Who Killed Tony Scott?

On Sunday afternoon, filmmaker Tony Scott parked his car, climbed a fence and jumped to his death because he had brain cancer. At least that’s the version of the story reported by ABC News — the same media outlet that allegedly covered up George Zimmerman’s head wounds and claimed Aurora, Colo., shooting suspect James Holmes was a member of the Tea Party.

ABC News claimed that the report of Scott’s brain cancer came from “a source close to him.” But the story took the family by surprise. It turns out those closest to Scott knew nothing about his having brain cancer. ABC News then put out another story with the headline “Tony Scott Brain Cancer Report Appears in Doubt.”

Apart from the fabricated detail of brain cancer, it’s questionable that a 68-year-old would be able to calmly climb an 18-foot fence, which is what reports claim Scott did before his 185-foot free fall.

The death of the movie man seems too much like something out of a movie: A successful and healthy filmmaker gets news of a fatal illness, leaves a suicide note and leaps to his death before his latest project is released. It sounds like an orchestrated tale. Perhaps it is.

Did Scott know something that led to his untimely peril? Maybe a self-inflicted exit was better than whatever the alternative may have been. That is, if he jumped at all. A corpse dumped in a body of water isn’t that uncommon.

Scott and his brother Ridley Scott have a miniseries on A&E, “Coma,” that will air on Labor Day. The show is about a conspiracy at a medical facility. It exposes a hospital that intentionally performs botched surgeries on patients. “Coma” is supposedly based on the novel of the same title by Robin Cook. But we all know that many “fictional” books and movies are based on real events. Interestingly, the miniseries contains allusions to Atlanta, the home of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Could it be that “Coma” is based on a true story that someone wants to keep hidden?

Besides “Coma,” a Tony Scott documentary is set to air next year on the National Geographic Channel, “Killing Lincoln.” Supposedly, the film lends credence to conspiracy theories surrounding the death of the former President.

Maybe the pressure on Scott wasn’t because of a project already set to air, but something in the files. At the time of Scott’s alleged suicide, he was working on a few other projects — the most notable of which being the sequel to “Top Gun,” the 1986 blockbuster. The sequel was going to be based on the use of drones in modern combat. Scott spent the last few days of his life at a naval air station in Fallon, Nev., doing research for the film. In 2009, there were reports of UFOs at the station. Did Scott discover something while at Fallon?

If “Coma,” “Killing Lincoln” or “Top Gun 2” isn’t to blame for Scott’s death, perhaps the answer can be found somewhere behind the making of “Obama’s America 2016,” a recently released film that seeks to explain Obama’s past and his plans for the future. Scott has a connection to the movie through Gerald R. Molen, the producer of the film. Molen, Scott and Tom Cruise have a cinematic triangle of sorts. Molen, Scott and Cruise worked together on the 1990 film “Days of Thunder.” Molen worked with Cruise on the set of “Rain Man” and “Minority Report.” Scott and Cruise worked alongside each other in “Top Gun” and were spending time together shortly before Scott’s death.

Even though I can’t say for sure what took place on Sunday, I’m fairly certain of what will happen in coming weeks. First, an autopsy will be released and the alleged suicide will be blamed on drug use or an unknown medical problem (the family already refuted the claim that he had “inoperable brain cancer,” so his behavior will be described in other terms). Second, all of the videos that were supposedly taken of Scott’s leap will never be viewed (because they don’t exist). Third, more witnesses will come forward to say they saw Scott jump off the bridge (in an attempt to make the story more credible).

Perhaps we will never know the truth, but ABC News’ mishandling of the story serves to teach a valuable lesson. Jumping to the conclusion that the media are telling you the truth is a deadly mistake.

Updated to reflect correction in first paragraph.

Palin For President

Sarah Palin won’t be on the ballot in November, but that isn’t stopping the Alaskan’s advocates from supporting her for President. A group called The Earthquake Movement wants Palin in the White House.

The pro-Palin group does not support Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and it is upset that Palin was not given a speaking slot at the upcoming Republican convention.

“We are finding a lot of unhappy Republican voters,” the group said in a statement. “They feel like the RNC is not listening to them, and based on voter turnout in the primaries and what we are hearing from conservative Americans, they want her to emerge from the convention as the nominee.”

The Earthquake Movement has placed billboards in Wisconsin and attempted to contact delegates from all over the country.

But some Republicans, especially those in Wisconsin, a State that largely supports Paul Ryan, think The Earthquake Movement is wasting its time.

“I think the signs they’ve put up in the Dells clearly show they don’t understand the process,” said Sauk County Republican Party Chairman Tim McCumber. “We had a primary here. Wisconsin voters, in an open primary, came in and selected our candidate. Our delegates will go down, under our rules, and vote for that candidate.”

Obama Says He Will ‘Just Keep On Following’ Jesus

Amid criticism from even his liberal friends, President Barack Obama says he takes comfort in knowing that he is loved. “First and foremost, my Christian faith gives me a perspective and security that I don’t think I would have otherwise: that I am loved,” the President said in a recent interview with Washington National Cathedral magazine.

Obama said his faith has influenced his ideas about healthcare, a similar statement to that which he made about his stance on same-sex marriage.

“Faith tells us that there is something about this world that ties our interest to the welfare of a child who can’t get the health care they need, or a parent who can’t find work after the plant shut down, or a family going hungry,” Obama said.

The President also said that those who doubt he is a Christian should just look at his life.

“I have a job to do as president, and that does not involve convincing folks that my faith in Jesus is legitimate and real. I do my best to live out my faith, and to stay in the Word, and to make my life look more like His,” he said.

“What I can do is just keep on following Him, and serve others—trying to make folks’ lives a little better using this humbling position that I hold.”

City Tells Woman She Cannot Hand Out Water On Hot Day

The City of Phoenix could face a lawsuit after a city worker told a woman she could not hand out free water. Lawyers say that, under the 1st and 14th amendments, Dana Crow-Smith should have been able to give water to thirsty citizens.

Crow-Smith was handing out free water last month in Phoenix when she was told she was violating city code and would need a permit in order to continue. She was threatened with a citation.

“It was really hot and yeah we wanted to show God’s love and a small act of kindness is a great way to do that without shoving it down someone’s throat,” Crow-Smith said.

The Rutherford Institute is representing Crow-Smith, believing that the city violated “Crow-Smith’s First Amendment right to freely exercise her religion, her Fourteenth Amendment due process rights, as well as Arizona’s Free Exercise of Religion Act.”

The Rutherford Institute wants the city apologize to Crow-Smith and state that she is allowed to distribute water in the future. If the city does not comply, The Rutherford Institute says that a lawsuit will ensue.

“But I don’t think it’s even about religious beliefs. I think anybody should be able to giveaway water on the sidewalk to anybody. It’s hot and it’s a nice thing to do,” Crow-Smith said.

John W. Whitehead, the president of The Rutherford Institute agreed: “It is a sad day when local government officials prohibit Americans from such charitable acts as giving water to the thirsty in their city.”

Muslim Brotherhood Crucifies Opponents

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has begun crucifying those who oppose President Mohammed Morsi. Some of the victims have been Egyptian Christians.

Crucifixions were reported by Arab News, Al Khabar News, Dostor Watany and Egypt Now.

“It’s anyone who is resisting the new government,” said Raymond Ibrahim of the Middle East Forum and the Investigative Project on Terrorism. “In this particular case, the people attacked and crucified were secular protesters upset because of Morsi’s hostile campaign against the media, especially of Tawfik Okasha, who was constantly exposing him on his station, until Morsi shut him down.”

Center for Security Police Senior Fellow Clare Lopez points to the Quran as the driving force behind the crucifixions.

“Crucifixion is a hadd punishment, stipulated in the Quran, Sura 5:33, and therefore an obligatory part of Shariah,” Lopez said. “It’s been a traditional punishment within Islam since the beginning, even though it’s not exclusively Islamic. The Romans used it too.

“So, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood haven’t the option to not include crucifixion within their legal code. It’s obligatory to comply with Shariah. And yes, it’s for shock value also to be sure.”

Analysts say that the situation will only worsen with time.

“These are Islamic hardliners who do everything by the Quran,” pointed out Pamela Gellar, an analyst of the Mideast and Islam.

“The Quran says, ‘Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land,” Gellar said.

News reports confirm that opponents of Morsi have been crucified naked on trees.

High School Choirs Not Allowed To Perform Because Of Too Many White Students

Two high school choirs in Georgia will miss out on an opportunity to perform at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra because it was decided that they are not racially diverse enough. The choruses of Walton High School and Lassiter High School will have to sit on the sidelines.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra President Stanley Romanstein offered an explanation: “We want the stages of the Atlanta Symphony, whether here, Verizon (Wireless Amphitheatre), or Chastain Park to reflect the diversity of Atlanta.”

Romanstein called opposing viewpoints “an interesting misunderstanding.”

“There are at least 12 very talented high school choirs in Atlanta,” he said. “We gave Lassiter and Walton choirs an opportunity to perform for four consecutive years, and they were marvelous. We think it’s time to give other Atlanta high school choirs, who are very skilled and deserving, their chance to perform with the ASO as well.”

Give Up Your Gun, Get Free Shoes

A program that has its roots in Orlando, Fla., provides incentives for residents who are willing to turn in their firearms. Those who give up their guns receive a gift card, free gas or a pair of kicks (shoes), depending on their location.

This year marked the 14th year of Kicks 4 Guns. The initiative was started by Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando.

Twelve law enforcement agencies participated in this year’s event: Cocoa Police Department, Daytona Beach Police Department, Kissimmee Police Department, Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando Police Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, Ocoee Police Department, Palm Bay Police Department, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and Winter Park Police Department.

Kicks 4 Guns is intended to “remove unwanted guns from homes,” reported ClickOrlando.com.

Law enforcement agencies hoped the event would bring in 2,500 guns; 1,333 were turned in, reported the Orlando Sentinel. During last year’s Kicks 4 Guns, central Florida law enforcement agencies took in more than 2,200 weapons.

MSNBC Co-Host Accuses Romney Of ‘Niggerization’

The racial rhetoric continues in the 2012 campaign. First, Vice President Joe Biden told a group of mostly black voters that Republicans are “going to put ya’ll back in chains.” Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney responded by telling President Barack Obama to take his “campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago.” On Thursday, an MSNBC co-host got in on the action.

The co-host of “The Cycle,” known as Touré, accused Romney of “niggerization.” Romney’s message to Obama “really bothered” Touré.

“You notice he said ‘anger’ twice,” Touré pointed out. “He’s really trying to use racial coding and access some really deep stereotypes about the angry black man. This is part of the playbook against Obama, the ‘otherization’ — ‘he’s not like us.’”

Touré said Romney is trying to convince people that Obama is like the “scary black man who we’ve been trained to fear.”

The Romney campaign has contacted NBC about the comment.

3 Reasons Why America Will Crumble

A recent trip to the East Coast reminded me of a few things. Namely, America is a beautiful land of diverse people. And it won’t be long before it crumbles into oblivion.

Every great nation has its season. At some point, it ceases to be a world power and becomes nothing more than a page in a history book. When was the last time you read about what the Roman or Babylonian army is up to? That’s my point exactly. One of these days, the United States will be nothing more than a series of articles filed away under the letter “U” in the encyclopedia. I don’t like it or want it to be such, but it’s the truth. And it might be sooner than later.

America will crumble because attempts to revolt will be stifled. I had my own run-in with the Transportation Security Administration while traveling. In case you were not aware, baby formula could be explosive. I was stopped as I tried to take the powdered substance through security. I saw a comment box conveniently located near my location, so I thought that I would leave a comment. But I couldn’t. Although they had supplied comment cards, all pens and pencils had been conveniently removed from the table. As the attack on our privacy becomes more intense, expect government to do all it can to silence protestors.

America will crumble because the surrounding nations are more educated and intelligent. This fact was illustrated at Subway, the only place where you can have bologna with mayonnaise on white bread and feel like you have eaten something healthy. While listening to individuals of different nationalities place their orders, it became clear that we the people are quite foolish — particularly the American woman who ordered “ham and cheese with no cheese.” Every Subway connoisseur knows that ham and cheese is not even an item on the menu. In not too many years, I suspect Americans will be busy ordering ham and cheese with no cheese while surrounding nations speed past us in every area imaginable.

America will crumble because more and more people feel entitled. While waiting on a flight, I got to witness firsthand the train wreck that is American parenting. One of the children, probably 8- or 9-years-old, began crying when she did not get her way. Quickly, Dad sped to the scene, consoling the poor, deprived child. This happened shortly before one of the other children played on one of Southwest’s computers. The proud parents seemed delighted that the youngster had such an interest in technology. Many kids who are never spanked and never told, “No,” end up being parasites. The hardworking taxpayers who still have some sense of self-worth and dignity end up being the host. While we raise a generation that will be dependent on the state and crushed by the expectations of life, those nations that are instilling work ethic will be sure to take advantage of our dependency.

I don’t know when it will happen, but it will. If the ship does not change course, we will fall and crumble into pieces. The process is a slow one, and we are in the middle of it. When change comes gradually, the average onlooker does not realize that anything has even changed. One day, capitalism, confidentiality and Christian values will be the subjects of nostalgic reflection.

Woman Faces Fine For Feeding The Hungry

A woman in Philadelphia is facing a fine for feeding hungry children. Angela Prattis was threatened with a $600 fine for every day she handed out free food.

The local government has tried to get citizens to quit feeding the hungry, hoping that doing so will force the poor into shelters.

Prattis distributes meals every day from the gazebo in her yard. She believes the government has more important things to worry about.

“You have houses here, the roofs are falling in, and they could be focused on a lot of more serious issues than me feeding children,” Prattis said.

“How is feeding kids a bad thing?” she asked. “I’m doing this from my heart because I love children. And these kids are hungry. Last Friday, I had 20 children walk to my house in the pouring rain for lunch, and at 2 p.m., they came back for a snack. Tell me this program is not needed.”

But Township Council Chairman Stanley Kester says that rules have to be followed.

“She wants us to bypass or exonerate her from the zoning hearing. She just doesn’t want to pay to do things the right way. We can’t just start exempting everyone from our laws. If you do one, you’ve got to do everybody,” Kester said.

Prattis will have to pay $1,000 to continue her program.

Paul Ryan’s Clothes Become Focus Of Media

Many people believe Paul Ryan is the perfect fit for Vice President. But some in the media believe he needs to add something to his repertoire before he can be considered seriously: better fitting clothes.

Cathy Horyn of The New York Times wrote: “He was swimming in his coat, like Tom Hanks in ‘Big’ when he becomes a kid again. …Mr. Ryan should get a skilled tailor, or challenge campaign aides to pay closer attention to tangible details rather than abstractions like whether or not the candidates appeal to nonrich, nonwhite voters.”

Katherine Boyle, writing for The Washington Post, observed: “Ryan (Wis.) appeared rumpled, slightly sloppy for a vice-presidential candidate. As if he’d flown in hours before and mistakenly picked up someone else’s suitcase. His pants sagged at his ankles. His starched, white shirt bunched at his stomach. His dark jacket drooped, better suited for a man of the cloth than a man on a presidential ticket.”

Some are even wondering if Ryan’s non-tailored suits are a political move. “In Ryan’s case, styling himself as a baggy-suited newcomer aligned with the party’s conservatives may be a wise strategy for the campaign,” Boyle wrote.

BuzzFeed staff writer Amy Odell pointed out: “Wherever he goes, there they are those shirts, folding over the waistbands of his baggy pants while he gestures at a sea of Romney posters.”

Alexandra Le Tellier also got in on the action, writing in the Los Angeles Times: “And, though we may not give as much thought about what a man wears, it’s not totally off our radar either. Just ask Rep. Paul Ryan, whose baggy suits not only make him look like a little kid drowning in his dad’s clothes but have also been the topic of recent national conversation.”

In 2008, Sarah Palin came under scrutiny for spending too much on clothing. It was reported that the Republican National Committee spent $150,000 to pretty up Palin. Ann Romney also came under fire for wearing a $1,000 shirt earlier this year.

‘The Price Is Right’ Seeking Male Model

“The Price is Right” will no longer discriminate against male models. The popular game show will soon be selecting a male model to join the women in displaying prizes.

Since the show’s creation in 1956, models have been used to advertise products and prizes. From 1972 to 2007, the models were referred to as “Barker’s Beauties” — a reference to the show’s then-host, Bob Barker.

There will be an open casting call in Los Angeles on Aug. 30 for male models. The models will be judged on their verbal skills, posing and ability to showcase products.

The show will choose 25 contestants. From those chosen, six will go on as finalists. The public will then vote online on Oct. 4 to determine who will be the first male model for “The Price is Right.”

The show has used more than 25 models since its inception. Barker was accused of sexual harassment by some of the models, but all the lawsuits were settled out of court.

Special Ops Group To Obama: You Did Not Kill Osama Bin Laden

A group of former U.S. intelligence and special operation forces operatives is shooting down the notion that President Barack Obama killed Osama bin Laden.

The Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc. launched a campaign criticizing the President for taking credit for bin Laden’s death. The OPSEC group also believes the present Administration has leaked highly confidential information that could put Americans’ lives in jeopardy.

The OPSEC group claims it is not affiliated with any political party. The group’s president is former Navy Seal Scott Taylor. Taylor ran for Congress in Virginia in 2010 as a Republican.

Obama has touted the killing of bin Laden as one of the highlights of his Presidency, but the OPSEC group wants to make sure that his celebration is not without criticism.

The first video by the OPSEC group was released Wednesday, stating: “There is a cost for our leaders grabbing for glory.”

Taylor said: “I believe that a 10-year-old would be able to understand that if you disclose how we got there, how we took down the building, what we did, how many people were there, that it’s going to hinder future operations.”

The Attack On Privacy Empowered By Facebook Continues

Your Facebook photos could get you a good deal when shopping, but it might be more than you bargained for. Facedeals, a program that recognizes patrons as they walk in the store, could be used by some businesses to offer special discounts to those who choose to participate. The technology has been developed by Redpepper.

Facedeals uses a surveillance camera that is able to identify customers by using Facebook photos and face-recognition technology. In order to take part in the program, consumers must first purchase an app.

Once a shopper buys the necessary app and enters a store with a Facedeals camera, the system scans his face, checks him into the location and sends a discount code. The discount is based on what the customer “likes” on Facebook.

Some people think it’s a win-win situation: The business is able to keep track of customers, and customers willing to participate get a discount.

The creator explains the benefits:

For businesses, there is no easier way to deliver customized deals. Users receive personalized offers simply by coming through the door, which removes the guesswork typically performed by both parties. Businesses will no longer wonder which offers will stick. Patrons will no longer plan outings with a deal-a-day mindset, but can simply frequent their favorite spots and count on being rewarded.

2,362 Millionaires Received Unemployment

A report released by the Congressional Research Service reveals that 2,362 millionaires received unemployment benefits in 2009. In total, the unemployed millionaires collected more than $20 million in benefits. The report came out Aug. 2 and is based on data made available by the Internal Revenue Service.

According to the report, 2,840 millionaires received unemployment benefits in 2008. That number decreased to 2,632 in 2009. Although the number of millionaires receiving benefits decreased in 2009, the overall amount they received increased. In 2008, the government spent $18.6 million taking care of millionaires. In 2009, the amount rose to $20.8 million.

On average, millionaires received $8,806 in unemployment benefits in 2009.

The report also uncovered that 120,227 people who made between $200,000 and $500,000 received unemployment benefits.

The Congressional Research Service observes, “the DOL [Department of Labor] requires that states pay compensation for unemployment to all eligible beneficiaries regardless of their income level because individual or household income would not be considered to impact the fact or cause of unemployment.”

Utah High School Lets Students Take Classes From Home

The childhood rhyme, “No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks,” could become a reality for students in Salt Lake City. Innovations High will be trying out a new way of educating.

The school will not have a bell that rings promptly every morning. Instead, students will be allowed to work at their own pace. Innovations High will be a blend of online classes, digital textbooks, technical school and community college courses.

Students can choose to attend class, or, if they show great ability in a particular subject, they may attend that subject only once a week, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. The learning regimen is similar to that of many universities.

The school is designed to be a unique blend of online courses and face-to-face time with students and teachers.

“What we are trying to do in Salt Lake is create something that has not been created before,” said Ken Grove, the principal at Innovations High. “Students are allowed to dictate how they will take their coursework.”

Obamacare Pushes Up The Price Of Pizza

Papa John’s is anticipating the effects of Obamacare. The CEO of the popular pizza place believes it will have to raise its prices.

CEO and founder “Papa” John Schnatter says that Obamacare will result in more expensive pizzas. If Schnatter supplies healthcare to all of his uninsured full-time employees, the restaurant will have to increase prices to make up the difference.

“Our best estimate is that the Obamacare will cost 11 to 14 cents per pizza, or 15 to 20 cents per order from a corporate basis,” Schnatter said during a conference call last week, as reported by POLITICO.

“We’re not supportive of Obamacare, like most businesses in our industry. But our business model and unit economics are about as ideal as you can get for a food company to absorb Obamacare,” he added. “If Obamacare is in fact not repealed, we will find tactics to shallow out any Obamacare costs and core strategies to pass that cost onto consumers in order to protect our shareholders [sic] best interests.”

Hillary Dances Dirty In South Africa

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to South Africa this week. She attended an AIDS conference, met with Nelson Mandela and danced with a local woman in a way that would make prom chaperones feel like they shirked their duty.

At a dinner in Johannesburg, hosted by South African Foreign Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, Clinton took to the floor in an electric blue jacket. Jazz singer Judith Sephuma had her eye on Clinton. The two women shook and shimmied, grinding the night away.

In recent times, Clinton has ditched her boring reputation in favor of being Mrs. Cool. During  a recent trip to Cartegena she was photographed dancing and drinking beer at a nightclub. Before that, a video of the former first lady texting while wearing sunglasses went viral. A website was even created as a result of the picture.

Rumors have swirled for years that Clinton might make a run for the Presidency in 2016.

Man Carries Gun To Movie Theatre, Gets Arrested

A man in Ohio is in jail after he brought a gun and knives to a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.” His lawyer says he wanted to be able to defend himself.

Scott Smith took a bag into the theatre with him. An off duty police officer noticed Smith and had suspicions. Eventually, police searched Smith’s bag and found a loaded 9mm, extra ammo and four knives.

“This was simply an instance where a man felt fear going into a movie theater in light of recent shootings and incidents around the country and he wanted protection for himself,” Matthew Bruce, Smith’s attorney, told Cleveland.com.

But Westlake Police Lt. Ray Arcuri isn’t convinced that Smith just wanted to defend himself. Arcuri believes that Smith’s choice of seating – he sat in the very back of the theatre – shows he was up to no good.

“What concerns us is where he was sitting in the theater,” said Arcuri. “If he chose to do something there, all his potential victims were in front of him and he had an advantage over them.”

Arcuri believes that officers must question the motives of anyone who would bring a gun to a theatre, especially after the recent shooting in Colorado. “When you consider the movie he was going to and what happened in Colorado, you have to wonder what would make him want to bring the weapons into that particular film. Our police officer did a great job spotting him.”

Smith was arrested on suspicion of illegally carrying a concealed weapon and three other weapons charges. Prosecutors have not yet decided if they will pursue the case.

Government Program Gives Free Food To Anyone Under 18

A program in Northern California funded by the Department of Agriculture is giving away free food this summer. Anyone under 18 qualifies, regardless of family income or citizenship.

“These nutritious lunches are completely free for all children 18 years of age and under,” said Monique Stovall, Director of Food Services, in a press release. “No questions asked.”

The program has raised concerns. Namely: Children from wealthy families can get free food, and taxpayers foot the bill.

“Normally we wouldn’t qualify for a free lunch, but we’re close and it’s convenient, and my kids like it — that’s important,” said Julie Marks, a mother who takes her two sons to the Summer Fun Café multiple times a week.

The Summer Fun Café serves kids at 69 locations around the San Diego area. Operating Monday through Friday, the program provides a healthy lunch.

“We just want everyone to eat healthy this summer. That is our goal,” said Stovall.

Obama On Romney: ‘It’s Like Robin Hood In Reverse’

At a fundraising stop in Connecticut on Monday, President Barack Obama compared Mitt Romney to everyone’s favorite green-tight-wearing, bow-carrying fictional character—Robin Hood. The speech was attended by hundreds of Obama supporters who each paid $500 to attend the event.

In regards to Romney’s philosophy of extending tax cuts on the wealthy, Obama remarked, “It’s like Robin Hood in reverse. It’s Romney Hood,” reported POLITCO.

Obama alluded to another fictional character in a scathing rebuke of Romney’s economic ideology. “They have tried to sell us this trickle-down, tax-cut fairy dust before. And guess what? It does not work. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now. It’s not a plan to create jobs, it’s not a plan to reduce our deficit, and it is not a plan to move our economy forward.”

However, there is no evidence that Robin Hood’s deceitful tactics improved the economy of Nottingham.

Cops Taser, Arrest Innocent Deaf Woman

An innocent, deaf woman in Washington called 911 for help. She didn’t get help. Instead, she got tased and arrested.

Lashonn White was in jail for about three days without an interpreter, despite two State laws requiring law enforcement to appoint an interpreter for deaf suspects.

White was attacked in her apartment on April 6. Although she is deaf, White was able to communicate with a 911 dispatcher using a phone equipped with special video capabilities connected to a TV.

“Right now! This is serious! She’s fighting at me, then she chokes me. She’s coming right at me!” White said on the night of her attack.

Dispatch logs show that two officers from the Tacoma police force, Ryan Koskovich and Michael Young, responded to the scene within about six minutes. They received texts on their way with the messages, “Person doing the hitting is a Sophia,” and “Vict. is Lashonn White.” Police records also reveal that the officers were informed that White is deaf.

This was the conversation when police arrived:

White: “I’m deaf.  I can’t hear if they’re out front knocking or whatever … I can’t—are they going to the front or back? Where are the police at?”

Dispatch: “They want her to go outside the front door.”

White: “Oh, they’re here? Okay, I’m on my way to meet them. I’m going right now.”

When White walked out the door she was tased. Her body fell to the pavement causing her multiple injuries. She was then arrested and taken to jail.

Koskovich said he tased White because she “ignored my commands.”

Margaret Sims, a neighbor who witnessed the incident, explained to KIRO Seattle: “They had tased her because he thought she was coming at him, but what she was doing was running to him. But he said, ‘stop’ and he didn’t put his hand up. He just said, ‘stop’ and she couldn’t understand that.”

Another resident of the apartment complex, Geraldine Warren, described the ordeal in similar terms. “They just told her to halt. She kept running, she can’t hear—she’s deaf.”

Tacoma police have not responded to the incident.

White House Catching Heat Over Baseball Bat Photo

Lawmakers in Turkey are taking a swing at President Barack Obama after the White House released a photo of him holding a bat during a conversation with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The White House found the dispute serious enough to warrant the issuing of a statement about the controversy.

The conversation between Obama and Erdogan took place on Monday. Shortly after the exchange, the White House released a photo of Obama holding a baseball bat while talking on the phone. It contained the caption, “President Barack Obama talks on the phone with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey in the Oval Office, July 30, 2012.”

Umut Oran, vice president of the Republican People’s Party, said the photo was “an implicit insult to Turkey and its citizens.”

Questions have arisen over a possible hidden meaning in the photo.

The White House released this statement:

We released the photo with only one purpose in mind, to highlight the President’s continuing close relationship with Prime Minister Erdogan and draw attention to the important conversation they had about the worsening situation in Syria. The President values his friendship and close partnership with Prime Minister Erdogan on a range of important issues on which the United States cooperates with Turkey.