, someone needs to get this severely ill stepdaughter some truly professional help. Short of that, my readers can look forward to a much deeper expose in our next edition. Further, even though I haven’t named the stepdaughter and her mother in this article, I’m sure some people will recognize who I’m writing about. I would ask that they contact me if they have any information at 541-474-7885. Knowlton’s husband, Douglass Knowlton, of Medford is one such person.

We are informed the Knowltons are currently separated.

–Edward Snook

Motive And Intent Irrelevant: State Of Oregon Attacks 

(US~Observer) Linn County, Oregon — In 2007, when the stock market was going south on investors, registered investment adviser (RIA) Randy Gray and his partner, Scott Whitney, ran a successful business named ZurCrowner. Gray mainly handled investors, while Whitney conducted certified public accounting (CPA) for the partnership.

Whitney was also the CPA for Albany, Ore., general contractor Derek Dunmyer of Absolute General Contracting, Inc. (Absolute). Unbeknownst to Gray, Whitney was conducting business (loans, etc.) outside of ZurCrowner with Dunmyer and needed financial reprieve. Because of the miserable stock market performance, Gray knew several ZurCrowner clients wanted to diversify their portfolios.

In 2008, Whitney presented Gray with the idea of having ZurCrowner clients lend money to Dunmyer that would be collateralized with land Dunmyer owned. Absolute was in the middle of a huge development project; and as banking funds had dried up, Dunmyer promoted the idea he needed cash flow to continue building out the Somerset Meadows subdivision. Whitney and Dunmyer spent much time convincing Gray that the project would be profitable. They had to gain Gray’s trust and stamp of approval because ZurCrowner clients trusted Gray, since he was the partner handling the investment and customer side of the business.

Gray was told that Dunmyer had prior debt that needed to be cleared up as part of the business transaction. After many hours of calculating cash flow models and listening to Whitney, Dunmyer and others, Gray felt convinced the project could be successful – even in light of Dunmyer’s disclosed debt.

Whitney was to handle all the legalities of the loans. Whitney started by going to Albany attorney Cordell Post to form a company called MTC, Inc. and have a legal agreement drawn up between MTC, Inc. and Absolute to make sure that every business aspect was handled according to law. Post was also hired to examine the promissory notes and deed of trust to see that they were of the proper and legal form to protect the lenders.

During June and July 2008, Gray spoke to ZurCrowner clients about them lending money to Dunmyer so that Dunmyer and Absolute could complete the Somerset Meadows subdivision. The original plan was to use one half of the lent money toward Dunmyer’s land debt and creditors; the other half of the lent money was to develop the subdivision infrastructure and build homes to sell and repay the lenders. Nineteen people agreed to privately lend money through self-directed IRAs to Dunmyer and Absolute.

In August 2008, 19 lenders signed paperwork agreeing to lend money from their self-directed IRAs at 12 percent interest over five years. Some lenders chose to defer the interest until their loans came due, and other lenders needed monthly interest payments. One lender was Gray’s father. First Regional Bank (FRB) in California administered the self-directed IRAs. Each and every lender directed FRB to lend his money to Dunmyer and Absolute.

Dunmyer collateralized the loans totaling $3,345,500 with a trust deed and promissory note finalized by First American Title Company (FATCo) on “Phase 5 and 6” of the Somerset Meadows subdivision, and Dunmyer included his own personal residence as additional collateral valued at $4.4 million. Somerset Meadows subdivision sat next to a brand-new Greater Albany Public Schools site specifically placed by the district because of the 600 homes in the area and the potential increase of 600 new homes in the area. The city had platted more than 125 buildable lots in that portion of the Somerset Meadows subdivision once it was developed. In the summer of 2008, developed city lots were selling for $50,000, and new homes were selling rapidly for as much as $200,000 through Hayden Homes and Absolute.

Instead of using the lent money as he said he would, Dunmyer used some of the lent money to pay off undisclosed debt, leaving very little money from the loans to develop the Somerset Meadows subdivision and build homes. He redirected and kept money that he had promised to spend developing Somerset Meadows subdivision.

Gray — a highly ethical businessman, husband and father of six — was totally unaware that he was being scammed from day one. Gray didn’t know Dunmyer, but he thought he knew his trusted partner, Whitney. Gray had no idea that Dunmyer was a con artist who reportedly had a gambling problem, who wasted money on Rolex watches, who wasted money on numerous expensive vehicles and who had allegedly cheated car dealers, his employees, vendors, subcontractors and people who had lent him money.

Gray also had no clue that $200,000 described to him as a pay-off of Absolute’s debt was actually a pay-off of a loan owed by Whitney. Whitney did know this, but he conveniently failed to inform his business partner, Gray. According to witnesses, Gray was shocked to learn he had been defrauded by Dunmyer and his own partner, Whitney. Gray is actually a victim in this case and not a perpetrator.

Even after Dunmyer cheated Gray, Gray still believed he could help the lenders complete the Somerset Meadows subdivision and receive payments in full on their loans. Dunmyer disappeared, planning to simply file bankruptcy, Whitney decided he couldn’t do anything, and the honorable and ethical Gray worked his tail off day and night for two and a half years making interest payments to the lenders. He also became a contractor and started building homes in an effort to see that the lenders were made whole, until a grand jury indictment and his arrest occurred. A condition of release order from the State of Oregon prohibited Gray from making any contact with the lenders.

During the investigation, Oregon State investigator Ruth Johnson and her cohorts relentlessly questioned the 19 lenders. The investigators coached the lenders during questioning; they inflamed the lenders; they planted false ideas in the lenders’ minds. And the State of Oregon factually ruined any chance that the lenders would ever get the bulk of their money returned. In the end, after foreclosing on their loans and selling their collateral, the lenders received only pennies on their dollars.

On Aug. 18, 2011, just before the case went to the grand jury in Linn County and when the statute of limitations was just about to expire, special prosecutor Jason Weber presented Gray, Whitney and Dunmyer with a pre-indictment plea offer. The offer specifically sent to Gray threatened more than 28 years in prison if convicted at trial. The rubber-stamping grand jury subsequently indicted Gray and Whitney on one count of racketeering, 16 counts of aggregated theft and 16 counts of unregistered sale of securities. Dunmyer was indicted on only a single count of racketeering because of his acceptance of the State’s plea agreement.

Dunmyer signed a plea offer with the State on Aug. 22, 2011, testifying that at the time of the 2008 loans, Gray and Whitney had assumed control over Absolute General Contracting, implying Dunmyer didn’t have control over where the money went. Dunmyer absolutely lied to prosecutor Weber about this. Dunmyer is expecting to receive probation for his scam(s), and he is currently enjoying the good life by, believe it or not, selling real estate in Salem, Ore. Shockingly, his Oregon real estate broker’s license, scheduled to expire on Aug. 31, may be renewed by the Oregon Real Estate Agency. Whitney took a separate plea agreement, received three years of prison and is sitting in a prison cell.

Gray is fighting for his innocence, while supporting his wife and six children. The US~Observer fully intends to fight right alongside of this honest and ethical man.

–Edward Snook


Editor’s note: Gray is currently represented by Lake Oswego attorney James Leuenberger and he is being prosecuted by Oregon Assistant Attorneys General Daniel Wendel and Andrew Campbell. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is the responsible elected public official who is authorizing the prosecution of Gray. The US~Observer prompts the attorney general to have one of her staff take another look at this unjust prosecution. If Rosenblum is concerned with justice, she will find, as we have, that Gray had absolutely no intent whatsoever to commit a crime of any nature. We also prompt Rosenblum to tell the Oregon Real Estate Agency that Dunmyer has admitted he committed the crime of racketeering. We hope the Oregon Real Estate Agency will realize that it should not renew Dunmyer’s broker license.

George Zimmerman Versus Goliath

On July 13, a jury of six women returned the only verdict it could, not guilty, in the false prosecution case of 29-year-old George Zimmerman.

Subsequent to Zimmerman’s shooting and killing Trayvon Martin in self-defense, Florida State Attorney Norm Wolfinger refused to prosecute Zimmerman after local police investigated the case and concluded that no crime had been committed. Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee was fired by Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte for refusing to arrest Zimmerman.

At this point, riots and protests started across our Nation. Politically motivated Governor Rick Scott stepped in and had his henchwoman Angela Corey file manufactured, false charges against Zimmerman. The riots and protests were temporarily quelled as a result.

Facts About The Trial And Main Participants In The Case

On July 1, after the first week of the State of Florida’s malicious, political and racial prosecution, I published an article titled “George Zimmerman Will Be Found Not Guilty.” Having conducted numerous successful cases in Florida for the US~Observer wherein completely innocent people have been falsely charged with crimes during the past few years, it was obvious the State didn’t have the grounds to file a criminal charge in the first place. This occurs often in the “Great State of Florida.”

It is an absolute fact that numerous Florida prosecutors no longer recognize or acknowledge our Constitution, our Bill of Rights. This would include prosecutor Corey, who is responsible for knowingly filing a false murder charge against Zimmerman and for deceiving the court in her affidavit to secure her false second degree murder charge. Corey and her team withheld photos of Zimmerman’s injuries from the defense. Corrupted Corey fired her Director of Information Technology, Ben Kruidbos, after he disclosed the photos (exculpatory evidence) to the defense.

Corey subsequently showed her inner corruption when she sat and watched her team repeatedly lie in open court, in front of the jury about Zimmerman. Corey and her team then had a cooperative judge, Debra S. Nelson, add the charge of manslaughter during Zimmerman’s trial for the jury to consider, just as soon as she knew she would lose the murder charge.

Nelson, an appointee of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, should be removed from the bench and heavily sanctioned for allowing pure corruption into the Zimmerman trial.

Post-Trial Facts About Participants

Corey and her prosecution team, comprised of Bernie de la Rionda, John Guy and Rich Mantei, have continued lying to the public about Zimmerman. If justice were served, Corey and her entire team would be immediately disbarred, charged with suborning perjury, etc.; and they would face a criminal trial for their crimes.

Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott appointed Corey to file charges against Zimmerman, strictly for political and racial reasons. Scott should face recall and be removed from office. Scott is disgusting to me; and he can look forward to quite an expose on his corrupt ties to private, abusive prisons in Florida in the near future. We have been informed by our sources that State Attorney General Pam Bondi was involved in the decision to appoint Corey and to prosecute Zimmerman; we are currently investigating this information.

A majority of America’s media should be humiliated. Defense Lawyer Mark O’Mara stated: “Two systems (Goliath) went against George Zimmerman that he can’t understand: You guys, the media (and corrupt government). He was like a patient on an operating table where mad scientists were committing experiments on him and he had no anethesia… you took a story that was fed to you and you ran with it, and you ran right over him.”

Zimmerman defense lawyers O’Mara and Don West fought for their innocent client against all odds, and the US~Observer highly commends them.

Zimmerman’s jurors are commended for their prudent and responsible not guilty verdict.

The US~Observer and this writer especially are proud of Zimmerman. He was factually victimized. Beaten by Martin while attempting to protect his own life, his neighbors and his neighborhood, he reacted like every responsible American should. Zimmerman should be heavily compensated for having his civil rights violated by a bunch of conspiring public officials.

The facts show that Martin was anything but a “young teenage boy.” He factually used drugs (had drugs in his blood on the night he assaulted Zimmerman), had been suspended from school numerous times and was obviously capable of physically placing an exceptional human being in fear of his life.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has recently made inflammatory statements about the “stand your ground” law to appease the mobs. Holder is a danger to all of us who believe in the Constitution and justice. Along with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others, he is currently enraging and enabling rioters and protesters across our Nation. The same embarrassing wing nuts who are rioting and protesting are the same people who elected Barack Obama, an absolute disgrace, to the office of President of the United States.

Most Zimmerman protesters and rioters have common traits. They are progressive, reactionaries and welfare-minded individuals who are absolutely directing America toward its ruination. They are the greatest danger that exists to our Republic. They don’t have the ability to reason or to even recognize common sense; and they should disgust any decent, productive American. It is not our leadership who is responsible for ruining our great Nation; responsibility lies at the feet of those reprobates who elect and support the conscience-less leaders we currently have.

–Edward Snook

Editor’s Note: Barack Obama stated: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Edward Snook states: “If I had another son, he would look, act and react exactly like George Zimmerman. Stand your ground, George!”

George Zimmerman Will Be Found Not Guilty

Sanford, Fla. A Factual Accounting — George Zimmerman, a 29-year-old Hispanic man, is charged with shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin while conducting “neighborhood watch” on Feb. 26, 2012.

Government sources have informed US~Observer that the Sanford Police Department had no intention of charging Zimmerman with a crime and that it wasn’t until African-Americans from across the United States started protesting that the State of Florida stepped into the picture and filed a groundless, even ridiculous charge of second-degree murder against Zimmerman. State Attorney Angela Corey was assigned by the State to bring the false charge.

Harvard Law Professor and renowned attorney Alan Dershowitz said it best when he indicated there were no legitimate grounds for filing a criminal charge of second-degree murder against Zimmerman and then claimed that the charge by Corey was politically motivated. Dershowitz continued, “She insisted that she is entitled to submit what, in effect, were half truths in an affidavit of probable cause…”

This writer can factually state that the charge was racially motivated as well and that Corey didn’t act alone in her decision to quell the uprising.

The Trial

As we prepared to publish this article, the prosecution was beginning its second week of presenting evidence that proves Zimmerman’s innocence.

During Week One, the State’s star witness, Rachel Jeantel, told how Martin stated that he was being followed by a “creepy-ass cracker” (Zimmerman) and that this terminology was not a racial comment. She also admitted to lying at different times during this case. During her first day of testimony, Jeantel was blatantly rude and disrespectful to defense attorney Don West, yet she totally changed her demeanor for Day Two. Jeantel testified that she hadn’t talked with anyone about how she was testifying when questioned by West, which was presumably just another lie. Jeantel stated that Zimmerman hit Martin and then recanted when West cornered her. Jeantel then shocked everyone with common sense when she testified, she believes she “heard a wet grass sound” while on the phone with Martin. Enough said! Prosecution witness Jeantel made a perfect defense witness and provided more than reasonable doubt for Zimmerman’s jury.

The prosecution called John Good, an eyewitness to the altercation between Martin and Zimmerman. Good testified that Martin was on top of Zimmerman and he appeared to be punching him “MMA-style” (mixed martial arts). Prosecution witness Good also made the perfect defense witness and provided conclusive proof of Zimmerman’s innocence.

State witness Stacy Livingston, an emergency medical technician, subsequently treated Zimmerman’s injuries for about five minutes.

State witness Tim Smith, a Sanford police officer, testified that the back of Zimmerman’s jacket and pants were wet and that the back of the jacket had grass all over it. Smith was an excellent defense witness, providing much reasonable doubt.

State witness Jonathan Manalo, a member of the community, testified that he came on the scene and took cellphone pictures of Zimmerman’s injuries. Manalo stated that Zimmerman “got his butt beat,” but was “speaking clearly.” Manalo continued: “He had blood running down his nose from both nostrils and over his lips.” Again, this State witness made the perfect defense witness. Manalo provided much more than reasonable doubt for any jury. I could go on and on; however, proof is what it is and reasonable doubt is clearly reasonable doubt, unless you are “racially motivated” or prosecuting someone for “political gain.” Innocence is not white, black or Hispanic; innocence is conclusion based upon facts and state of mind.

Why did the State call all of these perfect defense witnesses to date, with more to come? Remember the 2012 election, when Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was publicly supporting Republican Mitt Romney for President, campaigning her heart out and obviously expecting a high level position in his Administration in return? Martin was shot in February 2012, and the election was held in November 2012: millions of African-American votes were at stake. Florida and Bondi stopped all the protests and the loss of many votes by charging Zimmerman, and now they are at least assisting with his defense. The jury verdict in this case is an absolute “fait accompli.”

It takes no genius to conclude why Florida is prosecuting an innocent George Zimmerman; it just takes an investigative journalist from the US~Observer.

–Edward Snook
Originally published by the US~Observer on July 1.


The Destruction of Justice: Plea Bargains

A plea bargain is defined simply as a “deal” between a criminal defendant and his/her prosecutor. The accused gets a reduced charge or charges and subsequent sentence in exchange for pleading guilty to a lesser crime. Most qualified information shows that plea bargains take place in 90-plus-percent of all criminal cases filed in the U.S. each year and innocent victims of false prosecution feel the brunt of it.

Usually, an innocent defendant is charged with numerous (stacked) criminal charges and they are informed by their own attorney that they are facing many years in prison. The defendant’s attorney usually explains the downside to not accepting the plea bargain (lesser sentence) in a subtle, yet alarming manner. Faced with a life-ending sentence if convicted on the stacked charges, most defendants break and take the deceptive plea bargain.

Innocent defendants are rarely if ever informed of the future effects of accepting a plea bargain —the stigma, the permanency of now being a criminal and the fact that they will be closely scrutinized when future crimes occur near their location. They have no idea that they will be a criminal for life — especially concerning false sex abuse cases, which are running rampant today. Defendants are uninformed about the fact that they are more likely to be falsely prosecuted a second time, once they have mistakenly accepted an extorted plea bargain.

According to US~Observer statistics, approximately 12 percent (many sources report much higher rates of false convictions through plea bargains) of those who accept plea bargains are completely innocent, but they can’t afford the proper defense or they simply accept the plea bargain out of fear. Between 50 percent and 60 percent of those who enter into plea bargains are actually not guilty of some of the stacked charges leveled at them.

Not all plea bargains are bargains, by any stretch of the imagination. Every plea bargain cheats someone. Either a guilty defendant is given too little punishment or an innocent person pays for a crime they did not commit. Either society or the defendant is cheated.

Many innocent defendants have their lives literally destroyed by law enforcement officers who lie on their reports and/or abusive prosecutors who indict without any investigation or legitimate grounds. I speak with first-hand knowledge, having witnessed more than 4,000 such cases in the past 22 years.

The US~Observer’s scope of work deals strictly with innocent victims of false prosecution/abuse. Much unlike a majority of current day attorneys, we conduct intense investigations. We take legal cases out of corrupt legal systems and we try them publicly. We have learned from experience that the only thing unethical prosecutors, dishonest law enforcement, or biased judges’ fear is exposure. The bad ones are only concerned with their phony reputations and/or political careers.

Innocent people can defeat false prosecutions — it is possible to stop abuse.  Personally, if I were on a jury I would find it very hard to convict anyone in court today based on the atrocities I have encountered within the criminal justice system – not to mention the growing number of people who have been released from “death row” or prison after DNA has proven them innocent.

-Edward Snook, publisher

Media In Criminal Cases

America’s current criminal justice system (CJS) is a labyrinth of procedures, favoritism, incompetence, hypocrisy, theft of rights, speculation and abuse. It is an albatross to many innocent people. While there are ethical people within our CJS, the US~Observer deals only with the corrupt ones; when a prosecutor or police officer serves justice, we make every attempt to praise him.

Dealing With Abusive, Unethical Prosecutors

When an innocent person is charged with a crime today, the prosecutor or the police conduct very little, if any, meaningful investigation. The first course of action for the CJS is to charge that person with a crime and then contact the local media so they can inform an extremely naïve public of the charged person’s guilt. In other words, the CJS starts its public assault of the falsely charged person to that person’s future jury pool. In many instances, the mainstream media publish as facts absolute lies for police and/or oppressive prosecutors.

The US~Observer does things quite differently. We complete an in-depth investigation. When we find conclusive evidence of a person’s innocence, we go to the prosecutor or other public official responsible and inform him of the conclusive evidence. If he ignores us, he does so at his own peril, because we then take the case outside of the corrupted CJS and into the court of public opinion. We inform the responsible person’s friends, neighbors, families and members of his community of his abusive actions on the front page of the US~Observer newspaper; and it works, just like the presses of long ago worked. In the cases where the prosecutor or public official continues to refuse to serve justice, we ruin his reputation publicly, along with his career, and then begin to work our way up the political ladder until we get results.

In the few instances where our clients are required to go through a trial, we make sure the “conclusive proof” that we obtained is made public and used in court. The bad prosecutor and other guilty parties are exposed in a courtroom in front of a jury. One such case is that of Stan Strange and two fellow biker friends of his. Strange’s case, his not guilty verdict, proves that honest and factual media works. The public knew every fact about Strange’s case before his trial occurred.

While the Internet is a definite benefit to our efforts to vindicate the innocent, our hard-copy newspaper is what makes for sure success. Without our physical newspaper, we would not have won more than 4,200 cases to date.

–Edward Snook
US~Observer publisher