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  • rocquedog

    Good, he’ll probably be needing it to fend off the Trayvon’s a little angel finatics that would drop him in a second. The Keltec should be used as a back up only tho’. He needs to get a Glock .40 or .45 cal with Hi-cap mags. with lots of extra mags.

    • pissed off conservative

      nothing wrong with a 9mm ..just not a cheap keltec 9mm..a good glock 19 will do just fine.. 15 rds plus 2 extra mags

      • Robbie

        Oh goodie. Let’s put Zimmerman back on the streets with all kinds of fire power. Then he can go around late at night defending himself whilst blowing away folks left, right, and centre.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Robbie,

          You write: “Then he can go around late at night defending himself…” Every American has right to self-defense. Exercising it one time does not negate that right. It is a perpetual one.

          Best wishes,

        • Jeff

          Maybe he’ll partner with Bernie Goetz. They can market their Creepy Ass Cracker tee shirts.

          • Jeffrey T

            Dont forget I believe Bernie was aquited of all charges accept carrying a firearm too. Also the people he shot ( survivors & neighbors ) ” BLACKS” OMFG! LOL said they woulda shot the punks who attacked him! On the T. I also thought that Aunt Jemima said she told trayvon that Zimmerman mighta been gay as well 2 so It wuld be Creep Gay azzed Cracker Ts lol and if she did say that then why isnt anyone squawking about him thinkingvZ was a gay guy

      • Vis Fac

        I don’t need 15 rounds only two (always double tap) but a 9mm is easier to stop with some heavier clothing than either the .40 or .45. The US adopted the .45 because their standard issue .38 Special (similar diameter to the 9MM) was ineffective during the second Boer War because the round was defeated with the Boer’s wearing of heavy clothing. The US Army wanted a more powerful sidearm and the Colt 1909 .45 ACP was adopted then replaced by the Colt 1911-A1.

    • mathis1689

      Would favor a Para-Ordinance .45ACP myself but to each his own.

    • Vis Fac

      Why not the DHS’s “personal defense weapon”, you know the ones we civilians have that are classified as an “assault weapon”. The ONLY difference is the DHS’s models consisting of an AR-15 (are configured for and are capable of full automatic fire) and 30 round magazines. I personally like my S&W 411 a .40 on an 1911 frame. It has as much stopping power as the .45 with less recoil. The old reliable M1911-A1 is still a fine defensive weapon and my second choice.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve owned the S&W 411 since October 1999 and find it to be a fine defensive weapon. Very accurate, great trigger, decent magazine capacity (11+1) and made in the USA of ALL METAL PARTS. I just can’t agree with all these people who like those new “plastic” guns. My pistol is going on 15 years old and after thousands of rounds, still shoots like new. I’m curious to see how these new guns hold up after you put several thousand rounds through them. I also have the Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Sport model (AR15). Another quality product from the people at Smith and Wesson. Everybody should buy one (while you still can)……

  • manuel

    Unfortunately, he may need it – sooner than later.

  • pissed off conservative

    Eric fast and furious holder should investigate himself and file charges against himself for the muder of us border agents killed with guns from the fast and furious scandal ..this man [holder ]makes me sick..i hate this guy and would love to see him behind bars along with his boss..what a P.O.S

    • Jeffrey T

      Dont forget the over 200-300 mexicans killed too. It also pisses me off they were gonna try and pin all that on law abiding gun owners and USA lax gun laws for the murders but Their Golden Ticket happened ( Newtown) so eventhough it backfired on the original intent of it they still got their excuse to try and Strip ourv2nd ammendment rights & cram Anti- gun & confiscation laws down our throats! Now they are trying to kickstart more anti- gun sentiment etc and strip peoples stand your ground laws because of this case! Saying that sense the GZ trial that their have been an upswing of murders on stand your ground ( another bold faced lie) this case has a bunch of stuff attached to it. I could not agree more with you about Holder & I attach Obama to your comments and sentiments as well too. The USA is a laughing stock worldwide because of the inefficient paralized corrupt Furher Obama administration!’its pretty damn bad when people from 3RD WORLD NATIONS SEND SYMPATHY CARDS! Because Obama is our President and he has a complete idiot as VP and a Corrupt, lying Piece of Shtako in the AG spot plus alk the scandals etc and they know Obama is nothing more than a Compulsive perpetual lying piece of shtako lol

    • Vis Fac

      Having Holder investigate ANYTHING is tantamount to an arsonist extinguishing a house fire.

  • A_Murricun

    Zimmerman will likely need all the firepower he can carry. I would also recommend a crash course in defensive fighting, along with a boot-camp style physical conditioning course. And maybe a Google Glass to record the attacks.

    Aside from that, this case is going to provide employment for quite a few lawyers for some time to come. Zimmerman’s suit against NBC is only the beginning.

  • Hey You!

    Zimmerman doesn’t need more fire power or anything like that. The needs a ticket to South America where he can enjoy living with Euro-Hispanics. He probably won’t get any peace here, particularly with the political atmosphere in the USA.

  • dan

    an enterprising gun firm would give GZ a nice Sig or maybe a Glock…
    or Para Ord in .40 cal. with a course in close combat defense….but I wouldn’t hang around the old neighborhood for a bit ….

  • Ibn Insha

    Zimmerman should sue Federal Government, the President of the United States, DOJ, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, The Florida State prosecutor, The State of Florida, NAACP, ACLU and most major TV networks for billions of dollars. His lawyer should drag the case for so long that it would make all defendants’ life a living hell. These people deserve no mercy. They should go out of business.

    • Vis Fac

      And you expect these lawyers to put all this time and energy to work for free? In civil cases (depending on the arrangement) attorney’s are not paid until the case like this is over and a judgment has been awarded. Defense attorneys (again depending on the arrangement) are usually paid while on the case (in billable hours and IMKO are crooks as well) usually have a steady income either paid by the client or family . Unless he’s a Larry H Parker or other ambulance chasing lawyer and only paid when the case has culminated in a monetary award. Their take is usually anywhere from 33%-40% again depending on the arrangement .

      • Jeffrey T

        Yeah that one Atty ( not sure if hes with Fl st or NAACP) the black guy with the “MELLON HEAD” who was on the talkshow,s with TMs parents & also in DC with TMs parents is a perfect example of an Ambulance Chaser! He dont need any money because hes sticking his friggin mug all over tv & following TMs parents EVERYWHERES I mean WTF I saw one interview where they didnt even address that idiot but he was leaning in to make sure his HUGE HEAD & FACE WERE ON TV! Actual I think hes their lawyer or something but hes a poor excuse for a lawye ” they mentioned he was one of the prosecuting attys Think he works 4 the NAACP im sure someone knows( shows u how much im involved watching about this or really care lol) not alot!! Also its BS that they are spending all this time & money trying to find something that the FBI in over a year said their wasnt anythung! The AGs office spending all this time & money on this case instead of going after real criminals & hardazzes they r just dreaming crap up trying to pull something out of their azzes because if they DONT FIND ANYTHING! Im sure the NAACP along with Al Sharpton& JJ try & incite race violence! ( directed at the wrong people of couse as well) why doesnt the AG go after real friggin hate crimes!! Their are plenty of examples around!! Does anyone realize how many people probl have said they heard GZ speak a racial slang or some BS thing! Or they will have been picked on in the past by him! Holder has to come up with something! Anything to charge GZ with this!! Even if it IS A DAMN LIE!

        • Vis Fac

          Lawyers are the bane of America perfect example that nearly 98% of congress is comprised of incompetent trial lawyers! Speaks volumes if they can’t dazzle us with brilliance they’ll baffle us with BS (they says this forum isn’t moderated which is a crock just post offensive language and it is flagged for censorship)

    • Jeffrey T

      Exactly Defemation of character! This Administration ” has no honor” its as low as whale shtako in the Ocean” and Calling Holder the top law enforcement official in the USA is like comparing a Prostitute to a nun! ? I mean really this administration is being run like DA Hood! & Da Brothas in charge now M%%ER F$%KER! Only these 2 nitwits are even an Embarrasment to actual full blooded African Americans ” Who at least the criminal aspect in the cities get their stuff right”