Coach Obama And The ISIS Varsity

I suppose it’s laudable of Barack Obama to actually show up for work, much less offer a strategy. But as he wrapped up his meandering attempt to convince the world that he’s super serious this time, I couldn’t help but think two things: “Welcome to the varsity, ISIS” and “Man, I could have watched ‘World War Z’ on Netflix.”

ISIS And Obama’s Manageable Message

President Barack Obama strode to the podium Aug. 28 to announce that “We don’t have a strategy yet” for responding to ISIS’s cancer-like spread across the Mideast. That’s the first time I can remember in which Obama was flat-out honest with the world. The poor fellow finally admitted that he’s not up to the task.

GOP, It’s Time To Bring Down The Hammer On Obama Corruption!

Oh, how I loathe the idea of suing President Obama. When dealing with a self-styled despot of such low character, a mere lawsuit just seems too small. I say it’s high time Congress goes old school on the White House: Drag Obama and his law-flouting minions onto the mat for a full-on, prison-yard beatdown.