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Young Americans Leaving The Country In Record Numbers

December 9, 2011 by  

Young Americans Leaving The Country In Record Numbers

A new study shows that more U.S. citizens than ever before are living outside of the United States.

Statistics from the State Department indicate that about 6.4 million Americans are either working or studying overseas, the largest number in history.

Surveys conducted by Gallup of 135 nations outside the United States found that numbers of Americans leaving the country have skyrocketed only in recent years. In the two years before polling began, the number of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 living abroad surged from about 1 percent to more than 5.1 percent.

Among 18 to 24-year-olds, nearly 40 percent say that they would leave the United States if they had the opportunity to find work elsewhere.

Many experts say that the growing trend is the result of college-educated Americans being able to find higher-paying jobs in foreign countries.

Columnist and researcher Bob Adams wrote in a recent piece entitled The Great Escape:

This is a dangerous time for the United States, and not just because of the lingering Great Recession. Young adult Americans are packing their bags and heading out of the country in astonishing numbers. Many more are turning their minds in that direction.

Adams contends that a feeling of hopelessness over the massive debt being left for future generations in America is driving the trend.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    Would it be wrong for me to hope that youngsters who are leaving the country are utopians who won’t be voting this time? Now, why on earth would they have a sense of financial hopelessness when ‘God’s gift’ to politics is is the White House?
    He’s in his last year, that’s true, and he hasn’t done anything for the economy, but I’m sure he’ll turn things around in six months or less [I'll expect something special in my Christmas stocking for sounding like an Obummer suck-up].
    I can’t tell anyone that they need to leave the country (other than utopians, of course). If they think America is on the wrong path, leaving the country doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. If it’s a simple matter of getting a job that doesn’t exist in America, then I can understand their position.
    Of course, that would put the blame on this criminal administration and ‘God’s gift’ to politics – old what’s-his-name in the White House.
    By the way, if these people are right, then WHY are so many people determined to chase an expensive education when they CAN’T count on a job existing when they leave school?
    It is NOT a constitutional right to rack up a huge debt getting an education and leaving that debt at the front door of American taxpayers. NO ONE HAS THAT “RIGHT.”

    • firefight

      S C, Indeed times are tough and the youth are, like rats deserting a sinking ship, heading to what they think are greener pastures. Back in the 60′s, we had a thing called the draft. We also had a thing called Viet Nam. During that time period, many American youth deserted this country as well. Many claimed religous differences while others claimed nothing. Bottom line was, they didn’t want to get drafted and risk possible death to defend our nation. When times get tough, there will always be those who run. My feelings are simple. If you leave, don’t come back and damned any President who wants to welcome them back. A time may very well be coming when we experience our second revolution. For sure, those who leave to save their own skins will not be welcomed back. Those who stand and fight will be the heroes of a new and free Nation.

      • Wapitiman

        Viet Nam was a useless political fiasco watered by the blood of thousands of Americans. What did we achieve? Nothing. What will we have achieved when we leave Afghanistan and Iraq? Nothing. You can lay down your life for some vague ideal proffered by political scumbags…oops I meant our ‘patriotic elected representatives’ who want nothing but the best for the American people. When I was 19 I wanted to fight in Korea for my country’s glory and honor. Today, I wonder where my country’s honor (and common sense) went.

      • John Lilleburns ghost

        The differences between Americans choosing to go abroad to widen their horizons, gain an education work as opposed to be ordered/compelled to go abroad are so vast I am surprised that even a right-winger has tried to draw a comparison. However please note that unless you were from South Vietnam you didnt defend your country you were involved in a failed attempt to impose your countries foreign policy on another.

      • http://naver samurai

        Wapitiman, you are wrong. Vietnam was to prevent the spread of communism into Southeast Asia. Afghanistan and Iraq, both of which I have gone to and fought in, are now democracies, terrorists were kicked out, an oppressive regime in Iraq was overturned, Saddam was brought before a judge and jury of his peers, and the people of both countries are now more free and have better living conditions then they ever had before, so what’s your point? You can thank the libs and fools like Jane Fonda for us losing that war. You also have to thank a republican for getting us out of Vietnam. Both my father and uncle served 3 tours of Vietnam each. I remember asking my father the day before he retired from the navy (32.5 years), if Vietnam was still going on, would you want to go back? He said yes. The mission isn’t finished yet. There are still commies in Southeast Asia. Now that is a hard corps red blooded American, not some cowardly bleeding heart. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Jag

        So, what do you believe could precipitate another revolution? From a historical standpoint, for many years, I’ve thought there were 2 events that could trigger a revolution, one being government, or the UN terrorist organization trying to take away our preexisting, God given right, enshrined in our 2nd. amendment, to own the firearms of our choice, for the defense of our families, our lives, our property, our freedom and liberty. Another possible trigger is when enough illegal aliens are given amnesty, with no intention of becoming Americans, and voting to change our Republic from what our Founders, in their infinite wisdom, created, into a socialist, collectivist society. I believe the Balkinization of our Republic would create a situation, same as occurred in the former Yugoslavia, civil war and ethnic cleansing.

  • miko

    the economic troubles in this country are MUCH deeper than you want to believe. they are not caused by the man in the white house, nor even the last several presidents. the Rich Folks have taken over Congress, and have manipulated the tax systems so that the government works as an income transference device FROM the Middle Class TO the already-wealthy. this is not obama’s fault. it is not even reagan’s fault.

    • Searcher

      It is odd you should say that when their taxes amount to all of the rest of us combined. In fact it is the government that is to blame, to much regulation, not only on the public but corporate as well. To high of a corporate tax, the highest in the world, and to much spending, especially by the current administration. Spending, taxing, and over regulation is not the way to turn a failing economy around. Reduction in these 3 areas is the way to get this country moving again. Case in point is the XL Pipeline which would put 20,000 Americans back to work immediately, but even though it has been approved by all agencies involved, Mr. Obama refuses to sign the legislation.

    • chipshot

      Right, Miko. All we have to do is tax all the rich folks. Hold on, define “rich”? Anyone who earns $100,000 per year? That won’t do. We can just redefine “rich” and raise taxes on everyone that earns anything so that the welfare recips can grow ever stronger and keep the politicians in office (read “POWER”).
      Granted the malcontent currently in charge of the Soros Administration did not cause the problem, but creating trillions of dollars in additional debt certainly did not help.
      In truth the problem started with the original Progressive, Woodie wilson, who gave us the federal reserve and the wealth transfer program called the federal income tax. In 1913. So the progressive game plan to bring the US to its knees is about 100 years old now.
      And you must admit, they have done a great job of it!
      But what is really helpful is to expand the class warfare espoused by the miscreant in the white house. Divide and conquer. Works every time!

      • Truthseeker

        @ chipshot, Great Post! Most people don’t understand the federal reserve and what the real purpose was for creating it. I believe that the creation of the federal reserve and the dishonest passing of the ” Federal Reserve Act ” on Dec. 23, 1913 was to completely take over the United States. This one act in 1913 set into motion the complete demise of the United States.

    • Dale on the left coast

      Miko . . . the top 10% pay almost 70% of all income taxes . . . the bottom 50% pay no income taxes . . . the other 40% pay 30% of the taxes . . . tell me again how your “Scheme” works??? With a few facts of course!!!
      What I do know . . . the O’bumbler Regeme has spent almost 5 TRILLION dollars in the last 3 years, increased the National Debt by 50% . . . remember . . . in THREE SHORT YEARS . . .

      • Mike in MI

        Dotlc -
        You’re basically right on your figures and spread of payments by income groups. However, Don’t you think you use the word “spent” a little loosely? “Spent” generally applies to an exchange where the two parties involved agree on the value of something and make some sort of exchange which pleases both parties.
        Obama in his imperial wisdom has done no such thing. In his dealings there is another group involved and a different sort of exchange. The other group is us, taxpayers and investors in entrepreneurial endeavors, whose funds he has taken (via the power and coercion of the IRS) and gifted his friends and partners in crime with (via government sham “Departments” and redistribution authorities). We are just now learning about some of the sham businesses and “cap and trade” investments feigning to be GREEN somethin’-or-others (the word “weenies” comes to mind). In reality, Oblama-lama-ding-dong’s supreme purpose has been to accomplish the job of putting our money thru a “washing”ton machine and leaving us all hanging in the wind.
        Yes, I guess you could call that “fundamental change in America”.

        • Mike in MI

          Dotlc – Just an afterthought – I don’t think most of us are in real close, parallel alignment and harmony with the above…jus’ sayin’.

          Oh, and about the young people:
          Why the hell should they stay here? They already know how greedy and rapacious all of us adults are. They’ve seen it. They’ve watched the “educated” union members in Wisconsin braying about fairness for themselves – but denying the young people any say about how it is fair to a youth to take all he has before he even earns it because the educaters wield power over them through a government union. What is more…anything they have left over after all the throat wringing taxation, they then have to ante up the ObamaCare required health insurance fees to pay for some fatass with an over-active fork and an addiction to Mc Donkald’s knowing the flurger bippers behind the register don’t have to buy it. Ronald McDorkhead’s kids got an exemption from the Pressadink.
          Hell, ANYbody with half a potato’s worth of brains would look at the 35yr – 55yr olds, and puke. Then look at the booby-bummers, peel back his lips and scream (hideously) and run like hell to get outa this den of hieves.

    • Wapitiman

      The President has little effect on the country’s economic stance…but gets the credit or the blame. Look directly at congress and you will see the ones who made (or did not make) the decisions that affect our economy. They are the spineless pusillanimous vermin who ignore our Constitution in their blind lust to enrich themselves and set themselves up as the closest thing we have to royalty. The dead giveaway is their insistence on exempting themselves from the laws they enact. We have come to the point of fifty years of ignorant/bad/reckless decisions.

    • nowhereman

      “this is not obama’s fault”

      Not entirely, but who has presided over and caused the largest give-away of worthless paper in not only the US history let alone all of pre-Obama history combined?

      Regardless the cause or reasoning for the Vietnam war, the greatest and perhaps only thing wrong with the Vietnam war is that despite out might and intel, we were not permitted to win, only to die. And if that weren’t bad enough, the terms under which we pulled out sent us home in disgrace with our tail between our legs. Both the Vietnam war and the war against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda should have been wrapped up in less than a year. And the Iraq war should not have lasted much beyond the capture of Saddam Hussein.

    • Jag

      You are partly right, tax laws are made by politicians that make laws that favor them, and lets remember, it was people like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd that were more responsible for the collapse of the housing market than anyone else, but ask yourself, are we better off with $15+ trillion debt, than we were with $9 trillion that existed when Obama was elected 3 years ago? George Bush spent money like a drunken sailor, but Obama has made him look thrifty. It was and still is my belief, Obama has no love for America, or our system of government, and is doing everything he can to collapse our economy and bring about his fundamental change. You can’t give our billions in grants to “green” companies that have a 100% chance of failure, or shut down our oil production, which is the lifeline of our industry, as well as residential use. Also, lets remember all this theft from the taxpayer, for these “projects” are political paybacks. Now, let me ask you, if this has been going on in the first 3 years of his presidency, what do you think 4 years where he has nothing to lose would bring.

      Both Republicans and Democrats are responsible for the crazziness of the mortgage industry. When you are forced to make loans to people that can’t pay back a loan, and they don’t have any equity in a home, it’s bound to fail. In 1965, I bought a house for $7 thousand, this is what I could afford. I had to have 20% as a down payment to get the loan; that meant I had an equity. I lived in that home for 30 years. What I’m saying is, Fanny and Freddie should have never been created.

      Now, lets take a look at Bernanke and the FED, which has nothing to do with the government, it is a privately owned central banking system. Bernanke should be tried for economic treason; he has has given out over $16 trillion in “loans,” to banks, both foreign and domestic, and that could be the tip of the iceberg.

      Do you believe you can tell what someone is by the people they surround themselves with? I believe this very strongly. If I surrounded myself with the people he surrounds himself with, there’s no doubt I’d be a communist.

  • Richard

    In many other countries the cost of living is significantly less and gov can be much less intrusive, oh, and food is much more natural and wholesome; there are so many exotic fruits and things to choose from.
    You can buy a decent house for about 50k, in a pretty good area…
    I used to travel to other countries for the weekend and I know that is a fact.
    So, that makes more sense for some people, besides for guys ( I have seen this) it’s easier to find less stuck up girls too. I know several friends who prefer to live and date abroad, I can see that.
    The attitude here sometimes is that we are better than the rest just because we are. Our country also can offer opportunities to people in opther places too, it’s all relavive and depends on individual opportunities that are available to us.

    • jeff Buuck

      I travel extensively. I am currently working in East Africa. I still live here and work a rotation. I would really like to know where you have found these places that are so much better that the U.S. I have yet to find one. When you talk to these guys from all over the world you will find out that the United States is still the”promised land”. They would give any thing to live in a place where you can live in any size of a house you want, you can get in your car and drive where you want, you can own a gun. You can eat what you want, you can do what you want, you can build what you want. There is still no place like this one. I thank God every time I land inside these beautiful shores. This administration and its friends such as you are trying to make this country like all the others. It was never like that and is still the beacon of the world. This world even if it does not know it needs America and it needs it to be strong. The people I talk to from third world and emerging countries know this. You should see the confusion and hurt on their faces when we fail or when our idiot leader apologizes for us. They know America is the light. If that light goes out there is no more freedom. They all know that why don’t we?

      • kathy

        Jeff, you are spot on. The US is the best place on earth to live. If these utopian searchers leave, let’s hope they’re Democrats. We need all the help we can get to win back the White House and put this country back on track.

      • karel Eekels

        Mr. Jeff, thank you for sharing your wisdom and feel compelled to say that people seeking opportunities outside our borders are well advised to pay attention to your remarks of substance. Make no mistake and without going into details, America is and will remain the only country on earth that eventually will survive the so critical current global situation. Eventually, we will get our act together, and make the next right step, and yes not without pain and sacrifice. “We the people” want to have our country back as we have known it and can do so by going to the ballot box and cast our votes in the upcoming election and above all challenge the “elite” media, and cleaning house in the US Congress.

      • DaveR

        One of my children is among those who left the USA to live in a foreign country because the only job offered upon completion of her PhD was at a university in Canada. But she wants to come back and is actively looking for a position in USA.

        If USA is so bad and undesirable, why are so many people paying huge sums (relative to their income/net worth) and risking injury and death to sneak into USA? Why are millions of illegal aliens in USA and determined to stay?

        Yes, we have major problems due to the failed policies and continued efforts of the ruling class in Washington who are working to “fundamentally change America” into their socialist utopia but USA is still the nation and location of choice for those who do have a choice.

        • chipshot

          We should not be lured into the trap of thinking that just because the US is relatively a better place to live than most other countries in the world that we should all be happy and thankful for what we have. What we should be doing is comparing the US not to other countries in the world but to what it could be (and once was) without the federal reserve, big government, a globalist elite that pushes us into wars that create wealth for the elite, and a progressive left focusing on creating a socialist utopia out of what was and could be the greatest country the world has ever seen.

        • Mike in MI

          Dave R -
          I hate to say it, Dave. I mean I really hate to say it…but, I feel compelled to tell you:
          We have no money. Obama and the libs have got us flat, idiot with a checkbook, down and out broke.
          You are living in a surreal, Obamafied world of the adrenaline soaked dollar…getting its last gasp of consumer-based confidence.

        • JC

          DaveR says:
          December 9, 2011 at 11:03 am

          “If USA is so bad and undesirable, why are so many people paying huge sums (relative to their income/net worth) and risking injury and death to sneak into USA? Why are millions of illegal aliens in USA and determined to stay?”

          Some want to work, others are very much aware of our Liberal welfare system. What none of them realize is that they scrambling to board a sinking ship. Unless, we abolish the Fed and elect a Constitutional President that is…

  • mirage

    I don’t blame people for wanting to leave a country and culture that worships money above all else, all the while simultaneously preaching Christian values/intollerance. America fails to live up to it’s espoused religious and moral code … its a nation of hypocrats.
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what the values of a society are when 40+ million of it’s people go without health care. Obviously there are worse places to live, but there are better too.
    America sucks.

    • rb

      Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

      • JB

        Amen – you can’t legislate IQ – - and self pity is prevalent when there is no experience.

    • JC

      Guess what! It isn’t “America” that sucks…its the American Government and its owners that suck. Its the American system that has failed us at every turn that sucks. We The People need to take back OUR country from them.

    • s c

      m, you seem to have a major reality problem between those large, flapping ears. If you’re not a typical overpaid, closet utopian and dyed-in-the-wool Obummerite loser, it’s quite a mirage-like facsimile. By the way, comrade, that word that you slaightered [public schools are SO great, aren't they?] is HYPOCRITE.
      Look it up, if you can read. Then, go to the nearest mirror, stare at that half-assed mirage in front of you, and repeat ‘hypocrite,’ ‘hypocrite,’ hypocrite.’
      Consider moving to North Korea, LOSER. Be sure to take some warm clothes, as the weather there is no ‘mirage,’ comrade.

      • eddie47d

        I see Ms censorship SC is applying her usual swill and moronic words of “wisdom” again. Why don’t you go bang your head against the wall and repeat moron,moron,moron and see how many marbles you can knock loose this time.

        • firefight

          eddie47, Can’t believe you chimed in on this. Just goes to show that every now and then your head slips out of it’s defalade position and you begin spouting without conscious thought. Go back to sleep!

    • http://naver samurai

      Sheesh, another one that has been drinking kool aid and is a little touched. If you don’t like this country or our Christian founding, then get out and go home. You talk about us worshiping money? I sure don’t. I only worship God and Jesus. Let’s get back to the ways we were founded and get back to God and Jesus. If we did these things, this nation would be able to get rid of the problems we have now. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Mike in MI

      mirage – I think that’s what you’re living in.
      HHey mr. blasphemy up your rear-end…The true God (you know – the one who had the Bible written?) he really does heal people like they said occurred in the first century. That’s Christianity and the Christian God. I you’ve got your Biblical undertanding, appliation and worship all running down the same mental track He still does it. I’m living proof.
      However, If your hope is in the all-mighty medical pill, and not God, you will soon be faced with the option to believe rightly or die…’cause medicine is in a CRISIS THEY CAN’T GET OUT OF.

  • rb

    Unfortunately it is not the Utopians that are leaving the country. The educated folks that are leaving are the ones who are willing to work for a living. The same thing happened in our state under many years of the same type of “leadership” we now have in the White House. They are the ones who see that both parties have willingly and continue to daily sell our people to the elitists. They see that real candidates aren’t even running this year (except for one). They see they have a choice between RINOs and fascists. Unfortunately what they don’t see is that things can still be changed. By leaving the country they simply abdicate to the elitists instead of staying to fight. Is is a losing battle? Not if enough of us truly want throw out the elitists. We still have the opportunity but it is slipping fast!

    • JC

      There are an unbelievable number of Americans moving to central and south America in order to try and escape communism here in the land of the free. Sadly though, some of those countries run on the American dollar and the IRS is opening offices there as well.
      There’s no escape from “Globalists” people…we might as well confront and put them down here on American soil.

    • eddie47d

      South America was well known for the land of the Fascists especially Argentina and Paraguay. Brazil is really up and coming although left of center. Chile has changed for the better since they got rid of Pinochet. Chavez is an extreme leftist so who would be moving down there? I do believe that we should trade more with those south of us and that would be great for all economies.

      • Dale on the left coast

        Brazil is booming eddie . . . especially since the Drililng Rigs moved from the Gulf . . . so did many of the highly-paid US workers.
        Chauvez . . . O’bumbler’s socialist buddy, not doin so well . . . seems Venesula is on the rocks, in spite of all the oil money. Of course we don’t hear much, cause freedome luvin Chauvez shut down the newspapers, radio and tv that didn’t agree with his marxist views.

      • JC

        Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, Panama, Equador, Uruguay are all throwing their doors open to Americans with money. They have tremedous incentives in place.

      • http://naver samurai

        Don’t forget ed-duh. Pinocet had the country in the black and he was an ally of the United States. Sure he was a dictator, but his rule wasn’t that bad for him being a despot. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Dr. smith

    yea, bye bye, don’t forget your Ipad, blackberry, etc. and good luck in your next country, you and your 99%ers.

    let’s see how quickly they fly back, to good ole moma papa America.

    • Chris

      Not on your life, doc. Things are too good away from the homeland. I’ve been away for six years now. I have a good job, make a great salary free from US taxes up to 91k, don’t have to pay social security, have international health insurance which pays for all my medical bills and meds for an annual fee of nearly peanuts. The country I live in is modern, clean, and the people are extremely friendly and well educated. The internet service is super fast, cell phone service is cheap and reliable. Why would I want to come back to a debt ridden, bankrupt country that may be on its last legs.

      • rhcrest

        ok I’ll bite. What country do you live in?

        • firefight

          Naw……Don’t bite. America is far from being on its last leg but Chris might be on his. He actually lives in Alaska but hasn’t found out yet that it is actually our 50th state. Something he and Obama haven’t quite figured out yet.

          • http://naver samurai

            Which of the 57 states is Alaska to Obama bin Laden? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • ohoh

            Maybe Chris realizes Alaska was our 49th state. Hawaii was our 50th.

  • just me

    Great comment, and the entire story reminds me of something I read on educated Iraqis bailing on that country a couple of years ago.
    I’m not a fan of the current admin., and have kept an eye on Fast and Furious since way early this year. I’m sure you’re doing the same, and have seen the news of the last two days, that they have PROOF it was done to subvert the Second Amendment… something anyone with two brain cells could have believed when the whole thing first hit the fan.
    And while I agree what we see these days in regard to finances and the disregard of the entire Constitution is like something out of a really bad nightmare, I consequently won’t ignore what was done under the last administration…. and I voted for him.
    I’ll also not ignore the historical fact that NO sitting president has failed to be re elected in a time of war. So, with everything else in consideration, I’ll wait for that next ‘false flag’. What I see now convinces me that we have been manipulated as a country almost since the get go. The few presidents who fought that ‘central bank’ tide paid for it dearly, and we didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. But,I won’t blame us entirely, because so much of what has been done has been hidden. I’ll point my finger at the ‘powers that be’..according to Rep. Paul Gosar in an interview he did with NRA’s Cam Edwards yesterday, there are still, STILL, people in DC who have never even heard of Fast and Furious. Just how lazy and or stupid do you have to be to be in government and not know about that??
    In the meantime, don’t go losing any fingers, and be careful about buying storable food, as these two issues COULD, along with buying gold and owning guns, qualify you as a terrorist under current dhs guidelines… what a total load.

  • Richard

    As the society becomes more “global” you will see this more and more. I noticed our sovereignty is even getting eroded with time, that is what is scheduled to happen and we can’t change it, we can only vote for the little faces of the same critter behind them. Many jobs have left our country and people and trying to go where they can make a living. While we try to vote for the lesser of the evils, the water in the caldron has gotten and is getting hotter. One day people may not be able to leave this land. So, to each their own if they want to live else where and have the courage to do it..
    For many language is the big barrier, others just learn and adapt.

  • Richard

    Remember, we are free born, lands and territories are things that man try to claim but really just belong to God, we can’t take them with us. So, what is the big deal, this whole world is a place that belongs to our father in heaven. Live where you want…
    It’s not like rooting for a sports team… We may like our country but, people are free and should be free to choose these things.

  • Richard

    Chris, where are you living in? Just curious… That description fits several places..

  • JB

    Those “youth” who leave are giving up their US citizenship ? ? ?
    Or just pampered and inexperienced, reaching out for personal gain and not investing in their homeland opportunity to contribute something worthwhile?

  • JimO

    College graduates are leaving and thinking they will have it better in other countries? Like Greece, or Italy? Then let them go. They are too stupid to realize how good they have it here. Instead of leaving, what the graduates do is sue their institution of higher learning for not fulfilling the institution’s (unwritten, but just as enforceable) contract.

  • Rational

    I’m retired now, but I am researching some promising Central American countries to live. From what I have found so far, health care is very affordable and expats who are resident can buy into thir systems for 1/5 what I pay here. John Hopkins medical University is prominant in several countries. There are universal discounts for senior citizens and if you prove you have an annuity there are programs to help you move, ship cars periodically and deep discount airfair back home.

    The 99% are wanted elsewhere and are marketing to get them to move to their country. My retirement is eroding each year and our represenitives just don’t care, they are bought and paid for by the top 5%. I liken this to the 16th to the 20th century when people fled Europe and Asia because of political and class repression. The time has come for me, this country and its elected represenitives, executive and judicial systems have lost their way.

    • Herbert Williams


      • LTC_Ray_Burke

        Who is John Galt?

        • Zack

          No, WHERE is John Galt?

    • jt

      Hey Rational, congrats…feel comfortable stating where you are?…Panama perhaps?

      One of the things about the USA that will be hard to beat in most of the rest of the world (ROW) is its infrastructure. Unfortunately most of it is a vestige of a once great country (ala the amazing infrastructure of the Roman Empire before it died of internal corruption, esp of its financial/monetary system, like the American Empire is dying and likely will die). But now even that infrastructure is collapsing, and b/c of the debasement of our currency and the fact that this country is already massively (and unpayably) indebted beyond, WAY beyond, its GDP, sans a Ron Paul bringing out a massive pair of scissors and cutting depts and wielding a paul bunyan-sized axe to chop at the roots of our Empirism and bring troops home, ending our encampments around the world and further deployment of troops into further undeclared wars, we will no longer be able to maintain that infrastructure.

      Everything else that is great about this country and that we sense, or used to sense, upon returning home (once past TSA and customs, where we are now made to feel almost like criminals) has to do with respect for the rule of law that protects the rights of the individual, that upholds the liberties our forefathers labored so hard to set up and maintain here. Most Americans have NO idea how fragile that rule of law is, how abused it now is by the “elite” class that considers itself above it, nor that many of those rights and liberties have already been voted away from us by our (non-)representatives in the latest Natl “Security” bill or the Patriot Act or TSA or simply “signed away” be a myriad other executive orders that all told have essentially cut the legs out from under our Bill of Rights.

      Without those liberties, we are a banana republic…we are the USSA…we are, and really are fast becoming, a police state. This is how all police states have started. And most citizens of those states would have argued that it couldn’t happen there, right up until it did. Frogs in a pan of cold water slowly heated to boiling. And yet many Americans believe that just about all is permissible in the name of “security”…and by that is meant, unfortunately by the majority it would seem, the right to continue on in their passive, self-indulgent, unaware-of-and-indifferent-to-what’s-really-going-on “American dream.” Well that dream is dying and all but dead. Wake up and smell the coffee. They should read what B Franklin wrote just before our Revolution: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

      If you want to be able to boast about how great this Constitutional Representative Republic is even 5 years from now, you’d d*mn well better be doing something more about it than simply posting puerile posts on a board bad-mouthing people who are leaving, many very sad that they feel they must. Learn the facts. WHY are these people leaving? They are NOT uneducated or stupid, nor do most hate the USA, that is, what it once was, just the police state that it appears on the verge of becoming (if it isn’t already except in final execution).

      You who are talking about staying and “fighting”…tell us exactly how you’re doing that and going to do that? Have you screamed at your representatives and senators about the Patriot Act? Have you warned your fellow citizens of what’s going on so they, too, will raise their voices. Are you reading REAL information on the internet, or simply being fed propaganda by the Ministry of Truth, the lamestream media, totally controlled by TPTB?

      I myself am trying to decide what to do as I’ve been fighting for this country for many many years. I’m well aware that the grass always seems greener on the other side, and that all countries have their own problems. On the other hand, what if you had been living in Germany in the few years before Hitler came to power and you were watching what was going on behind the scenes and could sense and then finally see that what was coming was NO GOOD!! Would you have stayed and tried to “change” the system, one that very soon after became an absolute steamroller as it sucked in a majority of the German people in its nationalistic “We are proud to be Germans and we will be STRONG!!” (I paraphrase, of course) only to steamroll right over them and the rights of those who stayed and endured the fury and ego and megalomania of Hitler? It’s a hard decision to make, and NOT easy…don’t judge these people…go look in the mirror and ask if that person really has a clue what’s really going on. If not go find out.

      The only reason this country still appears to many of the sheeple to be “stable” is b/c “we” (that is, TPTB, the “elite” plutocracy that controls our industrial-military now nearly fully fascist complex/govt) have the reserve currency of the world and so have been able to clusterf*ck the working classes of the ROW by printing ours ad infinitum and using it to pay for their unconscienably cheap labor.

      But you watch and see. The chaos and instability and discontent and rioting happening in the Eurozone (thanks almost entirely to the Intl Bankster Cabal that runs the Western world thru their diabolical deals with the natl governments that allow them to create and control the distribution of their counterfeit “fiat” currencies, including here in the US, with repayment for the “use” of the created-out-of-nothing-monies guaranteed with TAXPAYERS’ [yours and mine!!!] money (taxes)…there is the very simplest way out of the situation: DEFAULT!!…but who would lose in that case?–THE BANKSTERS!!!, that’s who, the very ones who set up this disaster precisely for their own megalomanical plans!!) will for sure find its way to our shores…count on it. WE HAVE THEIR FINANCIAL PROBLEMS IN SPADES HERE!! Our debt, that continues to be created beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, is already greater than ALL THE NATIONS OF EUROPE COMBINED, and that’s NOT including our entitlements!!!

      …and I’ll stop here as this has already gotten too long even though the above is just a fingernail sketch of the topic…

      WAKE UP!!!…you love this country…don’t just say it’s “great”…do what needs to be done to keep it great, or more realistically to restore it to its greatness…if it’s not already too late.

      • JC

        Very well said jt.

  • spark300c

    it is sad but our people in government lost it way. they all for big government and for who gives them the most money. crony capitalism is killing any kind of recovery.

  • Bob Marshall

    Like it or not, the Constitution in America is dead. Its demise started with the Patriot Act.Bush Jr. called it a G_d D___M piece of paper and Obama said it is out of date and doesn’t apply today. Even 70 members of congress earlier this year voted to abolish the Constitution.We blame our congress and we blame our presidents and we are right to do so, but through ignorance and denial we have to share some of the blame.Sometime silence is treason.the government and Obama doen’t want to shut down as well as monitor the internet just because people talk to each other through aim, facebook and twitter. It is the fact it is an information hiways they don’t like. For forty + years the corporate controlled news media has kept the truth from the public. feeding bit and peices put out by the White House.Who built up the illegal Iraq War. Who broadcast the lying Kuwaiti Ambassodor’s daughters speech.People who remain ignorant today, it is by choice.Benjamin Netanayhu said that America is easily moved. moved in the right direction. unfortunately, it is true.If the government want the majority to support either a war or a conflict, they know all they have to do is question a citizens patriotism.

    • Dale on the left coast

      Bob . . . America started down the road to flush the Constitution in 1913, with the invention of the Federal Reserve. Then FDR in the 30′s continued the process. John Dewey in the 30′s started to erode the education system to the point that today they are turning out dummies that can’t even read their diplomas.
      But never has a Pres spent more money in a shorter time than the current one . . . 5 Trillion in 3 short years. Are we repeating the 30′s today . . . you bet!!!

      “The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency,” said Lord Keynes.

      Deflation is what America underwent in the 1930s. A Fed-created bubble burst, causing margin calls to go out to stockholders, who ran to their banks that, besieged, collapsed, wiping out a third of our money. As Milton Friedman, who won a Nobel for his thesis that the Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression.

      • ohoh

        Actually, America started down that un-Contitutional slippery slope as far back as Lincoln, the Civil War and the 14th Amendment, usurping our system of federalism and destroying States Rights, without which the additional un-Constitutional mischief under the Wilson administration would not have been possible.

  • JD

    As an American who has been living overseas since 2003, I can say that my life is a lot better than it was back home in the US. I completed six years of college and almost have three degrees and the only job I could find was as a minimum wage security guard. So I searched the internet and was offered a good job in Europe, no not the EU. My life is not perfect, but I make enough to enjoy life and travel a little during vacations. I have no intention of giving up my US citizenship and I still vote in my state and US elections. (not democrat) As far as the cost of living here, it is somewhat high, however, I make enough to enjoy life, but I do have to work my tail off, sometimes seven days a week, then have two or three days for myself is not uncommon.

    Why did I leave, simple, no good jobs, plus I wanted to see a little of the world before my time comes to meet God, I’m now in my 50s.

    By the way I am in Yalta, in the Ukraine mainly, but sometimes have to go to Moscow and St. Petersburg when the job requires. No, I am not some looney socialist or commie, but a gun owning conservative who has always voted mainly republican. Good employment for me just was not in the US, so I went to where I could find a good job. When i retire, if I am able to, I will return home, if there still is a home to return to after the crooks in Washington have stolen everything. Its kind of sad, in Russia they got rid of communism, but still fighting it today if you have seen in the news. People here just can not understand why Americans are so willing to give up their rights and freedoms. When the government provides everything, the quality drops to next to nothing. I guess history does repeat itself, Russia 1917, Germany 1931, Mao in 1948, Obama in 2008.

    • JC

      I’ve met eastern Europeans here from the former Soviet Bloc who are stunned that we are letting our rights slide out of view without a whimper.



    • John Lilleburns ghost

      Of course they are liberals! Other countries want intelligent, tolerant self motivated people to live amongst them. When other countries start asking for ill-educated, ignorant, intolerant, god bothering haters I am sure we will see a conservative exodus but until then you will remain a blight on America. By the way US citizens abroad still have a vote

      • http://naver samurai

        Thank you for saying that the libs are the arseholes that are leaving and the patriotic conservatives are the ones staying. That I agree with you.

        Q. Why is it good to bury liberals?

        A. Because deep down they are really good people.


    • JC

      Unfortunately guys, no it’s not just liberals. Think about that…the Liberals are the ones who are all for the demise of the USA, they’re getting what they want “right here”. No it’s people who are trying to protect their wealth and preserve some personal freedom in country’s that don’t have the technology to watch everything they do. Some of those Central and South American countries actually have property rights…which means their entire legal system is different than the feudal system we’re now living under.

  • JDN

    What do you call the first rats to leave a sinking ship – Smart. This happens to all countries that go on a course that is fundamentally repulsive to its citizens . Born and bred in the USA may not be enough just as voting may not be enough to make our government pallitable to those who pride themselves on being American .

    • eddie47d

      The obvious has been overlooked. Americans love new adventures and new challenges or fulfilling experiences and aren’t afraid to live in other countries. We live in a world economy and people go where the jobs are. The same reason millions flock to our shores in search for jobs or better opportunity. An even more important reason is the tremendous cost of American colleges. Why spend $100,000 here when you can get the same education elsewhere for $50,000. That follows the trend of those who go to foreign countries for better healthcare or at least much less expensive. The Elites in our country are gouging us so some are searching for “bluer skies”.

  • Richard

    eddie47d I think you have hit it on the nail…
    Your leaders don’t and won’t care about us little people, we have to do what’s best for our families. Leaders in other countries are corrupt too, but you can still find places where you are left alone. I can’t yet but one day who knows.. To me it’s like moving to a different town because of a job etc..
    While I am here I pay lots of taxes and produce, part of our tax money goes to things we don’t like, such is life. We are free to comply.

  • alphie223

    Yes, I agree the US has the best of everything. This fact is undisputed even without any research outside the American bubble. Believe me there are better countries than the US. I live in one and I have absolutely no ambition or desire to move there,
    You have the best projects for the poor and disadvantiged. The most crooked and greedy bankers and financiers. The best legistrators living off the largesse of lobbyists and their big business masters and act as ordered by them and not for the people. You have the best governing system which paralyzed itself into inaction. No wonder your young people are leaving your country.

  • LTC_Ray_Burke

    My best advice: Think and act outside the box.

  • Ghost of Freedom

    I would like to leave this place. Unfortunately I don’t make enough to leave, I don’t know where I’d go to, and because of social insecurity; I can’t make more than $1640 a month. I have to pay into this scam too. Besides, remember, the disabled are the first people to die when crap hits the fan.

  • raw

    i may be a rat but the ship is still sinking. if the educated people are the ones leaving, all that remains are the uneducated idiots. the US is NOT the best country in the world anymore, & nothing is reversing that trend. if there was hope we’d stay. unpatriotic? no, just honest. better than the US? yes. admittedly there’s not many places, but there are some. don’t agree? GOOD! i don’t need the competition.

  • bob wire

    I fail to accept these as an exodus or see it at bad but a good thing.

    Young people such take advantage of opportunity wherever they lead. Each a American Ambassador for our nation.

    World travailed is associated with brighter and a more rounded individual.

    Why was there a black exodus from South Carolina years ago? The reasons are much the same. Social economic interest, limited opportunities and a unfriendly, less then sympathetic climate for their struggle.

  • Dick Hamilton

    You guys are afraid of every change. It’s a good thing if young people go out and see the world beyond. They’ll see what’s good at home and what’s good elsewhere. They’ll come back (and they WILL come back) committed to home, knowing why they’re staying. In Ireland, half the youth go overseas, and it doesn’t worry anybody.

  • Oscar

    I have been in the Marines for 20 years.I did four tours in Afganastain.I love my God,my country and my Corps but this not the “land of the free” anymore.I am retiring in Feburary and I am not going back to the land of the big PX.I will look for Liberty and Freedom elsewhere.

    • Vincent

      Do you feel you wasted 20 years?

    • larrytrick

      You young people don’t understand. Liberty is not something you LOOK for, it is something you fight for…


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