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You Didn't Win That Olympic Medal

August 30, 2012 by  

Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. The Olympics just ended about three weeks ago. They are still fresh in our mind. But it’s been enough time that our Olympic athletes will soon be visiting the White House for that ceremonial visit with President Obama. You know, the President who believes you didn’t build your business. You don’t get credit for success. It’s always government that made it happen. So I thought it would be funny to imagine what Obama might say to our Olympic heroes. I call this commentary, You Didn’t Win That.

Can’t you just hear Obama’s speech to the U.S. Olympic athletes when they visit the White House? He’ll point to their gold medals and say, “You didn’t win that. Government did it for you. We built the Olympic training center, the roads that lead to it; we provide the coaches and team doctors. Since we won the medals for you, please place them in the communal pot behind the stage. These medals are now the property of the United States government.”

But wait. There’s more. With ultra-liberals there is always another lecture. Obama cares so much about “fairness,” “equality” and “social justice,” he can’t possibly allow a teachable moment to pass without a lecture.

“I want all the champion gold medal winners to share their winnings with the losers. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, come on down. You guys are Exhibit A. It’s the collective — not the individual — that is important. All those gold medals you won hurt a lot of feelings. You are dividers — not uniters. You’re greedy. You should feel guilty for not slowing up enough to let others win a few medals too. We’ve got to spread the gold around.

“Michael and Ryan, you’re going to make $50 million off these Olympics. But that’s just not fair. What about all the other U.S. Olympians who will make nothing? The rowers, the fencers, the curlers. We can’t have winners and losers. Everyone should share in your success. So…

“Here is my Executive Order. Michael and Ryan: In the interest of equality, you will both give 50 percent of your $50 million endorsement money to the rest of the Olympians. That takes care of the Olympians. But remember, without our bean-counting bureaucrats and egomaniacal, blowhard politicians, you would never have won a thing. So, of the amount you have left, you have to give 70 percent to the IRS. I think that’s paying your ‘fair share.’ You owe us.”

But then Obama couldn’t help himself: “One more thing. I am taking this opportunity to announce my new Executive Order for Social Justice. It isn’t fair that there are so few African-American swimmers and so few white track athletes and basketball players. I am ordering the U.S. Olympic Committee to no longer determine who makes the Olympic team based on talent. From this day forward, it must be based on quotas and affirmative action. You must set aside 50 percent of all swimming spots for black athletes and 50 percent of all track and basketball spots for white athletes. And, of course, I’m also mandating a few token slots for Latinos, Asians and American Indians.

“For far too long, the Olympics have been about talent, regardless of race. That was wrong. That was offensive. That was then. Now it will be based on social justice. Who says people want to see good swimmers? I think they’d rather see a rainbow of diversity and equality.

“And, one last thing: taxes. Each medal winner has to pay a $25,000 tax on your medals. You know, those gold things you no longer own. Just because you work harder and smarter than the next guy you will no longer be allowed to hurt people’s feelings by beating them. Win and you will be punished with massive taxes.

“Finally, by Executive Order I’ve also added a United Nations carbon tax to your taxes due. Each of you polluted the world and caused a dramatic increase in global warming with your carbon footprints traveling to Europe. So whether you won a medal or not, each of you is fined $10,000. Make the check out to Michelle Obama.”

As the White House press conference ends, the athletes are depressed and bewildered. The entire Olympic team, now with no incentive to ever again train past the point of exhaustion, retires en masse. Obama is thrilled. It is exactly as he planned. By retiring at such a young age, they remind him of government employees. He promises them pensions for not working for the rest of their lives and, of course, that guarantees them as Democrat voters.

Thinking of the hope and change he has just created: fairness; equality; social justice; the joy of the collective; and, of course, the full credit now assigned correctly to government, for all of these Olympic triumphs bring tears of joy to Obama’s eyes. He thinks to himself: “Gosh, isn’t this great? The Olympics are now just like my economy. Talent is replaced by fairness. It’s great to be God!”

And now you know exactly how every business owner in America feels under Obama! I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week, same time, same place.

God Bless.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • DaveH

    The Olympics have always been about the Gang Leaders showing off their athletes.
    USA! USA! USA!

    • steve

      so how much money does the government spend on the olympics? zero. all private donations

    • eddie47d

      “Showing off gang leaders” Dave H. You get the dumbbell award today and about as lame as saying Phelps has to share his award with Lochte. Now who is running this insane asylum? .

      • DaveH

        I didn’t say — “Showing off gang leaders”, Eddie. I said — “Gang Leaders showing off their athletes”. All you need to do is cut and paste, Eddie. It’s really easy.
        And you call ME a “dumbbell”?

      • FreedomFighter

        Oral defecation is not pretty Eddie, please stop, you are stinkin the place up

        Attack the mans idea, not the man.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • eddie47d

        Okay “Gang Leaders Showing Off Their Athletics” Feel better now? The point was and still is you get the lame comment award! The man and the idea still stinks FF!

    • Steve L.

      Its About extreme egagerations like this stupid article. This is why its so hard to have a discussion with people like this. To completly take what Obama said so far out of context shows w a r is worse than the media outlets he crys like a baby about


    Wayne Allyn Root, SIR. I AM NOT GOING TO TALK MUCH ABOUT THE Lord – THAT SEEMS TO UPSET Personal Libertarians.




    THE “L-o-r-d!”

    • steve

      and here i thought they got the equipment from town sports groups like little league or maybe the ymca or what ever orgainization was in your town or county. it’s nice to think god plays arole in helping children achieve something that they enjoy but he gave you the freedom to make choices and that’s what we do from birth to death. hopefully he helps along the way but it’s your choice not his.

    • DaveH

      Christopher says — “I AM NOT GOING TO TALK MUCH ABOUT THE Lord – THAT SEEMS TO UPSET Personal Libertarians”.
      Not true, Christopher. What upsets Libertarians is when you try to force your beliefs on others using Government as your bully boys. Such as Vice Laws and other victimless crimes.
      In fact, Judge Napolitano, one of our staunchest promoters is very religious.







    • Jeff Scism

      I see little difference between your argument that it was God,vs the argument that the Government did it all for you. However I do think that GOD is more likely into EVERYTHING than Obama is. And of the two, I think I would prefer God help me.

      • Paul Wells

        Well said, and I concur 100%!!

  • Michael J.

    Obama-ism = Bolshevism

    He provides a bit of releif for Vladimir Lenin as he peers upward from the flames that consume him in perpetuity.

    • jeffscism

      Vlad is probably getting used to it. They’ve had ObamaCare in Hell for quite some time now.

      • Chuck

        I think Reagan said something like heaven doesn’t need socialism and hell already has it.

  • Warrior

    The repubs are talking about “leadership”. In the meantime, fraud n chief is out on the stump at colleges talking to the mush minds about how people making $250k should be paying more taxes. There’s your contrast.

    Progressives must GO!

    • Freedom

      By time they have reached college……the liberals in the Public Indoctrination Centers (K-12) have already turned their brains into liberal Mush……..they are already Btain Dead…..

    • Paul Wells

      I agree…Progressives must GO! (I’d suggest maybe the MOON or MARS might just be far enough!)

      • Karolyn

        Sounds like Communism to me. It would be an awfully boring world if we all lthought the same. Well, I guess boring people wouldn’t mind.

      • eddie47d

        Freedom and Paul Wells forgets about the Conservative indoctrination centers. Jerry Falwell was one of the classics in rejecting anything but what he said.

      • jeffscism

        Yes and they can’t take AIR with them, That is a “Greenhouse Gas” product and therefor BAD for the Lunar or Arian ecology.

        • Jeff

          Maybe your buddy Chris Christie will send us all there, Ralph Kramden style. But then, 2 or 3 uppercuts and he’d be on a ventillator.

          These speeches at the RNC are something else. I thought Ryan’s nose was coming right out of the TV he told so many lies. Like the one about the Janesville GM plant that actually closed under W who was enabled by Ryan in every budget-busting initiative. Or the one about the Simpson-Bowles Commission. Ryan treated their Report as dead on arrival in the House, then blamed Obama for not embracing it. And don’t forget stimulus. In 2002, W’s stimulus was good for the economy; in 2009, not so much. But in 2010, in his hunt for “goodies” for his district, he wrote letters extolling the virtue of stimulus spending in his district to create jobs.

          Ryan is another Nixon. Ironic that “Ryan” was Pat Nixon’s maiden name.

          • jeffscism

            One Jeff to another. Lighten up and have a sense of HUMOR. We would rather laugh with you than laugh at you. The wonderful Greenies say Carbon Dioxide is bad for the environment? IT Lives on it. Two processes, Photosynthesis and Respiration, THEY balance each other. Greenhouse gases make plants thrive. NATURE LOVES Carbon Dioxide.

          • Jeff

            Hey, this political season has been endlessly entertaining. I’ve seen nothing like it since I was in college the summer of the Watergate hearings. But in the end, nuttiness takes you just so far and once Bachmann and Santorum and Gingrich and Perry and Cain were gone, there’s still a contest and there’s still an extraordinary amount of dishonesty to comment on.

  • Liberty Lover

    I made similar comments to my family following the Olympics. US medal winners were not the only ones who worked hard. They should share the fruits of their success with others who also worked hard but were not so fortunate. They should even share the fruits of their success with those who chose not to work hard at all. (When Obama actually announced he would support action to shield US medal winners from being taxed for their success, it was transparent panderinng and entirely inconsistent with his political philosophy.)

  • MV Jim

    If the government were responsible for the Olympians’ gold medals, we would all have one. Maybe local tax funds helped build the pool that the swimmers practiced in. But the government had nothing to do with the incredible determination of these young men and women to go beyond average, to excel like no one else could, to swim faster or dive with more precision than anyone else. This “level the playing field” mentality is embraced only by those who have insufficient initiative to accomplish what Olympians can. This is precisely why we need REAL hope and change in November.

    • KQJM

      The only one suggesting the government DID have anything to do with the personal physical abilities is the author of this piece, a fictional, not factual, accounting.

  • Rick

    Actually, Romney said those exact words when he gave his speech to the Olympicians just before the games. Didn’t you see the tape of his speech?

    • Jeff

      When Romney says it, it’s capitalism. When Obama says it, it’s socialism. It’s called Wingnut Logic 101.

      • Vicki

        Jeff says:
        “When Romney says it, it’s capitalism. When Obama says it, it’s socialism. It’s called Wingnut Logic 101.”

        Which is why we worry about liberals. Conservatives recognize it as socialism no matter who says it,

        • Jeff

          So, stating the obvious (i.e. that everyone who succeeds was aided by parents, teachers, coaches, and a system called infrastructure) is socialism? So, a true conservative has to reinvent the wheel every generation? Even in the Christie speech, he talked about how his father benefitted from the GI Bill. What did conservatives have to say about that at the time? Nothing good, you can be sure.

          These programs Romney and Ryan are crying crocodile tears over (Social Security and Medicare) were solidly opposed by Conservatives when they were passed. In fact, the sainted Reagan was so opposed to Medicare, he practically called it the end of freedom. I would not trust any plan for Medicare put forward by Paul Ryan. And may I suggest if you ever shake hands with Von Mittens, count your fingers afterward.

      • Palin16

        does the union pay ya good for trolling this site? And how’s that hopey-changy thing goin’ for ya?

        • Jeff

          Why do you wingnuts always assume those who disagree with you are on the payroll of the Democratic Party? Do you really think everyone who voted for President Obama is no the payroll? Even the real Sara isn’t that dumb. Oh, and the hope and change – it’s working much better than the previous 8 years.

      • Palin16

        You didn’t answer the question. Are you being paid by a union or some organization like “Obama for America” to be here?

  • Ted

    Weak one, Wayne. There’s nothing new here.

    You start with a deliberate misquote, turning Obama’s rephrase of JOhn Donne’s “No man is an Island, intire of istelf.” into an insult.

    Then you give fictional account of what the President should have said had he asked your advice.

    Why do you write to please the people who agree with you instead of trying to convince those who disagree with you. IMHO, it’s because the former is easier.

    • boyscout


      • Michael McCroskery

        Amen!, my brother. Finally someone is calling this for what it really is.

    • steve

      gee , and here i was thinking that he was using obama’s quote of ” you didn’t build it ” as a joke. what president says crap like that and then wants the country to show him respect. give me a break

      • KQJM

        When he said “you didn’t build it”….. I took him to mean things like the convention center in Tampa (where the RNC was held) that was largely built by with Federal Grant monies. No, it wasn’t literally physically built by government, but by laborers hired with the predominantly Federal funds used for it’s construction. Key words — Federal Funds were used to build it (62%)

        The police and security for these events are are paid through tax dollars, and the city upgrades to accommodate the influx of people were also paid through city tax dollars. As far as Olympians go, Yes, the actual effort of the individual wins the events, but the roads they travel on to training centers, and maybe even some of the training centers themselves, the security surrounding these events, transportation to and from them, are made possible through government funds.

        I don’t see it as him taking credit for the personal effort or achievements of others, or trying to negate those things. I understood it as an effort to bring to light how difficult those achievements would be without the things government provides that we take for granted.

        Let me ask you, is it a bad thing to be occasionally be reminded of the positive benefits that government provides, or do you believe the focus should be only on the negative aspects?

        And if the latter, ouldn’t that be a bit like focusing on all those Olympic tryouts who don’t make it, focusing on the Olympians who die in the effort, who are injured, and saying “lets do away with the Olympics” because of it?

        Wouldn’t it be better to say “yes, government does facilitate much of our business opportunities, but let me show you where it impedes it also?”

      • DaveH

        KQJM says — “Let me ask you, is it a bad thing to be occasionally be reminded of the positive benefits that government provides, or do you believe the focus should be only on the negative aspects?”.
        What does Government provide us that can’t be purchased privately and voluntarily with our own money, KQJM?

      • KQJM

        DaveH: Really, you are going to provide society’s infrastructures with your own money? You are going to pay city engineers and staff out of your own money? You are going to run the military out of your own money? You are going to provide a court system to mediate the conflicts and differences between individuals. You are going to hire your own fireman and police force? That’s to name a few benefits. So each individual in major metropolitan areas is going to buy all those services on his minimum wage job? Or should he become a criminal, the only avenue left to secure the wages to purchase his lifestyle. You are going to provide enough funds to buy up land, turn it into national parks, preserved for future generations? And provide the fund to run and staff them. You are going to provide educational assistance for those wanting to enter the science fields, the health fields, or are you going to take your money, fly overseas, and purchase your services there. You are going to eliminate the CDC and fund it yourself, or “hope” the for profit sector will assume it’s functions, track epidemics. What research is done in our Universities using federal grant monies from DOD, DOE, CDC, etc…. you will now pick up the tab (don’t worry about that last one…. foreign investors are already doing it for you. Sadly, THEY, not YOU, or the U.S. Public, owns the results of that research).

        You really believe that privatizing everything to “for profit” industries, that turning every societal good into a “commodity” for purchase and resale, is the way to go?

      • DaveH

        KQJM says — “Really, you are going to provide society’s infrastructures with your own money? You are going to pay city engineers and staff out of your own money? You are going to run the military out of your own money?”.
        In the early days of our country, the businesses built the roads, canals, and bridges so their customers could reach them. And I’d bet you that they did it a lot more efficiently and cheaply than is done by bureaucrats and politicians who have nothing to lose when they don’t.
        Read this and learn something, KQJM:
        As far as the military goes, why should I pay for them to campaign around the world, pissing people off, thus making us more enemies. And a standing army is Unconstitutional anyway. Read the Constitution, KQJM, Article I, Section 8.

        • jeffscism

          WE All already pay for those things and MUCH more than we want to.

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        KQJM says — “You are going to provide a court system to mediate the conflicts and differences between individuals. You are going to hire your own fireman and police force?”.
        Actually people who know the costs, delays, and random judgements that come from our Government Court systems are already signing up for binding arbitration:
        And people already commonly contract with Private Security Services. Private Fire Protection wouldn’t be any more difficult.
        And you can bet that the Private Services would be a lot more polite to their customers than the Monopoly Government providers are.

      • DaveH

        Those who would like to explore the answers to KQJM’s questions more thoroughly can read this:

      • Vicki

        KQJM says — “…..You are going to run the military out of your own money?”.

        Well as it happens. Yes. It is OUR money that is used to create and maintain the standing army that our founders strongly disapproved of.

        Now what the founders intended is for WE to be that army and yes WE were to bring our own weapons to muster. Study the militia concept circa 18th century and remember that those rag tag farmers took down the mightiest military power in their world.

      • GALT

        Skipping over that continental army thing? As a military unit, militia’s do not have much of a reputation for reliability……..or military prowess and this fairly consistent through out our history…….so much so that the phrase “well regulated militia” was more wishful thinking than descriptive. There is one benefit though, they tend not to be willing to blindly follow orders…….so that when the attempt was made to use them as strike breakers….they often refused to comply…….pissing those capitalists off and requiring the use of regular troops.

      • KQJM

        DaveH: Regarding the Free Market link, I happen to disagree with it’s conclusion, that the free market is the origin of personal character traits.

        “The free market not only gives us prosperity, it can also make us better people by requiring and rewarding old-fashioned virtues like thrift, prudence, courage, and stewardship. Government, which has made us so much poorer by its invasions of private property, has also wrecked the culture”.

        Anyway, it is way too complex an issue to address in this thread.

    • Larry

      If you ever were successful you would know what he is talking about!

      • jeffscism

        Really, if all that is required is common infrastructure, then all those who excel would be COMMON. The effort and drive, and SWEAT is what makes success, The sidewalk doesn’t do it.

    • GALT

      the description “capitalist evangelist” says it all………Was Jesus a success?

      • Karolyn

        Jesus was the ultimate success. Real success is not in what you have but who you are and how happy you are with where you are.

      • GALT

        Well then Mr. Root doesn’t seem to agree……and he doesn’t appear very happy……

        “Root serves as national spokesman for several companies, including Asset Strategies International, a global precious metals company, and Senior Economic Advisor to Wealth Masters International, a global financial services company. ”

        From that resume…….seems Mr Root doesn’t take much stock in America……although exploitation and usury seem to fit nicely……..which makes “evangelical capitalist” an oxymoron and a contradiction.

    • Maryland Freestater

      Ted says (August 30, 2012 at 7:58 am): “Weak one, Wayne. There’s nothing new here. You start with a deliberate misquote, turning Obama’s rephrase of JOhn Donne’s “No man is an Island, intire of istelf.” into an insult. Then you give fictional account of what the President should have said had he asked your advice. Why do you write to please the people who agree with you instead of trying to convince those who disagree with you.”

      Sorry, ted, but I rather enjoyed this article. Ted, I don’t know if there’s nothing ‘new’ or ‘old’ here but I do know that if one doesn’t like reading Mr. Root’s columns then why do you bother commenting? Root is NOT going to change anybody’s mind – they have to awaken for themselves and smell the coffee.

      I don’t understand why people insist on participating in a column that doesn’t agree with their mind-sets: I despise anything to the left of conservo-libertarianism politically and philosophiocally and don’t waste a minute visiting sites like MoveOn, HuffPo etc. Nor do I waste time on visiting ‘right-wing’ sites. As a Libertarian, I think it’s a waste of time trying to convince people of the righteousness of one’s cause. So, why bother wasting time on this when one probably (hopefully!) has better things to do with life.

      People who disagree and voice their opinions contrary to Mr. Root, or any other columnist here – if you don’t like the meal, please get out of the kitchen. Visit and participate in a site closer to your own values, and leave people like us alone.

      Great column, Wayne!

      • KQJM

        Maryland: If you want to live in a bubble, exposing yourself to only those who champion your beliefs, that’s fine.

        But to answer your question, some of us recognize that the easiest person to brainwash is the one whose belief’s are never challenged, that no one group has all the answers, that each group has it’s bias, and that each group has valid points to make.

        Groupthink, while comforting, has it’s dangers also and some of us just like a more balanced view, recognizing that the other side are not “demons”, but citizens like ourselves. I go to a lot of sites for this reason. And sometimes, I find discover things I would not have otherwise.

      • Maryland Freestater

        @KQJM – Trust me, ‘K’, I DON’T live in a bubble. It’s more like I’m very firm in my beliefs and am not interested in opinions of those that seem to be stirring up trouble just for fun or spite. In fact, I consider myself to be a fundamentalist-Libertarian, new convert all fired up and constantly learning about the good news.

        Life is way too short to waste time considering irrelevant things (for the most part). In fact, I wasn’t interested in politics until my mid-40s during the Clintonata and was disgusted by many things which happened during Bill’s term. I’m part of the Silent Majority: or from ‘Tora Tora Torah’ the Awakened Giant.

        The only things I care about in life are my family and music. I filter out things which don’t interest me – until something happens that threatens to affect my quality of life. The Clinton Years did threaten my lifestyle – but at least Bill had sense enough to back down when he needed to on some of his extremist ideas. Political correctness and the attack on culture in this country by subversives and do-gooders is also an attack on myself and everybody. Obama’s policies threaten the future of the nation’s children for generations to come. I insist they cease and desist.

        Government hasn’t the answers. Government’s role needs to be re-examined. People’s attitudes towards government need to change. people need to get a LOT more involved in government, because if they don’t, then we get the mess that we’ve got now.

        Besides, ‘K’, I don’t think they make a bubble big enough to hold me!

      • Sheryn

        We come here for pure entertainment. Its histerical !! Laughter is good for your health !!!!

      • KQJM

        Maryland, you claim not to live in a bubble, but then go on to say you avoid views that differ from your own. That you believe others hold different views, or question existing views, simply out of spite is incredibly naive.

        You also say:

        “People who disagree and voice their opinions contrary to Mr. Root, or any other columnist here – if you don’t like the meal, please get out of the kitchen. Visit and participate in a site closer to your own values, and leave people like us alone.”

        That sentiment needs to be directed to the blog owner, not those who post here. We do so by invitation of the blog owner, who specifically states his Comment Policy as “We encourage an open discussion with a wide range of viewpoints, even extreme ones, but we will not tolerate racism, profanity or slanderous comments toward the author(s) or comment participants….”

        If you find this policy, and the attendant comments, uncomfortable or objectionable, perhaps it is you who ought to find a more restrictive site in which your feelings can be confirmed and never questioned.

      • Karolyn

        How does one grow and change without being exposed to others’ beliefs and opinions?

      • GALT

        Re-examining the role of government is definitely something to consider…..but there
        is a small problem that might prove difficult to overcome……

        You would need to find people who understand what the role of government was, to begin with……….

    • KQJM

      He is illustrating the difference between invective and information. He just forgot to caption it correctly. I’m being generous here ;-)

    • Kgintovt

      Ted, if you disagree with him, why are you reading this page? You’re either 1) someone in need of convincing, or 2) a liberal plant who probably gets paid to leave divisive comments or complete misinformation on websites the liberals have targeted. Mr. Root is employing an age-old device known as satire to get his point across. You see, what satire does is in this case is take what someone has said or done (i.e., Obama’s lame comment that business owners didn’t build their business) and apply it to a situation that most people would agree comments like Obama’s wouldn’t apply (i.e., because athletics are supposed to be competitive–that’s the whole point). In so doing, Mr. Root is saying that, just like athletics, the whole point of running a business is to be successful, and once you are successful, you shouldn’t be punished or demonized for that success. By satirizing Obama’s possible reaction to the Olympic athletes is to expose Obama’s mindset. That is, if it’s ridiculous to think that the athletes didn’t really earn their success, then it’s equally ridiculous to think that business owners didn’t earn it, either. What Obama and the liberals fail to realize is that while government may have provided the organizational structure to get roads and community pools built, government didn’t pay for that (taxpayers did–how convenient that they always seem to forget that), and those pieces of infrastructure are meant for everyone to use, not just business people or athletes. What government doesn’t provide is the is the spark of inspiration that ignites a person to start a business or to strive for athletic achievement. The government doesn’t get out of bed at 5:30 am to jog 20 miles or swim 100 laps of the pool everyday. The government doesn’t provide the talent or take the risks to design, build, and market a product. In fact, people who work for the government do so precisely because they don’t know how to design, build, or market anything. The only thing government knows how to do is take your money after you’ve earned it. The government may have built the stage but they didn’t put on the performance. When you read a review of a play, for example, who do they praise or criticize? The actors or the stage? The stage doesn’t have the talent, nor does it take the risks. That’s the connection Obama fails to make and that’s why his statement is so ridiculous. Only someone who has no talent, never taken a risk, or gotten out of bed at 5:30 am to train for an athletic goal would think otherwise. I think Mr. Root made his point beautifully and I think it’s hysterical.

      • KQJM

        Kgintovt… Are you of the opinion then that successful business never gets a “leg-up” from government loans, grants, earmarks? Do you think no one ever got up at 5:30AM to tackle his SBA application? Do you think no one ever got up at 5:30 am to submit his bid application for Federally Funded Jobs (BTW, didn’t Romney’s dad’s construction company make some money from federally funded jobs, as did Senator Feinstein’s husband?)

        Also, you ask of Ted “if you disagree with him, why are you reading this page?”

        How does one know the content of an article UNTIL one reads it?

        And if one disagrees with the premise a particular article presents, does it then follow that one disagrees with all tenets of the site? Does it then follow that one just shuts up and accepts it?

        Is it ALL or NOTHING, that black and white? You either sign on for being spoon fed and regurgitating another’s viewpoint, or go elsewhere? This from a site that proclaims “liberty???”….. what is that, liberty in everything EXCEPT thought, EXCEPT viewpoint.

        Really….. isn’t that a hallmark of bigotry, not liberty; a hallmark of conformity, not independence?

      • GALT

        Will Rootheads replace ditto heads?

  • Flashy

    Another Root story. garbage in, garbage out. PL quality goes down like a rock tossed in a lake with each piece of trash this guy writes.

    • DaveH

      Speaking of trash, Flashman, tell us your Sniper story again.

  • R. Fine

    I suggest everyone here read the Socrates piece on Obeying the Law. It speaks so well about what every citizen owes his fellow man and how necessary it is to respect the nation that sets the stage for ones own development. Of course small business people work hard but their progress depends on the efforts of others as well. Governor Christie said it well at the Republican convention the other night.. He credited his own station in life to the efforts of his father who in turn was educated thanks to the G.I. Bill which put him through university and the G.I. Bill, of course, is government funding to students who otherwise would get nowhere in life. If socialized education is good enough for Governor Christie it’s good enough for me. And that was President Obama’s point – as citizens we are all inter-related, the efforts of one effects the interests of others. It happens to be true for no man is an island as they say.

    • DaveH

      When you give a gift to somebody, R. Fine, do you alert them in advance that there are strings attached? Do you give them the chance to decline if they don’t approve the strings?
      First Government takes money from somebody else. Then they dole that money out to the people of their choosing. Then they expect to enforce contractual obligations on the recipient of that money who was never informed of such obligations?
      You gotta love Liberals. NOT.
      Get your hands out of my pockets, R. Fine. I will take my chances with ethical private businesses of my choosing.

      • GALT

        A gift that will keep on giving for DavidH. ( and prevent taking which may stop the unnecessary whining and complaining? ) see caveat*

        *APPLIED Knowledge is power.

        “To conquer, first DIVIDE!” ( and the HANG, separately.)

      • R. Fine

        The chances you take are entirely your responsibility. The fact remains you are a part – even if just a tiny part – of a large nation and all of the people within that nation are inter-dependent. You are not alone living on an island in the middle of the Pacific. The actions of one and all effect everyone else to greater and lesser degrees. Also, as human beings living in a social setting as opposed to living in the jungle we are all part of a social compact. The reason we are against killing off deformed babies and against partial birth abortions is because in our hearts we know that there are times that the weak must be protected. This is what makes us different from other species in the animal kingdom. The Founding Fathers were wise to say – in the Constitution – that their goal was to “…promote the general welfare…”. That’s what “a more perfect union” was to them. The Founding Fathers saw the need for the colonists to act together to ensure “the blessings of liberty” not only for themselves but for “our posterity”. You see, Dave, what we have today be it a business, be it a profession, etc is based on the efforts of other people going right back to the Founding Fathers themselves. The reason I enjoy contributing to society with my tax dollars is that I know that money goes in to developing the nation that protects and serves me in more ways than you can even begin to say. Some kid in elementary school today will be my doctor in 25 years, someone training to be a police officer today may rescue me from a car crash some day. A first responder who you probably think should be fired will some day save you or a family member etc., etc., etc. The list is simply endless. The government is not some alien group. Government is us. It is our fellow citizens doing their best as they see it and hopefully they want to “form a more perfect union” given the circumstances of any given age.

        • Jeff


          A fine post. Well thought out and well-stated. But DaveH just knows you’re just after his MONEY.

      • Kgintovt

        R. Fine and Jeff: I’m glad you guys enjoy paying taxes, but your idea of what government is–”Government is us”–is a bit naive. This article by Jim Powell of the CATO Institute does a much better job of describing what government is:

        Oh, and those teachers, police, firemen, and first responders all thank you for enjoying to pay your taxes as well, because when they retire, your taxes will be funding their retirements while you and your buddies are working as greeters at Walmart well into your seventies because you couldn’t afford to retire. (Assuming you work in the private sector, that is. If you’re a government employee, then of course, you’ll be getting premium retirement benefits while the rest of us don’t get to retire.)

    • jeffscism

      The GI Bill was developed as a reward for winning WWII. America realized that the cream of the crop of an entire generation had been devastated, and the GI Bill was part of the necessary rebuilding.

      The MAIN differences between 1947 and 2012 is that in order to “improve” the economy opposite processes are being invoked. The current GI Bill is being raped. The Ability to assist people in establishing themselves is being raped. The CITIZENSHIP of Americans is being raped.

      The 1947 initiatives to put returning Vets back to work, made America grow. The current ones are putting Americans behind the illegal immigrants in line for College, and government assistance. AND for Jobs.

      Unemployment is a REAL issue, with upwards of 18% unemployed for over a year.

      NOW is not the time to pander to illegal immigrants and give the finger to :LEGAL immigrants and the native born.

      NOW is the time to say OK – Americans First. Then we can afford to help new-comers, IF WE CHOOSE to.

      Executive orders are only the hands of a dictator.

      • GALT

        It’s not all bad……..consider:

        1.) despite all the whining regarding “regulations” and the enforcement of them…..all this stuff costs MONEY……the simple fact of the matter is, despite the size of the budget, most of the agencies do not provide effective regulation…..for anything, so standard practice is to “ignore” those regulations……..v. the odds of “getting caught”…….and because “prosecution” also costs MONEY, a deal can be reached. ( and if you are really enterprising and understand this going in…… hide your tracks and disappear )

        2.) Regarding immigration……the illegals are leaving……..unemployment is not limited to
        the legal labor force.

        3.) With that two year temporary work status…….the effect is having a whole bunch of illegals turn themselves in………..for a promise, with no guarantee……..and a source of future cannon fodder to maintain the EMPIRE……..personally, if I were one of them, I give
        that some real serious thought before jumping in…….but the cost of doing this was a signature on a piece of paper. ( and we can’t afford to deport them, so only those engaged in criminal activity have priority status…… )

  • 45caliber

    Just a thought …

    If no business owner can claim to have successfully started a business on his own without government help and therefore can’t claim it since the government was the cause of that success, then the government must be the fault of the thousands of businesses a year that fail, right?

    • Mamamia

      Wrong. Don’t be ridiculous.

      • 45caliber

        Oh, I see. The government never fails or causes a failure then. Hummm…

      • GALT

        No…it’s more like stupid premise = stupid conclusion.

        But just for fun, since this is all based on twisting meaning……

        Go build a business in the middle of Death Valley…….at least 25 miles from any road, which will eliminate any possible claim that government made any contribution to whatever
        the end product is………..

        I hear Goldman Sachs is really big on stuff like this, so all you need is a “good idea”….
        and if they kinda look at you funny, just say:

        If you build it they will come!

  • mark

    Taxpayers give enormous money to the Olympics. Without these funds, the Olympics would not exist. Just as most businesses in the U.S. rely on our taxpayer-funded education system, universities, infrastructure, and lots of government tax subsidies and spending. I lived near a military base for many years where all the local businesses thrived off the salaries of the taxpayer-funded military and civilian base worker salaries.

    • Maryland Freestater

      @Mark: You mentioned something that Obama should have elaborated on – that taxpayers funded all those nice roads and infrastructure. Growing up in the shadow of the Naval Academy, I am very well aware of the impact that the military/gov’t. complex has on local economies. Disingenuous, Barry.

      Obama acted as if the government ‘gifted’ us infrastructure. Nobody in government would’ve given anybody a wooden nickel if they had to pay it out of their own pocket. I find this attitude to be disturbing. My parents sent my family to Catholic school so we’d get a decent education and besides paying for this, they also had to subsidize public schools. I sent my kids to Catholic school for a while too and still also had to pay for public education,

      It’s time to reeducate people like Pres. Obama away from collectivism and socialism. Sadly, like I commented earlier in this column, it be a waste of time. Pig would just get mad and still not sing.

      • KQJM

        Maryland, you say government wouldn’t give anyone a nickel if it had to come out of their own pocket.

        So, uh, where do you propose they get operating cash and revenue from to build that infrastructure?

      • Vicki

        KQJM says:
        “So, uh, where do you propose they get operating cash and revenue from to build that infrastructure?”

        What we propose is that government get out of the way and we will build that infrastructure ourselves. Using our money invested freely between ourselves instead of having our money taken at gunpoint by government agents to invest in wasteful infrastructure (Anyone here heard of Solyndra? ;) ) that is so typical of government.

  • Karolyn

    What a jerk!

    • DaveH

      Time to look again in your Magic Mirror, Karolyn. You are the fairest of them all.

  • DavidL

    Let stupidity take a break, Root, you will feel better.

    A. Mitt Romney does not agree with you. (1:40 seconds)

    B. Romney solicited funding from the government for the games. They were provided. Had they not, the games would not have gone on and no medals would have been won.

    C. The point of the comment is about community of which government is an important part but not the only part. We are all connected and dependent upon one another. The educated and talented individual who starts a successful business was able to do this because of what the community did for him or her. Who educated them and developed their “talent”? Who educated the lawyer who represents their interests? Who educated the employees? The list of connections goes on and on!

    • DaveH

      Progressives. First they take our money from us against our will. Then they spend that money on things they choose. Then when we use some of the services or goods that they spent our money on, they try to further obligate us without any prior warning that we were under any obligation by using those services or goods.
      My definition of Creepy People.

      • DaveH

        It’s like a guy who takes a girl to dinner with money given to him by his parents, and then without any prior notice tells the girl after dinner that she owes him sex.

      • GALT

        Where as you would tell the truth and tell her she really owed your parents sex?

        Personally, my position is to accept gender equality, let them pay, and then play hard to get……… before reluctantly giving in………!

  • Freedom

    “So whether you won a medal or not, each of you is fined $10,000. Make the check out to Michelle Obama.”

    So MOOOOOOOOOCHELLE can buy some more Buckets of Hot Wings……..So her A.S.S grow bigger………

  • murray

    That was very funny but it can be true. plenty of jest is true or comes true lets face it right now we get punished by our government for succeeding and being successful small business is being taxed and regulated into abbrevion that’s why we have such high unemployment.

    • Chris Kendell

      We have high unemployment because we have an economy that has changed from one of manufacturing goods to one of information services and money laundering. Outsourcing our manufacturing base and much of our other employment (new employment opportunities) to third world economies by the venerated Corporate America for increased profits at the expense of the US Economy (and US workers) is not only UnAmerican, it is at the heart of our problems with rampant unemployment, our failing standing in the world, the increase in the military industrial complex’s control over our economy, the surge of our young people enlisting in the military, and the civil unrest in America. Corporations are not people, my friend! Never were, never will be!

  • KingKen

    Who could argue with Root’s analogy-? I can’t wait to get my fare share of all those golden profits. Perhaps I can afford a “Chick Fil A” sandwich.

  • uvuvuv

    a guy opens a business and yes, there’s a street in front so that his customers can get there. he pushes a thing up called a switch and the lights come on. he doesn’t exactly ride an exercycle with a generator, we can all agree to that. he didn’t have to make his own bar code scanner or manufacture his own inventory. he knows how to run his business because of classes he took at the community college. there are police patrols so he doesn’t have to keep armed guards around (although some businesses do). we are all interdependent, but to open and run a business it takes a spark of initiative, or guts, and if i had a little of that i myself might not be typing here just now. we have to give business owners some credit. i had a chance to buy a trailer court but i thought, what if it doesn’t work out and i lose money with it? now there are people who don’t think like that and so we can buy cars just across town instead of having to hike all the way to detroit, or swim all the way to hokkaido. also much of what the business owners are dependent on are provided by other businesses. i don’t exactly see the us govt growing tomatoes. if we want to get picky, in africa it was the colonialists from europe who built their highways, their railroads, their schools and hospitals. the whites can say, you didn’t build that.

  • Lynn

    I am tired of this “crazy talk” stuff. I am no Obama fan, but let’s get real. I started and ran a business for 15 years. I used private planes to travel (I am a pilot and hired a pilot) and with out “government airports” I could not have done as well. I used “government roads” and the internet, etc. No one does it “alone”. Yes, you contribute the ideas, the sweat and the sacrifice, but you DO NOT DO IT ALONE. So get of that crazy talk and try and solve problems not create issues that simply make people stop thinking.

    • Paul Wells

      Your tax dollars helped pay for those airports. Your tax dollars helped fund the arpnet, which became the basis for the internet. The issue us conservatives take with that line of thought is, it is the first high water mark one encounters in the road to “government is good, make government as big as it can be”. As a business owner, I’m surprised you haven’t encountered the numerous inefficiencies and multiplicity of regulations that government brings to the party. So, I’m saying, unlike you, THIS *IS* THE ISSUE! And your attempts to imply that there are more important issues is irrelevant, unless we can see that this welfare mentality starts right there, in your thoughts, that it just ain’t that important!

      • GALT

        Since governments create markets, provide for the enforcement of contracts, with courts, police etc. and armies to defend it all……..the intrepid entrepreneur goes nowhere fast….with out it.

        Without government there is no MONEY period. ( among other things )

        While it is nice to cite “regulations”…….you might want to be specific about which ones you are actually referring to……….with the added reality check that many of these “regulations” were instigated by businesses who could afford them, to drive the businesses who couldn’t, OUT OF BUSINESS!

        Corrupting government is a business in itself……..and it is so far beyond anything that has ever existed before……..that to say the government is the problem is simply misdirection…..the two, government and those who corrupt it are indistinguishable from each other……….so who benefits if “government” is isolated as the “problem”?

        If anyone’s credibility should be questioned, it is those who are attempting to make precisely that claim!!!!! ( anyone got any idea’s as to who these people might be? )

    • DaveH

      You would have been MORE successful without Big Government taking 40% of our GDP, Lynn, NOT less.
      All of those things would have been achieved earlier and at less cost if the Power Elite weren’t stifling competition and wasting our money.
      Read this, Lynn, and remove your blinders:

      • GALT

        Or you could read THIS and save yourself all the b.s.

        Enter Economics Unmasked:The Amazon Book Description

        The economic system under which we live not only forces the great majority of humankind to live their lives in indignity and poverty; it also threatens all forms of life – indeed life itself. Economics Unmasked presents a cogent critique of the dominant economic system in order to help transform our society into one in which all forms of life will be protected. The first part of this book is devoted to showing that the theoretical constructions that have been selected, work mainly to bring about injustice. The second part is concerned with what should be the foundations of a new economics where justice, human dignity, compassion and reverence for life must be the guiding values.

        “They identify what they consider to be the foundations of a new economics, which are articulations of the very core of our work here at nef:

        The economy should serve the people, not the people the economy;

        Development is about people, not objects;

        Growth is not the same as development, and development does not necessarily require growth;

        No economy is possible in the absence of eco-system services;

        The economy is a sub-system of a larger and finite system, the biosphere, hence permanent growth is impossible.” Nic Marks

        P.S. You are also spared the rather idiotic premise of having to imagine you are
        stranded on a desert isle and s*ck at fishing……and after that, it just gets worse.

  • wayne Allyn Root

    To anyone who keeps saying it’s true that government “helped” by providing the roads and bridges and airports and funding…

    You still don’t get it. Government has no money of its own. It all comes from taxpayers, property owners, and business owners. We fund government.

    We don’t owe a single ounce or inch of “thank you” to government. The government needs to thank us. We provide the sweat equity for government to pay for every govt. program…every road and bridge…the salary and pension of every government employee.

    So you see- not only did “we build it” ourselves with no help from government…WE ALSO BUILT THE GOVERNMENT.

    We built the roads and infrastructure…the military, national defense, and space program…and the police and fire with our taxes. We did in fact build it all. Government did nothing, but use our taxpayer money in the first place.

    If government didn’t take our tax money…we could have paid privately for all the same things- at a much reduced cost, with no middle man.

    How exactly does government exist or run? With our income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, death taxes, and dozens more. Government does not exist…but for its citizens and taxpayers. We built it all.

    To sum it up- your argument is a load of hot air coming from economic illiterates.

    Wayne Allyn Root

    • KQJM

      No one disputes that. What is disputed is that no one benefits from that, which is how the far right is presenting it.

    • KQJM

      And Wayne, limiting government is a different dog than claiming it provides no benefits.

    • GALT

      Do you know where you are? Any connection to reality? If you had to build it, it would have never have been built…………..not to mention that government funds a lot of research, while the profits end up in private hands………..yup, government is so useless while private enterprise is so daring and talented, that the whole lobbying sector is just one big fake out…………and government has been completely corrupted……..this wasn’t DONE by the little guy? P.S. since economics is a fraud, being literate in it is rather pointless…….although it does make the confidence game work if you can get people to believe you…………and that game is coming to an end, so enjoy what is left of it.

      That money equals success is an illusion……and money itself is an illusion, in most cases
      the only difference for much of what is touted as success, is that those who claim it, haven’t been caught yet……..

      Power, Inc.

      The world’s largest company, Wal-Mart Stores, has revenues higher than the GDP of all but twenty-five of the world’s countries. Its employees outnumber the populations of almost a hundred nations. The world’s largest asset manager, a secretive New York company called Black Rock, controls assets greater than the national reserves of any country on the planet. A private philanthropy, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, spends as much worldwide on health care as the World Health Organization.

      The rise of private power may be the most important and least understood trend of our time. David Rothkopf provides a fresh, timely look at how we have reached a point where thousands of companies have greater power than all but a handful of states. Beginning with the story of an inquisitive Swedish goat wandering off from his master and inadvertently triggering the birth of the oldest company still in existence, Power, Inc. follows the rise and fall of kings and empires, the making of great fortunes, and the chaos of bloody revolutions. A fast-paced tale in which champions of liberty are revealed to be paid pamphleteers of moneyed interests and greedy scoundrels trigger changes that lift billions from deprivation, Power, Inc. traces the bruising jockeying for influence right up to today’s financial crises, growing inequality, broken international system, and battles over the proper role of government and markets.

      Rothkopf argues that these recent developments, coupled with the rise of powers like China and India, may not lead to the triumph of American capitalism that was celebrated just a few years ago. Instead, he considers an unexpected scenario, a contest among competing capitalisms offering different visions for how the world should work, a global ideological struggle in which European and Asian models may have advantages. An important look at the power struggle that is defining our times, Power, Inc. also offers critical insights into how to navigate the tumultous years ahead.

      “In his new book, Power, Inc.: The Epic Rivalry Between Big Business and Government–and the Reckoning that Lies Ahead (Viking), David Rothkopf explains how the United States, once viewed as the model for a mixed-market economy, is increasingly held captive by the avarice of private interests. Power, Inc. is an undeniably ambitious book–attempting to put the current U.S. situation into a global and historical context. . . The takeaway is profound: that relations between the state and competing interests (be it church or private enterprise) have always been strained, yet the state–and its power to enforce the fundamental social contract it has with its citizens–has never been weaker. Rothkopf is a realist at heart. He recognizes that some form of capitalism is the only way forward–be it a more activist capitalism (being pushed by the emerging powers of India and Brazil), the welfare-state capitalism of northern Europe, or what he calls the “entrepreneurial small-market” capitalism of countries like Singapore and Israel. But for the first time in more than a century, Rothkopf argues, it will not be the Americans leading the way.”—Matt O’Grady, Canadian Business

      • KQJM

        Well said…. notGalt.

    • KQJM

      And without government providing those very things, our opportunities to SAFELY pursue careers/business that offer wages is limited. It’s a direct function of how much money we have going into it. …… it assumes an already existing cash flow.

      Look at countries with little or no central governments….. where MONEY is the sole determining factor of who has access to “tribal” “societal”, “collective” goods, use whatever word you want to plug in there…… you end up with Ghadafi’s, you end up with genocides, you end up with lead in your products, you end up with Love Canals, you end up with sex slave trades, you end up with Wall Steet operating like a Las Vegas Casino.. (hey, it’s making money any way you can, by any means you can), you end up with, dare I say it, an Oligarchy, you end up with drug lords…

      People, in the absence of government, will join whatever “tribe” or “gang” offers them the most protection. People will exploit whatever means necessary to obtain the great equalizer….. money. Yes, governments try to be the equalizer that prevents us into splintering into self-serving, self-interested little factions always at war with one another, no different than the warring tribes of Africa that are free to conscript children into war and engage in genocide with relative impunity. THAT is not the world I want to live in, and exchanging a central government for “each man for himself” would result in that.

    • Ted

      I love it! A guy takes to the internet, which was invented, founded, and funded by the federal government, to complain that the government serves no useful purpose!

      • Mamamia

        I love it too!

      • nw

        Don’t forget to give Al Gore credit for inventing the internet and global warming.

      • Vicki

        The internet was not built nor funded by the government. Parts of the technology came from people who might have been paid by the government. But it is still US. WE built it. We (private enterprise) took a concept from a university and seeing the economic value thereof put huge sums of our own money (what little we had left after taxes) into multiple private industries to make the technology and the actual parts that are the Internet. We would have done it with or without the incidental assistance of people being paid by government.

        In fact even arpanet was run over equipment built by PRIVATE enterprise and sold to the government.

        • Jeff

          Vicki, you’re a joke. You won’t even admit the Government has a role to play in R&D. How about in bombing brown people? That I’m sure you can get behind.

  • http://n/a Arlen Elliott

    To Lynn,

    I admire you for the courage to start your own business and for all the sweat equity that you put into it.

    I haven’t ever run my own business, but I believe I should share in some of your glory. When I was younger, a 70 to 80 hour work week was considered normal for long periods at the airline I worked for. And we didn’t get paid any overtime either. It became the most efficient airline in the country and, recently was voted the best airline to work for. It has also enjoyed the best record of what the airlines call “retained preference” which helps insure a good repeat business.

    You make a good point but, don’t forget, that you and I paid for those government airports, roads, etc. with the taxes we paid with our efforts.

    Sincerely, Arlen

    • jeffscism

      You can’t have success without infrastructure, but it IS we who have paid for the infrastructure, and not all of it through the Government. In reality MOST of the infrastructure is a part of PRIVATELY paid for improvements to make a business more profitable. Who pays for the Streets, sidewalks and street lights, The Property owners who are adjacent to it. Who owns the streets themselves? The Property owners adjacent to it. Who pays for the upkeep? The property owners adjacent to it.

      When a new housing tract goes in, the BUILDER has to provide all those things to Government standards, MANDATED, and when the tract opens the City or county TAKES them, and maintains them from that point, BUT when repairs are needed teh Property owners pay their property taxes to pay for those repairs, and if it is a HIGH cost repair may be assessed, fees , taxes, and other funds to pay for it. Streets, sidewalks and Lighting are just a part of the infrastructure FUNDED directly by the people, and a part of the cost of living.

      The same for Teachers, schools and all the rest. A developer has to pre-build those as well based on a per capita population load figure. Same for Parklands.

      They are required to set aside a portion of the property for Schools, parks and “green belt” areas. That reduction of their real estate is a Tax in Kind.

      Yes someone helped them get there, by TAXING them.

  • Chuck

    Did Obama really win the Nobel peace prize?

    • Paul Wells

      Sure, the same way he killed Osama bin Laden! Leading from behind! It’s the Marxist way!

    • dcjdavis

      Have never figured out how that little flub came about. Pretty sure, though, that it’s one (among many) of the reasons that Obama thinks like he does. Why should he think that anyone in the world ever actually worked for, earned or built anything?

    • Palin16

      Yes for the record…Obama did win a Nobel Prize…2009 I believe.
      It was the first time an award was given out for something someone MIGHT do in the future, instead of for something someone already accomplished. At the time, he had been a community organizer, a state senator, and then a US Senator for all of 2 years (during which time he usually voted present).

      • jeffscism

        and he didn’t make PEACE anywhere, did he?

        • Jeff

          Well, he ended the Iraq War. Before you say it was on Bush’s timetable, remember McCain wanted that war/occupation to continue essentially forever. Now, McCain and the neocons advising von Mittens have a bunch of new military occupations they want to engage in – Syria, Iran, maybe some fights with the USSR (What if they attack a non-Russian Republic – would they know the difference?)

          • jeffscism

            I VERY strongly disagree. That WAR continues, he simply abandoned it.

          • Jeff

            I agree that W opened up a can of worms we may never be able to reseal, but how long were we supposed to babysit the country? The Iraq invasion was idiotic. It was idiotic in a way only Harvard Ph.D.s could manage, but even the “horse sense” of W couldn’t sniff it out. It was obvious to me at the time how dumb that invasion was. Cheney was like a used car salesman selling that war – just a latter day McNamara. Totally full of it. So now what? Just keep fighting because we’ve been there so long? That would have been the McCain approach.

            If we truly had wanted to establish a democracy there with a Constitution people believed in to the point it would be unthinkable for someone to seize power, we’d have needed to stay at least a full generation (25 years), maybe more. Were we ever prepared to do that? I don’t think so.

      • Palin16

        Care to back that up with any links, Jeff? I haven’t heard Romney say anything about starting any wars. Most wars during the 20th century were started by democrats. Remember when LBJ told J Edgar Hoover and the Joint Chiefs “make me President and I’ll give you boys the best damn war you’ve ever seen.”

        • Jeff

          Dear Sara:

          Romney has signaled a return to belligerence in the conduct of foreign policy. He has emphasized his eagerness to go to war with Iran. His foreign policy team is made up of W era neocons. John McCain in his RNC speech is urging we get into the fight in Syria and Iran, and he said Romney agrees with him. Most of all, when has Romney shown any political courage? Will he have the balls to say “no” to his generals, knowing they might leak his “failures” to Rush or some other right wing moron?

          Speaking of links, here’s one showing the real sources of the deficit, and it’s not because of decisions by our current President. Sorry, Sara it’s strictly reality-based.

      • jeffscism

        A Budget is simply a Plan where you allocate what you think you will spend. There is no relation to a budget and what you actually do spend, as far as our government is concerned, If there were we would not have a deficit. A Budget is a planning tool, it isn’t reality. The issue is that if you want to PLAN a recovery, you have to know what your assets are, where they need to go, and what you can SAFELY cut away. The BUDGET is the rough plan and the YEAR will see if it gets stuck to, or just wastes paper.

        The REAL challenge is to SAY NO to the money waste. Congress and administrations have always completely forgotten about the budgets they submitted, and just Vote to spend on EVERYTHING, as long as they get votes.

      • Palin16

        Changing the subject again, eh Jeffyboy? I asked for a link of Romney planning a war, not a deficits link. You must have taken lessons from Harry Reid.

        • Jeff

          Did you hear his speech? He’s not only war mongering about Iran but Russia as well. Plus, John McCain, who spoke for him at the Convention, advocates military action in Syria where we have no relationships. Great, more neocon occupations in the middle east.

          Oh, and yes, Obama is paying me the same as Fox pays you. Are you a total idiot or do you just pretend on this blog?

      • Palin16

        Still didn’t answer the question, so I guess you have something to hide.

  • nw

    I love it, so hilarious. I can see this happening and the country being oblivious. He has much bigger plans for his re-election, it’s already too late.

  • FreedomFighter

    I suggest:

    Long term storage food
    Weapons and Ammo
    Ruffing it gear – the best you can get
    Alternative heating and cooking gear
    Survival seed bank

    Short wave radio

    • KQJM

      It would be wise to keep them on hand no matter WHO gets in office.

  • nw

    Don’t forget the barter items, sugar, coffee, bleach, soap and stay off the grid as much as possible, that’s the smart meters and Iphones.

  • s c

    In case no one quite gets it yet, Amerika’s Big Mutha government just can’t stick its 5 ton nose into enough lives fast enough. As kookoid as Bubba Klinton was (is?), he can’t hold a candle to the false ‘God’ in the W H.
    On another [related] topic, are Nobel Peace Prizes TAXED? If not, WHY NOT? It wouldn’t be FAIR if Obummer wasn’t spreading the wealth while he’s busy whizzing and moaning about not being FAIR about Amerikans NOT joyously spreading OUR “wealth” around.

    • GALT

      No they are not taxed.

  • Pathfinder

    The “we didn’t build it folks” seem to forget that every one in the system got paid, including government bureaucrats (who are always well rewarded)
    BOB specifically referenced Police, Firemen, and Teachers, meaning public sector employees to illustrate his point. He specifically singled out businesses (the private sector) as dependent on the public sector for success. Now why would he do that? Could it be to justify his “social justice” agenda, better known as socialism?

    Obamas claim that “you didn’t build it” is an affront, not only to business folks, but to everyone that gets up everyday, goes to work, and builds a life for themselves.
    Collectively, WE BUILT IT! …. “IT” is AMERICA and for Obama to say YOU DIDNT BUILD IT, infers government benevolence and ownership in what WE THE PEOPLE have built.

    • http://yahoo Brad k

      Pathfinder, You hit the nail directly on the head.

    • KQJM

      Well, if you are going to take credit for building the infrastructure, developing the administrative system, and all that goes along with it, if you take responsibility and ownership of all those goods society produces, if you built all that, then take responsibility for what you see as it’s failures also, for you built that too. You built the political system, you built the abuses, you built the corporations that pollute the election process…. Stop pointing the finger at one person, in one administration.

      The most we can say is our labor, through taxes, contributed to it. Individuals who fought for programs to reinvest those funds in public works, built it.

      On the one hand I hear the critical cry about taxes and socialism, while simultaneously, the other hand is raised to claim the glory of what those tax dollars built.

      It’s like listening to a manic-depressive alternating between phases… “i hate taxation, socialism, this administration” …”oh look at what my tax dollars built, look what I DID”.

      And most significant word in your entire post, was precisely the point of his statement, and that word is “Collectively we built it…”. That was the entire point of his statement…. and though you state it yourself, albeit in a bit different way….. it’s the EXACT SAME CONCEPT…. it took the efforts of MANY to accomplish it, not one single business, not one single person, but collectively, we put our efforts into creating our society.

      • jeffscism

        We all built all of it. and paid for it, and are paying for it, and will pay for it.

        You pay a Taxi driver to get you someplace, you don’t keep paying him for the rest of your life because you are successful where he took you.

        He does what he does for his pay and tips. You do what you do for the rewards you get for doing it. Obama wants to REDISTRIBUTE your ‘unfair’ rewards, when even the cabbie could have made his/her own success as you have.

      • Vicki

        KQJM writes:
        “The most we can say is our labor, through taxes, contributed to it. Individuals who fought for programs to reinvest those funds in public works, built it.”

        We can say a LOT more than that. We (well not politicians) used OUR DIRECT labor to build it and STILL had individuals come along and use the force of government to take our money (that we earned building it) for their pet public works. Which THEY didn’t even build. They just took our money (at gunpoint) and paid others to pay others to build it. So those individuals you talk of are the worst of the worst.

      • KQJM

        Well, if everyone is so convinced that they can build this utopian society, what is stopping you. Collectively take your riches, purchase land in a third world country that has weak to non-existent government already, and just show us how it’s done. Build those roads…. buy your protection…. build your business, all without infringement from a central government, all without taxes, or with very minimal infringement.

        Heck, I hear Mexico is not too restrictive and it’s a ‘winner takes all’ philosophy. You just pay off the right people and you’re left alone… maybe. The “right” people keep on changing though…. sometimes it’s the govt….sometimes it’s the drug runners….. each doing their own individual thing….

        Or do you want to stay here with the protections offered? Through your tax dollars. Although I have to say, when our National Parks on the border have to put signs up warning of drug smugglers, to avoid contact, one has to wonder about protection here as well….

        Understand, I’m just trying to understand these issues… and I thank you for your contributions to that. Regarding reading that 60 page Libertarian manifesto…. can you point me to an existing Libertarian economy / structure that exists in practice, not theory?

  • TerriG

    WAR, your sour grapes have fermented fffat too long. You should let this irrational obssetion with Obama die . It doesn’t do you, or anyone else, any good and makes you look like a jealous loser. Not a good picture whatsoever.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    My problem with Mr. Roots story is it begins with a misinterpretation. Obama never said “You didn’t build it”. He was talking about roads and bridges and flubbed that sentence with his next. Obama made a gaffe but he did not attack initiative and entrepreneurship. He even said in the speech what he actually believed. What he was saying was if you have a business you did not build it alone. He flubbed it but it was a flub not a confession of marxism as some have called it. People who build business are go for it self help types. But they do have help. No business in the history of business was made purely through the effort of only one person. And sometimes government did indeed help. Obama does not believe that government is at the center of everything. He just does not believe ones own effort is the end all. To accomplish something, specifically a business a person does need help. That is what Obama is saying. It does not seem that unreasonable to say a person needs help to accomplish something great and that at the end a person does not need to say “Look how great I am, I did it with no help what so ever”. Sharing is not communist and hogging is not capitalism.

    • jeffscism

      How do you BUILD a business? Reinvestment after investment. You invest money, time, public relations, service and good will. You invest in TAXES, and you invest in improving your community, your structure, and your practices. You invest in the Good Will of your customers hoping to harvest that Good Will when they tell their friends and they come to be your customers too. You Build a business by offering VALUE for the Investment the customers make in your business. and you turn it around by reinvesting.

      You nurse it along, like building a campfire. You start with the spark of an idea and gently coax the fire into some very tiny tinder, you breathe life into it, and when it responds you feed it slowly. As its appetite for what you feed it improves you feed it larger portions until it is self sustaining. Then you can use the fire to create other things, like cooked food. Warmth, and you learn to tend the fire to keep it satisfied and productive. You keep the fuel coming so the fire doesn’t die away and go out.

      It takes constant replenishing to keep a healthy fire and a healthy business.

      • Jeff

        Or, you can just hire lobbyists to change the tax code to favor debt financing, acquire “troubled” companies, load them with debt so they can’t even pay existing creditors, close the factory, cancel the workers’ healthcare, steal their pensions, and walk away with a good chunk of the money to put in your Swiss Bank Account. At least if the workers converted to Mormonism, they could get some groceries from Mitt’s generous donations to the Church.

        Try doing what Bain does with your own company. You’ll end up doing time for bank and bankruptcy fraud, possibly securities fraud.

      • GALT

        Yup, just keep feeding that fire……..eventually you get……..EASTER ISLAND.

    • swampfox

      your enfactuation with obummer constantly leads you to defend him.
      what are you his defender?
      you defend what you hold in high esteem,thus THAT tells me everything i need to know about you and what values you hold.
      I was at work yesterday on the job and got into a discussion with a electrician about Obama,he asked me why I detested the moron so much,so i told him and gave him some facts,he avoided me after that,as he couldn’t find ONE thing to refute what i said.
      now this is the rub,he said he was still going to vote for the socialist Marxist.

      also before this conversation he asked if I was in the marines and i told him yes and found out he was in the corps as well.
      well,he begins to tell me how I can go to the v.a howls and claim hearing loss to get money from the govt for the rest of my life,300.00 a.month and then he says how you can claim other b.s.
      I promptly told him I was a Christian and that was a lie and he was a leech and a theif and it was scumbags like himself who along with the libs that OS breaking our nation and not to say another friggen word to me(I was pissed)
      my point is that it is scumbags like this that catergorizes and represents those who are on obummers side.
      its always been said that birds of a feather,flock together,scumbags attract scumbags.
      just thought I’d share that.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Facts are facts Swampfox. Mr. Root is poking fun at President Obama for saying something that he did not say, I do not have to be an Obama fanatic to want the truth to be discussed. This election needs to be about facts. If the country is going to decide whether or not to replace Obama it should be based on the actual mistakes he has made. Not the ones his opponents wish he had made. Obama is not anti business nor is he a marxist. People who are successful in business are not the sole and only reason that business was successful. Whether the government is involved or not is irrelevant. The point is Obama believes that a person does not succeed in business all by themselves. For some reason people are taking that to mean he is a communist when in fact he is no where near. I am not blind to the mistakes Obama has made. That’s why I see no point in attacking him for things he did not do when you can attack him for things he has done.

        • jeffscism

          He said “You didn’t build that.”

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Just before that he was talking about roads and bridges. And earlier in his speech and after he clarified that if you have a successful business you did not get there on your own. People are focusing on a grammitical mistep rather then on the context of his speech. What matters is what he said, not how it was heard.

        • Jeff

          “your enfactuation with obummer constantly leads you to defend him” tells us everything we need to know about Old Foxy. I think he graduated from the 6th grade one spot below Jethro!

  • sjbbouton

    I’d be laughing if I didn’t think Obama thought that way.

  • DaveH

    Gary Johnson will protect Internet Freedom:



  • KQJM

    OK I’m done with this for a while. I have to pack up and move again for that PT job 2400 miles away. Not quite old enough to retire, too young to die, job of 13 years sunk with the economy…. no unemployment, life savings almost gone, it’s this…… or I get lost in a house of ill repute in the Nevada desert…… but it’s been fun and enlightening. I leave you folks to your, hmmmm…. discussions?

    DaveH. I will skimread your 240 Liberterian Manifesto,but I have to say, I haven’t read things of that nature since finishing Immanual Kant’s The Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals…….. I’m more inclined to just sit with the day and find what beauty I can in it. That is, after all, the only thing left me ;-)

  • KQJM

    Someone just passed this on to me in FB. So newsweek trashes O, and Fox trashes Ryan….. what’s going on here with the media giants one wonders.

  • brazzos

    Oh!!! Yuk-Yuk Wayne Allyn Root. The fat boy (see picture) mad a funny. Must be all that boot-licking done at the RNC

  • modans55

    So, the President will tell the Olympic athletes that they “didn’t win that” on their own?
    You mean, like MITT ROMNEY told them in 2002?

  • Palin16

    Barack Hussein Obama did not kill Osama bin Laden. Someone else made that happen.

    • jeffscism

      And he didn’t WIN the Nobel Peace prize, it was a GIMMEE.

      • Jeff

        He won the Nobel Prize for not being George W. Bush. In other words, for not being a freaking moron! Even though he hadn’t done anything as President, the contrast was enough for the Nobel Committee. It was a direct repudiation of the worst president in anyone’s memory. Now, some genius (Sara, Chuck, Elaine – take your pick) will say no, Obama’s the worst – just like a 4th grader might!

        • jeffscism

          He won for not being a moron? Surely you can do better than that. It was a GIMMEE, normally someone has to have done something related to PEACE to get one, it just proves that someone wanted him to have the money and prestige, but in fact what they did was insult and devalue all other recipients who did accomplish SOMETHING.

          Its Disgusting that the man with the last Nobel Peace prize has a DEATH LIST and watches as his ordered KILLS are made in a party atmosphere. The Only thing missing is the Vendors selling beer, popcorn and Hot Dogs.

          He has done NOTHING to make peace.

    • Jeff

      Come on, Sara. If W had managed to find and kill bin Laden, he’d have dressed up as a Navy Seal and acted out the shooting himself. You can’t stand Obama because he’s Black and he’s smarter than you and he’s classier than you. Get over it. If a Republican did the same things Obama has done, you’d be singing his praises.

      • Palin16

        Keep on showing your ignorance here, Jeffyboy. I’d be proud to call Herman Cain president, so how does that make me a racist? Even Morgan Freeman has said that Obummer is not the first African-American president, he is the first mixed-race president. And just what the heck has Barrack Hussein Obama accomplished? 40+ months of 8+% unemployment. 25 million Americans out of work. The largest tax increase (Obamacare) in US history. Wasted taxpayer dollars on boondoggles like Solyndra. Insulted hard-working entrepeneurs with “you didn’t build that, someone else made that happen.” Further insulted Las Vegans with “don’t blow a bunch of cash in vegas”, although Michelle must not have been paying attention because she’s been here twice since then. Michael Moore said today you might as well get used to the sound of President Romney.

      • Palin16

        PS. Obummer smarter than me?? I never claimed to have visited 57 states.

  • jeffscism

    Hmm, The RACE Card? Isn’t that getting a bit OLD? Not everyone cares about what race he is. And it is very disrespectful for accusations of racism to be made when there is no indication racism is being employed.

    • Palin16

      Liberals always fall back on the race card when they can’t argue intelligently.

      • jopa

        I am pretty sure everyone is sleeping a little easier now that Usama Bin Laden is history due to the direction of our President and Seal Team Six.Anyone saying or thinking otherwise is perhaps missing a little brain matter.Thank you Mr. President and Seal Team Six.

        • Jeff

          Can you imagine W? He’d have landed in the ocean in the Space Shuttle, emerging with bin Laden’s severed head in his hands.

      • Palin16

        bin Laden would never have been found if it weren’t for the waterboarding techniques used on Gitmo detainees.

        • Jeff

          Keep believing that. And the Easter bunny

      • Palin16

        looking forward to NAvy SEAL Mark Owen’s book “No Easy Day”, which I have preordered from Newmax.

  • Bill

    This president does deserve a gold medal. But that gold medal is in alpine skiing. The rationale for giving this president a gold medal in alpine skiing is that he has taken a country downhill faster than anyone in history.

    • Palin16
      • Palin16


    • Jeff

      I think W already retired the Herbert Hoover Trophy in that event.

      • Palin16

        You sure are obsessed with Bush. In case you haven’t noticed, not too many of the regulars here have ever praised “W”. Gonna vote for Obummer so you can blame Bush another 4 more years, while unemployment stays over 8% and more and more illegals come in to crush the system? Gonna vote for Obummer so he’ll have more flexability to disarm us for the Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood?

        • jeffscism

          And now they reveal that The FED gave away $16 TRILLION to World Banks during the Stimulus. Thats 2000 times the “$800 Million”. That means we monetize d the WORLD debt, and assumed it on our economy. No one bothered to tell us, it was a SECRET.

        • Jeff

          Dear Little Sara:

          The reference was to the past so I pointed out the real “downhill” champion in presidential history. A little touchy about “He Whose Name Could Not Be Uttered in Tampa,” aren’t we?

  • Jake Goode

    Great NY Times article on importance of funding for olympic athletes. Sorry, the whole’ you didn’t build that’ joke doesn’t really work here. Olympic level athletes need funding – whether government or private – to succeed. Recycling an old line over and over shows we have nothing new to talk about. Worse yet, it actually shows that maybe Obama’s statement wasn’t so outrageous as we like to paint it. A person with athletic talent will not become a champion without a whole support system to help him get there. I’m starting to think that was Obama’s point, not some Marxist claim that we have no individual initiative.

    My whole point is, this whole slogan slinging is getting very old. It’s like the liberals claiming that Ryan supports rape. Emotional politics. Depressing. And intellectually weak for such a serious situation. It permits us to stick to slogans which have been spun a certain way and prevents any rational thinking.

    • Kgintovt

      Jake: Yes, actually, I think the “you didn’t build it” line does apply here because what Mr. Root is trying to do is point out the fallacy of Obama’s thinking. Obama is trying to elevate the importance of government’s role in the success of both businesses and athletes beyond what it deserves, because in so doing, he can later justify imposing higher taxes on these folks because they “owe” government for their success and should therefore pay their “fair share.”

      That would be like Harvard University going back to Bill Gates and demanding half of his income because he owes them for his success, even though Bill dropped out. While most of us would agree that Mr. Gates’ success is due in part to the education he received at Harvard, we would all laugh at the notion that he owes them half of his income just because he happened to become successful. Why? Because that’s not how the deal works. Harvard takes your money up front in the form of tuition, gives you an education in return, and has no further financial stake in you after you graduate (or in Bill’s case, drop out). Harvard was simply doing it’s job.

      Similarly, we all pay for government services up front in the form of taxes, government is supposed to provide those services in return, and just because some people become successful by taking advantage of those government services (be they grants, government-backed loans, or simply using the roads) doesn’t mean the government now has a financial stake in their success (i.e., can claim the business owes the government for it’s success and therefore should pay higher taxes). Government was simply doing it’s job. That’s all. It deserves no more credit than that. And Obama has no right to guilt trip businesses and the American people into thinking that government is an equal partner and deserves an equal share of the profits. That’s not how the deal works.

  • Palin16

    The word is Mexico, you need a state-issued ID in order to vote in their elections.

  • http://nowebsite Barry Jackson

    I found many perceptive comments above, but from the title of Root’s commentary I expected it would discuss Romney’s address to the Olympics athletes, that they did not become champions by themselves, but were helped and supported by parents, coaches, sports facilities, financial contributors, governments, etc., etc. On the other hand we know Romney believes business owners built their businesses all by themselves, without help from or support of parents, employees, customers, education, local, state, and federal governments, etc., etc. And I noted that none of the comments address the global ruling class that, for decades, has gamed the system so they acquire ever increasing shares of wealth from the poor, the middle class, and the mere millionaires. As a result we do not have disposable income to purchase goods and services. We must struggle to survive as wage and salary slaves. Remember that Henry Ford explained his paying more than going wages because he wanted employees to purchase Model T’s. He should have retained Bain Capital to outsource his plant off-shore, and get his new offshore workers trained by the workers in Michigan that he was about to lay off. He could then bank offshore profits in Switzerland and avoid taxes. Ford was stupid. Romney, Way To Go!

    • Jeff

      In this era, Henry Ford would be labelled a socialist for promoting a minimum wage.


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