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Your Loving Government

May 9, 2012 by  

Your Loving Government
On a new campaign website the Obama Administration demonstrates improper flag placement.

The Administration of Barack Obama has made it pretty clear with a recent campaign website launch what it thinks the role of government is in Americans’ lives: Lifelong nanny.

The initiative features a fictitious woman named Julia whose life can be followed from the age of 3 to 67 by clicking through a number of slides. Each of the slides depicts—in a garishly Dear Leader sort of way— how the woman’s life would differ under a nanny state controlled by Obama and under one controlled by Mitt Romney.

Navigating the site, visitors follow Julia’s life growing up in a world of hasty generalizations. The slides show the different ways in which the two candidates’ visions of the nanny state would affect Julia’s entire life.

Policymic writer Sylvia Cruz points out:

When Julia starts public school, Obama is there. When she goes to college, he’s there. When she decides to have a child, there is no mention of a spouse or any other family, but it is okay, because Obama is there instead. Do you want to start a business ladies? You probably can’t without Obama.

It’s a disturbing depiction of how the left envision the role of government in our private lives — one that is present and pervading at every major (and probably minor) stage. It’s somewhat ironic then that Obama’s Julia shares the same name as the main female character in George Orwell’s 1984; the world of Orwell’s Julia is also one with an omnipresent government.

The character’s name may be a coincidence, but maybe it is a subtle clue.

If it is a clue, another may be how the Obama Administration put the American flag in the wrong place on one of the slides.

From the U.S. Flag Code:

When displayed from a staff in a church or public auditorium, the flag of the United States of America should hold the position of superior prominence, in advance of the audience, and in the position of honor at the clergyman’s or speaker’s right as he faces the audience. Any other flag so displayed should be placed on the left of the clergyman or speaker or to the right of the audience.

These are, perhaps, minor hints from the elites that control the American masses about how they would love to fundamentally and irrevocably alter the United States.

The big picture, judging by Julia’s life, is that government wants to remove the individual and the family from his/her own life and decisions. Julia is largely alone her entire life but always cradled by the hands of a loving government. That is, until she is retired and goes off to work in a community garden in the last slide, no doubt organized by a government entity.

You can view Julia’s life here.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Sirian

    Anyone with a lick of sense should be able to see through this. It obviously is primarily focused on the young to mislead them more than either their parents or they themselves realize. The flag placement is a true giveaway to the idiocy of the ones who made this video propaganda up. Ridiculous!! Then again, what more should we expect from the “Great Leader”? Typical. . . :(

    • Brad

      whats is very interesting and really scary is Oblabya is the leader of out great country her whole life. That is scary stuff people. I guess we save be saved, the lord King has arrived!!!

      • Brad

        sorry that was supposed to read I guess we have been saved, the LORD KING HAS ARRIVED!!

  • Warrior

    Hmmm, I don’t see any “bake sales” in julia’s future. Too bad.

  • Steve E

    If the government were to default on it’s entitlements. Julia would die because she never learned to take care of herself.

    • 45caliber


  • Fearfull Ralph

    Not only our flag on the wrong side but it so old that it only has 20 stars so it is obviously from 1818 since the 21st state (Illinois) was admitted in December 1818.

  • Bill

    The real Julia died from a partial-birth abortion in the the third trimester. They are using a composite Julia.

  • sabulaman

    If that 21st state was not admitted in 1818, we may not be in the mess we’re in now.

  • cawmun cents

    They are schooling you and you dont like it.
    There is an effort to simplify,mainly because most folks these days are slaves to their senses.What they see,hear,touch,smell,and taste,are the ways by which they perceive.
    They often dont give alot of conscious thought to their perceptions.So they can learn by simplicity,easisest,which is the only way they will put forth an effort.If something is too difficult to grasp,you might as well be speaking Mandarin to them.
    The Democrat knows this.
    This is why they make it grade school simple.Are you smarter than a fifth-grader?
    Are you smarter than a cheese-grader?For those of you who are not,we have cartoon simplicity at its finest.It seems as if in an effort to substantiate what we all know is the problem with schooling these days,the will to apply criticism to ones own thoughts and critical thinking has been abandoned for cartoon simplicity.
    This shows you what they think your abilities to grasp simple concepts are America.
    Null and void.
    These people who accuse others of living in the past,havent yet left the 1960′s.Their whole base is spent on promoting sixites radicalism.Yet they think of your ability to grasp things as at a cartoon level?I said that as a question because,it is very likely that they have accurately demographed the target audience here.The college age student who is wet behind the ears worldly speaking is waitng for the spongebob version to come out.
    That is effectively what is being stated here,right?
    They dont think you can grasp any reality,so they push cartoon supplements to your daily indoctrination.Wasnt that a propaganda tool in the 1930/1940′s era?Didnt they show us how inhuman Tojo was in his banzai charge mentality?Now that they are using these tactics to show what they perceive of thei political opponents,doesnt this seem like they too are living in the past?
    Are you going to fall victim to the same style of propaganda which influenced the Chinese revolution?Or will you be forced to let yourselves eat propaganda until you see that monsieur Guillotine,and his French revolution is the way to proceed?
    Perhaps the Bolshevik revolution is the proper step?
    Whether ists Mao,Robespierre,or Lenin,you wont get what you perceive you are receiving.
    You will get that which you disdain the most.
    Totalitarianism.You will have eefectively replaced the current system with the old tried and true dictatorial one.Becuase you let them insult your intelligence and still didnt smell the coffee.Did you put on your Hai Karate this morning?Did you eat your Wheaties?
    Does somebody need to call your momma and have her slap you?
    This is progressive arrogance at its height.
    I wonder how many will ponder this and see its insidiousness?
    My bet is not many.

  • 45caliber

    Cradle to the grave reliance on the government to make all your decisions and take care of you. Further, it is intended to eliminate the family as we know it since that is what is the main foe of big government – the family wants to improve things for their children.

    Further, anyone notice that Oblama is to be important to “Julia” for her entire life? HE is the one to make these decisions for her?

    • Karen King

      I know why Obummer is taking care of Julia for the rest of her life: She is his illegitimate child that Michelle knows nothing about! lol
      Me, myself, personally, I don’t want him taking care of my family. I can do this my self and do it very well thank you. :)

  • FreedomFighter

    Get ready men and women,

    IMHO the hard core takeover of America is about to begin, the soft takeover is done, they got it,

    Keep your powder dry

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • TIME


      Saddly, I agree with you totaly on your assessment of where we stand as a nation today.

      Proving that ( agressive IGNORANCE ) really is KING within most of the population of the 50 states.
      As the vast number of Americans really have no clue who the { “real enemy”} is.
      So – Who will they fight?
      If they don’t understand whats broken or who really placed them in this mess, as in drop the whole L v R or the D v R worthless rhetoric, then take a good long hard look at who’s really to blame, then its all for not.

      Again Saddly the word’s that keep coming to mind are; ” { Consent by Deception.}”

      Start in 1812 when the real 13th amendment was brought up to 1819 when it was passed. – then work your way forward to 1840, when the CENTERAL BANKERS, started to gain on the American people, up to 1860 when the Constitution was placed in a LOCK BOX along with the Bill of rights EO #1.
      Then in 1863 – when the fake – 13th Amendment of what was – never radified,
      then 1868 when the 14th Amendment of what was not Radified properly, as in it was under diress.
      Then 1871 DC act, then 1878 US INC ACT, , then 1913 Fed Act, then the IRS ACT
      then 1931-33. when the selling of all Americans as chattel as well the SS Act, to make us all Corporations.

      All that has brought us to what we face today. Again until the American public wakes up and understands who the real enemy is, all the American people are doing is looking like monkeys tossing crap at each other.
      Again Saddly -That very ignorance is fostered by the Mass Media thats all 100% totaly owned by the same people who are in total control!

      Peace and Love

      • Vigilant

        Ah, poor TIMEY keeps fishing but gets no bites. The voice in the wilderness of ignorance once again provides his paranoid litany of conspiracy claims, bereft of fact. He could save a lot of keyboard time by simply writing out the same broken-record list of misinformation, then copying and pasting from it every time he gets the urge.

        Now, let’s see if he follows the usual modus operandi and (1) insults me, (2) forgives me, and (3) sends his flower child “peace and love” wishes.

        P.S. Have you taken that second grade reading course yet so you can locate the incorporation of the nation in the D.C Organic Act? I’ve been waiting some weeks, my friend.

        P.P.S. George Washington signed EO#1, not that it matters to your fictional account of everything.

      • FreedomFighter

        For Vigliant:

        “Obama’s Parasites”

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • TIME

        Dear, O’- Deluded – less than vigilant Sheepe,

        Your ignorance is in full glow yet again. Insult you, OMG, dude you do that all on your own daily.

        ****** For anyone else ****** that is any of you who wants to know the TRUTH, —
        Google the following youtube feeds, these will get you started.
        Please – Again; get a {{ Blacks Law }} book to aid you.

        Start with these:
        ** The Season of Treason 1 – 3

        Follow up that will show the Doucments for everything you will learn from SOT 1 – 3
        ** Google all of; William Billy Foust, youtube feeds.

        ** Also all of: Winston Shrout’s youtube feeds,

        With these youtube feeds – you will gain more insight to the “how’s – when’s – who’s, and why’s let alone where’s.”
        The really good part you can do all this in your own time at your own pace – all you have to do is sit and watch.

        ** BUT if you so wish to stay sleeping like less than vigilant sheepe, then please do so. Really I don’t care if you wish to stay sleeping thats your call.
        > But if you do wish to stay sleeping, then you have No reason at all to complain about whats being done to you.
        Afterall you “CONSENTED” to the acts, therefor you get what you paid for.

        The Oman, Bush or any of them are just mear symptom’s of most Americans ignorance
        of whats really happened while we were all sleeping under the old apple tree.

        The Oman and Bush just brought it all to light that something is really wrong.
        The Oman is not all to blame, nor is Bush after all we all went along for the ride now its time to pay for that ride., But – the end result is not going to be to your liking.
        If you will not Break the chains of the Illusion, then it will become your future!

        Peace and Love.

      • Brad

        You may wish it to be L against R or D against R, but after Obama gets done with his race division it will be white against minorities and we are real the minorities. I wonder who the white democrats will blame then??? just saying…while trying to find the guns they gave to the UN by the pouncing they took from there whore lady Billary?

      • Vigilant

        FreedomFighter, that is an excellent video.

      • Vigilant

        Well now, TIME, I think I and every august contributor to this site owe you a debt of gratitude. Thanks to your breakthrough methods, we now know that the “youtube feeds” are the be all, end all, unimpeachable sources for truth in this world.

        What a great gift you’ve given us. We no longer need to pore through those long and complicated source documents, nor do we need to rely on the historical record for our facts and figures. Researchers the world over can save many hours of time in verifying and cross referencing their wotk. They need only list in their bibliographies the URLs to the “youtube feeds.”

        This will certainly simplify conversations and shorten their duration when one conversant need only point to the “youtube feed” for substantiation. The hapless opponent can only say, “oh, you saw it on youtube? Well, I guess I have no argument then.”

        Brilliant work, TIME! You’ve effectively stifled all intelligent conversation regarding the DC Organic Act. No longer will I ask you to cite passages from the Act, since you’ve obviously lost the ability to read, and have never read the Act in the first place.

  • madgorilla

    Political Correctness be damned! Screw Obama, screw his mob of socialist sycophants, and screw his nanny state BS!

  • smithington

    VOTE FOR RON PAUL IN NOVEMBER 2012!!! Tell everyone you know to do the same if you want to save this country, not only for yourselves, but also for your children and grandchildren. If Obama is reelected, it will be the END of our once great country. MARK MY WORDS!!


    Pray for obama and the rest of the anti-Americans….That would hurt them worse than cursing and calling them what we Americans know them to be…..And now the UNION MEN are finding out obamas plan to lower the wages of men ,So he can pay women to vote for him.What a joke UNION BOYS..Come 2013 there won’t be a damn thing you can do to ever see the once great unions.You have now let 20 or so mega rich crooks to take your younion right out of your hands and now you will see what you bedded down with. SAD!!!!!!!

    • Brad

      thet don’t deserve prayer by Christians, they already get too much of that from the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • AJ

    Obama was there when she had her child because it probably was obamas child! The little rascle.

    • Vigilant

      Must be his…he’s screwed everyone in the USA.

  • dcjdvis

    The flag thing in the poor “Julia” nightmare is probably just a reflection of the dreamer’s ignorance, but it might as well not be. I think our loving and self-proclaimed elite have a plan to replace our beautiful flag with one of their own choosing.

    What might that look like?

    • Vigilant

      It’ll be made from the pelts of skunks, weasels and jackals.

    • Brad

      According to Odreamer it will have 57 stars!! LOL what a goof half wit, I mean half white??

  • 45caliber

    I got a laugh this morning. An imam in Houston has been preaching about the dangers of the One Worlders and about the use of floride, etc. in water. Some of the young Muslims are upset and think he is crazy. They have asked that he be replaced. Seems that some of the Muslims are also getting worried about such things.

  • s c

    By now, most sane Amerikans realize that the Anointed Puppet has never had both feet in the real world. His ‘hidden’ university life, his questionable birth certificate, his utopian arrogance and his inability to conquer basic economics says more about this nonleader than any staged press get-together will ever be on display in public.
    By the way, will the Anointed Puppet really take an hour to explain his “evolving” views on marriage? Will he have to use a teleprompter? Pathetic.
    If you can understand what’s so wrong with a Ponzi scheme government, WHY can’t everyone understand who and what is in the White House?

    • Raggs

      Just out on FOX news… The messiah oblama grants faggot marriage as being correct and he gives faggots his blessing…

      • 45caliber


        He wants the votes and the cash the gays are offering him. But I suspect he will lose more votes than he gains. About 80% of the people in the US are against this. But as a lib, he doesn’t believe that.

        • madgorilla

          No kidding. It will be real interesting to watch the Democrat Convention — in North Carolina — where they just passed an amendment to their state constitution saying that marriage is between a man and a woman. Talk about a hostile venue!!!

      • Raggs

        Thats so true it goes to show that oblama will stoop to lower than snial scum to get a vote regardless of what it means.. This man has NO morals and for someone to say that oblama is a Christian thats batchit…

      • Brad

        I wonder how many Christian democrats that were barely hanging on to his arrogance got pissed on today??

  • Raggs

    And just think the masses of sheeple wonder why we call oblama a socialist / communist.
    This should be proof enough for even the dumbist sheeple but I’m not crossing my fingers.

  • Mike Savino

    Romney vs Obama for the next 16 election cycles….. What circle of Hell is that?

  • Rod

    When I left the Army in 1981 one of the reason I decided to retire was that the only way I could teach many of the new privates was to use cartoons as most could barely read or write.

  • don m

    The political ad “Julia” is a work of art. “Follow me… believe as I do and I will feed, provide, and protect you… learn to do as I do and you’ll reap the fruits of the land” is a terrifying message if you think about it! The path behind tells a story of plundered non believers and people who had “saved something”, who now have nothing! This messiah isn’t from God who creates blessings, it’s man taking from fellow men to glorify themselves and their following. Locusts don’t produce. They “move on”, seek, and occupy green pastures they love. They gorge themselves of the greenery, and “forward” on to new greener pastures, leaving dust and debris behind. They never “look back” to “fix” or turn idle opportunity to productive use!

    The message that Obama will protect little Julia’s rights to Social Security when she gets too old to work is worse than an oxymoron. Obama and his followers, like his predecessors, are busy plundering what little is left of the Social Security dream. In spite of the fact that daddy & mommy’s $40K SSI earnings pay enough into SSI for 6 grampy & granny ½ gross pay pensions @5% ROI, and the $106.8K+ earner pays enough for 15 $1667/mo pensions… the big boys guarding the treasury tell us it takes 2 daddies, to pay for one pension, plus billions more of all sorts taxes, plus $16 trillion borrowed to feed & keep “the followers” peaceful and happy. Julia, this might not sit well with women’s libbers, but you’re going have to have at least a dozen hard working children capable of paying enough into SSI to support you and several followers, or there just won’t be enough beans to go around!

    Don’t worry, Mr. Obama, his followers, and the rhinoceroses in congress will not change Social Insecurity! They all like it like it is! So do the global financial monopolists, who move treasury money from here to there & under the table with little puppets called Gietner & Bernanke… who allow hard earned deposits of real wealth to be “consumed”; then replacing them with fake money and bonds! Let’s hear some answers and demands!

    Be heard or be silenced… Make your official provide answers & check them out. It’s not what they’re doing (it’s criminal with jail time in the private sector)… it’s what they must do to recover what we can and make us whole and secure from here on… There’s no shortage of “us” who will knuckle down and put whatever effort it takes to turn this nation upright again… but I want corruption and cowards punished to where this never happens again!

  • James Lee

    Cawmun so true, and so common sense. You know what they say, their taste is in their mouth. Also, let’s not forget each day about the boy who is dieing to try and put us under martial law. He must go now. I would of said ASAP, but my new understanding of it through an intelligent friend is: Always Say A Prayer. Now go out and by another gun today just to p__s them off. Stay mentally healthy and have a good day.

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