Hey, Don’t Blame Conservatives For Donald Sterling

The left must really regret that Donald Sterling, the beleaguered owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, isn’t a conservative Republican. Wouldn’t they just love to slap the “racist” card on us, as they’ve tried to do with Clive Bundy? But so far as we can tell, the bigoted billionaire has never given a penny to anyone on the right.

Hooray For Our Do-Nothing Congress

According to a CNN/ORC International survey, almost three-quarters of those questioned say that, so far, the 113th Congress has done nothing to address the country’s most serious problems. Nearly two-thirds say the current Congress is “the worst ever.”

Kelly Was Right, Santa Is White

Good golly, Miss Molly, what a brouhaha FOX News host Megyn Kelly stirred up by saying something that the vast majority of us would regard as incredibly obvious: Santa Claus is white. There is no other issue in America that gives liberals more opportunities to climb up on their soapboxes and spout off than accusations of racism.