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You Sound Off!

October 14, 2011 by  

You Sound Off!

I want to introduce a new Personal Liberty Digest™ feature that will appear the last Wednesday of each month beginning Oct. 26. And the great thing about it is, to make it work, I need your help.

We have some very intelligent readers, as evidenced by some of the comments that appear each day. So we’re giving you a better opportunity to contribute beyond the constraints of our comment system. We’re calling our new feature “You Sound Off!” It’s a chance to contribute to PLD in either the form of a letter to the editor or an article.

The format is simple. You pick the topic. It can be a response to something you’ve seen on Personal Liberty, a subject you think needs attention, a suggestion for something we should be doing differently, or any other topic. We ask that you limit your submissions to no more than 750 words (if they are much longer, we probably won’t read them). Our staff will select the one or two we think are the best of the week, and those will be published on the last Wednesday. We reserve the right to edit for grammar and style but will try not to alter the meaning.

Agree with us? Fine. Disagree? Even better. Just make your argument cogently. No libel. Don’t plagiarize. Just state your case. But make it good, because the competition will be stiff.

Send your submissions to Please include your name, address and telephone number (only your name will be published) so we can contact you if we need to clarify something. Anonymous submissions will not be considered.

Get those creative juices flowing. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Bob, you’re starting the Sound Off idea with a built-in glitch. That is, I call myself s c. If you expect me to furnish my full name, then the Sound Off concept is dead in the water, as far as I’m concerned.
    I think your Sound Off is a great idea, BUT too many sites want too much info as it is, and I’m not in any info-donating mood.
    I just happen to have some timely suggestions for you, but . . .

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear SC,

      I considered the fact that there would be many who would be hesitant to supply their information. However, those are the rules we decided upon. You can either play by them or not participate.

      Best wishes,

      PS: The fact that many would not want to provide us with personal information is one of the main reasons we have not gone to a registration system that would prevent duplication of login names, which is one of the main complaints we receive about our reader comment protocol. There is no way to please everyone.

      • Thor

        This in a great idea, Bob. I look forward to seeing it in action. And, unlike some complainers, if a person is committed to his/her ideals (as you are)then he or she should not be to timid (or cowardly)to comply with the requirements of free speech here. Likewise, it is an ingenious way to expose the braggadocio’s who insist on bloviating here.

        • Thor

          Make that, ‘too’ please. Spell check has its weaknesses.

        • DaveH

          I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that your real first name isn’t “Thor”.

        • DaveH

          I think this sentence says it all:
          “Likewise, it is an ingenious way to expose the braggadocio’s who insist on bloviating here”. It sounds to me like people would have a good reason not to subject themselves to possible harrassment by people like you. And since anybody can read the blog, that harrassment could come anonymously.
          Why does anybody need to be “exposed”, Thor? Do you have something in mind? Bob knows our email addresses for matters of criminal activity. Why do you think anything else would be necessary?

          • Blueshoes


            Excellent observation/response!

          • Thor

            Well, DaveH, it seems your prepubescent, in-substantive ramblings have garnered a following. You can demonstrate more maturity by desisting from personal attacks and by offering up substantive proof of your opinions before splashing them onto the page with such vitriol and disrespect. A personal attack has its place but is always out of place when it contains no substance and is not housed within a substantive and cogent argument. Otherwise, it is the device of a small and immature intellect intent on getting attention rather than adding to the discussion. This was Bob’s article. Why not respond to the issues raised in it or directly to him rather than simply abrade the posts of those you don’t like. Until you offer up a mature rebuttal to anything I have said, this is the last time I respond directly to your childish banter.

          • DaveH

            You’re behaving like a Liberal, Thor. Of course, by my definition of Liberal, that is anybody who thinks Big Government is the Solution, you are a Liberal.

          • JC

            Dave H. I see once again you are being attacked for being factual and coherent. When “liberals” had an iota of intelligence about them that was a last resort but Thor’s comment seems to demonstrate quite well the degeneration of Liberalism into what it has become today…a bunch of whiny name calling children.

            Rock on Dave. ;)

          • independant thinker

            Thor, DaveH is one of the few posters who provides sources and/or links to his statements. You may not approve of the source or link but he does provide them. There are many posters who post opinions as facts but can never provide any kind of source or link for their “facts”.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I have been here for almost two years and I don’t think theres too many, if any at all that provide more back-up to their statements than DaveH! If you provided half as many sites and proof to your statements as he, then YOU might have a little following!

          • Thor

            Joe, if you have been here that long then you should have paid attention. I back up everything I say and I do not recognize sources of dubious reputation. I have been to those websites, too, and most, if not all are prone to one form of zealotry or another, making what they do with the facts just a imbued with libertarian anarchy as the stuff DaveH spews. It doesn’t take a great deal of intellectual talent to cut and paste websites that preach to this choir. You need to be schooled in evidence assessment. Four opinions–or four million–opinions can and often are totally devoid of facts…which makes each and every one devoid of credibility. Whatever happened to independent thinking?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Then I suppose you dismiss daily kos and all the other liberal sites as well? also would you explain the “zealotry” in the libertarian views? I mean, what is so bad about wanting to follow the constitution as it is written and not as the present occupant of the White House interprets it? What is so bad about wanting to go with a leaner more efficient government? Who here doesn’t want to do away with unneccesary duplicate government offices? Do you actually WANT your children, grandchildren, and GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN to pay for what we are spending NOW??? If you do, then I can honestly say that your opinion is WORTHLESS!

        • DaveH

          Personal attack? That’s rich, Thor. You exposed yourself. I just made it clear.
          I think you need to reread your own comments to see who has the nasty mouth here.

      • ladykroft

        “YOU CAN EITHER PLAY BY THEM OR NOT PARTICIPATE” Well, that’s kind of a hardnosed approach in view of the fact that there are sooooo many kooks out there wishing us ill-will, and acting on it, leaving YOU wide open to libel. You might want to rethink your position on “your rules” in that respect. Just because they’re your sacred rules, doesn’t make them right. Accepting a surrogate name would be in everyone’s best interest, and require that the address and phone # be valid.
        Requiring our names is leaving us open to danger.In this sue-happy world, you might want to err on the side of caution.

        • DaveH

          I’d be more worried about random nut-cases, especially those who might have the resources of the Government at their disposal. Even though Bob does have our email addresses and IP addresses, I am at least hopeful that he would stand his ground and not turn those over to snoopy Government troublemakers.

          • DaveH

            John Stossel often takes severe verbal abuse from people, and although he does appear to have a very thick skin, you can see in his face that it takes a toll. He is an abnormally brave man to subject himself to that for his principles.

          • eddie47d

            There is always a curiosity about what someones Internet name means or stands for and it would indeed be brave to expose ourselves to the masses. Whether Eddie D or Dave H. Professional columnists and talk show hosts do it every day like Ed Shultz,Rachel Maddows,Glenn Beck or Brietbart. I think Ben Crystal is an odd ball and I do pick on him occasionally and sometimes I completely ignore him. Oh the price of fame and the glorious 1st Amendment. Mr Livingston’s plan will be very interesting. It could give this site more meaning or be a bomb but Bob is brave in always peaking our curiosity and giving us a voice.

          • bob wire

            “I am at least hopeful that he would stand his ground and not turn those over to snoopy Government troublemakers.”

            Well he might not have a choice in the matter Dave.

            In any case, be willing to say what you mean and mean what you say and well willing to enjoy the sunshine or bring down the lighting.

            It’s not a complicated request that Mr. Livingston ask.

            I don’t give a hoot sc is, you stand up and be counted or shut up and be quit.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear ladykroft,

          Feel free to set up your own website and establish your own rules.

          Best wishes,

        • Greg T

          Life does not come without risks. Bob took the risk to publish his views, his name and his appearance. We enjoy the privilege of commenting on his site. Bob believes in these conspiracies too, and he took the risk. At some point you’ve got to risk being shot at.

          Look at the bright side. Most of us here believe about the same thing. There’s a good chance that someone willing to publish their name also has your same viewpoint.

        • djdrew103

          It fits the columnist mentality folks…”submit your articles, but we will censor them and only post what we want to” ie: eg: If it doesn’t fit our mindset, file 13.

          I’m not against giving my name, its shown in my willingness to post my opinions under my real name and not hide it. Why hide it? I should be wary of idiots out there who may take physical actions against me for my beliefs? I should be cautious of repercussions from government office? Hell, I already face that in my daily life, walking down the street or watching what government does to my life and yours daily.

          We also get censored constantly too, every time journalists and media downplay or ignore the truth in the service of hype. So I will comfortably take the part of “not participating” in a bunch more hype under the guise of serving a facade in fraud of bettering our lives and communities, and allowing us a “free voice” to present our beliefs that we hold proudly.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear djdrew103:

            You write: “It fits the columnist mentality folks…”submit your articles, but we will censor them and only post what we want to” ie: eg: If it doesn’t fit our mindset, file 13.”

            Were this the case I would delete your drivel. You apparently did not read what I wrote in the column: “Agree with us? Fine. Disagree? Even better. Just make your argument cogently. No libel. Don’t plagiarize. Just state your case. But make it good, because the competition will be stiff.”

            You apparently are just clicking a link, making ignorant statements, and moving to the next article. If you’d spent any time actually reading rather than trying to demonstrate how intelligent you are you would have seen that I often engage people who disagree with my viewpoint.

            We “censor” very little; and then it’s only vile language and egregious insults that are removed.

            Best wishes,

          • DaveH

            So many ungrateful people. Wow, is this a sign of the times or what?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Unfortunately, yes it is. It has become “yes, you gave me a thousand dollars yesterday, but what have you done for me today”!! do good for someone and it will be forgotten in short time, do bad and it will never be forgotten!!

        • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

          I am in full accord with Lady Kroft. Real name, real address and real telephone numbers are what people you don’t want to know like to have.It is like leaving your front door unlocked.
          As I scrolled down the tid-bids in this column, I came to realize there is likely going to be a sustained battle of words; and many of them require constant search through Webster to ascertain the real meaning or correctness of meaning.
          If discussion or exchange of views on relevant topics or issues in our life is the lifeline of the new Column, then I am not that optimistic about its success.

      • former walmart person

        Bob has sold out to the NWO. They have threatened his kids and grand kids with death should he not comply.

        • DaveH

          Does anybody respect private property anymore?

    • ONTIME

      Ummmm, I believe you can retain your nom de guerre.

    • Verus Langham

      s c, on the one hand you gripe about a stated requirement for a name… which you are predisposed to an unwillingness to provide accountability problem, perhaps?)…. then you praise him for the idea of the new format but blatantly compare that to those “other” sites which always ask for more and more personal information for the privilege of advancing your ideas on their desktop… The bombshell is, of course found in these words, “I’m not in any info-donating mood.” Well if that is not the whole purpose in a nutshell – donating information for the enlightenment or edification of others – then I’ll be hornswaggled and discombobulated to the nth degree. I hope that you can at least agree to disagree with yourself in the same manner you’ve proved incapable of herein.

  • Ron

    Re: Free trade agreements
    I believe it was under Clinton that we gave favored nation trade statis to China. One question, “How is that working for you?” Do we have a balance of trade with China? Has it created jobs? Has it made our nation rich so that we can loan money to other nations?

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      I believe China was given that status because China petitioned to join WTO and was accepted after probation. Other reasons could be China was considered an invaluable source of supply of cheap labor and consumer products. And China was in dire needs of foreign currency and investment capitals. How have we fared over the past 4 or 5 decades? Just go back and look how we have lived. Pay attention to when exactly things began to deteriorate. And you probably could find the clues. While at it, examine also our own policies regarding domestic and international affairs. Add everything together and you will find the answer. My views are a little veiled to not offend sensitivity.

  • Winn

    I missed Ben Crystal’s latest “Occupy This!” video. Why? It was broadcasted with only half of the sound track: the background audience track. Please be sure both tracks are sent. Thanks.

    • Blueshoes


      Yes, I would like to hear Ben’s comments on that video. I thought it may have been my computer but since you mentioned it, I guess it was a problem in the recording. :(

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Winn,

      Sorry you had trouble. We received a few complaints similar to yours. You can watch the video here:

      Best wishes,

      • Winn

        Well I tried the site that you listed. Still no Ben Crystal.
        His voice track has apparently left the building.
        All previous recordings, including his latest one, come out just fine. So I will just have to take everyone else’s word for it that it was another great video.
        Moving on…

        • libertytrain

          I just tried after reading your comment – it works perfectly fine for me — has to be some setting or program problem.

          • Winn

            That may be fine for you, but why does all the rest of Ben’s wonderful commentaries come through just perfectly?
            I guess he’s just too controversial for us on the Left coast.

            (Probably Bush’s fault, since everything else seems to be).


    Airship America is on it’s final, Captain and Crew are Holding a Dead Stick, Control Tower to Airship America; you are 500′ low and off Center of runway 500′, do you read me???Repeated calls go unanswered…

    Airship America is clipping off Trees and load noise of Metal being
    Ripped Away and pandemonium taking place in Cabin…

    Airship America is now CFIT and is no more, as Flames commence to incinerate any and all combustibles, and all that is left is smoke and silence…….

  • dan

    Neat idea,Bob. Some of us haven’t the time , discipline,or inclination
    to put together a blog-site to express what might be a unique approach
    or solution to a subject….sometimes we just have a question that needs
    asking that Google just can’t handle like the conservative think tank and community that Personal Liberty .com has become. I ,and all of the voices in my head that make my writing style so rambling ,look forward to the experiment :)

  • Scott in s c

    Hey Bob, I think your requirements for submission are fine. Besides, anyone who thinks they can go online and remain anonymous using a pseudonym is fooling theirself.

    [Dear Scott, I have changed your login name back to the one you post under the most. It is bad manners to impersonate other commenters. I hope it was an error rather than deliberate.--Bob]

    • Scott in SC

      No Bob, I was making a point and planned to come clean with this follow up. I think you should have let it stand to show providing some personal info is necessary. If you hadn’t had my email from previous postings, you couldn’t have so effectivly chastised me.

      • libertytrain

        what’s your point — The issue of people taking different id’s to even praise their own comments, or taking another’s usual posting name to make fun of them, etc. This is no secret – and I’m guessing if Bob called you out on it, you must have been doing something foolish.

  • Hilary Gavenda

    If I keep it under 750 you will read it??????Someone will read what I post????How many will you read ….5 a week too much???

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Hilary Gavenda,

      Someone will look at every submission. Will every word of every submission be read? No. After reading a paragraph or two my staff will be able to determine whether it is worth the time and effort to read further. You are not limited on the number of submissions you can make, but there is a limit on the number we will use. I would suggest you put your effort into writing one exceptional column as opposed to five marginal ones.

      Best wishes,

  • Jim Jarvis


    Your article on earning money brought to mind how I used to get movie money. Where we lived the company had a storeroom where the employees would purchase cold drinks. Hoever there was one catch. The coke machine change area caused the change to roll out ++++++++++++and fall through the cracks of the floor and go to the ground underneath. We then on Frdaay or Saturday morning would crawl under the foor on the fround ans collect our movie money money. Also we has to hithhike to townto go to the movie. Thank goodness for the old days. This was back in the 1950 s.

  • olde reb

    750 words you say? Pasted below is the 350 word (one page) introduction to a 5122 word article posted in numerous revisions all over the net. A posting at was updated yesterday. Is it anything you would be interested in handling ??

    Olde Reb

    Revised 10/2011
    SUMMARY: This mathematical analysis shows how:

    1. The economic scheme in the U.S. of creating fiat book-entry money via T-securities in the amount of the principal of the security with a promise to repay the principal PLUS the interest (i.e., deficit spending), is impossible. The interest is never created. The debt must continually be increased to pay interest on earlier securities or the economy will collapse from de-leveraging.

    2. The National Debt can never be paid off. Contracts that cannot be culminated are acts of fraud and are void from their inception.

    3. The $8.4 trillion from 2010 Treasury security auctions is received in the accounts of the FRBNY; its destination is undocumented and a minimum of $1.4 trillion is profit for the Fed. A maximum of $8.4 trillion is profit.

    4. The Fed eventually receives the value of all national debt as profit; every dollar of inflation is undeclared profit by the Fed. The expense of maturing securities is not included in government records.

    5. Congress has temporary benefit of ($1.4 trillion) deficit spending until maturity of the securities (the collateral). At maturity, the government must repay the value (of the loan) to the security holder BUT THE VALUE OF THE REDEEMED SECURITY IS NOT REDUCED FROM THE FEDERAL DEBT.

    6. Fiscal social obligations of the nation will be restricted while debt will escalate exponentially. Imposed social austerity and higher taxes merely postpones the inevitable.

    7. The future explosion of interest (currently suppressed to “stimulate” the economy) and escalating debt will eventually consume the entire wealth of the nation and the future earnings of posterity for the benefit of “financiers.”

    8. The operation is, as with any Ponzi scheme, predestined for inherent national bankruptcy when buyers to roll over the increasing debt cannot be found.

    9. As the scheme becomes visibly precarious and the Fed becomes desperate, the interest rate will sky-rocket and accelerate the collapse.

    10. The touted concept that the public directly funds deficit spending is an illusion. Such funding can never produce inflation.

    11. Concealment of funds due the government violates several federal criminal laws.

    [the article normally follows]

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear olde reb,

      Not if this is the introduction. Most people will be asleep before they get three paragraphs in.

      Best wishes,

  • L. Diesel

    I believe that if we continue to allow these other “most important” issues to command our attention away from what should be the only issue with which we should concern ourselves, we shortly will allow to come about the most total and complete slavery the world has ever seen.

    WE MUST BRING a JUST punishment upon THE CRIMINALS BEHIND 9/11. INCLUDING BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD, DEAD DUCK Mayor, Rudy_Giuliani, and Kisssinger for whatever high crimes and misdemeaners come up in their trails for murder and treason. plus OBAMA AND ALL HIS CABINET FOR PROTECTING THE GUILTY (refusing to have a real investigation of 9/11). AIDING AND ABETTING(and whatever else comes up in their trails including Obama’s knowlewge and “leadership” in the most resent BATF operation of selling guns to Mexican drug gangs).

    WHEN, we get to the bottom of whoever is really behind this, It would not surprised me to find that they be among the “ones”, “too big to fail”!!!!!!!

    • Greg T

      You’ve got to elect someone to office that will do that, or be willing to do the shooting yourself.

  • CP

    I will say this sounds like a good idea, whether I ever post to it or not. It will give some of the commenters here a place to say more than they normally would in the comments area immediately following an article. Thanks.

  • AVCurmudgeon

    I like the idea, though as someone who has been effectively blackballed in a public interest law firm that I vigorously represented for several years because I did not climb on the Obama Train or subscribe to the “gay agenda”, I am well aware of how dangerous the Thought Police can be. John Stossel can take what he can take, but those of whose livelihoods may be on the line (unlike John, who will not lose his forums) have to be a little more wary. So much as I like the idea and assuming that you would give my posts consideration, I’ll have to take it under submission (so to speak).

  • Abe

    Great move Bob. It gives a chance for us to express our views while acknowledging who we are. For those who want to post with pseudonyms and hide, the comment section is always open.

    • DaveH

      What do you want next? Card Check?
      For all the commenters here who equate anonymity with cowardice. It is NOT cowardly to seek privacy from the plenitude of evil people who would gladly torment you from places of hiding. No matter how skilled you are, a dishonest people can get to you, and there is nothing you can do about it. It has nothing to do with cowardice and everything to do with common sense.

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      Just a tiny observation: to me, it is not about hiding or I wouldn’t even make a comment. It is guarding against unwanted intrusions.


    I like it even when I don’t like what I say….

  • Donald Hardesty

    The media and both sides of the political aisle are totally out of touch with real working Americans and with the real working Americans that are out of work.

    Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling: “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes,” he told CNBC. “You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress [I would add of any elected body – at National and State levels] are ineligible for re-election.
    _*Congressional Reform Act of 2011*_

    1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no
    pay when they are out of office.

    2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the
    Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into
    the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the
    American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

    3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

    4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.
    Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    5. Congress loses their current health care system and
    participates in the same health care system as the American people.

    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void
    effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this
    contract with Congressmen.

    Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in
    Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers
    envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their
    term(s), then go home and back to work.

    • Chris

      Amen, brother Donald. Amen, Warren Buffet

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Even easier would be to connect their pay to the economy. If the economy tanks 25% then their pay tanks 25%, AUTOMATICALLY!! if the economy improves10% from the day they are elected, then their pay raises 10%. Newly elected members are started at the pay that the former member left it. I’ll bet you money they would work their assets off to get the economy going!!

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      I am not so sure Warren wasn’t speaking with his tongue in cheek. He also made the proclamation that resulted in Obama’s proposed Buffett
      Tax Law. I believe firing everybody in the body politic only creates a new wave of incompetent or corrupted replacements.
      If we think Wall Street is the root cause of our present financial dismay, perhaps we better look deep into what causes it. The hedge funds, the mysterious nameless and untraceable “hot money” should catch our attention. These are some of the giant waves that rock our life boat. Does Warren know anything about them? Would he fess up?

  • Tim D.

    I’ve got more things to do in my life than this.

    • http://naver samurai

      Well go do them and leave us alone. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • BrotherPatriot

        LoL…I was thinking of posting sumtin like that several times…LoL!!!

        God Bless.

  • Pete0097

    I think that government agencies should change how they spend their money. If, at the end of the fiscal year, they have money left, it should go back into the general fund AND their next years budget is not cut. What they do now is spend any left over money so they get the same or more in the next year. In order to inspire saving money, they should have some incentive. this incentive could be that the department gets to split the savings with the taxpayers, say 10% for them and the rest to us. Now in order to keep them from balloning their budget in order to get bigger bonuses, they actually have to justify their budget. If there are signs of greed creeping in, they get canned – the entire group.

  • GarySellersville

    I routinely send eMails to local members of Congress and the Senate as well as the Whitehouse. I always include my name, address, and phone number. I can’t say that I get a satisfactory answer but I also don’t get bombarded with requests for donations and requests to sign petitions like I do with “comment” pages.

  • iam

    Bob, based on the comments posted here, you will not find many people who are willing to write an article without insults.

  • http://ByGeorge By George

    Kicking the Can…

    Oh!, were it so that the lame stream media would examine and dissect the perfidies and crimes conducted in the name of national politics with the same fervor and detail as ESPN did on Tony Roma’s last two minutes in the Dallas Cowboy’s losing contest with the New York Jets. If they did we might not be faced with the serious problems that confront us today.

    Our government is composed of a pod of fools (and criminals) who, like children playing in the street kicking the can down the road, continue the process until the can is so battered as to be unrecognizable as an original can. Sometimes they will even whack it with a stick! And, therein lies the problem. When we speak of kicking the can down the road, using it as a metaphor for not solving our problem (obscene government spending) but passing the problem forward for another group of witless politicians to solve, we totally lose site of the fact that the problem was the “can”.

    I want to quote my good friend and sometime contributor, Jerry D. once again who copied me these words he sent to our national politicians:

    “What disturbs me most about the spineless legislative eunuchs that represent us is not their inability to stand as Statesmen in the defense of their country, but rather their inability to even stand as MEN in defense of their families.
    How will they face their grandchildren when they ask, “Gramps, why did you just sit there, mute as a stone, when MY future was being stolen?”
    I don’t believe that Grandpa Saxby’s tale that he was once a signatory on a stern letter addressed to Harry Reid, is gonna cut it.”

    So, we have had no budget from the Democrats for over 800 days, yet we see them whining and blaming Republicans wanting to nix more taxes in the Continuing Resolutions to fund government, for a failure to compromise, thus threatening the shut down of government. Oh, the humanity! And now our President fans the fires of envy against those who produce work for Americans with the apparent goal in mind of pompously proclaiming “rioting in the streets” and declaring that American is out of control and the people (the losers) can only be safe if he, in his infinite wisdom, declares marshal law. The beatings will not stop until moral improves! He is down to 38% approval rating in the popularity polls portending no hope of re-election, so his only plan is to create a civil war.I would have never believed I could utter such a thing but with this enemy of America occupying the Executive, obeying no laws and ignoring the Constitution, then I can now easily believe it. This man lies about the wealthy, lies about Green Energy, lies about our foreign commitments and doubtless lies about his golf score.

    We are now in a monumental clash between good and evil; between Capitalism, from which everyone can profit if they work for it, and Socialism by which everyone is provided for by the government, cradle to the grave. Of course, since the tax base of the producers will have dissolved under the failed socialist plan of wealth redistribution, then the freebies that government doles out will be only to the favored. All the rest of us will live as equals in rationed poverty, misery, hunger and early death. We will watch as our children and grandchildren dissolve into pliant boot lickers suitable only for refilling the ranks of previous, witless politicians who learned their craft at the knees of imbeciles.

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      Just two respectful observations: Not everyone that works in the government is dishonest, corrupted or has sinister agenda, just the policy makers.Though admittedly a good number of the so-called “public servants” are lazy or incompetent and unqualified.
      My next observation may cause even greater concern: where do you think the government can get wealth to redistribute and satisfy those perpetual “underprivilaged” class when the wealth producers are sucked dry or forced to escape?

  • Galveston

    My screen name is my real name. Do you need all three names?

    Was it John Hancock who signed his name large so that the King of England could read it easily?

  • Galveston

    The battle between good and evil goes on at all levels, not just economic or social. Some will scoff, but Jehovah God is good, and the devil is evil. That has always caused the battle, and men align themselves with one or the other, no matter what they think about the subject. It is impossible to be neutral in this war, so we need to realize that it is time for all of us who stand for righteousness to be bold.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Mr. Livingston,

    I own a game store and through the many years that I have been open, I have tried some ideas out that has worked, modified other ideas over time and done away with other ideas that just didn’t work out the way they were planned to. I expect this idea of yours may need to morph alittle bit in order to stay alive & thrive.

    This idea you have is a good one. It will allow some of the very intelligent people who post here a chance to make an article about what they feel is important to bring a spot light on. Just as you already have said yourself and you can already guess what my articles would be about…

    However, as these commentors are individuals amongst the public & with today’s modern age of technology with the ablility to track down people or intercept data using various security breakers like packet sniffing, etc…I’m finding it hard to justify printing the real identity of the submitter. Also, you amongst all people should be very much aware that there is the real threat of big brother/the all seeing eye…taking a keener look at what people say & who they are…and over time this seems to become more & more true. Especially if it’s anti-government/Obama or whatever.

    Why can you not use the User Name that we currently have been using instead of posting the real name of the writer? You know if it’s coming from the same IP address and can verify if it’s the actual user. Most of us who have been posting here for sometime have struck up friendships and are well known by these user names.

    Does it make me paranoid if I know they are watching? <— LoL. Still, you must give credence to the simple fact that there are some really savy computer people out there who are not our friends and who work for "Them".

    God Bless your work Sir.

    P.S. I think this idea of yours needs some more consideration about the security risks of posting personal identification of your users.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Brother Patriot,

      I never say never (except when I do), so I won’t say that the feature won’t be modified at some point. I will not be posting anyone’s personal information beyond their name. This is nothing beyond what is required should you make a submission for publication in your local newspaper, so the plan for now is to stick with it. By all indications there are a lot of people willing to play by the rules we’ve set. The rules will remain as they are for now.

      Best wishes,

      • BrotherPatriot

        Sir…I’ll reserve the right to agree…to dissagree with your current standing on this issue.

        Though I stand strong on the need to put voice to the many problems in this world & that there are things not talked about that should be talked about…there still must be consideration for personal security.

        We must acknowledge that there are some seriously troubled people out in this world. Now, with the power of the search engines a troubled someone can find out that a fellow commentor lives nearby close enough that this someone could go harass or even perhaps eventually…Kill.

        This may sound far fetched…but really…is it? Look at what is going on around us…look at what is being allowed to stand when it should be struck down immediately & not tolerated! Who is Obama/Barry…!!! What really happened during 9/11…!!!

        Now, take into account the tell on your neighbor policy that this administration is taking. Does anyone deny these reports? What about Obama’s Attack Watch? What about programs created & designed to track down those of an opposite view of the ruling elites…instantly putting your name into a compiled list. <—A hit list? Then…destroy through duplicity over time this opposing idealist by means of covert infiltration and manipulation of their lives?

        Seriously, Sir…I dissagree & stand strong on just listing our User Names. This is not the local paper. This is international.

        I also assume that you would be posting the author's first & last names? This of course would help in targeting down the offending author.

        God Bless this site, your work Sir & the country it sprang from.

        • BrotherPatriot

          If any of you really don’t feel there is a Big Brother problem then here is an informative link you should see…

          These triggers are the edges of what the police state will be all about. Monitoring your everyday lives and the loss of YOUR liberty & freedom!

          God Bless & please watch that link!

        • Karolyn

          I refuse to live in fear! What will be will be, and what I put out, I will attract.

      • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

        Bob, I respect your decision. And since this is your “forum”, you get to decide what you think is right. However, even without disclosing other personal information, sometimes the names themselves could cause commotions, ideological barriers etc. Try it your way and see.

  • joe momma

    ….i may give you my name, but not for publication…..besides if you can segregate for names why can’t you segregate for content or syntax or grammar……your non assertive assertions is like the anti war dorx……” i hate war!”……yes i hate war and hemorroids and old guys who die before their granddaughters grow up….free speech only if you out yerseff…….

  • Average Joe

    I think that Bob L. is correct. It is time that we either stand up and be counted for the things we claim to believe in, or continue to hide in the shadows like frightened children. If we are afraid to have our names in print for the things we believe, then we really must not believe those things deeply enough.
    There comes a point in every persons life when we must say,”This is what I believe and this is where I make stand”.

    Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of ‘crackpot’ than the stigma of conformity. And on issues that seem important to you, stand up and be counted at any cost.
    Chauncey Depew

    • Average Joe

      BTW, I am about to start the madness:
      I chose the moniker Average Joe, because that is what I am…Just an average guy.
      My real name is Darrell Lyons. Not that I am counting on anyone following my lead, are there any other brave souls out there?

      • BrotherPatriot

        See my comments above & why I dissagree.

        I also believe we need to stand up and speak out but this forum is not the place for the breach in security of our personal lives. I & others have a family with young children who’s safety must be always considered.

        When the time is ripe I’ll stand up and be counted, on this you can be reassured. I’m former special warfare and I love my country (at least the country I was raised to believe existed). I have learned enough to not stand on the ridge for the snipers to pick me off at their leisure.

        God Bless everyone.

        • Average Joe

          Trust me, if the government wants to find you…whether you post your real name or not…they will find you…funny how technology works now.

          • BrotherPatriot

            I fully understand your statement, however…it still is a deterrent from the average joe sicko with a few screws loose (pun really not intended…lol.) It does help filter out those that would take a retalitory stance.

            I’m very aware that Big Brother is very capable of locating who they really want to…that’s why to anyone with half a brain they could see the false flag status of not being able to find Bin Laden. They are very capable of tracking down whoever they want to. Former State Department official, Steve Piecznik stated that Bin Laden died in 2001 or 2002 from medical reasons but they were keeping the body on ice so they could bring it out when needed. These statements were made back in 2004 or so. So when they “did” get him they immediately dumped him at sea so no photo’s could be taken aside from those that were forgeries. Ummm…yeah, right.

            Seriously. Get real everyone. There is much that is going on that is not being talked about that should very much be being talked about.

            But I digress…once again…I believe erroring on the side of caution would be in this sites best interest. I’ll just continue posting in the comments section if I wish to be active. No problem.

            Ty, Mr. Livingston for all you have & will do for the Good Fight.

            God Bless.

          • DaveH

            I agree BrotherPatriot.
            As teenagers we discovered a way to communicate with others over a radio station busy signal. We would shout our phone numbers out to girls and vice versa. Most of the people who called were well-behaved, but it was surprising how many wacked-out calls we’d get.

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      To Joe and Chauncey: one can do all that without disclosing one’s own name, address or telephone numbers. Here is not the case like the Christians persecuted by the Roman Emperor when he/she was demanded to publicly profess to be followers of Jesus Christ.

  • chuckb

    well, barry just got us involved in the african conflist, or should i say the perennial wars of africa. this is the bottomless pit of conflict
    and will be worse than vietnam by any means.
    we have absolutely no business sending troops to that country of quick sand politics. call your congressman now.
    the messiah thinks he is the worlds emperor, impeach him before he totally destroys this country.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Impeaching implies he had a lawful standing. He does not.

      We need to nullify him.


      This will erase all the damage he has done to us since being allowed to illegally infiltrate the highest office of our land.

      God Bless.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Amen, Brother Patriot!!!

    • Average Joe

      Well, I am guessing that the Nobel Peace prize people are feeling a bit retarded at this point……just sayin’…

      • BrotherPatriot

        Obama/Barry won the nobel peace (small letters on purpose)…for…what?

        Ummm…yeah…everything he touches becomes devalued…what does that say?

        God Bless America & those fighting the Good Fight!

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      I think his answer to your questioning would be the proverbial “to protect American Interests”. Again as usual no explaining about what is the American Interest in THIS CASE. Or perhaps he cannot reveal the National Secret. Or perhaps he doesn’t have a reason? Neh! he must have one, he is a Harvard graduate!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest TM Eisenhauer

    We are currently faced with Revolution to return America to its constitutionally limited Government and remove the yoke of current government tyranny. We hope the Revolution will be peaceful through elections and public opinion. However, make no mistake, we ARE faced with Revolution if we want to retrieve our God-given ‘unalienable Rights’ including ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’ and to re-institute a Government ‘deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed.’

    Our founding fathers were willing to give up their lives, fortunes and reputations in order to gain freedom from an English monarchy that was in no way as repressive as our current government. If we truly believe our ideals and ideas will help in the fight for a return to freedom and prosperity—even if few agree with us—we should be willing to stand up and say so. Why should anyone else believe us if we won’t admit who we are. Have you ever believed Obama, the man who has hidden everything about himself?

    Do you honestly believe in this age of technology, that no matter the ‘handle’ we use, no one will be able to search out who we are? Life is risk. If safety is all you want, better settle for government’s foot on your neck.

    Thank you, Bob, for an opportunity to express ourselves. You will be hearing from me soon.

    TM Eisenhauer

  • bob wire

    Hmm? some seem to enjoy their ambiguity and I’m glad to see Mr. Livingston remove it.

    I thank you for the opportunity and platform Mr. Livingston.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Oh yes, I’m sure your REAL moniker is bob wire!!!

    • Angel Wannabe

      BW, When your attacked for what you say, I’ll ask how that’s working’ out for ya!??!_-Don’t underestimate the opposition!

  • Morduin00

    Sounds like an interesting endeavor Bob. Now what will I write about?

    I don’t worry about people abusing me. I just follow my own rule #2: “Either they like it… or the don’t.” and follow it with a hearty laugh and shoulder shrug.

  • Cawmun Cents

    Some of us have names that are not duplicated anywhere.
    There can be only one.
    Making this endeavor dangerous.
    Thanks but no thanks Bob.-CC.

  • L. Diesel

    I totally agree with TM Eisenhauer.
    There is going have to be a fight. The problem is most Americans have no idea of who our real enemy is. That in itself is the reason we as freedom loving Americans need to focus on the criminals behind 9/11. Some are very obvious, other ones will come out in the trials of Bush, Cheney,… etc.
    To bring our true enemy out of the darkness into the light we must be willing to stand in the light ourselves.
    Another way could be to stay anonymous, and fight evil like most Supper Heroes and the Viet Cong. In the comic books the Supper Heroes always win as did the Viet Cong in Nam’. Either way this government has declared war on the American people. We must be prepared to live free or to die as slaves. There can be no security for any who prefer security to freedom.
    Larry Diesel

    • bob wire

      Well, ideas are hard to kill, but the CONG didn’t win anything, they merely persevered or at least some did and they did that by running and hiding my friend.

      To adapt gorilla tactics, left to hide behind women skit tails, church houses, piles of the dead, darkness of night or just ambiguity means that your are too weak to fight and that the only resistance you can mount or your heart simply is not in it while your mouth is.

      Is your cause and numbers too small to fight the good fight?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      L. Diesel,
      Hate to burst your bubble, bud, BUT the Cong AND NVA LOST EVERY MAJOR BATTLE WE FOUGHT WITH THEM!!! We, the soldiers, lost NOTHING over there except our innocence, The government merely GAVE the country to them!!

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      Mr. Diesel, yours and some others’ statements that 9/11′s secret culprits include Bush, Cheney, Romsfeld etc. These were the top officials in the Federal Government. What do you think makes them pull such an idiotic plot? Also to insinuate such an abominable act requires factual evidence. To depend on hearsay conspiracy theory is, in the least, frivolous and irresponsible. Wouldn’t you agree? I would like to hear your proofs or evidences.

      • Jay

        OP, you’re deluded at best, and naive at worst! You’re house could be burning down, and you would convince yourself that no such thing is occurring, and no doubt you would pull out the marshmallows!

  • bob wire

    I’ve always thought there was just too much loose and inflammatory talk on Livingston’s site and the very reason I was drawn to it. People being people, sorry , mean and nasty ~ and smart sometimes.

    In the beginning I wanted to know what made this far right tick and see if there was something of use, something we might come to some terms and agreement on, find some common ground that we might build on.

    I’ve enjoyed my search and I’ve had some success, and impart, I have been awaken to serious failing of both the left and right. Over time,my eye have been pried open to see where we have lost our way, where we did ourselves a disservice to the cause of liberty.

    But some of you are just plain silly, especially with your over the top proclamations and thinking that you are hidden, tucked away safely and separated from your words and deeds. For that has never been the case.

    If someone wants you, you will be located, they will find you out, your blood type,what you had for dinner and where you park your car as quickly as they find out your name.

    So keep thous words soft and sweet, you never can tell when you might have to eat them.

    No need of being fearful but be mindful, be a grownup and not a child with your thoughts and affairs.

  • L. Diesel

    TO: Bob W.

    I beg to differ with you about who won in Vietnam. I was there with an NSA operation from Aug ’67 till Aug ’70. I do know what went on there as “we” destroyed that country all over a lie just as is occurring now in the middle east and north Africa.

    My cause is freedom; Freedom from tyranny.

    The second amendment states our right to protect ourselves from tyranny by the use of force. As far as I am concerned anyone would be justified under the 2nd. to use “hot lead” against any hooded men breaking into his house, matter not that said intruders have large capital letters spelling “POLICE” stamped on their black uniforms. However, I do not see that happening in America which in itself saddens me.

    Maybe my cause is too small to matter to most Americans!

  • James D. Bast

    I ( James D. Bast ) Have not , nor will I ever be afraid to leave any of my personal information on a comment I,ve made about theU.S. Government , or any part of same ! When we become afrid of any Gov. group , we can no longer call this the United States of America ! We have a Country that should be run by the people with help from the Gov. ! If that is not happening , then any alteration by the Gov. should be shouted out by any American that see this Happenig ! If we become afraid of repercussions from same for speaking our minds , the we are no longer living in a free country ! No man or woman should ever have to fear anything they say about their gov. if they are telling the truth ! The problem there being , This has got to be the Most Dangerous Government that has ever existed inside the Continental United State !Another Problem has got to be that a vast majority of our people seem not to know , that there is power in numbers !The cover ups that this government has perpatrated should be Spoiuted across every T.V. Station , Every news paper headlines , & every Computer in America in America ! I,ve taken up enough of your time with my ranting ! Thank You !

  • Tunaman

    Let’s start with the obvious, if anyone thinks their freedoms haven’t been trampled by the THUGS in government, keep your head in the sand. These creeps in the aclu and the so called servants of the people ;gov have systematicaly ignored the constitution and ruled by executive order. What’s with all these unelected CZARS? There are a bunch of COMMIE THUGS in government passing laws that state, if you live your life with common sense, you are breaking some law. Thank GOD I’m old enough to not have to put up with this CRAP too much longer. These DIRTBAGS that think they don’t have anything to answer for when they die are mistaken. When these CLOWNS stand before their CREATOR as Gomer Pyle says; surprise, surprise,surprise!!!!!

  • Bud G.

    I have no problem providing the necessary information, however, since I am one of those that sometimes disagrees with your views, I imagine I would be disqualified from your intelligent group.

    You know there are many who would be considered intelligent but do not have an ounce of common sense. Knowledge of a given subject is necessary for a reasoned response. Most of the people on here are intelligent and use common sense but there are some who like to skew the facts to promote their agenda. I am an Independent who leans toward conservative views but recognize opinions of others must be respected whether or not I agree with them.

  • jopa

    I remember years ago a buddy of mine was in a bar, former grunt Nam,and he was making some threatening remarks against Reagan because there was some type of payment he was supposed to get that didn’t show up on time.It wasn’t too long and he disappeared for a few weeks and nobody knew where he was but everyone had an idea.When he came back he was a totally different person and never went into depth what had happened and where he had been.That was just spouting off in a bar, just think what might happen in today’s world if you put it down in print with your name, address, telephone number and user name.Many people today are being prosecuted when their e-mail is brought up as evidence.The best thing to do is make your statements but use common sense and as if you are being watched.

  • Angel Wannabe

    I think this is great idea Bob L. But I disagree with full name posting.
    Each of us have an opinion and (I’m going out on a limb here) I would assume most folks on your forum and other forums, they’re investigative fact finding & reporting adventures stays within the confines of they’re own minds, in their own homes, unless they feel compelled to share the info with family for the sake of spreading important news & safety sake.
    _ Most of us do not make a living at reporting, commenting or opinions, and do not carry liability insurance.
    We cannot rely on the Constitution anymore for protection. It’s practically Null and Void, with Political Correctness at the for front, and Free Speech being attacked on a daily basis, including lawsuits for slander & the like. I’m not sure people are going to be willing to expose themselves even more, (even though it’s fairly easy to find an IP addy’s and further info on any given person).
    I think we in time(sooner than later) WE WILL ALL be called to take a stand, to either hide in fear or be Courageous, but offering ourselves up on a silver platter for everyone known or unknown kook to take a swing at, isn’t courageous, it’s a risk most won’t take for fear of retaliation to themselves, they’re way of life and they’re families.
    …On the flip side, I’m also aware that this line of thinking is also, what the so-called Politically Correctness Crew want.__

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Angel Wannabe,
      I agree! correct me if I’m wrong, Bob, but don’t your daily columnsits recieve a renumeration which makes it their JOB to expose themselves to possible harm?? I’m not saying that the exchange of money makes it neccesary but it DOES make things a little different.

      • Angel Wannabe

        JoeH. Well put!__I just think its blantantly obvious that the Constitution no longer holds the protection it once did, if it did, the ACLU “would not and could not” stop free speech in its tracks no matter what., unless of course your threatening to do bodily harm or kill someone.__Remember when we were kids, sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me!

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Joe H.,

        You ask: “but don’t your daily columnsits recieve a renumeration which makes it their JOB to expose themselves to possible harm?”

        Some do, some don’t.

        Best wishes,

  • Jay

    Surely we can express our sentiments and ideas in such a manner as to not incur the wrath of our paranoid government. Of course, caution, and common sense, and artistic cleverness perhaps, especially in such times as these, should, no doubt, be exercised. I do not claim to understand fully, the issue of privacy in relation to proposed scenario, but i do honestly believe that Mr. Livingston’s heart is in the right place, and his idea, when considered in isolation, is not only tempting, but an excellent one, as well! Most disturbing, the fact that we fear legal reprisal, and risk compromising our privacy, in exchange for the privilege of exercising free speech! Interesting times indeed!

  • The Prophet-Messenger

    If you knew what this meant you would understand why the present circumstances have come to fruition upon the American Society.
    Ehud, Jeroham, tohu, zuph. Nadab has come upon you and Shiloh has departed!

    • Jay

      History is comprised of a unchanging, and immutable characteristic; it repeats itself!

  • L. Diesel

    to: Observer from Phoenix

    I am not keeping up with this forum very often. However, I would like to try and answer a couple of your questions. You asked why I think Bush, Cheney, and the rest of these criminals would do such a terrible thing. The answer is they just follow orders. They are not real leaders they are merely puppets. You sound as if you are probably one of those hard core “Republicans”, and buy into all the left/right paradigm BS. If you will not open you eyes past that then there really is no reason for me to try to explain anything to you. If you can’t see that Obama is following exactly the “Bush” agenda, then you most likely do not want to know the truth.
    The day after 911 I heard Bush on national TV tell the American people not to believe any of the “conspiracy theories”. There was not much evidence out there yet. However, eye witness after eye witness said the buildings went down in controlled demolition. All three buildings were demolished. Yes, building number seven went down the same way that afternoon, just about a half an hour after a live “at-the-scene” BBC anchor woman announced it had already fallen when it was still visible in the NY skyline behind her.
    I could go on and on with more information like Cheney taking control of the air defense system, and kept our fighter jets on the ground until after three of the four “high jacked” planes flew into their targets.
    But you have probably already quit reading this because it scares you too much to have your world-view upset to the point that you could see that “our government” wanted the Patriot Act passed which effectively put an end to our constitution and bill of rights.

    To depend on hearsay conspiracy theory is, in the least, frivolous and irresponsible. Yes, I would agree with you, and I believe that anyone who gets his information from the “controlled” media is not only irresponsible but also like one who sticks his head in the sand. Just think, you may be covering your head, but try to imagine what you have left exposed!

    • Jay

      LD, you’ll never get through to likes of OP. If, in spite of the evidence, he denies what is clearly a conspiracy, then presenting the evidence is pointless! Cyberbots such as OP are numerous, and their marching orders are to undermine, and discredit anyone who believes that our administration, heaven forbid, is hopelessly corrupted!

  • Verus Langham

    This new venture is exciting for me because it issues a challenge, throws down the gauntlet, and installs adventure and intrigue (we are to entertain others in concise, thoughtful and meaningful dialogue while answering to the demands of how to treat new information that has yet to become the central focus on other sites or media … we are being made accountable to service with irony, humor, intrigue, and (yes) satire and even cynicism – whatever blows no smoke up the chimney of the other camp). Looking for positives and avoiding the negatives will undoubtedly make for the best fodder and the unmitigated truth needs be at the heart of our product. Quite like asking Samuel Clemons to become cynical toward his alter-ego, Mark Twain in the interest of putting oneself straight with God, I’d say.
    The lure of exceptionalism in journalism is overwhelmingly in demand and I ponder…….am I up to it?

  • OldFart

    What’s wrong with using your real name? If you don’t have the courage to say what you feel and express your opinion publicly, then why should anyone care what you have to say or what your opinion is?

    I don’t remember who said it first, but they certainly said it best:


    Just my two cents worth!

    Dave Allen
    Mesa, AZ

  • L. Diesel

    Here is an web address below that has over 1600 Architects & Engineers backing it and demanding a real investigation of 911. Anyone, like our friend Observer from Phoenix, who may not have a solid grasp on the science of physics can get real information from experts on this site.

    A real investigating of 911 should be taking place, but it should not be at the expense of an expedient trail of most of the obvious criminals involved. The ultimate goal needs to be to identity the big bosses who are pulling the strings of these political puppets.

  • Morduin00

    When can we expect to see the first chosen article?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Morduin00,

      On Wed., Oct. 26.


      • L. Diesel

        Bob Livingston,

        Is this forum still up and running?

        Is there a picture of yourself somewhere on the website?

        L. Diesel

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear L. Diesel,

          You ask: “Is this forum still up and running?” Yes. You will see the first of what I hope will be many installments beginning Oct. 26 and each last Wednesday of the month.

          You ask: “Is there a picture of yourself somewhere on the website?” No.

          Best wishes,

  • budman

    I questioned as to how it was decided who the intelligent ones would be and my comments weren’t posted. I suppose this means you didn’t like my comments or you don’t wish to post them so I will just remove myself as undeserving of a response.

    • libertytrain

      Don’t know if this is what you mean but you’ve got a comment on this “intelligent” stuff at 11:39 am dated Oct. 15 – just do a “find” on this page for your name and you’ll see it, or do a “find” for 11:39 – it’s usually under edit up on top, could be search as well.

  • Alex Frazier

    I have one issue with this program, and only one issue. 750 words isn’t very much. One could hardly write an article that brief without leaving out relevant information.

  • Alex Frazier

    Stratch that. It’s a little over a page on a Word Document. That’s doable if you aren’t too wordy and keep things to the point.


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