Department Of Labor Asked Associated Press For $1 Million Before Handing Over Info

Under the Freedom of Information Act, a government agency can’t charge a news organization for any cost associated with producing documents it requests, other than for photocopies exceeding 100 pages. But the U.S. Department of Labor initially demanded that the Associated Press hand over $1 million when it requested a list of “secret” government email addresses surreptitiously being used by several of President Barack Obama’s political appointees. Is the Obama Administration hiding something?

Immigration Amnesty Could Have 2nd Amendment Implications

The ongoing debate over whether to include amnesty as a feature in the immigration bill before Congress may not have obvious implications for Americans’ right to bear arms. But, as a memo from Gun Owners of America points out, amnesty could tip the balance in favor of Liberal gun control politics in some parts of the country.

The amnesty bill, if it survives, could eventually create anywhere from 11.5 million to 20 million new American citizens. There’s no guarantee how those new citizens would vote, or in what numbers.

Bloomberg Persecutes Cooperative Shop Owner: $60,000 Fine For Selling Lighters Shaped Like Guns

Fred Shayes, owner of a small tourist shop in midtown Manhattan, is going to have to go out of business if Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office doesn’t let up. The city’s Department of Consumer Affairs is fining him $60,000 because his store was selling cigarette lighters that looked like tiny guns, even though Shayes cooperated with officials as soon as he realized the items weren’t allowed in Bloomberg’s gun-panicked nanny state.

With Family Rates Up To $20k Per Year, No Surprise Most Americans Unsure Of Buying Into Obamacare

As the January 2014 deadline looms for Obamacare to take effect as the law of the land, nearly two-thirds of Americans are still on the fence about buying insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, the embattled IRS has released an enforcement schedule that assumes a family of five will have to pay $20,000 a year, at minimum, for health care coverage under the controversial law.

Don’t Agree With Your Doctor’s Vaccine Advice? Keep It To Yourself, Or Big Brother Will Know

American and British scientists, with the help of funding through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have developed an Internet-based global monitoring system that’s capable of mining social media sites for opinions that diverge from mainstream medical advice on the safety and urgency of getting vaccinated.

Colorado Senate President Faces Recall In Voter Backlash Over Gun Grab

Colorado Senate President John Morse is the highest-profile legislator who supported the State’s trio of new gun-control laws in March. But he and others are now fighting to keep their seats, as residents warm to the growing nationwide push to recall lawmakers whose in-office actions don’t reflect what voters thought they were getting at election time.