American Women And Guns


A poll recently conducted by NBC and The Wall Street Journal suggests that lawmakers who are pushing tough gun-control initiatives have a more sympathetic audience among American women than men.

According to the poll, 65 percent of women in the United States are in favor of stronger gun-control provisions, compared to 45 percent of men. The results are in agreement with a separate poll recently conducted by Quinnipiac University that illustrated a respective 61 percent to 45 percent split.

Though female gun ownership in the United States is on the rise, the gender gap in the poll results likely comes as no surprise to gun enthusiasts, as men remain more likely to purchase firearms and use them recreationally.

In a recent National Journal article, an interviewee explained how the nature of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting may also have had an impact on women being more likely to support new gun laws.

“There’s a post-Newtown effect that, in particular, hit women, who were more likely to say that Newtown made them want to support stronger gun laws as a result,” Margie Omero, Purple Strategies’ managing director of research told the news outlet. “More women are concerned about a mass shooting in their community and the culture of violence, broadly speaking.”

Despite the gender gap over gun laws, vocal female 2nd Amendment supporters are increasingly making efforts to educate American women about the benefits of gun ownership, particularly for the purpose of self-defense.

A recent article in Women & Guns urges women to:

Go public. Let your friends and coworkers know you are a gunowner. There is nothing belligerent about owning firearms. Rather, for years I have been advocating that women show that they own and use guns, because women are not threatening. It softens the face of the gunowner to the general public when they learn that the sweet little old ladies and the charming young women are part of that group that the media tries so hard to demonize.

Use social media. You can find lots of people and sites on Facebook (and other newer cooler places, I am sure). Share the information with your public friends. If you need a start go to me on Facebook and poach. (Caution: not all my friends, even my political friends, are gunnies. But I “like” many good gun sites.)

Educate yourself. Read everything you can, while you can. Nothing is harder to argue against than facts.

Write letters to the editor. Comment on the internet news sites. Short, to the point, correct spelling and no ranting! We want everyone who is on our side to make us proud. Nothing hurts the cause like a crazy advocate!

So even if more women support gun control than men for the moment, there are a growing number of female firearms advocates in the United States working to change that.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Jose Artigas

    Agree 100%. GUNS are the great equalizer and put my petite wife on par with a much bigger assailant. She is no victim and routinely outshoots me. Violence on women would also be severely curtailed if women loved themselves enough to purchase and learn to use a firearm. Companies now sell many models designed to be used effectively by women. Men the women in your lives deserve to have a chance to survive or even deter an attack. Lets take our collective head out of the sand and help the ladies in our lives be safer and feel empowered to deal with any situation they may encounter. Guns can do that. It is time everyone knew.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Yeah, Annie Oakley lives!

    The last time I was in the local gun shop, it was pretty crowded—–about 1/3 of the gun shoppers were women, and most were not with men but by themselves. Some even had kids with them, and one of the employees had to “babysit” one of the little guys that kept trying to “grab” the guns (a good little “gun grabber, though—he wanted to shoot them, not “ban” them). I have seen at shows long guns with bright pink stocks (.22’s and BB guns) and hand guns with pink grips. I guess the long guns were meant for little girls but the pink grips were on serious hand guns. I wonder if my wife would be more comfortable with my new 870 Tactical if it had pink stocks instead of matte black?

    • Average Joe

      ” I wonder if my wife would be more comfortable with my new 870 Tactical if it had pink stocks instead of matte black?”
      Only if it doesn’t clash with her outfit ;)

      • Right Brain Thinker

        LOL I wonder if there’s such a thing as “stick on” grip covers for hand guns in different colors? The fashion conscious could then color coordinate their “carry’ with their clothes.

        • Bob666

          Yo RBT,
          They already have them-like cell phone cases.

    • maddie

      I’ll just stick with my matte black. Don’t need the attention the colors give to my tool. And it is a tool.

    • Bob666

      Yo RBT
      I have always been a supported of the second amendment and personally own guns-responsibly. This story came up this weekend here in Florida:
      Kids and guns don’t go together and they have one thing in common-there are adults that have both that do not have the emotional maturity to own a gun or have a kid.
      Yes, guns do kill people and the person behind the gun did not always purchase it.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Yep, there are all too many stories like this of even four year olds getting their hands on guns and doing harm. They’re part of the ~30,000 gun deaths every year.

        Of course Vicki will say “~300 MILLION (blah-blah-blah)” if we try to bring it up, so we’d better not (unless we want her to bore us to death with that meaningless one-note song).

        • Jeff

          You’re going to have to check with Below Average Joe because according to him unless a restriction is right in the 2nd Amendment, it’s not valid. Where does it say in the 2nd Amendment a 4 year old can’t have a gun?

  • Roy Clingenpeel

    Too many
    individuals deem the gun as an aggressive weapon instead of a tool to protect
    home and body from the dangers of intrusion by our lawless society. The
    president home town,Chicago, is the best demonstration of a totally gun free
    city (by law) but continues to be the murder capital of the world. The general
    public is without self protection while gun toting criminals continue to devastate the freedom loving people of the city. Women, at work or at home , need educated protection for these criminals. A weapon when owned by properly educated individuals, man or woman, is in today’s world is a necessity of life in the home or on the streets, working, shopping or eating out and in today’s society at school. No place is safe from the invasions of these thieves, muggers and killers. Morality has become nonexistent in most of our population therefore criminal activity is rampant. Our children are being taught to do what comes natural (as they learn from the violence on TV not from God loving parents). Love has become something grotesque and unnatural instead of mothers and fathers love within the family. Natural behavior shown as running the streets mugging and raping women or sexual promiscuity in the bedroom. “And we wonder where these criminals are coming from; “OUR UNATURAL HOMES” Love of a fellow gun toting gang member is where they get recognition and social contact.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Jesus said to buy a sword, this day in age it is a gun and that for protection not to use for evil intents. Where the gun laws are the strickist the criminals rule the day, the cops try to find them after someone die’s, should have criminal control not people control or gun control that is just like the first. Not going to go on much longer, so the Nazi’s better enjoy their rule for a short time, they will reap what they sow, Hitler did and so will the new Hitler, his ss and brown shirts, short lived evil that can’t and won’t last.

  • Ranger Hall

    Great, Women need to get more involved with these things. Rifles have become more Women and kid easier to shoot. my kids and wife enjoys going to the range now with me more than ever. makes a good family sport.Now ALL WE NEED IS TO GET THE COSTS BACK DOWN SO WE CAN CONTINUE THIS FAMILY SPORT.

  • Rob G

    Both my grown daughters carry 9mm rape prevention kits with them every time they walk out the door.

  • Jeff

    Just make sure she doesn’t see any actual studies showing she’ll likely live longer with no gun in the house.

  • Jeff

    For all you gun nuts who think the First Commandment is “Thou shalt be packing heat at all times”:

    • The Snarf

      Ah,yes,the liberal New Yorker and their nanny Bloomberg. All kinds of credibility there.

  • The Snarf

    I started teaching my wife how to shoot soon after we got together.She quickly surpassed my own skills,one of her targets is still hung on the wall at the range.Rather than groupings,from a seven round clip,there are two large holes through the forehead and heart.Like they say there,no one is going to mess with her while she has a gun handy.

  • Peter Barney

    Women don’t need to show sympathy maybe empathy more. Women were warriors in protection of family, but more to ancient State of Sparta. Spartan women!