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Your Privacy Is Gone

December 3, 2012 by  

Your Privacy Is Gone

Have you been paying attention to the news lately? Have you seen where your rights are being flushed down the toilet on a daily basis? I feel like we were safe for a few moments after 9/11. The government started to look into conversations and into computers where they had never poked their noses before.

Don’t get me wrong. As you read on, you’ll see that I don’t like people snooping on me because, in the end, I want my privacy respected. But at the beginning of all of this, I thought it was OK.

Like many of you, I wanted terrorists caught by any means possible.

I wanted those punks who wanted to destroy America to be found. If that meant wiretapping and all sorts of other ways of spying on our people, then so be it.

The problem is that something went wrong — very wrong.

See, it turns out that the government really liked looking into our lives. Who doesn’t like spying or snooping on someone else, right? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a better deal when negotiating by having “insider information.”

But the government doing it en masse was a bit of a switch for me.

I think we all saw it coming, the snooping and the lack of privacy; but we chose to ignore it because, for a bit, we all thought it made us safer. Now, it’s gone too far.

At what point do we realize we no longer have the basic freedom to keep our private life private?

Let me give you an example: drones.

A couple of my friends got speeding tickets because of these pieces of metal that fly through the air. They literally patrol most major highways now with the planes and place a couple of cops in one spot a few miles down the road from them to pull you over when you get to them.

I bet people were shocked when they get nabbed for speeding. Were they wrong for speeding? Yes. But is it right for the government to be flying remote-controlled planes over your head to determine where you are and what you’re doing at all times? Hell, no.

These things are patrolling neighborhoods now; they’re not only watching you when you drive, but also when you sleep and, heck, even when you wake up.

Do law enforcement agencies have a right to do this? Sure. They’re the authorities and, according to the authorities, they can say and do whatever they want to do.

I’m sure the conversation goes something like this:

Leader 1: Hey, do you think it’s OK for us to take away citizens’ privacy so that we can feel safer?

Leader 2: Of course!

Leader 1: Good thing. I was about to worry that we were doing something wrong.

Leader 2: No, no. It’s OK to take away people’s rights because we’re in charge and what we say goes.

And then they increase the level of monitoring on you and your family.

If you live in San Antonio, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Students at John Jay High School have been asked to carry ID cards that have an radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip in them so that the administration can track them. Can someone please explain to me the purpose of tracking students inside a school? Why in the world would the principle need to know where every student is at all times?

And where does the tracking end? Does it end after school or do they follow the students’ positioning at the movies or the mall or when they go to sleep as well?

Is there someone in a control room saying, “Oh, look. Billy is at the soda machine. Now, where’s he going? The bathroom. Well, dispatch hall monitors after him to herd him in to his chemistry class. It looks like he’s taking too much time out there and messing around”?

The best part about all of this is what happens when the students refuse to get one of these chips stuck to them? Do they lose their right to vote for homecoming queen?

Now, I know what you’re saying: So what? It’s just homecoming voting. But think about this (and before I say this, I’m no conspiracy guy; I base my opinions off facts, not fiction): Doesn’t that sound like something that could happen to our Nation?

Look where America is going with voting. You are now required by law in many States to have a government-issued identification card in order to vote. That seems fair. I don’t want someone elected by dead people and animals like they generally are in the city of Chicago. But think about it: What if the government suddenly added RFID tracking chips to your identification cards (by the way, they’re already in your passports) and required you to carry them with you at all times?

If you didn’t want to carry the cards, guess what? You lose your right to choose the leaders who are making the rules to extinguish your privacy.

It’s happening, folks. Your rights are being taken away right in front of your eyes. You can’t stop it, either.

Your government-issued identification cards will allow the authorities to see where you are at all times. Then, what’s next?

The authorities in America are turning into Santa Claus. (They give lots of presents to their friends and to people who don’t deserve them, but that’s an entirely different piece.) Just like Santa:

They see you when you’re sleeping.
They know when you’re awake.
They know if you’ve been bad or good.
So be good, for goodness’ sake.

Friends, this is no holiday jingle. Your privacy is gone. And now is the time to do something about it.

Protect yourself now, before you lose what little you have left.

–Tim Young

Tim Young

is the Managing Editor at Absolute Rights and has been featured on Fox News, Forbes, and The London Daily Telegraph. You can see Tim's latest work by clicking here.

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  • scared

    Ok so how to protect ourselves is the question! I agree on your thought completely but what to do?

    • rendarsmith

      That was my question…what the hell are we supposed to do?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Start by saying NO to RFID!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!! HELL, NO!!! REFUSE!!!!

      • Kate8

        It will go something like this: Refuse the RFID, and any transaction you attempt to make will be declined (whether buying, selling, or contracting for any service, including medical).

        No chip, you don’t eat, you have no water, can’t flush, no utilities…heck, no home. You don’t drive, communicate or use any kind of electronics.

        Any self-sustenance will be illegal (it’s already on the books).

        BTW, the point on the had where people are being chipped… It’s an acupressure point which relates to the head (it’s stimulated to relieve headaches). It could also be used (via frequencies) to create great head pain (or worse) if they don’t like what you’re doing (saying,… thinking?).

        Oh, and it’s not just Texas. In my town (CA), the elementary schools have already issued bar-coded ID cards. Agenda 21 at work.

        And, of course, RFID drivers licenses.

        I suspect far more places have done this, as well, besides in Texas.

  • Paul

    Do something now, get rid of all the Socialist scummers,Muslim Sympathyisers like Obama

    • eddie47d

      Thank you Paul for taking us off subject and invoking your hatred for Obama and bringing up your Muslim bogeyman and even Socialists. You just made my “job” much easier ! Remember Joe McCarthy and his witch hunts against innocent citizens.He was a Conservative and Christian! Remember the John Birch Society who thought it was okay to take away civil liberties in defense of patriotism? That was a Conservative outfit and Christian! Remember Richard Nixon and the constant barrage of Law and Order demands. He was another abuser who took the law into his own hands. He was a Conservative. He was also a Quaker Christian so he fooled alot of moderates and Liberals who thought his Quakerism would be a kinder gentler Conservatism. Remember George Bush and the Patriot Act which was widely accepted by Conservatives at the time. All of coarse in the “defense of our liberties”. He was a neoConservative and a Christian! TSA another outfit brought to us by George Bush and the persuasive Republicans who probably all claim to be Conservative Christians. Yes I’m mocking you Paul because the “enemy” is within your own ranks and you simply refuse to admit that reality.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        If only we had Joe McCarthy now!!! He was right! Everybody else was wrong! He was ridiculed for recognizing that the communists were infiltrating our government and now it’s too late! They have taken over everything!!! If only the people had listened! He was a hero in my book! Our government has been infiltrated to the point that they have destroyed our great nation from within! He tried to warn us just as others are warning us now! But the people are ignorant sheep, so easily led; right down the path of destruction!!!

      • Scarface

        eddie my boy…Joe Macarthy was spot on!

      • eddie47d

        Which only proves that you approve of the dragnet he created which falsely accused and jailed innocent people. You must then love NDAA,the Patriot Act and TSA groping. Maybe even wiretapping and more evasive cameras. Alot of “ignorant” people followed his behavior and went far beyond the norm and turned in their neighbor. Was that the precursors of today?

      • Kate8

        Nancy – That’s for sure. He was correct then, and was ridiculed by the Left (what does that tell us).

        And he’d be correct now, but few in office have the guts of McCarthy, as the commy dems have much more control now. Speaking out brings more than ridicule these days. It’s really hazardous to one’s health.

        We have no more true statesmen. I thought Ron Paul…but they got to him in the end.

      • eddie47d

        My My Kate 8 did you just throw your hat in the ring for more government intervention and underhanded tactics. Joe McCarthy was a part of the government and he went after American citizens whether proven or not.. There was no innocent until proven guilty with that Senator and he did ruin alot of lives. Glad you think it was worth it!

      • Kate8

        eddie – McCarthy stopped the communist takeover at the time. Had he not, we would have not even have had the prosperity we did. People understood the communist threat, and any association with them was an act of treason.

        If you want to talk about witch hunts, perhaps you should look at who your man is going after now: conservatives, patriots, people exercising their rights, people even talking about the Bill of Rights and Constitution, military people, both active and veteran, and generally anyone who disagrees with this administration.

        People are disappearing and tipping over from “sudden” ailments. Innocent people ARE having their doors kicked in and people are being terrorized, hurt and killed by our own law enforcement. We are on “lists”. These are things that we have to think about today, at the hands of those who are in control and are regulating every aspect of our lives.

        Your lily-livered whining about McCarthy is a bit lame, don’t you think?

      • momo

        eddie47d says: “Remember George Bush and the Patriot Act which was widely accepted by Conservatives at the time. All of coarse in the “defense of our liberties”. He was a neoConservative and a Christian! TSA another outfit brought to us by George Bush and the persuasive Republicans who probably all claim to be Conservative Christians.”

        So, eddie47d, why did Obama renew the (un)Patriot Act?

      • Bud Tugly


        Joe McCarthy was ridiculed because he deserved it. He was wrong and pandered to fears by raising f the specter of the evil “enemy”

        This is what Hitler did to rise to power.

        Thanks God McCarthy was exposed for the phoney he really was.

        With patriots like him, who needs enemies?

      • Kate8

        Bud – Were you there?

        JFK knew about it, and spoke of it. So did RFK. That’s why they were taken out.

        If you are relying on the new, Leftist version of history, you are so very wrong.

      • eddie47d

        The communist threat in the USA was more eminent back in the 50′s but hardly capable of any takeover. I’m more concerned about the innocents being rounded up to make himself look good> You know “tough on commies” Like Nixon’s Law and Order or “tough on crime” . The commie threat was more International rather than internal and McCarthy took advantage of that for his personal gain. If you spread enough fear it becomes very real!

      • Tammy

        eddie47d, I believe that both parties (Democrats and Republicans) have been involved in the destruction of this Country and the whole world for a very, very long time. Their ultimate goal is the “New World Order”…a single Government world. I just think it’s becoming more apparent because the President/administration that’s going to finish the plan/transition is now in office. I believe it’s been the plan for a very long time. And I believe that the Illuminati has been, and still is, behind the entire thing…don’t think for a second that the current and past Presidents have nothing to do with the Illuminati.

        • Richard Babin

          You are right, Tammy. The elites contribute money to both sides – that way, it’s a win-win for them. George Soros is well know for doing this. To him (although he loves Obama) it really doesn’t matter who wins because whoever is in the Office owes Soros and others lots and lots of special favors. These days, everything is being gamed and we are on the losing side of that because it’s our money that they’re using. I would laugh if it weren’t so darn serious!

      • Roxy

        This country was founded on religious freedom and Christianity. You people are so radical.. Leave this country alone and go ruin another country. The liberals are evil and are destroying US! Go someplace else you are not welcome here

    • eddie47d

      To make it clear I opposed NDAA and yes it was reluctantly signed buy President Obama. Yet signed none the less and thankfully part of it was voted against last week 62-33. That change was pushed by Democrat Diane Feinstein and Republicans too. Tim Young is very right when he said safety and security was accepted years ago and the American people embraced it for decades. They cheered on the FBI and that the police would always be your best friend. They cheered on covert CIA operations even when they dragged us into unwelcomed wars. People demanded security cameras everywhere to keep them safe. They demanded airport security but received more than they bargained for. Some demand National ID cards and some want National Voter ID cards but then question those who oppose those actions. Yes as that Christmas jingle goes they will soon know your every move and it won’t be Santa Claus! This is were I generally agree with Libertarians yet the disagreements I’m sure will continue on what the best plan of action will be. .

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        The “people” didn’t demand these things! Government DID!!! Just because government TELLS you that the people want these things, doesn’t make it so! I’m tired of the government TELLING me what I want!!!

      • Newspooner

        You idiot! The NDAA was not “reluctantly signed buy (sic) President Obama”! That evil man was very happy to extend the unconstitutional “Patriot Act” and all other legislation that gives the federal government more power. Wake up!

      • Kate8

        I just listened to an interview with a legal expert on the “new” NDAA bill by Feinstein. It’s a red herring. It actually does nothing to protect American citizens. In fact, it goes even further than the last one.

        These Senators are tricky devils. Well, they just pass what the BigBoys hand to them.

        Anyway, they word things to deceive us, but you can be sure they aren’t backing off one bit on total control.

      • eddie47d

        Here comes the name callers as per usual! Apparently you don’t get out much and didn’t listen to what people were saying after 9/11. “We want action taken” We want air travel to be safe” “We want more cameras for security”. “We want the police to be better armed and ready”. “They should be able to do whatever ever it takes to catch the bad guys”. “We need a stronger military because they are coming after us” Now that you got what you craved for its all a different story!

      • Richard Babin

        eddie47d – How do you know it was “reluctantly” signed buy President Obama? Where you there or did Obama give you a call to state such?

      • eddie47d

        Richard Babin: You thought that there was only a hot line to Russia? LOL!

      • Kate8

        eddie – 911 was a shock to sleeping America. Most people still had some level of trust in their government and military…and did not know that it was an inside job. We believed the story that it was Al Qaeda, and that the government would do what is necessary to keep us safe.

        Since then there has been a mass awakening, and a flood of information has brought to light who was REALLY behind it, that our government not only cannot be trusted, but has been working against us for nearly a century. And that now we are set up for total enslavement and subjugation to world government.

        You cannot blame people for reacting to lies we were fed. But we KNOW now, and we’re wanting to put things right, because we know that it was always about taking away our freedom and destroying our Republic.

        These constant put-downs toward those who are fighting for YOUR freedoms are not useful except to those who are trying to stop us. But then, you are on their side against your countrymen.

      • momo

        eddie47d says:
        December 3, 2012 at 8:44 am
        To make it clear I opposed NDAA and yes it was reluctantly signed buy President Obama.

        Reluctantly? Did Obama “relucntantly” renew the Patriot Act? Did he “relunctantly” sign HR 347 outlawing protests on government property?

      • WTS/JAY

        Our freedoms were stolen by a three-step-process;

        Step1. Fabricate a crisis, whether real or perceived, ie…911/real, Muslum-threat, perceived.

        Step2. Reaction. The un-witting populace cry-out; SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!

        Step3. Implement agenda(totalitarian-draconian-policies) drafted prior to fabricated-crisis.

        Its that simple!

        Btw, the patriot-act, a MASSIVE piece of legislation, was introducing only 10-DAYS after 9-11. Judging by the size and scope of said legislation, one has considerable difficulty in believing it was written in only 10-days!

      • eddie47d

        Your definitely aren’t always on the side of ‘Your Countrymen” Kate 8. Sometimes you can be darn scary in what you believe in or advocate for.

      • Kate8

        The only thing I advocate, eddie, is freedom. Liberty. Not to have to be bullied by you and your camp. To be able to be left alone.

        If you find freedom scary, edduh, then I don’t know what to tell you, except GET LOST.

      • Karma Zapati

        Are you kidding “reluctantly signed”— His administration not only asked for Indefinite detention in that bill but they also sued to keep this provision in place :
        “The White House has asked the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals to place an emergency stay on a ruling made last week by a federal judge so that the president’s power to indefinitely detain Americans without charge is reaffirmed immediately.
        On Wednesday, September 12, US District Court Judge Katherine Forrest made permanent a temporary injunction she issued in May that bars the federal government from abiding by the indefinite detention provision in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, or NDAA. Judge Forrest ruled that a clause that gives the government the power to arrest US citizens suspected of maintaining alliances with terrorists and hold them without due process violated the Constitution and that the White House would be stripped of that ability immediately.
        Only hours after Judge Forrest issued last week’s ruling, the Obama administration threatened to appeal the decision, and on Monday morning they followed through.
        At around 9 a.m. Monday, September 17, the White House filed an emergency stay in federal appeals court in an effort to have the Second Circuit strip away Judge Forrest’s ruling from the week earlier.”

      • Roxy

        Hate issued toward Republicans is outrageous. It is spread by a bunch of socialists and Radical Democrats who are power hungry . Remember what the gov’t gives will quickly withdrawal when it is in their plan. People are so stupid to believe people like Reid and pelosi. Any mature adult should have laughed at pelosi when referring to slobama cared”you have to pass it before finding what’s in it”

    • Benjamin Fox

      When idiots elect a Marxist leader, what can one expect except a marxist country, Hitler did it now our little hitler is doing the same. Has to go.

  • tgsherman

    So they can put a chip in a gun that you bought legally & then they know who is carrying!! Then the criminal steals the gun & they will say it was you!!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You better worry more about the chip they want to put in YOU, than the one they put in your gun! THAT’S the real issue!!!

    • ibcamn

      JEEZE!…WTF…dont all you see what youre saying?who put the chip in the weapon?who put the chip in you?hello!!..iys more like what company stands to gain the most from making the chip and the chip reader and the deployment device that reads it,and are they an independant co. or are they a union gov’t co.!(tsa)who’s the big invester in what co. that has the most to gain.GE did Obamas wishes and was rewarded with no taxes that year and a seat at the whitehouse! this is what is being implamented into everything with the left wing gov’t.they dont want you to see it,so they write a regulation or law or some [expletive deleted] to get you to whine about what they want you to whine about,then they enact it,and that law or regukation has a connection to something else they want to make into a law or regulation. they have it all figured out before you have youre morning coffee!you need to connect the dots on everything from past to present an make sure youy have the proof!and yes Obama is a sympothiser….for his beleife that what he and his wife are doing to this country is the right thing and who ever he needs to make a deal with to get what they want is okay!remember..they beleive you can lie and lie and tell half truths as long as the outcome is the goal they are trying to acheive.

  • Jamie

    Control freak’s have always been around. there is just so many of them now, with luck they will all anally Implode from within one day.and The Meek shall Inherit the Earth. until then smile for the Camera’s nosy is watching Entertain them.

  • John Bost

    What do we need to do?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Just say NO!!!

    • http://aol Henry Leunissen

      What we need to do now is very simple. Stop wasting time fighting each other. Instead join the Tea Party, make it into an unstoppable force, stronger than the R’s and D’s combined, march on Washington and tell our employees what WE want done.

  • John Bost

    Good article, but how can we protect ourselves.?

    • CaroleAnn

      John Bost,
      We were never in any danger from outsiders, Before 9/11 the FBI had them all in their sights, remember? There were scads of articles in all the news mags. In Minnesota, San Diago , Florida and New York and other places they had all these guys under surveillance but when they wanted permission to go further,the guys at the top in DC, the FBI’s lawyers at the top who give the OKs said no way, keep your distance. There was an email from an agent in NY to the guys at the top in DC, demanding to know if they would stick to their policies after thousands of people died in NY. The LA Times did a story on these same guys getting an increase in salaries and huge bonuses for their failures from President George W Bush.

      It is our enemies from within we have to identify and know, that is how we protect our ourselves..

      So how do we keep ourselves safe? We make it our business to know who we are voting for in the first place and put in positions of power., Bush’s record as Gov. of TX had me steering clear of him, not to mention his connection to the Project for a New American Century group which sent up huge red flags.

      But I just read an article in the paper last week that there was a ruling that prevents the law enforcement agencies from accessing our emails and other electronic correspondences without a warrant which returns some of our rights to privacy.


      • Kate8

        CaroleAnn – Small comfort, I’m afraid, since we all know how much the government cares about laws that protect citizens.

  • Barb Patton

    The major problem these days is that the government (such as we have these days) does not know how to differentiate between an illegal muslim bomb carrying terrorist or a normal legal American citizen. Thus, we are all combed with the same flea ridden comb The lemmings that voted for the present government does not seem to understand that what they want for WE THE PEOPLE who are capable of using commonsense and proper thinking processes are not the only ones that are being spied upon, THEY ARE ALSO SPIED ON. Stupid stupid people have sold their freedom for a mere man called the ayatollah barack (I wish I could use my middle name)(muslim) obama.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep. Over the edge a little bit. I think we need to be on guard, but this is a little much.

    • John

      It is not paranoia if it is happening. It correctly is called gradualism. They are slowly frying us. It is a conspiracy.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agree with you, John! People need to wake up, turn off the tv, and educate themselves! No more hypnosis, no more blind following! It doesn’t take that much research to find out that the big conspiracy theory is not a theory at all! It is in fact, a conspiracy! No ridicule without research! Take responsibility!!! All of this has been allowed to happen because people gave up their responsibility and allowed others to tell them how to think!!! Time is short!!! Don’t be a lemming!

      • Kate8

        Yep. If we aren’t feeling paranoid, we aren’t paying attention.

        “Paranoid”. Another one of those buzzwords to throw us off track, like “conspiracy theorist”.

    • eddie47d

      I’ll send a second pitcher of kool aid over this afternoon Kate 8 and Nancy then you can share. Kate 8 has always been a “paranoid conspiracy theorists”. Now when you come up with a Conspiracy Theory that is proven then you can have bragging rights but until then its paranoia or wishful thinking.

      • Hedgehog

        Eddie you’re a bigot! Mean mouthing paranoids. Just when I do a lot of work getting away from being 90% paranoid on the tests, to being 40% obsessive, 40% manic depressive and only 20% paranoid. Next you’ll be saying that you hate schizophrenics! not to mention the fact that you hate conservatives and foreign trolls. What, are you trying to be a bigger bigot and racist than your hero O’dogma?

      • Kate8

        Gee, eddie. I never saw THAT coming. LOL.

        I guess I have the dubious distinction of being tagged by the troll team. You’ve sure been on my case for awhile now.

        Too bad for you that the only ones listening are your troll comrades.

      • eddie47d

        Now I’m a bigot against paranoids! I’ll take that as a compliment Hedgehog!

      • phideaux

        Several of us occasionaly “listen” to eddie Kate8 he provides comic relief with his rants against you and JeffH.

  • Wumingren

    Those RFID chips are passive radio transceivers that are only activated by a nearby monitoring device. So, no, the San Antonio students won’t be monitored at the mall or the movie theater … yet. When they get around to installing monitoring devices everywhere (which they won’t do until every citizen is chipped), then we are in serious trouble. Citizens will be the only ones implanted, because those who refuse the implants will become non citizens.

    Judging by the exploding number of traffic cams across the nation, it seems likely that those RFID monitoring stations are just around the corner, er no, not just around the corner, but on every corner and every 100 feet between. And, they won’t be as obvious as the packages sprouting from traffic lights and stop signs, but will be disguised to avoid detection and vandalization. The civil disobedient will have to carry a detector to find and destroy those omnipresent “hall monitors.”

    We aren’t there yet, but we’re a heck of a lot closer than we were when I first read George Orwell’s prescient works back in high school.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree with you! It’s coming! obumass’s healthcare plot says that all of us will have chips implanted! Not me!!! I too, read 1984 while in high school. A few months ago, I re-read it! I was shocked at how much I’d forgotten and how much has already come to pass! I suggest that everyone re-read it and realize how close we are to becoming that reality! The big question that comes to my mind is: was he a prophet or was he in on the long term planning? I don’t believe in coincidence!

      • Mario

        No, Orwell wasn’t a prophet, and he wasn’t in plannig eighter, but as anny well educated person he knew 2+2 makes 4 and oly 4.As contrary to Amarican Idiots who believe 2+2 can make annywhere between 3 and 8!…And ,yes, he really studied what’s called “logical deduction” , you know, that thing who teaches you if you eat your seeds for planting in a tough winter, you will die of starvation on the next one, doesn’t matter how warm and easy it is…He just took a peek at wat was going on in his time in another empire circling the bowl, and drew up the logical conlusions. Which sadly, applyes to next empire circling the bowl. I let you guess which one I’m talking about…

    • Newspooner

      Communism under any other name is still communism.

      • Kate8

        Has anyone seen the video of the recent interview with Julian Assange?

        He says that the entire monitoring system is now in place…the NWO is ready to go. In fact, they’ve been in control for quite a while.

        BTW, as with my old computer, my new one has started “sticking” when I type, making a lag time which really slows typing down. I looked up causes, and it seems that it can be an indicator that your keystrokes are being monitored. BigBro installs spyware without you knowing. I checked my favorites list and, indeed, there were sites put there NOT BY ME, one being a US Government site. I deleted them, scanned my computer, and for now, it’s gone.

        Just a heads up.

      • eddie47d

        I wouldn’t want Joe McCarthy’s thugs knocking at my door anymore than I would want G Bush’s or Obama’s goons knocking at my door . Yet some seem to favor one over another and endorse those tactics.

      • Kate8

        eddie – Back then, aiding and abetting communists was an act of treason.

        Now, communists have taken over, and patriots are their targets. But as soon as the patriots are gone, they WILL come for you.

      • eddie47d

        There you go again Kate 8 being Paranoid! There were few commies back then and even fewer now so get over your ….Paranoia!

      • Kate8

        Sure, eddie. You just keep telling yourself that.

      • Mario

        Sure Kate, Eddie thinks he’s safe. So thoght Beria when paid his last visit to Stalin…

  • http://firefox mike

    The article implies that lack of “positive ID” would deny the right to vote. There is good evidence that since 1960, the outcome of 4 Presidential elections has been determined by election fraud. With or without “proper identification”, it now appears that voting is largely irrelevant. Privacy likewise, is also irrelevant. Possibly paranoia, but it appears that the game is already over!

    • Robin Bost

      A pessimistic view. I hope you are wrong. Let us not give up and stop fighting., John

  • Sgt. York

    just get old they think were crazy and just send us to the big camp they have set up for us.. Screw them were the last of the true Americans we are the ones who will resist the damn Gov at every turn. My Personal background they wanna look at 9MM

    • Nancy in Nebraska


      • Newspooner

        Let me help out a bit here. Yes, the comment was not well written — probably done in haste while seething at arrogance and boldness of the evil unlimited government advocates. I also can be prone to writing less than eloquently when I am raging at the disappearance of individual liberty.

        I think what our friend is saying is that those of us who understand liberty and are watching its rapid demise all have a line that we have drawn. Sgt. York’s “line in the sand” seems to be the point at which people will start to be interred in FEMA camps. I interpret that when that happens, his response to the criminal action of the fedgov will be to resist with the aid of firearms, in lhis case a firearm of 9mm caliber.

        My “line in the sand” (or at least one of them), will be when someone with “government authorization” tries to insert something into my body against my will, whether it be a “mandated” vaccination, a RFID chip, some part of someone else’s anatomy, or whatever. That is where I will resist by force, deadly if necessary. For example, if someone tries to insert a RFID chip under my skin or in my earlobe or whatever, for any purpose, he will find the the RFID chip ends up positioned at the lower end of his small intestine. I hope that explains what I would do with his RFID insertion tool.

      • Kate8

        Newspooner – The elite have noticed that people are becoming aware and are not happy. They feel threatened, and that makes them even more dangerous, because they are afraid of us. They will attempt to strike a big blow to put us in our place, so we have to be prepared for how we will respond (if we are among the survivors).

        We must also bear in mind that they’ve launched a huge psy-ops campaign on us, as they do wherever they wage war. “It’s over”; “resistance is futile”; “surrender”, “obey”… you know the drill.

        I believe that we still have more power than we realize. But WE have to stop believing we are powerless, that we cannot fight them. Collectively, we can defeat them. They are evil. Evil always self-destructs. The elite trust no one, not even each other. They are vulnerable, in spite of their technological warfare system.

        I do believe that their time is short. They are going to hit us with all they’ve got, and might stun us temporarily. But it will only serve to increase our resolve.

        We are winning, because we have to win.

      • Mario

        Newspooner,from all my heart, Good luck!
        Anyway, depending where you live, they already may labeled, taged, and decided what to do with you. Do you think they invest billions over billions in nanotechnology just for fun?…Good luck believing that eighter…

  • Newspooner

    The author is incorrect when he states that: “The authorities in America are turning into Santa Claus”. Santa Claus is a good guy. He and his happy elves make the toys that he gives to children (without mandating them to list their “race” on a census form like the fedgov does). He does not steal from taxpayers to pay for this. Santa Claus is a Libertarian Christian who gives from his own created wealth to all children in the world, regardless of their church affiliation or lack thereof.

    On the other hand, “the authorities in america” do not create any wealth. If they give something to some selected people, it had to be created by others who might have freely donated it, but most usually have had it stolen from them (“taxation”). This is not the system of Santa Claus. It is the system of evil communism.

    And that is why Santa Claus is not welcome at the communist United Nations.

    • Roxy

      ToKate8 I hope you’re right but I’m with you

  • scared

    Yes but really how to sat no plus avoid all the tracking. I read yesterday the Vatican will have them come January!

    • Kate8

      scared – Don’t be scared. Be determined.

      Many believe that the papacy is the Beast. History would certainly indicate this from a Biblican perspective. The Vatican has even called for a New World Order, and has many ties with the banking elite such as the Rothschilds. They have now had two popes from communist countries. Prior to this, all popes were Italian.

      I’ve put my credit cards in the microwave for 10 seconds and they did, indeed, POP. I’m trying to get the courage to put my DL in there, too. LOL. This effectively disables chips.

  • MasterBlaster

    Oh, please, stop being so fricking paranoid. Drivers speeding should be caught by drones patrolling the highways; how is that an “invasion of privacy? In a public highway/road? Catching speeders can save lives. If they put a tracking chip in the school’s ID card so students can be tracked, in school, so be it. If you don’t want to be tracked at home, leave the card in the garage in a lead box or wrapped in foil…whatever. Stop being influenced by all these nay-sayers and princes of doom, and believe all the crap they write about. How many drones have you seen flying around your neighborhood? How many cards with tracking chips do you carry in your pocket?? If they want to insert chips on someone, it should be on all those ragheads at Gitmo…chip them, turn them loose (they are wasting too much of our money anyway) and see where they go. Am just sayin…

    • Kate8

      MB – While working in the yard awhile back, I looked up and did, indeed see a drone flying over, silent and spooky. I live in a fairly small town, too.

      Paranoid? You are okay with being tracked? Having your children tracked?

      Are you aware that nearly a million kids and young people go missing every year…into a life of amusing the pedophile elite, or into human experimentation? (Oh yeah, call me paranoid, but look it up. It’s all coming to light, and it’s all-too true.)

      Does tracking protect them, or make them easier to abduct? Do YOU want to be easily followed wherever you go? Do you want to subject yourself to being zapped with microwaves for saying or doing something BigBro doesn’t like? Or maybe just because you’ve become too expensive, or to sick, or too old…

      Wake up, man. It’s people like you who are enabling this horror to be accepted. You need to read up on prophecy, and on warnings given to us by JFK, Eisenhower and many others over the years. The future is here NOW, and it sneaked up on us. This is no joke.

      • Richard Babin


        You are 100% right on the mark (also a pun, if you get my drift). I too have warned others but they either see it or they don’t. It’s almost impossible to convince the people who don’t see to see! A few of us understand the significance of what the convergence of these “too many and too late to solve peaceably” serious problems that are occurring on a global scale (especially obvious in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East) really are about and the end result. We’re able to put all the dots together and see a very clear picture of not only what’s “really” going on, but more importantly, “WHY” it’s happening…

        I grew up listening to my mom’s stories about her living in Germany during Hitler and the Nazi party dictatorship. I asked her why did the German people allow Hitler and the Nazi party to do what they did? She said that most of the people in Germany choose to believe Hitler’s words rather than his actions. As I recall, if there’s a conflict between what one says and what that person does, then the actions speak volumes of truth while the lips are moving with lies; but, I digress… When it became clear to most Germans, it was too late; the rest is history!

        This bring us to the present. Most in America and especially in the Middle East (except for Israel) love Obama. These Americans would rather believe what he says than what he’s actually doing. They have been blinded to what he’s doing for other countries at the expense of our country’s wealth and sovereignty (which I believe, we’ve already lost via the UN Agenda 21 and Small Arms treaties).

      • Kate8

        Richard Babin – I’m finding more and more people who know what’s going on. Thank God. I’ve felt isolated for a long time.

        Never admit defeat. We will win.


        • Wumingren

          As for spotting drones flying overhead, have you considered that if it was that easy, there would be a whole lot more jihadis running around alive? Wander over to some of the videos showing drone attacks, and you will see a bunch of very surprised jihadis. They run, but they cannot hide.

        • Richard Babin


          I’m happy to hear you no longer feel isolated. A select remnant is being fashioned to serve many causes; be strong and stand your ground.

          And, you are right by saying “Never admit defeat. We will win.” because even in defeat we will find victory! We know what happens in the end; therefore, we understand what and why of what’s happening and what’s coming. God Bless, Richard

      • MasterBlaster

        So what are you going to do, Kate8, not use credit cards, not have a license or a passport? I have a nice cave for sale in the NC mountains, but you’ll have to learn to hunt and grow your own vegetables. I don’t have anything to hide, so they can track me all they want. I survived a war, so I can sure survive this; besides, God will protect me as long as I follow his rules. Have a nice day.

        • Richard Babin

          MasterBlaster, don’t be so hard on Kate8. She has her concerns and solutions and you have yours, just as I have my own. Besides, she has a lot more alternatives than doing something as extreme as living in a cave! We all have options.

          • MasterBlaster

            Right you are, I should be more “sensitive”…I guess. I’m 70, so we old farts have a tendency to get a bit cynical at times.

          • Richard Babin

            MasterBlaster –

            hahaha, that is too funny, thanks for the humor; I needed a good laugh!!!

            I’m right behind you, I’m 64. LOL

      • Kate8

        Wumingren – I was working outside and just happened to look up…I do it all the time, checking out the spraying and such. I just happened to see it silently flying over, and there was no mistaking its shape and size. It was a drone, all right. I was very surprised to see it, myself.

        Had I not been looking at the sky in that direction, I would not have seen it. But they are low enough to be shot down.

      • Wumingren

        Sorry, Kate. I meant to reply to MasterBlaster but didn’t go back far enough up the thread. I don’t doubt that you saw the drone. My reply was to MasterBlaster’s jibe, “How many drones have you seen flying around your neighborhood?” Yes, they can be seen, but more likely not, unless, as you say, you were looking in the right place at the right time.

  • duane

    Hey folks: This tracking thing is not limited to our governments (local, state and national). We are being tracked through our credit card purchases ( and credit rating), the big box stores track us through the phony discount cards and so called cub cards. We are being tracked on the internet by the use of cookies on websites, we have gps locators in our cell phones. We can be tracked via our driver’s license, and the most insulting of all we can be tracked via our social security numbers. This little tidbit of info about ss#’s: My original social security card had a statement on the bottom saying that this card is not to be used for identification purposes. Our privacy and personal liberties have been eroded over a long period of time through the slick and evil connivance of both governments and corporations because we have become less vigilant due our pursuit of the so called American Dream. Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me.

    • baldheadedprophet

      There are zbout 70 agencies that do nothing but seek information about the citizenry 24 hours a day

    • 45caliber


      When Clinton first became President, he tried to force all communications manufacturers to install a chip that would record all forms of communications (telephone, fax, computers, etc.) and transmit that info to Washington. The SCOTUS ruled it was illegal, so they passed the “Privacy Improvement Act” – which made it legal. Not long ago I was speaking with the IT group that works for the company I do and they verified it is in use. He laughed and told me that when they were bored they sent messages to each other titled “this is NOT A BOMB THREAT” so someone in Washington would have to read each and every note and waste his time doing it. Clinton also tried to change the school system (Goals 2000) so that 90% of the population would not learn to read and write since letters were the only thing they did not monitor at that time. (“They can get all the info they need from TV and radio.”)

      Now don’t you feel better?

      • Richard Babin

        45caliber, very good post. I believe they learned to cook us over the fire slowly because they discovered (especially during the prohibition period of 1920 – 1933) if you take away something from Americans that once was legal, the people will rebel. So, now they chip away at our freedoms (often citing “it’s for security reasons, dummy!” And, it’s accelerating as more and more people accept this BS!!! The people who accept this say what people have been saying throughout history, “it will never happen in our country!” Really????

        As one of our God inspired Founding Fathers once said, “when the people desire security at the expense of liberties, then the people will have neither!” Unfortunately, history shows us time and time that people never learn from history. As the experts say, those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it.

      • Mario

        For God’s sake Caliber, THAT’s IT!!!! Let’s give them what they are looking for, just in so much quantity they cannot manage!!!! If ALL of us will type “It’s Not A BOMB threat” in Re: line, when we send e-mails, especialy trivial ones, sooner or later they will cave in!!!
        Starting now I will try to teach as many as posible people to do exactely that!…And I will notiffy all my friends any e-mail which doesn’t contaign “It’s not a Bomb threat” in RE: line before the real issue, will not gonn’a be opened!!!…
        God, looks Texas did it again!

  • baldheadedprophet

    To late the the radio chip is already embedded in your drivers license

    • http://Yahoo JD

      Tthis reply is to Richard Babin, You brought a memery back to me when I was 14 in 1961. Dad and me at the kitchen table. I said gee Dad, their talking about taking gun away from the people. Some day they’l come to the door and confiscate their guns. I remember clear as if yesterday, Joani, that would, or could never happen in this country.
      To see “to me” the horror of what is happening two our beloved country,
      with many of our own ignorant citzens help, my Dad would be turning in his grave. So many times,over these yrs. I’ve Heard “this could never happen in America.

      • Richard Babin

        Right on, JD. What I have a hard time understanding is that you and I and a few other folks see and understand what’s going one but most folks simply don’t get it. It’s befudling! (sp?) However, most folks living in Germany during Nazi occupation didn’t see it either – only a few got out in time.

        And you’re right – the same thing was said in Germany – “this can’t happen in Germany!” Just as the Romans said and the Brits, etc., etc. Many people in our country just don’t want to believe we are in serious trouble. It’s often referred to as the “normalcy bias” and Wikipedia does a very good job in defining it:

        “The normalcy bias refers to a mental state people enter when facing a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects. This often results in situations where people fail to adequately prepare for a disaster, and on a larger scale, the failure of governments to include the populace in its disaster preparations.

        The assumption that is made in the case of the normalcy bias is that since a disaster never has occurred then it never will occur. It also results in the inability of people to cope with a disaster once it occurs. People with a normalcy bias have difficulties reacting to something they have not experienced before. People also tend to interpret warnings in the most optimistic way possible, seizing on any ambiguities to infer a less serious situation.”

        God Bless, brother!

      • Kate8

        Richard – That is why they have to wait at least 2 generations to complete their changes. By then, it will be something most people have never seen nor experienced, so they don’t believe that it’s real.

  • 45caliber

    And if anyone is surprised by this, they are a lot more naive than I am. We haven’t had any real privacy for about 50 years now. Certainly not since Clinton was in office. Don’t plan on it for it isn’t there.

  • Bimbam

    The government slowly gets you to ACCEPT something that is what they call the “FOOT IN THE DOOR THEORY”.

    It’s real. Example: They get you to accept taxes, small acceptable amounts at first, but the end goal is your entire paycheck. Were currently at over 50% now.

    The same with the TSA at airports. Start small, but the real goal is checkpoints right outside of every community or neigborhood.

    The same with national ID cards. Get you to accept at first just your picture a few numbers, etc. But the real goal is an RFID chip for total tracking and control. The mark of the beast!

    The key is not to accept it in the first place. Remember what I said about the “foot in the door theory?” The idea is to slam the door on the guy’s feet and never let him in the first place.

    • Richard Babin

      Bimbam, you are 100% right – read my post to 45caliber… Not many people complained when the FIT system was put in place in 1913 because most weren’t affected by it. That’s not the case today as all businesses and most adults are indeed affected by it. And, the Tax Code is a monster that not one single person fully understands — that of itself is a serious problem!!

      Just wait for the shock wave to hit almost every one when ObamaCare and the financial reform bills take full effect during 2013 and 2014. Taxes will cripple not only businesses but people and it comes at a time when we will still not have recovered from this Great, Great Depression.

      • moonbeam

        That’s what I say too, Richard. Those who supported and voted for BO will have the shock of their lives come next year, particularly with the increased taxes and being forced to buy something they neither want nor can afford.

  • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

    “Kate8 says:

    December 3, 2012 at 11:45 am

    It will go something like this: Refuse the RFID, and any transaction you attempt to make will be declined (whether buying, selling, or contracting for any service, including medical).

    No chip, you don’t eat, you have no water, can’t flush, no utilities…heck, no home. You don’t drive, communicate or use any kind of electronics.

    Any self-sustenance will be illegal (it’s already on the books).”
    This sounds exactly like the ‘mark of the beast’ (666) as described in the Bible. Refuse the mark and you are prevented from buying, selling, obtaining medical services, etc.

    • Wumingren

      My wife and I have been talking about returning abroad to live as expatriates. I’ve done so for 8 years in the past, and she is originally from overseas, so it wouldn’t be that big of a lifestyle change for either of us. It would certainly be a big deal for our grade-school children, but even they have been in on our discussions about possibly going overseas “to do mission work” … we don’t want to scare them by saying, “to flee our rogue government.”

      One thing we have not done is to discuss what the trigger events might be that make us either liquidate our assets or outright abandon them. For sure, there are a few trigger events that I have in mind, but most of them occur after it would be very difficult to protect ourselves from a rogue government, or, dare I say, too late to do anything at all, as when the cattle car doors are being slammed shut on us.

      What we need to do is develop a serious plan that identifies trigger events on this side of the event horizon, so we can exit before the borders are sealed. Has there been a communist regime that has not sealed its borders against capital/precious metals flight? I don’t think so. Acting early will mean we don’t have to chance being shot by border guards. Ask anyone that survived the Iron Wall of the Soviet Union.

      There are plenty of trigger events to consider: forced implanting of RFID chips, nationalization of private retirement accounts, completion of the nationalization of healthcare, travel restrictions, food & fuel rationing, water rationing (where there is otherwise plenty of water), conscription of young adults into “a civilian force as well funded and as strong as the U.S. military,” etc.

      If the military is too expensive, as noted by a number of comments by Leftists here and on other conservative blogs, how is it that they don’t object to a “civilian force as well funded and as strong as the U.S. military” … isn’t that like saying the Left is okay with doubling the defense budget, only spending half of it on a civilian force? These people are complete wastes of skin!

      Well, if anyone has more ideas about potential trigger events that would send us packing to freedom abroad, I’d like to hear that discussion. Please share your ideas with me. Serious ideas will be discussed among my family members.

      • Richard Babin

        Not to spread fright but the doors to leaving with all of your possessions are methodically being closed. For example, for the first time in our history, we need to have a passport to go to into Canada or Mexico or the islands surrounding the USA. They claim this is for our security. Right, controlling and tracking us going into Canada or Mexico but doing very little about all the illegals and drug runners coming in is better security for us! I believe the real reason is to keep people from getting out with their wealth on what’s called a “piggy-back jump” flight.

        Try opening a foreign “personal” bank account. The IRS now has in place special reporting requirements for foreign banks that open a personal account for an American. Most foreign banks, especially in Switzerland, will no longer open a personal account for an American because they don’t want the IRS scrutiny or the very detailed reporting requirements. Even if you find a country where a bank is willing to open a personal bank account for you, see what happens when you attempt to transfer much of your money to your foreign bank account. You will get a call from your friendly, caring, personal banker informing you that the federal govt has placed a “freeze” on all of your accounts (yes, all your accounts — checking, savings, business, etc.) until they finish their investigation of you and your money because, after all, you may be a criminal attempting to flee the country with illegally obtained money. Remember, with the IRS and the tax courts you are guilty until you prove your innocence.

        OK, let’s try something else. You cash in all your assets and use all your money buying gold. You put the gold into your carryon, go to the airport, buy a ticket, and head to security. Perhaps, they will allow you to leave but, I guarantee you, that your gold will stay behind. However, I believe they will not let you or your gold leave until you have answered lots and lots of questions and have provided them with documents (to their satisfaction) that you legally purchased the gold and that you paid your taxes on the money you used to buy the gold with. Then, you’ll be required to fill out several federal forms and until you receive the proper approval from the various departments (IRS, Homeland Security, US Customs, etc.) your gold can’t leave. If everything, at this point, is approved, then they will charge you duties and taxes based on declared value (which, because it’s gold, would be the spot market price – ouch). Then, they will inform the country you’re going to so that they can charge you their duty and taxes (double ouch). At this point, how much, in gold, do you have left for you and your family to live on?

        For a while, people were buying gold futures contracts and rather than taking the cash, they would take physical possession in a foreign country (usually Switzerland and sometimes Germany). Which was a slick way to get the gold out of the country. However, this loophole has been closed by our loving, kind, and caring government. Private citizens can no longer trade in the commodities futures market.

        I could go on and on but will leave it here!

        Most Americans aren’t aware of the many restrictions and reporting requirements mandated by our government today because they usually buy a round-trip ticket to Europe or where ever and come back.

        During Hitler’s reign, at first, the Nazi party required papers from any German citizen wanting to leave, even if they claimed they were coming back. For the Germans who got permission, not only were they able to get out of Germany but were also able to take all of their possessions. However, then it got worst. If given approval to leave, you could go but your possessions couldn’t (Sounds familiar?). And finally, no German private citizen could leave, period. The rest is history!

        As far as trigger points; well, you can’t time the market and you can’t time the TEOTWAWKI. I’ve looked at every angle and found flaws with every one of them. My motto is “with every action comes risk!” As crazy as this may sound, I believe my only “risk-free, bullet-proof” action is to continue praying for wisdom, discernment, protection, and provisions!

        One more thing my friend. I’ve searched for a country to bugout to when things start hitting the fan. I’ve done lots and lots of research. This mess we’re in, is in every country. I believe it’s not going to matter where you go – things are going to get very ugly and no one is exempt – not even the elites (although, they refuse to believe this because they think they’re above the law and they have their “stash” hidden away). As for me, I’m staying put and planning to holdup with my family and dear friends. If I’m killed or jailed, so be it. I’ve had a great life and the life after will even be better.

        Good luck, Wumingren

      • Wumingren

        Thank you, Richard. These are trying times, and one must review all the options. One doesn’t often have the luxury of making informed decisions in times of crisis, so it’s a good idea to think things through ahead of time. It’s the indecisive who will perish. What was that song by Jimmy Durante? Oh, yeah, “Did you Ever Have the Feeling?” You can find it on YouTube.

  • Mary

    This is the world we live in today. The right wing goes nuts if anyone suggest even limited gun control but we can not even send out kids to school without the fear of some emotionally unstable teen killing them. No I do not agree with some of the things they are requiring to keep us safe so I guess the best we can do is make sure our law makers understand the limits we will endure, such as drones looking into our homes. Other things we are just going to have to accept as the only way we are going to be able to keep some freedoms is by giving up other freedoms. We will always be vunerable as long as we do not have our borders, ports and coasts secured. That could be accomplished by bringing home our military from foreign lands and putting them along these borders as well as using other technology. Because of high tech weapons, planes, and nuclear threats, America can never be the way it was before the 1940s. Now we all have to be on the alert to protect ourselves from terrorist here at home and abroad. It is what it is.

    • Wumingren

      You don’t give up some freedoms in order to keep some others. Yikes! Imagine a rabbit in the coils of a boa constrictor, giving up a bit of breath in order to take another. The boa just takes up the slack, and the rabbit’s breath becomes shallower and shallower, until it can breathe no more. Freedom and life are lost, not with a scream, nor even a whimper, but with silence. Welcome to the silence and death of unchecked government constriction of the people’s freedoms.

      I am reminded of the bamboo cages (modeled after actual bamboo cages our POWs endured in Vietnam) that we were kept in during survival training. You had to duck walk into tiny cages that didn’t allow you to extend your arms or legs in any direction. One had to hold one’s body just so to keep from compressing one’s lungs, yet the muscles could not hold for long. The slightest adjustment within the cage left your body to find its lowest entropy state, a place that put all the more strain on the burning, aching muscles. The captor didn’t need to use any physical force on you whatsoever, because your own body became a self-destructive torture device.

      I was stationed abroad for 20 years, and the entire time I fought to contain, resist, and destroy Communism. Meanwhile, back home, the Communists were taking over America. When I returned to America, I felt like I had entered the Twilight Zone. I was a stranger in a strange land. We have all but lost America in a single generation. Now we have a president whose best bud said that in order to secure the Communist takeover of America, 25 million die-hard patriots would have to be sent to re-education camps to be eliminated. What we have here is Marx, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, Edi Amin, and every other murderous dictator as an example of the carnage represented by Communism. I’m not okay with that!

      I’m not giving up any freedom without a fight. And when I can’t fight any more, there will be other recourse.

      • Richard Babin

        Well said, Wumingren. I’m with you brother!

      • Kate8

        Yes, well said.

        I’m so glad to see more patriots like you and Richard Babbin posting today…hope you stick around. What a relief to see more people who understand our peril.

        We’ve been ganged up on by the paid trolls out in force here lately.

        • Richard Babin


          We will always be outnumbered by the cluckers, clickers, and peckers (can I say that on this site?); however, they cannot intimidate us or silence us with their ridicules attempts to marginalize us.

          We know there is now a “full steam ahead” move to create this “One World Order” (which the UN is working very hard to take charge of) or as George Soros so lovingly calls it – his “Open Society,” a concept that he adopted from his relationship with Nazi Germany. I believe this could very well happen when the global derivatives market unravels (more on this below). After all, we have had several Presidential appointed elites bragging about using major crisis to their advantage!

          There’s a galactic bubble that still exists and when it goes, it will not just bring down pensions and businesses but markets and governments. It almost exploded back in 2008 but the elites weren’t quite ready. Do you remember the $85 billion bailout of AIG to keep them from going into bankruptcy? Most believe the AIG bailout was part of saving the banks that were “too big to fail.” It was not. Had AIG filed bankruptcy the $600 trillion global derivatives market bubble would have started to unravel and once that had started, it would have been impossible to stop.

          To get a perspective on the $600 trillion, the entire world’s GDP for one year is about $61 trillion — this market is 10 times that. Think of the impact the derivatives market would have on the world. Everyone’s pensions and retirements go to zero, governments collapse, currencies collapse, civil unrest, etc.

          It gets worse — in 2008, it was $600 trillion; by 2012, it doubled to $1,200 trillion – that’s $1.2 quadrillion (estimated by top derivatives experts) – some even believe it’s more like $1,500 trillion (that’s $1.5 quadrillion!). The 300 trillion discrepancy doesn’t matter, either way, it’s a killer of the entire world’s markets, economies, currencies, and governments.

          Warren Buffett once said that derivatives are “financial weapons of mass destruction” and he’s right!

          And that’s why I don’t worry about the coming Tax-Armageddon of 2013 and 2014 or our national debt of $22 trillion or the U.S. total debt of $59 trillion or the unfunded future financial obligations of $122 trillion or the $1.2 quadrillion global derivatives market. At this point it’s all funny money – cash, bank deposits, debts, equity markets, etc. – it no longer matters — it’s totally out of control and heavily overvalued (to a point where it’s become a joke but no one is laughing) – all these numbers have become a zero-gain monster and a day of reckoning will come and probably sooner than later (remember, it almost happened back in 2008). And no, I’m not a doom and gloom guy! I’m a very happy guy who enjoys every day and looks forward to the next day. What I see is reality — just add up all the numbers…

      • Kate8

        I hear ya, Richard. Things are a mess, and it’s been planned that way.

        I have a feeling that the elite aren’t quite going to get what they want, though. They may get some of us. They may even get most of us. But they are going down, too.

        I don’t worry too much, either. I’ve been at this for so long, exploring “conspiract theories”, that not much rattles me anymore. What I’ve discovered is that this is a marvelous, living universe, and Life is on our side. And this whole scenario isn’t going to be forever. We will move onward.

        I don’t know if you’ve studied the new concept of an electric universe, but it is astounding. It means that we are receiving this living energy from the whole of the heavens, all the time, and we are not isolated like science has always taught. It’s vibrant, intelligent and loving, and things are not at all what they seem.

        • Richard Babin

          Kate8, No, I haven’t heard of the electric universe concept although I did learn a little about the universe’s electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) that flow and pulsate throughout the universe in one of my physics classes. As I recall from my many years ago classes, every living creature on earth is affected, to a certain degree, by various bombardments of pulsating energies from the universe.

    • http://Yahoo JD

      Mary, I’m afraid that train of thought is how this fear of lost rights
      became a reality. Over the years, we didn’t care if a fellow citizens rights were takin,as long it didn’t concern you. Too many examples to give, but some people are realizing, they’ll get to you eventually.BIG TIME. Maybe it sounds dramatic, He really meant it, “GIVE ME LIBERTY,
      or GIVE ME DEATH. 1776 2013. For many, maybe older, That is a strong feeling. Hopefully it’s not that drastic, but givin up or giving in, is whats expected. This can’t be happening to The united States of America. Ya, I’m from the flag waving era.

  • Dee

    We were safe under George W Bush, but we’re sure not safe with this so-called president.

  • Once a standards guy.

    Let’s not panic about things we can control. Case in point, the RFID chips. They’ve been around for a long time. My first intro to them was in an advanced inventing session when I was with Motorola i the mid-90s. My latest passport and passcard include them. I’m due to get a new drivers license… in there too. Several of my credit cards have them embedded and paper money is scheduled to have them embedded by the end of the decade. Just remember, all you need to do to keep all this from being scanned as you walk around is to block the scanners. A simple metalized sleeve can do it. Technically, it’s called a Faraday Cage. My passport and card came with one. The rest can be blocked by your wallet.

    • Wumingren

      I understand that powerful magnets or microwave ovens also work.

    • Richard Babin

      Once a standards guy, Good points.

      My personal belief is that paper money will not be embedded with a RFID chip by the end of the decade because money and coins, by that time, will no longer be used. We will be banking, buying, selling, etc. via electronic media. Everyone will love it but the American citizen – the bankers who will charge fees out of the gazoo, the IRS who will tax out of the gazoo, the creditors who will take your “credits” even if you will then not be able to pay your rent and be evicted; however, all of them will feel your pain but take your gain.” Just my 2-cents worth.

  • Don Cordell

    First Social Securty numbers for everyone, then the government funded the development of Transistors, of Microprocessors, of Computer, of Bar Codes, does your bank have your Social Security number, why, do they give you SS? Think citizens, WHY?
    The plan of a One World Government has been in the plans for 200 years. The Big Bankers of the world have taken over Europe, and now the rest of the world. Google my name “Don Cordell” and see my analysis of the whole plot to enslave all of us. it’s worse than you can imagine. The loss of all rights in the next 10 years, and you think we can’t fight back. Wrong. get up, get out, get involved as we are doing here today, defend our Nation the UNITED States of America, the nation of “WE the People”. As your President, I’ll put America back to work, let’s Retore “Made in America” by Americans.

  • Evianspelledbackwords

    That’s right American’s. We have collectively allowed this bull to go on for years. Did you know that GMOs came on the scene in 1931? Long before you and I were born – this corrupt gov’t turned it’s face toward the Elite and the MONEY of the World to try to create a Eutopia where only the rich are alive and the poor are the slaves. Don’t you get it? This gov’t is full to the brim with Communists and Fascists and the latest vote tells us just how corrupt, how far over the cliff they will go to destroy this great country. I’m sick of what happened to the vote. Romney got screwed. Obombya got in with the bankster money. What a bunch of bull-crap we as Americans have to put up with now. DEATH and DESTRUCTION. and the Reality Shows only helped this gov’t get deep into your life. Get the hell off of Facebook and all those g-damned sites and take control of your own life. Mail a picture – don’t let the gov’t get a file of every detail of your life. How stupid can you get. Get your kids out of schools that want to track your children like a g-damn dog! For Christ’s sake people wake the f up and smell the Communist in charge. He is a devil and a destroyer like you have never experienced and his training comes from Communism. So thanks a lot to the libtards that want to be enslaved – coming to a community near you – soon. Our rights and freedoms given to us by God and this Country are almost obliterated. Good going.

    • Richard Babin


      It’s almost 100 years ago (should we have a party???) that the Federal Reserve was created (1913); oh, and that’s the same year the Federal Income Tax system was also created. Do you think it had anything to do with the fact that the control of our monetary policies was transferred from the US Treasury Department to a coalition of the most-elite bankers in the world (which decided to call themselves, the Federal Reserve)?

      Let’s do a report card on the Federal Reserve. Let’s see, one dollar in 1912 is worth today about 2 cents! They sure are doing a great job for “the people!” Is there any score that is lower than an F minus ? Because that’s what they would get from me.

    • http://None ally

      AMEN!!! And again AMEN!!!

    • Ronnie Owens

      The Govt has over 70 agencies that do nothing but collect information about you 24 hours a day

  • Smithkowitz

    Plenty of articles on how to shield an RFID on the internet, some legit ideas some not.

    • Ronnie Owens

      To Late the RFID is already embedded in your drivers license and they can find you anywhere

  • Michael Kayutak

    As we can see the terrorists has won (and they are not Muslims either), even Jesse Ventura can said it better.

  • liberticus

    Check these sites for the latest on our growing police state: and Enjoy

  • Jess Phelps

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