A Reminder From A Former Whistle-Blower: It’s Important To Investigate Media


Independent media outlet Boiling Frogs has criticized ProPublica, which bills itself as an “independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest,” claiming that the nonprofit took millions of dollars in funding from undisclosed donors over a period of three years.

Sibel Edmonds, government whistle-blower, publisher and editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, alleged in a recent post that ProPublica tax information posted to the website Cryptome could be an indicator of monied influence over the nonprofit’s news coverage.

Via Boiling Frogs:

Right from the start, with the government and the establishment’s backing they positioned them in the forefront as a major player by: 1-quickly securing $6,000,000 upfront seed money from secret donors; 2-smoothly establishing their shop-business as a tax-exempt 501 (C) (3) NGO with the US government

Isn’t it amazing how a supposedly alternative watchdog that is supposedly working to expose dark secret deals for greater transparency and public awareness happens to be a mega-funded business with secret mega-donors?!

I tried my best to comb through their site, hoping to get a glimpse of these generous funders who have given ProPublica $26,000,000. But, no such luck. If I were a betting woman, I’d put my money on the same-o-same-o mega corporate foundations- the 1%: Soros, Rockefellers, Carnegie, Ford … You know who we’re looking at and talking about here, no?

After allegedly being contacted by ProPublica President Richard Tofel, who informed Edmonds that the information noted was publicly available, Boiling Frogs revised its story in a follow-up post with more damning figures:

1- We had listed ProPublica’s funding at $26,000,000. Well, it happens to be much higher than that: ProPublica, during their first four years, received $37,000,000 in funding. They received $11,000,000 in 2012, and that brings the total for their four years in operation to $37,000,000 Million: Click Here

2- They have listed some of their big foundations- make that corporate-foundations, under a vague ‘Supporters’ page. Well, again, I was right: Ford, Soros, Rockefeller and Carnegie are there, but there are more …Hewlett Foundation, Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund , Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge … and check this, even NBC4New York!! To read the list filled with mega billionaires and millionaires check out ProPublica’s list of Sugar Daddies here

3- ProPublica also lists its partners. Ladies and gentleman if we had to summarize the list it would read: The Entire US Mainstream Media. ProPublica partners list include: CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Chicago Tribune, NPR, CNBC, Fortune, Los Angeles Times, The Nation, The New York Times, NewsWeek … Basically, the entire charlatan and propaganda machine called the US Mainstream Media. Not only that, they are also partner with Amazon! Please help yourself to this truly stinky list of ProPublica partners: Click Here

Edmonds goes on to suggest that the organization has little right to call its reporting a nonprofit alternative to mainstream media based upon its financial backers, the mainstream media backgrounds of many of its employees and its frequent mainstream media partnerships.

“An almost brand new business posing as a nonprofit alternative online publication received $37,000,000 since its operation began 4 years ago. This hefty $37,000,000 comes from all the nasty corporate moguls such as Rockefellers, George Soros, Ford, Carnegie Family, Hewlett Packard, Goldman, and the like,” Edmonds writes. “ProPublica is also proud to announce the entire dirty despicable US mainstream media, outlets such as CNN, NBC, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, as its dear partners in its operations.”

While Edmonds’ revelations appear explosive on the surface, a few facts make the story seem less “ProPublica is a sham set up to propagandize on behalf of elitist 1 percenters” and more “if anyone cared to look, they may realize that outside influence with a strong relationship to corporate media and big money could play a role at ProPublica.”

On its website, the nonprofit news agency offers a partial list of major donors that includes some of the names Edmonds pointed out. It also provides a list of mainstream media outlets with which ProPublica reporters routinely collaborate.

Also available on the ProPublica website are documents detailing funding, activities, leadership and spending, per Federal regulation.

While Edmonds is certainly justified in questioning how ProPublica’s donors and mainstream media ties affect its reporting, her tirade against the organization seems counterproductive. It doesn’t help that Edmonds has run, alongside her damnations, concurrent posts begging her readers for donations to her site — though she does routinely run these alongside other posts.

Furthermore, some of Edmunds’ objections about ProPublica’s ties could be used in arguments about why the Internal Revenue Service’s harsh scrutiny of Tea Party-affiliated groups was justified. (It wasn’t.)

The only real moral to the story is this: You should question everything you read, investigate for yourself and explore multiple sources before forming an opinion on any issue of consequence.

**Full disclosure: Personal Liberty Digest™ sometimes republishes ProPublica works that pertain to matters of civil liberty and Constitutional abrogation at the hands of government officials. We carefully pick and research the articles before posting.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • wavesofgrain

    Good article!

    I remember when the WH announced they were now using ProPublica for their news sources. And the founders were huge Obama donors. I meant to find out more about their funding a few years ago and never did. This is just what I expected.
    NGO’s are prohibited in some countries, especially those in which Soros destroyed their economies. This is universal corrupt organizing to the max. One of the fastest growing vile cancers of this country.

  • Chester

    So the Koch Brothers OWNING multiple news outlets is a LEGITIMATE news program?

    • AlwaysSideways

      Yes, the Koch brothers news outlets offer legitimate news programing. I know it can be difficult for the liberal inclined to understand. Just live with it.

      • Chester

        It becomes very difficult for someone who agrees with NEITHER side all the time to learn to LIVE WITH anything that slants off to either side very hard. It seems, though, that the Koch brothers are not only great fans of Rupert Murdoch, but that they prefer to let people from outside the United States write our local and national news. Papers they own have very few reporters left on staff, and just about as many editors as reporters. Seems most of their reporting is outsourced to Korea or Japan, NOT the United States, or even the locality where the paper grew up.

        • AlwaysSideways

          Finding difficulty in deciding which side of the ‘fence’ you’re on is the result of, “mal-brain-nutrition” – the inability to properly decipher facts and form intelligent decisions. This indecisive state more times than not is based on fear. Fear of being in error. Fear of making a decision. In America, there is little room for the ‘middle-of-the-road’ traveler to have a level of true impact because of their fear and incapability of decision making. They are the ones that check “Don’t Know” on surveys.

          • Chester

            I have no problem making my mind up about things, but all too often, the decisions I make do not resemble those being sold by either side. I am very much pro-second amendment, which puts me in direct opposition to most Democrats, but I am also very much pro-working class, which, far more often than not, puts me in direct opposition to most Republicans. I have even less use for most Libertarians’ views that we should just let the rest of the world go hang, primarily because I HAVE studied history.

          • AlwaysSideways

            Chester, of course you have a problem making up your mind, you’ve said so.So, as I stated before. That leaves you on the fence. Please, check, “I Don’t Know” in the next survey. Indecision is an illness. Perhaps you should seek help.

        • Libertarian Soldier

          In order to find out what’s real, I get my news from outside the US because the propaganda ministry is the left working to shape the thinking of the ignorant.

          I’m out of touch with local news because California is a leftist, disinformation network and can’t be trusted.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      God bless the Koch brothers! Although they allow these newspapers to act autonomously, they champion balanced reporting and sometimes, in urban, democrat dominated markets, they are at the mercy the leftist reporters in those organizations but they are, at least able to advertise, to give themselves a voice on product or political voice when they are blocked out by the propaganda ministry known as the “mainstream media”.

      The Constitution, the 1st Amendment is preserved in the democrat dominated, one sided, disinformation strategy of the left. The Kochs have advertised to champion landmark legislation since taking over the Tribune franchise, to be their voice on subjects as important as “voter reform that reaffirms voter rights of one person, one vote”.

      Voter fraud runs rampant in blue states like California, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, DC, New York and states like Texas have passed voter ID laws while our corrupt democrats in Washington, sworn to uphold the law and the Constitution, both of which have endorsed this affirmation, seek to sue them by playing the irrelevant, inapplicable, race baiting, race card.

      The Kochs have a proven business belief that industry provides jobs and employed people grow the economy and the tax base of a limited government which causes the ministry of propaganda and their masters, the leftist, socialist democrats to vilify and to oppose them since they believe that the government, dependent on taxes provides all and grows the middle class while it wages a class war against industry and prosperity.

      They have a different philosophy, one that’s been disproved in society after society while it enslaves its citizens to eventual totalitarianism and economic ruin.

      God bless the Kochs. They’re the good guys!

      • Chester

        YES, GOD BLESS THE KOCH BROTHERS!! God bless anyone who believes local news is better told by reporters who have NO relationship to the area they are reporting on. God bless anyone who delights in closing down local newspaper offices and outsourcing the whole operation to two or three different places, none of which have any connection to the local community. If you want to read your local news as told by a Korean reporter stationed in the Philippines, more power to you.

        • Libertarian Soldier

          Not surprisingly, you didn’t read or read my post through bat crap crazy glasses!

          OK! Again, I don’t pay attention to local news. It’s not going to be reliable in my area, the SF Bay Area. This is spin central! When I want to know what my government is doing abroad, I get my news there because it’s not tainted by the propaganda ministry.

          If at all, I seldom read Korean reporters and never anything from the islamic republic of the Philippines.

          The men that overran our diplomatic post in Benghazi have given 14 interviews to international papers and have given the why they overran our sovereign soil.

          obama and clinton ii had a partnership with ansar al sharia, including funding, arms, training, intelligence, contractor operatives and participants.

          After the conflict, when we helped set up a puppet government, we bribed officials to steal back the arms to add to some Saudi funded newer, cooler weapons and Christopher Stevens was the focal point to ship them to the muslim brotherhood, in Syria, using Turkey as a port of harbor so they could say they weren’t running a puppet rebellion to overthrow Assad at Saudi Arabia’s behest.

          Why don’t our reporters say that? The international, gangland style hit was in retaliation for betraying ansar al sharia (al qaida) to their arch rivals in their struggle for control of the “new Caliphate” (coming soon to the USA).

          Is there any information as to why we’re paying and arming, partnering with, then betraying al qaida for the muslim brotherhood, “obama’s good terrorists”?

          American and other journalists have questioned these al qaida jihadists and they won’t tell on the pResident or on clinton ii.

          They don’t want to say we’re out toppling governments (now working on our third, in Syria) with our money, our arms and our “contract” warriors and advisers.

          So, go ahead. Have your government’s propaganda ministry and their local outlets piss in your ear and tell you it’s raining! I’ll ask someone who knows!

          By the way, ansar al sharia (al qaida) says that Christopher Stevens poisoned himself on capture and in an effort to save his life, they took him to the hospital to pump his stomach!

          The why is that his mission was to betray his partners in al qaida to his other partners, the muslim brotherhood, at the behest of the Saudis, to overthrow Assad.

          the question is why are we in bed with the organization that has never rescinded their declaration of war against us who flew occupied, fully fueled, commercial, civilian jets into densely occupied, iconic, American structures, on American soil, on a symbolic date?

          the other questions are why are we out toppling governments to install islamic terror groups? Another is, isn’t this treacherous, treasonous behavior on behalf of our government’s top leaders?

          What more do they need to do to call it treason, personally lead them into battle?

          How much of this information is your government and their local or national ministry of propaganda giving you while they’re trying desperately to make up lie after lie after cover up after obstruction?

          • Chester

            Well, sir, since you aren’t worried about what goes on at the local level, or at least worried enough to be concerned when none of the local news, at least in the papers, is being reported on by local reporters. and are far more worried about what might or might not be going on in DC, perhaps you would be better off MOVING to DC, where you can WATCH your politicians in action. Instead, you want to stay in the Bay Area, and scream about something you won’t even attempt to do anything about. I wonder, when was the last time you actually went to your neighborhood polling place and cast a ballot, instead of just standing back and saying, “All of them are crooks, so why waste my time.”?

          • Libertarian Soldier

            There you go, again, with your bat crap crazy goggles! I never said I’m not concerned with what goes on in my local community.

            I said I don’t trust the local media. To be clear, since you can’t make that distinction, yourself, I am very concerned with my local community. I stopped taking the Examiner and Chronicle, years ago but still get the dwindling Mercury. While there’s less and less content, I read it but I don’t rely on it for real information except business and sports..

            I’ve been to DC many times! Got medals, there, twice, in two decades! Great for remembering what once made us great and seeing how exceptional-ism fails at the hands of mediocrity. Still, I’d never move there.

            Besides, I’m too involved in my community to move. I coach High School and College Wrestling and the fight to keep the sport alive takes a lot of my time.

            You’re right, I haven’t been to a polling pricinct more than once since Reagan, to vote. I usually vote by mail and once didn’t get it in on time and had to go around the corner to vote. One of my best friends, until recently volunteers there because the democrats can’t be trusted not to turn their heads to voter fraud. I volunteered twice after 2011

            We don’t scream about crooks, here; we do something about crooks. I have a sticker on my front door, window that warns that we do our civic duty to not inundate our police service specialists. We don’t call 911. If you’re in my house and you’re not invited, you’ll be escorted out by the coroner. They’re not that busy.

            As for your time; you’re wasting your own time making up scenarios that support your ignorance.

            Nice try on the fuzzy thinking, profile, though. Here’s a tip: take those bat crap crazy goggles off and read some international news that isn’t from the leftist, propaganda ministry and the pervert agenda.

            It might keep you from wasting your time trying to profile me within the limited scope of your narrow minded, intolerant, bigoted mindset.

            Bona fortuna


    remember when Glen Beck told everyone george soros was a SPOOKY dude and to watch out for this man and everyone called him crazy?!
    ive seen what soros has said and he is a creepy spooky dude that turned on his own people when he was young,and enjoyed it!
    if you get the chance read up on this man and all the pain and suffering he has caused good people over his entire life!soros is plain evil,and people who do buisness with him are just as bad!

    • Lisa

      Yes, he is not human. He is SATAN, inside and out.

  • dan

    i admire ANY journalist (in the TRUE sense of the word) like Sybelle,
    who is willing to sacrifice for truth and integrity….I just pray for her,
    and others like her , safety ! The government controlled media or it’s
    benifactors and controllers doesn’t like to be exposed….
    but Yellow Journalism and propaganda isn’t a new thing .

  • dan

    i admire ANY journalist (in the TRUE sense of the word) like Sybelle,
    who is willing to sacrifice for truth and integrity….I just pray for her,
    and others like her , safety ! The government controlled media or it’s
    benifactors and controllers doesn’t like to be exposed….
    but Yellow Journalism and propaganda isn’t a new thing .

  • Libertarian Soldier

    Balanced news is called false and racist by the real biased, racist, slanted, leftist, intolerant, bigoted, anti-Christian, tainted disinformation from the government’s propaganda ministry.

    This is very much proof that the propaganda ministry that is called the “mainstream media” by some and the objective (sorry, have to laugh at that) media by others, knows it serves a master and operates as if it’s beholding to that master, because it is. I’ll give you a hint; it’s not the people it serves.