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Young Americans Largely Underemployed

February 8, 2013 by  

Young Americans Largely Underemployed

New studies on Americans younger than 30 show that as they graduate from college with massive debts, many millennials are in for rough economic times ahead.

A new Harvard Institute of Politics report indicates that just 62 percent of millennials (Americans ages 18 to 29) have jobs; of those who are working, half are employed only on a part-time basis. According to study, the dreary youth employment numbers are most closely tied to a poor economy, as more than half (59 percent) of millennials are college-educated.

Numbers from the Harvard study are backed up by statistics from the Department of Labor which showed millennial unemployment at about 13.1 percent last month.

Some other interesting facts about America’s younger generation from the Harvard study:

  • Millennials make up a national voting bloc of 21.3 percent of eligible voters.
  • 59.2 percent are white; 19.9 percent are Hispanic; 13.5 percent are black; 5.1 percent are Asian; .7 percent are Native American; and 1.5 percent are multiracial or “other.”
  • 27.3 percent have immigrant backgrounds.
  • Fewer than 20 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds are married, and only slightly more than 40 percent of 25- to 29-year-olds are.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Waiting for godot…..

    Largely intelligent, scorned by the oligarchs, its time for these disaffected to unite behind a true leader….a leader who calls attention to their plight…..AND GETS THEM TO RECOGNIZE IT IN UNISON….and to turn their focus on those who sponsored their plight….and finally, to rectify and restore their futures.

    • Jana

      Actually, I don’t see a lot of intelligent young people out there. They think they are, but they are brain washed into thinking they are. This is why we have so many young Dr.s in our hospitals that are Asians,who by the way, are great Dr.s. We are importing our scientists and our physicists instead of encouraging our own youth to get into these fields.

      One more point is just because a young person graduates college does not mean he/she should start out at the top salary or position. There is still an apprenticeship that they should go through to become familiar with the product whether it be insurance, science, law, or whatever. No one ever graduates knowing it all even thought the youth of today seem to think they do.

      Our young people are NOT taught how to interact with other people with manners. They are not taught how to communicate on the phone with manners.
      When my daughters were in Jr. High while riding in the car I would call one of the girls names out and go ring ring and they would pretend to answer the phone. I taught them how to have proper inflections in their voice over the phone and to communicate politely and properly so others could understand what they were saying and they were pleasant to speak to.
      We do have a lot of good young people out there, and some are bright and we know they will be fine, but there are many others that are not fine.

      One of the reasons is lack of parenting. Kids having kids. Everyone wants to have fun. Teachers aren’t supposed to really teach any more, just keep things flowing.
      If my daughters weren’t almost through with school, I would home school. Even so, I was involved with their education every single day. That takes work on my part.

  • Warrior

    Yeah but for you “part timers”, there’s a plan afoot to increase the “minimum wage”. Yipee! Could I have a “small mocha java grande twist, no cream, no sugar, no starch, hold the peperoni”. with a “plain burger, no lettuce, no onion, no pickle, no mustard, hold the meat, half a bun”. That will be $7.92, sir. Ok, here’s $10.00. And here’s your change sir. Wait, you gave me $1.18 back…………………pause…………………pause……………….pause, you still owe me $.90………pause………..pause……..pause. Nevermind, just put it in the “tip jar”. “Academic Factories” have proven to be such success’s. How could we go wrong? So, when the “other” unaccounted for 24.9% finally surface, will they become the “seasonally” employed or unemployed or underemployed? Now, a “true” study should have taken into account, how many of the millenials use “facebook”. I thought all this “social networking” was suppose to lead to “opportunities”?

    • Bill

      As always, your comments are right on the money. The reason facebook failed as an IPO is because with that large database, there is only a very small amount of sales.

      Business’s will not use facebook for business because there are no sales. But the young and dumb spend their time on facebook with very non productive activities.

      • Deerinwater

        I’ve never understood where the money was either Bill. Facebook is for the “Ladies” ~ which does make it very important but how that importance is turned into commerce eludes me. ~

        I say it’s for the Ladies ~ in that ~ Ladies put great value in keeping up ~ with just about every and any thing! A new puppy and what it did, ~ who’s seeing who, where they been, etc. some baby show, somebody getting married ~ on and on it goes.

        While it a fact as I understand it, ~ women and children are the major spender of discretionary income.

  • rendarsmith

    The older generations need to retire for the younger ones to have jobs, but the older don’t want to retire because the economy is so bad. Now the government is eyeing our 401K’s! BRILLIANT!!!

    • Jana

      It will be a sad day when the older generation retires. The younger generation with all of their so called new and improved ideas come in and the quality goes down, the service goes out the window and the next thing you know, the company is getting closed down. This happens in MOST of the cases. I am sure there are the exceptions.

    • Warrior

      Can’t kill the “old” ones fast enough, but that will all change in do time!


    But this group overwhelming voted for obama, maybe they do not want jobs, just the promised government handouts.

    • Steve E

      That’s why I don’t care if they ever find a job. These stupid youths need to suffer for their mistakes they made by voting in a tyrant. I say, let them eat cake.

    • Gary L

      Exactly! Many dont want a job. They don’t even need a job. The government is more than willing to take money from those of us who are willing to work and give it away to those who can, but won’t

  • Adolf Schmidt

    Obama said he was going to raise the minimum wage every year, for the first four years of his first term! What ever happened to that? He also said he wanted Americans to form a well armed militia , armed with the same weapons as the military! What happened to that! Obama also said the American people did not have the capacity to follow politics and should worry about their jobs and raising their families! Every idea he puts forth, he will followup by saying “it’s common sense” or ” it’s the smart thing to do”! The psychological implication is if you agree with him, your smart and have common sense! Either Obama does not know what he’s doing or he is purposely trying to bring down the Country!

    • Vicki

      Adolf Schmidt says:
      “He also said he wanted Americans to form a well armed militia , armed with the same weapons as the military! What happened to that!”

      He recently said that citizens shouldn’t have military firearms. So either he changed his mind or he meant that Americans should have military arms but not citizens.

      Since the Mexican people are part of the Americas they could be (and probably are) “Americans”. Obama’s administration began shipping military style firearms in 2009 to Mexico. The name of the operation: Fast and Furious.

      So that is what happened to his plan to arm Americans (but not US Citizen Americans)

      • Adolf Schmidt

        Vicki, I NEVER said citizens should or shouldn’t have the same weapons as the military! What I did say was Obama said in a recent broadcast ” Our citizens should not have the same weapons as the military”! Obama refers to assault rifles which are by definition are military type weapons with select fire capabilities! Select fire means fully auto(machine gun), 3 shot burst, or semi auto( 1 bullet comes out every time you pull the trigger) The military STYLE rifle is what is available to the average consumer. The military style rifle LOOKS like a weapon a soldier might carry, but does not have the fire power. The only people that I know of to legally own a Assault Rifle is a licensed firearms dealer with a special permit to own one. And yes, I believe there is a need for a well armed militia! There is a huge gap in the safety of our township that is not being covered by our police dept. I also said every gun serves a different purpose. Most police officers carry a handgun at all times, but they also have other weapons to choose from if the situation calls for it. Point of my post was Obama, and most people trying to alter the 2nd amendment, have no idea of what a assault rifle is. The military style rifle that is available at your local gun store, can not shoot faster than any magazine fed handgun. Just because it looks the same, doesn’t make it the same!

      • Vicki

        Adolf Schmidt says:
        “Vicki, I NEVER said citizens should or shouldn’t have the same weapons as the military! What I did say was Obama said in a recent broadcast ” Our citizens should not have the same weapons as the military”!”

        I know YOU never said citizens should or should not…

        I was clearly talking about what obama has said and what obama meant. I was referring to what obama said in the past and what obama said (your post) recently.

      • Adolf Schmidt

        Ok Vicki, sorry for the misunderstanding.

      • Vicki

        No worries. I thought you made really good points and only wanted to work with them.

  • Bill

    I find this extremely hillarious. The ignorant young voters who put Obama and his merry band of progressives in office are whining that nobody is giving them a job.

    It shows that we are not teaching the real world in the schools. The progressives have promoted poverty over prosperity, blamed Bush for all of the problems and the young and dumb has fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

    Maybe it is time for us to offer courses in school about how to promote free market capitalism. Nah…, that will never happen

    So, welcome to the world of whineing, complaining and hanging out in the unemployment line. And meanwhile the illegals are out there hustling and have three jobs

    • toledojim

      I’ll bet the young and dumb don’t even know what hook, line and sinker means.

  • Dave67

    There are a variety of factors for this. We can thank 40 years of:

    Tax cut and spend
    bad trade deals for US workers
    Lack of interest in being the best and upgrading infrastructure and education to maintain that status.

    We have to get back to making things in this country for our internal market primarily and those countries that pay their workers a decent wage. Having countries like China, various countries in C. America and Asia make the stuff and having only a few at the top make all the money is a recipe for disaster.

    It all starts with getting big money OUT of the political arena and preventing lawmakers from leaving Congress and going into lobbying for 10 years.

    • Bill

      You are so far off the mark, Dave67
      We need to get the GOVERNMENT out of the marketplace for it to flourish. The reason business’s outsource is becauseit it is too expensive to do business here.

      I just read that GM and Chrysler are going to build plants in China. But wait… I thought your fearless leader just bailed them out and they are doing well.

      What we need to do is the opposite than you suggest

      • Dave67


        Who do you think influences the Gov? Big business and their money. There is no such thing as a “free market” in the Industrial Age dealing with different countries with different forms of gov and currency. You suggest something that is not possible.

        GM and Chrysler are building plants in China. For the Chinese market. Chrysler is also expanding at US plants for the US market.

        It’s this thing called the global economy. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s in all the papers.

      • Dave67


        Do you support Gov run HC? No unions? That is the Chinese model… but over there you get to throw in bad working conditions, environmental disaster, low pay for most workers… you know all the things the unions got for this country… Do you remember when you could have a single bread winner, a person at home to raise the kids, save for college and retirement?

        The unions allowed that to happen in America.

        Trouble is, after WW2, we built back Japan and Germany and got used to being the only game in town on the manufacturing side. We did bad trade deals dueing that time and they got back into the world market. The next big event was the Chinese getting back Hong Kong from the British, they took that economic model and applied it to all of China. We then did a deal with the devil and decided to do business with them thanks to Corp influence because they wanted to break union power in this country. They did it… Now you see the results.

        Stagnating wages for most people while a few at the top make all the money.

        Enjoy the fruits of big corp money in the political process.

        Now two people have to work in many cases, people have reduced time with their families, college is further and further out of reach and the retirement age gets pushed back because people have to work so we can keep the extreme wealthy in their positions. Upward mobility in the USA lags behind Britain now!

        The last 40 years have killed the American dream that was the 1950′s for white America.
        The young people in this country have little reason to be optimistic which is not to say born out of the last two generations that felt entitled to world domination did not have its effects.

        To me it all gets better when big money in the political process gets clamped down on. Wealthy-multinationals have ZERO loyalty to America. They could care or less if my country goes down.

  • ibcamn

    What a lot of people forget is,a lot of these kids WANT to be unemployed!they want to sit around and have mommy and daddy GIVE them money,do their wash,feed them and give them a place to live,for free!their attitude is,why work when you can get it all for free!!Obama has made this attitude far worse than what it should have been.the parents of these kids is to blame also,they allowed the kids to stay home and live for free,and reinforced the need for the kids to stay at home(as long as they needed to)which in turn the kids took advantage of and next thing you know,you have a 30 year old still living at home with his mommy!and to top it off,you have girls willing to marry men like this and live with his or hers parents!!WTF!!now you got 60% of the kids not working,paying into the system at any level,NOTHING,not a dime of taxes!and half of the ones who will work,arn’t even full time,are minimum wage,so they can suck off the system!round and round we go!regulations and laws made that possible to happen.see,can make a country work,you have to make them want to work!!we have breed a generation of lazy fat asses!!

  • Gary L

    I am a hiring for the very large company that I work for. I used to be amazed at how pathetic many of the YOUNG applicants were when showing up for interviews. They show up dressed as though they are just hanging out with friends. They feel as though they should start in a management posistion and making top pay. In my opinion, these factors are a big part of why their employment numbers are so bad.

    • Gary L

      Correction, “a hiring manager”

    • Jana

      Gary L,
      Exactly. This is why I have practiced with my daughters over and over.
      It is called parental guidance. Too many parents are way too busy to be bothered to instruct or guide their children in how to behave in public. Maybe they don’t know how to behave themselves.
      I have been going in to a store and opened the door to go in and out walks 3 teen aged boys followed by their dad. Not one said excuse me or thank you or anything. I didn’t even know they were on the other side of the door as this was the “IN” door.
      Monkey see, monkey do.

    • Melissa

      This is the entitlement generation, they think they get everything for nothing, because they have such a big selfestem.
      This is all what they get teached in the Schoolsystem, to be full of them selves. ,live that everbody is a winner.and everthing is about fairness.
      But iive is not fair
      What this generation was not being teached, is to work for sucess,stay in for the duration, to deal with the setbacks of live or boredom, what is also called frustration tolerance, to have good manners. and values like respect , others then political correctness.

      No wonder also , that for example Ivory schools looking for visas to get the best foreign students.
      The amercian public schoolsystem is far behind and has a hard time to release students, who can write, read, spell or count with out the help of a computer or cashregister.

      Iam rather surprised that I still find some nice young, articulate young people willing to work, but that seems to be the exception.
      Why should they when the governments give them a carrier of a livetime as single mothers, starting at highschool and baby daddies of every skincolour, getting away with not paying any childsupport or take responsiblilty..

      Dr. Rosewood in his weekly newspaper column points out very clearly what is wrong and should be changed with modern parenting and compares it to the parenting of former generation.

      One main “beef” he has is that Parents dont want to be Parents no more, but freinds of their children, some are scared of asking for any consequences of their childrens behavior. So children do not learn to respect their parents , but to rather manipulate them.
      But this is another disscussion and I will leave it like that, for today. .

  • APN

    All I can say is, “Welcome to OBAMANOMICS 101″….alias socialist/communist progressive slavery.

    Get use to the idea and welcome to the “United Socialist States of America”…USSR

    How people could be this stupid boggles the adult mind.

    • Dave67

      Apparantly you need to go back to school yourself… Concentrate on economic systems and history because it is clear you have challenges in both areas.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    The most sorry azzed group to interveiw is the multidegreed s–tbirds, again like our muslim marxist in the WH, these kids(young adult) haven’t even mowed lawns, volinteered for anything, but have went nonstop to schools, colleges, and ever year a month long vacation Most are spoilt mammas boys or high maintance brats, all are carbon copies of their parents. Usually worthless over paid leech lawyers, college professors, and the usual smattering of doctors kids, but the main thing is what pay are they going to get and how hard is it to take vacation days off and how many. It is never what they have to offer for any job.

  • Michael J.

    The government now being the largest employer, requiring for the most part, Yes Men (and Woman). Those who obey without questioning, and tow the party line. Free thinkers can expect no advances in the burgeoning collective. Like watching Dr.Zhivago on steroids, opression rules over fools too weak to fight. Todays graduating alumni are probably over qualified.

    • Michael J.

      Ooops! Sorry, Jack is reaching over my shoulder tonite, pressing the keys.
      As I began to say… Todays grads are over qualified for the predominate employer… The Federal Government. Because the Feds seek not the most talented, the entrepenuerers, the movers and shakers. No, the feds need only individuals programmed with predetermined reponses while sporting a convincing smile. Like designated administration white guy Joe Biden and his halogen dentation, Whoa! No wonder the Soviet Union stagnated and imploded.

      Obama’s second term cabinet appointees are a good parrellel example. Veritable dunces engaged in a nauseating game of musical chairs to anyone with eyes,and can see. Capabilities be damned, experience not a factor, the money question is: WHETHER OR NOT HE OR SHE WILL TOW THE PARTY LINE, ADVANCE THE AGENDA!

      I ask you folks, is this trickle down micro managing reminiscent of Hitler and Stalin described above, in line with what the founders (which includes my ancestors) had in mind?

    • Adolf Schmidt

      Your right on the government doing a fare piece of hiring! Just about election time when unemployment dropped close to .2 percent,figures came back that was mainly from government jobs. I’m glad to see people making a living but it’s kind of like hiring your kids to do work so you can bring more money into the house!

  • Steve

    Farming and the evil farmers are bad, they are destroying the environment. Mining, drilling, logging or any kind of harvesting of resources is evil. Manufacturing of any sort is evil. The people in the government and schools seem to feel that way, so it’s all moving over seas. Now with out any thing to manage, even the management jobs are going away :) That and I’m not sure there will ever be that many jobs for some one with a masters deg in underwater basket weaving….

  • Deerinwater

    The way I see it, ~ make yourself a job and quit wasting time looking for someone to give you one.

    Find a demand and fill it. ~

    We American’s have painted ourselves in a corner. ~ When it takes two incomes to run a household, dad and mom has less budget time for child raising.

    When we have labor laws that prevent us of employing children in their early forming years ~ in the long run our society suffers.

    I don’t no where this is going or what our future generations will be a composite of. ~ I won’t be around to see it.

    It’s going to be “different” .

    • Wellarmed

      I agree with you Deerinwater about your comments.

      The way I see it, ~ make yourself a job and quit wasting time looking for someone to give you one.

      Find a demand and fill it. ~

      I would even go as far to say that I would not waste money attempting to deal with your local regulations departments and just do what you must to put food on the table. Let them expend the energy attempting to make you compliant with their regulations.

      Not everyone out of work is lazy, but now that all of our manufacturing sector is off shored and there are hardly no manufacturing positions available you find many that spent an entire lifetime learning their profession faced with the need to accept a job flipping burgers while sleeping in there car during the work week and driving home on the weekends.

      As a mechanic I can tell which customers are in this position and I wish I could say it were not common to see.

      I rarely agree with dave67, but many of his observations are spot on. I used to ONLY install U.S. made parts on peoples cars, and now it seems that no matter how hard I try, Nothing seems to be made here anymore. Every time I have to install one of these inferior parts that look like some kid in India whittled them out with their teeth, I am faced with the fact that each one of these parts represented hundreds if not thousands of U.S. Jobs.

      I do feel that we the American People made one hell of a deal with the devil (China), and now we are feeling what it is like to be burned.

      I unfortunately feel it is going to get far worse economically before it gets better.

      I am certain that dave67 would agree that what may be good for Wall Street does NOT correlate to main street. They should have been allowed to fail just like the rest of small town America is right now. I personally hope they find a special resting place in Hell.

      Good day.

      • Dave67


        I agree 100% that what is good for wall street is not good for main street. Wall Street is legalized gambling. If I take my company public, I get pressured to do things that look good to wall street and not necessarily good for the business. Then that all gets compounded by CEO compensation packages that include heavy stock options that really gum up the works. That is why Michael Dell, Microsoft, a few other investment groups just took Dell private. They could not make the moves they needed to to change Dell because of Wall Street pressure and scrutiny.

        Once Michael Dell implements those changes, he will once again take Dell public and make even more money. Its a great game for the wealthy, but for most of us with 401k’s… We are left with the scraps the wealthy see fit to throw out.

        And we should just say ” Thank you” for those scraps.

      • Dave67

        I should say in many cases when it comes to Wall Street…

  • cawmun cents

    You should have called the article….

    “Democrats In Debt.”

    That would have solved the condition of having to write anything else.

    • Dave67

      Yes, republicans even though they have had the POTUS for more year since 1980, both houses of Congress at the same time for 12, had the Senate for 8 more years… They are never responsible for anything.

      Its Great to be Conservative… The states of conservatives leech off the fed gov while liberal states like CA, IL, NY, NJ, all give more than they get from the fed gov. Fine example conservatives set. They defund education, infrastructure improvement but they love their corp welfare… What war will conservatives make up next to justify the 700B we spend in “defense” spending?


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