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You Should Consider Owning A Silencer (Suppressor)

January 16, 2012 by  

You Should Consider Owning A Silencer (Suppressor)

Most firearms enthusiasts would agree that suppressed firearms are some of the most fun and most desirable firearms toys you can play with.

In addition to the cool factor that comes with seeing James Bond, Jason Bourne, special operations units and other action heroes use them throughout the years, they have a tremendous amount of practical value for firearms enthusiasts in general and preparedness-minded people in particular.

Just to dispel any preconceived ideas that you might have, the vast majority of the benefits of suppressed weapons can be enjoyed without having to endure a “Mad Max” scenario.

Before we get into the benefits of suppressed weapons, let me give you some quick background.

(For additional easy-to-digest information, I encourage you to go through the short course that Advanced Armament offers at (AAC Can University).  It takes five to 10 minutes to complete. When you finish, they send you a diploma granting you a “Bachelor of Silence” degree.

To begin with, a “silencer” doesn’t silence a weapon, it only suppresses the sound level of the firearm, which is why there has been a shift from calling them “silencers” to calling them “suppressors.” When a firearm discharges, particularly a semi-automatic firearm, there are several sources of noise:

  • The bolt/slide assembly going backwards, the spent round being extracted, and the next round being loaded.
  • The muzzle blast.
  • Bullets traveling faster than roughly 1,150 feet per second that break the sound barrier and cause a sonic boom.
  • The sound of the mechanical percussion that ignites the round.
  • The sound of the round hitting a target.

For the most part, suppressors suppress the sound of muzzle blasts and don’t affect the other four factors, but simply suppressing the muzzle blast can often mean the difference between needing to wear hearing protection to shoot and not needing to wear hearing protection.

Suppressors use the same noise suppression concept as automobile mufflers. In fact, they were developed at the same time and the words “silencer” and “muffler” are used interchangeably with both technologies in many parts of the world. Both allow the expansion of gases inside of a container rather than in the open air.

And just like there are several non-tactical benefits to using an automobile muffler, there are several non-tactical benefits to using a suppressor in addition to the tactical ones.

To begin with, it’s just polite. In England, New Zealand and several other “civilized” countries around the world that allow firearms of one type or another, people use silencers so that they can talk while shooting, hear after shooting, shoot while their friends and family sit and chat nearby, shoot near their pets without damaging their hearing, shoot without bothering the neighbors, and shoot at night without waking the neighbors and/or causing unnecessary calls to law enforcement.

With the benefit that suppressors have when shooting around animals, it would be ironic, but understandable if People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals became a big proponent of the loosening of laws and expanded use of suppressors.

Expanding on that list, there are an increasing number of “suppressor only” firearms competitions where the non-competitors of all ages can comfortably have normal conversations without hearing protection just a few yards behind the line.

Many low-light training courses have had to be canceled in recent years because of neighbors complaining about the noise when they’re trying to relax for the evening or sleep. Suppressors are an obvious solution to this issue.

Also, nighttime is the best time to shoot one of America’s most costly animals: wild hogs. I said “shoot” instead of “hunt” because hogs are estimated to cause $200 to $800 in damage apiece per year and sows can deliver as many as 10 babies per year. As a result, hog control becomes a mix between hunting and eradication. What this means is that in addition to bothering the neighbors less when hunting with a suppressed weapon, it also can allow the shooter the opportunity to take more hogs per engagement. This is because the shooter will be able to see better and get back on target quicker and because the decrease in noise might allow for multiple shots before the herd scatters. Whether you can hunt hogs with a silencer depends on where you are. Eighteen States allow either varmint eradication and/or hunting with a silencer. In some States, you can use silencers, night vision and/or thermal vision. In Texas, you can even shoot hogs while hanging out of a helicopter.

Great Learning Tool

When you consider the fact that suppressors decrease sound levels, improve accuracy, reduce felt recoil and reduce muzzle flip, it quickly becomes evident that they are almost the perfect tool to use when introducing a new shooter to the sport — particularly young shooters and females who may be apprehensive of firearms in the first place.

They will be able to hear your range commands easier since they don’t have to wear ear protection. They won’t feel like they’re being yelled at since you will be able to use your normal voice. They won’t be as afraid of the blast and recoil as they might be. And the reduction of muzzle flip leads to a significant reduction in anticipatory flinch. (This is when you “push” the barrel down in anticipation of the round going off to try to counteract recoil. It is one of the most, if not the most common problem that shooters of all skill levels have.)

In a non-tactical survival situation, hunting with a suppressor also has the benefit of considerably shortening the radius within which other people could direction find you based on the report of your shot.

Tactical Considerations

Even though tactical benefits won’t be nearly as useful to most people, there are some notable ones that I want to share with you.

  • If you’re on a tactical team where everyone is using suppressed weapons, it will be very easy to differentiate friend from foe.
  • If you’re not an audio blocker (some people’s ears mysteriously compensate for explosions and firearms noises in high stress situations — a phenomenon covered in David Grossman’s book On Combat), your hearing will probably be shot pretty quickly after you fire your first shot and you won’t be able to communicate as effectively with your team. If you and your teammates use suppressors, then at least your weapons won’t blow your hearing, even though your opponents’ weapons may.
  • With most normal powder loads, suppressors contain most of the muzzle flash and allow shooters to maintain their night vision longer than with unsuppressed weapons.
  • Suppressors can significantly increase muzzle velocity and terminal ballistics of a short barreled rifle.
  • Suppressed light and noise and the alteration of the frequency of the muzzle blast make direction finding much more difficult than with non-suppressed weapons.
  • Some SWAT teams keep suppressed .22s on hand for shooting out lights during high risk raids. Since everything that goes up must come down and since they are responsible for every round that leaves their weapons, this is not incredibly common.

Who Can Own A Silencer?

If you’re a legal U.S. resident aged 21 or older, a non-felon, and live in Alabama, Arkansas, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia or Wyoming, you can own a silencer. You just have to buy it from a firearms dealer who has a Class III license and pay a $200 tax for each suppressor. Right now, the wait is about six months for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to approve your application.

If you don’t live in one of these States, you can still buy sub-caliber inserts. See the editor’s note.

As a note, firearms dealers are required to have a Class III license to sell silencers.  Silencers are technically called “Title II” items. Another way of saying it is that a dealer has to have a Class III license to sell Title II items. More on Title II items in a few paragraphs.

In other countries where suppressors are legal, they are generally less expensive and easier to obtain.

Unfortunately, in addition to making it unnecessarily cumbersome for law abiding citizens to legally obtain a silencer, it’s also very easy to mess up once you own one.

Technically, if you buy a silencer in your name, you are the only person who can use it or have access to or control of it without committing a felony. That means that if you own a safe and keep your suppressors in your safe, nobody — including your spouse — can have the combination.

If you’re at the range, you can’t legally let anyone else fire your suppressed weapon or handle your suppressor.

This can be interpreted to apply to both civilians and law enforcement and is an especially big tripping point for law enforcement who personally own short barreled rifles or suppressors and who think that the law doesn’t apply to them and their families.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: the National Firearms Act Gun Trust. A properly done NFA Gun Trust will allow you to bypass some of the more onerous aspects of the process to buying and using a suppressor. If you’re going to have any suppressors or other NFA Title II items (fully automatic weapons, short barreled rifles, suppressors, destructive devices, etc.), you really want to have a properly done NFA Gun Trust.

I said “properly done” twice because there are several attorneys and gun stores who are giving or selling people defective NFA Gun Trusts. In some cases, it has meant that when people who had several Title II items in a defective trust went to buy another Title II item, it lead to the ATF confiscating all of their Title II items.

I don’t agree with the need for an NFA Gun Trust. I would like to see the items simply covered under the 2nd Amendment, the tax stamp requirement abolished and for the need for the trust eliminated. Unfortunately, that’s not reality, and reality has convinced me of the need to do everything according to the laws on the books and have an NFA Gun Trust to protect myself, my family and our firearms.

What I did was go to the granddaddy of NFA Gun Trusts, David Goldman. Title II owners across the country owe Goldman a huge debt of gratitude for deciding to focus on NFA Gun Trusts and figure out all of the tweaks and changes that needed to be made to make the process of buying, storing, using and transferring Title II items as legal and painless as possible for law-abiding people who just want to stay out of trouble.

Goldman has done thousands of these trusts. If you want one, contact his office at and provide your information. (His site is a treasure chest of good solid information on Title II weapons.) His office will do the majority of the trust and then forward it to an attorney in your State who will do the final customizations to make the trust legal in your State. When I went through the process, it was painless and informative. I strongly encourage you to contact him if you have any interest in getting Title II items. He offered to discount his fees for my readers; so if you want to save some money, tell him I referred you.

Goldman includes a guide with his trusts that explains how to buy items, how to set up banking correctly so you don’t make the trust defective, how to fill out the forms correctly and what you must include and shouldn’t include with your application. I can tell you from personal experience that this is incredibly valuable, as is the ability to call the office (sometimes multiple times) while you’re in the process of buying your Title II items to make sure you’re doing everything correctly. The guide also includes instructions how to legally buy private party, travel with Title II items, move from State to State and more.

Also, if you currently have a NFA Gun Trust, you may want to have Goldman review it to make sure that it’s not a defective trust that could expose you to considerable unnecessary liability.

As a note, we all know how much the Administration of President Barack Obama wants to limit the rights of gun owners. It’s a fair guess that the sale of Title II items would be an easy early target. That’s why I buy suppressors whenever I can. They’re kind of pricy, so it’s not something I get every week or even every month, but it’s something that I’m making progress on.

Do you have any experience with suppressors? Do you intend to buy any in the future? If you had a choice, would you rather have a fully automatic weapon, a suppressed weapon or a short barreled rifle? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

–David Morris

Editor’s note: Sportsman’s Guide has some very neat tools that will let you shoot .32 ACP ammo through bolt action .308s (and a few other .30 caliber rifles).

They are called “sub caliber sleeves” or “rifle chamber inserts.” I have a handful of these little treasures, and they have a few important uses for preppers.

To begin with, when you shoot a .32 ACP through a .308 barrel, the report is much quieter than with a .308. It’s almost like using a silencer. Next, if you’re training someone to shoot a high powered rifle, it’s less expensive to shoot .32 ACP than .308, and there’s almost no recoil. Lastly, if you shoot small game with a .32 ACP, there will be a lot less meat destroyed than if you make the same shot with a .308.

Dr. David Eifrig Jr.

is the editor of two of Stansberry's best advisory services. One of his advisories, Retirement Millionaire, is a monthly letter showing readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less than you'd imagine possible. He travels around the U.S. looking for bargains, deals and great investment ideas. Already his average reader has saved $2,793 since 2008 (documented in each Retirement Millionaire issue). He also writes Retirement Trader, a bi-monthly advisory that explains simple techniques to make large, but very safe, gains in the stock and bond markets. This is a pure finance play and the reason Porter Stansberry loves having "Doc" on the team. Doc holds an MBA from Kellogg and has worked in arbitrage and trading groups with major Wall Street investment banks (Goldman Sachs). In 1995, he retired from the "Street," went to UNC-Chapel Hill for medical school and became an ophthalmologist. Now, in his latest "retirement," he joined Stansberry & Associates full-time to share with readers his experiences and ideas.

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  • richbrat

    Well if BO gets re-elected (Heaven forbid) the legality of those items will probably go away and the issue over DIY versions, i.e. “vented” plumbing, w/felt washers, toilet-paper rolls in soda bottles, etc. becomes moot, eh?

  • James Coombs

    I believe the author is wrong in listing Michigan as suppressor legal. I have never seen Michigan listed that way.

    • Ron Nossal

      I would be interested in clarification on that point. I was under the impression that Michigan does not allow surpressors.

    • Joe Pilchak

      Attorney general: Michigan gun owners can use silencers, suppressors

      Sep 2, 2011

      Michigan law permits gun owners to obtain and use noise suppressors or silencers as long as they first go through a federal permitting process, according to a formal opinion released today by Attorney General Bill Schuette … more

      Michigan Gets Quiet
      By Joel E. Fulton

      On September 2, 2011, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette issued an opinion which will now allow citizen’s of the State of Michigan to join the citizens of 38 other states in the legal possession of sound suppression devices. AG Bill Schuette used the same logic in this opinion as was used by former AG Mike Cox to allow Michiganians to possess fully automatic machine guns manufactured before 1986.

      AG Bill Schuette has been supported in his decision by constitutional County Sheriff’s Michael Raines of Eaton County and Dar Leaf of Barry County. This interpretation of current Michigan law is consistent with all of the Federal rules regulating the transfer of devices controlled by the National Firearms Act of 1934. Every person wishing to purchase a sound suppression device for their firearm must first obtain permission from their chief local law enforcement official, be fingerprinted, submit photos, submit to a Federal criminal background check, and pay a $200 transfer tax.

      The benefit to citizens will be the ability to defend ones home or vehicle without having to destroy ones hearing with the discharge of a firearm in a confined space. In addition, as in Europe, sound suppression devices will go a long way toward noise abatement. It is now possible to shoot in the back yard without disturbing your neighbor’s sleep who works third shift, upset their livestock, or sight in your firearms without upsetting the woods right before hunting season.

      The benefits of these devices are numerous and with the legal hurdles and regulations in place for them, they are very unlikely to find their way into the hands of criminals. Attorney General Bill Schuette in expressing an opinion allowing sound suppression devices on firearms has done nothing more than put a muffler on a lawnmower. It is quiet and courteous and makes the shooting sports more social and enjoyable by making it safe to shoot without having to wear cumbersome ear protection.

      Joel Fulton is the President of Freedom Firearms in Battle Creek Michigan and has worked extensively on a volunteer basis with the Michigan Attorney General’s Office on Concealed Pistol License Reciprocity.

  • jack

    I’ll bet a pickled Democrat that Bobo has never fired a weapon, much less owns one.

    • Keith Luxton

      Probably did as a young thug among the Chicago gangs

      • Keith Luxton

        I should also add I am one of the majority of Disenfranchised Americans, I live in the Demoncrat state of New Jersey

  • Michael Johnston

    28 years in SOF has given me a lot of experience with suppressors. We got our first Surefire 8 inch can in 1989 and since then they’ve come a long way. I recently tested 5 different suppressors and found Knight Armament and Surefire (long model) to be the best for ease of use, accuracy, and the least change to zero. You do have to change the standard flash suppressors on your M-4 style rifle to their’s but its easy to do with the right tools or take it to your local gun store.

  • John Fisher

    ….The idea of all these law-abiding citizens with guns may be comforting to some, but not to me. I live in Texas and you may accurately measure the macho down here by our esteemed Goober, currently displaying his bigotry for all to see in hopes of the White House. What has happened to us as a people?

    • Jerry

      Its unfortunate that as Americans that we have to consider owning a weapon to protect ourselves. Having said that, I have owned and used weapons since I was 16 years old. Hunting mostly. Now I have to consider using one to protect my family from gangs and criminals but so be it. If the police can’t afford protection, then I will do it myself. I would love to own a supressor for many reasons and none of them ILLEGAL. To all the LIBERAL obama loving democrats, it is your choice whether to own a weapon or not own one, but don’t come crying to the rest of GUN OWNERS when some drug addict loser comes to your home and kills your family(like the doctor up North that lost his family(wife and two Beauitful Daughters) because two criminals decided to rob him. If he had owned only one weapon they would probably still be alive. Fortunaltely in America we still have a choice and I want to keep that way.

      • Steven in Dallas

        >> Its unfortunate that as Americans that we have to consider owning a weapon to protect ourselves.

        Just a little philosophical disagreement. For 99.999% of the human experience (since the species began AS humans), we have had to defend ourselves; and most likely using “tools”, or weapons. So the concept of living in a mode where we did not have to protect ourselves is a brand new concept and is the exception, not the rule.

        Also, do you really want any level of government to be so strong and pervasive that they actually CAN protect you from any conceivable danger? Imagine the level of self-determination that you would have to hand over to a paternalistic entity for them to be able to protect you 100% (smoking illegal, unhealthy food illegal, no cars, no alchohol, enforced curfew, etc., you see my point. I can keep you safe if you give me all your freedom.). I take it as a good thing that gov is restrained enough that we do still have to protect ourselves.

    • DSW

      Goober? Come on, really? I am a Texan and there are goobers in every state. You shouldn’t judge all by a few. We need guns here in the “country” hogs, snakes, and yes..bears! We protect our live stock and if needed, our family.

      • Lee Baldwin

        Hogs, snakes and BEARS, DSW??? Really? I have been an avid outdoors person for over 50 years and I have never needed to shoot any of those critters for any reason. What could your reason be? The only animal you list that might attack you is the hog. You don’t need to be very high up to end that threat and the hog will amble on to something else. TWO LEGGED SNAKES are for shootin’ however. But, they don’t go very far from their car in the wilds. They are typically busy spraypainting something they don’t own.

        • dalek

          I live in Mississippi and I have had to kill plenty of snakes. This is especially true shortly after a flood. They do also get in the yard and some don’t just slither away either.

          We also have coyotes and other critters that will get to close for comfort. We still have a sighting of a panther from time to time too. I want a big gun when I see one of those. Oh, distance would be nice too.

          I’m like this, if they want my gun, they will have to take it. I’m not giving mine up. I’m law abiding but if they outlaw guns, I’ll be a law breaker, WITH my gun.

          While we are at it, if more poeple used a gun instead of 911, we would have much less crime. People around here now me pretty well. My cars are unlocked, my shop door stays open for weeks. Why, they know if I catch them, going to jail would be considered them winning and me loosing.

          • Blue Devil

            dalek — I lived for more than 30 years in southern Missouri. We left our cars unlocked most of the year ——— all except zucchini season!!!!

    • Ron Spiess

      I also live in Texas and believe Rick Perry to be FAR superior to the non US citizen communist who presently occupies the White House. If it were not for our gun owning population, BO would be a dictator. When our guns are taken, our freedom will go with them. I can’t believe Idiots like Fisher live in Texas but here’s the proof.

      • 45caliber


        I believe that Fisher should move to Washington, DC, and raise the IQ of both areas with the move.

      • Mad Dog

        Ron, do you even know what the hell a comunist is? I doubt it since you sound to me like a circus clown yourself!

        • 45caliber


          Yes, he does. He is one.

        • Jim Cumber

          Our Pseudo-President, Barry Soetoro (his “legal” name when he was adopted by his Indonesian step-father in the late 1960s), in his own auto-biography, “Dreams From My Father,” BRAGGED about how he deliberately selected ONLY Communist Professors to be his College Instructors! Talk about “Volunteering” to have his brains washed: or would that be having them “dry cleaned?”

      • Joe H.

        Ron Spiess,
        On guns, yes, perry might be better than Odumber. R. Paul, according to GOA(gun owners of America) Is BETTER!! GOA gives perry an “A” grade on second ammendment rights, while they give R. Paul an “A+”!
        I’ll still vote for R. Paul all the way, even to writing him in!!

    • Joe

      Dear John, there are many many different perceptions. At least ask yourself why you think the way you do. Investigate yourself from a nuetral place. Qeustion youself and how you think. This isnt a contest of who is right or wrong, and if your’re right you win the prize (whatever that may be). Its about finding the truth. Just find the truth John, by researching and investigating ALL the facts. Not just the ones you want to hear. You cannot make an intelligent decision without ALL the facts in front of you. Once you have done this, then you can offer an intelligent opinion. Until then, SHUT UP!

    • rwf01

      I have to agree with you in part John. What has happened to us as a people? I’m a fellow Texan and I’m old enough to remember when fellow Texan didn’t care if I owned gun or how many I owned or the type of gun. I would be considered my business. Just like it’s your business to not own guns. I don’t care if you do or you don’t, that’s your business. Are you a native Texan or a transplant? I don’t mind transplants, I just take issue when transplants thy to make my state like the one they fled.

      Do you watch the news? Have you seen the rise of home invasions in Texas? How about the trouble spilling over from our southern boarder? I’m glad most of my neighbors are armed. I have some very close law enforcement associations and most LEO’s will tell you your best defense against criminals is to arm yourself and get some training. Because after the fact of a crime they will be glad to take a report and do what they can to catch criminals but they CAN NOT STOP crimes from happening.

      If you are a victim of a crime and lucky enough to make a call for help 5 minutes is a fast response time. I’m sure you have read about it taking longer and the horrors that can happen before the law can show up.

      Your safety and that of your family and to a lessor extent you neighbors is your responsibility. I think that is one of the things that is wrong with our country. Too many people think it’s the responsibility of the government to take care of us.

      An Armed Society is a Polite Society!!!

      • scotta

        Yes, an armed society is a polite society! My pet peeve about “gun control” is the fiction that we need concealed carry licenses to…concealed carry. —- that. No offence; just my opinion. And I have lived in the former Soviet Union, and have seen all of this nonsense before. How could I have possibly have gone wrong to choose the US as my new home? I am saddened, depressed, and feel betrayed.

        Best wishes to all, including clean kills in the coming new year.


    • Joe H.

      john fisher,
      I agree, where have we gone wrong with our citizenry that my neighbor, or YOU for that matter, think you have the right to even consider banning my rights to own a weapon? do I try to pass laws that say you MUST own and be able to use a weapon? How about you go through life worrying about whose toes YOU are stepping on and let me worry about me?? I have owned guns all my life, served in the Army in VietNam and other than combat, have killed NO ONE!!! People through out my life have trampled on my rights, insulted me, even physically assaulted me. I did not in reply go home grab my gun and confront them. I am a very RESPONSIBLE owner. I shoot about twice a month to stay current, Keep my guns secured, and I am proficient enough to hit what I aim at EVERY time! now, what do you have to worry about with ME??? the only possible time you could ever have a worry about ME is if you are into B&E. You AREN’T are you??

      • Joe H.


  • Shawn Wilson

    to John Fisher.. I will tell you what has “happened to us”, John.. You voted yourself a communist into the White House. No Administration in the history of our country has been so driven to establish a full “military industrial dictatorship” as has,and is, this Administration, ~~ Yes.. the one that you voted for. You apparently are so uninformed that you are blind to what is being done to America. It is you, and those others “out there” who are the greatest harm and danger to our nation; your ignorance defies imagination.

    • Ron Nossal

      Amen Shawn

    • Scott in SC

      Do you really believe it all started with this administration? And if we can get a Republican in the White House all will be OK.

      • R Crain

        AGAIN, I have to tell you people, YOU JUST DON`T GET IT!! The Democrat and the Republican Parties both want the same thing.They want to take us all screaming and kicking into the New World Order. This is their goal, and has been for a very long time. That guy elected is nothing more than a center piece. He takes his orders from the people who really run this country, and the world. I`m talking about these world Bankers, the UN, and the Bildenbergs. They call the shots, not our so-called President.It`s been this way for a long time. They cause the depressions, the boom and the bust. They are responsible for most wars, stock markets climbing and dropping. They manipulate our lives at their whim. Life means nothing to these people, as long as the bottom line is met. MORE MONEY, MORE POWER!! Our respective parties sold their souls a long time ago. People that vote the Party, only add to the problems. Every voter has to think for him/her self what is best for this Republic of our. It most definitely is not these two parties. Enter the TEA PARTY. These people want to break the cycle. Want to see this election go VIRAL overnight? Get Sara Palin, and Michelle Bachman running together. Want to see Democrats and Republicans wet their pants, and cry foul too? These clowns in DC are terrified of Sara Palin. Why do you think they Demonise her like they do. If Sara Palin threw her hat in the ring, they would declare Martial Law, cause they cannot raise enough dead people to stop a LANDSLIDE VICTORY. It was the Republicans that put the knife into Herman Cains back. Here is another very successful contender, that was going to wreck the plans to take us all into the New World Order. Thats why they put the knife into Hermans back, too take him out of the running.Its not a question of Democrat or Republican, cause they both have the same goal. Only the Tea Party can break the cycle that is repeated every 4 years. It just never ends. The American People have had about all they are going to take. Its going to be like the Alamo, and the Civil War all over again. We will take this Republic back for future generations, so they won`t have to live in slavery and bondage.When you start detaining people with out charges, opening Fema Camps to house those detainees, then you have finally crossed that line. Bush signed us all into THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION a couple of years ago, behind Congress back, not that it made any difference to a do nothing Congress. When the crap hits the fan, we will have Mexican and Canadian troops patrolling our streets. They will be there to back up the UN Troops, who will impose Martial Law. The American Military will do nothing. They will stand down. They won`t hurt American citizens, but they won`t help either. Those Military leaders are bought and paid for. A lot of people are going to die trying to keep this Republic our Founding Fathers gave us, but in the end, WE THE PEOPLE WILL WIN.

        • Eric

          Thanks that is best of the comments I have read so far. I am not a Tea Party supporter (but I am a Texan)I am a great believer in the need for a 3rd party. That is the only hope we have. Birthers do something more constructive with your time and money than whining.

      • Mary

        Most of the Americans are in dennial Scott. We all know that. Nobody will fix this mess. We are in the point of no return. The question is are we going dowm fighting or not?

    • aubreyfarmer

      For fear of being called an anti Semite most are afraid of pointing out the obvious. It is the Zionist Jew occupiers that are at the forefront of hate crime legislation and gun control. You disagree? Google “Jews in the Obama administration.” “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. Thomas Jefferson

      People that love liberty must be taught where the biggest threat to our freedom lies and who is behind labeling anyone that does not agree with this criminal government a traitor. Google “The Hasbara Project” We no longer have a free press and it is the Zionists that are responsible. After the 1982 invasion of southern Lebanon by Israel in 1982 and the murder of thousands of civilians the media reports shined the light of truth on all of the Zionist murderers. The truth fell victim to Zionist propaganda from that day until now. There is also anecdotal evidence to suggest that what many considered a genocide of the Armenian Christian population by the Turkish regime which cost 1.5 million Christians their lives was also brought about by crypto Ashkenazi Khazar Jews posing as Muslims. Take note. One of the last acts of the Turkish government was to take away all weapons the Armenians had. Then by starvation, murder and exposure to the elements almost the entire population of 2 million was eradicated. Read these quotes and be afraid. Talmudic Judaism is responsible for every form of racism known in the Western world. And so this statement is given great credibility in Michael Hoffman’s new book, Judaism’s Strange Gods. “And it may well be that this same astounding race may at the present time be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible. It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical.” Winston Churchill International Jews Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, and against the worldly governors, the princes of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness, which are in high places.

      • Walt

        Finally! A man who is well educated on history (the truth about the Armenian Holocaust…no I’m not Armenian) and understands the true historical difference between the Ashkanzi Khazar, non-racial Jews, and the true racial Sephardic Jews.

        If more Americans took the time to research these topics, they would have a different perspective on the long term damage being done by this group of people to America and western culture in general.

      • white tiger

        Bless your little heart, Aubrey! Forgot your meds again, eh? Lets just guess at bipolar, right? Lots of very expensive therapy between y’all and reality! We wish y’all well.

      • sybucket

        …..Another religeious Zelot wackjob….

      • http://n/a R Lundquist

        Zionism is understandable in terms of the jewish people, and their history. However, it has been turned into the most racist, unjust, selfish doctrine on planet Earth. The US should guarantee the Israeli borders as declared in the ’48 UN partition–wha’t done is done. But there must be reparations. Then the Israelis must w/draw to pre-’67 war borders and fre and open passage between Gaza and the W. Bank guaranteed. All settlements must be disbanded. There is no “biblical imperative” in any Bible I’ve ever seen. AIPAC must loose its hold on American gov’t and media.Remember the USS Liberty. And Deir Yassin, etc., etc.

      • Divided Legacy

        You’re right aubreyfarmer…and it’s no wonder. These impostors and their minions have been trying to destroy Yaweh’s people and their way of life from the beginning: Genesis 3:15 and John 8:43-44. One day, His people will awaken to who they are and this parasitic plague will be exposed and dealt with as foretold.

      • Joe H.

        For get the anectdotal evidence! SHOW ME PROOF!! The Turks were the ones that devastated the Armenians!! Take your hairless BS somewhere else!!

      • Sandy Daniels

        Amazing how you never mention that Israel has never started a war, and you fail to mention that the Israeli people are being bombed and rocketed virtually every day. sounds like you have NAZI’ITIS

        Semper Fi

    • J Mitchell


  • Keith Luxton

    Unfortunately, I am one of the disenfranchised majority in America, living in the Demoncrat controlled state of New Jersey.

    • Phil

      Makes 2 of us. Can’t wait to get out of this rudly un-constitutional state!!

    • white tiger

      And with a mafiosi governor, at that! Christie is the real Tony Soprano.

  • garry

    please correct me if i am wrong but you state that silencers are legal in england and they might be but what do they use them on? the last i knew they took the guns away in england and australia.

    • GRusling

      I don’t know about Australia, but in England you can still own small caliber handguns and rifles. They must be kept at “Gun Clubs” though, not in the home. Shotguns are still legal for farmers, in most places.

      That being said, the criminal element in England has no problem getting their hands on any type weapon they desire, and they do, and they use them routinely…

      • 45caliber


        Farmers can have a “Single-barrelled” shotgun … but only if they can get the local sheriff to agree. One of the government officials there stated that there were more guns in England today than there was before they passed the ban. The difference was that before the ban the law-abiding people owned them. Now they are owned by gang members. Further, the original guns were basically bolt action or revolvers. Now the most common weapon is a fully-automatic SKS or AK that is being imported with the drugs the gangs sell from Russia.

        • Joe H.

          evidenced by recent activities!! IE the guy that started shooting people with a fully automatic weapon that even the police could not stand up to as they were out-gunned!!

        • FreedomFighter

          Anyone have any experiance with a Belgian made FN 2000 bullpup design rifle?

          I tried out the FN 2000 yesterday, and have to say this may well become my main rifle of choice. It handled like a body extension.

          Any you guys have any info on it? First impressions aside, how it performs

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

  • JDMartin

    I support our constitution and government, but what if it were to be overthrown and we wake up tomorrow with a different government and constitution? I think the threat of the large number of citizens that are armed will help to prevent this. The citizens of America have more arms than most contries do, maybe just Texans do. Another country or some faction from within would be crazy to try to take it away from us.

    • Sirian

      Oklahoma is well armed too JD, gun sales have tripled since 9/11 and Obummers election. Our biggest concern lies in Washington D.C. and the fools that think that guns are a bigger threat. They are what truly worries me.

      • sybucket

        Actueally Obama is NOT well armed. He just thinks he is. It is highly doutful if either the Armed Forces or the majority of the police departmens in this country would obay any “consficate firearms” orders from him. And should that Order ever be given from Washington, it will be the start of the next Civil War.

      • Joe H.

        Ditto OHIO!!!! We do ok!!

    • Dr John Galt

      Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to a different government, one that reinstated the Constitution as the basis of our government “of, for, and by” the people?
      That is unlikely to happen until we revisit the changes instituted in 1913.

      • Sirian

        Perhaps there needs to be another secret meeting take place on Jekyll Island only this one to eliminate the Federal Reserve. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot! I’m open for the first train ticket available!!! You want one Doc?

      • aubreyfarmer

        Almost daily I see tanker jets flying over spraying enormous amounts of chemicals into the sky. Not even with the FOIA is one able to determine what we are being sprayed with. The spraying is done under the cover of “weather modification.” And now we see the “bird flu” virus has been mutated so it will easily transfer from birds to people and from person to person. And when was the last time anything was mentioned by the Zionist controlled media about the murder of John P. Wheeler, former Special Assistant to Secretary of the Air Force? What had he discovered and what was hidden under the floor of his kitchen? I have a real bad feeling something big is in the works. Another “false flag” like 911 maybe, but this time on a massive scale as a pretext to declaring martial law? In a two party monopoly political system where America is being driven to destruction and the methodology of destruction are the only factors that define the two parties, anything is possible. 911 was facilitated at the very highest levels of government. Google “Able Danger” and listen to Lt. Col. Anthony Schaffer’s testimony before Congress. Or Sibel Edmonds, the whistle blower fired by the FBI for alerting the FBI that there were traitors working within the Afghan translation section of the FBI. There are forces at work here that have been responsible for the death of millions world wide in the last century. YouTube “Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech” You will never look at the world the same way ever again.

        • Dave S

          I too have noticed the “chemtrails” and I believe they have 2 purposes one is for weather mods and the other is to weaken our immune system. I contacted the EPA on it and they replied they were contrails with an explanation of how they are formed. I thought “what bs” this is, what are they trying to pull. Contrails do not last for hours, spread out and go from horizon to horizon”. Who is feeding them that crap? I suspect the military as they are the only ones that could possibly do it.
          Like you, I sense another false flag attack to bring about martial law and completely strip us of our rights and one way could be a pandemic threat. I heard recently either Norway or Sweden I think it was created a flu that could potentially wipe out 50% of the world’s population. WTF? Why would someone want to create a disease like that? I wonder if they also created the vaccine too with a little something extra in it, say something to make you trackable via satellite. I think it’s gonna get real ugly in the next few years.

          • sybucket

            You two have really gone around the bend….

          • David O

            Sounds like somebody forgot to put on their tin foil hats today, or perhaps ingested some type of mind altering drug before going outside. I have never seen a contrail left from a jet that lasted more than a few minutes, rarely get sick and still believe in freedom. Sooo, if “the gov’mint” is really putting chemicals into our atmosphere designed to weaken us and alter our minds I suppose it’s working on you but not me. Happy trails and don’t forget your tin foil hats.

        • http://personalliberty larry k.

          they used to spread those chem-trails about once a week but now it’s about every day. i don’t trust those bastards, god only knows what they’re spraying on us. why are there thousands of children coming down with asthma? what’s altering the peoples attitudes and their minds that makes them want to kill each other. those chem-trails have been spread for many, many years and if it’s for controling the weather how come we are having all these tornadoes? i do not trust none of our gov. people they are all for themselves– not us.

        • DaveR

          In what states are people seeing tankers spraying? Might what you have seen be due to one or both of the phenomena named “condensation” (of engine exhaust which contains much newly created water vapor from the combustion of the hydrogen in the fuel with oxygen in the atmosphere) and “contrails” (which also result from condensation of water vapor in the air due to action of the wing surfaces of the airplane under the right conditions of amount of water vapor, temperature, and compression/decompression caused by movement of the air past the airfoil of the wing or other component of the airplane)? Of course, in northern Ohio a person seldom can see anything in the sky because of lake effect clouds, but I have seen contrails on many occasions, including at air shows, and off the tail wings of Formula One race cars on TV.

          • Joe H.

            I live just eaast of Cleveland, about 5 miles from the lake. i see contrails all the time. To listen to radio sports personality Trivisanno, you would think the Ruskis are about to invade!!! He’s always doing a conspiracy theory on contrails!!!

          • Sirian

            So many people think that “chemtrails” are nothing more than misidentified “contrails” but in actuality they are very real. We have seen them here in Oklahoma many times. I’m retired Navy so I know what contrails are and how they commonly disperse and evaporate away fairly quickly. But when you watch a plane fly over at high altitude and it’s supposed contrail continues to trail behind from horizon to horizon and last for hours, well, it does give you an odd feeling. It is not unusual to see them run east to west then north to south making a criss-cross tic-tac-toe board out of the sky. There are other airliners flying overheard at the same time and yes, their contrails are normal – short lived. But the “chemtrails” stick around and spread out. As to the actual purpose of them or what they consist of I really don’t know. It’s simply that I myself have watched them several times as they are being laid out in the sky along with several friends of ours too. Have used 15×70 binoculars to get a closer look before. Jump into YouTube and you can find satellite pics of them – very, very unusual. Is this subject matter but an area for crazies? No, they are most certainly real.

      • Dave S

        You are spot on Dr John. The FR and the int’l banking cartel is and has been the biggest threat to the free world with their illegal banking scheme creating debt slaves. It is an evil web they weave which we must eventually destroy if we are to maintain some semblance of freedom. This evil banking system and their owners is one thing our founding fathers left England for and why they wrote in the constitution that the govt was the only entity to coin money and was to be against a gold or silver standard.

        • Dr John Galt

          Prior to the Fed, people created money, not the government.

    • ChristyK

      Wyoming averages 9.3 guns per household.

      • 45caliber

        I live in Texas now but some years ago, the most guns per person was the Ozark Mountains (hillbilly country!) in Arkansas – where I grew up. There were 2.5 guns PER PERSON regardless of the age of the person.

        It has gone up since then.

        • Sirian

          Isn’t it kinda funny that people had always been taught that the “hillbillies” were a bunch of dummies living in the Ozark’s? Obviously they had more between their ears and in their hands than the others. . . :)

          • sybucket

            …..there are about 25 guns in my household……

        • 45caliber

          Also, I forgot to mention, the crime rate was the lowest in that area of anywhere in the USA.

        • Joe H.

          According to FBI stats, gun ownership is at all time highs in the last three years. In those same three years, violent crime has decreased each of those years!! I gusee there’s a lot of truth to the old saying that an Armed Society is a POLITE society!!


      No one is going to take it away from us; we’re giving it away. Hardly a day goes by that another privilege or freedom is taken away, yet we just shake or heads, TALK about how terrible it is, and how someone should do something about it. That’s as far as it goes too. Look how much has erroded away in the past ten or fifteen years.

      The Liberal faction knows how to boil a frog with out it jumping out of the pot and I’m afraid we frogs aren’t too far from croaking.

    • michael

      When The bastard in the white house first came to power, he stated that he wanted an internal force, armed like the military, reporting and dedicated to him. It’s on video, with a bunch of small black children marching in uniform, chanting “obama, obama, obama” The issue is not how many firearms and how much ammunition we have, but if the military or the quasi military have the kind of firepower we are using in afganistan or other military powers. If you ever watch the military channel, you will have seen all the new technology that could be used against the anti obama forces in this country. Our military takes an oath on the ‘CONSTITUTION” not on the president, but we all know what he thinks of the constitution, like any wanna be dictator. I pray that our military follows their oath to the constitution, and to the people of this country, and not to this wanna be dicatator. Check out the group OATHKEEPERS.. and get every law enforcement, or military personnel to sign up with them..
      despite all our armament, we would be terribly out gunned if they turned against us.

  • bill

    The only thing that bothers me about many 2nd Amendment believers is the fact
    that their silly little handguns will be of no value whatsoever against body
    armored thugs.If you don’t believe this,see the utube video of the two gangsters
    who tried to rob a bank in California.

    • Carlee

      Well, Bill, my whole family from way back are “2nd Amendment Believers” and we don’t just own handguns or wimpy ammo!!! Even our young granddaughter can shoot and she’s a better shot than I am. When someone tries to kill you or your family, who are you gonna call? Police won’t get there in time, so you need to prepare to protect your loved ones.

    • Brian

      Bill, are you not a second amendmant believer?

    • TJohnston

      Wear all the body armor you want – it only takes one head shot

      • 45caliber


        • sybucket

          Body armor be dammed, it’s bullet placement that counts!

    • Michael

      The 2nd Amendment does not limit firearms ownership to “silly little handguns”. Shotguns and major caliber rifles are good defenses against most perps.

      • Christ

        No, it does not, but 2A also says nothing about “Firearms”, and specifically cites the “right to bare ARMS”.

        BTW, I can’t find the articles, but I beleive any BATFE reference to “firearms” specifically refers to anything not already defined as a “long gun”, which includes (generally) anything with a barrel length shorter than 16.5″ (rifles) and 18″ (shotgun) as well as several other key points.

        • David O

          Not to mention, most body armor won’t stop a thrust from a sharp knife, spear, bolt or arrow point either. The 2A doesn’t only refer to firearms you know? There were a greater number of police officers killed last year than in decades, yet most were wearing body armor when killed (some died in wrecks, so I’m not referring to them). An 5.7 pistol round will zip right through soft body armor as will a 17 HMR as well as most rifle rounds. Tactical and military units were ceramic plates, but they do not cover the majority of the body.

    • James

      The Second Amendment’s “shall not be infringed,” which applies to the right to keep and bear arms, is a restriction the States placed upon the newly created national government.
      If that isn’t what you mean by “Second Amendment believer” then your minds are screwed up. Our rights are unalienable, they aren’t dependent on any document for their existence.

      • white tiger

        James’ point is well taken. God gives us our rights; the Government does not. How can that which we created give us anything? That would be like making a statue and then praying for it to do something for us.

        • Christ

          OH, kinda like the Crucifix?

          • James

            The Second Commandment reads: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth…”

      • Bob Marshall

        Notice it doesn’t say what type of arms. Only the Federal Government has decided to determine that.

        • James

          It has generally assumed by the Supreme Court that ‘arms’ that can be borne by a single man includes anything he perceives as a weapon. It would not include cannon, tanks, planes or large rocket launchers. I would think shoulder-fired missile launchers like I carried in Korea would be a permissible ‘arms.’

    • Larry Castle

      Have you any idea what a individuals insides look like after getting hit by a .44 Mag, even with body armor?

      • James

        Yes, in Korea I was onced asked to identify as many as possible, men, in a truck load of dead U.S. soldiers.

    • Dave S

      Bill you are a douche go back to sleep.

    • IGotAComment

      Where I live people use 44 cal hand guns to bring down down brown (grizzly) bears while hiking. This, to me, is a handgun. Your .22 and .380 are practice weapons for the kids. They also hunt and protect their home with 12 gauge slugs and double 0 shells which will also bring down a brown bear. Have you seen the exit hole of a .45 cal 1911 handgun or a shotgun slug? At the end of the month I get my S&W AR 15. My rifle is a Remington 700 30.06, the same weapon that Navy Seal snipers use occasionally … and it has a scope. No one needs all of these weapons. There are extras for the local liberals who will come begging for home protection one day. I may give them something to protect their family with.

      And I think you are correct: Silly little handguns. I propose everyone should arm themselves to protect their family and neighborhood with suitable caliber sized weapons as I have. Let me tell you … my wife and I fear no home invasionist except the army and government. BTW: When was the last home invasion by an armor clad bad guy? And like TJohnston said: HEADSHOT. BTW: The 45 cal 1911 has a ‘laser’ for headshots.

      Now if you expect the police to protect you, you’re up the proverbial creek. I have great respect for law enforcement (despite a few bad apples) but they are a reactionary force, not an immediate protective force. Are we afraid? Not lately.

      Sounds like you need an education in home protection. There are numerous websites you can go to for information. Or maybe you need to change your friends or add a few ‘men’ into your list of acquaintances who have the ability to protect their family and friends and you can learn from them. That’s what men, and a lot of women, do. And you might even learn that they are not the crazies the liberal make them out to be.

    • http://personalliberty larry k.

      they don’t wear face or head armore, what’s to stop a head shot?

      • Christ

        What’s to stop a headshot? The general lack of attentive, reactive, or reasonable use skills one might expect a gun owner to have.

        We all THINK we could do it, but how many really could? Only time will tell, and for most of us, that time (hopefully) will never come.

        The only way to ensure that you “have what it takes” is to train appropriately. Many do not, and carry guns claiming “civil liberty” and “personal right”. Too many.

        If you took the first handgun you found, pointed it from 50 feet in the general direction of a lunatic robbing a bank, could you take him down? Would anyone else by injured by your shot? CAN YOU BE SURE?

        • TML

          50 feet? Where is the bank robber? Outside and across the parking lot? Try about 15 feet before attempting a shot like that.

          • 45caliber


            Nothing wrong with a 50 ft. shot. I normally shoot at a minimum of 75 feet since closer is a waste of practice. At 15 ft., as you suggest, it is difficult to count the holes – the bullets all go through the same spot.

        • 1955thekeeper

          Statistics on aggravated crimes state that most firefights between police and the perps start at around 5 feet between actors and is over, one way or another, in under 30 seconds. If its just you and the criminal, response times of 5 or more minutes could be a certain death sentence for you or your loved ones unless you are armed. For those of you who believe that the 2nd Amen. was to protect the rights of hunters to own “arms,” wake up. When the amendment was written, if you didn’t hunt or fish, your family went without. No, it was included to keep any persons or government from unlawfully depriving you of your life and/or property.

        • Blue Devil

          Christ — With MY OWN handgun, I could! With someone else’s, it’s anybody’s guess. I’d have no idea as to what range it was sighted in for ——— or IF it ever was. I know where mine shoots. I don’t know where someone elses does!

    • http://personalliberty larry k.

      bill, they don’t wear face or head armore, so how about making a head shot?

    • R Crain

      Like I told a friend of mine the other day. He was showing me his body armor, and made the remark that I could shoot him all I want, but he would still kill me and take everything I have put back to survive with. Then I burst his bubble. I told him I would take my 22 Magnum, and fire one shot thru his left eye, and I would take his costly body armor, and everything he has. Like I told him, they have not devised a way to protect your eyes and your mouth, not yet.He said that was pretty dirty of me to shoot someone in the eye, but I just grinned. Its dirty people like me that will survive. When it comes to survival for me and my family, the gloves come off. I live in the Ozark woods, and I have plenty of deer and turkey to eat. I have enough food for a year. I also have my own well, 350 ft deep. I also have running springs, with trout in them.I have a large battery bank, with a 8,000 watt inverter, hooked to a 10,000 watt step up transformer to give me 240 volts of AC current. My kill zone is well defined. I suspect when they find me, I will be knee deep in brass, with a empty gun.My head will most likely be bashed in with my own empty gun, pried from my dead fingers. BUT, I will send a lot of them ahead of me to meet the good Lord. That you can count on.The fact that I`m a ham radio operator will also help to my advantage. Ain`t nobody going to do nothing over the radio that I don`t hear it first.In the survival game, you need all the advantages you can muster. Start building or buying SCANNERS for a lot of different frequencies. Its going to be a long and costly fight just to stay alive.

      • 45caliber


        That area also has some of the most fertile and watered land in the country. You can basically keep a family alive on an acre or two of garden and a couple of hogs a year. My family still has some land up there – and we intend to move there if and when. If not sooner. My brother has 300 acres and backs up to a section of National Forest that can only be reached through his property unless you carry a boat for miles to a creek. Nice hunting and fishing!

    • Art Lemieux

      They still haven’t invented body armor for the head, shoot them between the eyes


      The operative word in that statement is “tried” and if you check, I do believe those thugs are dead from gunshot wounds.

    • Joe H.

      Have you ever seen what a 45 caliber round to the head will do?? I have and when it’s to the head, even body armor isn’t gonna stop them from going DOWN!! an intelligent human is always going to find a way!! Practice, practice, practice!! That way you hit what you aim at!! The only true gun control!!!

  • Nick T.

    For anyone that is interested, here is a list of states that allow silencers (suppressors).

    There is also a “How to Own” section for those who wish to pursue. The Michigan ruling is still up in the air and will be decided by the Attorney general

    • Joe H.

      i had to chuckle when I saw the entry for W. Virginia!! “silencer may not be used on weapon”! What the hell is the use of HAVING one if you can’t use it on the weapon????

  • Greg Brown

    Shawn, your phrase, “your ignorance defies imagination” seems to apply when U state: “No Administration in the history of our country has been so driven to establish a full “military industrial dictatorship”.

    R U not aware that this admin who you love to hate, is trying to downsize our overpriced military-industrial complex? Read the news. U got it backwards.

    • GRusling

      You misunderstand. Do you not recall when Obama said he wanted a “civilian militia” at least as large and as well armed as our military?

      He has it now in place… It’s called the TSA…

      • Scott in SC

        GR do you know what administration established The Dept. of Homeland Security (TSA), the biggest federal agency ever created; whose only purpose is to spy on American citizens. Yes it’s the same one that brought us the Patriot Act that strips us of our Constitutional liberties. George W. Bush and all the Republicans were cheering him on, and now they whine because the new administration has these same powers at their disposal. What did you think was going to happen?

        • independent thinker

          We know all to well when the (Un)Patriot Act was passed. We also know it took the support of many democrats to pass it. I have heard it was written by a democrat. We also know obama has not only pushed for its renewal but has gotten the (Un)Partiot Act expanded.

          • Joe H.

            Good ‘ole Joey Biden has laid claim to that credit!!! I can’t believe ANYONE would ADMIT they wrote it!!! eave it to poor ole Biden to be DUMB enough to!!!

          • independant thinker

            Thanks Joe, I couldn’t remember.

        • Steve Sammons

          Remember, Ron Paul voted against the ” Patriot Act “!

      • 45caliber


        I seriously doubt if it is as well armed and I’m certain it isn’t as well trained as our military. But you can see why he needs to reduce our military – he needs the equipment for his private army.

        On the other hand, from what I’ve seen of the TSA, I sort of doubt that their fat, out-of-shape bodies will be able to do much good in any sort of combat situation.

        • Christ

          “Armor brigade to the fore, fighters to the rear”

  • s c

    There’s no reason for me to comment on this topic. Instead, it’s time for me to say that which is obvious. Utopians [those "other" people] owe it to themselves and the rest of America to put big signs on their houses or their apartments, and those HUGE signs should say “WE do not have any use for weapons. We do not believe in violence. We know that crime is just a state of mind, and people can sit down and talk and reason with each other.
    If you feel the need to take something, please feel free to enter this place and take what you want. Take my money, take my furniture, take my TVs, take anything you want. We will be friends at ANY cost.
    Now, tell your friends, and let come together and reason with each other. It’s NICE to have friends.”
    Now that I’ve said what needs to be said, I can’t wait to see HOW MANY friends they really have. Detroit and Newark would be great places for this concept to get started. Los Angeles and NYC should seriously think about it, too.
    Enjoy, utopians. You truly deserve it.

    • white tiger

      Please don’t forget the part about:”…and feel free to rape my wife, molest my children, torture my parents and murder me. We are all available for your sociopathic pleasure.”

    • 45caliber

      Old joke:

      Suppose you are walking with your wife, young son, and young daughter down a deserted street after dark. You have a gun. A huge man charges around a corner ahead of you, waving a knife and screaming curses as he charges. What do you do?


      Is he mad at me? Why? What did I ever do to him? Can I get him to talk to me? Perhaps he’d talk to my wife? Can I throw the gun at him to slow him down? Should we run? What does my wife and kids think? I think I should also call some of my friends on my cell phone and see what they think …




      Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! (Sounds of reloading.) Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! (Sounds of reloading.)

      Wife: “Good shooting, Hon!”
      Daughter: “Nice shot grouping, Dad!”
      Son: “I think I saw him move! Shoot him again!”

    • Joe H.

      Nah, all you need to do is just plant a sign that says “no guns allowed”. The rest will come about naturally!!!

  • Dennis

    With regard to: Editor’s note: Sportsman’s Guide has some very neat tools that will let you shoot .32 ACP ammo through bolt action .308s (and a few other .30 caliber rifles).

    There is what I thought is a good review at:

  • Alex

    Bunch of scaredy-cat Fright Wingers.

    • white tiger

      Right! So, when the Obamathugs come for you, don’t call any of us for help. They are really your pals, and when they very slowly torture you to death you will believe that it is really for your own good.

    • http://personalliberty larry k.


    • 45caliber

      Ever read “1982″?

  • Tom Daughty

    Ohhhh, Greg B, WE’VE GOT IT WRONG ?? Obammunist is getting MOST of his campaign money from the HIGHEST levels of big industry. And do you really think that down-sizing our military will make the world a more peaceful place ? There are thugs in the world, sir. And some are in control of governments as much as some are in control of their little neighborhoods. And the NDAA bill, just signed into law by Mr O. Ohhh ! Read it carefully, and it is plain that it allows him to order our own military to arrest and hold American citizens if they don’t toe HIS political line. I’d rather live in a lawless nation than his version of law. Wake up !

  • 45caliber

    I was told years ago (but I’ve never tried it) that if you cut an X on the end of a baby bottle nipple and slide it over the end of a gun barrel that it will reduce the sound by a lot. (Just a comment.)

    I used to know a druggest many years ago that had fun making these for sale. He was take a piece of light wall pipe and press in metal blanks that had been pressed to a slight cone shape. Then he would drill through the center (for the bullet). The cones were pressed in so that the exhaust would go toward the sides. He would make a dozen or so each weekend and sell them (illegally) for about $150 each. He’s been dead long years now (died of old age).

    • independent thinker

      I have heard of using a two quart (now liter) cola bottle as a suppressor on a 22. It supposedly worked for 3-4 shots then each shot after that got a louder. I never tried it so don’t know if it works or not.

      • R Crain

        Check out youtube,as there are several videos on how to make your own suppressors. These really are good, and pretty simple. Mostly just common sense.

  • Keith

    I have read all of the comments here and am a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter. Ther eis a group in this country that takes the “Oath of Office” seriously; Oathkeepers Every Congressman, Senator, and the Executive Department took an Oath to defend and preserve the Constitution. Here’s is the Officers Oath: I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God

    • IGotAComment

      Please send a copy of this to Sen Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi as well as a friendly reminder to Obama that he took a similar oath. Oh, that’s right, Obama had his hand on a Bible, not the Koran, so he’s not obligated to the oath.

      • GrayStroke

        They just don’t care don’t you get it yet?????? load up, man up and saddle up….goober my azz ….. are you a native Houstonian or austinite liberal if my owning guns bother you no problem cuz I’ll be happy to let the thugs have their way with you and your family…I’ll stick to helping my neighbors and protecting my family….lotsa luck out there….??? ….. The primary principle of the 2d amend. is protection from tyranny plain and simple! hogs, snakes, etc are all part of normal rural life. Hogs damage the land they make good sausage. snakes are best left to run off unless you step on one then it’s POP…good bye…keep in mind Klinton closed military bases and handed over to FEMA…think Auschwitz cannot happen here you are naive and plain ignorant…we are not above having a further more corrupt government! just look at the clowns you so called conservative TEA party nuts are accepting from the RNC…instead of them them to pack and pound sand… thing I respect about a liberal…they have the guts to lie in your face and make a loud stand for what they believe in….you white folks are Milquetoast wimps that are afraid of being called a racists so you sit down and shut up…how’s it working out for you this election year huh…yeah thought so it really sucks… why am I hard on you white folks cuz you need the tough love that says show some stone, gut and write back to those editorial boards by the tens of thousands and fight back….. why does the TEA party have more female leaders then men??? anyway I’m done just sick of all the rants and teh empty rhetoric and the libs keep marching on since O’Hare took prayer out and you folks are stilling giving up ground and rationalizing why it’s OK…..amazing thing to watch…oh no just in case, I’ll share this much; I am not white a native Texan by God’s grace and when I make my stand the democrats try to call me a racists until i rub my brown skin and laff in their face…and tell them to pound sand…..from sunday school to church members I’ve done it to them…I refuse to back down……or we say in Texas ‘come an get it!

    • R Crain

      Which don`t mean nothing, cause these people could care less about GOD, and even less about YOU.WE THE PEOPLE need to remind them .

  • Dennis

    Hey if you guys are interested in supressed weapons you might like to know how to make your supressed weapon fully automatic (legally), go here:

    Utilizing the SSAK-47 line of products you now can have a safe, rapid fire experience, based on the same technology we offer for the SSAR-15 with your AK-47. The SSAK-47 XRS is a complete system with every part designed to work together for the best possible results.

    Works with converted Saiga Shotguns and Rifles too!

    • R Crain

      Converting to full auto is the best way to die,. Blasé away, go thru what ammo you have quickly. Stay with single shot, or semi`s. Make every shot count. One shot, one kill. Be smart, after all its yours and your family life!!

    • R Crain

      Converting to full auto is the best way to die,. Blasé away, go thru what ammo you have quickly. Stay with single shot, or semi`s. Make every shot count. One shot, one kill. Be smart, after all its yours and your family life!! Full auto sounds kool, but when your out of ammo, not so kool. Hard to hit with any accuracy anything that you are aiming at. Good for scaring someone, but when your empty, they will shove that gun where the sun don`t shine before they kill you.

    • 45caliber


      Thanks, but I’ll stay with semi-auto. Fully auto has two problems (and I was in the military for three years using it).

      First, it uses a LOT of ammo in a hurry. (An M-16 would fire 20 bullets in about 1.5 seconds.) Second, and more important, only the first bullet goes where you want it to go. The second is about a foot higher and to the left. The third bullet is about four feet higher and to the left. The rest no one knows where they go. A M-16 (M-4) 5.56 mm is somewhat better but still bounces off target. A semi is far more acurate.

    • GrayStroke

      There’s a reason we went from full auto to three round burst in our M-16 back in the day. First you waste ammo, second the barrel will walk up and to the right. Not a good tactical solution. In Germany we had the German autos and had to work to keep barrel down range and on target. My hat off to those 11b guys….I was Avionics and went out with them to the range…they EARN it fellas…..bad to the bone…..You 11 Bravo I salute you….

  • Dennis

    Jeez, lookin at supressors got me started but I promise that this will be my last post for the day. We all like to shoot .22lr but how about a full auto .22lr? This is a lot less expensive than a full auto 10-22 bought from a class III dealer. Take a look!

    I think I’ll get me one!

  • http://Boblivingstonletter Gottaplenty

    Alex, when you grow up you might get to be responsible enough to want to protect your own .. No cop will be on the scene till all the damage is done…. hey those guys have guns and we might get shot so we’ll wait till its all over then show up to investigate. You are not invisible just because you do not pack a gun….so therefore are a better target.

  • Lewis/Virginia

    Let’s remember our 2nd.Amendment was not for hunting or self defense! IT was and is to protect WE the PEOPLE from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! If you take the time to do your homework and read the writings of our founding fathers all of them talk about this. This was debated and added to OUR Bill of Rights for one reason To Protect WE the PEOPLE from a GOVERNMENT who would impose TYRANNY!
    When WE the PEOPLE elect a GOVERNMENT and that GOVERNMENT no longer listens to the will of the people THAT’s TYRANNY!

    • independent thinker

      “Let’s remember our 2nd.Amendment was not for hunting or self defense! IT was and is to protect WE the PEOPLE from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!”

      You know, I have heard this many times. After much thought I have come to the conclusion the 2nd is to protect all three reasons for owning firearms. The authors of the constitution certainly knew that many hunted either for survival or because they liked to hunt. They knew that firearms were occasionaly used for defense of self, family, and home. They also knew the dangers inherent to an out of control over-reaching central government. So while the primary reason for the 2nd might be protection against an out of control government they would have recognized the importance of the other two reasons as well.

      • 45caliber

        Of course it is for all three.

    • James

      Amen! The Preamble to the Bill of Rights reads in part: “THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added…”
      The Bill of Rights was added as one document (1791) two years after the U.S. Constitution (1789). Viewing the Second Amendment out of its Bill of Rights context has confused many. But like the First Amendment starts with “Congress shall make no law…”, so the “shall not be infringed” of the Second Amendment applies exclusively to Congress.

  • Mike

    Bottom line, If a conservative/republican doesnt like weapons he/she doesnt own any. If a liberal/democrat doesnt like weapons he/she feels that NO ONE should own any.

    Its easily researchable and determinable that the majority of gun crime, illegal gun trafficking, gang crime and gun related deaths are in areas of this country where the liberal democratic regime has imposed their policies the strongest/hardest. IE Washington DC, Illinois, California. Conversely states that are governed by conservatives have the lowest gun crime rates. Its just a fact, hard for liberals to accept but still a fact. With the election in ’08, in the couple years following came record gun sales and record CCW applications. The FBI reports and the liberals cant figure out why overall gun/violent crime in the USA has dropped and average of 6% since then.

    N O B R A I N E R

  • TombstoneLizard

    Since body armor was mentioned, why isn’t it available to citizens through a legal process as well? Why does one have to be in law enforcement or the military to own Kevlar-based body armor when there are a million reasons a law-abiding citizen would want to own a set for themselves. How about when they need to draw money from an ATM, or make a large deposit at an outside bank drop at night? How about the ability to walk down the street and not worry about a knife being slipped between one’s ribs so that a criminal can get hands on a wallet? I’d pay a $200 tax to be able to wear personal body armor. The 2nd Amendment needs to apply equally to offense as well as defense of a law-abiding citizen.

    • 45caliber

      But if you also had body armor, the government (police) couldn’t shoot you.

  • http://PatriotNewsUpdate JOHN KING

    read this link to learn the truth.

    more is there in ’1′ hour than in ’12′ years of public school.

  • TML

    The girl in the photo is HOT! Lol :)

  • DoctorBob

    Unfortunately for me, I picked up a (non-violent) felony conviction (thank you, perjuring ex-wife), who had a crooked cop boyfriend who taught her EXACTLY what to say. Made no difference that I was a military combat veteran and had led an exemplary life. Together, they perjured themselves, and next thing I knew, i was a felon! So now, suddenly, my life is not important anymore, and I can’t defend my life OR the lives of my new family, because we are all judged by the WORST day of our lives, not the overall average of our life. The 1968 Gun (Owner) Control Act sees to it that as many of us as possible are disarmed, including anyone with a single felony conviction, no matter if it was non-violent, no matter how long ago. It is in a dictator’s interests to felonize everyone, because then absolute gun control has been achieved, and only government will have guns. Think you’re above all that, that you’re better than me, and you’re immune? Think again! You are ALL one perjured testimony away from a felony conviction! America… Land of the Free…. yeah, right. Enjoy your gun ownership while you still have it.

    • independent thinker

      DoctorBob. Don’t know where you live but in some states it is possible to get your felony status especialy a non violent revoked and possibly removed from your record after a certain period of time. If you have not done so I would look into this.

      • R Crain

        Remember this!!! When the —- hits the fan, all law goes right out the window. When seconds count, the police are only a few minutes away. They will investigate the murders of you and your family. Get a gun, and keep quiet about it.Better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6. Don`t be a fool. If you don`t want a gun, then learn to use a bow and arrow. You can have a muzzle loader, that would be better than a knife, or ball bat. Remember, guns, bats, knives don`t kill people, people kill people. AND, some of them enjoy it.Once gang mentality takes over, its all over but the crying. People will be running in gangs, and they will kill you and your family to get what little food and supplies you have. IT WILL BE EVERYONE FOR THEMSELVES!!!

      • Mike

        Exactly, call a lawyer, expungement is cheap compared to your right to keep and bear arms !!!!!!!!

    • GrayStroke

      The 1968 Federal GUn Law is a direct transliteration of the 1939 Law written for Hitler. I read the entire story in Guns and Ammo back in the late 80′s and it stuck with me. Google it and show me where I may have missed it but the reprobate senator that wrote that bill was mighty proud. Folks I don’t know what it will take to wake you all up but we have been played by both side by progressives for decades this did not happen overnight. It’s just that they are now emboldened by our passivity and wimpy-ness..and think this is now a slam dunk…but that depends on you…all…I do get frustrated as a minority (on may levels at that) when it comes to making a stand. I know some of you are out there…..but keep a low profile on bragging about what you own…..this is not a secure line do you all copy I repeat NOT A SECURE LINE….so cut the bravado stuff and save it for the real thing…I attended a 2 hour presentation in Dallas by a former KGB (is there such a thing as a former CIA????just axing) He was very clear about pre-positioned toys that get maintained annually and are ready for when they get called up not IF but when…..His name is Stanislav Lunev and his security detail rivaled anything we had seen from Hollywood. here is his bio:

    • GrayStroke

      Sorry for your loss I’ve first hand knowledge of one co-worker same deal…but the idea of hiring an attorney to pursue getting you case expunged does have merit if your budget allows. No doubt you have enough pressure knowing you are left (legally) defenseless to protect your family. I pray all will work out for you sir.


    When I was alad we use to be able to buy 22 short, short loads that were made to kill rodents. They measured about 3/8″ of a inch in length used a ball slug and were very effective on rats and skunks in and around the poultry and rabbit hutches, these rounds made about as much noise as a 22cal pellet gun and had about slightly more ft/sec velocity. They were quiet and did the job.

    I happen to like silencers and thanks to technology they are far better tha the old ones that were being made years ago. The sound from many of these depending on caliber is minmal, about 20′ to 50′and have no real effect o the round or it’s accuracy. So should you lie in a semi rural area like I do at present and are plagued by coons, it would be concievable to dust these destructive critters and not scare the living daylights out of your nearby neighbors. Not a real bad trade to rid yourself of a varmint.

    Of course you need to consider the law, it will be your first consideration.

    • 45caliber


      You can still get .22 shorts. I have several boxes at home. Further, some of the older .22 rifles will use them. I have a rifle with a tubular magazine that will feed them. I got my bullets at Wal-Marts, so look around.

      • Christ

        I’ll have to check into that for my son’s Marlin Mod60 rifle. He hates reloading the tube between sessions, so more rds per session = more fun and educational experience for him. He’s 2.

        Ironically, he loves to strip and refill my AK mags.

        • Mike

          I dont think model 60′s will cycle shorts too well, I could be wrong.

  • 45caliber

    I saw a movie this weekend advertised that annoyed the dickens out of me. Some Christian group is trying to murder people and the heroic ATF comes to the rescue!!!

    • R Crain

      I believe you, but we both know the truth about that one. Leave it to HOLLYWOOD!!

      • 45caliber

        Actually, I think it is government-sponsored.

        • independent thinker

          Its a little late for them to try and justify Waco.

  • oldbill

    Assuming the intent of the law is to reduce crime, for the cost of a suppressor and the related transfer tax, you can buy earprotectors and a lot of time at the range. Just why do you want a suppressor? To target practice in the backyard? Shoot an air gun or bb gun to practice. I’ve been shooting since I was eight (1955) and there have been many times I wanted a suppressor because I was doing something that might upset the police. That is, shooting vermin, like squirrels, chipmonks, rats, and mice. Now all of this can be done with a BB or pellet gun, legally in most places, even around houses. If you have to use a firearm, a CB Cap is effective, and shot in a rifle with an 18″ or longer barrel, it is quieter than a BB gun or pellet gun. As for me, I want bullets going 2500 ft per second with a lot of energy if I am going after pigs. I like a 12 gauge with 00 Buck or my S&W 500 Magnum with a Lead flat point 440 grain lead bullet. Supression means inferior muzzle energy.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. There are air guns now out that shoot pellets at 1200 ft per second, not much different from the .22. And they don’t make a lot of noise. They run around $200.

      • Joe H.

        they even got one with interchangeable barrels! .177 pellet/bb or 22cal pellet. 177 with non-lead pellets is 1200 fps!!! If i remember right, the 22 cal is something like 800fps. Definately enough for squirrels, raccoons, or groundhogs!!!

    • Mike

      I dont wanna raise yer ire or anything Bill but you’re 64 and you’re shooting a 500 mag pistol?

  • El Gringo

    I will do whatever is necessary to protect myself and my family. The Liberal’s can do whatever they feel is necessary for themselves, but don’t expect me to come running to protect them when the need arises.

  • Bett

    no gun rights w/o Ron Paul!

  • http://yahoo scout

    So you can kill game with a 32ACP shot from a .308 rifle. Get real. You might be able to kill a chicken with a 32ACP. I know.

    • Joe H.

      YOU get real. I kill squirrels and raccoons all the time with just a .177 pellet gun. break barrel, 1000fps. they don’t even twitch. 308 CAN kill a deer, IF you know what you are doing.

      • Mike

        I got one of those .177 Crosman Storm XT break barrel pellet guns. Shot a jackbunny at 45 yards in the neck. It died faster than a Kennedy, before it even hit the ground

    • 45caliber

      There has probably been more deer killed with a .22 than any other rifle bullet.

  • Linda

    There is nothing more scary then to watch a County Judge carry his revolver back and forth across the hall between his office and the Court room. Especially when he has an officier of the court in the court room with him and it is said that Judge Winn committed suicide by blowing his brains out. These are not competant Public Employees, who licensed them?

    • 45caliber

      Politicians (and that includes judges) all have the right to carry regardless of where they are. Why do you think they want to take the guns away from the rest of us?

  • FreedomFighter

    Love them suppressors, esp using subsonic ammo.

    “Gun Nuts and Skirts”

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • FreedomFighter

      FN FS2000 Consider this as your self defense weapon of choice, after you get your shotgun and 22

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • R Crain

        You guys can laugh all you want, but I have found out thru trial and error that anything walking in these Ozark woods can be killed with my 22 magnum. You can scoff all you want, but if you put that bullet in the right place, its dead before it hits the ground. If I have to grab my go-bag and skadaddle into these woods to my secret place, I can carry a bunch of 22mags in my pockets. Try doing that with a 308 or 30-o6 shells. Head shots are the best way to go, whether it be man or beast that is persuing you. I can carry a 1,000rounds with no problem, try doing that with bigger calibers. With a homemade suppressor, its just easy pickens.

        • FreedomFighter

          Im 100% with you, it is what I would take with me also, but I do love shooting a good weapon.

          My 22 ready to go, 2k ammo.

          But if I had the chance and the room, I would throw that FN 2000 on the passanger seat with 1k rounds on the floor.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

  • Joe

    Small correction to the article.

    ” In England, New Zealand and several other “civilized” countries around the world that allow firearms of one type or another,”

    Handgun ownership has been illegal in England (and the entire UK) since the passage of the 1997 Firearms Act.

  • Ranb

    There are several errors in the article. Silencers do not significantly increase the speed of a bullet; they may increase it by a few fps, but that is meaningless. A person needs to be at least 18 to make a silencer (registered on an ATF form 1) or to buy one from a person in their state (registered on an ATF form 4). Only when buying from a dealer do they need to be 21. There is no federal law that prohibits a silencer owner from allowing another person to use their silencer as long as the owner is present.


  • topcat128

    The simple answer to this problem is to build your own

  • Sandy Daniels

    I don’t have any problems with folks owning and using silencers, it would make my life much simpler when I test my loads for manufacture.
    That would allow me to stay at home testing all of my commercial pistol loads.The only time I would have to load up and go to the range would be for my long range ammo for hi- power weapons. I don’t read anything in the constitution forbidding it

    • Sandy Daniels

      SEMPER FI THIS IS MY RIFLE……………………..

      • Joe H.

        This is my gun. My rifle is for shooting, my gun is for fun!!!

  • Sandy Daniels

    The parallels between pre WWII anti semantic sentiment then and mow as well as the economical crash. The feeling that “something is about to happen” if one is to use history use it right in it’s full truth. Here is a question for you “why are the Israeli people the only people that have been persecuted for 6000 years most of the time they have fought against total annihilation and genocide”

  • Unterhaltung Sommerfest

    This is a terrific site, would you be involved in doing an interview regarding how you developed it? If so e-mail me!


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