Is A Revived Border Fence Tough Enough To Coax ‘Yes’ Votes From Senate Conservatives On Immigration Reform?

Two days ago, it looked as though an effort by conservatives to force completion of a 700-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexico border had died on the Senate floor. But Thursday, it appeared that a revived, retooled border security amendment had made its way back into the discussion.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Chris Christie Is A RINO-DIP (Republican In Name Only; Democrat In Principle)

The potential GOP candidate who stands to glean the greatest number of crossover votes nationwide is none other than corpulent New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. A new Gallup poll shows what many conservatives have known for a long time: Christie is more beloved outside his own party than within it.

Your Medical Info Now A Matter Of Government Trust Under Obamacare

A detailed set of guidelines explaining how State and Federal agencies will determine patient eligibility for Obamacare coverage was released late last week, and it authorizes government at all levels to pass around your personal medical information, as well as share it with the Internal Revenue Service.

‘Kitty Heaven’: Ohio ‘Humane’ Officer Shoots Five Kittens As Kids Watch, Mom Pleads

Like most people who call the humane society to remove feral dogs and cats, an Ohio couple assumed animal control would simply come and take feral kittens from their yard. They knew that some form of euthanasia would probably end their lives. They weren’t expecting Humane Officer Barry Accorti’s brand of euthanasia, though.