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You’re Making a Mistake! And You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without It!

April 10, 2009 by  

You’re Making a  Mistake! And You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without It!

Chances are everyone over age 50 is guilty, without exception. Why? Because symptoms of aging are unnoticeable until we get symptoms. As we become seniors we all begin to lose that life-giving and life-preserving substance from our stomachs called hydrochloric acid. The pharmaceuticals make billions and billions of dollars on our ignorance. What’s more, instead of putting hydrochloric acid in, they take it out with antacids until we are sick, or worse—we have stomach cancer.

For some reason the lack of that most vital stomach acid produces symptoms of acid indigestion and heartburn. Bingo! We are set up for advertising deception and huge profits for the drug companies.

The deception is completed when we actually get temporary relief as the advertisements claim. The FDA is silent and the crime goes on. And it gets worse! They even claim that one gets “healing” from these antacids like the "healing purple pill." Nothing could be further from the truth. Would any thinking person reason that he is getting "healing" from a substance that actually shuts down the stomach acid pump?

Ahh, but they put in a disclaimer. "Symptom relief does not rule out other serious stomach conditions." So the public can’t say that they weren’t told. This is criminal and nobody objects because the public gets "relief" from heartburn, acid indigestion and acid reflux, temporarily. But the price is high. What is "temporary relief" to the total breakdown of health?

Just because we may not at this moment be having heartburn, acid reflux or acid indigestion does not indicate that we do not have low stomach acid. Aging guarantees it.

The human stomach is created as an acid machine—not an antacid machine. We need to preserve this acid machine at all costs. It is the very foundation of health and longevity.

While the rest of the body is normal at a pH of about 7.2, we need to keep it slightly alkaline for optimal health. But the stomach is very acid, as low as a pH of 3 or 4, if normal.

The amount of hydrochloric stomach acid we have is directly related to how well we digest and assimilate our food. It follows that food assimilation is basic to health.

As the years pass we silently lose stomach acid. This is the cause: Acid indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux are the symptoms and deteriorating health is the effect. But we never relate the loss of stomach acid to developing health problems.

When we do not digest our food because we are low on stomach acid, we develop putrefaction or rotting food in our stomachs causing organic acids of fermentation and causing the symptoms of heartburn, acid indigestion and acid reflux. Often this translates to stomach or colon cancer. It is very serious!

For the want of a nail, the shoe is lost. It is so simple and the cost is oh so low and the benefits are oh so unbelievable. Now we can assimilate our food and nutrition with betaine hydrochloric, which helps normalize stomach pH, supports protein digestion and absorption of minerals. The result is the disappearance of flatulence, indigestion, malassimilation, pernicious anemia, demineralization, vomiting and diarrhea.

My confession: I didn’t leave home without betaine hydrochloric in my wife’s purse, but I always forgot to take it before meals. When overwhelming therapeutic evidence finally prompted me, I developed the habit of taking betaine hydrochloric before every meal and even with my vitamin food supplements. Oh man, what a difference! You’ll see!

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Ted Massim

    What is the commercial name of betaine hydrochloric or how layman idiots like myself refer to it in every day language?

    • Dave W

      Its sold as Betaine Hydrochloride and can be found at mail order companies like Puritans Pride and Swanson Vitamins

      Dave W

      • Sandra

        Thanks. That’s the information I was looking for.

    • webteam

      You can purchase it from our sister company,, under the name of Advanced Digestive Solution at

  • mike

    How does the avg. person get betaine hydrochloric and what doseage should one take? I have a major problem with acid reflux and have been taking blockers for years, yet still have major reflux issues.

    • Jerry

      I find that a shot of Braggs organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar works wonders for acid reflux. I take it every morning.

  • Sandra

    This is not the first time I’ve heard this, and it makes perfect sense to me. However, like Mike and Ted, the first two to respond to this information, I don’t know where to get this product or what dosage is required. Could we please have more information?

  • jimmy legaro

    Just take a little organic apple cider after meals. A tablespoon or so. It will really help! Also it will give you a lot of enzymes and helps with blood pressure. You can get pills for travel as well.
    Cheap, easy, it really works!

  • sylvia

    Do you know what Betaine Hydrochloride is made from. Is it a natural product and which foods can it be found in? Thanks.

  • Cory

    What is Pepsin, and why is it found in many betaine hydrochloric products out there on the market? Is it good to have or not?

  • GyroJohnny

    My doctor told me that I would have to take the “purple pill” for the rest of my life to deal with GERD/acid reflux. After a couple of years, I wondered about what was really happening and began to investigate. Apparently, the terminal sphincter at the stomach end of our esophagus gets a message to close tight when the Ph of the stomach contents drops (acid level rises). This tight closure keeps the acid mix from leaking back up into the esophagus and causing discomfort and damage. I stopped taking the pills and started with organic apple cider vinegar, chased with a little water, anytime I had discomfort. Pouring acid laden vinegar on my heartburn took a little courage at first but the relief was so welcome and encouraging! Now, after years of no pills, real healing and eating everything, I tell anyone who will listen.

    • s c mailen

      GyroJohnny, thanks for helping to point out the fact that MANY MDs become doctors because of the constant cash flow. Their god is MONEY. They do not specialize in RESULTS.
      In effect, a typical MD is someone with a business license that lets them loot, misinform and get rich fast. If you can find one you can trust, you are VERY lucky.

    • K Gopal Rao

      Dear Gyro Johnny and others,
      What you said, about “…the terminal sphincter at the stomach end of our esophagus gets a message to close tight when the Ph of the stomach contents drops (acid level rises). “, was really interesting, ‘cos the conventional wisdom is that it’s generally an age-related weakening of the sphincter, which prevents it closing tight whenever not required to open. And the logic is right. Could you tell us more about where you picked up the info on tight closing depending on stomach acid level.

      On the larger issue of all acid problems being the symptom of low acidity in the stomach, it doesn’t jell, does it? Yet adding more acid seems to work. I wonder whether you, or Bob, or anyone else, can explain the bio-chemistry of it.

    • Harry


      When I was going through chemo, one of the ugly side effects was a complete lost of taste in addition to frequent acid refux attacks along with the nausea.

      Quite by accident one night I ate a “New England boiled Dinner” (boiled potatoes, turnips, cabbage, onions, carrots, beets, and corned beef) drenched in raw apple cider vinegar. Much to my amazement not only was I able to taste the food better, but the acid reflux disappeared and it even helped the nausea to a great degree.

      Now I take raw apple cider vinegar with almost everything I eat….I don’t wait to feel discomfort first. Dr. Mercola will tell you it is one of the most powerful probiotics going…

      I don’t think you have to worry about OD’ing on the stuff! LOL


  • Tarene

    Suffered from severe heart burn for 10 years, then I read about apple cider vinegar. I am cured. Doctors, however, don’t believe in apple cider vinegar and would rather keep pushing pills.

  • William Olson

    I searched on Google for “Betaine Hydrochloride” and found several good sites, but the one with the most information was including proper dosage. I haven’t had a chance to get any to try yet, but will soon.

  • big Bad john

    Hey whats a “Little ” apple cider vinegar?
    like a tablespoon?
    Or should i put on the pirates patch and do a shot glas full?

    • Roselyn

      I heard that you should take one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar at bedtime or when needed. It seems to work for me!

      • big Bad john

        Thanks Mucho for the info!
        Big Bad John

  • Kerry

    I used to get BAD stomachaches for hours after eating some foods.

    Searching through a natural health encyclopedia, I found the key to solving my problems. Their suggestion was to try this test: when you get a stomachache, take either a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or a tablespoon of lemon juice (I opted for the lemon juice). If your stomachache gets worse, you have too much acid, if your stomachache gets better, you don’t have enough acid in your stomach.

    Voila! Within 10 minutes my stomachache went away. Such an incredible relief to know what was causing the problem and how to deal with it.

    This started me investigating and I began taking probiotics and food enzymes or digestive enzymes (common names for betaine hydrochloric products).

    I take a great one I found at Nature’s Sunshine, but you can get them at Whole Foods, most health food stores, etc..

    Here’s the link at Nature’s Sunshine:

    Here is what each capsule contains:
    Betaine HCl (for proteins)
    Bile salt (for fats)
    Bromelain (for proteins)
    Lipase (contains lactose from milk, for fats)
    Alpha-amylase (mycozyme, for starch)
    Pancreatin (8xUSP, for all foods)
    Papain (for proteins)
    Pepsin (1:10,000, for proteins)

    Take 1–2 capsules with a meal three times daily.

    At Nature’s Sunshine, I believe you still need a “sponsor” to join. Email me if you need one.

    So I take digestive enzymes every day and use lemon juice as a back-up and no more problems!

    • charles

      Yes I need a sponsor

      • Kerry

        Sorry, Charles, I had to call the company to see what the process is. A friend of mine signed me up before so I didn’t know, but it’s simple.

        You would go back to the Natures’s Sunshine site to the customer sign-up page here:

        and put my Sponsor Number in the box: 2119553-5

        And fill in all your own info. Then you’ll be set and you can place your order.

        Those Food Enzymes have done wonders for me–I actually don’t have any digestive problems anymore since taking them for a while. And I can recommend their probiotics too. Best of luck! :)

    • Rod

      What’s the name of those food enzymes and the probiotic you mentioned?

  • Jack Lovett

    The proof is in the cider, apple cider that is. ph 3-5? At the onset of acid indigestion
    take a tablespoon or more and if it works (and it will) burning gone. Hear that all you
    money grubbing pill salesmen aka doctors. BTW nurses are wonderful people.
    Nearly all imho.


    • Jack Lovett

      Apple cider vinegar. correction,,,sorry


    • lisa

      i tried the Braggs it burned so bad was awful but ill have to try it before eating? after during? i also take a great enzyme Vitalzyme but that doesnt help so much maybe i need to take more? also tell peole to reinse their mouth i heard that the vinegar will destroy the teeth enamel. that nexium sure makes me feel better though..wish it was the solution apparently not..

  • Jack Lovett

    Off subject but I think very important. Allan Stang (one of my favorite writers) just did
    an article on the Grand Jury. (find at or The very
    important point is that “this tool” is our most vital weapon against the enemy.
    The petite jury is very vital also. (ie; if I sit on a jury in a tax matter he/she walks.)
    Check out jury nullification. The Grand jury can use an indictment or presentment.
    The big question I and many other people have had is “what can I do?” Well I think
    this is the leverage we’ve been looking for. ie; in my small town/county I am looking for a person that has knowledge of law. (not a bar member) that can enforce the law
    in the fight against the corrupt judges,prosecutors. Example, The Grand jury has the
    legal authority to initiate a presentment. From within. No crooked lawyer/judge
    input needed. Folks, we are losing our freedom big time. Bob, Will you help us on this
    one? I welcome input. Ideas please.


    • Stephen Peterman

      Go to to learn things about the USA internal revenue that you never knew. The question answered is, are you a taxpayer or a non-taxpayer by IRC “daffinitions” (definitions).


      • Jack Lovett

        Tanks for the tip Steve. I just purchased the book CTC. Would be interested
        as to your level of involvement. I have not filed since 83 os am having to get
        up to speed now.

        Jack Lovett

        • Stephen Peterman

          I am not involved with CTC other than I purchased the book about a month ago after reading a bloggers reference to the book in a Bob Livingston blog.

          I have always questioned the power of the IRS. I have read many articles and heard many people speak about why the IRS has seemingly unbridled power, but none have clearly explained the law. Therefore I am always on the look out for books on the IRS. I purchased CTC after taking the quiz online and failing. I recognized the fact that I did not know as much about the IRS as I thought.

          I finished reading the book a couple of days ago. The author fully explains the tax code, when it became law, who it applies to and how the tax codes core has not changed since its inception in 1862.

          The book explains that the 16th amendment is valid for taxpayers not non taxpayers. I have always thought it unbelievable that the union-states would agree to the taxing power the IRS claims they have on all people.

          The author explains how the seemingly innocuous w4, w9 and w2 turn a non-taxpayer into a taxpayer in the eyes of the Court…

          The book is well worth reading.


  • Joni

    Thanks to all of you for this great info on stomach problems. I have been using antacids, and stomach medication far too long. I do well for a while then it comes back and I have to start the cycle all over again.

  • http://BobLivingston Robbie

    My husband and I Live in the northwest and we have King apple trees which we press and make our own apple juice and I make 10 to 12 gallons of apple cider vinegar a year. The pH tests at 3 and believe me one can tell. The oral vinegar does work.

  • Launny Kramer

    To Jack Lovett;
    I also did not file for many years but had a lot of problems, culminating with a notice of lien filed against me and several levy attempts. Since reading CtC, I have been filing properly, including an amended return for the tax lien year. The amount in dispute has been removed, now I am in the process of getting the lien removed. Have had some administrative problems with filing this way, (they just don’t want to let go) but they have nothing of substance to proceed on. They will probably try to wear you down with intimidation tactics and misinformation, including trying to put words in your mouth, but I truly believe that this course is correct. is a treasure trove of information, including responses other people have given and the results.
    As for the apple cider vinegar, my wife takes it with water and honey and no longer has indigestion or heartburn.

    • Jack Lovett

      Tnx Launny, I just bought the book. Looking forward to reading it.

  • Teri

    On April 10th night (after I read the blogs) I took my first 1/2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (because I didn’t want to spill it) and I nearly went through the roof as it burned down my throat. I’ve had acid reflux for a few years now and have been taking Zantac 150 which didn’t always do the job.

    I grabbed a glass of water and that helped. Then I took a second half of tablespoon (am I desperate or what?) but the second half didn’t bother my throat much at all.

    It’s now April 13th and I’ve only had to take one tablespoon since April 10th. I haven’t had acid reflux since then my second evening’s dose – even though I’ve been under a lot of stress.

    I just wanted to tell everyone to be ready with a glass of water just in case.

    It seems to be working for me. Thanks everyone for passing this along.

  • Tim Hardesty

    I remember right before the election I was telling people that if Obama was elected that the stock market would crash. Seems I was right. If one looks at a Dow Jones monthly chart (e.g., at one can readily see that when Obama was elected the Dow Jones took a nose dive all the way down to about 6500. It is no surprise whatsoever. The wealthy know that Obama is out to get them with his Socialistic agenda. Many of them are selling and getting out of the market, probably putting their money into offshore accounts to prevent the government from taking it away from them and giving it to people (in the guise of tax cuts when in truth it is just welfare) who want the government to take care of them instead of working and taking care of themselves. I am really worried about this country with Obama as President.

  • Jane

    I’m wondering if the fellow who takes Braggs in the morning does this just once a day? I thought you had to take it before every meal. janieardell


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