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Your Turn

January 14, 2011 by  

Your Turn

Reader Mike L. posted a good suggestion the other day. He wrote:

Mr. Livingston, I know you have probably done this before. But if you have it might be time for one again. Why not have an open forum for ideas? Not just responding to an article, but one where you simply say Ok what would you do to change things? Get enough responses to maybe hammer out an agenda to send to our next candidates to see a lot of ideas exchanged in responses. But never a solid kind of agreement or statesman like compromise between the ideas. Mike L.

So, here’s your chance. What would you do to change things? Post your comments here. And please, don’t criticize another’s ideas. Just post your own. I’d like to know what you think.

This time only, the moderator has been instructed to remove any posts critical of another person or that person’s comments. Let’s see what kind of list can be compiled without the attacks commencing. (And if someone does criticize another’s suggestion, please ignore it. The moderator will remove it as soon as possible.)

Again, what would you do to change things?

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Bob, give it a try. It’s possible that people might be serious long enough to put aside their biases and prejudices. I’ll even restrain myself from nailing the first horse’s asset who jumps on a soapbox and tries to convert a believer to the other side.

    • Proud to be a Christian

      All of my suggestions concern money mostly however, the first one is
      1. All Individuals whether in Congress, Senate, White house etc., all have to pay into social security and they won’t have any other retirement, unless they have a 40lK or likes. The have no special health insurance, just what all government employees have, nothing special. Each Congressperson including the Senate and President plus cabinet members etc., each will have a budget for office expenses, rent, travel, etc. After budget is used up, have to pay out of their own pocket. Only allowed one two week vacation a year (especially the president with his running all over the world at our expense doing nothing but having dates with his wife, all first ladies may only have 2 assistants, other’s she has to pay for. Food budgets also at the whitehouse for special events and normal daily usage, instead of having imported flown in caviar for lunch, can have a ham sandwich (I’m being funny there, however, it is ridiculous that the white house is used for lavish parties that have nothing to do with anything like it is being abused now.
      2. Department of Energy abolished (Carter established this department and they have done nothing but grow and have huge budgets. Private Industry will come up with all the alternatives.
      3. Department of Health Education and Welfare abolished. Anyother department set up by Carter. These are all areas that are to be controlled by the States.
      4. No Czars allowed on our payroll. If the President wants those kind of advisors, then he pays out of his pocket.
      5. All donations for elections goes into one pot and that pot is split equally between all parties running for office. This eliminates special interest groups.
      6. All welfare and medicade be abolished for illegal aliens no matter what, including anchor babies. No where in the constitution does it say that if a child is born on American soil, they are automatically a citizen. Not eligible for SSI either.
      7. Border’s secured.
      8. A portion of USA owned land used that if you are a druggie that is where you have to live to enjoy your drugs. If caught outside of the designated area, immediate imprisonment. Make all drugs legal.
      9. Review all laws presently on the books to determine if they are constitutional and if not delete. Also, if there are three laws on the books that basically cover the same topic, get rid of all but one.
      10. Allow insurance companies to cross borders.
      11. Bring our military home. The Russians finally left Afganistan after years of being there, not necessary
      I have more to say but unfortunately not the time. All the fluff should be taken out. Why are we still supporting the Edowment for the Arts and all of that baloney.

      • Nancy S Davidson

        I agree with everything “Proud” suggests. Power must be given back to the states and taken away from the Fed. govt. Each state knows what it needs – we don’t need a cookie-cutter gov. telling us what to do. Most of the fed. gov. needs to be done away with (educa., etc.). Candidates need to tell us what they stand for, what they would do if elected – stop trying to destroy the other candidates. Leave the personal invective out of elections!

      • Chris

        I agree with proud especially number 5, no more special interests would mean no more government controlled by big business. Watch and see how fast the big business would stop donating if they couldn’t control where the monies go.
        Oh and the constitution does state if you are born here you are a citizen of the USA.

        • http://PersonalLiberty Peg

          Limiting property tax was a great idea but it doesn’t do any good as Indiana keeps raising the assessed value of your property when property values keep going down. That should and probably is illegal but who can do anything about it???

  • Vicki

    Respectfully request of our representatives that they actually honor their oath and that within the bounds of that oath they represent us. Starting with READ THE BILLS. Extra points for stating where in the Constitution they have been delegated the power to pass the bill in question. Even more points for one subject at a time.

    Of course auditing the Fed might be a really good idea too :)

    • William Sturm

      The information exists on who the Fed really is. It’s not part of the American Government. It is a group representing a foreign banking cartel…..old money out of Europe….Paris….London.

      The Revolutionary War never ended for some…..

      If we have any gold remaining in the United States that belongs to the citizens much of it is said to be stored in the vaults of the New York Federal Reserve Bank! How frightening is that?


      • Charlie M

        Until real common sense and honest personal responsibility prevail, I believe those who hate will continue to find too large a stage from which to scream….a disappointing cost of freedom. Still, FREEDOM must win.

      • Dan az

        The truth that is not taught can set us free with out a civil war only by using the laws can we win this.If we sent each representative the facts of the laws that Im sure they dont even know about then maybe we can change the ways that this nation is heading.People they need us to rebel to finish their work lets not give them the power over us.Please read this site and spread it around it looks as if it will be the only way that we can win.
        In the left side of the Column follow the links.A must read to truly know our history and where we are going and how to stop it legally.

    • Michael

      The power is in the people and their state constitution. Take Indiana for instance. It has an amendment that limits property tax and must balance its budget every year. This is your only chance.

      • USNpops

        We the people of Washington voted in similar measures in a number of elections.

        But somehow the Legislators and Democratic Governor decided we did not know what we were doing and passed laws to get around it.

        And now after the same orders from the people in the last election are using the Budget Crunch to bypass it again.

        WE the people are too stupid to make smart decisions about government. Only elected officials have been annointed with the “Oil of Truth” as to how government can and should operste.

        I feel so Dumb!!!!

      • john whitt

        After reading about 20 posts, I see that many thinking folks know what this country needs to straighten it out, but I see nothing of a suggestion of how to get it done. I am afraid that we have come so far down the crooked road to socialism we will never change our course with an election. Even tho it has not been long ago that the GOP and TEA Party made the great splash in the elections and gained strength in Congress, the spots are already beginning to change with the freshmen. I see signs of self serving. I hope there is some way to hold their feet to the fire and force them to produce what they promised.

  • Minuteman

    Just a thought . . .

    Pick one case in each state where an illegal alien has committed a heinous crime such as killing a police officer and then indict Barrack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano and Erick Holder for the crime of AIDING AND ABETTING CRIMANALS by their refusal to enforce existing Federal laws. Even better, if a foreigner commits a terrorist act and it can be proven that he entered the US illegally, e.g. by crossing the Mexican border, indict them for Treason (which is punishable by death) for “giving aid and comfort” to our enemies. Then, as is done when a policeman is indicted or is being investigated for a crime, relieve them of their duties and reassign them to jobs where they are not in a decision making role while they are under indictment.

    • dan

      Love your suggestion,Minuteman.I’d like a review of the Constitutionality of every law in the Federal Code and the removal/sunsetting of laws…get rid of the ones that don’t work
      and oppress/terrorize the law abiding citizens of the RepublicPerhaps making the elected subject to those laws first is the best beginning .

      • Robert Smith

        Get rid of most of the recreational drug laws. The war on drugs has been lost. All we got out of it is the spitting on the constitution about what individuals can do tothemselves, coruption, and violnece.


        • http://yahoo rwdodgerblue

          I have to agree with you. If we legalize the minor drugs, like marijuana, then there will be less smuggled over the border.
          I also think Obama should get off his butt and secure our borders! Not that I think he ever will..

    • Sneddog

      Minuteman, I like the way you think!

    • William Sturm

      Excellent observation. The Justice Department (an arm of the government) is charged with prosecuting criminals.

      They have so few they choose to prosecute that they are now going after ordinary citizens…hauling them off from scheduled domestic airline flights in hand cuffs.

      Awaken oh sluggard…..


      • Michael

        A prosecutor will not charge an illegal alien because they cannot make any money. They don’t have a surety interest in the public trust of 1933. No birth certificate or Social Surety number.

        • JoMama

          Yoo-hoo…….that’s because they send their money to their country. If the illegal aliens REALLY wanted to stay in the USA – they would spend their money here. The illegal alien just wants to stay here long enough to make enough money to go home to THEIR OWN COUNTRY & live like kings & queens.

          THAT’S ALL!! They are NOT going to conform to our laws. The dead giveaway is when they came in & broke the law right from the start!! They will NOT conform – but – neither will I. You cannot make me like ANY of this. I will not like any of this – EVER.

          I am Hispanically challenged. I am Muslimally challenged also.

          • JoMama

            By the way – I say send them home on their own dime – not ours. We can’t afford it anymore. NO. They will NOT vote. NO. They will NOT get amnesty.

          • http://yahoo rwdodgerblue

            You GO, girl! I feel the same way. Obama should ENFORCE the constitution and secure our borders. I also think something has to be done other than just taking illegals back across the border. They just turn around and come right back.
            Also, anchor babies shouldn’t automatically be US citizens. If the parents are illegal, then so are the babies. What’s so hard about that!?

      • George B

        Illegal immigrants are going to be the # 1 problem for the US if it already isn’t. We have to get it under control or we are going under. Congress is such a joke, they do not even try. They only want to be reelected. Legal imigration is fine. The bleeding hearted citizen’s are the ones that are to blame. God forbid they shhould vote for a stronger enforcement of our laws.

        • Ortunk

          Hi George,
          Lately our Republican candidate in Cal got in hot water because she was employing an illegal immigrant. Her response was that she hired the service who hired the worker, not the worker. This implies that all companies are responsible to follow the law, but who payed the price?
          Maybe if we started asking the companies we hire, or frequent, if any employees are undocumented, and refuse their service, or walk out.
          In this economic climate, I am sure it will be easy to find a business that would comply, thrilled for us to be a customer.
          There are a lot of people displaced by illegals that are dying (sorry)willing to work, if they can find someone to work for.
          Yes a heard a collective “Yah right” but think about it.

    • JoMama


    • Robert Pa.

      Little “BAM” is an Islamic radical. Does that clear it up for you???

    • USNpops

      Since Saturday a sign in the Tucson area was taken down because it Advertised Rush Limbaugh as a “Straight Shooter”.

      So now do we have to take all movies by John Wayne, Roy Rogers and number of other Cowboy hero’s, including Ronald Reagan that use that term in their movies off the market for being “Politically Correct”?

      Yet just a few miles down the road are signs warning American Citizens that it is dangerous to use their interstate highway because of Illegal activity coming n from Mexico.

      There is so much wrong in this country now that to try to come up with solutions would take forever to write. But in this case perhaps not be so Politically correct, Protect our Borders and our constitution.

      • USNpops

        I meant “Politically Incorrect” in the one place. Sorry.

  • Joe Chiang

    I do not see a topic here. I have a lot of beefs. I have developed a concept for free energy. I want to build a prototype, cost less than $500,000. It uses two renewable energy sources, wind and methane gas which is why it is dependable and available anywhere in the world. I have been trying unsuccessfully for four years to get the funding. If you consider the movie on this subject, Chain Reaction, perhaps that is why I can’t get the funding. Free energy, after obtaining this equipment, a windmill plus that I call a No-Wind Windmill, would change the geopolitical and economic landscape. Very frustrated.

    • JAFO

      Check this guy out… Best solutions for anything you can think of…

      • JAFO
        • JAFO

          P.S. I would abolish all un-Constituional Federal Authorities from ANY funding or powers over the People or Commerce…(DOE,TSA..)
          End Lifetime appointments to the U.S.Supreme Court.(20 year cap) along with automatic rejection if political bias is found(Constituionalists Only)
          Complying with our laws should not take an act of Congress if the law already exists (Immigration,Eligability would be resolved instantly)
          Any threat to America or her Interests by leaders of Any “Group”, religion (Islam), Political (Iran,N.Korea to name 2) “Would immediately be named a National Threat by their own Decree…

          All Laws passed by congress shall apply to Congress-Persons equally as the People.Just as our Constitution states…
          Bribery (lobbying or otherwise) of an American Official (Elected, Appointed or otherwise) to affect the “Peoples” unalieable rights or law or regulation or infringe the “Peoples” pursuit of happiness… Shall be given a Mandatory Prison Sentence For Breach Of Trust!

          That would be my first day at the podium…

          Day 2 would return Federal Employees payrol to shadow the Private sector (benefits included)
          Abolish the Unions from ALL government offices Federal, State, Local and all Public… You can’t serve 2 Masters and the Union Interests have been placed before the Publics Interests…

    • barbm

      i saw a car powered by air a couple of weeks ago on a national news program, “60 minutes” i think. it carried air tanks underneath the car. to make a vehicle run, you must have pressure to power the pistons to go up and down. i know many of you already know that, but some may not. in a regular car, gas is ignited – yes, your car is on fire as you drive in a sense, the carburator or fuel injectors pump the gas for ignition then stop and start so the pistons go up for ignition and down when it’s off. ignited air expands lifting the pistons. the air tanks did that without the gas and fire. they said they were working on a system whereby the alternator would allow the tanks to refill themselves as you drive. the only exhaust was cold air.

      • kenneth

        one small problem. Compressed air doesn’t compress by itself. It takes gas or electric to do that. What power one would get from that wouldn’t move a car and regenerate air back into the tanks. Not happening. Compressing air takes a lot of energy. Generally it also generates heat because compressing air is like the engine in your car. The heat lost is also energy lost. A compressor uses pistons to move air into a tank that is being pressurized. There has never been a machine developed that can generate energy as fast as it is being used. Something is always lost in the action to generate action.

        • Robt Hauser

          That’s right…Second Law of Thermodynamics.

      • The Quadfather

        This is similar to the electric car. All it does is to transfer the energy conversion to stationary facilities like power plants. The air car or the electric car therefore burns coal. They are no more pollution free than a gasoline car, unless powered by hydroelectric, which more than likely, not.

    • kate8

      Does anyone know anything about the magnetic generators? They are supposed to operate without need of sun, wind or anything else.
      Supposed to be based on Tesla’s inventions.

      • Dan az

        there is a you tube site on that principle the problem is torque there is only so much it can produce.It does work but the amount of work that it can do is limited.

    • kate8

      Joe, I would definitely stay away from government funding. Lots of people have tried and have received a visit from corporate thugs.

  • njmiller

    For starters, I would return the control of education to the states and elimninate the Education Department in Washington altogether. The second place, get rid of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac TOTALLY as this is where I think this all started to really go downhill. Thirdly, make it law that all government has the same health care as the private sector, and that no public worker makes more money than they would in the private sector (they DO work for us, don’t they?) Finally, the House and Senate should only get Social Security when they retire, the same as the rest of the country. Then they would have a vested interest to clean it up!

    • LNSu

      Amen to that why in the world do we even have an education department. A represenitive Republic doesn’t need to control us we need to control them. These people (DOE) are threatening to abolish all provate schools and that includes Homeschoolers. Homeschoolers have taken a ton of flack for over 30 yrs now and NOW that we have proven Homeschool kids are better educated, more community minded, more likely to take political action, and are more involved with the church they (DOE) is looking to shut us up! Take a look at the HSLDA website and read about it if you don’t know (or believe me). Time for American’s to control the Gov again.

      • Bruce D.

        I agree with you on Homeschooling LNSu. Private school and homeschooling for the most part is far superior to that of public socialist schools.

        • http://yahoo richard

          bruce that is why the libs want to do away with them

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Bruce D,
          I agree with you on the home schooling, but as Glenn Becks guest said today, we must start teaching our kids to think outside the box! By doing so, we will help them to have an inventive nature and produce the items that improve the quality of life for the US and in turn the world. As the man said, all we are teaching our kids is to expect respect instead of earning it!

      • George B

        Parents today love their kids but it is a bother to get them up and make breakfast and see them off to school. Much less have a clean home for them to come home too. And teach them at home, to much trouble. There would not be time for soap opera’s and cards and TV. Home schooling is fine for people that care and follow rules but the average homemaker [in todays society] is lazy and will not make the effort. Most are not well enough educated to take on the homeschooling task. There are many public school teachers that fall into this catigory also.

    • Bruce D.

      Nice post njmiller. It is important to stop the brainwashing of the younger generation. Getting the Fed out of it would be a good start. People working for government should not be getting more than the private sector as their productivity and problem solving ability is mostly inferior to that of the private sector.

    • Carrie TPT

      I definitely agree with abolishing the Fed Dept of Education The States can handle it fine.
      Great suggestion to do away with Special health & Retirement for the few who give it to themselves & give the rest of us the other end of the stick. Also since no prior First Lady had a Paid staff, let’s cut back to 1 (one) aid or secretary.
      Im not so sure about changing the pay scale back to equal the private sector, or I’ve even heard they should get the same pay as soemone risking their life in service for our military. The problem is – if we don’t do away with Lobbies, We need our representatives to be paid enough to resist temptation of bribes.

      Also I like the Idea of any “regulation” disappears in 3-6 months if not ratified by Congress, the real Law makers.
      Repeal the law that will force us to by “made in China” Light bulbs. Do not offer Tax credits for purchasing Imports, that helps Other economies, not ours.

      • dan

        Now we’re talkin’…we need to get rid of the unfunded mandates,too.
        You name the alphabetized department and I’ll show you a Federal
        usurpation of State/local rights…unelected czars with the power
        of the law dictating to what were once proud and free Americans…
        not the pathetic hyphenated politically correct dumbed down TV
        viewing sports addled couch potatoes that we have become.

        • Christin

          Good points, dan.

          And while we are at it… let’s just follow the Consititution of the United States of America (which may need a couple amendment changes) with its Freedoms, Liberties, and Rights granted by God and give the Country BACK to “WE The People, By The People, For The People”!

          If a law is passed by an Honorable or Corrupt Congress ALL citizens, even Congress and government, must follow the laws of the land or it is NOT a good law for America.

          There shall be NO Elite Ruling Class! Abolish CZARS!

          PS I also don’t think congress should be allowed to give themselves a pay raise, maybe it should be voted on by the people of that state.
          Right now, they probably should get a pay cut, at the very least a 5 year pay freeze, as America is broke.

    • Joe

      Hear, hear! I would a the dismantling of the department of energy.

      • marvin

        THE DEPT OF ENERGY,an,t that a oxie morron like the the dept of education they are both like a bank with no money on deposit no customer on their books own no property but have lotts of people and power telling the real energy producers and the real educators where when and how to do what they can not do them self

    • Arda M

      AMEN TO THAT. How are they able to serve one elected term in congress and qualify for full retirement benefits that they never contribute to – it ALL comes out of our taxes. Then they vote theirselves a $10,000 raise for last two years while Social Security elderly do not get a raise AND their Medicare costs go up, so they, if a couple, are getting $3600 less. Makes no sense.

      Amendment 28 – Congress can make no law for general population that they are exempt for and they can make no law for theirselves that the general population is exempt for. Let’s make this a level playing field….that includes putting them on Social Security at the same level as we are. No raises for them of SS does’t get a raise. No more wonderful medical care if the rest of us don’t get it. WHo died and made them God I’d like to know – shucks, wish I could work for someone and decide on my own pay raise – I’d be making 6 figure income like they do and only work 6 months a year too.

      Rescind ALL FOEIGN AID…we have people w/o employment, starving, unhoused, infrastructure that needs repair/replacement and we’re giving billions away to people that want to destroy us – DUH! That’s as bad as sending all our scrap metal to Japan pre WWII so they could build bombs with it to bomb Pearl harbor!

      TERM LIMITS – if it’s good for the president, it’s good for Congess…..and put all Federal Employees on the same wage scale and retirement scale as us….while you’re at it, uemploy (sounds better than fire) all the “stand-by” federal postal workers who get paid but don’t work.

      Education – leave it in local hands AND NO TENURE for anyone. If you can’t produce, you don’t have a job……

      While you’re at it, no money for colleges that predominantly teach negative liberal slant on our history and brainwashes all these marxist/socialist young people, preventing the hiring and tenure of past proponents of America’s destruction, e.g. Black Panthers, etc.

      FLAT TAX……I know the thing is to pick on the “rich” people, BUT someone ancestor wasn’t rich and worked hard to get that way. Passing what they accrued on to their children is only right. GET RID OF DEATH TAXES and the IRS…..they’re all thugs and I used to work for ‘em.

      VET ALL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES according to the constitution, including Obama. Sorry he’s embarrased his Birth Certificate may reveal his parents were never married, so what! He’s neither the first or the last product of unmarried sexual relationship – instead he should be proud he was able to accomplish so much instead and be an example to the kids born into that situation, instead of leaving them on Welfare ghettos.

      WELFARE AND UNEMPLOYMENT: You get it so long and then you don’t period. I have family who don’t work cause they can collect instead….so they time it to NOT go to work….They want it, fine – come to us and we’ll put you on the road crew orpicking up trash, or something constructive. Then we’ll give you a urine test, blood test, and IF you’re clean, you get your pay at the end of the week….NO MORE FREE RIDES – no more FREE ANCHOR BABIES – no more FREE anything.

      SOCIAL SECURITY – we’re required to pay into it, so we should withdraw from it. HOWEVER It used to NOT be in the General Fund. THe Democrats under Johnson put it in the fund and Congress, bless it’s heart, has been writing IOU’s on it ever sense. They need to immediately refund it w/interest and ONLY individuals and families who contributed to it can withdraw from it – NO ILLEGAL ALIENS OR ANCHOR BABIE…

      ALIENS…send ‘em back home. Do what Eisenhower did – gather ‘em up – put ‘em on a unheated/unairconditioned bus, truck ‘em to the southern border of Mexico, and dump’em out…and if they come back, put’em on a plane and fly ‘em to South America or Africa – I don’t care.
      Arm our borders and protect our people….and NO MORE speeches by Mexican Presidents in our hallowed halls of Congress….THIS IS AMERICA…..TIME WE TOOK OUR COUNTRY BACK….

      Have a lot more to say as well, but that”ll get the ball rollin for starters.

      God Bless us – we’re gonna need it – OH – sell Nancy Pelosi’s new airpline she bought paid for with taxpayer money cause she didn’t want to take a public flight….didn’t want to have to stop and refuel along the way – and wanted to bring a whole slew of people along with her…..did you see the cost of the liquor and catered meals etc charged to us? Why do these people think they are GODS and deserve all this while you and I hare racking our brains to keep the bills paid?

      While you’re at it, you might say a prayer for our country every morning, for our armed forces that get shoved around, paid thousands and thousands less than garbage collectors, ahve to live on food stamps, and yet put their lives on the line EVERY DAY…..where’s today’s Ronald Reagan/John Wayne when you need ‘em? We have spineless greedy people running our country cause you and I are too busy making a living ……… WAKE UP AMERICA

      • Concerned Montanan

        What a great summary of what is wrong with our government. I agree with you all the way!
        I think one of the best ideas being tossed around (even as an Amendment to the Constitution) is that our elected officials in Washington DC should abide by the same conditions as they pass on us – retirement, health care, whatever. They should not be able to give themselves a raise without our approval. After all, we are paying their wages and they are SUPPOSED to be working for us. They no doubt deserve to be well paid – many of them give up business interests to avoid conflict of interest while in office. However, they don’t need to retire with great wealth. Our democratic senators from Montana gave themselves a $5,200 raise this year. My retirement raise in 2010 was about $20 a month, haven’t got notice of any this year.

        And yes! we need to zero in on the federal Dept. of Education. Abolishing it, however, will have to be a careful, step-by-step procedure since it has become so entrenched in our concept of “public education.” It needs to be done, and it CAN BE DONE!!

      • nanc

        Poluisa got the airplane because she didn’t want to be scanned like the rest of us have to when we want to fly

        • USNpops

          From what I have read, she still gets a Government Funded aircraft. Just smaller than the one she got as Queen bee.

          Boehner on the other hand refuses the Govt. plane and flies commercial.

      • marvin

        Arda M
        i won,t reply to all your post but as for congress they geT automatic pay increse ever year unless they vote to not i said NOT ACCEPT IT

      • Nancy

        I like you….A LOT!!

      • Robert Pa.

        Maybe our Military Troops are pointing their guns the wrong way. Aim for the idiots in the government. And no, I’m not talking about what happened in Tucson, that government congress woman was doing her job for the people. She always put the people at large, first.

      • A DEM NO MORE

        I was just saying that If we want to save Social Security, we need
        to stop giving it and SSI to illegals and to anyone who has NEVER paid into it. We also have to stop giving Tax refunds to anyone who does NOT have a job and did not pay into the Fed taxes

    • William Sturm

      Sorry. It’s too late with Fannie and Freddie. Back in 2003-2003 when the St. Louis Fed Govenor said there was NOFederal Guarantee for these loans. They should never have been given the AAA rating as being backed by the ‘full faith and credit of the United States’…and that would be you the taxpayer!!!!

      Willim Poole wanted the Fed Res to eliminate the item from their regulations which read something like this:

      (and remember they are not part of the United States)

      “Fannied and Freddie can BORROW up to $2.25 BILLION in an emergency from the United States Treasury.”

      That’s all there was folks…..the mortgage industry assumed these were backed as AAA! And, because this gave borrows a better rate of interest….the vast majority of loans were funded by the GSEs!

      So this foreign banking cartel gave these two GSEs the power to borrow from the U.S. Treasury!

      I said it was too late….

      On Dec 24, 2009 the Obama Administration acted (prior to Jan 1, 2010 which have required Congressional approval)to make UNLIMITED FUNDS AVAILABLE TO THESE TWO DEFUNCT GSEs for THREE (3) YEARS.

      Santa Claus arrived just in time for the GSE’s!!!!!!


    • barbm

      if congress, senate, and potus made the same money as in the private sector, they’d be making salaries like wall street execs and bank ceos. we can’t afford that!!

    • JKO

      I write as a teacher and home school mom. I waited until my late 40′s to get a masters to teach in public school. My kids are grown and they are normal human beings and smart kids (not sure where they got that from:).)
      My first teaching year was in the Portland Or area. I taught 3rd grade. About 1/2 my class was Hispanic and what you call English language learners. I treated each student equally. Here is what I saw: the district spent thousands of dollars to feed the kids. Then they spent thousands to get them up to speed in English. Many of these kids were illegal and few of the rest were citizens.
      Here was my issue: I could not teach core subjects while any student was out of the classroom. But this could go on all day. I had to teach math at the end of the day because there were kids out until that point. (the reading / language was a block in the morning and nor one was out, but I had to teach those subjects) Do you realize how difficult it is for most kids to think about math this late in the day after a lunch incredibly high in fat – VERY?
      I did not begrudge these kids their education. But why should the rest of the class have to “suffer” because of all this regulation.
      Many teachers also had to be let go and class size increased because of this. Many classroom necessities were not available unless the teacher paid for it.
      You add to this the food stamps, health care, welfare, etc that these families were draining from the system you have a great many problems.
      I believe that anyone should be allowed into America as long as they are not a criminal or have a communicable disease. But if you are here you are on a visa or seeking citizenship. If you are not then you leave. If you are on welfare after say 2 years you go back to you country of citizenship.
      My family lived without healthcare, food stamps or any other govt. help. We found doctors that would take payments and honestly did not have many emergencies. My husband worked hard to provide for us so that I could be home.
      We could have gotten help from the govt. but chose not to. We paid taxes all along. Why should a non-citizen who drains from the system have any more?
      If we would stop all the entitlements in education we would have plenty of money to accomplish what is needed.

      Finally, I’m with Beck. Let’s pay congress, judges, presidents etc. the average salary in the US. They get the same insurance, and other benefits. And when they leave office they get no more pay or benefits. We also need to have term limits (which I would have fought against until 5 years ago as I figured the voters should decide). Our military should be paid the same – average salary. We also need to bring all non-combat people home, especially from Europe and Asia. They can defend themselves. And we need to spend – as a country – only what we bring in.

  • Joe Chiang

    One more thing. Someone get out a Democratic map with targets on it and ask in an interview if these are the kind of irresponsible target maps to which they refer in their mindless ravings.

    • http://libertydigest ira l.

      good post. I also think it would be a good idea to make it mandatory for congress to review the constitution on the floor of congress at least once a year followed by a reading of Atlas Shrugged if it’s a slow legislation week.

      • marvin

        ira l.
        YOU ARE RIGHT I WOULD MUCH REATHER hear the constitution , then renameing post office,s or getting more goverment land if the congress an,t got anything to do come back to their district and ask the voters what they think or need

    • http://libertydigest ira l.

      Am I the only one who heard Bob Beckel on Fox bragging about being the one who first started suggesting targets in key conservative districts. He seemed incredibly proud of the fact. almost as proud as the way he looks every time he checks himself out in the studio monitor every appearance with Hannity.

      • USNpops

        I read the same thing – it was in regards to Bill Clinton’s campaign as I remember. And yes he seems very proud to have come up with this idea.

  • Patsy Cochran

    A few weeks ago I recieved an email with ideas for fixing our country’s dilemma that I would like to share. Give $1,000,000.00 to anyone over 50 to retire. The stipulations: 1)You must retire: creates jobs solves the unemployment problem. 2)You must buy a home or pay off your existing mortgage: fixes the housing crises. 3)You must buy a new American car: solves the auto industry crises. There was more, but I cannot remember all of it or the exact number of jobs created. The money would come from the stimulus money that has not been spent.

    Another thing that I would like to see happen is repeal of Obamacare.

    I would also like to see a balanced federal budget. Cutting all pork spending would go a long way toward this.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Patsy… I remember that e mail. Sounds like a winning solution to me.

    • ken

      Foriegn aid, We should review all the monies we are sending to other Countries.Some of these Countries are our worst enemies.

      Abolish the United Nations.How do this originization help the USA?

      • Mick

        independant thinker says:
        January 15, 2011 at 12:23 am
        We cannot abolish the UN however the US can refuse to participate in or fund the UN.
        independant thinker,,,

        You’re right..The UN can find another site for their headquarters as far as I am concerned and without the financial backing of the United States things would begin to look quite different in a hurry.

    • William Sturm

      Silly. Passing out funny money to more and more people simply dilutes the US$. One day it will be worthless and we will all be trillionaires.

      WE should hold the feet of the government to the fire. PAYGO!!!!

      If you can’t fund it you can’t do it.

      Do not raise the ceiling on the National Debt. Rather….slowly lower it until the debt is paid off!

      This of course would force many painful choices but might save the country!

      Oh yes, you will need a half ton of this funny money to buy a real loaf of bread. Sometimes money is called ‘bread’ isn’t it?


    • JKO

      The man who is the subject of the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” suggested a similar thing on Beck more than a year ago. He said give every citizen $1 million. They have to be a registered voter, a non-criminal, and a few other things. He said this would cost less than the first bail-out and would stimulate the economy like crazy. I liked this and it made sense. Why not give people back their money instead of giving it to a Freddie or Fannie to spend on things we don’t care about.


    Prove once and for all whether Obama is actually eligible to be president. If he isn’t evything else is moot as his signature is worthless and everything goes back to where it was when he was elected. If he is eligible, then impeach him for treason for failing to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic.

    • Minuteman

      A bill is being introduced in the new Texas state congress that would require ALL candidates for President of the United States to provide a copy of their long-form birth certificate before thier name will be put on the ballott. If a few more states would follow this example, maybe we could force via the states rather than the federal courts.

      • Walter D. Owens

        I understand, From sorces on the web, There are Twenty five (25)one half of US. States. Have done this.

        • Concerned Montanan

          My understanding is that many states are CONSIDERING this measure but have not passed it yet. You might check with your state officials and see where they stand – urge them to get on the bandwagon if they have not already.
          Montana, for one, is looking at it and needs a push in the right direction.

    • David

      We should, at least on this site, require proof from anyone who says Obama is a natural born citizen. We required that vetting of John McCain, and rightly so. Now do it for every Presidential Candidate

    • Bruce D.

      Not really. He is an American Citizen but the certificate he has on the internet is one that claims Hawaii as his home state but not born there. Also there is the question whether he is a natural born citizen because his father was not American. If the Constitution is not strictly enforced it becomes a meaningless document. There should be an official inquiry because so much in Obama’s past remains hidden.

    • http://yahoo rwdodgerblue

      AMEN to THAT!!!! If he’s really a US citizen, then why would he hide his birth certificate!?I don’t know much about politics, but aren’t things like ELiGIBILITY checked before you can run for Prez?

  • JC

    If Congress can’t read and understand the proposed bills, then take a hiatus and DON’T PASS ANY NEW legislation.
    Insist on enforcing the existing laws, especially laws regarding ILLEGAL ALIENS, who are making a mockery of our US laws.
    Start to balance the federal budget by removing ALL freebies and benefits given to ILLEGAL ALIENS, who are NOT US CITIZENS.
    Take away the money given to ILLEGAL ALIENS, rather than the money given and earned by US CITIZENS, i.e. Social Security and Medicare.

    • lkar

      This is good starting point. I would add:
      Give education back to the states adn get rid of the Department of Education.
      Combine Homeland Security with the FBI, ATF, and CIA. The TSA needs to be streamlined and the other organizations can provide the intell to properly profile travelers (no need to feel up granny and the grandkids).
      Suspend payments to the NEA (let then seek private donations). This is also true of NPR adn few others.
      With draw from Afganistan and place those troops on the southern border to assist in border security (make sure they have short requirements to engage illegal crossings so they do not have to be shot at before they shoot back).
      Annex Iraq as the 51st state (solve the import oil problem). If that proves too unpalitable, just set it up as US territory and we will keep the oil.
      And last (but not the final idea) TERM LIMITS!!!

      • Joe

        OK, now we’re cookin’! Don’t forget the department of energy and throw in a flat tax, trimming the irs to a fraction of its current size and expense!

      • Alaskasense

        I’d combine Homeland security with the National Guard, which already has the responsibility of defending the homeland. Then I’d put FBI under that group and CIA under Active duty military, with structured crossflow of information. Then required every citizen to serve in one of these organizations for 2 years, and like the Swiss, take his or her firearm home after that term of service is over. Then they are required to maintain currency with it until the age of 75, after which time it is optional.
        To make the federal government more accountable (after some of the great suggestions for reductions), move the HQ out to the states. No more accumulating HQs in Washington DC, no more hiding behind giant building facades and security to avoid those affected by their rules. So, think how different the Bureau of Indian Affairs would be if it was headquartered in the middle of the most miserable reservation in the country. Eliminate every regulation that costs one penny more than it saves, invests, or takes in. Limit the salaries of every federal official to no more than those they regulate. Eliminate unions from all public jobs. Drop the immunity of federal employees from being sued. Either eliminate all bailouts of any kind for any level of company, or upon bailing out a “too big to fail” company, require it be broken up into sections small enough to fail, and then let them sink or swim based on their decisions and competitiveness. Require those who file lawsuits to pay all court costs, to include salaries of all public officials who worked there, if the suit is deemed frivolous or thrown out for lack of evidence, lack of standing, or nuisance intent. Require every employee of any federal agency to work outside the agency in the field doing the work he or she normally regulates, with full accountability and liability, and at the salaries of those who normally do that work.

  • TF

    I agree with njmiller but would add that we should get rid of the Department of Energy which was supposed to find ways to get us off of oil. What have they done but kept us on oil. Also I’d get rid of the EPA which is putting rules out that are costing businesses thousands of dollars with the new rules that they put out because of global warming. Last of all, I’d get rid of the IRS Tax Code because it’s too combersome, then I’d downsize the IRS staff.

  • JPS

    I agree with JC. All illegal aliens must be cutoff and leave OUR country. They and the government are breaking us all.

    After all, they are illegal!

    • USNpops

      So long as the Authorities cannot or will not ask for proof of citizenship without violating a persons civil rights, we will continue to have problems with illegal aliens.
      So long as the Federal Government refuses to Deport anyone that is here illegally, we will continue to have this problem.

      Go to Mexico and refuse to show a Police officer proper documentation that you are there legally. Can you spell JAIL and the key maybe thrown in the Rio Grande?

    • http://yahoo rwdodgerblue

      Most definitely! Cut off food stamps, medical and all other free programs their on. They haven’t earned it and have no right to it. That’s supposed to be ONLY for Americans down on their luck or low income.

  • Lon

    Require that every bill passed by either the Senate or the House of Representatives quotes
    “AMENDMENT 10 – Powers of the States and People
    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” and certifies that the bill does not violate that amendment.
    Further require that ever bill passed by congress and forwarded to the President for signature carry the same quote and certification as the last item in the bill immediately preceding the president’s signature.

  • Cliffystones

    Great idea Patsy!

    I would also stipulate that we can’t collect Social Security if we take the million. I’m 52 in March, where do I sign up?

  • Fred Pechin

    All congressional legislation should be read and discussed. No more quick passing of legislation. Also repeal Obamacare and maybe break it down into categories such as Tort, allowing people with prior conditions and children living at home until 25. Even then it would be difficult to arrive at a good answer.

  • http://smokey'sbooks jessica

    All congressman and woman, judges put on a 2 year salary freeze….senators included.

  • Paul Underhill

    1- Seal the borders.
    2 – Use our current resources (drill for oil). Tell the rest of the world they can sell it to us for $20.00 a barrel or we won’t need it.
    3 – Pass the fair tax (a consumption tax) eliminate taxes from businesses and individuals. This way there is no hiding or loopholes, also everyone has skin in the game.
    4 – Pass real health care reform which includes portability and tort reform. Give people incentive to live a health lifestyle with health savings accounts.
    5 – Make all regulations have a sunset clause so each one needs to be reviewed to make sure it is truly there to protect the common good.
    6 – I have many more but this would be a start.

    • Bruce D.

      That would be a good start for sure Paul.

    • Dave Peters

      You have hit all the highlights and I could not agree more. The biggest addition I would make is to find away to have severe consequences for using their position for political gain, e.g. the illigal alien situation. This is being perpetuated to gain voters and for no other reason.

  • Judy

    Enforcement of existing immigration laws would help with border security.
    Congress says they want to cut spending. There was not a COLA in 2010, so there was no increase in Social Security. I think Congress should vote down any raise they received.
    The entire federal government should be cut five percent across the board. Let the people in the various departments decide where the cuts should be made. (The Military does have other places they can cut besides troops. Let them cut the perks of the higher ups–expensive cars, electronics, fancy offices, consolidate offices, purchasing equipment and supplies not needed, etc. This same idea can be used in all the different departments. The White House should have no say that a department doesn’t have to cut the five percent. When they have cut that five percent, which should be done within six months, they can consider cutting my Social Security five percent. Social Security was one of the biggest scams ever pulled and will ruin us if we don’t do something about it.)

  • Doug Schexnayder.PhD (ret)


    LAW 1:

    All the national democrats have are distractions, lies and smears to push or protect their secular socialist policies.
    (toxic policies demand these tactics so they NATURALLY MUST use them daily.)

    LAW 2:

    The national democrats (aka secular socialists) have no ethical or moral boundaries.
    (so you should never be shocked by what they NATURALLY MUST say or do)

  • Judy

    I forgot to put in the most important item. Anything saved goes directly to paying off what we owe China.

  • Michael J.

    Mr. Livingston,
    From my point of view, the issue of presidential eligibility garners first priority for the new Congress, and here’s why.

    The eligibility question in the minds of millions of Americans has exascerbated the existing lack of trust in and confidence of the Federal Government in general to adaquately vet potential presidential candidates.

    While past and current inquiries pertaining to eligibility are met with sneers and jeers by the left and their media, I can say with 100% confidence that the next time the question of eligibility is raised and the name of the candidate in question happens to be preceded by an (R), it will matter greatly to the left and their media.

    With enough foresight all Americans should be able to visualize the value of assured eligibility and therefore demand clarification in this matter to help restore trust in government. No new legislation need be enacted, just adherence to present laws and practices.

    Once that has been acheived, we the people in an unprecedented act should provide government with a new M.A.P. to the future. Mutually Assured Prosperity that is, mandated by voters as the direction in which we see as most beneficial to all Americans. This new voice provided to the people would swell confidence in America and know no bounds.

    Confidence in government and our elected officials is the key to restoring our country.

  • Bob Sheppard

    We will have to begin at the root of the problem;; and that is in the three branches that form our government. We must stop this very expensive running for these government offices. Just about every person that takes an office has to kow-tow to those who supported them moneywise. Let’s come up with a better idea and make sure that we no long allow any lobbyist. Then everyone of them from the president to the congress will draw a salary for four years as they work to earn it. They will all be on medicare, and there will be no further payments made after they return to public life. Anyone caught stealing the taxpayers money will be summiliary shot, no matter how they style their theft. There need to be strict guide lines as to what the governments duty is and any effort to go outside that would be cause to dismiss whoever it was and demand all of their pay that had been given to them. Congress could not make any law that did not apply directly them. The President would not be allowed Czars, all appointments would have to be veted by the congress. We should for a reasonable time withdraw all of our support for other nations and other causes and come up with a play that limits all use of taxpayer money. Any politician that wants to send money or jobs overseas would be required to use their own money and we should tax very heavily any american goods that are produced in foreign countries. Then we sould make sure our military is the best in all the world, and go back to schools that are able to discipline students. Over all we should follow the constitution. We have too many ex-presidents and senators and congressmen walking around after four years or eight years, or however many years, drawing large salaries. We should use whatever force necessary to control our borders.

    • Jane Spaulding

      Great Ideas, everyone—-I agree with eleminating the size of Government. I agree with eleminating any spending to other countries. I agree that way too many legal or illegal immigrants make their way here. I think Birthright Citizenship should desist. All manufacturing made outside the US should be brought back immediately. Congress shall follow the Constitution–not pass any laws that they shall not follow. Clean up the Government Spending. Payback all the IOU’s that you have given SS. Stop printing money without its being backed by the Gold Standard. Make it a common practice that no Politician is not allowed to vote not having read the Bill. No Lobbyists–ever. There are so many things that this Government needs to change, but will it ever?

  • John Pacetti, Administrator

    We started a forum for people to speak up about issues at So yes I feel that a forum for people to express themselves is very important.

    • Dan az

      Wouldn’t be nice to have a blog that gives you access to the very representative that you elected and actually have him listen to what you want him to vote on?And have a counter on it to see what people wanted compared to what he or she voted instead.Then there would be no excuse that they thought they where doing the right thing for all of us dummies!

  • Joyce Harvey

    Can you picture what a trillion dollars looks like? I didn’t have a clue until I watched . If the media (all of it) would flood the TV channels, newspapers, and any other visual media, perhaps we could all visualize how much debt the USA currently owes. It blew MY mind.

    • Dan az

      Joyce Harvey
      If a trillion dollars where divided up among all legal citizens 350 million or so it would give every one a million dollars and if the guv took there usual 50% then you would have 500 thousand to pay off your bills and stay ahead of the game.The guv would have only spent 500 billion to generate stimulus of the economy.And would be collecting on the interest to boot.And with a flat tax then you could reduce the size of the guv.

      • night-hunter

        Sorry, you have a math error. $1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion dollars) divided by current US population 311,900,313 (estimated via US Census population clock)=$3206.15 each. Incidentally, this is why “distribute the wealth” doesn’t work.

  • K. D. M.

    Start with term limits, 8 years max for all who are in office. When their term is up they do not get life time health care or a pension. They have to go back to work just like the rest of us and provide for themselves. Ban on all earmarks period. No more hand outs, put an end to the welfare state and if you are a illegal the only thing you get is a bus ride back to the border. Have secure borders. Public employees can not join a union, they cost too much. No same sex marriage, it’s immoral.

  • Ray

    My Solution is a bottom up solution to stop the foreclosure hemorrhage.
    1. Form an Independent company to manage re-financing for ALL Americans
    2. Allow the Federal Reserve to Loan this corporation the $ 350 billion to secure mortgages-homes thru banks similar to FHA, VA loans
    3. Allow ALL Americans the opportunity to re-finance, or purchase a new home thru this corporation at a 3% interest rate.
    This will do the following:
    1. Not cost the American taxpayer a dime as the government will only be guarantying these loans similar to FHA, VA loans
    2. People who are not in trouble will now have a $ 300 – $800.00/monthly reduction and savings, EXTRA MONEY
    3. People will spend; pay down their debt, or save this extra money – in all cases it will go back into circulation
    4. People who are in trouble will not be evicted and now be able to afford their homes and spend this extra money which will boost the economy
    5. Homes will not stand empty, and banks will not own empty homes
    6. Banks will be making 1-2% to manage this re-finance transaction
    7. Home values will stop declining
    8. Peoples confidence in government and business will increase
    9. The economy will come back

    • Dan az

      That’s a good one and might I add that by doing so it would also start new construction because the market would not have all those houses empty which lowers their values and floods the markets with houses that are empty!It would also stabilize the real estate values and prevent them from becoming a bubble.

  • KJD

    In order to serve in Federal Congress (either house)the candidate must:
    1. Serve at least 2 years as an elected official at a state or local level;
    2. Be willing to be paid for the position as a SERVICE to the people with a standard ONE week vacation the first year and TWO weeks vacation the second year;
    3. Must pay taxes, including all wage taxes and accept a standard health insurance as all ‘common’ people do;
    Once in office the Senator/Representative:
    1. May serve one term of office and then must serve again in an elected office at a state or local level in order to run for election in Federal Congress again.
    2. May contribute to a 401K or have a personal retirement plan but will not receive a pension for their service.
    3. May not vote themselves a raise or any other benefits but must present ALL such requests to their ‘bosses’(the people) for a vote.
    4. Will receive a salary of $75,000 a year for their service with no other benefits other than the standard health insurance package afforded to full time workers in America. This means they will pay a part of their health insurance and be subject to standard costs.

    If anyone wants to add to this list, feel free!

  • LNSu

    I think that We the People need to be more involved ourselves. That means after elections people should stay tuned on what is going on. I think that Congress ALL of them from the Federal levels to the state level need to CUT their salaries many of us have taken a hit, but they just keep getting raises it is ubserd. One law if the Bill is NOT read then it is NOT voted on. NO MORE NEVER AGIAN “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” Bravo on the forum.

  • Alan

    Cut ALL deficit spending. No new spending against the budget unless 75% vote for it. If it’s absolutely necessary then it’ll get voted in. If it’s a party thing.

    It must also stand on it’s own. No taking on other issues.

    It’s very likely that everything will come to a dead stop for quite some time. But then they’ll get it and have to work it out.

    If we keep spending money the way we are the government will come to a halt on it’s own for lack of money eventually anyway.
    Make the Fed chairman’s job an elective position. He has too much power over the economy and the U.S. operations to be so independent and no real boss.

    We’ve got to find some way to get the members of congress to respond to the voters and not to “where the money is.” Our current system’s weakness is that congressmen have to have money to get voted in and they are under the thumbs of “the money” and not “the voters.” The priorities are out of sync. It takes money to get the votes. It’s money that gets the votes more than their principles.

  • Just plain Kate

    Get rid of case law. Go back to Constitutional law. Think of all the time we would save, we could clean up the whole unjust Justice system. Case law promotes and recycles bad decisions by Advocate judges and corrupt Jury panels.

    • http://Hotmail Steve


    • http://Hotmail Steve

      I fully agree. Precedent should have no bearing and should not even be allowed to be presented.

  • Tom

    Oboma and any future president MUST not restrict any records of their past. The people need to make a sound decision on it’s president based on facts not what the canidate says but FACTS/TRUTH.
    Before our represenitives vote on any bill they must sign off that they at least read the bill first (example ObomaCare).
    The House and Senate should be accountable to have the same Social Security as the common American that they represent.
    The Federal Government must secure our borders and not fight the States. If you are not a U.S. citizen you do not get government subsidies. If ILLEGAL ALIENS want to come to the U.S. for jobs how does that entitle them to the government assistance. You are only asking more illegal aliens not less.

  • Richard

    There’s not enough room to list all I would do to get our country back on track. But on foreign policy, I’d demand payment from countries we have helped in war, specifically Iraq and Kuwait. Cash or oil, either one. I’d be firm with opposing governments and let the world know that we aren’t going to be pushed around anymore. I’d stop giving aid to countries who are not our firm allies. I would demand fair trade practices from China. I would do whatever is necessary to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions and put a lid on North Korea’s program of aggression—On the domestic issues, our economic policies are killing us. So, I would disolve unnecessary bureaucracies like the FCC, DOE, Nat’l Endowment to The Arts, Federal Dept. of Education, DHS, etc. and I would end the subsidies to NPR, Amtrak and the like. I’d trim the EPA to bare bones. I’d abolish Obamacare in total and fix our expensive health care system with specific, targeted initiatives. I would pass a balanced budget amendment. I would not raise the debt ceiling, but cut spending instead, without harming our seniors and needy. I would exploit our domestic energy reserves vigorously including oil, gas, coal, oil shale, geothermal, hydro-electric plants and nuclear power plants. I would restore off-shore drilling and vigorously develop our Alaska oil reservoirs. This would reduce our dependency on foreign oil and bring down gasoline prices. I would scrap the “Cap And Trade” initiative. I would not bail out states who have bankrupted themselves by liberalism. Let them go through the bankruptcy reconstruction process and get rid of the unions which have a choke hold on them. I would secure our southern border SOLID and establish a controllable guest worker problem Should I go on? Like I said, there’s not enough room.

    • William Sturm

      Let me simplify some of this for you. Americans had better get busy producing something the rest of America will buy!

      That’s it.

      Folks say we have the spirit and the ingenuity to do this…so let’s go do it!

      Unfortunately, we keep getting weaker and weaker and one day we will not be able to stand on our own two feet.

      Let’s buck up now and hit it!


  • eddie47d

    Make CEO pay more in line on a percentage basis to the average worker in that company or that of the whole industry. CEOs and their businesses would not exist without a capable workforce and the disparity has become striking. This would help bring balance to our economy and more honest accountability to Wall Street.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Downsize already has a beautiful system…why not partner up!

    • JeffH

      Good one…as does…

  • Eric

    “What would yo do to change things?”
    Simple. Give our government back to the people. Slash taxes, eliminate the majority of both federal and state departments, put education back in hands of parents and communities and don’t allow the federal government to “regulate” anything except what the Constitution allows. To accomplish this, we need to start by demanding that our elected officials in Washington and our state capitals follow the desires of the people not their own agendas. We need to “leave the plow behind”, so to speak, and “pick up our weapons”, so to speak, and become involved in the governing of our country which is founded on the premise “For the People By the People”.

    • William Sturm

      Right. Let’s go back to citizen statesmen and women. You go to Washington for 4 months out of the year and to the people’s business then you go back home to you regular job to make a living…..

      Funds for politicians may not be soilicited.

      All funding will be on a ‘free will’ basis.


      P.S. Are you aware that polticians spend 60% of their waking hours begging for money? No wonder they don’t have time to even scan the laws they pass!

  • s wm carson

    great idea, chip! i’d like to see a ranking by value, integrity and timeliness of shipping of junk silver, sustinence supplies, and local sources of same . repeal nafta/gatt and always D2NWO

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    Sponsor a civics educational program and website. Show scientific polling results and see if the webste users profile matches the public and scientific polls. Track sentiment over time. Provide a conduit from polls to the politicians. Show their votes and positions. Provide a one-click “send a message” to the leaders. Build accountability. Provide data to reasearchers (possible income to manage the development.)

  • Stephen

    Repeal the legal tender laws.
    End all the wars, military, drug, and humanitarian.
    Establishment a unit of value based on several commodities separate from all currency.
    Reestablish allodial title as a common practice.

  • Johnny Helms

    The First Amendment is being butchered by not only lower courts but by our Supreme Court as well, and it all centers on the word “establishment.” The “Establishment Clause,” as it is referred to, is generally applied as though “establishment” is a verb when in fact it is a noun, i.e., “an establishment of religion.” Our courts and our public schools are misinterpreting “establishment” in such a manner that causes them to do the very thing the First Amendment prohibits, i.e., they are passing laws and ordinances that do in fact prohibit “the free exercise thereof.” Establishment in the First Amendment is a noun preceded by the indefinite article “an,” and is used in the same way we often refer to private businesses, e.g., “you cannot do that in this establishment. We do not allow smoking in this restaurant.” “An establishment of religion” would be, for instance, the Episcopal Church In America, The Southern Baptist Convention and all the congregations under that establishment’s banner, etc., etc. The First Amendment does not prohibit the use of crosses or the Star of David in government cemeteries or parks. Nor does it prohibt the display of the Minorah or Nativity scenes on government or public property. To prohibit such displays is what the First Amendment prohibits. Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association is not a part of the Constitution, much to the shagrin of the ACLU and our nation’s liberal politicians, and was not intended to do anything other than assure the Danbury Baptists that our new Constitution would not force them to conform to our new government.

  • George R. Horn

    I have read many very good ideas, surprising how good some of them are. Our political system is broken in many ways. Have any of you ever tried to read a bill that Congress is working on. Whatever happened to being able to understand what is written. Take the Health Care Bill, have any of you read it, unfortunately I have and it is so contradictory that I have no idea how it passed. Bills should cover one issue not multiples. The true cost of this bill is by no means been calculated. It is supposed to lower insurance policy rates,(remember the promise) ask anyone what their cost is.

    • William Sturm

      Absolutely! One subject….one bill. No more Christmas trees. No more earmarks!!!!

      Furthermore, how everyone voted should be immediately post on the Internet.

      In fact, this is a good idea for this site too.

      One idea at a time please. Otherwise we sound like politicians listing all the multiple things that must be fixed and we end up focusing on nothing and fixing nothing.

      But I do not wish to sound critical about what is being posted….

      It seems to me if protocol is followed we can focus on all the ideas associated with each suggestion/problem….sort of like a massive brain storming session. Furthermore, if folks want to go off on a tangent that does not interest or advance the ball…so be it. Let em go.

      Do we expect anyone is going to wade through a massive listing of multiple problems? No way. They will ignore them all.

      But, its possible just possible one item will emerge that can be seriously considered for study and implementation!

      We must help out our politicians….they are extremely busy with the complex mess they have created. Let’s become part of the solution instead of part of the same old problem!


  • Budz McKenzie

    Legalize weed.

    Tax it. Use the Hemp oil. Use the Hemp fiber. Cut down the alcohol
    cunsumption. Put the drug dealers out of business.

    Anyone who can expain why alcohol and tobacco are legal, and kills hundreds of thousands of people a year, and pot is illegal and has not killed anyone,please do.


  • http://n/a Rob M

    I want to see a coordinated organization that explains who would be the best conservative candidate for a specific political office that supports the Constitution as a “chiseled in stone” document, not a fluid, manipulated, worthless piece of parchment. Who among us is the best candidate in our district/state/county, etc. that will truly work to reduce the size and scope of the federal government and return it to the way the Founders meant it to be?

    For example, Lt Col. Alan West is the ideal candidate for President of the U.S. He takes the race card off of the table and he is an ultra-Conservative Constitutionalist.

    Ron Paul is the best candidate for Vice President because he has earned his stripes by never wavering from his conviction that the dollar should be locked to the gold standard and the Fed should be audited.

    Judge Andrew Napolitano should be a Supreme Court Justice, immediately after impeaching the woman that protected Obama in exchange for her appointment.

    Sarah Palin, the darling of the Tea Party, who has effectively drawn the Conservatives toward their awakening, would be great as the Secretary of Energy, giving her the authority to develop the energy of Alaska in addition to the rest of the country.

    Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona would do well as the head of Homeland Security.

    These are a sample. We need one organization to draw the Consevatives and show them who best fits the positions. We could call it the Palin Tea Party Vote List.

  • Johnny Helms

    One more explanation for any who may not be aware of this historical fact. It was in Jefferson’s letter that we find the words “separation of church and state,” not in the First Amendment or any other Amendment of our great Constitution.

  • Marion

    I have an Idea, we pass a law, which mandates, an audit, for goverment officals periodicly, say once every two to three years. You see that is one of the problems in Washington, the laws have the citizens bowing down to the law makers, and how would they get rich in office if they had to show where thier money came from. The legislators are above the laws, Rangel just proved that.

  • Tim

    Just a note on something that has been entirely forgotten: Our congress needs to pass a bill that secures our autonomy as a nation. If you remember, Mr Bush Sr and Mr Gorbachov(?) signed the U.N.Constitution that took away our sovereignty and signed it over to the U.N. According to what I read way back when I saw a copy of that document it superceeded the powers of our Constitution. That needs to be undone. Tim


      Right on! Tim. Every UN doc should be opened and audited while the USA quits that flawed org.

  • Kathy

    I want to post web sites for others to look at. My city is being sprayed. Look up into the sky at dusk to see if this is happening to you.

    • Tim

      Happened in Clermont,Fl this week. Only took the jets about ten minutes to complete the job. As a side note: did they ever find out what caused the 5000 birds to fall from the skies in Arky last week?

      • independant thinker

        Officialy it was a dark cloudy moonless night and something startled them from their roost (probably fireworks shot among them) and they flew into houses, cars, powerlines, and other hard objects in their panicked flight.

        • http://windowsexplorer Beverly

          Does anyone really believe that? Something is going on that we obviously do not know about yet. We have had fireworks for decades, and this year it affected them? Whatever it was, it killed fish, too, and that’s scary!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Just Plain John

    HR 25 would solve a large portion of our problems. We could then cope with the rest one at a time.
    Just Plain John

    • DaveH

      The only really fair tax would be for each adult to be liable for the same amount each year (a true flat tax). After all, we are each equally protected under the law aren’t we? So why should anybody pay any more than anybody else? You can bet that government would shrink dramatically when everybody had the same skin in the game.
      Those Rich people, that so many will whine about, invest their money much more wisely in our economy than government does. So, making them pay more for our government is counter-productive to our society. Not to mention — Immoral.

      Read this please:

  • Doc Sarvis

    Wow, no insults. I’d be a !*@&$#$%#&$ not to respond to this one.

    In no particular order:
    1. Remove the tax incentive for corporations to ship our jobs to other countries
    2. More progressive health care legislation to include all citizens
    3. Get completely out of Iraq and Afghanistan and provide them with some funding to get back on track after our screwing around with their countries
    4. Really explore and develop energy alternatives to petroleum and build the infrastructure needed to make that transition
    5. Maintain an inheritance tax for very large estates
    6. Prosecute U.S. officials involved in our torture of prisoners and in the lying to get us into wars
    7. Legalize marrage for homosexuals (equity of legal benefits for all consenting adult couples)
    8. Tighten handgun laws
    9. Increase funding for education
    10. Higher taxes on the top 2%

    • Concerned Montanan

      Comment on your “increased funding” for education. Right!! but let’s increase the funding in our own districts instead of sending all the money to the state and (worse) the federal government and paying some bureaucrat to return part of it to us and tell how we have to use it. There is no proof that federal intervention through increased funding has improved learning ability for our students. A lot of that money lately has gone to build powerful teacher’s unions. Do a little research on the NEA and its recent stated goals.

      • JKO

        As a teacher I agree Concerned. See my post a ways up.

    • JKO

      No insult intended here, but I would like to respond to you energy comment. In 05 I had to have 1 more science credit to get my degree. The only one that worked with my schedule was an energy alternative class (this was Portland Or. – VERY environmentally conscience). In this class I learned something interesting. Except for bio-diesel all other alternatives affect the environment equally. By the time you produce them – which puts all kinds of yucky stuff into the environment – and then use them it is about the same as fossil fuels. There is also often the need to repair and replace and all of those replacements have to go somewhere. This was true of fuel cell, wind tech, solar power, etc.
      Now you think I am crazy with this, but I saw the documentation. AND I was incredibly shocked by this. I just did not have the smarts to get a copy of the document.
      Anyway, just an FYI and I do appreciate the post.

    • Bill

      Repeal all gun laws since John Kennedy assassination! No new laws! WE have the laws there they don’t use them, we need no more, in fact much is printed in proof the better armed a neighborhood the less the crime rate. Other wise ban cars, they kill far more, or doctors again they kill far more, get a grip Anti gun laws are there to make us sheep, we the heaviest armed nation in the world has stopped other country’s from invading us in the past, Japan in WW2. Yea they hit lightly populated Islands on the Alaskan chain but even those were thrown off but with troops, just to few people there. The day we give up guns bow and accept your new king! Your freedom is over!

  • Jery Winters

    Variation on ‘kill the lawyers’ – purge socialistic elements from the government at ALL LEVELS of government. This may sound Mccarthy-esque BUT look how the current administration is using / abusing the bureaucracy to carry out “change” (and for that matter has been doing so for quite some time). I believe that most leftists are NOT interested in the betterment of this exceptional nation and therefore don belong in positions where they can create or influence policy.

    I also believe that the eco-subversives in our midst have to be reigned in. I’m sorry, but the cheaper energy is, the more people can truly progress anywhere, everywhere. So anybody who impedes the development of energy sources is no friend of America, or humanity. While America does need to wean itself from the dependence on Mideast oil, or oil from unfriendly sources, we have more than enough domestic capability to be energy self reliant.

    Enough of people who aren’t qualified trying to tell ME and ANYBODY ELSE what to do – nannystaters should be put on notice their time is over.

  • Marvin Proctor

    What about these facts?

    Your Social Security

    Just in case some of you young whippersnappers (& some older ones) didn’t know this. It’s easy to check out, if you don’t believe it. Be sure and show it to your kids. They need a little history lesson on what’s what and it doesn’t matter whether you are Democrat or Republican. Facts are Facts!!!
    Social Security Cards up until the 1980s expressly stated the number and card were not to be used for identification purposes Since nearly everyone in the United States now has a number, it became convenient to use it anyway and the message was removed.[9]
    An old Social Security card with the “NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION” message.
    Our Social Security

    Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social
    Security (FICA) Program. He promised:

    1.) That participation in the Program would be
    Completely voluntary,

    No longer Voluntary

    2.) That the participants would only have to pay
    1% of the first $1,400 of their annual
    Incomes into the Program,

    Now 7.65%
    On the first $90,000

    3..) That the money the participants elected to put
    Into the Program would be deductible from
    Their income for tax purposes each year,

    No longer tax deductible

    4.) That the money the participants put into the
    Independent ‘Trust Fund’ rather than into the
    General operating fund, and therefore, would
    Only be used to fund the Social Security
    Retirement Program, and no other
    Government program, and,

    Under Johnson the money was moved to
    The General Fund and Spent

    5.) That the annuity payments to the retirees would never be taxed as income.

    Under Clinton & Gore
    Up to 85% of your Social Security can be Taxed

    Since many of us have paid into FICA for years and are
    Now receiving a Social Security check every month —
    And then finding that we are getting taxed on 85% of
    The money we paid to the Federal government to ‘put
    Away — you may be interested in the following:

    ———— ——— ——— ——— ———
    Q: Which Political Party took Social Security from the
    Independent ‘Trust Fund’ and put it into the
    General fund so that Congress could spend it?

    A: It was Lyndon Johnson and the democratically
    Controlled House and Senate.

    ———— ——— ——— ——— ———
    Q: Which Political Party eliminated the income tax
    Deduction for Social Security (FICA) withholding?

    A: The Democratic Party.

    ———— ——— ——— ——— ———
    Q: Which Political Party started taxing Social
    Security annuities?

    A: The Democratic Party, with Al Gore casting the
    ‘tie-breaking’ deciding vote as President of the
    Senate, while he was Vice President of the US

    ———— ——— ——— ——— ———

    Q: Which Political Party decided to start
    Giving annuity payments to immigrants?


    A: That’s right!

    Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party.
    Immigrants moved into this country, and at age 65,
    Began to receive Social Security payments! The
    Democratic Party gave these payments to them,
    Even though they never paid a dime into it!

    ———— — ———— ——— —–
    Then, after violating the original contract (FICA),
    The Democrats turn around and tell you that the Republicans want to take your Social Security away!

    And the worst part about it is uninformed citizens believe it!
    If enough people receive this, maybe a seed of
    Awareness will be planted and maybe changes will
    Evolve. Maybe not, some Democrats are awfully
    Sure of what isn’t so.

    But it’s worth a try. How many people can YOU send this to?

    Actions speak louder than bumper stickers.


  • Marion

    Instead of the fairness doctorine, how about the liberal start their own liberal talk show, that would be fun to see them fall all over themselves, and try to explain thier political views.

    • Concerned Montanan

      I read once that the reason there are not more liberal talk shows is that they cannot get sponsors, a reason for that being that not enough people listen. Can’t give you a reference for proof of this statement, but interesting, huh?

  • Preston Hall

    I’ve been wanting to put this in writing for a long time, so here goes. This is what i would do to solve the border problem, unemployment, home forclosers. Sorry i can’t tackle health-care.
    First the border problem: Each state on the border moves their National Guard to the border. Armed and ready to stop all illegal activity. Each Governor of a border state needs to stop sending their National Guard to over-seas duty.
    Second the unemployment problem: Stop the out-sourcing of jobs by heavy fines, taxes and tariffs on all companies that are doing it. Make it less expensive to make it in America. Place heavy taxes on all imports from China, Japan, and India. Re-tool all closed manufacturing plants in this country to go back to manufacturing everything this country uses in our day-to-day living. From tooth-picks to steel, make it all.
    Now home forclosers: Stop all home forclorsers across the country. Keep families in their homes, kids in their schools and pets in the back yards. The government needs to do the same thing it did for companies and bail-out the home owner by buying their mortgage and allowing the home owner to repay the debt as they become employed again.
    Ladies and Gentleman, it is called “Protectionism”. This country must do it right-a-way to protect the United States Of America.

    • William Sturm

      The immigration laws we have on the books need to be stricly enforced.
      560,000 deported aliens still are difting around in the USA. Homeland Security is responsible to deport.

      Free trade and free enterpise will solve all problems. Governments ought to stay out of the way….

      Your third point I simply could not remember and I really don’t know how to find it again easily…..

      I will say this: You gave us a nice point by point presentation.

      Thank you.


    • William Sturm

      Your third point. Stop all foreclosures….

      Who is going to pay for it?

      Why compensate folks for irresponsible behavior?

      Let’s wash em all out and start over from the bottom and inform folks no matter where they live or what they do (to include businesses and States….) they must be given the opportunity to suffer the consequences relatred to their poor choices.

      Living beyond their means and too much debt.

      Next time around they will be more careful.

      Personal responsibility or else you suffer the consequences.

      With that approach we can get along on a lot less Government!!!!!



  • Jim Blair

    The great gulf between libs and conservatives is due to the ever expanding universe of the acceptable driven by the liberals acceptance of fringe ideas and viewpoints. It has expanded so far, there is little common ground left between members of the two.

  • Jan

    We need to abolish the Department of Education altogether or either rename it the Ministry of Propaganda. Many of this country’s problems begin with an indoctrinated, rather than an educated, citizenry. Doing away with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is another excellent idea. The IRS is a mess. Maybe it is time to adopt the Fair Tax idea, especially since recent polls reveal that 47% of our citizens don’t pay income taxes. There are clearly too many ways to avoid paying taxes on income. A tax on consumption rather than income would be a better way to deal with tax cheaters, drug dealers, prostitution rings, those in the country illegally, and so on. Politics being what it is, a divided government may be better for us than having one party control the White House and both branches of Congress. Too much power in the hands of either the Democrats or the Republicans can contribute to the abuses that we have seen in the past two years. Another bad idea is tax-payer funding of NPR. This is totally unnecessary in today’s world. In fact, the news media itself is a major problem. If the argument that the press has the responsibility of keeping the public informed on how best to cast their votes, then the main-stream news media have failed miserably. Today, they are just as much propaganda machines as TASS and Pravda in the old Soviet Union. We urgently need to hold them accountable for their low standards of journalism.

  • Jery Winters

    Regarding the War against (un)Islamics in Afghanistan – bring the troops home and post bounties on any Talib or islamofascist our intelligence services want, because no matter how large the bounty, it’ll still be cheaper than maintaining troops in the region. For the ‘right price’, Osama’s own mother would turn him in, or mercenaries and bounty-hunters would do the job. Sadly, I doubt it’s even possible to do much in Afghanistan – just ask the British and the Soviets…and now us.

    American troops worldwide need to come home NOW.

    • Bill

      Alexander the Great on, No one has concurred Afghanistan, no one. All who tried left with the job unfinished! All! We have no business there. We can no longer be the world police force, We need out of the UN and NATO, the money spent there applied to our needs here, at some point we have to bring the debt down and pay it off.

  • http://! Angel Wannabe

    What I’d do?__

    : Demand the Truth from Washington!

    : FIRST AND FOREMOST_>>> go back to and follow that Constitution, tooth and nail!

    : No lobbying for special interest groups, we’re all Americans first!

    : Close the borders & enforce immigration laws,_ Ellis Island worked well the first time.

    : No More press one for English, if you want to be an American citizen learn the language.

    :End the Federal reserve and income tax!

    :Add flat tax that ALL can afford!

    :Reduce tax, regulation & provide incentives to encourage, manufacturing and industry to return to the US.

    : Get Government out of our lives and back in Washington where they belong. They’re only job is to provide and atmosphere where the Free Markets can flourish, not take half of what we earn and run our lives

    : Encourage and provide incentives for entrepreneurs to flourish, They are the job creators!

    : Open up offshore drilling and stop foreign dependence on oil.

    : Repeal and replace Obama care!__Add tort reform and the ability to buy health care insurance across state lines to encourage competition. Give folks the option to pay into personal health care accounts, with little or no added tax._Its they’re/our money!

    :Serious Vetting of ANY incoming Congress or President. IF you don’t qualify, you don’t get the job!_PERIOD!

    :Require that Congress have at minimum 5 days to review ANY bill submitted.

    : NO shoving ANY legislation through without transparency.

    : NO ONE is to be allowed to write law or Legislation outside of Congress. Example: the Apollo Alliance who wrote the Stimulus Bill.

    I have a few more but must think about how to portray them.

    • http://! Angel Wannabe


      : Welfare deadline, no more than six months. Put people to work on release for pay, barring disability. Work on bridges, roads and public buildings, there is plenty to do and they may even learn a trade, while there.

      : Get out of the UN, CFR, TLC, throw the 81 known Socialists in Congress out, if your not for Freedom and the U.S.A, your against us!

      :If your a known activist, have a record, have been tried and charged with crimes against the US as a young American, you may not run for political office or be involved with Government what so ever, when older. Example, Bill Ayers, Van Jones.

  • George Edmundson

    The solution is simple!! Follow the constitution

  • Linda C

    Yes!! to ideas from Minuteman, njmiller and Patsy Cochran.
    - No single person/judge should ever be able to overturn a majority vote by the legal constituency of a state or of our country. (whether I agree with the vote or not! ;-)
    - Return to the 100% gold-backed dollar
    - Congressmen/women, FannieMae/FreddieMac officials should be subject to the same white-collar crime standards as the execs & management of companies like Enron, etc. etc. Many of our representatives have violated the public trust, embezzled, outright lied to us and destroyed millions of citizens’ retirement funds (i.e. social security) If found guilty by the same standards, they should have to forfeit ALL retirement, face the same criminal & punitive consequences.
    - No more foreign aid or money for wars abroad if our borders are not 100% secured and enforced. (I am not against the war on terror, but find it absolutely deceitful and hypocritical to fight a war on terror and yet leave our borders unsecured.)
    - Immediate deportation of all illegals. This should go a fair way toward immediate national & state debt reduction and exponentially in the long run, not to mention immediate employment opportunities for tax-paying CITIZENS nationwide.

  • Hal T

    Congress should be required to obey all the laws it passes. For instance drop their cushy retirement and health plans and put them on Social Security and Medicare. Bet they could fix them then.

  • AnhydrousBob

    Follow the constitution as it was written
    Eliminate most of the cabinet positions (leaving only the constitutionally accepted Defense and Justice – I think) and remove all government agencies, offices, and positions that report to these positions.
    Return to a non-interventionist foreign policy – pull our troops back home.
    Eliminate the FED – it is not constitutional, return to the gold standard.
    Repeal the 17th Amendment – putting power back in the hands of the states.
    Eliminate the 16th Amendment – it was never properly ratified.
    While this will not create a utopia, it will go a long way toward an incredibly fair government

    • Jim M

      Following the Constitution would mean reviewing the article regarding Impeachment. Should spur everyone to evaluate if Obama should be allowed to remain in office.

  • Karen

    I would like to see the entire USA STOP PAYING FEDERAL TAXES until we see the Constitution and the American way of life restored WITHOUT the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS that has destroyed this once great NAtion. I’d like to see Obama removed from office for not producing a valid birth certificate and to turn the clock back on all the crimes he has instituted against the American people without their knowledge. And finally, I’d like Senator DeMint to declare SC “the new USA” put borders up and uphold the Constitution and start over in adding States to the Union. Oh, one more thing on my wish list? All Liberals, progressives and those that do not believe in the USA Constitution move to California and then watch California fall into the Ocean, without that State we would be a better place. Some wish list, huh?

  • j.scoggin

    Pass the Fair Tax. Without economic freedom we are slaves to the state. j.s.

    • Warrior

      A Fair Tax appears to make the most sense. No income tax, No IRS. Everyone pays the same consumption tax on goods and services.

  • MOM1954


    • Dave Peters

      I agree and would take it one step further. If you are on any government subsistence you can not vote until you get off of welfare.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Dave Peters,
        One exception to that. If a person is a disabled Veteran, I think he/she has earned the right to participate!

    • http://windowsexplorer Beverly

      I totally agree with the items you have listed under number 1. I just got angry again just reading them! How did we get in this position? They have been slipping things past us that we don’t find out about until long after the fact. Even though people are finally waking up to what’s been going on, can someone tell me how to band together to stop it? I believe that’s why we had the Republican sweep in the mid-terms, but is it enough? Apparently truth is not “politically correct” anymore?

      • http://windowsexplorer Beverly

        This is in response to Mom1954 above.

  • bransbe


  • http://none Norm James

    Congressional Reform Act of 2011

    1. Term Limits.

    12 years only, one of the possible options below..

    A. Two Six-year Senate terms
    B. Six Two-year House terms
    C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms

    2. No Tenure / No Pension.

    A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

    3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people.

    4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

    5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

    7. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

    8. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/11.

    The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen. Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

    Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

    • William Sturm

      The problem is we no longer have investigative reporters to dig out the truth and report it.

      The government changes the definitions on the Cost of Living and the Gross Domestic Product to validate their own views of how things are going. These reports are never questioned. Whoops.

      Until we get the facts out about what they are doing to deceive us…we will be kept in the dark.

      You know…mushroom management!



    1.Make congress obey and live under the same rules and laws they pass.
    2.Allow conceal and carry laws under a uniform procedure that assures every honest citizen has the right to self defense.
    3. Stealing-hypothicating-etc. of any pension funds is strictly regulated.
    4. Limit the War Powers Act to 180 days.
    5.Build Nuclear Power Plants to put people to work.
    6.Drill in Anwar.
    7.Use the MIlitary to scure our borders and stop drugs.
    8. Make drug use a medical problem.
    9 Hold judges/ parole boards liable for releasing repeat offenders who comitt crimes repeatedly
    10 Do impact studies to force companies to miigate te economic damages they cause by moving overseas.
    11.2 years mandatory Community or Military service for the right to vote.
    12. Immediatly legalize and tax marijuana.
    13. Immediate DNA testing for all Capital Offenses if it would make a difference.
    14. No unfunded liabilities.
    15. Fund social security, Medicare with a national lottery.

    • Nancy

      # 15 is a great idea…

  • Jery Winters

    I’d like to see a compilation of the best or most feasible ideas that people have proposed here when this has run its course. Ten to twenty ideas sounds good to me.

  • Julie

    I think they should pass a law that if you accuse someone of something and their is not proof, than you can be impeached or prosecuted the same as the accused would of if found guilty. I think that would stop the childs play in Congress!

    • Nancy

      That is good

  • Nancy

    1. get rid of the unions.
    2. get rid of the IRS. Have a head tax. Best birth control ever.
    3. get rid of welfare except for real unable to work cases.
    4. get rid of the department of education. We don’t need them at fed level.
    5. cut the entire government to 1/3 of its size. We don’t need them either.
    6. become isolationist for about 1 year to get our own business back on track. With out unions we can have business we can afford again with good workmanship. We can fire shoddy workers with out fear of several unions.
    7. If a company decides that they would rather send work over seas then then tax them to compensate the loss of work here. With no unions and no business tax, there is no reason to send overseas.
    8. Quit jumping to join ever weird outfit who wants to rule the world. NATO, United Nations and such. Stop sending money to every country who is ruled by dictators and just drop food and supplies from planes by parachute to where they are needed. The people who need it will get to it before the shady government officals.
    9. Only offer physical help when it is spacificaly ask for. And allow private parties to give the help. Not the government. It is not your business, it is the business of the cheritable agencys.
    10. No more life time jobs in government. For anyone except hired workers. Any one elected get elected for just two terms.
    11. Let private business run their own business. They work hard to make the business profitable, they earn their money. If business is profitable, then the workers make it that way and they agree to what they make.
    12. DRILL BABY DRILL!!!! Stop buying foreign oil. Drill for our own while we work on other things. Meanwhile, dig out the instructions that were proven to work and build engins that get 50 and 60 miles to the gal. I know of at least two people who built these carborators and one was put in jail on trumpted up chages and his family threatened. Ones name was Allen Caggiano. Look him up.
    13. No more paid for life jobs. You pay tax and SS just like the rest and build your own retirement. And you have insurance just like the rest of us. And rmemeber WE ARE YOUR EMPLOYERS!!!! NOT YOUR SERVANTS!!!!
    14. Government stay out of banking. Let banks be private and let them rise or fall as they may. Banks can buy insurance against failur just like business does. But leave them alone.
    15. If a woman has a baby and is on any government aid then that is the only one she has. If there is a second one, her tubes should be tied. When she has a job and takes care of her own children, it can be reversed.No more government paying to have children.

  • http://att Shirley

    1. Mr Obama would have to make public all his papers( birth certificate, school records etc) if he has nothing to hide why not put a stop to all the rumors.
    2. All borders would be secured.
    3. All illegals would be deported, including the anchor babies.
    4. No more visa or work permits for aliens until we clean up our country.
    5. Any officals(President, Congress, Judges etc) who does not uphold the Constitution would be removed from office and charged with treason.
    6. No taxpayers money would be allowed for pork barrel projets.
    7. All bills must be read and made public before a vote can be made.
    8. No longer would officals be allowed to hide bills inside other bills.
    9. States would be allowed to govern themselves and no longer held hostage to the over reaching arm of the Federal Government.
    10. No longer would we be a member of the United Nations.
    11. Bring home all our troops.
    12. Take care of our country and people first.
    13. Repeal Obamacare and anything else Mr. Obama and his gang have put into play until he shows his papers.

    • Nancy

      Very good.

  • Jo

    This is the one main thing we ALL need to do… 11Chronicles 7:14. Check it out.

    • Jimmy

      2nd Chronicles 7:14
      Grace & ability to perform the command given:

      Septuagint Bible:
      When my people who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray to Me and seek my Favor, and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins, and heal their land.

      • When my people: we Christians need to take responsible, and be accountability for the world conditions, the unsaved can’t see, and can’t really pray. As the church we are the plumb line in the sand, and the moral compass that moves the universe seen and unseen.
      • Who are called by My name: if you are recognized by the unsaved, and they call you personally a Christian, then you have passed the first requirement to be ready to move on. An excellent beginning is to fellowship (do not forsake the assembling together), in a “free church”; that is to have Jesus as the head of your church, and not the state as is the outcome of a 501C3 corporation church. God Almighty says my name not “doing business as”, as a free church Jesus can run it. 2,000 years ago the early church had to fight being a Roman corporation, and many died, because of the refusal to be a state corporation.
      • Humble themselves: There is a shift here in ability, where you can receive grace to move on to the next command to pray [1 Peter 5:5 God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble]. Your soul at this point has to realize it can’t do anything spiritual except come to the end of itself, give up and cry out to God Almighty; your soul can stop blocking the Spirit from receiving; it can open up to the heart & confess from a connection to the spirit;
      • Pray to Me: (Not just pray, but move into the next phase toward Renaissance, pray to God Almighty directly), You can & need to be persistent “ask & keep asking, then progress to seek & keep seeking, and finally knock & keep knocking!” [Ps 34:17 (The righteous) cried, and Jehovah heard, and delivered them out of all their troubles.]; you are beginning to stop your suppressing & denial of the truth here. Judging others is also an attempt of the soul to create it’s own justification, and bypass Jesus’ work on the cross, by comparative self righteousness.
      • Seek My Favor: here you can draw near God Almighty [Ps 37:4 Delight thyself also in Jehovah; and he will give thee the desires of thy heart.]; you can now begin hearing what God Almighty wants you to pray, especially about yourself, and not just what your soul desires to pray; before this you were caught up in soul worship (guilt, shame, condemnation, unworthiness, embarrassment, self pity, self absorbed, pity party, introverted), you were self reliant & unable to repent & turn to God. Instantly turning to God instead of self will bring you to the place of overcoming [past obedience & surrender]. The spirit of fear of relying on God kept you in a different kingdom, instead of completely in the kingdom of light.
      • Turn from their evil ways: After seeking God’s Favor you now have drawn close enough to turn from your flesh, the world, & the devil [James 4:7 Be subject therefore unto God; but resist the devil, and he will flee from you.], we see being subject to God is the step that allows you the strength to resist the Devil, without the nearness of God Almighty you can’t resist the devil.
      • I will hear from heaven: you have now broken through the brass heavens, & your prayers are now being head, & you are actually repenting from your heart/spirit, & not just your soul or mind; your heat is opening up to God & man; your realizing your error; and your not blocking, or distracting from the truth anymore.
      • Forgive their sins: As you draw near God Almighty, & experience the grace of Jesus offers, you will begin to forgive God & all others you have judged including yourself; now God can remove the tormentors & forgive you, so that you can be sanctified [Matt 18:32-35
      32 Then his lord called him unto him, and said to him, you wicked servant, I forgave you all that debt, because you sought me:
      33 shouldn’t you also have had mercies on thy fellow-servant, even as I had mercy on you?
      34 And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due. So shall also my heavenly Father do unto you, if ye forgive not every one his brother from your hearts.].
      • Heal their land: at this place what you have now bound on earth is also bound in the heavens, the “prince of the power of the air” is helpless, because as Jesus said, “he has nothing in Me”; the principalities & powers are defeated, along with the world rulers, and God Almighty will begin building His kingdom! The unsaved will now begin feeling the power of God Almighty & healing will be normal, evil will flee the country, because the conviction of God is to strong.

      • At this point, God has judged His house, and can begin judgment on the world “1 Peter 4:17
      17 For the time (is come) for judgment to begin at the house of God: and if (it begin) first at us, what (shall be) the end of them that obey not the gospel of God? ASV”; God has done what He promised in scripture” Matt 13:41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that cause stumbling, and them that do iniquity, 42 and shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be the weeping and the gnashing of teeth. 43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He that hath ears, let him hear. ASV”

      Here is the kingdom that was destroyed, and next to it the Kingdom of God Almighty that He builds:
      Eph 6:12 For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual (hosts) of wickedness in the heavenly (places). ASV
      Isa 11:2 And the Spirit of Jehovah shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and Majesty (might), the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of Jehovah. ASV

      The 7 Spirits of God Almighty and the 7 “World Rulers” spirits of darkness.

      Spirit of Yahweh God Death
      Majesty Mammon
      Wisdom Stubbornness – Idolatry
      Counsel Antichrist – Conquering
      Understanding Rebellion – Corruption – Slavery – Racism
      Knowledge Pride – Blindness
      Spirit of the Fear of Yahweh God Fear – Paralysis

      Rev 1:4
      4 John to the seven churches that are in Asia: Grace to you and peace, from him who is and who was and who is to come; and from the seven Spirits that are before his throne; ASV

      Rev 3:1
      3:1 And to the angel of the church in Sardis write: These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, ASV

  • http://Hotmail Steve

    The current method of primaries was set upbefore the time of instant communication and speedy travel and needs to be changed. I believe that all primaries in all states should be on the same day, polls should open similtaniously and remain open 24 hours. Then have a runoff within 2 weeks between the top 2 cadidates. This will prevent a few early primary states from preventing some candidates being able to continue in the race.
    Also the presidential race should always end in a vote between the top 2 vote reciever. I think now a lot of people would like to vote for a third party candidate but don’t due to fear of “wasting” thier vote (e.g.- Ross Perot or Ralph Nader)

    • William Sturm

      America needs to return to honest elections where there is no opportunity for voter fraud and the opportunity to steal elections.

      The electronic world has made it just to easy to cheat.

      I was informed by someone in the Presidental Primary in CA that Ron Paul got exactly the same %/ratio of the votes in all the districts in that State. One very disappointed supported….donated a lot of money quit poltics over that outcome. Did you ever hear of an investigtion….? Results? Explaination?

      Hello. An incomprehensible miracle.


  • patrick

    STOP!!!! I think everything as we all know it, today, must frreze. Then we need someone to invent a Timemachine that will take every human being alive on this earth back in time, let us say somewhere around the year zero. We will all have the same brain and knwoledge that we have this day but we start all over, fresh with none of the technologies we have at present. I promise you all not much will actually change. We will still have rich people and poor people, we will still have wars, murders, robbery, sex crimes, greed, environment issues, elections and corrpution. The fight between good and evil will prevail as it has since the beginning of time. Whether you believe it or not, GOD will prevail in the end and all the believers in GOD will have everlasting peace. Not one of us will know anything until the moment we die, and then, at that moment, we will know everything that matters!


    My friend is spanish and is blind but he was born here in United
    States. Those people that are here illegal should be stopped.
    It is not fair for those people that have waited for a green
    card or a visa and have other people sneak in the United States
    and then wind up getting a job because they have fake social
    security cards. My friend has had alot of people ask him if
    they could borrow his social security card. My friend always
    says no and thats the way it should be. They could ask for money,
    food or shelter but never his card. We had to move from our
    last residence because people were not respecting us. We started
    helping people by feeding them and helping with their expenses.
    then people would call us at midnight and knock on our door
    at 4AM IN THE MORNING. I was not getting enough rest and told
    my friend we were going to have to move. When our homeless
    friends found out we were moving they were very angry and
    destroyed our clock, and put scratches on our furniture. When
    we moved the Lord fixed our scoreboard clock and it works
    as good as new and is hanging on the wall. We only have one
    homeless person that we help at our new apt. . It was not a total
    loss because some of the homeless people we helped came to church
    and got saved by the Lord. It seems the more you give people
    the more they want but some people would be happy with just
    a blanket and a storage to sleep in which is not much but
    is better than sleeping on the street.

  • KJ

    Our country is morally bankrupt. We do not live with any code of ethics. TV does nothing but promote drugs, sex and disfunctional families. Our government spends money we do not have. And the list goes on and on. So what this tells me is that this current system of lies, talks of violence, agencies, institutes, and organizations ruling over our very freedoms do not work. It creates what we see all around us. And it is not a pretty picture.
    It is time to get back to God and our 10 commandants. This is nothing more than the simple truth because truth has no hidden agendas. It is a short easy to read document just as the Constitution of the United States is. Back in the day without all the gadgets and the promotion of all the things we know are wrong, we did not swear in front of our kids, stayed loyal to the family, sex was for marriage first than children, communities worked together in good times and in bad, etc. These are the things that build honor, morals, ethics, and truth. These are the things we need to get back not more rules, regulations, laws, lies and confusion. God not man has the better plan.

    • William Sturm

      It’s easier than that. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

      Use wisdom and good judgment. Give everyone the truth and if they accept it they will be set free.



  • http://att Shirley

    I would also make sure the death tax was repealed. No longer would big labor unions and lobbyist be allowed to buy elections with their big contributions.

  • Terrence Pangburn

    There are any number of “priorities” shouted from the rooftops of the political landscape. Looking back over the years, it seems the one factor that will fuse the people of America is “my wallet”. If it is full, I will tolerate anything.

    This being the case, I might suggest that within in America is a large enough supply of oil to last for the next hundreds of years. How to get the dollar back on top, how to increase exports, oil. Oil is the one thing that will never be replaced. You can talk alternatives till the sun goes to sleep, but the least expensive and most lucrative commodity, aside from food, is oil.

    Oil exports is America’s way out. Git er done……….

    • William Sturm

      I love it.

      We should pump out the oil and natural gas and dig out all the mininerals and sell them to the world. We should use the profits to build massive wind generating fields and solar generating businesses.

      We should increase our crop production and export our meat, eggs, poultry and even rabbits. We simply need to out-produce the world and sell it at a lower price. We could beat China at their own game!

      We need to figure out a way to sell those 15 cent hamburgers and 19 cent cheesburgers to the world!!!!!!!

      Of course we all need to stop over spending and going into debt. That includes Washington.


  • Bluff Rat

    Conservative Manifesto

    The purpose of this document is to distill the essence of a conservative and to clarify the motives and intentions of the conservative movement. A conservative is one who values individual liberty and desires to preserve that liberty for himself and his posterity. A conservative realizes that government’s only power derives from the governed, and that government’s only legitimate purpose is to protect and promote the liberty of the governed. To this extent, the remainder of this document will focus on the platform necessary to achieve this end.

    From a historical perspective, it should be noted that our country has been under assault from liberals, internationalist, socialist, and others for at least the last century. Their purpose has been the destruction of individual liberty and the destruction of our sovereignty as a free nation. This purpose has been promoted by both the Republican and Democratic parties because there has been no clear distinction between the two parties. It is not within the scope of this manifesto to defend this statement, but for those interested in proof, it is evident from a careful reading of history. What follows is an outline for the reformation of a free society.

    Constitutional Government

    - All future laws must identify the specific provision in the Constitution that gives congress the power to do what the bill proposes.
    - All future laws are single issues bill without amendments. (no pork)
    - A congressional committee must begin a review of existing laws and identify those that are in conflict with the Constitution.
    - All laws found to be in conflict with the constitution will be repealed or modified to comply.

    Separation of Powers

    - Only the legislative branch of the government has the authority to create laws.
    - The executive branch only hast he authority to carry out the laws. Executive orders should be eliminated.
    - The judicial branch has the authority to administer justice and uphold the laws. Legislating from the bench should be eliminated.
    - All branches of government are sworn to uphold the Constitution and failure to do so is grounds for removal from office.

    Term Limits

    - Members serving in Congress shall be limited to a total of 12 years in any combination of the house or senate.
    - Congress cannot vote itself wage increases – all increases are based on consumer price index or 3% whichever is less.
    - Congress participates in social security and public health insurance, and there is no other retirement program provided.
    - Congress must abide by all laws imposed on the American people.


    - All treaties that threaten the sovereignty of the United States of America are null and void.
    - All treaties that conflict with the Constitution of the United States of America are null and void.
    - All treaties that transfer American jobs to foreign nations are null and void.
    - Funding of the United Nations is discontinued.

    Balanced Budget

    - A balanced budget is required annually.
    - Entitlement programs will be phased out over 10 years.
    - Social Security will be funded for those who were forced to pay into the system.
    - Social Security for those who did not pay will be phased out.
    - Medicare will continue for those who paid into the system but will be phased out for those who did not.
    - An audit of the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox will be conducted bi-annually.

    Tax Reform

    - Eliminate the graduated income tax and replace it with a single rate tax or fair tax that everyone pays equally.
    - Provide no tax incentives for dependents.

    Federal Agencies

    - Establish a committee that engages in complete audits of federal agencies and programs.
    - The committee will conduct salary studies to compare public wages to the private sector. Wages will be lowered for government employees when they are 1% greater than the private sector wage.
    - Defined benefit retirement programs will be eliminated, and all government employees will share in the public retirement system.
    - The committee will make recommendations for elimination, consolidation or improvement of agencies.
    - The committee will make recommendation to congressional committee on constitutionality issues.

    Immigration Reform

    - All immigrants coming to the United State of America must speak English, be employed, and willing to assimilate into our culture.
    - All immigrants who remain unemployed for one year will be deported.
    - The so-called anchor baby scam will be eliminated.
    - Borders will be secured and illegal crossing will be eliminated.
    - All illegal immigrants will be deported.

    As a postscript, I must recognize that I used The Contract from America in part for creating this manifesto. You will note that I did not address such issues as cap and trade or energy policy for that matter. It is my belief that with careful consideration, these will be found to be either un-constitutional or issues for the states, and there is no reason for inclusion in this document.

  • TIME

    Bob, A very good idea,
    I have done this before but I will post it again, this country is bound for a total reset so lets be real – do we want to do it now or later.

    #1, Congress CAN pass no bill until its voted on in each state by each states population, if the said state says {no) their congress person’s can not vote YES. And vice a versa.
    This would ensure than NO laws would be passed that failed to uphold the will of the people.

    #2, Congress can pass no law that they are not held to the same standard as the persons who elected them. In plain words they will not have a set of laws just for them.
    All Laws will apply to all citizens. Mr. Rangle is a good example of how the laws don’t apply to Congress that apply to you.

    #3, All Laws passed over the last 100 years are to be repealed and tossed out completely. 99% of all these laws have done nothing but restrict the Citizens of the USA. AKA ~ “enslave & loose FREEDOMS.”

    #4, The Senate will go back to having one person from each party no more voting for stenators.
    That way the Senate would be back to whats is was set up to be, equal balance of power. 50/50

    #5, Niether Congress or the Senate can vote themselfs out of any laws that the citizens of the land must follow for any reason.

    #6, All persons who are citizens must serve in the Army, Navy or what ever service they wish. They must understand how to use a gun and what a gun can do.
    This would be a 3 year hitch that no matter what level of Wealth one has they still must do this service.

    #7, Government’s branches will do the jobs they are required to do within the structure of the Constitution. “No Augmentations” from said base.

    #8, The Supreme Court will go back to only “interpretation” based on the Constitution, not making law’s based on Special interest.

    #9, No Law will be written that is longer than ten pages, and the law on that ten pages will be only that law and nothing else.
    No other forms of Special interest can be included within the text of the said law.

    #10, All and by All I mean every last one, there will be not one single lobbyist in the DC belt way.
    All lobbyist will be Illegal, any one cought in such an act. Will be shot, no and’s if’s or Butts about it.
    There is no single group of people who are better than anyone else, thus all people are equal in so far as the laws of the land.

    #11, The power of the Executive branch can not over rule the will of the citizens of the land. {The Executive branch can not build a shadow structure} aka no CZARS or any kind.

    #12, The Government can create no Jobs or branches of Government that interfear with the citizens Freedoms. AKA no more DOJ, DEA, DOE, BATF, FCC, there are hundreds of these units again this falls under Shadow government.

    #13, Elections will and Campains can not take longer than six months, we have a plethora or methiods of getting your message out.

    #14, Congress and the Senate can serve no more than 3 terms and they can not get a full benift package after such, they may recieve a small fund for a period of time.
    The POTUS will not get an Office paid for by the citizens of the country after they leave office, and they can only hold the seat for two terms at most. They can also be removed by the will of the citizens ASAP if they act in a way that breaches the Constitution, base. This alos applys to all branches of Government.

    #15, All States will control their own growth based on their tax base, not on Federal funds, no federal funds will be given to any state unless said state has a natural issue that would require aid for the other 59 states.

    #16, The citizen’s of the Country will not grant federal aid to build Sports complex’s where the citizens get no return on their investments.
    In Plain words all the large complex’s that are leased to sporting teams would be the property of the citizens of the USA and said profits would be split to either pay state tax’s and or federal tax’s not line the pockets of Half baked Sporting hero’s & team owners who reap Billions of dollas at the tax payers expence.

    Well thats a start, I can’t fathom it will ever happen as people are like Sheep, they can follow but they can’t lead.
    Thats why we are in the bloody mess we are in. The American public has been moved in what ever direction that allows special interest groups to gain power, and the population then is spoon feed rhetoric that is so bent that to call it pretzel logic would really be stating it has some value, when in fact there is nothing of value other than chipping away of the Base FREEDOMS at teh expence of the Tax Payers.


    • TIME

      Forgive my flaws in the above post in spelling etc.
      I had only two hours sleep last night and can hardy see.

      My points are rather clear non the less, I know that there are not 59 states, that was a typeO..
      We have had a really crazy week here, We’have been snowed in as we live in the land of no snow 14″ of it has shut down the town since Sunday the 9th, its just been utterly crazy.
      I can’t believe we gave awy our snow shovels!

      • William Sturm

        Your apologies accepted. I am retired. If it snows I can hunker down and wait until it melts.

        Keep the faith and get some sleep.

        This too will pass…..


      • usmadgirl


        Great comment. I knew you knew we didn’t have 59 states! We’re in the land of “no snow” too. Everything was closed. Our MAILMAN didn’t even run last Monday! Our “garbage man” was supposed to be here Thursday & all the containers are still at the road. We had our first White Christmas in 41 years (5″) & the first snow we’ve had that didn’t melt in an hour in 15 years. Then had 10″ here in Southeast TN last Sunday night. Tinwarble & I were stuck here from Sunday night until Friday when we HAD to go to the bank. The highways were clear, but still some snow & slick spots on secondary roads. We USUALLY get a big snow about every 10 years. In the 1993 “Storm of the Century”, we had over 4 feet, but never lost electricity, phone or cable. Family & friends had to come to my house to keep from freezing. Just wanted you to know you had a “snow sympathizer”!

  • Wanda Murline

    1. Set term limits for senators and congressmen to 12 years total…
    2. Defund the IRS, Education Department, Environmental Protection Agency. TSA, kick out the Czars who never need to be making any kind of decisions without congressional approval, and put the education in the hands of the states. Bring in a fair tax where everyone pays one amount not matter how poor or how rich.
    3. Revamp Medicaid…it seems that only Social Security comes under scrutiny…a supposed retirement program that people have actually paid into for their entire life…the government has spent the money just like the CEOS of Enron…they are actually criminals for doing so. Medicaid is for the poor, the ones that are completely nonproductive, given to the illegal aliens, and children born to unwed mothers who have 5-6 kids for income with no idea of who the father is. This can be stopped by having the father identified at the hospital, and then the father can be responsible for his child.
    4. Infrastructure shoudl be the responsibility of the States
    5. Congress should not be exampted from any laws they pass..neither should any of their friends, religions, etc. If they pass a law, then they should have to endure the pain they passed with the rest of us.
    6. The retirement of the federal government and its employees should immediately be dumped into the social security program and they should have to abide by the same rules for retirement as the American people.
    7. The government’s health care (since we are their employer) should be dropped and they should be enrolled in the same Obamacare as they passed for the rest of us.
    8. All laws on the books have to be enforced whether Holder wants to or not…if he does not uphold them, then he must be fired and replaced with someone who will uphold them.
    9. All states should be “right to work” states. It is time to put the big unions behind us as they are no longer doing their job of protection of their workers, instead have gotten into the political arena. The big dogs at the top are getting rich off the workers at the bottom. Texas is a right to work state, and that is why we are not hurting as much as the rest of the states.
    10. All states should have the right to “recall” their representation. If someone is elected and after one year, a majority of citizens with a petition of a percentage of the states populace signs such petition, then the person elected can be removed from office, someone appointed by the governor until the next election cycle. Since election cycles are every two years, one year later someone else can be elected.

  • Gregory Zorn

    Wall Street Reform.

    The commodaties market has morfed into an asset class, this is not the intended use of this market. Bernakies newly printed money has poured into this market pushing prices upward and the cost burden to the citizen. Oil, fuil is an prim example of a market being manipulated. ETF’s for a commodaty?? While Wall Street gambles in this market 100′s of billions of US dollars go to Arab nations that don’t seem to like us mutch, this is a national security issue.

    Reinstate Glass-Stegal, the banks use our money, the deposator’s and that money traditionaly went to safe investments (home morgages before Congress mandated giving loans to sub-standard borowers). Our money in banks should not be alowed to be invested in risky instraments, darivatives, swaps, ect. Aditionaly, our banks should be required to invest in America only.

    Brokerage houses, these firms are taking our money and investing and funding forign nations and their expansion, emerging market funds and ETF’s, this could be your pension and other invested money. I would sujest using the capital gains tax to seperate national investments at a lower tax rate and a high tax rate on forign investment to discurage it.


    Stop or drasticaly reduce legal immagration, in 2010 about 1 milion jobs were created and about 1 milion new forign born became citizens. A time out until the economy recovers, 5 to 10 years or longer so our new citizens can asimalate.

    Stop illegal immagration, if the illegal population were to be sent back to their home nation approxametly 7 Million jobs would open for
    US citizens. There are no jobs an American will not do. E-varify should be mandatory. I have more on this at

    Stop or drasticaly reduce work visas, in America we have very qualified people for these positions.

    Federal budget

    Implament an immereat 10% across the bord spending cut, ALL agencies
    10% this year, 10% next year and 10% the next year. Productivity is up in every business so the Federal gov. can do the same.

    Social Security to see this cut in adminastrative costs only, they paid in all their lifes and should get a biger check in my opinion, it was the federal buracrats that squandered their funds

    Stop all forign aid, how has it become the burden of the US taxpayer to support the worlds disfunctual nations.

    I am for lower taxes, but I also feel everyone should pay, it is unfair for 42 + % to pay nothing at all, they do benafit from all the goverment does provide. They must contribute, 5% or 10% but they must help feed the golden goose.

    Disband HUD, use this money (after the reductions) to suport infrastructure, this would creat jobs and help to put some on welfair to work.


    Stop the trade defasits, if a nation buyes 20 billion from us, we can buy 20 billion from them, this is fair trade. We must return our manufacturing base to America, if it takes a terrif, do it, China does not abserve the rules and it is time for us, the USA to get tough. China needs us more than we need them, we are the market. Also, the Chines milatary buildup conserns me and we are funding it.

    These are some ideas, I have more at

    G. Zorn

    • Gregory Zorn

      To be clear, rising commodaties, food and fule suck billions out of the citizens pockets only to the benafit of traders.

      Trade is a national security issue, we ounce manufactured our way to victory in 2 world wars, we need our manufacturing sector back.

      • Gregory Zorn

        I would add, persue a strong dollar policy, I fear Bernakies plans for inflation, to me this polacy is wrong headed. The idea of an economy being propeled by the consumer (buying crap we don’t need) is odd but our US consumption fules the world. So if the dollar were stronger, we could buy more and this would benafit the globe. Also a stronger dollar would help to reduce the cost of commadities, namly oil.

  • Cindy Napolitano

    Where to begin…

    The Illegal Immigration problem:

    The U.S. is partially to blame for the massive illegal immigration from South America – primarily Mexico, in that we neglected to build up this part of our own Continent. We should have encouraged industry to build south of our border instead of going overseas. If illegal immigrants had jobs at home, would they not rather stay in their own country?

    Imagine the resources going to waste in this part of the world – Agriculture, oil, labor… What good is a ‘free-trade’ agreement when there is little ‘legal’ to trade. If only we had dealt with South America in the same manner as we did with Canada, the fragile governments in these countries would have been strong enough to defend themselves from the cartels, drug lords, and dictators that have brought this area to ruin. Now our own Country is at risk as these criminals pass easily over the border – and our crime-rate soars.

    If we had taken an ‘interest’ & ‘invested’ in South America, these countries could have been strong enough & motivated enough to defend their own borders, and in doing so, help to protect our own. Not only is this a waste of resources, but we are also paying the price from the massive illegal immigration that is costing the U.S. significantly in both taxes & jobs.

    If only…

    • Gregory Zorn

      NAFTA was devastating to Mexico, since NAFTA 1 in 5 or 20% of Mexicans have fled to the US, get on the dole at the same time send money back to Mexico. These trade polacies only help the maltinational corperations and have been devastating to our US economy. Don’t beleave me, look around.

  • Al Sieber

    Close our borders, throw out the UN, bring back manufacturing, get rid of the Fed. Reserve, get the Fed. Govt. out of our business, get rid of the bureaucrats, audit Ft. Knox, go back to smaller Govt. bring our troops home. that’s a start.

    • Dan az

      Hey Al
      Ya thats a start!I’ll get on it right a way!lol

      • Al Sieber

        I’m on it Dan, that’s just a start.

  • Stan B

    In an interview between Ron Paul and Aaron Russo (From Freedom To Fascism)regarding IRS illegalities & Federal Reserve issues, Ron Paul admitted that ‘they’ have the bigger guns.
    The ‘they’ he was referring to are those who are directly resonsible for the growth of this Secular,Socialistic Machine (quote from Newt Gingrich)

    Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Geithner, Biden ad infinitum, ad nauseum are among the many well paid puppets of this “Crime Syndicate” posing as government.

    With this in mind,..and IF I am wrong about this global BANKING CARTEL controlling world governments…then the following reputable people are also either wrong, or misinformed;

    1) Ron Paul
    2) Edwin Vieira
    3) G.Edward Griffin
    4) Parick Wood
    5) Alex Jones
    6) Dr. Stanley Monteith
    7) Alan Watt
    8) Chuck Baldwin
    9) Gary DeMar
    9) Beverly Eakman
    10) Daniel Estulin….I’m sure many more names can be added to this list.

    IF, on the other hand, we are only half right, then our nation is still heading for disaster. For as long as we continue to be duped by devious political orators, and as long as we allow ourselves to be distracted by them and their subtle lies, then no progress toward salvaging our nation can be expected.
    I see several possible solutions that could turn our nation around;

    a) As the eventual RAMIFICATIONS of the Obamacare “nightmare” become a realty, and the American people begin to realize who is pulling the strings,they will forced into to a “revolution”.


    c) In the meantime, while He is intervening, we need to awaken the people and the Churches (Church leadership) and FIND A WAY to get all the above mentioned people on the Glenn Beck show (or any major News Network that will co-operate and is not owned by NWO globalists) Suggest several successive 1 hour segments will be needed for the entire panel to offer their input.

    Unless we can effectively get the word out to the American people as to who the real enemy is, and unless we refrain from petty Partisan bickering and realize that corruption & greed permeate both parties,then the revolving door will simply continue swinging.

    I do salute Glenn Beck for attempting to educate those who are not aware of the importance of the US Constitution/Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.
    Sadly, I suspect he is restricted from telling the American people
    “the rest of the story” because Rupert Murdock has majority ownership of the FoxNews Network, and Murdock is a NWO globalist.

    WE THE PEOPLE must speak as AMERICANS first (and not Republicans or Democrats) Enough of this political & intellectual postering, let’s get serious and turn our great nation around.

    God bless the USA.

    Stan B

    • William Sturm

      We are headed for disaster…..

      The U.S. may become a “shell of its former self”. Even God can not prevent us from self-destructing.

      This may be the best reason of all why the United States of America is never mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

      A non-entity?


  • Sam Vazquez

    I have a list of things that I would change:
    Term limits for all politicians.
    Get rid of all lobbists (they are special interest group lackeys).
    Hold the elected officials accountable for their actions.
    Uphold The Constitution of the United States
    Repeal obama-care.
    Impeach obama for over reaching his authority as given to him by The Constitution.
    Get rid of the “Czars” that obama has created.
    Return the states responsibilities to the states.
    Enforce the immigration laws, repeal the “anchor baby” amendment.
    Do away with the 2 party system, make everybody an independant, that would solve the problem of partisan/nonpartisan debate cajoling.
    Level the playing field for foreign trade.
    Open the restricted lands to oil and natural gas exploration, that would make us less dependant on foreign oil.
    Curtail the power of the office of the Homeland Security Director
    Curtail the power of the E.P.A.
    Either a “flat” income tax or no federal income tax in favor of a National sales tax.
    Balance the Federal Budget
    Eliminate all earmark “pork barrel” spending.
    Refuse to be “The Big Brother To The World” and take care of our own citizens needs. If we didn’t send so much money over seas we would have plenty of money for the programs at home.
    Thanks for the opportunity to vent my opinion.

  • http://none Joe Howell

    The tragedy in Tucson may have been avoided or minimized if she would have had some protection which is easy to get….if the onlookers in the crowd would have had sidearms the killer would have been shot before he could do as much damage as he did……Instead of taking guns away from people you should arm more of them !!!!!!!!!!!

    • William Sturm

      I really am reluctant to comment on this…..

      But where were the local armed police? Were they unaware of this public gathering?

      How long would it have taken them to take down this individual? How many lives could have been saved?

      A good point along the same lines….police are trained to spot things that just don’t seem right. Furthermore, local police have a file on ‘questionable people’ who live in their area. They should know exactly where all of them are when such events are staged.

      Now, I understand this was a small intimate gathering and the police can’t protect everyone all the time. Never-the-less I ask how many of these events were going on that day in that town????


  • Joseph DeLaney

    There are many changes of the Washington actions.
    1. We need term limits NOW
    2. Let’s look into the Israel oil.
    3. The FCC has no right to shut down talk radio. This is a part of our Cnstitution. which can only be changed by Amendment.
    4. When unions were formed they were formed to help the workers. The unions today are for only the members and they are using the union for personnel control over the Companies. A union was a good thing when started but today they are using them as a wedge over Companies, which cost us money.

  • Ernest N. (Nick) Mulich

    Stop all federal perks for our elected officials, they come from the states and let the state pay their salary. There insurance can also be supplied from the states. The public would have to vote for them to receive raises and they would not draw a pension from the state for their service. All other federal and state officials and employees must work for 20 or more years to receive a pension and it is only a portion of their salary, not 100% of their salary.

  • Stephan F

    From the List below, pick only one answer that you feel is the #1 main reason why government has grown so big, is growing bigger, and in fact, is totally out of control: (hint: it’s not even close, my top choice is the runaway best answer – don’t blow it!)

    1. Uneducated/misinformed voters, voter apathy & laziness.
    2. The evil two-party system (it’s really a one-party system).
    3. Evil bankers, wall streeters, and capitalists in general.
    4. The president has too much power / congress has too much
    power / both have too much power
    5. Not adhering to constitutional principles and the utter
    failure of the Supreme Court to enforce them.
    6. Evil, greedy, uncaring, immoral & corrupt politicians.
    7. Bad management by government bureaucrats, lazy government
    employees, high salaries & benefits, waste-
    inefficiency-fraud & corruption.
    8. The adoption of socialism, communism, fascism, corporatism,
    authoritarianism, Marxism, Hollywoodism,
    9. Class warfare, prejudice & bigotry, illegal immigrants,
    failure to secure borders.
    10. The Federal Reserve & central bankers, inflation, lack of
    gold-back currency, bad economic planning, poor economic
    11. Unstable/unfriendly world–America policing the globe, 9/11,
    war on terrorism & national defense, Israel and middle
    eastern oil interests, imperialism, bad foreign policy,
    making the world safe for democracy.
    12. The cumulative effect of too many stupid U.S. Presidents.
    13. Conspiracy – The Illuminati, The Rothchilds, Freemasons, One
    World Govt, CFR, The New World Order, Globalism, The
    Trilateral Commission, The United Nations, the Fabian
    Society, Bilderburg Society, the Aluminati, IMF, World Bank.
    14. Social Security, Medicare-Medicaid, Social engineering,
    Welfare programs, government assistance, poor-people,
    over-population, medical research.
    15. Alien Invasion, UFO conspiracy theory, NASA, Flying Saucers,
    extraterrestrials, the nuclear age, space travel, science &
    16. Government redistribution of wealth and self interest.

    Personally, my second choice is probably either answer #1 or #14, but like I said, it’s not even close. If you didn’t pick #16 as the absolute best answer, you need help. But don’t fret, 94% of the rest of the population wouldn’t get it right either. The reason it’s not 99% is because of random chance – guessing makes it one out of 16. BTW, #6 is also very high on my list.

    Stephan F

    • William Sturm

      Real reason is folks are living with a ‘fallen human nature’.

      The love of money is the root of all evil (and money equates to power and the abuse of power…..)

      Unregenerated humans converge on the loot to get all they can for as long as they can by any means available to them. And when the authorities who are the ring leaders are in charge of prosecution….things can get pretty ugly out there.


  • Chuck

    Make it a requirement that the children of the President and every member of Congress must attend public schools. Then you might see public education improve.

  • Chuck

    Since the President and Congress works for us, the public, then the public should decide their wages and if and when they should get a raise. Personally, I would set their wages at the national median salary. Then you might see them work on improving people’s wages and increasing the middle class instead of destroying the middle class.

  • James Menendez

    We house thousands of people in prison that have been sentenced to life without parole and the death sentence for years costing the states MILLIONS of dollars, and we have an ever increasing waiting list for transplants. I think we could rectafy both problems at the same time if we just make these criminals a useful member of society by matching their organs, putting them to sleep and using these organs to help people live. Helps prison population, cost and society

    • William Sturm

      I can’t seem to find anywhere where this was changed… God:

      Genesis 9:6 (Amplified Bible)

      6 Whoever sheds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God He made man.

      Amplified Bible (AMP)
      Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foundation

      Man can change the requirement for capital punishment if he wishes….now that’s part of the fix for the overcrowding and cost problems…

      How about the other half? Give all humans the Good News so they don’t have to keep sinning….. The truth will set them free.


  • Jim M.

    I truly hope your staff is large enough to catagorize these concerns and present them to your reading public in an understandable manner.

    My only idea is to return to a local community control principal, I suggest no more thatn 200 folks. We can start working towards recovering our nation from there.

  • Jim

    Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all the liberal sycophants are now preaching Civility: where was their civility when they forced legislation on a large group of Americans that didn’t want it. They really speak with a forked tongue. Vote them out!!!

  • Teresa

    First I would like for everyone to recognize that the US is a business, a corp. and we have no sovereign rights…I want the US to go back to the Constitution and FOLLOW it. The military follows a different set of laws than “citizens of the US government”……ever wonder why?
    The Fed needs to be abolished!
    Check the REAL history if you wish to know about our bankrupt government and our sovereign rights.
    Until then we can wish all we want for the other changes, but will not happen. “WE THE PEOPLE” are here to make money for the company of the US government and nothing more!

    • Teresa

      In 1845, Congress passed legislation that would ultimately allow Common Law to be usurped by Admiralty Law. explains this change. The yellow fringe placed at the bottom of court flags shows this is still true. Before 1845, Americans were considered sovereign individuals who governed themselves under Common Law.

      In 1860 – Congress was adjourned Sine Die – Lincoln could not legally reconvene Congress.

      In 1861, President Lincoln declared a National Emergency and Martial Law, which gave the President unprecedented powers and removed it from the other branches. This has NEVER been reversed.

    • Will-CA

      I agree with you it’s the best place to start. Cut the head of the snake off (Federal Reserve) is great beginning.
      God Bless America

  • Jim

    He is our first Dictator……………. vote him and his liberals out of Washington. A real and present danger for America.

  • Chuck

    Our immigration laws should to take into account other nation’s immigration laws so as not to allow any undue influence from a country that opposes Democracy. In other words, we should only allow immigration from countries that allow immigration into their own country and have the same freedoms and rights as we do, like freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to bear arms, etc. In particular, this would halt the influx of Muslims entering this country and the growing threat of Islam that we are seeing today.

    • William Sturm

      We would then exclude folks who are being persecuted in their own countries by their own diabolic government.

      I wonder how many would be willing to go back and take a serious look at their suggestions and think a moment about how they would be implemented in the REAL WORLD?


  • Richard Hennessy

    First, I would do something rather simple. I would stop ALL Federal funding of local projects and programs, that is any and all projects and programs that don’t have a high NATIONAL priority, based on a NATIONAL scope and purpose.

  • Michael

    They have exceeded their authority period:

    Article 1

    Section 7.
    To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;–And
    To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

  • castaway

    Our system of government is broke and worn out. I would find a way to totally remove every one of them and install a fresh new group that agrees with the constitution, and the people. Our bill of rights tells us we should do just what I am talking about and I think it is also in the US constitution. There is enough of us that are totally disgusted with this government to overthrow it, and replace it.

    Our constitution is a brilliant work of art and was written by some forward thinking minds, like never assembled together in modern history. There are many good posts and ideas here and I would like to see them all implemented, but you cannot teach a pig to fly, and you cannot teach these current idiots about the correct way to run the US. WE NEED TO ORGANIZE, and come up with a plan to get rid of all the current government. If it means war, then that is what will happen. It has gone far enough and I for one, do not want to mess around anymore, I want to fight.

  • Rick L

    Although I’m a leading-edge baby boomer on the verge of being eligible for SS, Medicare/Medicaid, I strongly encourage Congress to repeal ALL entitlements immediately. Us baby boomers will NEVER retire using other’s money because the demographics prohibit it. Spineless politicians are not helping matters by being more afraid of the ‘senior vote’ than the facts. They need to make the case for total entitlement repeal, then do it. If they don’t, the result will be a bankrupt country and a worthlessly inflated dollar, making all the entitlement payments worthless anyway (as in $1000 for a loaf of bread.) The sooner a majority of boomers realize these facts, the sooner we can save our country’s financial future by accepting responsibility for our own retirement and health care needs.

    • William Sturm

      (comment removed for the reason stated)
      Per the Article above: “So, here’s your chance. What would you do to change things? Post your comments here. And please, don’t criticize another’s ideas. Just post your own. I’d like to know what you think.”

  • Sheepdog

    1. put congress on socuial security and medicare
    2. start a 10% flat tax…. shitcan the IRS
    3. End foreign aid
    4. secure our borders
    5. Have all registered voters carry a gun of at least 45 cal
    6. end welfare at 6 months
    7. start rebuilding the iterstate transportation systems with no unions and minimum wage.
    put john waynes picture on billboards and let people know life is tuff ……… go to work………..

  • ladykroft

    It only stands to reason that if Congress would abide by the “must be a natural born citizen” clause in our Constitution and try obama(not worthy of capitalization) for this crime against it, it would solve most of the havoc that’s going on in this nation. It appears to me that John Boehner is closely approaching RINO status when he has closed his ears and mind to this fact, when he dismisses it as “the governor of Hawaii has told me he saw the birth certificate and that’s good enough for me” (not exact quote). Were I Mr. Boehner after the governor’s reply, I would have said “show me…so I can lay this to rest”. It’s an honest, legitimate question…WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? … and it deserves an honest, legitimate answer. IT WOULD SOLVE A MULTITUDE OF PROBLEMS…EITHER WAY!
    What is soooo embarassing about showing your birth certificate? Are any of you out there embarassed to show your birth certificate?

  • Sheepdog

    require that the POTUS be a citizen and have prior miltary service. Require that all congreess mens kids serve in the military.

  • Keith Bowen

    As a small businessman, I believe we can get the most ‘bang for the buck’ by simply drastically reducing regulatory restrictions on doing productive work. We can start with opening up Federal Lands to responsible resource exploitation and follow it with looking for what doesn’t result in significant benefits and eliminating it.

  • Sheepdog

    Add to the oath… require the POTUS to keep his Cobra in the snake basket for his for year term and foucus on runningthe USA

  • Doug

    Man, It’s like you guys are reading my mind. I believe these suggestions would solve almost all our problems. But please, lets not forget eliminating the DEA (drug enforcement agency) We Conservatives need to get on this bandwagon. Is there any conservative out there that can show any progress on the War On Drugs? Tally up the amount of money the Federal Government spends on this black hole. The amount of money saved would be unbelievable. Just think of how many Liberals that would come over to the Conservative side because of this one act. Corruption in law enforcement would be greatly reduced.

    • William Sturm

      The solution to the drug problem is easy. Eliminate the demand.


      We the people can eliminate the drug problem by simply stop using.

      The flow will stop on a dime.


      P.S. The love of money is the root of all evil. If someone can sell illegal drugs and get away with it they will continue to do it.

      Since it is too costly to prevent the flow of drugs….let’s just stop using it.

      Millions of Americans can gang up on the drug traffickers and put them out of business without lifting a finger.

      Why don’t we do that?

  • Len Dean

    Old Math. Least common denominator. Cut to the quick. Life is short.
    Praise God and repent. Not the god of money, not the god of self but the only True and Living God. You want change? You will get it. It’s a promise that God Himself has given. Too simple for you? It’s the basic number one commandment. Love God with all your heart body and soul and your neighbor as yourself.
    Too hard for you? Only God can do it. Lord I believe, help my un-belief.

    • Teresa

      AMEN… humble us all!

    • William Sturm

      The problem is that not many know how to present the truth….the Good New so that folks can respond to it….

      We need millions of faithful witnesses like Philip in Acts 8.
      Where have all the good folks gone?

      A “watered down” message gives us a “watered down” and corrupt world.


      P.S. Some may accuse me of preaching. Perhaps… But I am merely presenting truths that can help solve the problems this country is facing.

      Many of my friends say I am arrogant. So be it.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear William Sturm,

        I don’t know whether you are arrogant. I do know that you have trouble following instructions. Today’s forum is a place to make your suggestions, not comment to others on whether their suggestions are worthy or not.

        Best wishes,

  • Dave Smith

    Just 5 changes will fix what ails the nation…

    First and foremost, cut the pay of all Government Elected Officials to whatever the average salary is nationwide. They are there to serve not to be served.

    Secondly, limit terms to two consecutive 4 year terms and never allow them to serve again at the Federal level.

    Third, make Congress and the administration take part in any legislation enacted by them. Such as, no special medical insurance and absolutly no pension plan that is beyond the average pension plan in the public sector.

    Fourth, NO legislation should ever be “included” in another bill before Congress. If it can’t stand on its own then it is probably not beneficial to all Americans.

    And lastly, hold Congress and the Administration accountable for violating their Constitutionally mandated responsibilities. Federal control of our schools and businesses must be ended and left to Governance at the local level. No agency not directly involved in the Constitutionally mandated endeavor of protecting our nation should be eleminated. If the Constitution was good enough for our Founders, it is good enough for the current Politicians in power. Make the Government return to the era of true Statesmen/women and send Politicians into the dust bin of bad history.

    • William Sturm

      Most of these can be accomplished by making the wages so low that only folks who are truly patriotic and statesmen and stateswomen would be interested in serving. No honey pot. Not many bees would be interested. Goes of lobbyists also.


  • pat wheeler

    Seems like a while back I heard people talking about the congress having to live under the same laws and rules the American people do,especially the laws concerning health care that they expect us to live under. I still agree. Frankly I agree with most everything that the people are saying about Obama, but we are to late people the planks to dismantle our constitution have been put in. It took them a little over 50 years to do this. I wish I had better things to say. Now we must watch what God is going to do. He is greater then all of this.

  • Guardian7

    All of these are absolutely wonderful ideas. However,if I recomended a starting point, it would be to debar about 95% of all Liars (I’m sorry lawyers)and get them ALL out of politics. But realisticly,

    1) just go back to the constitution as it was originally written by our forefathers and stop trying to rewrite it, to fit current politics (this alone would put lawmakers back on the same level economically and benifits wise, with the people who voted for them),
    2) all of us need to become more focused on repairing the moral and ethical degridation of our country and society as a whole (which starts with our childrens education as well as what they are watching on TV),
    3) each of us, needs to stop just talking about what we should be doing and start doing them for real, fantasies are only good for a short while,
    4) Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, for those individuals (politicians)who truely want to make this counntry great again, not a socialistic society or worse a third world country,
    5) start caring again for your neighbors, friends and families and their future,
    6) don’t complain unles you have a resolution,
    7) my favorite, PRAY for this country, it’s people,our government, and the politicians.

    As far as the politicians go, do everything in your power as a voter to ensure that they do what’s good for you, this country and get rid of an already TOO BIG GOVERNMENT entity.

    • William Sturm

      I find it interesting that the only time government officials are interest in prayer is when they are required to do something in the face of a tragedy. Then we are all to turn to prayer for relief.

      Hey, God you fix it because we have no clue what to do in this situation.

      I also think it is high time to honor more than the dead and the wounded…. How about honoring statesmen and stateswomen who are alive and well and working to fix things???????

      Count me in on that agenda.

  • albino

    Many great ideas! I have ONE that would cover a great many problems:

    We need a Federal law that would require ALL citizens be equally protected , or equally discriminated against (no priveleges for the elected class), or equally taxed etc.

    For obvious example:

    All laws passed by the Congress and Senate apply equally to ALL citizens. They would receive no special treatment; not pay taxes for a few years? Absolute equal treatment that would be afforded the lowliest among us.

    Other laws that are applied to certain criminals and not others: Advising the public that a released murderer has just moved into your neighborhood. It is so advised for sex offenders! As for me, I would rather be raped than murdered.

    Standardized prison terms to fit the crime, not the citizen. Too many poor, uneducated people get far lengthier terms, regardless of the ‘crime’, than do ‘upright’ citizens’.


  • William Sturm

    The one best thing you could do Bob is get the facts on how the Gross Domestic Product (GSP) is computed.

    A though history of what it used to be and the ‘adjustments’ being made in moden times to accommodate a ‘recovery of the economy’.

    I thank you in advance.

    Unfortunately, I think this will shock the world and hasten our demise.


    • William Sturm

      (comment removed – As per the article:
      “Post your comments here. And please, don’t criticize another’s ideas. Just post your own. I’d like to know what you think.”)

  • http://facebook vsop4u

    return to the philosophy of the enlightenment and away the idealsm of kant.
    return to the political principles of john locke and not marx, lenin, stalin, mussolini and hitler.

    1. elininate the federal reserve. i didn’t say audit it, i said eliminate it.
    2. institute the fair tax; thereby revising the tax code and eliminating the irs
    3. get rid of all government schools
    4. phase out of ssi, medicaid, and medicare.
    5. rescind all federal labor laws from the wagner act on.
    6. eliminate popular election of senators.
    7. eliminate all cabinet posts except: state, treasury, defense and attorney general.

    of course if the aforementioned were done, we would again be upholding the constitution as intended.

  • Hedgehog

    Find someway to shut down the Chicago machine for this is where most of the of the calamity started and is continuing to come from. Obama learned his corruption well when he came to Chicago IL. and the corruption just keeps pouring out of Chicago and now it is bleeding over into Washington D.C. with the hiring of Richard Daley,s Brother. If anyone does not believe this just check out the facts. Richard Daley the first ran Chicago for twenty years then his son took over. Rod Blagojevich, Corrupt Governor of IL. waiting to be sentenced to prison, then there is Governor George Ryan already in prison, Dan walker (Governor of IL.) sent to prison for corruption, before that Paul Powell ( secretary of the state of IL. who they found shoe boxes of cash that he stole from the Secretary of State’s office. Back in the 50′s the Democrats were caught counting dead people’s votes in a primary election, and to go back even further there was Big Al. Capone that ran this state with an iron fist for some twenty years. Folks these people all came from either Chicago ar surrounding areas. I rest my case, we need to clean up the Democrat mess in Chicago and just maybe we can begin to have a decent Government in Washington D.C.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Pam Shupe

    Since America views our Senators and Representatives, as a whole,as deceitful, corrupt, untrustworthy, self-serving and at times even unpatriotic, a complete overhaul of the House and Senate would be my wish. However impossible that may be, despite our voting power, here is my suggustion to control some of our legislators’ underhand-
    ed, double-dealing machinations. Each state put on their ballot, for America to vote on a bill making it law that No Bills may be presented or passed in Congress or the Senate, that do not strictly pertain to that issue or bill being presented. In other words, no more behind door deals or loopholes that screw the people, but benefit a few legislators, their stocks or familiy businesses. No more clauses, like in the middle of the recently passed Health Care bill, which states that the government may seize your personal gold! What does that have to do with health care? If only one issue were on the floor to be discussed, laws would be passed or opposed in a more timely manner, serving the American interests, not one party’s or group of indivduals’ interests. If we demanded our “leaders” cease playing childish games with our lives and money, they would be more accountable and able to serve America and its people.

  • Sneddog

    Flat tax rate. We need to go to a flat federal sales tax in the 15-18% range on everything except basic, staple food stuffs. We do away with the IRS, illegals will at least be contributing something (we still need to totally cut them off from the fed. & state coffers) If you make $75K a year then you bring home $75K a year and it is your choice how you spend your money. You can buy the Chevy Suburban or the blinged out version the Cadillac Escalade, your choice, but you are going to pay the tax on that additional $15K or so. No write offs, mortgage credit etc., none. We know and track what consumer spending is and the fed. gov. is going to have to budget within those means and no further. Our debt service is far to great to keep up with. We all have to live within our means why shouldn’t the government have to do the same thing?

  • James Kirksey

    Our wonderful country has been infilterated by progressives (communist/socialist in previous terms), who want to take from the workers and give to the loafers. Using the power of rationalization, they have tried to justify leveling the wealth among the population. First there are several weights we should remove from our government.

    I would withdraw from the United Nations, kick them our of New York and our entire nation and territories. This organization has accepted our money and moved into our county to openly critisize our nation. They may need us; but, we certainly do not need them nor their liberal ideas of how we should operate our nation.

    Next, I would take funding form all presidential appointees, not approved by the senate. This Czar rule is tyranny. I would require a security background investigation and loyality oath for all appointees, before they appear before the senate. Those, who failed qualifications for security clearance should be administratively deleted from the list of candidates appearing before the senate. When one branch of government dominates the others we do not have the balance provided by our Constitution.

    Another need we have is to remove the plush expense accounts of all government officials. Remove the big cars, parties, and those unnecessary items from every government budget. We do not have royality in America. This needs to be explained to those seeking or elected to an office.

    With the exception of national defense, we should require an annual balance of the budget. I would limit all grants to a minimum and let no grant payments exceed one year. Each year, review all expenditures for removal of those unnecessary. Send Congressmen, who attempt to add ear marks, to jail for fraud.

    I would reform welfare by drug testing all recipients and remove all drug users and able bodied individuals, who are not seeking employment on a daily basis. Those unable to find employment should be worked by local governments to keep up the parks, and other necessary facilities. I would direct parental tests on acquantiances and visitors of those single welfare moms, who are receiving welfare checks to have babies. Through investigation this could be cleaned up and many placed back into the work force as responsible citizens.

    We need a limit placed on federal judges, who seem to feel they can make legislation up from the bench, overturn laws, and rule over states. Constitutional issues about federal laws should be decided by the Supreme Court only.

    Any President who fails to enforce our laws for political reason (like immigration/border security) should be impeached and if guilty, removed from office, IAW our Constitution.

    Another big items is foreign aid. I would notify those countries who use our resources to enrice their leaders and beg for more that their free lunches are over. I would reduce this aid by a specific percentage, each year, until it became zero. Those countries with threats of foreign invasion, who depend upon our troops should pay for this protection. Otherwise, they need to train their own armed forces and handle their own affairs. We should know by now that money will not buy friends.

    Simply put, I would secure our borders, with the armed forces if ncessary, and kick out all foreigners.

    I would prohibit government money being spent in private companies, regardless of their financial straight. Let those, who make sound decisition succeed and those who do not fail. Flush both Fannie and Freddie, getting our govennment out of housing money give aways.

    I would enforce the laws against these racial baiting organizations like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who extort funds from large organizations by threats of protests.

    There are many other items that need to be changed. However, if those above were done it would be a good start toward a stronger, more sovereign America. Business people would feel better about investing money and jobs would return to a prosperous nation.

    James J. Kirksey

  • http://don'tunderstand Cinda

    We should begin a “war for energy independence” as soon as we can. No type of energy and no geographic area should be taken off the table. States should be allowed to open both nuclear and hydroelectric plants (meeting reasonable requirements) to create energy for themselves and for other areas not blessed with natuaral resources. Any state not willing to open energy revenues for themselves (hear this California) would pay extra to buy energy from a state willing to sell to them. Oil deposits off shore should be opened and drilled, and this time, when a platform is under review, if it doesn’t measure up, the company would be fined a great amount to make them do it. ANWAR should be opened, shale oil from Canada and natural gas deposits would help round us out.At the same time, the more homes that can be for the most part “taken off grid” should be encouraged and helped in doing so. The way we’re headed now, we will lose our sovereignty very soon due to dependence on oil from countries who hate us. Our first line of denfense, is not to be beholden to anyone to feed and fuel us. We are perfectly capable of doing this ourselves.The American people would definately get behind a plan like this. The dept of energy would be forced to co-ordenate states and the nation to be engery independent or done away with. I’m not sure what it does, but change it’s mission statement, or get rid of it.

    • William Sturm

      Agreed. Let’s find those who oppose this and remove them out of the way.

      Let’s do it.

      Of one way to do it is to slap a $4 a gallon tax on it right away use that to eliminate the deficit…..then to eliminate the National Debt. Public transportation or bikes anyone?

      I just purchased myself an 18-speed mountain bike for emergency transportation. Less than $90….Less than a tank of gas when things get tight!……. My spouse said I would get run over out there….

      No way. No cars or trucks on the road. No gasoline.


  • Bill Boyd

    We know that the government agencies (city, state and federal) have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. We should take an example of Ronald Reagon when he was governor of Californa. He asked private corporations to donate auditors to audit all of the state agencies for waste. When the waste was identified, it was cut. We need to start with the federal government and slash and burn the wasteful budget. The budgets should all be placed on line so the American Citizens can see where their tax dollars are spent.

  • Ernest Tee

    All bills must be read before any governing body can vote on them – including executive orders which should be abolished. No one person should ever be in position to ‘create’ a law from out of thin air. If the thirty something czars doesn’t utterly pee you off you probably are not in this site anyway.

    NO BILLS pass that increase spending or the existing tax structure … not a single penny. (Something Bush Jr promised and disasterously failed in keeping)

    Mandate that the House and Congress reduce government spending by 5% each year until we balance the budget.

    Repeal ‘Obubbacare’ … it is un-Constitutional and simply illegal.

    All employees of any government must contribute to their own pensions and pay for their own healthcare coverage – that beats taking a 30% pay cut and would be my answer to their complaints of this – We the People should never contribute to their benefits. If the unions complain – abolish them! They have served their purpose and are no longer necessary.

    All elected officials of the government should be required to make full financial disclosure of their wealth and assets before … and after serving their term(s) as an elected public official.

    Lastly, If you sell anything to the government – cut them off and tell them to make it themselves since they know better than we do how to run America!

  • Gary

    I would start my completely cleaning house in Washington. Every representative, every senator and every supreme court justice must go. Then, true Americans would establish “standards” for every office of Federal Government. Then each and every candidate who wanted to fill those positions would have to meet those exact standards. First…No frigging lawyers. They have really messed up this country. Second. only absolutley TRUE Americans. American parents, born in America. Second, and there is some gray area here, should have served in the armed forces. You can’t walk the walk or talk the talk unless you have put it on the line, or in Obama’s terms “skin in the game”. Folks, we need a clean sweep. We need to clean house in Washington!! Absolutly NO lobbyists (make that a federal crime)! Special interests have to be registered and have to go to training, finger printed and registered. This is just a start. I could go on for hours.

  • William Sturm

    What a great idea to open this up as an open forum for discussion!


    You elected officials will not listen to you. So, let’s have a spirited discussion on the subjects which arise.

    I would only ask that folks abstain from name calling and vulgarity and the like.

    It’s o.k. to oppose anything that is said here.

    We still have the right under our constitution….don’t we?


  • Gary

    The annual federal budget must be voted on by the public. Why should just a handfull of idiots be allowed to sanction our money with no say from us!!

    They can write it up, and propose it, but WE, the true tax payers, will have final say!! We also set the “debt” limit. It’s our money. It’s our say!!!! If they don’t understand, we will just start withholding our money!

  • Joseph A. Gamero


    It seems to me that too many senators and members of congress (lower case intentional) didn’t get the message so, it is incumbent upon “We The People,” to give some strong directions to the disobedient ones.

    Here are my two cents; listen carefully ‘cause we don’t want to repeat it again:

    a) No compromising with the Marxists because the people have spoken loud and clear. Follow the lead and act according to the people’s wishes. That’s your duty!

    b) No more porkulus packages, you hear? None, zero, rien, nada.

    c) Expel from the Republican Party anyone who is a RINO; let them join the Marxists who control the Hypocrats.

    d) Drastically reduce taxes to really stimulate (not porkulate) the economy.

    e) Do away FOREVER with all laws and agencies which are the enemies of the free market system, a unique quality of the nation; specifically, but not limited to, the odious EPA, FDA, etc.

    f) Drill baby, drill, anywhere there’s a good probability to find the needed resources.

    g) Offer INCENTIVES not freebees, to businesses

    h) Cut the size of government in half (for starters).

    i) Bring Government salaries and pensions in line with the private sector.

    j) Do away with government employees unions.

    k) Forbid unions to donate to any political party, unless the donations are privately funded and not from mandatory union dues. Demand accountability to the union members.

    l) Prosecute ANYONE who commits a breach of Constitutional Law or tries to by-pass it.

    m) Prosecute any and all elected people and government employees who deliberately or by omission, harm the United States of America.

    n) Demand and enforce accountability at all times and all levels of the federal government.

    o) Limit all elected people to serve no more than eight years. No more “professional” politicians.

    p) Eliminate EVERYWHERE promotion by seniority; base it on merit with whatever safeguards are required to avoid favoritism and abuses.

    q) Restore all freedoms as they are intended in the constitution.

    r) Eliminate the federal department of education (lower case on purpose) and any other duplication or infringement upon the rights of the states.

    s) Restore the teaching of true history and prosecute indoctrination.

    t) Offer reciprocity, that is, no importing from countries which don’t buy from America, and no freedom of religion for those countries which do not offer it to America.

    u) Protect the borders! (I’m running out of letters so here we go).

    v) Bring God back into American life not mandatory but encourage faith practice, even in school.

    Do the above plus a few other things and you’ll have again the most perfect country on earth that can be achieved by humans.

    Just a few thoughts.

    God Bless America!

    Joseph A. Gamero

    • Gary

      Most excellent list Joeseph!!

  • Gary

    Also, there should be no “ear marks”. A bill submitted and voted out of committee, stands as it is. No additions, no changes and absolutely NO added costs. Yes that might make for a few more bills, but the ones that did make it to the floor would be cleaner.

    Come on, you idiots in Washington. This is not YOUR country. It’s ours. Quit killing it!

  • William Sturm

    The ‘debt to the minute’ for the National Debt showed an increase of some $154 billion between December 30th of 2010 and the next day December 31 of 2010.

    Could we ask where that money was spent?

    Did it satisfy the PAYGO law that went into effect (I believe in January 2010)?

    The “weakness” in this statute is that if they declare an emergency they can waive the requirement. Gave themmselves a waiver…not unlike increasing the limit on their own credit card to fund the National Debt.

    You do understand that they must allow for the unexpected…….


  • Joy Tomchik

    These are all great ideas. Now print them and send a copy to every member of congress and all state elected reps. They need to hear this from us. I guess they didn’t hear us in Nov.

  • Richard Harper

    Bob, I would like to see it mandatory for all candidates of Congress pass a test on the history of the US before being allowed to run for office. All of our internal problems, throughout our history, have been becaus the politicians did not adhere to the pinciples laid out by the founding fathers. They knew eternal vigilance wwa reqired to maintain our republic. As Franklin said at the signing of the Consitution, “You have a republic, if you can keep it”. And since our schools and text books have not been teaching that history for the better part of 60 years, the least we can do is require our memers of Congress (as well as the Supreme Court justices and Presidential candidates prove their knowledge of our fouding and the principles involved. We require doctors, lawyers, dentist, pharmacists, etc to be licensed to practice. Why should we not make Congressmen, jurists and the President be licensed to govern us. After all, they effect and have more influence on our lives than everyone else combined.

    The Founding Fathers were taught by ministera (the first 102 universities in this country were founded as seminaries) and most could read and speak both Greek and Latin. They understood, intimately, the causes of the fall of the Greek and Roman empires, which can be boied down to weaknesses of man and human nature to eventually produce corruption and downfall of governments, unless education and vigilance prevent it. And this education on principles is what is missing from most of our politicians today. I doubt many could pass a test on our founding who are in office today.

    So, before running for any public office (particularly federal and particularly if you are an attorney) each candidate should have to pass a very difficult test was a 95% grade on 1) the rise and fall of the Greek and Roman empires, 2) the history of our country from 1620 to 1776 (that is the period when our collective values were created and distilled), the Declaraion of Independence, the Constitution, and the most important of all, the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers (because the depth of thought and reasoning involved in creating or Constitution is made apparent and is the only way to truly understand the Constitution and the need for adherence to this underlylng thought. Without this knowledge, politicians have no more idea how to truly run this country properly than a child.

    I plan to try to iniate these ideas with the local Tea Party groups and then take it national through them. I would love to hear any dissenting opinions, as well as any agreement on these thoughts.


    • Richard Harper

      PS Please excuse the spelling mistakes. I failed to proof before posting.

  • Mark D.

    Sorry if duplicate, no time to read all before.
    1. No lawyer, judge, law professor can every serve elected office. Lawyers making laws is worse than insider trading.
    2. Sunset law on all taxes – federal, state and local. Must be voted on for renewal.
    3. Balanced Budget Amendment – no government can spend more this year than revenue received last year.
    4. Term limits on all government officials, elected or appointed, including judges. Power corrupts: experienced power = tyranny.

  • Lostwages

    1. Stop bailing out the banks, give the bailouts to the people, then they can payoff their mortgage to the bank. The people get to keep their homes and the banks still end up with the money.

    2. Offer zero interest government loans to home and business owners for solar energy installations. This will take those building and homes off the grid and in most cases produce extra energy that can be sold back to the energy grid.

    3. Bill all the countries for the money we invested to rebuild their countries after WWII and on.

    4. Return border control to the states.

    5. Get out of the U.N. and a like. We should not be answering to countries that don’t have human rights and freedom of speech.

    6. Stop the Supreme Court from stopping laws passed by a vote of the people.

    7. Re-instate Posse Commentates.

    8. Resend the Patriot Act.

    9. End income taxes and go to a Federal Sales Tax. At least everyone would be paying without loop holes.

    10. Stop selling oil over seas from the Alaskan Pipe Line. Open up drilling rights in America to U.S. companies only and that oil must stay in America.

    11. Stop the sale of U.S. property to foreign countries.

    12. Stop the selling of public water rights to private parties and big business.

    13. Higher taxes for companies that move their manufacturing out of the U.S.

    14. Raise export and import taxes.

    15. Get rid of all the laws pertaining to the 2nd amendment. We have the right to bear arms uninhibited.

    16. Stop Obama Care and reform Med-a-Care to cover anyone without insurance. Obama Care and Med-a-Care together is age discrimination at the Federal level!

    17. No foreign treaties without a vote of the people.

    18. Put the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security (oxymoron)and FEMA together under one roof with proper over site and transparencies through congress.

    19. All bills before the house and senate must be reviewed for constitutional compliance before it can be voted on.

    20. Federal budget can not be approved without showing where the funding is coming from.

    21. Dump the Federal Reserve and return to a gold backed currency.

    22. Get the banks out of the stock market so they can’t bet against themselves and each other.

    23. No more fund raising or campaigning at the expense of the people by elected officials, including the president.

    24. No more pork bills.

    25. No more economic gains from lobbyists.

    26. Limit campaign spending to give everyone the same chance to run for office.

    27. Supreme Court judges should be elected, not assigned and should have term limits, as should congress.

    28. Audit the Federal Government every 4 years so we know where our money is really being spent.

    29. Bring the people to justice that are working to take America down and bring in the New World Order and the New World Bank and try them for treason.

    30. Turn the Federal Government upside down, shake the crap out it, turn it upright and start over. I want to know why the three branches of government are not keeping each other in-line and obeying the Constitution of the United States of America.

    31. Last but not least, dig up the underground city built under the Denver, Colorado Airport and find out who funded it. Gee, I wonder what the Federal Reserve did with all that money?

    32. The president and the congress should have the same retirement as everyone else that works for the Federal Government. Not the keep your full pay and special medical insurance!

    This is just a few things I’ve come up with. I do feel if we can not see things returning to the peoples way of thinking, we need to start putting the peoples wishes on the ballet and over ride the out of control government law makers.

  • trp878

    It is my opinion there are many area that should be addressed. Many of the above suggestions are terrific and could only have come to fruition by your request of a “think tank”. I would also espouse that many of the regulatory agencies be abolished thus making room for proper re-growth of America. Everything today the governments do equates to obtaining more money from the tax payers. I have always stated that when government buildings cost more to build and operate than my personal residence, THEY have to much money and are not good stewards. Furthermore, the passing of superfluous Bills and Laws are a waste of time and tax payers money, such as with the murder law, the offender gets more time to his sentence if he uses a gun, or robbery, more time if he use a gun etc. etc. One crime one penalty, way give someone 3 more years for using a weapon, if he deserves capital punishment, give it to him; not life plus 3 years for using a weapon. Thirdly, government officials are not above the laws and thus should be held accountable just as an ordinary citizen. I could go on and on however lastly I would think it would be a great benefit to society if the Government is found to be wrong, they should apologize and drop the issue, instead of sandbagging, in the attempt to make themselves Right all the time. As stated previously there are many area to be addressed however, the forming 1 or 2 committees would have a hard time coming up with solutions, because of their own bias; thus your tapping of the general population is an awesome idea.

  • Joy Tomchik

    These are all GREAT ideas. Now they should be printed and a copy sent to every member of congress and all elected state reps and govenors in this country!!!! Maybe they might learn something.

  • Joseph

    Begin with actually upholding ALL laws, federal and state and enforce them. Shut down all abortion facilities. Stop the spending and printing new money. Give corporations and small businesses bettetax breaks…and finally, put God back into the government and the schools (don’t kick Him out), and our nation will succeed again.

  • Ben

    Each State needs to pass a law holding our State Legislators, and our Federal Legislators responsible; should they vote on Bills that goes against U.S Constitution or the Bill’s State Constitution. Specific punishments needs to be address and the process of removal of those who violates the Constitution. This removal needs to happen within the agreed amount of days after such vote, whether the Bill pass or not.

    We the people cannot, must not, should not accept such ignorance by our Legislators’ tearing up our Constitution.

    Another matter: Personhood. We need to focus on passing Personhood laws on each town, city, then State, rather than just State. Start smaller.

    Your thoughts? Anyone? Feedback is great.

  • Joy Tomchik

    These are all GREAT ideas. Good job all of you. I don’t think I can add any more. Now, it should be printed and a copy sent to every member of Congress, the president, Supreme Court, and every elected official in every state.

  • William Sturm

    Eliminate the Minimum Wage nonsense immediately. At least someone is hungry and earn a few bucks and get a couple of $1 burgers…..

    And some seniors can get some help shoveling snow and the like.

    Who knows….someone may actually find a job by accidental means!


  • DaveH

    Here’s my novel idea, Bob. lol:
    For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government, vote Libertarian (the Principled Party):

  • Rich

    I didn’t take time to read all the ideas, but here’s mine. Since it is obvious that most members of Congress have no idea how a business operates, let’s make every Congressman and Senator run their office as a business. Give them a reasonable budget based on real world businesses of similar size with two locations engaged in advertising or PR. Make them run their office just like a real business accounting for all expenses – rent, utilities, benefits including present value of retirement plans, travel, mailings, business meals [a side topic would be having lobbyists adhere to CMS regulations for the insurance industry where purchase of meals is prohibited and maximum value of gifts is $15 retail] and any other expense that are now paid by the government. They would be resposible for staying within that budget and have their as well as their staffs paychecks dependent on having money in the bank.

    The trick to making this work would be establishing a realistic, not bloated budget. Obviously letting Congress pick the budget number would make the process a joke and that’s where this idea probably falls apart. The only way I can see it working is to take an average expense for the last three to five years, cut it by 25% and say here is your budget. The people that truly want to get a handle on federal spending would shine, and the others would flounder as they looked for the loopholes. You know what? If we figure out how to do this, let’s extend it to every office all the way up to the White House.

  • William Sturm

    Lower personal tax rates and give more weight for charitable contributions. This would begin to take the welfare burden off the Federal Government and put it back in the local community.

    They are much more efficient than the Government is offering and controlling the flow of funds to meet the local welfare demands.

    In older times Chrisitans were told tithe….10% of their income to charity. This was done to collect the funds needed to take care of the needy. No welfare system. But, now too much of our charitable money is funneled through Washington which siphons off a big chunk of the funds…..

    “If you don’t work you don’t eat.” Yikes that’s a killer right there!


    • JimH

      Hi William, One Sunday I was in church and during the serom the phrase “those who don’t work won’t eat” was mentioned. It was the week our Parish was collecting food for the food bank. I don’t know how many of my fellow parishiners saw the irony.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If they WON’T work then it is indeed an irony! If they can’t work or can’t find employment then it is the duty of the church to try to help!! There are a great many of the two later groups out there remember that. Remember the verse “There But By The God Go I!!”

        • JimH

          Joe, I’m sure there are some that won’t and the major share are those who can’t. That is why I give what I can to the food banks.

  • Linda

    Term limits for these idiots in Washington.

  • William Sturm

    Give Businesses a brake they deserve. End the monstrosity call Unemployment Insurance! Local charities could cover the gaps….and assist folks in getting a job!

    A massive government buracracy would be eliminated. Gone.

    Of course employers would pay higher wages and encourage folks to build their own emergency fund for the unexpected…..

    You have a free will. You choose. No emergency fund you will suffer.

    It’s time to return to personal responsibility.

    (We are all going to have to do it anyway if everything comes unglued.)


  • Edge Architect

    …in the last great economic calamity the fury of nature unleashed the great plains winds that blew for hundreds of miles across the failed farmlands of Americas Heartlands. The Great Dust Bowl of the thirties stretched for fifteen hundred miles and brought about the deaths of thousands of Americans. Nothing grew, no one prospered, and the land lay barren.
    … From this decimated landscape arose a stronger, more determined American countryman. The key was to produce an abundance of energy that would be distributed among the people of America so that without economic means or resources Americans could begin to produce once again. They couldn’t dig for coal or drill for oil because no one could afford to buy such things. It cost one dollar to dig just eight cents of coal. The economic engine of production must be started. The great hydroelectric dams were built to do just that… Grand Coullee, Hoover, Boulder and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Exceptionalism welled up in the tearful eyes of a starving nation and with stomachs clenched tight as a fist from their hunger, those countrymen rose up and dug, climbed, blasted and scraped away the earth to create the monuments we see today so that their children, you and I might someday prosper. It worked, didn’t it?
    …my Countrymen, today we must distinguish ourselves in a new light falling upon the shores of every nation of the world. We must embark on a decade of American Independence that will sever the archaic ties that support animosities between rival nations. America shall reduce it’s energy dependencies by half over the next decade. I call upon the brightest among us, the wealthy, the affluent and the laborers all across America to engage themselves in the struggle for America’s Freedom and the construction of a fuel free power generation system stretching from shore to shining shore. The people of the world will look upon the lights of free people and know that they do not go quietly in the night, they do not fall under oppression or tyranny, that they strengthen under adversity, and shine the lights of freedom for all those who would follow.
    … the monuments America will build this day are our greatest achievemnts lying just before us. We will build … I have the blueprints if anyone wants to join me.
    We’ll need about two and half million employees and the work will begin in Kansas. We’ll need every kind of worker from Engineering and Medical to welders and laborers and food service personell. That should put a dent in the unemployment problem, eh?

  • Linda

    Term limits for these idiots in Washington; abolish the IRS and implement the FAIR Tax; abolish the Federal Reserve, which is not even part of the government, but a private bank; madatory proof of birth for our president; mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients; closing our borders; deportation of all illegal aliens; do away with the anchor baby law; all congress persons and senators be made to abide by the same laws as the rest of us, no more benefits for life. These are just but a few and I am sure I will come up with more when I have more time. Peace!

  • Steve B.

    We should all start to closely scrutinize our elected bodies. I, for one, believe that once an individual makes the decision to become a lawyer, successfully completes law school and passes the bar exam, those individuals become de facto members of the judicial branch of government, at any level, and should be disqualified from running for or holding any elective office within either the legislative or executive branches, at any level of government, because of the simple reason that those three branches are intended to act as checks and balances upon one another. When those (lawyers) who are required to hold a professional certification to be a part of one branch (the judicial) become intertwined within the other two, the system of checks and balances is weakened, if not entirely compromised. I believe this because for far too long, elected lawyers have had far too much direct input into the writing of legislation that favors the legal profession. An example would be statutes that contain requirements put upon oversight agencies, i.e., those typically appointed commissions charged with implementing the regulations authorized by the statutes, that the regulations they promulgate require entities over which the agency has oversight authority to hire lawyers to represent them, as if they cannot have their own executives represent themselves just as well. I occurs to me that the reason for this is that too much attention is paid to the procedural aspects of differences to be settled either in courts or before administrative bodies, and too little to the law itself. Popular opinion holds that only lawyers have sufficient knowledge of litigatory procedural processes; thus, they are the only ones “fit” to represent the litigants, and are therefore required to be used by the very lawyers that wrote the statutes and implementing instructions. Very self-serving, don’t you think?

  • William Sturm

    The Government should confess that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme….and we are stuck with it!

    Simply stop worrying about changes to keep it solvent. Change none of the current requirements….

    All you do is distribute the funds that came in the previous month on a pro-rata basis! The General Fund would only be used to keep the loose ends trimmed. One month delay…..

    Thus, the system would never crash. The benefits would be variable.
    Perhaps the check next month would only be 0.992331 times the amount
    one is expecting. Wow! Adjust! Get an odd job or simply figure out how to live on less….knowing full well you will be getting most of your check for as long as you live!

    Easy to get an odd job….no minimum wage.

    The massive cost to store the records for the Social Security Trust Fund (money borrowed by the General Fund and spent) which will never be paid back could result in substantial administrative savings…..


    P.S. About nine years ago when I first suggested this and sent the idea to Senator Talent (MO) and Fitzgerald (IL) for consideration we had a surplus flowing in!!!!! That excess was to have been used to buy precious metals against the day when the revenues were not large enough to cover the outgoing checks. Hard to steal those. Private citizens would have provided continuous auditing of these metals….

    No stock market risk and no counterparty risk either.

    Once the heap was exhausted we would have gone to the varible rate.
    Folks would have had 8 years to prepare!!!! Now, that time has expired.

    Another point few acknowledge is that the Clinton Administration in the late 1990s used the Social Security Trust Funds to balance the budget. They claimed that the PAYGO law as responsible. Nope. Rope a dope.

    Remember the $4.1 trillion surplus business? How politicians went crazy in Washington trying to SPEND THAT MONEY. I even have a Congressman tell me just about a year and half ago this surplus was $5.6 trillion. Wow.

    Where did you spend it Sir?

  • marvin

    i think that any elected and none elected offical, not doing their job and not enforceing the laws they swore to uphold need be out of goverment i have to obay laws, if i am a liberal or a conseritive and laws need be enforced in none partison like it or not by the book way,reguardless if it is speeding jaywalking illegal immigration or voter intemidation,cops and judges need to enforce laws as written not as they think or want and keep their opinions to their self,go by the facts not fiction or what he said she said,if you want to speak do so with out blameing, with the facts to back up your words,words are like a sword that cut deep and leave lasting scars

  • Cory Collins

    I propose a 28th Amendment to the Constitution:
    ‘Congress shall neither make, nor provide funding for any law to be applied to the people of the United States, to which it exempts its own members or employees unless by agreement of two thirds of all the States.
    Neither shall Congress adjust the compensation for services of Senators or Representatives without prior approval of the respective States represented therein.’
    I also propose that it be made an impeachable offense when an elected official of government fails to uphold his/her oath of office to protect & defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

  • Bert Cundle

    IF I WERE KING: I’d Eliminate all things connected to the CRIMINAL SYSTEM! ” PENAL CODE! Criminal COURTS!” INFORCE: THE CIVIL CODE: (Original “BASIC”) Code of Respect the RIGHTS of others! No Citizan can be restrained, unless a Danger to others! Victoms to recieve Restitution. No Religious Connection in any way to athority! [That has been my serman for 50 years.]

  • http://HR-4321 sidney battle

    Stop illegal immigration immediately.All unecessary handouts given to illegals would go a long way to pay off the debt.Stopping illegal immigration would free up millions of jobs for unemployed americans.Socondly we need to stop the wars NOW.Stop this unnecessary loss of life,the money saved would create jobs and rehabilition and jobs for vets and other non-working americans.Tell our government to stop policing the world and take care of it’s citizens FIRST.There schould be time limits for all politicians, no more career politicians,we have too many talking heads in Washington now in Depends. Some of them can’t tell you how they got to work,but they are supposed to run a country. No more lifetime perks for politicians except the president.Now you are an ordinary citizen just like everyone else.

  • Lev

    Sorry, but Obama’s citizenship is the Second thing and was important
    b e f o r e you elected him. Today, the First thing is his intentions toward America and actions as the President of USA. So, now is MY TURN: There are many subjects of current activity (started in 2008)which is contradicting with (or violating) American Constitution,rules and laws. Some of that may be calling Anti-American. My idea is based on the proposed by congressman Peter King state-wide HEARINGS, but subject would be not only a danger of the radical islamism in our country, but also…anti-American activity among our oficials and anti-American tendence among our “progressive-liberal” lefts. Oh’no-no,I know what you’re going to say. No, it is not a “mcCartism”, and we don’t have to use some of his methods. Now it’s just the last attempt to save our country for our children
    and grandchildren. Let’s G-d to Bless America again.

  • marvin

    as for obama we are stuck with him tell 2012 if you thank he need be remove and replaced vote for the other candidate if you are happy with no money no jobs more immigration,more illegals bigger goverment more steal from the haves and give to the po undocumented aliens with 8 children you paid for them to have ,if you want another 4 years of the same vote for obama,for you here that remimber james cagney,s immortal line look ma i,m on top of the world,that kind of like when obama said I AM A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD

  • William Sturm

    Let’s cease governance by events and emergencies. This usually results in a rush to judgment and further confuses matters…..

    In due time.

    I think politicians have one ear on the ‘sound bites’ and perhaps the other stuck in a phone begging for money.

    Give us a break. The 24/7 news cycle is somewhat detrimental.

    How many ways can you say the same thing over and over again?

    Who caries what someone thought or what was going through their mind when someone stuck a gun in their face? Or what a coach is going to do in the second half based upon what all of us have seen 20 times in the first half?

    The massive number of stats provided on an ongoing basis are distracting for the enjoyment of the game….

  • JMS

    Hmmm, could look at the START treaty, are the Russians right in the assertion that the preamble is part of it and thus the US must stop missle defense development. Is missle defense in the latest DOD budget .. I can’t find it .. and if not why not. Before the vote the Prsident said it does not restrict our development of this goal, did he lie to the Senate or is he incompetent (don’t answer that question)? One legal guy I discussed this with (she deals in international law) said the preamble is part of any agreement. Just wondering about this and some section of the constitution.

  • FJ

    Stop voting for people taking big money from groups, individuals, etc. If a person wants to be elected to congress, etc. they need to be forthcoming with all information about themselves (and prove it.)
    Then they need to be informed that their job is “on the line” if they do not obey “We the People.”
    We need to be able to “fire” these people if they do not adhere to our needs and wishes.
    It’s back to the Constitution now as quickly as we can!
    I agree with most everyone and hope we can take this country back. If a list can be compiled from all of this, we’ll have a beginning formula for the next election and something to “serve” our leaders with today to put them on notice.

  • Bill Gyzen

    To fix our illegal alien problem, I would first remove the incentives for them to come here, IE: free school, welfare, child born here is a citizen, work opportunities, etc. If you don’t do that-there is no fence big enough to stop them.

    On health care. First repel ObamaCare. Then outlaw health insurance except for catastrophic. Everyone should be paying for routine health care out of their own pocket just as they do for auto care. Imagine if auto care was insured like health is today. Every time you needed an oil change you would take it to the dealer, no matter the cost. Insurance covers it anyway and your car deserves the best care, right. Well that oil change would cost about $200 or maybe even $1000. Who knows. That’s what happens when you take the market out of it. Deregulate the health care industry. There should be a multi-tiered system of delivery. I should be able to shop for what ever level of expertise I want, and at a affordable price, since I would be paying for the service out of pocket. The prices for medical care would plummet. The quality of care might improve. The point is: the more you get government out of the health care industry, the healthier we and the economy will all be.


    The left is incensed about being called anti American but when they are approached on their thinking, you become the enemy and are demonized, scandalized and set upon, to me that is the very essence of anti American.

    I would like to point out, that at one time we had a federal law that made belonging to the communist party and all other organizations that advocated the violent overthrow of this Constitutional government a crime. I propose we reinstate this very law for very obvious reasons that being we have people in government positions now that are proud to state they are communist and damn proud of it. In fact they are working to overthrow this government, just as is the islamic factions and other violent organizations, the ones the ACLU like to protect. By reinstating this law we are simply asking you to work withing the frame work of constitutional freedoms and abide by the law…I think that is rather reasonable.

    • Dan az

      Now thats an Idea!

  • Concerned Montanan

    I thoroughly enjoy reading the comment sections following articles on the Internet. More than once I have turned them off in disgust over the name calling and uninformative opinions. But what a “breath of fresh air” this morning has been! So many good ideas and your reasoning behind them. Gives me renewed hope that there are enough people out there who have the knowledge and intelligence to turn this country around. It also makes me realize how far we have come toward socialism and godlessness, and that we will all have to get involved and make sacrifices. It all boils down to the fact that we need to get back to the Constitution of the United States (and to those of our respective states) and to the Bible. This IS A CHRISTIAN NATION whether many want to accept that or not. I believe that is the reason God allowed us to become a superpower, a bastion of freedom for the world, and He doesn’t need us for that anymore if we are going to reject Him. Love you all!!!

  • James Thomas

    I would like congress to require all representatives and senators to be on hand and sign a pledge to honor our constitution as it stands, and to present no bills that would usurp the Bill of Rights. If any Congress person or senator presents such a bill they would be impeached immediately. I would also like so see congress have the gumpsion to stop all PACs and their contributions, to stop PLAYING politics and truly serve the people and not just the constituents of their districs. Such as military contracts that benefit just a few congressional districs.
    Any Bill before congress must only contain within it, wording only relating to the title. That means no attachments. Each bill should stand on its own.
    I would like to see Congress take the bull by the horns and get rid of the FED. It is a private banking Cartel that does not serve the people. I believe it is because of the FED that the american people can live beyond their means, including funding a military industrial complex that we cannot afford!

  • chuckb

    hold congressional hearing on the legitimacy of barry soetoro, then when discovered as illegitimate, elect sarah palin as a true patriot and american citizen. then bring out the national guard to control the black uprising.

  • John

    1. End the fed and thus the totally false national debt.

    2. Stop all the non wars against – drugs, and intervention worldwide.

    3. Eliminate funding for all services to illegals – including education at the K – 12 and college levels.

    4. Bring our military home. No need to have troops abroad. No need to have the largest war budget of any nation.

    5. Make it illegal for the government to have access to any of our private records and make all emails, text messages and the like private.

    6. Do not raise debt ceiling cut money spent on the military industrial complex and all foreign aid of all kinds.

    7. Terminate all victimless crimes. I other words let us smoke what we want, drink what we want, and take the vitamins we want.

    8. Terminate or significantly reduce many federal and state programs. Education could be the first cut as I feel no obligation to pay for the college education of others.

    9. Cap interest nationally at a certain percentage like 10%.

    10. Instead of bailing out banks that were too big to fail, consolidating banks to make more banks that are too big to fail, let them fail, break them up and use bail out money to give fixed rate low interest loans to citizens. If the bailout money had been used to help citizens instead of foreign banks we would have a lot fewer bankruptcies and foreclosures.

  • Arlee

    I would suggest that all Federal employees (except the military) get a fifteen percent pay cut. Their pay should be comparable to those in the private sector. Also many bureaus should be eliminated. We need to cut some corners.

  • barbm

    get rid of illegals, reform welfare to require drug tests & don’t give any extra money for having children while on public assistance, outlaw lobbying, balance the budget, get rid of the doe (energy and education), freeze govt salaries for at least 3 years from the dog catcher to the potus and including “quasi” governmental organizations like the post office, tax heck out of companies that send our jobs overseas, get us out of nato and the u.n. which are both mostly supported financially by us but little to no support from any of them when we need it, get the federal reserve out of our govt, get back to the gold standard, stop sending our tax dollars to foreign countries without our permission, end the wars. i could go on, but none of it’s likely to happen in my lifetime if ever.

  • Charlie Stanton

    First repeal the 16th amendment to eliminate income tax. A fair tax, aka national sales tax would be a great replacement.

    Eliminate the various departments that are expensive, intrusive and not effective like the Departments of Education, Agriculture, etc.

    Increase the age of eligibility for Social security by one year every three years until the eligibility age equals the average age of death in the country. By that time the absence of an income tax will have allowed people to actually accrue a worthwhile retirement fund.

  • wisdom

    To Joe Chiang, Google Michael McIntyre of NexCore Capital. He raises money for environmental, green, visionary, solving our energy problems with new technologies companies. He is a cool, straight forward guy who has been doing this for a while. Good Luck.

  • barbm

    “The national debt currently stands at $14.01 trillion dollars. That works out to more than $125,000 for every taxpayer in the country.” this is from chip shots. instead of always asking what our country/politicians can do, why not ask what we can do for a change? of course we can vote, but we can also help bring down this debt. there is a web site for making donations to treasury direct where the funds can only be used to pay off debt. i donate $10 monthly. not much, but if we have over 300 million citizens and just half did that, we’d get foreign interests out of our country. some can afford more and some less, but we should all be trying to help ourselves but, mostly, help our children, grandchildren, ad infinitum. you can say we didn’t create the debt, but we did by our inaction and poor voting habits for so many years. here’s the site.

  • Carlucci

    I’m not here to complain. Here are my suggestions:

    1. Abolish the Federal Reserve. No more private central banking
    cartels…….EVER – !!!
    2. Go back to the original structure of the states of the union
    having power over the feds. It used to be this way and there is
    no reason why it can’t be this way again.
    3. Pare down Fedzilla at least 65%. Put strict limits on Fedzilla
    where they go back to doing only what they were supposed to do
    in the first place – coin the money, provide national security,
    and check immigration. Get rid of useless agencies
    like the TSA, IRS, CIA, EPA, DEA, FDA, etc., immediately.
    4. Start profiling at the airports and use metal detectors and bomb
    sniffing dogs instead of porno scanners and gate rape.
    5. Pull all U.S. troops out of phony “wars”, shut down foreign
    military bases, and bring all soldiers home to guard our
    borders and airports.
    6. Deport all illegals from anywhere, not just Mexico. Stop all
    welfare handouts that make them want to come here in the first
    7. Shut down the UN and send their communist butts to Siberia.
    8. All actions of government must be totally transparent AT ALL
    TIMES. No more special interests or back door sweetheart deals
    for ex-government officials like Michael Cherthoff and the TSA.
    All information and background on any government official must
    never be sealed, and always available for all to see.
    9. Abolish all unions
    10. Bring back American companies to America, who have left
    because of punitive taxes and fees.
    11. Anyone running for political office must present bonafide,
    verifiable documentation showing they were born in America.
    12. Get rid of the entrenched two party (really one party) system.
    Open up the arena for all political parties to participate
    and let the chips fall where they may.
    13. Big salaries and sweetheart retirement incentive packages must
    end for all public servants in order to eliminate career
    14. Get out of OPEC and start drilling in America. The Bakken Oil
    Field is a good place to start.
    15. Repeal Obamacare and all other destructive freedom stealing
    legislation handed down from B.O. and his predecessors.
    16. Call on some successful American business owners and
    entrepreneurs (Donald Trump is just one example) to volunteer
    their expertise on how to cut govt. spending to the bone and put
    people back to work. These private business owners are the true
    job creators in a free market society. Remember, anytime anyone
    in government talks about creating jobs, they mean government
    jobs so they can continue to grow the government.

    That’s all I can think of for now, but I think it’s a good start!

    • kenneth

      Good stuff! Where can we go wrong with that.

  • Allan Halbert


    To avoid a mass confusion of opinions about reform, I think what has to happen is to make a list of topics with ideas assigned under them. Then prioritize and limit the number of topics and ideas a bit to have something manageable. Then have people vote on the list and taper down to the prioritized list. Probably many more words were revised out of the Consitution than were left standing. Then perhaps we have something that can be shared with others and get past the random opinion stage.

  • Russ errett

    Read the constitution. Among the several duties of the government, the giving of gifts, (welfare, subsidies etc.) is not one of them. The general in “promote the general welfare clause” means that whatever the government does it will apply to everyone not just to a few and will be a benefit to all. Therefore any promise of a government largess should not be allowed and a penalty should be applied.

    • kenneth

      Love it! More honest and fair government control. Just what we need.

  • Ron

    Let us withdraw from the UN and all those forign entanglemenmts that go with it as well as forign aide so long as we are an indebted nation. Not to restrict the private sector from provideing aide on their own.

  • jopa

    I Would like to see lobbying made illegal and a thing of the past.The people of America cannot compete with corporate contributions thus making our votes basically useless.In the meantime full disclosure on who is paying and how much to our so called representatives.

    • Carlucci

      Excellent idea, jopa. Wish I would have thought of that one.

  • BootUmAll

    There is currently a rule/law that prohibits lawmakers from being charged with any violation when they prevaricate on the Senate or House floor. I would like this rule/law repealed. Make these (expletive deleted) tell the truth or go to jail.

    • kenneth

      Love it. Lead with honor and integrity or go to jail. Why not? That is what we expect from our leaders. Not lies and manipulation. This is what we the people get thrown in jail for.

  • BobfromCt

    First thing I’d do would be to hire an outside efficiency expert to audit the GAO, CBO, Fannie + Freddie. Their findings would be presented to Congress on c-span. Second, I’d require a forum where individuals from the private sector get to question congress people and the heads of agencys where they cannot leave until the question has been answered to the satisfaction of the questioner. The questioner would bring computers and assistants to have backup data in the likely event that “misinformation” is presented. The government must be forced to be publicly accountable.

    • kenneth

      I love this one!!! Excellent.

  • dave4Texas

    Great idea but I can imagine the long list of comments unless you placed them in categories. When you go to your Congressman’s website to write them, the form field asks what category the comment is on. This probably helps them group all comments on a topic which is actually a good idea and narrows down the numbers of responses within each category without having the read on-and-on-and-on. etc., on subjects you’re not interested in.

  • kenneth

    I didn’t read all of the post yet so I am probably repeating one. I would take regulations off of oil so oil could be safely drilled in North Dakota. I would okay the drilling of oil in Alaska where the big dispute is being make. I would allow the development of refineries for this also. I would start the enforcement of illegal aliens and the deportation of those who should not be here. I would shut down the department of energy but keep enough to make sure work in the areas I just mentioned are following good safe practices for drilling and leaving the area as uncontaminated as possible. I would stop the Obamacare from going forward and start on rewriting a bill that actually works to cut cost. I would tell our troops that we are going after our enemies with guns a blazing and that we not wait to be shoot on to take out resistance. I would start a campaign toward educating the public about using the fair tax proposal for taxing and asking congress to support a study on the idea. Once this has been done I would do away with half the IRS department. I would propose to the senate that a new way of electing a supreme court judge be studied such as an elected office for a 20 year period. An election by the governors of the states. I would shut down the post office and ask for bids to be submitted for the private take over of the mail service. First the bids then a congressional approval of the bidder to take over the service. Give back all the money not yet spent from the borrowed money. Tell the congress to summit me a budget that is 3% below the 2006 budget for my approval. Take our troops out of all occupied countries that we aren’t actively at war with except Iraq. Put up a electronic and a man stationed border between us and Mexico. I better stop there.

  • Jonathan L.

    Get rid of Obamacare and institute real health reform without force of participation or reducing the Medicare coverage. Stop “legislation” by decree; secure our borders and deport all illegal aliens; limit immigration to those who have something to offer this country; reduce the scope of “hate crime” laws or get rid of them altogether; stop the persecution of Christians in this country; stop aid to and trade with countries who do persecute Christians; reduce our foreign aid by at least half.

  • Jimmy

    The foreign corporation known as the Federal reserve has caused devaluation, inflation & depressions, & was made illegal by Kennedy: we need to print our own money & enforce the removal of the fed: On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. This law or decree is still on the books, obey it! Since the irs collects for the Fed, this would allow the dismantling of the irs. We need to print our own money.This would allow us to retrieve
    our trillions back from the fed. & print our own money & not borrow from China.
    Stop entitlement let welfare recipients go to their churches for aid, or to their Buddha buddies, or their agnostic friends.

    Break up the AMA monopoly, & allow insurance & government to have & pay primary care givers in hospitals, & medicare, such as Natural Paths, Homeopaths, Chiropractor, Herbalist,Nutritionists. This would drastically reduce medical costs.

    Allow states rights to do have non-government controlled state commerce, only interstate commerce would be regulated by Gov. Establish individual state military, & militia, and make them well funded & well equipped [same stand as the US military], with each state deciding if it wants a state hetero army, navy, air force or a homo state army, navy air force. Recognize the Elected local sheriff as the highest authority in each state, & equip them to a military level. This would stop the boarder problems.
    Montana already has some of these laws on the books & 20 states have some pending legislation. Now you can ban some of the useless gov. offices like atf&e. Individual States could simple Nullify obamacare, if they want.

    Now you are ready to ban UN influence in our government, no UN treaties recognized, no foreign troops allowed in the USA.

    Eliminate OSHA, & government laws that stop US companies from competing, & re industrialize the USA. Open up all US oil fields, build refineries & make the USA self dependent, & lower gas prices to $2.00 a barrel, & stop the oil wars in the middle East.

    A return to sovereign nation under GOD Almighty.

  • Kim

    Our country needs to stand up to opec nations, the $4.00 per gallon fuel, plus the fannie and fredie scandle, is what caused most of this crisis that we are in now. Pull all aid from opec nations until they stop robbing Us. When they get hungry, they just might lower the price. Of course they would hate us more. Drop out of the U.N.! Charge all U.S. corporations a hefty tax on all oversea operations, it is not right for them to get away with paying those people so little and charging us the same price as if the products were made in the U.S. Less hate between the right and left would be nice, treat each other with respect, the list goes on and on.

  • Ted Birnbaum

    The 3 biggest domestic problems: A> the deindustrialization of the USA, B> the miserable health of most Americans, C> a decrepit democracy which allows the 2 big parties to take turns at incompetence and corruption.

    A> partial solution: penalize all nations that sabotage the currency markets to their advantage (many in Asia) by declaring that all new federal debt securities will not pay interest to foreign government owners who we deem as currency manipulators…see FREE TRADE DECEPTION @ for more.

    B> restore health freedom to the USA and demand disclosure for all unnatural or toxic foods at point of sale. Health freedom means that you have the right to do with your own body as you please in the privacy of your home..elemental thinking. It also implies that most of the drug laws (narcotic & prescription) are invalid. That’s great
    because then all the drug addicts can OD and drop dead which would save us all the misery and half of all crime & expense they create in this nation…see Freedom, Freedom….where have you gone? and
    tell the Emperor he has no Clothes at

    C>The most basic solution is that all our elections should mandate
    runoff counting or elections when no candidate wins a majority vote.
    see…see Dream List for U.S. Constitution 7/26/2010 and
    Real Democracy! on page 2 @

  • http://com i41

    chuckb, agree on idoits roiting and destroying their homes and neighborhoods. If they want to burn and destroy, let the fires destroy their nests and set up troughs “food lines” to take care of hunger. End all welfare programs for able bodied people,. Make a the federal own ground available to be poor farms, where the indigant have to produce their own food and put up their own shelter. It would teach lots of unemployable do nothing idoits that drug use and sitting on your dead azz will not put food in your belly. Get rif of all agancies, wheather education, energy agriculture, definitely EPA, and on down the list. Get rid ofg IRS and put in a 5% flat tax on any purchase. Of course leech lawyers would probably be roiting since frivilous money hiding plans would disappear. Term limit all Congress persons, serve on term and sit out 2 before being able to run again, and insurance for them is only while in office. Also must pay premiums like all citizens, no life time retirements. SC judges must be voted on for approval every 9 years, no bench sitting till you die. All depts, wheather State, BLM, and another life long federal employment money wasting idoits. Every dept must have 105 of the longest employed people would go out the door. Fresh minds instead of stale idoits pushing paper. Let private business like airlines iumlement their own sucuriety stands, dispose of TSA, and mandatory health care. End the paper work load on hospitals and doctors, and let them and patients have to depend on government meddler.Definitely put bounties on all illegals, paid when brought to load outy centers, First time offenders get branded for first capture with a IA on their forehead above their eyebrows. Second time capture they get neutored permantly. A notice of one week before implementations of the plan. All criminal tax evasion and monatary malfesance by elected elitist smucks get triple the fines and jail time of citizens endure. So we get rid of lobbyist from former elected officals, every state has a house for their elected offical, and cut the free fuel credit cards and other wasteful perks given to elected beltway clowns. Every lobbyist that is a former employee or oingress person must have a 25 year ban from doing any type of business with government offices or purchasing groups, if caught and convicted go to prison for life. Get rid of every reservations and residant can assimulate or die, same goes for pedophile muslim goat humpers. Any immagrants sending money out of the USA get taxed or have to pay handling charges of 25% on every dollar, money wil go military and infra stucture rebuilding. A schools are controlled by local school boards and there is no free education. End all the school mandatory of keeping idoits that are disrupitive and don’t want to learn in classroooms. End the beltway meddling and return to local control which is always more effective and cheaper. Also end all union employee representation of a government employees. Next time a idoit talks about txing the rtich, first elitist asses to go after is the lawyers of every stripe, the produce nothing except strife, in all segements of society, they plan and write all the corrupt laws for not paying taxes and hiding money. Rangel, Daschle, both Onumnutts, Clintons, and Geithners all prime examples of crooks

  • Renellin

    I have an idea about healthcare. It’s just the start, but we could get rid of most of the insurance problems and much of the medicaid problems.
    What if we revise the concept of medical savings accounts? Those people who have insurance with their employers would have the employer take the money they pay for the employee’s insurance and purchase only catastrophic policies. The remaining money, as well as the copay by the employee would go into their medical savings account, which would have a card like a credit card or a benefit card but easily identifiable to be used for any medical expense including dental and eyeglasses. It would roll over from year to year and grow. The employee would still own it if he changed jobs. Penalties for using the card in an unauthorized fashion would be harsh both for the merchant and the cardholder.
    If some upper limit was reached, perhaps the employer could be excused from having to buy the catastrophic insurance.

    This covers most of the working population, and would impact insurance claims for enough doctors as to cause an immediate cost savings to medical providers which would trickle back to the consumers. The next cost savings would come from people once again having control over what they spend, and making decisions about what is necessary and what they can live with.

    When a person dies, the government gets half of their medical savings account, which would go into the medicaid/care coffers. The other half would be inherited by some lucky relative(s), and would remain a medical savings account.

    What about public assistance? Right now when on medicaid one is already rationed, and often one has to wait for months to get an appointment with a doctor who takes medicaid. Then one gets lesser treatment/supplies. If instead a county allots a certain dollar amount per person, who can apply for special circumstances to have it raised when they have something more serious, and they could carry the same card, they wouldn’t have to find a doctor to serve them but could get their medical care where they chose. Also, these accounts would stay with the person when they left public assistance and could carry over to the new employer or whatever. That’s portability! And a ton less work for the County workers who are administrating it now.

    Finally for the service workers and other industries that traditionally do not provide health insurance, accounts could be set up where employers match funds up to a certain percentage of earnings so that employees could establish medical savings accounts as well. So many lower-wage earners get caught without adequate medical care because they can’t afford the insurance. Sometimes they just need to see a doctor and $100-150 is a devastating charge when unexpected to those working paycheck to paycheck.

    Of course it wouldn’t be mandatory!

    Lots of details to hammer out and tweaks to employ, but this would solve a huge amount of the problems and save large amounts of money.

  • Mike Berman, Ph.D.

    1. Go to a 10% flat tax across the board.
    2. Stop illegal immigration ASAP
    3. Charge each country per illegal of their origin ten thousand barrels of oil or in equivalent currency each day that the illegal remains in this country.
    4. Make all judges accountable to their actions including the supreme court by removing them from power who is found to cause US citizens to loose any of their constitutional rights or their jobs.
    5. Allow only US citizens to vote and who pay at least 10% tax rates.
    6. Get rid of all federal funding to schools and universities unless under a war threat, the R&D is tied into this development to win a war or to protect our borders.
    7. Place part of our military on all our mainland borders.
    8. Stop foreign aid unless that country is tied to our strategic military basis.
    9. Encourage more tradesmenship carriers such as electricians, plumbers, mechanics, etc.
    10. Encourage part time work for high school and college students to work in farms instead of illegals.
    11. Encourage more homeschooling and incentives.
    12. Encourage more local farms by lower taxes for those people.
    13. Reform both the FDA and EPA drastically starting by removing all personnel who are economically tied to any lobbies such as big pharma.
    14. Raise 10 to 25 % taxes or tarrifs on imports especially China imports.
    15. Make english the official US language.
    16. Go back to the gold standard.
    17. Create tax incentives for companies to form and grow.
    18. Remove all earmarks.
    19. Term limits of no more than 8 years to any government official.
    20. Federal spending should only be for military defense, boarders, supporting the VAs and the troops.
    I have many more suggestions but I am constrained to time limits.

  • Trevor

    Develop a three pronged economic overhaul.

    First, create a Fiscal Responsibility Bill that: 1) imposes an immediate spending freeze (no new spending without an offsetting real spending cut to immediately pay for the proposed costs (not some future outyear spending cuts); 2) rolls back spending in the 2012 budget to 2008 level; 3) limits all future budget spending to no more than 19% of the GDP; and 4) initiates a Constitutional Amendment to balance the budget by spending no more than the prior year’s revenues and never more than 19% more than the prior year’s GNP minus any deficit that might have occurred in prior fiscal year (while any surplus must be applied to paying off the debt).

    Second, initiate a Constitutional Amendment to repeal the 16th Amendment to eliminate the Income Tax, the Withholding Tax and the IRS and impose the Fair Tax (national sales tax)where the States would be responsible for collecting the tax. This would eliminate any need to ever file taxes, simplify revenue collection and restore American business to the most competitive in the world, thereby drawing businesses and jobs back to the US.

    Third, overhaul energy regulation by eliminating the Department of Energy and removing all federal geographic barriers to oil exploration and drilling and moving any necessary federal energy responsibilities to another federal department (such as Dept of Commerce). Put states in control of regulating oil exploration and drilling within their geographic borders and reaping any revenue that may result. Fast track all nuclear power construction permits to encourage nuclear power development and use the French model of nuclear waste disposal. This will restore American energy independence, national security and energy related jobs.

  • William Sturm

    I suggest we begin to cut the food stamp program with the goal to phase it out completely.

    Also, the same hold for the government sponsor feeding programs in schools. Some now serve three nutritious meals a day. Soon the parents will be joining the children to eat. Finally, there will be special feed sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

    Is this a great country or what?

    Yes Mr. Chairman Bernanke….the issue is how do you execute the Exit Program without causing too much disruption and pain?


  • Merlin

    I did not have time to read all the comments posted here but I did read a significant number and scanned several others. I was pleased to see that comments posted here were well thought out and logical. At other sites I have seen far too many comments that were more emotional (both sides of the issue) than constructive. There are so many things that I would like to change. Many of them have already been addressed by others but to recap some. All bills passed by Congress should include it’ justification from the Consstitution. All Congressmen, Senators, and other government officials should be subject to any and all laws, regulations, or policies that they pass. There should not be any riders attached to a bill. All legislation should be requrired to stand on it’s own merits. The federal government should stay out of State and local affairs. All official appointed by the President shoul be approved by the Senate. And the Senate should publish a profile of everyone they approve. There is so much more that I could say but this should be enough to get started. I would like to see a survey site where everyone could vote on the issues.

  • William Sturm

    The low interest government loans to students who want to go to college are driving tuition rates through the roof. The government has artificially increased the demand for college and the colleges have responded by raising the rates.

    When demand increases the prices must go up!

    Get the government out of funding college.

    Sad to say the Obama Administration just usurped that function not that long ago. Now, the education of our children in college is funded by the government. This gives them the right to make all kinds of claims and set all kinds of regulations. After all…they are making possible for students to go and rack up incredible debts.

    Wait until this depression reaches full flower. How are they rich you executives going to make those big housing payments due on mortgages created to a house compatible with their chosen profession…along with the massive college debt? Well, we should bail out their mortgage and their student loan and also ensure they have a job. The government can create a job for them. Mr Obama has lots o money….


  • Lawrence Ekdahl

    The major change needed is a change of heart of the people. The Bible says “The heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it. ” A national revival and repentance is what is really needed.

  • JimH

    I would suggest, one bill, one issue, one item. Write the bill for one thing and one thing only. No putting an off ramp, off of the interstate leading to Senator Blowhard’s brother inlaws fishing resort onto a defense spending bill. One issue, one item, one bill.


    Does anyone really understand or even know about a word on page 107 of the
    obamacare bill? The word “DHIMMITUDE”. I understand some people are exempt from paying healthcare expenses and we will pay for all their health care.
    We are paying for illigels now. Who will we be paying for next?

    • William Sturm

      Nope. Probably just a typo error.

  • Ross

    1. Obey the 10th Amendment! Repeal all laws,programs, and agencys not specificaly enumerated in the Constitution.
    2. Obey the 2nd. Amendment! No gun laws.
    3. Abolish the Amendment for “Anchor Babies”
    4. Remove all illegal aliens.(reguardles of place of origin)
    5. Establish American English as the National language.
    6. Abolish the 16th Amendment. (levy tarrifs on imports instead)
    7. Pass and ratify Amendment to the Constitution that will prohibit the Federal Government from borrowing any money.
    8. Phase out all Government pensions.
    9. No retirement benifits for Elected Officals.
    10.Term limits for Senators 2, 6 years terms.
    11.Senators appointed by State Govenor (again)
    12.Term limits for Congressmen. 3, 2 year terms.

  • http://com i41

    kate8, yes you do not want get any form of government involved on a plan to make something more effiecent. 12 years ago I and 2 of my friend were developing a fire escape window, that would open and provide an escape for small kids and wheelchair bound or handicapped people. First it was the ecomic state devlopment dirt balls we wasted time with, which involved being told we were starting a new system, and nobody else had somethime like it. Even thought we has a small example of the project. At the end after doing and meetings with state officals to only be told we should use a proven product. Two years later I was in construction and since I worked with elctric, hydralic, and diesel power. I am not a engineer or a book trained mechanical wizard, but my elected officals suggested I contact Engineering universities and new tecknology offices in Washington. When I questioned about who would actually benefir in patents and royalities, if I worked with them, I got nothing and would have my name mentioned some where. Since I wouldn’t show or explain or let them copy any plans, it never went anywhere. Unless you can nickel and dime the project your self, you will get hosed. Don’t beleive any corporate b–l s–t on getting compensation for speeding up operations and saving operating costs costs. You probably at best get a thanks you from some middle management paper pusher, but the head engineer clown getting 5 times your pay rate, will get the write up and a bonus of your year’s wages.

  • http://com i41

    Syiva , that was put in by Bacus out of Montana so muslims are exempt from having to buy health care coveragre, it was put in after Bacus meeeting with the marxist muslim moron in Cheif. Untill union got a exemptions, muslims had a insider keepingh their interests in mind.

  • DaveH

    I would like to see Bob Livingston do an article comparing the costs of government running an operation as compared to the costs of the private sector doing that same operation.
    An example — the cost of private schools per student/hour versus the cost of public schools per student/hour.

    • Christin

      Dave H, good idea.

      My sons go to private school and I have taught in public school … the private schools do a lot more with a whole lot less… And I think they are in a better environment and get a better education.

      I would like to see “school vouchers” Nation Wide like they have in FL and used to in DC until obama stopped them after his girls registered. Having our school tax dollars go to a school of our chosing would have helped us a great deal through the years as we have had to pay for government PUBLIC EDUCATION that we NEVER attended and Private school.

      • DaveH

        I knew that double payment in the guise of “separation of church and state” was bogus when I was in fifth grade. But how else could the leaders grow government so big without the public school brainwashing?
        You’re right, Christin, we need to get voucher systems everywhere, so the kids can learn real things rather than how best to be good little Big Government sheeple.

  • http://none Gary Prince

    1. Impose a 20% tariff on all Chinese goods being imported, and add 5% to that each year until China revalues it’s currency.
    2. Seal the borders, all of them. If it takes putting the military on them, do it.
    3. Bring our military home from such places as Korea, Afganistan, and Iraq.
    3. Stop paying Medicare benefits to illegals.
    4. Demand payment (in oil) from these countries we have freed (Kuiat, Iraq) and demand oil from Mexico for the illegals we have in prison. Two barrels a month per individual incarcerated.
    5. No citizenship: no free health care, or schooling, or in-state tuition rates.
    6. Stop payments to foreign governments.
    7. Make all government employees (including congress) abide by the same laws and regulations they impose on the rest of society.

  • David Freeman

    How about a federal law that prohibits unfunded mandates for the US, State and local governments. If a mandate is funded for a few years and then unfunded, that mandate should be eliminated.

  • Judy

    Just love open forums. They give people a chance to share what’s on their minds. Would like to see the most recent posts at the top of the list, though!

  • Jim Jarvis

    I have read with interest a lot of the comments and agree we must do something soon or we will lose our wonderful country.
    First off this country is run by special interests. Since the money paid by lobbyists who represent various businesses it falls under the catergory of bribery which is a crime that deserves a prison term. When you lock up all these people and take all this money away then we might be able to start to level the playing field of the ordinary individual, which by the way in and of itself is a politically incorrect term. This doesn’t apply to the individual PACs which is made up of the little man’s contributions. The only use of this money is to overcome big business and unions(the worst of all).
    The easiest way to get Obama from the whitehouse is to sprinkle pig blood on all entrances of the white house and anywhere else he might go.
    After we vent and neutralize these things then we can begin to start revamping our country by removing all laws that do fall within the constitution.
    Just a few thoughts that might get a discussion going.

  • SoTired

    One of the strongest things we could do is abolish the Federal Reserve and stop spending the millions of dollars a day on interest to the world bank! Print our own money as we should be doing.

    A simple audit of this loan shark outfit would wake the American people to how we’re being enslaved by debt.

  • Robt Hauser

    In order for us to have “free energy” and all that that entails, we must have something to begin with….the proposal among some free energy advocates is that what we conceive of as “empty space” is in fact anything but and that actually the entire cosmos is teeming with energy just sitting there waiting to be used….every cubic centimeter of “space” is actually host to enough vibrant energy to run your car, fly a plane, etc., etc. This may or may not in fact be, but tapping into it may be a matter of insurmountable engineering difficulties.

    I would encourage someone on this thread to explain PRECISELY why the Tesla coil seems to release far more energy than is put into it…thusly in apparent defiance of the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy. In particle physics now, they are hypothesizing that material particles can apparently materialize from “nothing”…..if so, then why not energy itself which is just one aspect whereof matter is the other.

  • Drake Pendragon

    Americans must understand that Illegal immigration, the transfer of the American means of production offshore, and the huge national debt are LINKED, and intended to destroy America and dissolve the US Constitution into the North American Union as a prelude to the New World order, by REFERENDUM!

    SHTF America: Illegal Immigration

  • Rob

    Right now the Communist ENEMIES of the United States have taken
    over the Executive , Judicial, Legeslative Branches of our Goverment
    along with the Colleges, High Schools and Elementary Schools and
    News Media. Violated all the Laws of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    Its time for the Military to Declare Martial Law, and arrest everyone
    of them, change the laws to make it Illegal to have an
    Anti- constitutional Ideology or statement or organization.
    Arrest all congressmen or Senators who voted yes for any bill that
    violated the Constitution retroactivly. Same for Islam, Illegal Aliens

  • Tess

    First I’ll say that I think the Constitution is the best document ever drafted to outline the role of government. At the time of its drafting things moved much slower and a sitting congress made sense. But technology has made communication instantaneous, making a sitting congress in D.C. obsolete. My ideal solution is to change our currant congressional system. The United States is simply a union of the several states formed to take care of business that all states share such as national defense, the treasury, foreign policy, etc., but it has taken on a life of its own as we all know. It seems like the states don’t even matter anymore. We still need a congress to run things for the union but it is my belief that the governor of each state should make up our congress. They would vote to decide national issues and to fill the various secretary positions who would in turn run the various departments, as they do now, and would report to the governors. Each state already has its own constitution, legislature and governor so it would not be a tough transition. That would truly be a government of, by, and for the people as our state legislators are much more responsive to the electorate than the federal version. Any matter that doesn’t affect all states equally would remain at state level. Also, the president should not be allowed to make executive orders or appoint anyone, except their immediate staff; no judges, secretaries, czars, etc. The presidential appointees and executive orders are an end run around us. Such a government would allow each state to be as individual as the people that live in it. Now that is my idea of freedom.
    One other thing; ownership of all federal land, except the District of Columbia, would revert to the state in which it is located and the federal government would lease any necessary properties for bases, post offices, etc., from the state.

  • HellsBells

    All conservative sections of states should secede from their state and from the USA, and let all those “progressive” nanny section of the nation see just how wonderful their Marxist utopia would be without the ability to take away from the working class to support the deadbeats in this nation. When they fail, and they will, then we can talk about what to do to reunited the nation, as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC based on set laws that only congress can change in a Constitutional manner under Constitutional restraints and that judges could never do so by themselves.

  • http://N/A John Lawrey

    To start to get things back under control here is where we should start.

    1. Get rid of the Department of Education completely and totally. It will save billions. We spend more for each student on education than any country in the world and things are getting worse and worse. The only way to turn this around is to eliminate the Dept. of Education, turn all education back over to the states. Cut out 90% of the education management functions and get back to teaching the basics of how to read, write, and do your math. Then maybe this will recover. No more unions that make it so bad teachers can’t be fired, etc.

    2. Eliminate the EPA. They are totally out of control. Only way to cure this is to eliminate the department.

    3. Eliminate the FDA. The FDA is also out of control. They are going so far as to eliminate peoples ability to buy Vitamin C from companies that are not the BIG Pharma companies.

    4. Eliminate the FCC. The FCC cannot dictate what is fair on the airwaves (violation of the constitution to even try this for congress, president, senate or FCC) and we have no need for this type of control. The only thing we need is to allow distribution of frequencies for use by the public and this does not require a whole department.

    5. Eliminate ATF (or as its sometimes called the BATF. Alchol, Tobacco and Firearms. None of this is needed and it intrudes on what the FBI and local law enforcement should be doing. And it appears more often the ATF is getting out of control and killing innocent folks.

    6. Eliminate Department of Energy. They do nothing but grow larger and larger and strangle industry with regulations. Eliminate the dpartment and the regulations.

    7. Eliminate Department of Health and Human Services. This department now thinks it can control and regulate our health care and fine us if we dont agree with them. This department needs to be elimnated really badly.

    8. Department of Agriculture also needs to be eliminated. This department is so bad now it rewards huges corporate farms and screws the small family owned farms out of existance. Get rid of this whole corrupt nauseating deparment.

    9. Governement grants to colleges. I’ve read some of these grants which amount to billions each year and i have come to the conclusion that they have one purpose. They allow the colleges to teach what they want and then get billions from the governement to provide the skills that various professions might need to get a job. The problem is the courses they teach should give the group the skills needed to get a job and if those courses dont, those classes should be changed to provide what is needed. Instead they are in the seat with a corrupt government (both democrat and republican) to bilk us of billions in chump change as they call it, and then say see this extra money got this group of people from this university a job. Mever in my life have I seen something this corrupt at its core.

    10. Eliminate NAFT, GATT and all those other treaties that suck our jobs out of this country. Start putting tarrifs up on goods coming into the country and removing barriers to keeping industry in the country. This will also start to bring industry back to the country, which we need badly if we are to survive as a nation.

    11. Protect the border and get rid of illegal immigration. I’m all for legal immigration, but what is going on now is just plain criminal.

    12. Get rid of the TSA (transportaion Security Agency) and the Department of Homeland Security. Both these government agencies are completely out of control at this point, putting in controls that remove our freedoms, which needs to be stopped. As an Engineer I can tell you the current airport screening machines will have most fliers down with very bad cases of cancer within 10 years with the amount of X-rays they get with each screening. You folks need to be aware of what those machines actually do, not what they tell you they are doing. Because so far everything TSA has said about their scanning machines has been a total fabrication of the truth.

    13. Now once we eliminate all the above as a starter to get things rolling, we need to make sure no congressman, senator, president, etc. gets any different health care than what everyone else gets period. We need to cut salaries across the board by at least 10% and maybe 15%, then freeze all raises till we have completely recovered. Then limit raise to less than 1% every 5-10 years to reign in growth.
    Then we need to eliminate every perk for anyone in congress, senate, president, etc. No special bonues or perks, this job is a service to the country not a way to get a leg up on everyone else. No retirement plans, no special health care plans, no perks at all!

    14. Then we need to roll back government spending, buy at least 60% maybe even more, no more 3-7% growth rate per year. There should be no growth rate to government spending. No more political types saying I cut 2% off the budget for real spending cuts when the spending went up 5% (see they cut 2% of the 7% they were planning on growing). Reduce taxes not keep them the same but gut them down as low as we can. Then go through every single law on the books and if it dont meet the constitutional Smell test it gets put in the toilet and flushed. Then put in solid term limits. One to two terms then your gone. That would eliminate 90% of the corruption because there would be no incentive to keep seeking re-election. Sure that would get rid of some of problems we are having now and would get rid of some good congressman and senators, but the corruption up there is so bad now we need to clean the lot of them out.

    15. Thats what I would do the first year. Then from there we can see how much more fat in the government we can eliminate. Bring all our troops home, since its readily obvious the current crop of politcal leaders have no intention of winning, just appeasing, we might as well bring them home and keep them ready to defend this country.

    • http://None John Lawrey

      Opps, hit post before i was actually finished…. added the last bits below.

  • William Sturm

    Invite INTERPOL to investigate the existence of FEMA camps for American citizens. We do not need a civilian army inside the U.S.

    We need good investigation and law enforcement and punishment.

    We also need to limit the spying of the government on the Internet traffic, etc.

    Anything the government ‘finds and uses’ should carry with it the risk of criminal prosecution of those responsible for this illegal snooping. This used to be America…the home of the free and the brave.

    Congress should step in and put some stick controls on these activities…. They represent us the citizens. We are not subjects…yet.

  • Rennie

    END CORN ETHANOL and return crop diversity NOW! ASAP! Will it take Americans going hungry whenour food reserves being depleted by Chinese demand in lieu of debt payment or a over benevolent leader giving away our stores to a starving Africa (whose food has been consumed by Chinese demand?) to convince people corn needs to be used for cattle and poultry, not gas tanks? Not wiping out the small farms with government price controls on milk (but none on corn). It destroys and cripples transportation and utility equipment, adds to asthama issues, food allergies, reduces fuel efficiency, shortens the shelf life of fuel supplies, all for the precious caucus state of Iowa under the myth it reduces greenhouse gases (lie – it costs more in money, energy and emissions).

  • http://None John Lawrey

    To start to get things back under control here is where we should start.

    1. Get rid of the Department of Education completely and totally. It will save billions. We spend more for each student on education than any country in the world and things are getting worse and worse. The only way to turn this around is to eliminate the Dept. of Education, turn all education back over to the states. Cut out 90% of the education management functions and get back to teaching the basics of how to read, write, and do your math, no more administration crap that takes away from the teaching of the students. Then maybe this will recover. No more unions that make it so bad teachers can’t be fired, etc.

    2. Eliminate the EPA. They are totally out of control. Only way to cure this is to eliminate the department.

    3. Eliminate the FDA. The FDA is also out of control. They are going so far as to eliminate peoples ability to buy Vitamin C from companies that are not the BIG Pharma companies, and now with the new food safety bill it is going to be against the law to grow your own garden in your own yard.

    4. Eliminate the FCC. The FCC cannot dictate what is fair on the airwaves (violation of the constitution to even try this for congress, president, senate or FCC) and we have no need for this type of control. The only thing we need is to allow distribution of frequencies for use by the public and this does not require a whole department.

    5. Eliminate ATF (or as its sometimes called the BATF. Alchol, Tobacco and Firearms. None of this is needed and it intrudes on what the FBI and local law enforcement should be doing. And it appears more often the ATF is getting out of control and killing innocent folks.

    6. Eliminate Department of Energy. They do nothing but grow larger and larger and strangle industry with regulations. Eliminate the dpartment and the regulations.

    7. Eliminate Department of Health and Human Services. This department now thinks it can control and regulate our health care and fine us if we dont agree with them. This department needs to be elimnated really badly.

    8. Department of Agriculture also needs to be eliminated. This department is so bad now it rewards huges corporate farms and screws the small family owned farms out of existance. Get rid of this whole corrupt nauseating deparment.

    9. Governement grants to colleges. I’ve read some of these grants which amount to billions each year and I have come to the conclusion that they have one purpose. They allow the colleges to teach what they want and then get billions from the governement to provide the skills that various professions might need to get a job. The problem is the courses they teach should give the group the skills needed to get a job and if those courses dont, those classes should be changed to provide what is needed. Instead they are in the seat with a corrupt government (both democrat and republican) to bilk us of billions in chump change as they call it, and then say see this extra money got this group of people from this university a job. Never in my life have I seen something this corrupt at its core.

    10. Eliminate NAFTA, GATT and all those other treaties that suck our jobs out of this country. Start putting tarrifs up on goods coming into the country and removing barriers to keeping industry in the country. This will also start to bring industry back to the country, which we need badly if we are to survive as a nation.

    11. Protect the border and get rid of illegal immigration. I’m all for legal immigration, but what is going on now is just plain criminal.

    12. Get rid of the TSA (transportaion Security Agency) and the Department of Homeland Security. Both these government agencies are completely out of control at this point, putting in controls that remove our freedoms, which needs to be stopped. As an Engineer I can tell you the current airport screening machines will have most fliers down with very bad cases of cancer within 10 years with the amount of X-rays they get with each screening. You folks need to be aware of what those machines actually do, not what they tell you they are doing. Because so far everything TSA has said about their scanning machines has been a total fabrication of the truth.

    13. Now once we eliminate all the above as a starter to get things rolling, we need to make sure no congressman, senator, president, etc. gets any different health care than what everyone else gets period. We need to cut salaries across the board by at least 10% and maybe 15%, then freeze all raises till we have completely recovered. Then limit raises to less than 1% every 5-10 years to reign in growth, maybe even over a longer period. Then we need to eliminate every perk for anyone in congress, senate, president, etc. No special bonuses or perks, this job is a service to the country not a way to get a leg up on everyone else. No retirement plans, no special health care plans, no perks at all!

    14. Then we need to roll back government spending, buy at least 60% to start and even more as we go through this bloat of government, no more 3-7% growth rates per year. There should be no growth rate to government spending. No more political types saying I cut 2% off the budget for real spending cuts, when the spending went up 5% (see they cut 2% of the 7% they were planning on growing). Reduce taxes not keep them the same but gut them down as low as we can. Then go through every single law on the books and if it dont meet the constitutional smell test it gets put in the toilet and flushed. Then put in solid term limits. One to two terms then your gone. That would eliminate 90% of the corruption because there would be no incentive to keep seeking re-election. Sure that would get rid of some of the problems we are having now and would get rid of some good congressman and senators, but the corruption up there is so bad now we need to clean the lot of them out.

    15. Thats what I would do the first year. Then from there we can see how much more fat in the government we can eliminate. Bring all our troops home, since its readily obvious the current crop of politcal leaders have no intention of winning, just appeasing, we might as well bring them home and keep them ready to defend this country.

    16. Next get rid of the Federal Reserve. Only congress can print money. Put ourselves back on the gold standard, if we still have any left in the country. Last no more elections for senate. The senators are appointed by the states and their sole goal is to protect each state from Bad Bills. This would create a huge reduction in bills passed and most of them tend to be rather bad. The Constitution originally had senators appointed to protect states by each state and not elected. We need it back in that configuration ot reign in the corruption in the Senate.

    17. Put a halt to any new folks going on Social Security, and gradually we will elimanate this ponzi scheme. In addtion we need to go through medicare and all the other similar schemes and start making sure we dont grow these but gradually phase them out. Then put in real reforms that will reduce costs and also get rid of all the crappy lawsuits over hangnails and other things.

    • DaveH

      Excellent comment, John.

  • Chic Krauz

    After serving 20 years in the military I am watching my country going to he** in a hand basket. Sugggest the following corrections: Return EVERYONES budgets to 2018, including social security, medicare etc. Everyone !! How else can we keep our country from going under? Then audit the Federal Reserve,stop unfunded mandates and no more pork. Yaaaa, That’s the ticket…….

    • William Sturm

      Do you mean 2008 instead of 2018?


  • Jack

    Since Congress cannot control themselves and continue to stack the elections we must help them become more honest. Those who don’t pay taxes and/or receive welfare lose the priviledge to vote.

  • Melody

    Like most things… follow the money. The more money government has, the less frugal and responsible they are with it. They must follow a strict and enforceable budget. Consolidate departments, there are too many departments that duplicate other departments. Government is too big and incompetent. I always thought that if I am to pay taxes, “I” should decide where and how my taxes will be spent. For instance, if someone has kids in school, then education would be extremely important to them, versus someone who is single over 40, with no kids, would not be required to pay taxes into education. If someone is in agriculture, then they can have their taxed money go into that. If I am military, or even if I am not, if it is important to me to support the military, my taxes would go there. If the environment is your thing, then apply your taxes toward that area. It would be up to the individual to decide what portion of their taxes would go where, according to each individuals beliefs and values. Lets say the government would only get a madatory 10% of whatever your taxes were, and no more. This would be used for the running of the government offices and salaries, nothing else. Salaries need to be approved by the people. The point is, the people decide, not a handful of corrupt individuals. And if lobbying is done, they will need to go to the “people” to get the taxed money. A simple form listing all current government departments, and you decide what portion you want to go where. If you want all of your tax money go to education…. that is your “right”, if half you want to go to education and the other half to the military…. that is your “right”. It is your money, you earned it, but you decide where it should go. If you work for the government, in any capacity, your tax dollars go to the government for its operation. Government employees do not get to decide to have their tax dollars go anywhere other than the government. I daresay, by this method, some departments would be eliminated, or at least “defunded” and less powerful like the Dept. of Energy, and the EPA. But if this happens…. the people have spoken. The following year, if these departments can make a case with the people, then it would be up to the people to decide. And definitely, the abortion industry would not be getting money from pro life people, and if the pro choice people want their money to be used for the killing of babies… that will be on them, not others who don’t believe in that. So, what do you think????????

  • Void1972

    Many great ideas from many great Americans!
    You are the ones who should run for office.


    If Obama has a birth certificate that shows he was born in U.S.A., Why has he spent soooomuch money for all the lawyers to keep the truth from being investigated. Makes NO sense.

    • American Patriot

      Look up the documentary “OBAMA DECEPTION” full length on youtube Sylvia. That should answer all your questions. it’s a great video. Alex jones has many on there that expose the truths to what is going on.

  • Larry

    We should pass a law or amend the Constitution to say that the Federal Government may not own, in the form of public lands, more than 20% of any one state.

    • William Sturm

      Whoops. There is a lot of wilderness out west somebody is going to have patrol and monitor. This would amount to an unfunded mandate.

      Of course, if the Government would go into mining in a big way on our public lands and use the profits to wipe out the deficits and National Debt we might be getting somewhere. I don’t think they know how to do it? Perhaps they could sublet it to the private sector for exploitation and use these fees to kill deficit/debt.

      We could also dig up Alaska and pull all the wealth out of there. This would really make some folks blood boil. But, at least we could pay off our obligations and survive.

      Otherwise our creditors are just going to take it all anyway.


  • http://none Alex

    Among the many things we should do:

    !. Stop invading other countries and harming their peoples with our young mercenaries, for whom we express our ‘Love’ yet still toss most willingly into Early Graves.

    2. Address for once, fully and unflinchingly, that most harmful schism in America: Race. As Attorney General Eric Holder pointed out soon after taking office, this country has never taken a mature look at this most troubling aspect of our society. The election of President Obama ‘proved’ to much of this sad and beautiful country that Race was no longer “an issue”, that his stirring cleansing of the Bush Crime Family from the White Guy’s House meant that we had at last cauterized our Great Festering Self-inflicted Wound—Wrong!. The thing is, after the worst terrorist attack on the US in history, two misguided wars, the suspension of civil rights and approval of torture, along with the evaporation of a surplus into a DEFICIT of mammoth proportions, ANY Democrat (Obama, Clinton, Boxer, etc) would have beaten ANY Republican (McCain, Romney, Huckabee, etc) in November 2008. The people would have voted for David Letterman or Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials over ANY GObP nominee. The truth is that White America, as a whole, still has a tremendous problem with “other people”, none more than Blacks. Believe me, I know what I am talking about. I have lived amongst the Whites most of my 54 years. My own parents, in fact, are Caucasoids. The biggest problem with White people is that they take evrything they can get hold of, ownership or morality be damned.
    What this country needs is a very long series of Truth and Reconciliation Hearings. As a White man, I have always felt so angry about the nasty Southern Whites we see spitting on schoolchildren and smiling under the swaying bodies of lynched Blacks. Those people must be identified, living or dead, so that they or their families can ask for a Civil Grant of Forgiveness. This would go far in helping our sick nation.

    3. Go ahead and delay agreeing to the Kyoto Accords and surprise the more civilized nations by coming up with a more far-reaching and effectual strategy to deal with the environmental problems for which we, more than any other nation on the planet, are responsible.

    I am too tired to give more helpful suggestions or even proofread…

  • Jan

    This list is becoming pretty long and it is easy to miss an item that has already been mentioned. But one other thing that needs to be addressed is the supremacy clause of the constitution. This sounds good on paper but it is becoming more and more abused. It seems that every time the states or the people try to do something worthwhile but that displeased Washington and its lobbyists, they start to pout and threaten to sue. The Washington establishment is fueling the 10th amendment and nullification issues and they don’t seem to have the intelligence to realize it.

  • Dave Peters

    I have read all the ideas and can not think of one off hand that was not right on. However, we are over looking the biggest problem of all. We are all of like mind talking to each other and the truth is we are probably not the majority if you look at the election of obama and re election of the likes of reed, palosi, rengel, etc. How do we implement these ideas in the situation we now find ourselves?

    • William Sturm

      I guess we just have to wait a little longer until things begin to get critical and everyone will be looking for quick fixes….


  • Stan B

    1) I find the comments coming in from so many people very encourageing.
    2) Many of the suggestions & ideas offered are sound and viable.

    3) And yes, the best of them should be compiled into an itemized document.

    3) Let’s say we glean out 20 important issues that have the most urgent priority.

    4) This extensive list of comments really shows just how many of us really care, and are concerned for the future of our nation….

    5) So OK Mr. Bob Livingston, do we allow all these concerns (that you have requested) from so many people to simply fade into oblivion ? Or

    6) Do we get to work and glean through the comments and extract the best of the best, and complile them into a reader friendly format?

    7) From this huge list it is clear that we HAVE the people who are willing and able with their input and added diversified expertise. Not to mention the potential millions who are not able to access this site.

    8) And Bob, you have access, contacts and resources through your work that many of us do not have. We could make this work.

    9) So far we are only in the ‘token of protest’ do we simply continue to bloviate, or do we put something of subtance together?

    10) I believe we are past the rhetoric phase and intellectual is time for action…any futher suggestions anyone???

    PS To Stephan F. Item # 8 on your (very good) list re; the ‘isms’.

    For the benefit of those who are not familiar with Fascism, Marxism, Socialism, Communism and so on.
    They are simply different labels for the same beast, slanted slightly to accomodate the political agenda of a particular country and time frame. But essentially they all fall under the umbrella of “Collectivism”…a word that has been used by Obama (and several of his cronies) himself.
    Similarly, secular progressives, secular humanists and atheists are basically synonymous. They all hate God and the US Constitution!
    Read any book on GULAGS (USSR) to learn about life under these “ISMS”.

  • William Sturm

    I have enjoyed participating in this exercise in democracy. Very respectful and nobody seemed to raised to the bit of bait tossed out in rare instances.

    The idea to compile a list of the “best” ideas and then release them back to this forum one at a time.

    The purpose would be to secure ideas on how to implement them and what the consequences might be.

    For example if we bring all the troops home and cut the military we need to be concerned about the increased unemployment. Side bars like that….

    Then, once that list is distilled down to a manageable number (7?) ….and carefully thought out and documented request that a delegation be sent to the House of Representatives…..the People House…for a professional 1 hr presentation /with proper supporting materials to be left with the Body for future consideration.

    It could be a lot of fun and these good folks might appreciate it.
    No politics….just the suggestions. (We would not charge for our services as did the deficit reduction committee).

    How much did that little exercise cost the American Taxpayers?


    P.S. I was in Washington the day before Thanksgiving when the preliminary report was released in the Washington Times. My reaction.
    This is not going to work! Too little too late. Furthermore, the interest on the National Debt was never even considered or discussed….ho hummm…yeah sure we know we got to pay that too.

    It was almost like the problem is so intractable let’s just try to fix everything else and then worry about the interest on the National Debt. Life should be so kind…..

  • William Sturm

    I think we should demand to know exactly what assumptions, fudge factors, definitions go into calculating GDP and CPI.

    Also, the various items that contribute should be given so that investigative reporters can verify. Trust and verify.

    If not, clandestine things can go on and deceive us. We need progress. We have had enough deception for a lifetime. Forget all this talk about transparency. We need and should demand hard facts with verifiable supporting documentation.

    That is the least we can expect.


  • JKO

    I think this was amazing. Conservatives are often put out as nuts or stupid but these posts have been intelligent and thoughtful (and I include the Liberal posts here as well). Often the vitriol I read on this sight turns me off, but this has been great. Perhaps in the future we who post could learn to criticize the actual issue instead of the person in question.
    I personally have no problem with people questioning what I say, but who I am I do. I don’t think I have ever criticized the poster, but the post. I have had people question who I am as a person. Perhaps we could try to have more “blogs” like this one in the future. Just an idea.

    • TIME


      I agree with you about the behavior that becomes absurd. Saddly thats the game our corrupt politicians have set in motion, after all how to better cover your tracts of ill deeds, then to have everyone at each others throats, then as they say in DC “they can get down to business.” AKA ~ selling YOU out.
      Just check out who owns your local water works? Thats an easy task to see just how they have sold you out for their profit.

      Again why I say over and over read the Art of War, when you better understand why events unfold time after time, the patterns start to show themselfs for what they really are.

      Saddly the TRUTH is not always easy to see, and even harder to understand when its not clear or missleading.

      Think of it like this ~ Its kind of like a box of mud, the dirt was by its self easy to find things in, just as a Box of water is also easy to see what your looking for.
      But when the dirt and water are mixed the item gets lost in the thick goo.

      Please note ~ This observation is very clear, perhaps you will all get it now – we have a few who post on Bobs blogs daily and do nothing but make absurd arguments and inflame others with their rhetoric, {as in create that BOX of MUD.} “CONfound”

      NOW ~ Note not a single one of them has made a post here on how to fix the ills of our nation. Do you get it now??????

  • http://deleted Claire

    Concerning any changes I would make, I would begin with the state of Illinois. As an Illinois resident, my changes would be tremendous–
    I would demand that Chicago be a separate “state” of its own, and ALL current politicians (Democrats and Republicans) alike would be re-districted to this “new” state. Any laws that these politicians made would not apply to the remainder of the state and only be applicable to the “new” state named Chicago. All current debt would be assumed by this new state of “Chicago.” After all, the administrations, past and current, caused this debt and bankruptcy status. The rest of the state would be called “Illinois” and would be separate from Chicago. We would have to elect a new governor, all new people, etc. In essence, start all over. It would be a really tough thing to accomplish, but it could be done. I am a firm believer that if someone, anyone, wants to do something bad enough, they will do it. I keep thinking of how states were formed way back when-why can’t we do it in this day and age? We would start out broke, but we are already broke, so what is the difference?
    All Democrats voted for this tax increase, no Republicans voted for it. However, the Republicans in this state are no better than the Democrats. Sure, they may talk the talk but when it comes down to the nitty gritty I do not think they will “walk” the walk. Keep in mind that although they did not vote for this tax increase, they still held office.
    I am concerned about businesses either closing or going to another state. People will be moving out of state, the ones that can afford to move. Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin are happy with this disastrous Illinois tax increase, they think they will benefit from it, and they probably will.
    As always it is the residents of Illinois that continue to “bail out” the corrupt government/politicians. Only this time, I have a feeling it is too late. Illinois residents are reaping what the corrupt politicians have sown.

    • JimH

      Hi Claire, I would say you nailed that one. I second the motion.

  • Acushla

    Supreme Court Judges should be told what Founding Fathers meant by Separation of Church and State. They did not want a State Church like those in Europe. All other ideas are just personal opinions, not facts.

  • Patriot38

    1. Close the borders, all the borders, and require indisputable identification.
    2. Ferret out all the illegal aliens and send them home, wherever that may be. We have done it before and can do it again.
    3. Impeach the virtual president for being derelict of his duties. Fire the czars for the same reason. Get back to the Constitution.
    4. Close out the fiat monetary system (the Federal Reserve) and return the duties to the Congress, where it is supposed to be, using a gold standard, fully backed system. Everyone should know that we cannot pay off the tremendous National Debt, ever. This is because a fiat debt can never be paid since we have to borrow to pay it off. We will be in debt until we quit borrowing. The act of the Fed injecting money into the already bloated system will simply inflate the currency. This is robbing the citizens of buying power, and many still think their money is “safe in the bank”, but inflation steals from it also since the hundred dollars you deposited is worth less when you withdraw it. Soon the dollar will no longer be the standard of the world, and lenders will not want dollars because they are worth less than the yen or some new world widgets.
    5. I could go on, but if you read the Minuteman above, you will get some good ideas also.

  • Patriot38

    I forgot to mention that the Federal, State and Municipal government workforce could be reduced by about 50% or more and the primary jobs would still get done. And term limits should be applied to all.

  • Connie

    Well, I have lost 3 jobs since 2003. In finding jobs, I found 1 job that paid 10.00 an hour but they would only give me 28-30 hours a week. Another job paid me 8.00 an hour with only 28 hours a week and declining hours each week. I held on to my home mortgage but had to forfeit some of my debtors which is not my style. Now, the job where I got paid 10.00 an hr that year the power company took my whole paycheck for the month of January. I finally got a job working full time but at 9.00 an hour almost feel human. Now, the power company it at it again, due to fuel expences. Our governor is backing the insurance companies to hike our home insurance 50% but thats not all, you have to replace your roof if it is old. Now where am I gonna get that money. They are literally chasing americans out of their homes and I am a senior citizen. I can understand their costs but man they are wiping me out and I have 2 unpaid college loans. Maybe you can get some ideas off of this. Finally got a job but just to live they are taking what little I have and make away. Baby Boomers don’t have a chance to make it. We won’t make it to be 70 at this rate.

  • Pissed Off American

    The time has come to say “NO MORE” to the ILLEGAL immigrants.

    We have given these bastards way to much time to leave our country. They live here and sing to the Mexican Flag, burn our Flag and show no attempt at assimilation into the “Melting Pot”. They have been sucking the United States dry for too long…

    It is time to pull all the stops out, and get it done. Here is what we do:

    1. Make it known that we will not put up with illegal immigrants in this country. If you want in, come in LEGALLY. If you are truly needed then Big Business will get the govt to shorten the time it takes to get in.

    2. After 90 days for the above announcement, if you are caught, you will be stripped of all possessions and wealth. The money will be returned to the real Americans. You will be deported.

    3. After 120 days for the above announcement, you will lose everything and be jailed for 10 yrs. In prison, you will be subjected to hard labor, 10 hours a day 7 days a week. You will be working on roads and improvement projects that you NEVER helped pay for…

    4. After 180 days for the above announcement, you will be shot by firing squad and your remains will be used as fertilizer on a farm.

    It is time the excuses ended, its time to ‘lock and load’.

  • OKAY

    1. Everything “Proud” listed and…..
    2. Repeal Obamacare – until that time, cancel waivers to those that spent millions supporting the bill, SEIU union and AARP, just to name a couple. Number of waivers now total 222. Everybody should either be “in” or “out”, no exceptions for those who gained by supporting the mess.
    3. Defund Planned Parenthood. Taxpayers should not have to pay for irresponsible people to use abortion as an “after the fact” contraceptive.
    4. Stop Obama from taking 401K’s and IRA’s and dumping them in a fund like happened to Social Security. This chatter has been going on for close to two years. SS hit the general fund and the powers that be couldn’t wait to get their greedy hands on all that money. Now those who paid in and are of an age to draw only see an empty account. It’s been spent for everything but what it was intended and given to many who never contributed. When any money goes to the general fund, it’s just a scheme to free up money to an account that they otherwise couldn’t touch. Also confiscating 401′s and IRA’s is just another way to “spread the wealth” when doling out the annuities.
    5. Investigate “Fannie” and “Freddie” and prosecute the wrongdoings of all involved in that fiasco, to include some members of Congress.
    6. Stop Obama from bringing in all the refugees for us to support. Most of them are nothing but gangs that kidnap, rape, and prostitute young girls. We are being overrun by Somali criminals.
    7. This will probably be very unpopular but DO NOT extend unemployment past the original period of time. It makes people become dependent on the government and that starts another vicious cycle. It does not create jobs and it does not stimulate the economy. It breaks their spirit and takes away their self respect. Those who have drawn unemployment for so many months/years should be given a place to go everyday while they’re on the roll to keep them in the mindset to not become dependent. They could do community service, volunteer in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. At least they would be doing something that makes them feel they are earning it while contributing to society. There’s a loss of interest to work if you get used to playing video games all day.
    8. Stop the insanity of making it seem that it’s wrong for our children to acknowledge anything in school that might even remotely appear to be religious. There is a school in California that has a special room for Muslim students to do their prayers. Why is that admissable but if our children say “God,” the Muslim’s get offended. We now have journalists appologizing for saying “God.” Muslim’s are increasing in our population and I imagine the majority are here illegally. CAIR should be dissolved so their frivilous lawsuits to change everything American will stop.
    9. Ban burkas. With the atmosphere in this country now, we don’t need someone that hides their face. We have to have our pictures on drivers license, etc. and so should they. If they want to live here, they should follow the rules, ours not theirs. We have a diverse country but when Muslim’s come to live here, they are offended by our laws/customs and want to institute their own. Our rights should not be replaced by their rights.
    10. Don’t bow down to those who want to squash our opinions and ideas with their accusations of calling everything “hate speech.” That’s just another way for them to tell us to “shut up.”
    11. Ban unions from contributing to any political campaign. Employees pay union dues and it’s not fair that their dues go to support someone they don’t like. Unions are one of the biggest, if not the biggest, contributors to political campaigns. Retirement accounts have come up empty and the general public at large is tentatively being targeted to divy up some money to make them solvent again. The public is not responsible and many of them have lost their retirement accounts too. It would be foolish to expect them to restore union retirements when they’re in the same boat. Maybe the union officials that poured the money into campaigns should have to divy up the money or go to jail. It’s the higher officials that benefit.
    12. Members of Congress should not be able to retire with a government pension until they have worked 30 years and are 55. That’s the requirements for civil service employees.
    13. This may be a repeat, but all members of Congress should not have health care provided that’s any different from citizen’s. They should also have to pay for their health insurance before AND after retiring.
    14. No more stimulus bills.
    15. No more bailouts so CEO’s can receive a big bonus and no more govt takeover of private businesses.
    15. No more civil rights for illegals. They are illegals, not citizens. They have no civil rights.

  • OKAY

    Knew I’d forget something.

    All presidential candidates should be fully vetted, no exceptions. Those failing to administer this process should have to answer for their actions.

    Also, drilling should be allowed to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

    • http://deleted Claire

      Taxes—in accordance with a person’s earned pay.

  • chuckb

    okay, we agree, that’s what most of the conservatives have been saying here. now! how do you get this done? if we depend on the vote that will take more years than we have. the only way out of this mess is either outright revolution (civil) or let the government collapse and by doing that you open the door for a totalitarian government to take over.
    barry is looking for a collapse in hopes of replacing it with a more totalitarian socialist type governemt. he is using this high energy cost as a tool to force people to buy into these mickey mouse cars that are being produced. that’s why he shut down our oil exploration and production. he imports more immigrants from africa and then try to seceed from the union. carribean to bolster his support, he has the loyalty of the illegals and the democratic party so i don’t think voting is going to get the job done.
    it’s possible that more conservative people immigrate to the more conservative states then try to secede from the union. if we don’t do something now it will be too late and all will be lost. the liberals have indoctrinated the young in the public schools since the sixties and we have been complacent in fighting this agenda. it may be too late now.

    • OKAY

      Well, you’re most likely correct in that the vote is not going to get the job done, at least not in time. It’s going to be a difficult task and I believe that a revolution is on the horizon which may be the best and only solution. In the meantime, we have to keep after our Congressmen and remind them that we don’t want more of the same. Also, people need to prepare for whatever comes down the pike and that is to be self sufficient. One of my son’s predicted about four years ago that this was going to happen. He’s an ex-Marine and he stays informed on what’s happening all around him. He has bedding, food supplies, tools, batteries, lights, matches, candles, and just about anything else you’d need in an emergency. He keeps everything in the trunk of his car and says that when the people start rioting and fighting in the streets, he’s going to jump in his car and head to the country. We actually have a farm where we can grow our own food and preserve vegetables. Also, it has some wildlife for hunting and a water source. I know that not everyone has the option to move to the country but if they have a small spot, even at apartments, they can grow some veggies to preserve. Any amount would help. I think we will never see our country as it once was and the idea of seceding does appeal. Liberals will destroy all that is good and then blame it on everybody but themselves. What a mess they’ve made by electing this alien in the WH and then support giving him a free rein to destroy the country.

  • chuckb

    excuse the sloppy writing i hit the submit button before proof reading by accident

  • Gary Kennedy

    What I would do:

    1. Abolish the EPA and DOE
    2. Establish a comprehensive energy policy which includes, drilling on shore and off shore, nuclear power plants, geothermal, coal, natural gas.
    3. Stop printing money.
    4. Include food and energy costs in the CPI numbers.
    5. Stop all Government Bailouts.
    6. Fix Social Security now. Congress started stealing from this fund in the Lyndon Johnson era, they should have been put behind bars.

    The above is a start. There are many others that would follow, but the above would dramatically help the United States re-establish itself as a premier country.

  • Dan az

    Nafta needs to go NOW!So does the UN, the federal reserve,and the IRS.Bring on the flat tax and reduce guv by not less than 50%.Home land security needs to go to germany where it was originated.No more politically correct crap and close the damn borders and send back the illegals and while your at it send the marxist back to kenya to.

    • American Patriot

      BRAVO DAN! I could not have said it any better. spoken like a true PATRIOT!

  • Peter

    That both the people and the government remember that the government are our employees, and must act in the interests of the people, not big business or the unions. Government are not in ‘power’ over the people, even though most politicians think they are. They are employed by the people who both vote them in to represent them, and who pay the taxes that provide for all the infrastructure under government control. I urge all citizens to begin acting like employers.

  • HighLighter

    An idea for the website Mr. Livingston operates is first. Could you please cut out all the doom and gloom predictions unless you have a date certain. Thanks. Start with the gold fever and silver shakes. Yes, I know that people would have made money if they had invested in these two areas when you first started the pitch. However, they had to have spare money to invest or investments to convert or the ability to borrow. During the last three years that requirement knocks out most of the population.

    An idea for all of you. “My” life and property is not your problem. If “I” need help, “I” will ask. “My” and “I” in the general sense. Corallary to this idea, if asked to help by “me”, be careful. Some “me’s” are always going to be in need of help.

    If you cannot buy something with current cash, be very careful how much you borrow to pay for the have to have something because your borrowing runs up the price for the rest of us. Competion for capital is fierce now.

    I would tell you how to solve the energy problem, but I do not want all of you to have cheap energy because then the waste would be even worse than now. In particular, before the gasoline went to $4.00 per gallon, my favorite lake was too crowded. There are only so many fish.

    To defest the “govenment problem”, have no more than two children per couple and stop all immigration. If this policy and no other were made attractive by tax and other government advantages in all countries most problems would solve themselves over time.

    If you do not like my ideas, I have a solution for that too. A walk on the bottom of a cool lake with few boaters should cool down the anger.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear HighLighter,

      What you call “doom and gloom predictions,” I call reality. Only God knows the day and time of the collapse and anyone giving you a “date certain” is pulling your leg. I provide the information you need to be prepared WHEN it happens. What you do with that information is up to you. By the time I can provide you with a “date certain” it will be too late to prepare because it will be upon us.

      Best wishes,

      • HighLighter

        Mr. Bob, getting you to bite is easy. I think that there is gloom and doom in the blogs on this site because they are the conservative’s view of the economy most of the time. Why? Because the conservative is never making as much money as he should.

        Right now, money is being made by people willing to play the government’s game. And, before you jump on that idea, I will remind you that the majority of fortunes have been made by people playing along with government. For example, Ross Perot. So, get with the program no matter how distasteful because that is the only game in town. If you know another, lay it out there.

        IBD indicates that we are at the beginning of a roll. So, stop being a pesimist and join the fun. Sell the feds some fence and posts to replace the old fence along the interstates; sell ‘em some paint made in China to paint post office buildings; or form a company with an minority to overbid on government contracts.

        You may be right, I tend to agree with you about an eventual greater collaspe. But, who knows. Maddness has had a long and unending history which shows no limits.

  • Bill

    Hi I agree I think this a good idea, a starting point,
    Resist all attempts at a New World Order for America, No American Union, no non American Owned highway from Mexico to Canada that we don’t own and control, Make such attempts a federal crime of treason to all including business and supper rich, Investigate those implied, if guilty treat accordingly, Shot the bastards!
    Find out the truth on Obama, if illegal repeal all he has done,
    If not Illegal, Impeach him on attacking Arizona, allowing American citizens to be attacked by illegal’s with in our border, or whatever else the lawyers can come up with to get rid of him now!
    Close the border,
    No anchor babes.
    Deport all illegal invaders. The cost to our country would be made back for this cost and be in the black in 16 months from there this would be spent money will be saved by who it was being paid by. This savings could go far to putting each state in the black in running money and begin to pay off debts.
    English the only official language, stop press one for English, Immigrates move to America speaking English is a requirement! Taking the oath of allegiance to America is a requirement. And our laws are the only laws of the land. No such thing as Shariah law in America unless passed by our legislators, then only if Constitutional. Muslims want to pray. Let them go to their places of worship, our schools, government buildings, culture does not have to give way for this. They find their place. Not our streets, They do one dictate to Us an American public in America. It is for them to become American. If not, leave.
    Judges do not make law. Limited terms on Supreme Court Judges. Judgments according to the Constitution.
    One religion does not have the right to mess with another, for instance, our money, for god we trust should be again on our bills, Christmas Nativity scene at banks or for that matter on court house lawns are just fine,
    Small parts of the population cannot override the whole nation, gays coming out are fine them spreading there propaganda in grade schools and being helped by the government as now is not. No special rules for any group,
    Repeal Obamacare! Work with insurance co for affordable health insurance for all,
    No new gun laws leave the second Amendment alone! Home defense upheld by the law, the right to self protection upheld by the law,
    The rights of proven criminals do not supersede our own, ended are the days of the criminal having more rights than the lawful citizen!
    One bill at time for our law makers, each read in entirety, no add on’s one item on each bill,
    FEAM dismantle, put in place a emergency response group (what happened to red cross) that is answerable to State and Federal governments, they have too much power! If they have concentrations camps bring this to public eye in all truth, they got gas chambers and cremation furnace tell America about it, tear out the gas chambers and cremation furnace and if able use as prisons, that or bulldoze the whole mess, This is not pre WW2 Germany, find and prosecute who is behind this!
    NATO, UN , get us out, them off our land, no more money to them and no more troops to them, None of their troops here on American soil for any reason!
    EPA we need environmental protection but too we need to work, come up with a workable balance! Were here, we are not leaving, those that view us as a blight to earth need to be out of this agency, workable reasonable measures, both sides have to give some, a factory has to find a way to clean up its mess.
    Bring our factories back, tax incentives and EPA both working for this, make it where America is where business want to operate, not India or Mexico or China, no we can’t meet there labor prices, but we invent the stuff it stays here, technology is not exported, nor manufacturing advances, software updates, new knowledge we develop is used for America. Put the American worker back to work
    Education, bring back tougher classes, someone cant speak English, they do now to a level that the class requires, separate classes for them until standards are met, they can pay for it Not the tax payer, Part of coming here to work, No education work the job that is suitable. Lean English or leave.
    Department of Education, dismantle, put this in control of each state, the goal for a higher education for each and that made obtainable is a goal to be reached more than about any other.
    Government wages and benefits, put in line with civilian working jobs, no voting raises for government representatives by those representatives, this needs to be handled by someone else who is accountable to the American public for raises to their wages, and benefits.
    Fair elections, the college of electrolytes done away with, the American people vote on and elect no other interference, limit campaign funds to a set amount. Once elected those commenting treason so charged and crimes paid for as written, Treason during war, execute. Selling out the American government to one world order, prove treason and execute!
    FDA get it out of farming, they are way too deep into what people do and use, this may have to be dismantled, alternative health measures were we got our medicine only 110 years ago, most Drug companies take form natural plants and substances and concentrate it, natural works! So does the new things drug companies come up with, we can have both, objective thinking here. Victims and minerals help build strong body’s FDA looks to make your decisions for you, not allowed, there banning of raw milk, of farmers markets, of all need to be stopped, we need meat inspection but if it is inspected in America than that Imported must be too, same standards, Same in other food, not sure this should be under FDA ruling though, We need safe food and food handling! But not what they are doing now, Not coming in and shutting down farms, not unless there is a problem on this farm, but to say you are banning the sell of eggs or lettuce! Yet factories with known coli in their food and it still being shipped out there needs to be something here. Where to start and stop is the question? But it needs work.
    Drug companies seem to want to treat symptoms for, not a cure for an ailment, these needs to change.
    IRS, dismantle, one set national sells tax to replace it for all equally.
    Federal Reserve, dismantle, no foreign banker in our money, bring back the gold standard.
    No foreign ownership of American soil, same with business!
    No lone’s to foreign countries, none if they owe us for lones before and we now owe them take off what they owe us and work on getting them paid, If they owe us work hard on getting them to pay us.
    A balanced budget for federal government, its downsizing a must. Over lapping agencies must stop, wages in line with those doing the same work outside the government, same with benefits,
    Law makers live under the same laws as we do, same with benefits, including health care.
    Big business have bought up working inventions and ideas for years now, those need to be released to the public or manufacturing base, cars getting 13 miles to the gallon is a joke now, fix it.
    Help from the government for alternative energy research and development, work on incentive programs to help save energy or supply it, if wind farms prove profitable use them, finance them, if burning off natural gas in the oil field and a small natural gas ran power plant could be installed put them on line. Stop the waste where it can be stopped. Build new and better. I read about people experimenting with new energy coming under attack for their work by big business, this needs to be investigated and stopped, I hear some inventers have been bought off from researching something, if so stopped, or killed for there research work, again stopped, A defendant examination into Hydrogen research and development, this could end oil as a fuel!
    Open all drilling of natural resources, oil, gas, even look at geothermal, save cold from winter, heat from summer, each to be used when needed, we have the insulations now to efficiently do such, straw and ice from the lake worked 100 years ago before Freon! Don’t be afraid to use old technologies that will save today. If heat pumps are more efficient then sponsor there sale more. Ect.
    Mexico has attacked us twice now the open border invasions which is an attack now and the Mexican war, this needs to be properly addressed, Mexico’s attempt at a land grab from America needs to be addressed as a hostile action, appropriate measures enacted, they cannot be allowed to do so again, future immigration from Mexico, scrutinized very carefully, and not used it at all, worker programs where they come then leave enforced to the max, they do not stay ever again!
    Stop all immigration until all Americans are back to work. Then only by need and education.
    Look at our social programs, Welfare and food stamps ect. All need to be dismantled and reworked, there are those needing help ligament, including our returning troops who need help, but generation The generation of welfare families comes to an end, training programs for Americans to go back to work, if blind and no job skills then we must help them but if they can work at something and training exists train them, but if there kid can work and just won’t, time for him to work. He gets no Welfare!
    Family sizes, if they can’t pay for it themselves don’t have it. No 18 kids on welfare any more, try to promote 2 children pre family, but no more kid breeding farms as we see now, let’s see 5 kids increase my welfare check to, don’t work no more, end it.
    Government surveillance of our people, ends,
    The National Security act, must be ended, no more spying on each person, bus station and air port, if they need to secure something look to those causing it, don’t harass Americans.
    Each bill before our law makers must abide by the constitution and bill of rights,
    Not a American, no vote. And this must be proven.
    Do away with the unions in all ways, government and privet sector. We are just supporting crime. And when not still to dame expensive with no results,
    Work for those in prison, let them earn a wage and pay for their room and board. Free criminal 101 just ended, let them pick lettuce!
    No lobbyist in law making none.
    Work on drug addiction, end illegal drugs coming into America, end high up business and government from having special privileges to bring in such, set up care for getting those on off, if they can’t be rehabilitated, incarcerate. Smugglers execute, dealers to children execute,
    End all programs with favorites, Affirmative Acton ended, all such other programs ended, equality of race or sex is fine but no further punishment because your white, same playing field across now. If it is illegal for one it is for all,
    Bring back federal and state investigation of organized crime including gangs,
    Eligibility by law for each government official proven before they can enter to run in any election,
    Term limits on all elected officials, paid while there but no special perks after, equal work for equal wages, some say this we could not afford, I can’t see with the present predicament how we cannot afford it. There must be some reason to this too, but they live by the laws they create, no special privileges, they vote in an insurance policy for us, it’s for them too, just the same,
    Tax imports, put a tariff on all imports bring America again to the point of exporting,
    Banks no bank owned by any foreign power in America.
    Banks and supper rich and their influence on American government, the ability to investigate such actions and if treason is there addressed. The solventery of America must stand, the constitution upheld, foreign bankers expelled, No banking in American unless an American bank, all banks need to be looked at more scrupulously, the last banking housing bust needs to be seen and identified before it goes so far and stopped. Problems brought to light of the public and addressed.
    I can’t think of any more now, some needs better organization,

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    ENFORCE ;THE U.S.constitution and the BILL OF RIGHTS,STOP abridging those laws set forth by the founders of this nation and payed for in full by real heros of this republic in blood,not empty hollow words and actions by our government employees,its time to smell the coffee,the american people are awake,and see how poorly,this nation has been run into the ground by those who think that they are the masters of the universe,when in truth,they have broken every law in the U.S. constitution and the BILL OF RIGHTS,fix it before its to late and this republic fires everyone in government,the pot is boiling and this new generation is not as kind as us older folks,a great storm is coming and this republic of american citizens will take everyone that has caused this mess to task,and sadly never in my life ever,would i have thought that this nation would have been sold out to a NEW WORLD ORDER,DICTATORSHIP over the american people,just a outlook from an older american citizen that loves this republic in its former state,and i look now and this place is in total chaos.

    • American Patriot

      I’m with you on that vaksal.

  • http://yahoo Sam W.

    We are trying to decide between our Constitutional government or Word dictatorship. I choose The U. S. Constitution.

    • http://yahoo Sam W.

      That would be a World dictatorship.

  • chuckb

    Obituary-Very Interesting!

    Born 1776, Died 2008
    It doesn’t hurt to read this several times.

    Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul , Minnesota , points out some interesting facts concerning the last Presidential election:

    Number of States won by: Obama: 19 McCain: 29
    Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 McCain: 2,427,000
    Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million McCain: 143 million
    Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2 McCain: 2.1
    Professor Olson adds: “In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.

    Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare…”

    Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the “complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation’s population already having reached the “governmental dependency” phase.

    If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegal’s – and they vote – then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.

  • http://yahoo Fred Hammel

    I would like to see a Grand jury in Washington DC and in every state capital. Every time a politician or bureaucrat violates their OATH to the Constitution, we should fire them and remove all their pensions.This mite keep them in line.

  • Commonsense

    Cut the government back to it’s Constitutional boundaries, stop the hand outs. Term limits to congress, senate, and judicial seats. If you serve in government, serve for your country, not your special interests. Forbid lobbyists in government circles. Any person who goes into congress, senate, president positions, ect, must move right back to where they came from before they went in. That helps them focus on who elected them. If they tried to screw their constituents, they can face them and explain why. Set up a special fund with tax money, so when some one says that they don’t like our constitution and some other country is so much better than ours, we can take money out of that fund and send the Constitutional nay sayer to the country of their choice, minus their U.S citizenship, so they can truly enjoy not living here. Oh boy, this list could go on forever.Use illegals as they come over the borders on north and souths sides to build a forty foot wall along said borders and when they are done,put them on the other side of it. Federal judges, or any judge for that matter must have firm small business background of have been a small farmer/rancher in their past, and have no lawyering experience, just a good base of commom sense, and can right from wrong. This is just a start. It would take me weeks to line out the whole system on paper.

  • Scott B.

    1. Place restrictions on federal budgeting to prevent uncontrolled growth, to minimize earmarks, and to reduce borrowing:
    a. Do not allow off-budget emergency expenditures and set aside a reserve emergency fund each fiscal year for unexpected emergencies.
    b. Set a spending cap based on an index that takes into account previous year spending plus inflation and population growth.
    c. Adopt a budget that falls within the approved spending cap and ensure new spending proposals are offset with spending cuts in other budget items.
    2. Restructure by eliminating federal income taxes the tax system to provide incentives for earning income, to eliminate the ability for politicians to reward or penalize special interest groups through tax cuts or increases, to eliminate incentives to move production overseas, and to eliminate the need for the IRS to collect personal information on citizens. Replace the income tax with a combination of tariffs and taxes collected on property sales. Make the tariffs and taxes fixed and consistent to prevent political manipulation.
    3. Eliminate any federal oversight of commerce that takes place within a State, items produced in, delivered within, and sold within a State. This would include elimination of corporate income taxes for those companies, encourage growth of small local businesses, encourage state sovereignty self-sufficiency, and reduce the scope of the federal government.
    4. Raise money to pay off debt and encourage investment by selling large swaths of federal land. Encourage US citizens to buy by offering them a tax rebate on the taxes that would be collected on the sale (see suggestion #2).
    5. Adopt most recommendations made by Ron Paul.


    I have read about 40 posts and I see a lot of attention to illegal aliens and unwillingness to prosecute, etc. I am not an expert, but I believe our government has signed a treaty with the UN and in that treaty are the words ” the USA no longer has borders”. My suggestion is simple: demand of our government that the US quits the UN.

    Now, it is my firm belief that the Federal Reserve Bank, a private organization of international lenders, is acting on behalf of secret Power Elites that need to extinguish liberty in the USA before their complete control of the world is possible. My second suggestion is this: Audit and dismantle the FED and reduce the size of government. End all foreign aid; recapture money given to criminals and bailees.
    Doing this, and other measures, will save the Bill of Rights and require that everyone work for a living.

    I agree with many, many of the posts already here.

  • http://personallibertyalerts John Despard

    What I would like to see is some sort of “maximum wage” to go along with the minimum wage. To have any kind of a decent situation like what is supposed to be our inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness can not be done on minimum wage. Not only must we support profiteers who earn millions by providing the necessities of life to us we also pay via our takes for war profiteers and others earning the bulk of their wealth off government contracts or corporate welfare. This only addresses necessities of life without mention of the pursuit of happiness. Depending on what one considers happiness this adds another whole set of profiteers to contend with. It has been said that wealth equals power. Also that the president of the U.S. is the most powerful man in the world. Following this logic I feel that the president’s salary would be a good point to set a “Maximum Wage”. No person doing business with the government whether by special tax breaks, asking for bailouts or government contracts should earn more than the president. Examples: No one working for any defense contractors should be paid more than the president. No one paying athletes or other entertainers more than what the president earns to endorse their products should be eligible for government contracts. TV networks who pay commentators and others millions per year would have to pay considerable fees for the public airwaves they use. Companies paying these kinds of salaries should not be able to claim them as business expenses and get tax deductions for them. Banks paying their executives huge salaries and bonuses would be ineligible for government insurance, etc.

    Personally, I feel JESUS CHRIST is the only man who ever lived who would be worth more than $300,000 a year. Others who I would rank high would be Johannes Gutenburg for the invention of moveable type and the printing press and thus giving the privilege of reading to the vast majority of mankind, many such as Salk, Curie, Pasteur in the field of medicine, other inventors who have made our life much more comfortable than it was in the past. Gandhi, MLK, Mandela and others have made great contributions to mankind. These are the people who deserve huge salaries not athletes, entertainers, bankers, drug company executives, lawyers, war profiteers, etc. who currently make them.

  • chuckb

    john despard

    mandela?? of i guess he invented the necklace! that’s right the kind of necklace that looks like a tire and yuo fill it with gasoline then place it around your political opponent and light it, that’s really doing it for mankind.


    someone mentioned an audit of every gov. agency and cabinet post, etc. i agree completely. Wikileaks is just the beginning. I want an audit going back several decades. I want every gov. worker and official interviewed and questioned. I want all secret docs exposed to the light of day. I want some notable people subject to psychological examination. I believe in the death penalty for a great many of our elected and appointed officials. The question I ask myself every day: Why do politicans sell out and betray the Constitution they swore to uphold? I want to know why the Power Elite globalists have such a great control over them. I want to know why the average American submits to dumbing down and moronic distractions. I want to know why the border patrol is ordered to not shoot back at attackers. I want to know why Muslims are not examined by the TSA.
    The decline of our great nation is one of the most amazing and mysterious events in all of history. I want to know why the general attitude is ” its inevitable”. As if to say, don’t question it. I question it. I want a New Inquisition. I want to follow the money.

  • American Patriot

    WATCH THIS! And if this does not rattle you to the core. Nothing will. this is what it is all about. all these topics, all the questions we have all been asking will be answered in a very short time. The documentary is “ENDGAME” full length. Then go to “INFOWARS.COM or “PRISONPLANET.COM and look at all the things that are going on around the world that the lame street media does not want you to see. then do the research to try and disprove the information. Remember, when George H.W. Bush was giving his speech and said. We see a new world order coming into view. this is all about the ‘NEW WORLD ORDER” ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! Have any of you noticed that jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Thiery show has been removed. It could be that the last show he did was exposing the FEMA CAMPS and the stock piles of coffins in the back woods of America. Thousands of them for AMERICANS. That show might still be on youtube to see. unless they removed it. Knowledge is EVERY AMERICANS GREATEST TOOL. Lack therof make’s us all FOOLS. We all have been fooled long enough by the these people. Wikkileaks is a tool by the globalists to take away the internet from the people. They don’t want you and I, and the people of the world to have the knowledge of what is really going on. Not just in the U.S.A. but, all over the world. When the euro collapses. The dollar will in about 2 weeks. So watch the EURO! that is the main reason the gold and silver is at an all time high in sales. People are dumping their 401 K’s, stock, bonds. Anything paper. even our currency that is being devalued to bring in the AMERO. That will be our new money soon. Economist are saying that this will be much much worse than the great depression. Let’s all hope and pray this won’t happen. And, I don’t think that our Congress and Senate will be able to stop it. I don’t think. But, then again. what the hell do I know. I’m just a dumb azz American trying to educate himself and keep up with it all.

  • 45caliber

    When we MUST attack someone like Saddam, do it. But then do NOT rebuild it better than before. Let them know that the destruction is due to their poor choice of allowing their government to threaten us and the world. And if they do put in another government like the first one, we’ll come back and REALLY mess up the place. Otherwise we ignore them.

  • GQ

    I just sent this to my Congressman and thought you might find it interesting.

    Your Congressman will thank you for calling, then ignore what you say!
    We deserve the representation our “Founding Fathers” intended.

    U.S. population, according to the census, is now at 308,745,538. We currently have 435 member in the House of Representatives.
    That means there are approximately 710,000 people per Representative! In 1789 the first House of Representatives consisted
    of 65 members, the population was 4 million, so each member represented about 62,000 people. Congressman were elected to look out for their local constituents interests, to have their voices heard and opinions considered. At 62,000 people per Representative this was far more likely than 710,000 people per. Had we followed the Founders guidelines the current congress would have 4,980 members.

    That may sound like too many, but, your opinions would have more impact on your Representative if he or she had to answer to a smaller
    and more local constituency. As each decade passes my individual voice becomes smaller, even though the population increases.
    Ask yourself two questions; (1) Do I have more influence as one in 62 thousand or one in 710 thousand? and (2) Who set the maximum
    at 435 members and why? The public and the media have grown so accustomed to a 435-member House that we accept it as the natural

    order of things, almost as if it were mandated by the Constitution, but it’s not. The framers of the Constitution envisioned that the House would grow in size along with the country’s population. This was supposed to take place every 10 years as part of the reapportionment process following each decennial census. Through legislative sleight-of-hand the House decided, following the 1920 census, and contrary to established practice, not to increase its size. The House did by statute what should require a constitutional amendment by capping its membership at 435. But the number 435, which was set in 1911 when the population was 92 million, is completely arbitrary.

    The Constitution does not stipulate an upper limit to the number of representatives in the House. The Founders realized that the common
    mans position on the issues would not be taken into account by any controlling elites. By capping House membership we now compete
    from state to state from a limited pool of 435. Instead of adding more representation, as was intended by the Framers, we now take
    away representation from some states and give them to other states, even though both states grew their respective populations.
    This is wrong, and violates the 10 amendment!

    Every ten years you are worth less, as the individual is devalued. On the flip side, every ten years a Congressman gains in power. Now
    I ask you, are we better off today, in 2010 than we were in 1910? Believe it or not, a smaller government would result from more
    representatives reflecting the will of the people. As an example lets look at the vote for Obama-Care. Current House needed to have
    only 218 votes to pass this legislation, but could they have mustered 51%+ or 2,491 votes if the House had the members (4,980) we deserve?
    I don’t think so. Polling showed that 65% of the people opposed Obama-Care, members would have been pressured to vote no.

    We the People need to demand proper representation by demanding more representation by adding more representatives.

    1) In the 2000 census New York and Pennsylvania lost two House seats each, while eight other states lost one each.
    These 12 members went to other states.

    2) In the 2010 census New York and Ohio will lose 2 seats, while Pennsylvania and seven other states will lose one each.
    Those 12 members will go to other states.

    3) The Census figures will be used to reapportion the 435 House seats among the 50 states. This pits state against state. We should
    be increasing our power through more members, instead we watch as Washington D.C. seizes more power every ten years.

    4) Since the 1911 House membership cap, the population grew from 92 million to 309 million, while women, blacks and 18 year olds
    gained the right to vote. This adds tremendously to the lack of proper representation when limited to only 435 in the House.

    5) Current representation should be, at least, tens times greater. We need several thousand more House members so we can be heard.

    6) The 2010 census counted citizens as well as both legal and illegal immigrants! Representation will change based on illegals!!-??


    PS: There are many good ideas posted on this site. One that restores liberty faster than any other is the “FairTax.” Legislators can now levy taxes up to 100% of your income!!! The “FairTax” is based on consumption… not income. You keep every dollar you earn and pay a tax only on new goods or services when you choose to make a purchase. A Constitutional amendment would once again make income taxes illegal on the federal level and would eliminate the IRS. Imports would have the consumption tax added, thus leveling the unfair tax advantage they now have. Studies show unemployment would be nearly non-existent. What you earn is your business, not mine and certainly not the U.S. government’s. Go to to learn more, this plan has been around for over 20 years, but politicians won’t allow the bill to come to a vote… in either legislative chamber. If only we had proper representation. (see abvove, lol)
    Go, learn at and sign up for the free e-mail service today.

  • Joe Breakaway


    Both democrats and republicans believe that more spending is needed to stimulate economic growth and to create jobs. The democrats want direct transfer payments and direct programs to help the people. The republicans want to lower taxes to let the productive members of society to decide on how they want to spend their own money. But either way, both sides agree, they want more dollars in the economy. This is the wrong answer.

    What is needed is not more spending but more capital spending. Digging useless ditches with teaspoons would certainly employee a lot of people and thus generate (apparent) eceonomic growth but it produces nothing of value in the long term. However, using the latest tools and technology to build natural gas pipelines to every corner of the country would also employee a lot of people but when done the nation would have freed up its huge natural gas reserves for consumption in place of imported oil.

    You see, deficit spending is not so bad if you spend it on capital formation. However, deficit spending on retail consumption, like we do today, is insane.

  • FLP – liberty guardian

    The US government has always been known as the leader in democracy and freedom. For years the Americans have forgotten the reason why the forefathers left the monarch kingdom and venture to this bless land to start a new life of freedom and equality. We must stop those whose mission is to use our government officials to carry out their evil deeds. We must depend our freedom by making our government officials aware that we are watching them and that we will not let anyone take our Constitutional rights. Corruption can only be avoided if we demand transparency and accountability from the head of state down to the last government employee. The federal government should not interfere with the rights of each citizenry and should let the state govern itself. Lobbyist should be ban from congress since they are the ones that corrupts our leaders. All new laws should be publish for the citizens to know and any major changes should be pass by a consensus by voting or referendum. We should not give one man the supreme power to execute a law that may only protect the interest of a special group. We need to open our eyes and avoid a fascist regime. We should not let any nation or nations, like the UN, take away our sovereign rights. We need to let the court of the land know that “We the people” is the true power and not a few handpick individuals seating in comfort. We need to stop the crazy spending the government is doing by removing the Federal Reserve whose purpose is to destroy the US economy. Let the CFR elitist know that we are watching them and that we will stop them from their evil desires. To the democrats and republicans, stop lying to the people to achieve your own personal gains. Remember why you were elected and do your responsibility with dignity and honor. If your evil desires take the best in you, you will destroy this country but beware, you will not only answer to the people but to a higher being that we judge you. God bless America and the people!

  • Steve

    Put all government workers (at every level) on performance-based commissions instead of salaries. If you can’t perform, you go get a job in the real world.

  • Steve Johnson

    Change the campaign finance laws to limit the ability to contribute to a candidate to only those who can vote for that candidate. If you are not able to vote for (or against) someone – you cannot contribute financially to that person’s campaign.

  • Stan B

    We can agree that; we know that there is an International Banking Network of Financiers that control world governments, because there is an abundance of (overwhelming) data and information available to substantiate the fact.

    We know that this can be researched historically from the (Bauer) Rothschild Dynasty in Europe to the Morgan/Rockefeller in the USA.

    We know that the Agenda of this Banking Cartel is orchestrated through several elitist organizations such as; the Federal Reserve, the CFR, which in turn receives it’s primary directives from the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group.

    We know that internationally, they impose their concocted laws and mandates upon the(proletariat) people through the UN and IMF.

    We know from futher investigation that these ugly truths can be proven by researching ‘Trilaterals over Washington’ and ‘Agenda 21′ to name but a few.

    But for people who don’t know, or think it is mostly Conspiracy Theory,the following may be of interest. Especially for those less inclined to do the research because of time constraints. Take a minute or two to pull up the following;

    Google 1) Aaron Russo and watch the video clips where Russo is discussing his relationship with Nick Rockefeller and an offer to join the CFR.
    2) Watch video clip of (the then Govenor) George Bush on the campaign trail at a DuPont facilty in Texas. Alex Jones is on the front row and asks “Govenor Bush, what is your relationship with the CFR and the Trilateral Commission?” Bush is non-plussed as he gestures helplessly to the ‘men in black’. You can hear Jones saying “answer the question Govenor” as he is arrested and lead away by security….
    3)Watch video clips of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniev Brzezinski interviews.

    If by then your curiosity is not aroused to investigate further…..then try reading “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.

  • OKAY

    I’ve posted twice and forgot some vital things I wanted to mention so here goes.

    1. Automatically disqualify anyone chosen to represent the govt in an official capacity that hasn’t paid their taxes. Obama holds the record for choosing people who were in arrears on their income taxes. I think only one person dropped out of the selection process. All the others paid their back taxes, or so they say. Also, they should have to pay for their delay. Geithner had to pay his taxes but was given a waiver on the penalty he racked up. John Q. Public doesn’t get that consideration. I know because when in business, the CPA hired to prepare our tax return used an incorrect percentage. It resulted in our taxes being underpaid by a small amount. The penaly was almost as much as the extra taxes and we didn’t get a waiver. We were notified in less than 60 days of the shortage. If these people can’t manage their own personal finances and lives, they have no business trying to run ours.

    2. No under the table deals by Congress in trying to influence a vote. They should vote the way they feel and not be allowed to benefit from selling out for an earmark.

    3. When the president or anyone in Congress is running for re-election, they should not be able to do it on govt time. The president (both parties) should not be able to fly to participate in campaign rally’s on the taxpayer’s dollar. They were elected to a job, not to run around all over the country campaigning for another term. As it is, they get paid quite well for only working two or three days a week.

    4. No card check. Unions should not be given the means to harass those who don’t want to be in the union. It’s none of their business how an individual votes on the matter.

    5. One of biggest advantages would be to break all the unions. They’ve outserved their purpose. They’re not for the little guy anymore. Unions exist to pad the pockets of those running the show.

  • The sheepdog.

    I have read most of the suggestions so far. One that I do not see is that since obviously most of our elected employees (congress and pres.) have never read the Constitution of The United States of America let alone studied it (except that is was read at the beginning of our new congress–lately)We have something to correct that will help us to get our government back where it belongs–with the people. Ours is supposed to be a government OF the people, FOR the people and BY THE PEOPLE. Therefor we must insist that every candidate before being allowed to run for office be required to take a course on the Constitution in context of the language of the times (which is somewhat different, the writings and speaches of those who formed this supreme law of the land and also in the context of the Declaration of Independance and the Articles of confederation under which the United States operated between the Dec. of Ind. and the ratification of the Constitution. This includes the amendments and the reasons for those amendments and again the writings and speaches of all those involved.
    When this is done, now when these polititions take the oath of office they will know what they are swearing to uphold and defend. If any member of the elected then even offers a bill or suggests a bill that is unconstitutional, he or she will be immedieately dismissed and replaced. The congress would then go through all the laws so far passed and replace or do away with anything unconstitutional. If the public wants to know what this means let them take the same course. this will cure a bunch more of our problems. The other ideas provided that I agree with are those about limiting government and reducing government and such. The Constitution already covers much of this. From here we go to other things like term limits (two terms in the congress then go back to work. Serving is a priviledge not a right. outlaw lobbying. this only serves to corrupt our gov. Outlaw donations from any individual or entity. Again this only serves to corrupt. outlaw the use of ones own moneys to run for office. this gives the person running a big advantage. Instead there would be a fund established with Taxpayer money based on size of districts for congress (voter population) and registered voters at the time of candidacy for the president. This puts every candidate on an equal standing from the start so that name recognition is not the base consideration for the voter but what the candidate stands for. on the face of this idea the voter will save much money because under the present norms lobbies loan the candidate money and the taxpayer pays it back. think about what this means. Eliminate earmarks entirely. Why should the entire tax base pay for something in another state (beach erosion in a state that has beaches. or a canal or such that only benifits one state.) earmarks are just another way of corrupting our employees. earmarks buy votes and votes should never be for sale at any price.
    Since elected officials are merely representatives of the people or in better terms hired hands they are supposed to vote for only what the majority of the voters who elected them want voted for and the majority rules. This is the whole idea of the Constitution. A recall of elected officials should be available. A petition with signatures of The majority of the constituants is enough to force a recall vote. Our employees would sit up and take notice.
    Then we can get busy with the object we are after. Small government, government out of our everyday lives, less regulation of things not needed to be regulated, and end to big government fiat by unelected employees and many more things. Remember one thing, private entities can do anything much cheaper than an unresponsive Fed. Govt. We do not need 1,000 people to make decisions that 1 can do in the private sector.
    Get government out of our banking system and our banking system out of government. Trash our IRS system. Go to either the flat tax system that requires every dollar earned by each individual is taxed at the same rate. Or the fair taxed system that taxes everyone according to what is bought. Fed. sales tax. Eliminate corporate taxes all together. Corporations DO NOT pay taxes. They merely collect taxes. Corporations sell $100 worth and then are taxed 10% of it. So they up the price 10% of that $100. Then the gov. comes along and raises their tax another 10% so they raise their price 10% and so forth. So who pays that tax? the consumer. Who is the consumer YOU. besides that it is a tax on tax on tax to infinity. The corporation that only sells to other corporations passes that tax on to the other corporation who is taxed 10% and raises their price to cover it and thus collucts from the consumer, You, also. There also is never such a thing as a temporary tax established by the government. Again this is always a tax on a tax and it is never temporary. once you get used to paying it it is made permanent and a new temporary tax instituted.
    check it out. You are on the internet use your search engin.
    My ideas here I believe will work and they really are not my ideas in their entirity. The Constitution bit I may have been the first to express. Then maybe not. I do not see it here. Thank you. With love from a sheepdog. consider your face licked. lol

  • The sheepdog.

    For gun control info that is real and well documented, google Gun Facts 5.0, and 5.1.
    For global warming google Global Warming.
    For the state of people in this world google On Sheep Wolves and Sheepdogs by Dave Grossman.
    For the Declaration of Independance-google it.
    For the Articles of Confederation-google it.
    For the Constitution of the United States-google it.
    For the Amendments of the Constitution-Google each one of them and find out what they are and why they were made.
    For an excellent tretise of “A WORLD WITHOUT GUNS”-YOU GUESSED IT.
    This is all stuff that you were not taught in school and should have been. It is not that difficult to understand. Fairly simple really. For indebth understanding google the framers names and see what they said about what they were forging and why. The declaration of independence can be an explanation of what is in the Constitution and why. It should take most people about a week to gather and go thru all of it and then apply it to what is happening today.
    Some other reading I recommend is DINESH D’SOUZA–THE ROOTS OF OBAMMAS RAGE. (a very well thought out and informative and also well documented story) With this last, a must read is Obammas two books Dreams of my Father and the odassity of hope. These three will give you a real picture of our president. Lick, lick!

  • anneliese

    Bring back the sewing factories and bag plants in small town USA, send all the robots back to china and replace them with human beings and create jobs for people like me who are intelligent enough to know I can work for a living, but not enough to make technology my new source of income. Let property owners over the age of 66 who own their homes be relieved of property taxes, (once that money is gone they most likely won’t be getting it back) and invest in trade schools for the youth, so if they aren’t college material they can work in one of those sewing factories or bag plants. Put a 90 day limit on all welfare programs…SERIOUSLY…with an added requirement to attend basic life instructional classes during that time sponsored only by qualified volunteers. And mostly, quit worrying about what the heck other countries are doing, send missionaries, not politicians if you want to make a difference. OUR people supported government should not be propping up any other government that is not supported by the people.


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