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You Don’t Want To Be A Billionaire

October 13, 2010 by  

After three years of working to keep inflation in check, the Federal Reserve is now changing course and setting out a policy to raise inflation above its current target of around 2 percent.

Well guess what? Inflation is already here. Just ask anyone buying groceries. And this inflation is a direct result of Federal Reserve polices of quantitative easing (QE) — in other words, printing money.

Last week William Dudley, president of the New York Federal Reserve, said current levels of inflation are a problem because, “it means slower nominal income growth.” So be prepared for Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to fire up the presses and begin QE in earnest.

What will be the result? Everyone will become billionaires. But that isn’t good. Just look back at Weimar Germany and see what holding billion dollar notes got them.

The money creators are desperate, but things have gotten out of control. They’re flailing, and the economy is failing.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    Fasten your selt belts.

    • DaveH

      Seat belts.

      • Dan Burke

        You sure seat belts will be enough? Personally, I would like that to be a full five-point harness instead of the lap belt with shoulder harness my personal car features. Plus a roll cage. I think the economy is going to get really dangerous…. Well, this conservative believes that if I can learn anything from history, the economy is in for a rough, rough ride right now. If the Democrats remain in power, then we would be in for a terrible disaster. I don’t trust the Republicans, so unless the Tea Party can whip them into shape (without lose the Tea Party candidates in the corruption of DC)… well, I hope for the best but fear that the slide will only be slowed just a tad. The greatest variable in all this is the Judicial and Executive branches of our federal government. I am afraid that we might be looking at preparations to make Congress unnecessary for the progressive agenda for the next two years. EPA, FCC, and on down the board with all those branches under the President and possible judges to go along with it. We’ll see what happens. I hope my gut is wrong, but I have an awfully bad feeling about this….

        • TIME

          Dave & Dan,

          Be ready for the next wave, “YOUR 401K’s or YOUR CD’s and YOUR retirement funds” in what ever level you have them.
          Thats the next step to take away what ever money you have left.
          I kid you not this is coming very – very soon.

          Lets face it Social Security was robbed in the 1960′s when it went from a “independant Trust Fund,” to {General Funds,} thats why there’s really nothing left in it.

          For you than can’t grasp the NWO, think of this the NWO and Progressives will tell you just what they are going to do, but its always “FOR YOUR OWN GOOD” Its always to ” KEEP YOU SAFE.” Now you have teh BUZZ words.

          And please don’t worrie no one will become a Billioniare unless your in the NWO, and to be in the NWO crew, you must have Hundreds of Millions of dollars.

          To fully understand the NWO, you have to grasp what a master level puzzle is like to build with no picture, thats also been tossed in a heap on the floor.
          Then just when you get some of it together, they change the puzzle and you get a new mound of parts.
          But the key is that the parts you really need are never in the mix.
          Now is the picture more clear?

        • 45caliber

          Put your money into something that will be easy to trade – food and bullets.

          • J.C. in CA

            Hey 45, I am going to guess you’ve read ‘One Second After’. Any chance there?

          • 45caliber

            No, not read it. But it is simple to come to that conclusion.

        • eddie47d

          Time; Progressives have their faults just like capitalists but I don’t think many grassroots progressives approve of the NWO.Maybe big shots like Soros do but most NWO folks are wealthy neo-cons.

          • DaveH

            Don’t kid yourself. The Super Rich love all the regulatory controls of Big Government that stifle their smaller competitors who can’t afford to hire the cadres of lawyers and paper-pushers to comply. Therefore, they love the Democrats. I’m not saying the Republicans are much better, but they are better.

            Think about it, Eddie. When markets are stable, the Big Money is hard to come by. The Big Money is made in unstable markets where the Rich (like George Soros) have the financial and intellectual advantage over the less economically-educated people. So, the unscrupulous Rich (not all are unscrupulous) cheer on those politicians who will create those unstable conditions, such as Obama.

          • TIME

            The facts are that almost all the Progressives / NWO people I know or have met are Democrats, there are only a few Rebublicans.

            BUT and this is the KEY that all of you have to learn – The facts are we “don’t have two partys” anylonger nor have we had in about 45 years now, you have “ONE party” with two arms, its only a show to make everyone feel like they are a part of something bigger.

            If the TRUTH was known by even 30% of the US population as to whats really going on, it would be over in 48 hours if not less.
            These people FEAR the US Population in mass.

            Thus they do things slowly, they felt it was the time, thats why Barry Soetoro was placed in office, you will PLEASE note I did not say he was elected, as he was no more elected than George Bush was nor Bill Clinton was nor George Bush Daddy, even Ronald Regan, nor Jimmy Carter, Nixon, Johnson nor even Kennedy.
            Everyone of these named was placed in Office, YOU and countless others only think they were elected.

            Kennedy wanted to tell the American public and was promptly taken care of within twenty hours of saying he was going to expose them.
            As was his brother Bobby who made a public statment that he was going to expose who killed his brother.

            So the facts are there are no NECONS there are no Democrats, nor Rebublicans other than the people who are still clueless.
            If you vote for a DEMOCRAT you have a 95% chance you are voting for a straight Progressive, learn who in the Republican party is a Progressive, such as Gram, MaCain, Brown, Collins, Snow, and a few others.

  • s c

    Let’s get in the habit of calling a spade a spade, folks. Ben the Boob, who supposedly knows more about the Depression than anyone else, is about to experience quite an extreme dent in his reputation.
    The Fed amounts to a huge septic tank, and Ben the Boob is the caretaker. Ben may regret being the biggest chunk in that septic tank. Nobody forced him to take the job, so I have no sympathy for him or the rest of the slimers at the Fed.
    Crank up the printing presses, Ben. Maybe you can find a way to keep America from enduring a monetary ‘downturn’ like the one Germany experienced. I have
    my doubts. Show us watcha got, Ben. Here’s your chance to prove that you’re one of the “elite,” and not a chunk of smelly stuff that somehow ‘rose to the top.’

    • dan az

      Thats the last time I try an eat my dinner at this site!

      • s c

        Dan az, what can I say? If I try to make people like Ben the Boob look “good,” then that makes me a hypocrite. It’s obvious that Ben doesn’t own his own posterior (ditto for Herr Greenspannnnn). Consequently, whoever owns Ben tells him what to do. And that makes a great case for the idea that for all of Ben’s supposed superior “knowledge,” he’s just following orders (how can he justify making a lot of money at our expense?).
        What galls me even more about Ben the Boob is the fact that there is NO provision in the Constitution that lets a prez appoint the head of the Fed (screw the idea that the Fed’s existence is or can be ‘justified’).

        • Al Sieber

          SC, you know whats happening, in your opinion how long do we have? Americans are stupid for not buying gold or silver, they have every excuse in the world for not doing so.

          • s c

            Al, I don’t know, and I wouldn’t listen to anyone who claims to be able to tell us exactly when America’s stuff will hit the proverbial fan. Except for fans of Big Government, most responsible adults know something very bad is in the wind, and that ignoring it is about the worst thing one can do.
            I suspect that some matters are on a planned timetable, and when it becomes ‘convenient,’ then option A will be used before option B, so to speak. If Ben the Boob can grow a brain and a spine, if we can stay out of a war of convenience with Mexico, if we can bring our military back to the US before they’re declared expendable and if enough Americans care enough to do what’s necessary to rid the US of useful idiots and career scum in Washington, then MAYBE we have a chance to reclaim America and do things right.

          • Al Sieber

            Good points SC, a time table sounds correct. as far as our troops being expendable, you’re right. Hitler hung out his troops to dry at the Russian Front. from where I live I can hear bombing coming from the 29 Palms Marine base,the last time I heard that we went into Iraq. somethings up. my friend that lives on the border hears gun fire every night coming from Mexico, this is new to him.

  • Anthony

    Bernanke is just doing what he’s told by the World Bank. They’ve shipped out what 200 trillion, back to Mother England since late 2008(?) All of which us colonials owed them since they let us think we were getting to keep that which our Founding Fathers fought & died for.. They’ve always figured it all belonged to them – and it was on loan AT INTEREST, whether we like it or not.

    In a hardcore review, it could all be looked at like we’ve been slaves to their will, from the get go… BUT ONLY AS LONG as they achieved control of OUR currency. THAT’s the kicker.

    Thru all of this – I have yet to hear anyone chant the message of defunding THE FED … everyone keeps acting like the status quo is just something we have to bend over and take. I am NOT one of those people.

    Bernanke wants to act like he’s our Pimp, maybe all of you should remind him otherwise. Until the People start nagging the Press about this issue… it will never change. You have to be publicly vocal in the direction of the Media. Bumper stickers. Signs in your front yards… whatever you can come up with … it has to be almost as prevalent as you flying your American Flag out on the front of your garage.

    This crap of (suddenly) now they’re gona begin to raise interest rates… it’s a hoax. Haven’t any of you read about the hyper-inflation we will have to endure, like we’re Brazil or some other B$..? How do you think this all comes together, so they can strip the rest of our cash away from us?

    Are you done with living on your knees, or what?

    As far as the downturn (?) experienced by Germany… we’ve already done that, partner… it’s already occurred and gone… they will not return to the ways of the 1960′s or the 1980′s until the New World Order is achieved and famine has come home to roost.

    Like it or not – it’s gonna take something intricately more extreme.

    I’m sure Bob L can bring some ideas for those of us who can slip in some investments… but even that will take awhile to produce any real fruit. It’s time to get off the grid, and pull away whatever spending you seriously do not need to do.. unless it’s for food and blue jeans.

    Everyone I know is repairing their cars on their own – no dealer stuff. No trade-ins, either. Let the car dealers rot, too.

    “The money creators are desperate, but things have gotten out of control. They’re flailing, and the economy is failing.”

    It is all by design – can you not see thru the pretentious rhetoric? As if they really cared… yea…sure! You like that one, I got land in the middle of the Pacific between Hawaii and Easter Island. Sell it to ya for a great discount… might let everyone bid on it at EBAY or Crag’s List.

    THINGS HAVE NOT GOTTEN OUT OF HAND .. they are completely on track. It’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better… a LOT worse.

    Remember – History happens in sloooow-motion.

    • Al Sieber

      In the end in the Weimar Republic in 1923 over 30 paper factories were working full time for the Reichbank, and 133 printing offices and 1,783 printing presses were engaged at top speed in producing paper currency. in spite of this , the supply of paper currency became insufficient. people lost their pensions, savings, etc. the Reichbank began paying a premium for gold coin, thus officially recognizing the inflation. the price of milk was over 250,000,000,000 marks a quart, sound familiar? history is repeating itself. this info is from “Europe Since 1914″, by F. Lee Bennis. copyright 1930. we’re screwed.

      • J.C. in CA

        Hi Al, well we the people won’t have to prop up our mints after next October 1st, 2011 as the Fed. Reserve Act was amended in 2006 to revise the reserve requirements. All of our happy banks and ATM’s will only be required to spit out a ‘Balance Inquiry’.

        Check it out at the bottom of Sec. 19 of the Fed Act here….

        What would the US society look like w/o a currency? Sudan or Congo maybe?

  • Patriot1776

    We are lost as an electorate. The money trust has gotten the better of us and the few who are calling a spade a spade are portrayed as the extremist nut-jobs. Meanwhile those who refuse to see that the debt and deficit are the only issue are too concerned with whether or not Lindsay Lohan failed her latest drug test or how many more gays will be bullied or told not to call it marriage. Yeah, that’s gonna matter when the house of cards comes crumbling down and we are all forced to forage for our next meal in the streets. Oh… I forgot we are Americans that stuff can never happen to us…. Sure it can’t. I pray everyday that we wake up and put down the i-phone and the T.V. remote. When our debts are called in and insolvency is at the door we might get better at putting our priorities in order and maybe, just maybe we might try to pay attention to history’s lesson’s.

    • 45caliber

      My wife works (volunteers) with a military support group locally. They try to send boxes to a number of military people overseas. Right now their main group is a Corp. of Engineers group in Afghanistan that has been split into various groups over most of the country to help other military units.

      One thing that caught my attention – most have no access to places to buy things like deoderant and soap. And the military doesn’t provide any since they don’t have the money for it. Most equipment is repaired if they have parts available and in some instances they sacrifice one vehicle for parts to keep others running. The military has no money for such things. Yet they can give billions to the governments there for support.

      Oblama is now saying that he intends to cut the military expenses by 25% more. I’m beginning to wonder if they intend to build up the numbers of military there and then announce they have no money to bring them back home and simply write them off. It would certainly get rid of most of our military if they do – which I believe is one of their goals.

      • eddie47d

        Thank your wife for all she does. Now your comment about Obama abandoning US troops and never bringing them home is beyond low and without merit. I don’t know what you have been drinking lately but please give it up.

      • Christin

        It appears Oblama and those who have made the rules of engagement in war have tied our military’s hands behind their backs… letting the good die young.

        Oblama won’t have to leave them there if most perish in war. That’s one way to get rid of the conservative vote and depopulate at the same time. Honestly, I wish we weren’t in Afghanistan at all.

  • Jay

    Folks, it is all about control. There is an effort under foot to control the American people like never before.

    • Soldier

      I have to agree. Oh we might have anarchy for a few weeks after the #$@# hits the fan and people start starving and rioting… but this will be followed up by the benvelot dictatorship solution. Just give us total power and control and everything will be just fine. A persistent state of anarchy is too dnagerous to those in power as someone else could fill the power gap and challenge those who have been in power and want to remain in power.

      One wild card when the crap hits the fan is the US military. Will the military just clamp down 100% martial law on the populace? On their friends and neighbors? Honestly, I think a civil war between different factions of the military is more likely. Remember, many of us in the military are in the tea party movement, are conservative, and are just as concerned about what is going on like other people.

      • Jon

        I have several family members in the US Military and they all say their loyalty is to the US Constitution, not the government. They say they would not fire on US Citizens. I hope that is true.

        • J.C. in CA

          Hi Jon, I believe that to be true…as our founding fathers included…

          “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

        • 45caliber

          That is what the “Oath Keepers” is all about – and a large number of military and police have signed on to it. On the other hand, the CPS in one state took custody of a 2 week old baby from its parents – and one of the reasons was that the father was a member of the Oath Keepers. I’m wondering if they aren’t basically threatening those who are Oath Keepers with the loss of their children if they don’t do as ordered.

          • DaveH

            I always swore that if anybody took the children against mine or my wife’s will, they would have hell to pay.

          • 45caliber

            Agreed. You know, the one thing I’ve noticed again and again is that the CPS generally avoids the families with mean parents even if the children are in danger and hit the middle class families who are law abiding. I simply can’t imagine why, can you??

      • 45caliber


        From what I hear, about 90% of the military is conservative. If ordered, I don’t believe they will act to clamp down on the citizens here regardless. The liberals might but they have too many conservativces breathing down their necks.

        What I suspect is that the liberal government will continue to keep as much of our military as possible overseas in one place or another. In fact, it would not surprise me to see them attack Iran just for that reason. In the meantime, they will recruit as many liberal military personnel and others as possible for their Homeland Security Force they want. The military then will be abandoned due to “not enough money to fund their operations and not enough to provide a way back to the US.” If you can get back on your own, okay but it will be in spurts and dribbles they can control.

        When WWIII takes off, they will fort up and wait, leaving most of the population of the world to their own devices. Once everything has calmed down, they will emerge with their HSF and take control of as much as they can, seizing weapons and food supplies for their own use. Anyone not of benefit to them in some capacity will be executed; the rest will be put to work in farms or factories to support them as basically peons or even slave labor.

        If Americans try to move sooner than they want, they will wait until there is a group formed and hit it with an arial nuke. That will wipe out the unit – and put a large radius out of energy. Then they will bring in MSM reporters and photograph all the desperate people starving as a way to control the others. I doubt if they will say it, but the message will be, “This could happen to you if you don’t do as we say.”

        The total plan will be to reduce most of the world’s population and retain enough to act as slaves or whatever you want to call them to provide the food and supplies they need. By restricting the population, they can retain control – they think – indefinately. Each group of them around the world will basically be automomous and will have no need to fight each other since they intend to restrict the population for control. Each group will have all they can handle and get everything they want.

        However, that is just my guess.

      • DaWitchesBroom

        The military is to few in number to matter. Loss of control, if it happens will be like recycling, the poor and the rich will panic first. But, a supreme loss of confidence will have to happen first.

  • Mick

    Patriot1776 says:
    October 13, 2010 at 9:07 am
    We are lost as an electorate. The money trust has gotten the better of us and the few who are calling a spade a spade are portrayed as the extremist nut-jobs. Meanwhile those who refuse to see that the debt and deficit are the only issue are too concerned with whether or not Lindsay Lohan failed her latest drug test or how many more gays will be bullied or told not to call it marriage. Yeah, that’s gonna matter when the house of cards comes crumbling down and we are all forced to forage for our next meal in the streets. Oh… I forgot we are Americans that stuff can never happen to us…. Sure it can’t. I pray everyday that we wake up and put down the i-phone and the T.V. remote. When our debts are called in and insolvency is at the door we might get better at putting our priorities in order and maybe, just maybe we might try to pay attention to history’s lesson’s.
    Patriot1776,,,I couldn’t agree with you more, our society have their priorities totally screwed up and they wonder why our government is the way it is .
    Wake-up people, the politicians are following your trend to get your votes, the more they act like you the better chance they have to keep their jobs, so if the country is going belly up, take a good look in the mirror………..

    • Patriot1776

      Mick, so true! this is the point isnt it? We are no longer a truly virtuous society and that is reflected in our representation! After all, where do the politicians come from?….. The people! We vote them in! So who do we really have to blame but ourselves.

  • Robert S

    Those of us nwho have been preparing for this for a long time will most likely survive. Those who laughed and said we were crazy will be at the door begging for food. It will be too late for them.

    • Soldier

      “most likely survive”???? If the crap really, really, really hits the fan, I would say your odds of survival are better then your average welfare pea brain sure, but life will be awful and terrible for all of us. Heck, having lots of food, gold, silver, etc. will make you a nice target if anything. Hope you are able to post a 24/7 watch where someone in your family has a shot gun contantly trained on the door. If you are well fed, but the peeps outside are starving to death, who is more motivated to exploit the slightest weakness? This of course is completely ignoring the fact that a M1A1 battle tank from your local national guard could plop up besides your house, and decimate half your home in one cannon blast (likely killing you in the process) before stealing your food.
      I could see the local military simply declaring themselves the Kings and Lords absent orders from the Pentagon or the chain of command in general of the local area when all society breaks down and all hell breaks loose simply because they have the best toys for inflicting death and mahem.

      • Soldier

        let us not forget afterall that real power comes from the barrel of a gun, or more specifically, from your capactiy to inflict death and destruction than from any other source.

        Try holding up a copy of the constitution to Lord Humongous and his biker gang after the crap hits the fan….

      • 45caliber

        If things get as bad as we fear, I suspect our only monetary exchange metal will be lead. Gold and silver are useful only if there is enough civilization left to barter and you find someone silly enough to take it. Even then I believe that cartridges will be worth more in trade. Food will be the other real trade item. And you can always use the cartridges if needed first.

      • Robert S

        Soldier You are the one with the peabrain. That’s why you joined the military. You are counting on a war with our Military. No one knows what will happen.

    • Mick

      Robert S says:
      October 13, 2010 at 10:39 am
      Those of us nwho have been preparing for this for a long time will most likely survive. Those who laughed and said we were crazy will be at the door begging for food. It will be too late for them.

      Reminds me of the old fable ” The ant and the grasshopper “

      • 45caliber

        Except the grasshopper may be knocking on the door with an AK-47 and a dozen others with the same things.

      • Karolyn

        In your dreams (nightmares)!

  • Ted Posey

    “…no constitutional authority for the president to appoint the head of the Federal Reserve.” Hell, there’s no constitutional authority for the Federal Reserve to exist.
    The tenth Ammendment to the Constitution says that the powers of congress shall be as designated herein(sic, the rest of the Constitution). All other powers remain to the states and the people. This is the most abused and ignored part of our constitution.
    I agree with most of what the rest of you have been saying. We will repeat the path that Germany took to dictatorship for the same reasons they did, prolific printing of fiat money.

    • Soldier

      Just pointing out that the federal reserve is not authorized per the constitution because one of the few delegated powers to the national government (congress) is to coin money based on silver, gold, or some other tangible commodity. It has nothing to do with the 10th amendment as coining money is one thing the states are not supposed to do themselves as that is actually one of the few powers delegated to the federal government. So, congress should be printing money and basing it off silver or gold or some other precious and limited comodity… not handing fiat powers to the federal reserve.

    • Dean

      “People DESERVE the government that they have” Henry Ford

      • Grey Wolf

        “Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.”
        H.L. Mencken

  • Porta

    Well !

    3 questions here:

    1- how long do we have till everybody starts to panic and stores will be empty ?

    2- is there anything we can do to survive it, except to buy a farm with spring water, build a passive home, have a green house and few animals ?
    One can not eat gold or silver …….

    Is this the end of modern life and banking system, as we know it ?

    3- And one more question for the guys out there…….what would you do with $500,000 cash, but not a house, in order to survive this ? If cash inflate to worthless, what good it is ? Try to be mature about this …..

    • Jon

      In response to Porta, I believe the best strategy to survive what may be coming is to stock up on non-perishable foods, water, supplies and make sure you have a way to defend yourself. If society breaks down, you may need guns and plenty of ammo as a last resort line of defense. NEVER use your weapons offensively, however. Also, stock up on 1 ounce silver rounds – in a collapsed economy, you may be able to use them as barter to buy things you need. Silver and gold holds real value, so the desire for a unit of something of real value in exchange for food, goods, etc could become a temporary economy until a new currency is created and accepted. 1 ounce silver rounds are easy to carry and easily bartered.

    • Soldier

      Join with local police and military forces and try to convince them to be “good boys”. The farm out in the country thing is great until soldiers with M-16s, M2 Browning machine guns, tanks, etc. decide to turn your barn into a crater.

      • Robert S

        Soldier Put your little plastic military men away. It’s time for you to go to bed. Don’t forget to drink your milk.

    • Jon

      Porta, to answer your questions:

      3 questions here:

      1- how long do we have till everybody starts to panic and stores will be empty ? My personal belief is we have less than 5 years before we face a complete economic collapse. This is based on the growth in our debt and the rate at which new money is being printed non stop to fund huge deficit spending. The day of reckoning is coming soon.

      2- is there anything we can do to survive it, except to buy a farm with spring water, build a passive home, have a green house and few animals ? Yes, stock up on non perishable foods, water and supplies. Buy a generator and store plenty of gasoline.
      One can not eat gold or silver …….

      Is this the end of modern life and banking system, as we know it ? For a while, yes, if it happens. Eventually though, I believe order will be restored and a new currency that is actually based on something of value, rather than a printing press.

      3- And one more question for the guys out there…….what would you do with $500,000 cash, but not a house, in order to survive this ? If cash inflate to worthless, what good it is ? Try to be mature about this ….. If you had $500,000 in cash and you do not have a home now, you may consider purchasing a modest home. Take the remainder and invest it wisely, and make sure you buy some silver and possibly gold to diversify your investment.

      • 45caliber

        If you have money and nothing else important then buy gold and silver. Otherwise I would buy some cheap guns and a LOT of ammo! These can be used as trade items or for defense and would be worth far more than gold or silver. Those metals are basically worthless unless someone is foolish enough to want to trade or has hopes in riding out the problems until civilization is restored. And I would buy a place in a very small town with land available for planting or ranching – and would get the needed things to do that. The small town would give you time to get to know your neighbors and a few men to start a defense force for the town later.

        Actually, if you get modern stuff that has electronics and requires electricity, I’d write it off as wasted. I fully expect the ones pushing this mess to use EMP waves from arial nukes to shut that all down. Without a way to travel (and all modern equipment requires electronics) most people will starve if they don’t die of lack of water first. And most of the important infrastructure will remain for use later. A pre-electronic ignition vehicle and a tractor would be a must. I refuse to live in a large city today and won’t work in one either.

        • http://none Mike

          45 for once I agree totally with you on that I think they might have a bit of a problem digging us out of the hills here in Tn. Hunting rifles and deer make for good eats:) But I am not queit ready to surrender yet to this being inevitable. I think if we manage to restore some fiscal order in the government we might just be able to draw back from the edge. But if we allow these people to spend as they see fit we are in major trouble. Mike

  • Jon

    For the past year, we have been stocking up on non-perishable food, water, supplies and ammo. Just to be clear, the ammo is only for defensive purposes as a last resort line of defense should society break down, we have no offensive plans for the ammo – we are peaceful citizens but we believe strongly in the 2nd Amendment and our right as citizens to help restore order and our Constitution if needed. I believe the potential is there for the United States to completely collapse economically, which could cause a societal collapse. It has happened before to great nations, study your history.

    • Soldier

      What if you run out of food (even if you stockpile, you could be stolen from)? For example, lets say in a moment of absent mideness (as you are faint lets say from only consumming 1,000 calories a day as your goal is to really stretch out your food supply as long as possible and start burning into that beer gut that would be a good idea to melt away for increased mobility anyway) your child gets a gun put into his face because you weren’t watching. The theif who just wants some food says, give me as much food as I can carry or your child is mincemeat.

      Your choice might become to be offensive and rape, steal, and murder for your daily bread (because God, if the bastard does exist, seems awfully content to just sit on his throne and let us have at each other’s throats).

      In the event of total society collapse you can’t rule out offensive combat action if its the only way you can get your daily bread. If you your options become 1. starve or 2. kill to not starve, whatcha going to do?

      • Soldier

        i should correct my above post by stating that you should only murder for your daily bread or steal. The raping part I didnt mean to say as thats just sick. I was just used to saying those three things when making points.

        • Soldier

          and again this would only be last resort if you had no other option for eating. I am certain many people would choose to just sit there and starve to death as they believe lying and murder are always wrong. Perhaps it is always wrong. But if you are truly faced with the choice of 1.starve or 2. kill if necessary to not starve, how many can really say they would sit there and starve?

          • Jimmy G

            Yes, God does exist.
            Romans 14
            For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat. 11 It is written: ” ‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.’ ” 12 So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.

            What are you storing all your gold, food and guns for? In service of what or to whom?

            1 Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong; 2 for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away. 3 Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. 4 Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. 5 Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: 6 He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun. 7 Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes. 8 Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret–it leads only to evil. 9 For evil men will be cut off, but those who hope in the LORD will inherit the land.

          • eddie47d

            Thanks Jimmy G. for a little calm within the storm.

  • jopa

    The Republican perty George W and big oil contributed more towards inflation than the Fed.When Bush went into office oil was $35 a barrel and now it is at $80+.Can you think of anything that requires oil??The price is now more than double.Just a reality check.Thank you.

  • jopa

    PS;Everybody hates the government until they need a friend.When you are really down and out they may be there for you and nobody else.It has happened to millions of Americans and people around the world when they were in need.Such a grest country to live in.

    • 45caliber

      And that is exactly what they want you to believe. Further, it will be people who believe that who will be considered for their Homeland Security Force. They want people who believe and follow their government; not people who believe in religion or honor or patriotism. It will be the HSF that they will depend upon after the disasters to secure an area and to enforce their rule.

  • Porta

    Thank you to all for the answers !
    I can’t say I know any better now, than before, but buying some silver or gold, along with a house right now that the prices are low, doesn’t look so bad. Arm yourself will be silly, since always there will be a bigger bully with a gun around. One can not survive this situation like this ! Let’s hope will not be the case, to be so dramatic, but prepare for it a bit ! Some supplies will be smart, for a while but ask yourselves if living like this will be called living.
    The banking system is wrong, based on debt, and greed, and nobody I read has a solution, than maybe return to our fathers say, that the only tender is silver or gold, not FIAT currency that is illegal ! Will be a purge, and nobody knows, we will, as a lot manage to go through, but you have to be optimist, and hope that maybe something like technology, will get us out from this mess, just to be ready for the next one …….Not in our live time but will be !
    And don’t forget the religion war, since 2/3 of problems can be solved by demographics, and it is not in our favor ! Read “America alone” if you want, and your see what I mean … Hell, this is getting heavy, let’s keep the discussion close to our day !

    • 45caliber

      If this goes to pot as we all fear, you can have a gun available and a willingness to use it or you can become a slave subject to being shot at the whim of your conquerers. I prefer to take a few of them with me when I go down. So I definately recommend at least a good rifle. And cartridges are excellent trade items – better than gold.

  • Porta

    Interesting to listen and draw your own conclusions!
    I know he was a personal interest in it, but never the less, there is a lot of true content.
    Take with a grain of salt !
    But this will bring the topic somewhere else !

  • Porta

    correct above post:
    ‘since 2/3 of problems can be solved by demographics’ read “explain” not “solved” ……..

  • Lincoln Carter

    One of the areas the Fed would like to see inflation affect is in Real Estate prices: (1) to help get home construction going again, (2) to help the balance sheets of the Fed & Banks.
    Problem is: (a) people need jobs to buy anything, (b) with currency debasement (resulting in inflation) people are spending more money on food and clothing, and have less available for housing, (c) the LAST segment that inflation affects is Wage Inflation.

    Academicians trying to play God in constructing a New World – total FUBAR.

    Keep electing thieves and morons, and you only have to look in the mirror to find the real enemy.

  • 45caliber

    There is one possible alternate we may want to consider. The USSR used it.

    They had a terrific debt and were getting in worse. So they basically disbanded the USSR. That deleted the debt as far as they are concerned by eliminating the country. They also dropped all the areas they controlled that was costing them too much.

    If the US was to split up, each of the government factions wanting to control things would have their own kingdom. The debt would be gone. We could end up with a lot of criminals in control as Russia did but we could also end up as, say, Czechoslovakia did which isn’t too bad. It depends on how close you are the ones in power.

  • Porta

    Fed Chief Ben Bernanke would soon “pull out nuclear-sized bombs to try and destroy the debt crisis that is affecting the world.”

    And for a long time, I’ve been warning that he would:

    • Print money, virtually nonstop.

    • Do everything in his power to keep interest rates near zero “for as far as the eye can see.”

    • Worst of all, literally CREATE inflation, even if it meant going into the open markets to buy up all kinds of assets.

    Now, this is precisely what
    the Fed says it wants to do!

    In yesterday’s release of its September Federal Open Market Committee minutes, the Fed officially announced that …

    “Unless … underlying inflation moved back toward a level consistent with the Committee’s mandate, they would consider
    it appropriate to take action soon.”

    The Fed is considering “… possible steps to affect inflation expectations” and “targeting a path for the level of nominal GDP.”

    That’s Fed-speak for a MANDATE TO CREATE INFLATION — with lots more money printing, and many more purchases of Treasury bonds, mortgage bonds, corporate bonds, commercial paper, even possibly equities or real estate!

    No wonder the dollar is crashing toward new,
    all-time lows against ALL major currencies!

    Instantly after the Fed’s meeting notes were released, the dollar started plunging again — to fresh record lows against the Swiss franc … to nearly a new 15-year low against the Japanese yen … and another record low against the Australian dollar.

    The dollar even fell to a 13-year low against the Thai baht!

    Indeed, right now, as I pen this update …

    The dollar is a mere THREE-TENTHS of ONE PERCENT away from making all-time RECORD lows against ALL major currencies!

    And no wonder gold is soaring — again!

    Overseas investors are clearly running scared of the endless supply of dollars the Fed will be printing …

    So they are buying gold, hand over fist.

    Meanwhile, savvy domestic investors are also gobbling up gold, driving gold trading volume to record highs …

    Piling into every conceivable gold investment under the sun — from gold coins and bars … to mutual funds … to gold ETFs … and gold futures contracts.

    Hardly surprising when you consider the dollar’s downside fate is now virtually sealed … that the Fed has officially admitted that it will take any measures it deems necessary to devalue the dollar and boost inflation — no matter how unorthodox those measures may be. Adding fuel to this fire …

    A massive tug of war is about
    to begin in Washington!

    In my 32 years in the markets I have never seen a set of forces merge together at one time and place like we have today!

    Not only is the U.S. still mired in the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression …

    Not only is the Fed embarking on unprecedented misadventures to boost inflation …

    But we ALSO face one of the most historic Congressional elections, ever!

    What will happen?

    There is no question in my mind that, in this teetering economy …

    1. We will see a monumental tug of war between a more conservative Congress and a more aggressive Fed backed by the Obama administration …

    2. This new conflict will bring about a sea change in the financial markets, and …

    3. It will directly impact every stock and ETF you own.

    • DaWitchesBroom

      Search for islands of stability. Buying yen or gold is a way to make more dollars later. However, I cannot use yen or gold to purchase food, fuel, electricity, or water. The real problem is a lack of desire to work at anything by a surprising large number of citizens be they employed or not. Money flows overseas to never return. Inflation, deflation, and stagnation are each like insuline and mercury. Wether they hurt you or not depends on how you take them.

  • Karolyn

    Oh, the drama! Sounds like a good movie though. As a matter of fact, I think I’ve seen one or two like the way you guys are talking, but the bad times were brought about by war. What concerns me is that you reap what you sow. If too many of you are of this mindset, it may very well come true unless those of us who are new thinkers outdo your negative thoughts with our positive ones. It’s called the collective consciousness. You send out negative vibes, you get negative back and vice versa.

  • Porta

    REALITY ! That’s what it is !
    I found that more and more the guys are sticking their head in the sand and pretend they can’t be harm by anything ! The future is bright ! Blah, blah …
    You can dream all that you want that you will win the big Jackpot or whatever, attract the good, but this is real, and tell me one reason why will be business like usual in the future …….and why are we in this situation. Drama – maybe ! Not founded on any real reason – hardly!

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