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You Can’t Protect Your Private Property From The Surveillance State

January 29, 2013 by  

You Can’t Protect Your Private Property From The Surveillance State

If you’re looking for police officers who believe their job is to protect and serve, don’t look to Naperville, Ill. There, officers support and help to enforce 4th Amendment violations.

The city, like many across America, is installing “smart” electric meters on homes. “Smart” meters are government surveillance devices designed to accumulate data that includes day-to-day activity in such detail that the “enforcers” are actually using power usage records to obtain search warrants on homeowners.

Naperville homeowner Jennifer Stahl has long opposed the installation of a “smart” meter on her home. She was one of the last holdouts. But a locked gate, fenced yard and standing between power workers and her home did not prevent the totalitarian badge-wearing enforcement class from pushing her aside and installing the meter anyway. After cutting the lock off the gate, police arrested her and charged her with interfering with police officer and preventing access to customer premises. Her interference consisted entirely of standing in her own yard.

Stahl’s friend and partner-in-crime, Malia “Kim” Bendis, who videotaped the whole encounter from a distance, was charged with attempted eavesdropping and resisting a peace officer. This arrest came on the heels of a Federal court’s ruling in an Illinois case that taking video of police officers performing their duties in public was not a crime.

But if Naperville police dismiss the 4th Amendment so easily out of hand, it’s no surprise that a Federal court’s ruling means nothing to them.

By the way, those “smart” meters are open invitations for thieves both out of and in government to steal all sorts of personal information. They transmit data on unencrypted frequencies. They are surveillance devices when installed on the home:

1. They individually identify electrical devices inside the home and record when they are operated causing invasion of privacy.

2. They monitor household activity and occupancy in violation of rights and domestic security.

3. They transmit wireless signals which may be intercepted by unauthorized and unknown parties. Those signals can be used to monitor behavior and occupancy and they can be used by criminals to aid criminal activity against the occupants.

4. Data about occupant’s daily habits and activities are collected, recorded and stored in permanent databases which are accessed by parties not authorized or invited to know and share that private data.

5. Those with access to the smart meter databases can review a permanent history of household activities complete with calendar and time-of-day metrics to gain a highly invasive and detailed view of the lives of the occupants.

6. Those databases may be shared with, or fall into the hands of criminals, blackmailers, law enforcement, private hackers of wireless transmissions, power company employees, and other unidentified parties who may act against the interests of the occupants under metered surveillance.

7. “Smart Meters” are, by definition, surveillance devices which violate Federal and State wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of private and personal activities and behaviors without the consent or knowledge of those people who are monitored.

8. It is possible for example, with analysis of certain “Smart Meter” data, for unauthorized and distant parties to determine medical conditions, sexual activities, physical locations of persons within the home, vacancy patterns and personal information and habits of the occupants.

The message from Naperville is, “Resistance is futile.”

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • msbets

    How is this possible??

    • Robert Smith

      Most of it isn’t possible.

      Unless you are using power lines for internet (something I’m strongly opposed to because of the mess it makes on the Ham bands) there ain’t nothing available but the total amount of power you are using.

      Unless you aren’t using LED lights for your grow room or you are cooking meth with electrical heaters you are safe. The only “tip off” they can gleen from your meter is an increase in usage.


      • Vigilant

        “…there ain’t nothing available but the total amount of power you are using.”

        Naivete, thy name is Rob Smith. You might want to look at

        Appliance “events” are monitored minute by minute. Check out appendix B of that linked report if you think there are no dangers of invasion of privacy.

      • Robert Smith

        The purpose is: “High-resolution smart meter data provides detailed usage data to utilities managing electric networks, allowing them to better integrate electricity from renewable resources and distributed production sales, and helps inform consumers of their usage patterns, thereby facilitating demand-side management efforts.”

        IOW, the utility can tell from a signature of your oven pre-heating that it will be in use for some period of time. They can combine that with other data and increase or decrease generation accordingly. It’s more efficient that way.

        For an individual (or even the government) to “monitor” your meter in particular they would either have to be sitting outside your home (where hopefully police or neighborhood watch would notice) or have access through the electric company where a warrant would have to be obtained (suspension of a grow room). Either way the individual is protected. If you want the ultimate in protection wear a tin foil hat.

        Only in a Tom Clancy novel can I imagine any of the finer points of privacy invasion occurring. Why do I care if someone knows I’ve turned on the washing machine? What good does it do them? Please, extend your imagination and explain to me how someone knowing when I turn on my washing machine is threatening to me in any way. Any way. Something?

        And unless your internet runs over power lines (that I’ve already expressed opposition to for other reasons) the information about the power usage is still the only information they can glean from the instrument. Unless you use and they hack into an X-10 type of system ( you have nothing to fear. Even then what’s going to happen? They will see the signal that turns on a light as they watch the light turn on. Wow! Such deep espionage.


      • Vigilant

        Rob, you obviously didn’t read appendix B of the link I provided (“DATA USES & POTENTIAL THIRD PARTY INFORMATION CUSTOMERS”). I led the jackass to water, but he didn’t drink.

        Fine, you just go on thinking everything’s hunky dory. It’s the ignorance, nay stupidity, of the Pollyannas like yourself that will eventually do you in. One doesn’t have to be paranoid to understand the uses to which such data are being put.

      • Chester

        @cawmun cents, yup, have seen those boxes, inside and out, and all those consist of are a BUNCH of telephone connections and switches. Granted, most of them are totally computerized now, but that is ALL they are, other than also having some major backup batteries, the old, lead-acid type, and chargers for same.There is an electric line run to that box, so there is power to operate it and charge the batteries, but nothing illicit or illegal, even under your ideas of what illegal should be. Might ASK a utility worker to show you the insides of one of those boxes some time. Most of the phone company people will have no problems with that, especially if they happen to be working in there in the first place. If your utility worker isn’t a phone company employee, he won’t have a key to that box, so won’t be able to show you anything.

      • Robert Smith

        Oh sheesh… Appendix B didn’t have much in it that wasn’t in the article. Who cares when a hot tub is on or off EXCEPT to save or anticipate electrical usage.

        An insurance company monitoring my sleep? ROFL… First they need to show cause a crime is being committed and then they need to get a warrant, as explained before. X-10 equipment that sends information over house wiring, already addressed.

        Such creepy little assumptions and digs from the right only show the willingness of them to drift away from the issues and insult the people involved. Thanks for such a clear example, Vigilant.


      • Robert Smith

        BTW, if they want to know how long I sleep they can go to my health insurance provider and (with a warrant because HIPAA won’t allow it otherwise) and examine the information on the chip for my CPAP. Or, they can hack my cell phone and get information from the ZEO ( I use for my own information that I bring to my sleep specialist.

        BTW, I sleep much better knowing what I’m doing and if things aren’t the way I want them how to improve them.

        So, how’s can insurance companies or anyone else get into my affairs without my permission or a warrant?


      • Kate8

        Back when I was researching smartmeters, I came across some military documents (a huge file) discussing the weaponization of smartmeters using frequencies which disrupt biological processes, as well as compromise personal security.

        Just do a search on “military documents weaponization of smartmeters” and you will get some good sites. One is supposedly access to those documents, but I was unable to make them come up. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough, I don’t know. You could give it a try.

        But there are others, such as this one:

        Efficiency should in no way trump health. The smartgrid benefits no one but those imposing absolute tyranny on us. And there is no question that it is intended for use as a weapon against the people of the world.

      • Robert Smith

        I went to the website. Looks to me like it’s a scam to sell cheap stickers for a bunch of money.


      • jim

        “…First they need to show cause a crime is being committed and then they need to get a warrant, as explained before…”

        Hey Robert Smith, your ignorance is showing!!! Haven’t you EVER heard of the ‘Patriot Act’ or ‘Homeland Security’?!?

        They don’t need cause to come and take you away anymore!!! And they don’t need of a warrant either!!! If just a neighbor calls up Homeland Security telling them they THINK they saw a few assault weapons leaning against the wall of your living room when your front door was left open for about 20 seconds……..that’s all they need to come knocking on your door!!!

        But they don’t really have to knock……they can just waltz on in to your private place called home after knocking the front door off its hinges…slam you on the floor….cinch up your hands behind your back…..and drag you away to Guantanamo….without reading any Miranda or letting you talk to a lawyer!!!!

        This is the reality America lives in today!!!

        WAKE THE PUCK UP!!!!

      • Robert Smith

        Let us know when it actually happens, rather than something that MIGHT happen in your imagination.


      • Rick Hottington

        Hey Rob, let me tell you a story about a HAM radio OP that likes repeaters and runs lots of radio gear at his home. One day on his way home from work he got a phone call from his screaming wife saying that people with guns were breaking down the doors, all of them. When he got home and ran to his house he had a machine gun stuck in his face and hand cuffs placed on him at his from door. His wife was lying on the living-room floor with a machine gun pointed at her head. They were screaming at her, wheres the drugs as they ripped the house apart. Turns out that they had gotten a warrant because of the increased power usage due to the HAM radio repeaters operating. All computers were taken as well as all the owners firearms (which were never returned despite no charges ever being filed). Rob, it feels like being RAPED by POLICE. Would you like to try it? I have tried it. I don’t think I’ll EVER get over that day sir (and I use that term cautiously as you have proven that you are not exactly polite so sir may be a bit of a reach) nor will my wife whom has never had more then a seat-belt ticket in her entire life. Tell all this CRAP you been posting here to my wife that had a female “police officer” if one can call such a person that, as this “police officer” kept telling her how she was going to take her to jail and let the male officers there “deal with her”, in other words she was threatening to have her raped. No charges were ever filed so we filed charges against them. Within a month we were hit AGAIN with police and machine guns. This time they attempted to plant stolen goods in the home. We were able to beat the charges but it cost us our retirement savings and my job as an auto engineer. We MOVED and it all stopped. I also purchased a complete solar power system for our next home and run my repeaters from said solar arrays so that I don’t have to risk a repeat of this just to serve the community with repeaters, I currently operate 3, 2 meter, 70cm and 1.2gig.

        You just keep living in your little innocents world sir. Keep making excuses and turning that blind eye. Although I’d love to tell you [comment has been edited] I will say only this, I hope and pray that your family doesn’t have to go thru an ordeal like we had to endure. You see, those 11 antennas out back didn’t give them a clue about where the power was going. It HAD to be a GROW ROOM. BTW, to this day I have NEVER been allowed to see the warrants. They were all sealed by order of the courts and even fling a FOIA did no good. Our attorneys advised that we leave them alone before something worse happened. So YES we are afraid of them. Exactly what they wanted. Yes we ran away from the fight, we had no more resources to fight them with. Again I just have such mixed feeling when it comes to folks like you that spout this crap. I wish you no harm but damn I’d sure love to see you get a taste of some of this medicine so that you’d shut your naive mouth and wake-up to what is taking place right before your denial eyes.

        “When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,
        he will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest!”

        Which will you be sir?

      • deerinwater

        These claims are along the same lines as Con-trails , mostly conjuncture, void facts.

        “8. It is possible for example, with analysis of certain “Smart Meter” data, for unauthorized and distant parties to determine medical conditions, sexual activities, physical locations of persons within the home, vacancy patterns and personal information and habits of the occupants.”

        This number #8 “claim” is one serious stretch of the imagination. I’ve heard of Kentucky Wind-age before, but this speculation carry’s it to new levels.

        It is true that we now live in the “Information age” ~ and that can be somewhat “disturbing”

        I met up with a lady from Oklahoma a few years back, at the time she was recently divorced. ~ As our relationship grew over the months, the details of her marriage and subsequent divorce was shared to me small pieces at a time.

        During the divorce trial it seem that her husband testimony as to places and times conflicted with his “On Star” GPS tracking records subpoenaed be the prosecution.

        He was busted! by his own damn truck! ~ They even had voice records of conversations inside his truck.

        I say to you, beware with your evil ways. ~~~ or do no evil as it’s getting harder to hide.

    • walter agard

      Ask jessie ventura he may able to give some answers.

      • Robert Smith

        “Ventura wears his tinfoil hat with pride.”


      • Kate8

        Robert – You mean the way you proudly proclaim your ignorance (and treachery) as a paid shill every time you post?

      • Vicki

        Robert Smith may think otherwise but this article makes clear that the “tin foil” hat crew just might have more clues then the rest.

      • Robert Smith

        Awwww shucks Vicki, I didn’t see anything at KIPLINGER that indicated electric meters were dangerous. Can you be more specific?


      • Kate8

        Robert – Who cares what you believe. You are a known government shill and will scoff at anything anyone with sense says.

        Why don’t you go play in traffic. Do something positive for humanity for a change.

  • ed

    need a hacker to come up and market a jamming signal device

    • Dwight Mann

      Boy that is a good idea. It should not be to hard to deflect or destroy a radio signal. . .

    • Scott Todd

      The meter itself can be wrapped in foil to block the radio waves. I’ve also heard these meters interfere with AM and ham band reception. They’re FCC classified as part 15 devices and are forbidden to cause interference, so find out if they are and you can go after them on that basis alone.

  • Montana Grandmmom

    Read this yesterday and watched the videos.Scarey stuff. It’s coming, folks. Interesting that it seems to be starting in ‘you know who’s’ home state. Looking for options to move off the grid as much as possible.

  • Marc de Piolenc

    Actually, resistance is easy! The offending device is on your property and ultimately under your control. There are videos on YouTube showing how to block the signal, without tampering with the device itself, or even touching it. So just do that. Force them to come read the meter. At the same time, since they supposedly no longer NEED to come read the meter because you have a “smart” one, put up obstacles to reading so they have to call and make an appointment with you to read it.

    • Robert Smith

      “Force them to come read the meter. ”

      As they track mud on the floor walking by your grow room or illegal ammunition manufacturing facility.


      • roger

        is your smart meter inside your house? track mud on the floor? last I checked, reloading is a lawful activity, but you’re a doltish troll, so time is wasted on you……….

      • Robert Smith

        “For instance, it is a crime to manufacture any round, whether newly minted or reloaded, which is meant to be used specifically to pierce body armor.””

        Like I said, illegal reloading.


      • Vicki

        No such thing as illegal reloading. Any law that is unconstitutional is null and void from its inception.

        “The establishment of the U.S. Constitution in 1789 and its Bill of Rights in 1791 was a fundamental innovation in jurisprudence. It introduced the first constitutional republic, with a written constitution that superseded the Common Law that preceded it, while incorporating that part of the Common Law not in conflict with it, and provided that all subsequent statutory law and official acts must be based on its provisions and not in conflict with it. Any statute or official act not so based, or in such conflict with it, was to be considered unconstitutional, and null and void from inception.”

      • Robert Smith

        Vicki, I’m sure that anyone arrested for making personal armor piercing ammo will take comfort in your legal abilities (not).



        Robert, goes to show ts know absolutely nothing about guns, ammo or the 2ndA.
        FMJs are cometely legal.
        Please go back under the rock you came from son, to be polite.


        Robert, goes to show trolls know absolutely nothing about guns, ammo or the 2ndA.
        FMJs are cometely legal.
        Please go back under the rock you came from son, to be polite.

  • Bill Johnson

    big bro is coming

  • Gordon Cole

    Marc if you block your siginal that will give them the pight to make up some foney excuse to invade more of your privacy! with the help of our useless government who couldn’t that there are problems here in the United States with our so called Secret Service,FBI, and total desrespect for Homeland Security yoy would probably end up on some terroist watch list.
    Don’t you think that all the hipe about gun control and the fact that there is,and has not been a director of the ATF for over six years and the Government wants to hide the fact that they supplied thousands of weapons to drtug dealers so they could track them. The only thing it did was cause the death of one of our very own boarder patrol agents by some scum useing a weapon that came from ” THE FAST AND THE FERIOUS ” screw up.
    It seems that when it comes to truely AMERICAN citizens we have less RIGHTS then the people that are here illegally!
    What a great nation we have, they can’t keep hackers out of Government data banks but the are constantally filling those very servers with more and more of peoples information for the hackers to take at will!

  • http://none bill stoffel

    how can you now if your meter is recording you/ If you know it”s monitoring you a hamer will work fine to get rid of it and any one installing it and the one that gave the installing order and his boss and so on up the ladder maybe it will take me to the president i hope so

  • http://HomePC Mrs M

    Plant lots of trees around your house at least it gives a little protection and keep cell phones and lap tops in your car boot in the garage to use sparingly or have one outside room just for that, never carry your cell phone on you unless you have a business. Get rid of the TV and use old appliances for no GPS tracking. If you wash your clothes after a bath at night it does not take long, get in a new habit of living and enjoy your life, modern appliances have GPS and they can hear your conversations. They also drop devices on your roof, keep your conversations pure and your closet clean in every sense of the word. Haarp is used for clearer communication and the objects in your property links with it. This is the work of principalities and powers in the air, these demonic forces use good technology to destroy people and they use people to destroy people – sick. There are better things to do, sport, hiking, mountaineering, swimming at rivers and waterfalls avoid video games and movies and stop sitting around at home, do gardening. Enjoy your life and ignore the politics and immoral living going on around you. I don’t know what America is up to !!!!!

    • Mr Diesel

      This takes the cake as the most ignorant post EVER. I’m not condemning you, you know not of what you speak.

      I started in electronics 43 years ago and your post couldn’t be further from reality.

      • Robert Smith

        Thank you for pointing out the obvious, Mr. Diesel.

        What worries me more than anything is a neighbor who doesn’t want to trust their neighbors. For example; I was trimming my dog’s nails and hit the quick once. Poocharello (he’s a GS police dog) made some very loud unpleasant noises that concerned my neighbor. He came over to the open window and asked if everything was OK. He didn’t report me, he didn’t whisper, he came over and asked. That’s someone I have to respect because when he realized that all was OK that was the end of it.

        It’s general snoops and those who claim to be more “moral” than others who want to misuse stuff that should be private. What business is it of theirs if I entertain a willing female with an adult device (arthritic hands make some repeated motions difficult)?

        Here is a smile for you Mr. Diesel. Years ago I worked at Radio Shack. I pretty girl came in and asked if there was a way to quiet her vibrator because it disturbed her roommate. Obviously I wanted to offer her personal service, but store policy…

        I did solve her problem. Rather than 1.5v. alkaline batteries I suggested 1.2 rechargeable (and more economical) nicads. She walked out happy with a charger and two sets of batteries and with a lower voltage less noise.

        Always problem solving.


  • ibcamn

    They have been using this type of way to find pot growers,if you use more power than anyone in that house,previously,they will come a knocking,now they can show a judge,hey look Clem,those there bikers(for example only,because i’m a biker with stories)are sucking up a lot of juice,they must be growing pot,let’s get those dirty bikers with no proof!,judge say’s okay to sign a warrent,and their off and busting doors with no forthought!that’s why they want these meters,with the ability to upgrade later at any time they wish,since it’s theirs and already on your house!!

    • Robert Smith

      Use LEDs. You won’t get the heat signature they can see with infrared too.

      Don’t forget to let your local candidates know that you are against prohibition.


  • mark

    The mailmen, too Bob. We have to go after the mailmen. They all work for the UN.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear mark,

      Argument to ridicule. A logical fallacy. Thank you for your cogent response.

      Best wishes,

      • cawmun cents

        My argument to ridicule,is that I can see this mans logic as nearly always being fallacy…..haw!

      • Robert Smith

        “Argument to ridicule.”

        Or satire to express just how ridiculous of your primes is.

        Readers will decide.


        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Robert Smith,

          You write: “Or satire to express just how ridiculous of your primes (sic) is.” First, please state for me my premise so we can classify the parameters of the debate. Second, please point out the “ridiculous[ness]” of said premise with facts to bolster your argument.

          Best wishes,

      • Walt


        While the privacy issue is important to many, your article doesn’t mention anyting related to the real dangers of the Smart Meter usage. There are countless articles available that address the health dangers of the RF (Radio Frequency) radiation (not nuclear). I have posted below (10:18 am) numerous YouTube videos related to this issue.

        I would encourage you to research this issue more thoroughly, as it relates to the health dangers of RF. I’m sure your ability to search out this topic can be more in-depth than the video postings I have submitted further down on the comments section.

        While privacy is important, it is proven that these devices are dangerous to your health and other countries have banned their usage on a RF basis; instead choosing to transmit the Smart Meter’s data via hard wiring (Italy, for one, does this because of the health dangers).

        Close proximity of these devices to home living quarters (bedrooms, etc.) is especially critical and should be shielded (internally within the home) to mitigate the harmful effects.

      • WTS/JAY

        Mr. Livingston to Robert: First, please state for me my premise so we can classify the parameters of the debate. Second, please point out the “ridiculous[ness]” of said premise with facts to bolster your argument.

        Before a cogent debate with Robert can proceed, Mr. Livingston, you would need to provide the definitions of premise, parameters and debate to Robert, who clearly suffers from intellectual-frustration.

      • mark

        No, to the contrary Bob, the U.S. Postal Service cooperates with several UN dictates regarding international mail, including the future prohibitions underway against the mailing of any lethal weapons through the posts. They are a part of this monstrous New World Order conspiracy. Don’t tell me you are so naive to trust an agency of the federal government like the United States Postal Service? They are all just a part of the Beast that seeks to destroy us all.

  • Landria

    I don’t know if I buy into this one or not . America is failing , but I don’t think we are that far gone yet , I think God almighty is giving America its final chances to come back to him , or face judgment . All of this big brother will eventually fall into place when the Antichrist shows up and demands total allegiance to him and his ” economic ” solutions . And Christains will be his primary target . This system would be just what he would need to get that done

    • Robert Smith

      Really Landria?

      If a christian is leading a good and holy life just what can any measurement of power usage expose as a “sin?”


      • WTS/JAY

        Do you ever proof-read your asinine comments/questions, before you post them, Robert?

    • mark

      The AntiChrist has already showed up. Haven’t you been reading this site much, Landria? HIs name is Barak Obama. And he will not rest until he has killed each and everyone of us. That is what they all believe here, anyway. Welcome aboard!

  • Walt
    • Robert Smith

      Here is a video that demonstrates that George Busk was involved in the killing of Kennedy:

      I consider it as valid as those above.


      • Walt

        Your rediculous analogy is just that…rediculous! I guess the huge number of cities that have opted out of the Smart Meter mess is also rediculous and meaningless to you.

        Why don’t you find something more productive to do in life than sit here and criticize what hundreds of health professionals, engineers and intelligently informed folks have discovered about this tragedy…called Smart Meters.

        I hope they install one of these damn things on the wall right next to your bed. Maybe the damn thing will improve your brain functions.

      • Robert Smith

        Such legislation is brought to us by folks similar to those who rounded off pi and want to teach creationism in schools as “science.”

        Oh well. I still think the you-tube “evidence” is equal to claiming George Bush had a part in the Kennedy killing.


      • John Woodbury

        Walt, Rob (great name for a looney leftist) does have one at his house! It is next to his bed that why he writes the stuff he does.

  • Cliffystones

    My years of expertise is in electronics, and I have to agree with Smitty on this. Those meters can only tell how much power/water/gas is being used at any particular moment in time. Our water meter has “smart” capability so the meter readers don’t have to knock on every door to come inside and read them (ours is in the basement). Electric meters are wired in series with the power being used to determine the amperage being consumed at the line voltage. That number is converted into watts/kilowatts for your bill. But beyond the meter, all of your appliances are wired in parallel to the line. While the power company can see how much you’re using, they have no way of telling what you’re using it on. That would require “smart” appliances (being proposed) that would send data streams through the power lines to allow big brother to gather more info. And I can’t see any court giving out a warrant solely on increased power usage, though used in conjunction with other factors like chemical smells, maybe. Heck, I’d rather figure out how to completely bypass my meter, but I’m sure that would send up a red flag as well :).

    • Wellarmed

      I happened to be at home when the meter was switched out at our place in CA. I simply watched the installer throughout the process. He was clearly instructed to test for what is called a line side tap. It is not uncommon for grow houses to use this practice as a method of not only stealing electricity, but more importantly to prevent the power consumed from being metered.

      Note to Drug Cartels! If you had simply isolated all critical circuits into a separate load panel and not simply performed the line side tap into the main electrical system; detection for the Utility would have been futile.

      Solar tubes in conjunction with LED lighting does reduce the heat signatures, and ground penetrating radar may not be able to distinguish/ detect a grow room. All of this would be a moot issue if we Americans truly stood for freedom.

      I do not support prohibition towards alcohol, drugs (street/prescribed), guns, or 32 oz soft drinks etc….

      As I have written in the past, all of the invasive systems that the government is instituting separately do not pose as great a danger, as when they are put into harmony with one another.
      Everyone should read up on the NSA Facility in Bluffdale Utah, and understand that ALL data will be stored in their servers until which point they deem necessary ( IE = YOU happen to be on a Terrorist watch list). The bigger question is why do the NSA feel the need to store information about Americans in their data base (including this post)? Is it because they perceive US (the American people) as the threat? That is the ONLY logical conclusion that I can come too for why these systems have been turned inward.

      I do not believe that it is too late for our country to change the path with which we happen to be walking down, but the signals are clear that tyranny is about to take root.

    • SosickOf the ignoranceya

      Well Cliffy, watch this video and then you will change what is possible,

      Interesting wouldn’t you say?

      • SosickOf the ignoranceya

        I meant to say, it might change what you think!

  • Joe Hammond

    There is an answer that is coming out of Communist China that will make the wireless systems incoherent and that is ….solarcells for your roof. Of course, if you live in an area that does not get a lot of sunlight but is covered by clouds and fog you will not be a participant. But if you are in the west you can place them on your house and be off-grid until you need it. Prior federal law said that the utilities had to purchase the excess power. So you can actually make money (unless the utilities have paid to get congress to remove that law). It also makes it difficult to determine what your consumption of electricity is.

    Here is a site:

    • Wellarmed

      Agreed Joe. All of my posts take place from an off grid location powered by renewable energy. I helped install many off-grid systems in CA during the whole y2k scare, and I also removed many y2K systems in New Mexico when the property owners forgot why they had the system installed in the first place (systems still performed flawlessly and were resold).

      I wished the government had never gotten involved in the renewable business as it seems that everything they touch is automatically laid to waste. Now the solar “industry” has become just one more dependent upon government assistance. Truly a sad situation to see so many module manufacturers going out of business do to dumping of cheap Chinese modules into the U.S. market

      This program has worked well to decimate our steel industry, and history merely seems to be repeating itself with the Photovoltaic market. I do take great issue with “smart” metering and the potential for abuse by our government and thieves ( one and the same).
      The relentless push for grid tie PV I feel is the wrong approach for the country, as a Hybrid system of PV with grid connection and battery backup of critical loads would make our country nearly impervious to an attack of our electrical grid.

      I do feel that what happened during the massive power outage from Yuma AZ to San Diego was not an operator error and merely an attack on our electrical grid that our government will never admit too. Even Leon Panetta warned of large scale outages occurring in the U.S.A. From the standpoint of a foreign enemy attack, or our own government purposefully downing large swaths of the grid too enact the Presidents EOs without the ability to transmit data to the public through media outlets. The potential exists and the threat is real and not imagined.

      Everyone can do as they wish with this hypothesis, but I prefer to follow the Boy Scout Motto of being prepared. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

      • Robert Smith

        “Even Leon Panetta warned of large scale outages occurring in the U.S.A. ”

        He called it a “cyber Pearl Harbor” and was ridiculed for it.

        Sad. That threat is real.


  • Dad

    Did you mention Illinois and individual rights in the same breath? That’s a joke… right?

  • http://n/a Emrell L. Hudson

    One may not stop the surveillance but a well-placed 30-06 Slug in one of the meters will slow it down for awhile. When they fix it – shoot it again. Simple…

    • Mr Diesel

      Good idea. Tell everyone to commit a felony.

      • http://midcontent ridge runner

        That will move you up a long way to being selected for a post in the democrap party, now you must have sex with the uglist hog you can find, and give your same sex freak you can find, so are giving equal attention to ecery form of humanaity.

  • tim M

    Aside from the you tube links, has anyone here actually gone to the company website, which btw is GE, and studied about smart meters? I have 4 years ago, job related. They are not called smart meters because they only determine KWH used, that would make them dumb meters. To all the troll liberals here, shootings off your ignorant mouths as usual. Smart meters can identify any device plugged in, fact. Power companies can remotely turn on or off individual devices, fact. and they do even more. By law they can not make you take one, however they will lie, tell you your rates will be higher if you do not take one. I know because thats what they did to my Father, even after we had a long discussion, and he agreed not to have one installed. Smart Meters are INTRUSIVE period.

  • Carol J, California

    You do not have to have the meter. I refused it. It’s costing me an extra $5 a month to not have it, but it’s worth it. One example of the increase happened to my best friend. They installed the meter on her house while she was visiting her mother in PA. When she got her first statement after she got back she was furious. She hadn’t even used her power for 2 weeks of that bill, and it was almost 5 times what her largest bill had been for the last 25 years. It’s another rip-off.

  • Ibn Insha

    Data collected by the electric company through smart meters is used in business decision making such as if the company needs more power plants or if it needs to generate more power during certain times. This data does not tell the electric company what people are doing at a certain time. It only tells the company how much power people are using at a certain time.

    But I am worried about government using that data to to spy on people and invade homes under the disguise of law enforcement. Another issue to worry about is the theft and access to data by unauthorized parties. As long as that data is kept secure and government is not allowed to access that data without a reasonable cause and court warrant there should be no problem with smart meters.

    But as we all know government can make anything a probable cause to violate our constitutional rights. We should not waste resources in fighting the smart meters, we should use those resources to insist that the company keeps data secure and that government does not access that data in violation of the constitution.

  • Kate8

    It gets worse.

    I just learned that my county is now discussing requiring permits to grow an organic garden in your back yard.

    It seems that they are in the process of eliminating all access to organic produce. The only reason for requiring a permit is so that they know where these “crime gardens” are.

    How much more are we going to take, folks?

  • Larry Pendell

    For those who are concerned, there is equipment that not only takes you off the grid it also produces all your heat and cooling needs. In other words a furnace/AC that makes electricity as a by product.
    It’s annual cost to operate is the same as your current utility expenses, but there are no wires coming to your home.
    See http://www.thermalwatt home cogeneration

  • Chris

    Thank you for this article Mr. Livingston, even though some pshaw it. I don’t wear rose-colored glasses, and I never underestimate big brother………..or worse.

  • SosickOf the ignoranceya

    I just came across some very interesting info. and I think this will shed some real light on what is possible with these smart meters. I think it might blow your mind once you realize the extent and over reach that is being done into your personal privacy!! Here is the link,

    One has to ask, how far are you willing to allow such blatant intrusion of your privacy? Where will you draw the line?

  • rightgunner

    I am an electrical engineer and recently had a smart meter installed without my permission but whether my permission was required is still a question.

    I do not believe at this time that anyone can know which items are being used except by inferring from the changing size of load. But of course with “smart” programming at a central computer, your electrical activity can be pretty well estimated by load vs time and its cycling over time.

    That said I do believe the smart-meter-et-al will likely, eventually be used for classification of users since government will use whatever information they have to better know an individual’s business. Our state government, after installing red light cameras, sent our questionnaires saying you don’t have to answer but we were interested in why you were at such and such a place at time so and so. There was such an uproar that those requests did nor reoccur, but no one knows when this information will be routinely recorded and stored by licensee number.

    My belief is that the first use of the smart-meter information will be to turn off your power in times of heavy usage since the power company can save a lot of money not owning or running hot-backups to handle overload conditions such as on a very hot day. They may or may not have a way to do this at each residence now, but it is simple to add that ability at the transformer on your nearby pole, which is the place I have been told the wireless signal from the smart meter is received.

    Since the smart meter wireless signal is received on local poles/transformers all over the jurisdiction, there must be an installation already in place or soon to be, to get that information back to central computers. That is likely to be a two-way communication that on the receiving end can change the power allowance to each residence, when the power company desires.

    The way the power allowance can be controlled is to use a modification to the transformer on your pole (the taps are already there) to reduce the voltage to the residence under central computer control, which will allow light loads to probably function but will not allow the heavy current air-conditioner/heat-pump, electric stoves and electric water heater loads to function, and thereby reduce the demand by control of individual residences. It is also possible that some appliances may be damaged and that will have to be protected against by the electric company, probably by forcing you to agree to indemnify them or you won’t get any power at all.

    Our power company told us the smart meter cost and installation was being subsidized by the Federal Government. That should be a clue to everyone that this is in the interest of central control and not as a benefit to the user, since there were no calls from the users to give us this “free service”.

    • Robert Smith

      “That is likely to be a two-way communication that on the receiving end can change the power allowance to each residence, when the power company desires.”

      Since you claim to be an electrician how’s ’bout a little clue how they can remotely change the taps on a transformer on a pole. That would be very handy on a television transmitter but nobody has figured that out for the high voltage transformers there. Are you smarter than an entire industry? Hurry down to your local patent office and start collecting if you are.

      Otherwise I think you are blowing smoke.


      • Rick Hottington

        BTW, I solved the load tracking issues with the smart meter too by installing a 2000amphr lead-acid battery bank. When I need extra power I simply pull it from the battery bank thru a set of pure sine wave inverters that will provide 6kwatts continuous. I also installed a diesel generator to charge the battery bank when the solar is not producing enough energy. I can turn off the grid power at any time and run basically for weeks without any outside power. Yep, it cost me $20 grand but it was cheaper and a lot less stressful then having guns pointed at your head. I call it an insurance policy, something you need but hope you’ll never have to use. And as so many others have pointed out, they’ll start using the smart meters to control usage. Now I can charge batteries at night when demand is low and run off battery power during the high usage periods. Yes, the inverters will run my home A/C too. Extreme, maybe. But when you’ve been thru what we went thru $20 grand is cheap for a bit of peace of mind. And of course I now have a serious amount of backup power for my repeaters so the mission of helping the community is still in place and more effective then ever.

        I used to think just like you do now. What a fool I/we was/were back then. No more. Oh, did I mention they shot my 14 year old dog AFTER they had locked her in the bathroom. Completely UN-necessary actions designed to terrorize and believe me, you have no idea of what it was like. The mouths on these people were unbelievable. They couldn’t speak without F’in this and that, calling my 50+ year old wife a stupid “C” holding and MP5 at her head on the floor. This is a women whom has never had any contact with police in her life other than a seat-belt ticket she got while garage sale hopping in a residential zone simply moving a few driveways down the road to stop at the next sale. We’re talking major criminals here ya gotta understand.

        Keep those excuse post coming there OK. You might be able to poke a few holes in some of these folks posting, you seem somewhat educated in electronics and I take it you are a HAM OP as well, extra class by chance? We both are. I’m gonna be a bit of a harder target.

        We never even got a we’re sorry, we made a mistake, we were wrong. One detective did try to make a few things right again. He picked up our underwear draws and stuff in the bedroom and put it back in the draws etc., said to us I’m sorry they did this to you. They emptied all our freezers on the floor and left it to melt. They locked us out of our home for 48hrs while they basically destroyed the interior. Torn up floors, every heat register ripped from the walls. Major amounts of electrical wiring damage, they’re really lucky they didn’t burn the place down. Most of the breakers in the fuse box were popped due to them ripping out wall receptacles. They slashed our waterbed wide open. Guess they thought you could hide drugs inside a bed full of water. About the same level of intelligence as those that think smart meters are harmless I guess, maybe frustration because they couldn’t find what they thought they were going to find? They did take 2 chain saws, guess one of them needed a new one. My wife’s jewelry box was gone as well as my coin collections.

        But the most interesting part of all of this is they NEVER touched either of our cars. Go figure. My only thoughts on that were that the neighborhood was in an uproar as they weren’t very polite to them either. I think the crowd that formed saved our asses from further abuse. Since the cars were outside in plain view of the crowd they couldn’t just take what they wanted without a lot of witnesses.

        I know that I’m basically wasting my time trying to talk to you about this. Your mind is made up and nothing anyone says to you will change that. Only experience will convince a man such as you seem to demonstrate yourself to be. My posts are for the benefit of the other readers here that may actually wish to understand what is taking place from sea to shining sea.

        “A people may want a free government; but if, from insolence, or carelessness, or cowardice, or want of public spirit, they are unequal to the exertions necessary for preserving it; if they will not fight for it when it is directly attacked; if they can be deluded by the artifices used to cheat them out of it; if by momentary discouragement or temporary panic, or a fit of enthusiasm for an individual they can be induced to lay their liberties at the feet of even a great man, or trust him with powers which enable him to subvert their institutions; in all cases they are more or less unfit for liberty; and though it may be for their good to have had it even for a short time, they are unlikely long to enjoy it.”

        – John Stuart Mill, Essays on Representative Government, 1861 & 1862

        “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

        - Samuel Adams

      • Kate8

        Rick – Thank you for that excellent post.

        It reminded me of something that happened here a short while ago.

        It was in the evening and I heard a commotion nearby, so I went out on my deck to see what was going on. I live in the hills, in a cluster of homes with abutting yards all around, but far enough away so as not to be able to hear clearly.

        I could hear radio communications, but couldn’t understand what was being said. But there were floodlights everywhere, and you could see that it had to be the cops raiding the place.

        These were always quiet folks, clean yard, nice place. I couldn’t imagine what the problem was. Whatever it was, the cops were all over it.


    • Rick Hottington

      After I installed my solar power system and started monitoring its DC power consumption from the battery bank I very quickly found that I could look at the graphs produced by the data logger, monitoring a simple 500amp current shunt and battery voltage graphed against time and see appliances starting and stopping. After watching this for as I said, a very short time I could tell what appliance was running simply by looking at the shape of the plot of the shunts output. Each appliance has a fingerprint characteristic load curve. And although it’s an educated guess as to what is what and the fact that I have the benefit of knowing what just turned on as I watch the plot it certainly isn’t out of any reasonable expectation that a centralized computer system with a huge database of load characteristics couldn’t make educated guesses just as accurately. But its really easy to say looking at the plots, that was a refrigerator start-up, oh that was the A/C system turning on, yep, that washing machines load curve follows the agitation cycle, the dishwasher looks completely different to the washer or the dryer. And IF they can track power factor as well as simple voltage and current they can garner even more detailed info. The tell tail signatures are the start-up curves. And I CAN tell the difference between opening the fridge door or turning on the bathroom lights from a simple current shunt. Fridges use incandescent lamps, pure resistance load, CFL’s on the other hand show power factor. They can even tell what type of light bulbs you are running. If a tired old retired man like me can do this they sure as hell can with their millions of $ of computers and specialized software. Next they’ll be beating on our doors saying your running banned light bulbs. And its only a matter of time before major appliances start getting IP addresses.

      • Wellarmed

        Mr. Hottington, I am saddened by the description of the events that unfolded for your wife and yourself. These types of activities SHOULD NEVER OCCUR on US soil. I have had a very similar experience growing up back east as our house was raided by DEA as my brother thought it was safer to grow his own THC rather than buy it on the street.

        The incredible “offense” was one plant growing in natural sunlight in a back window of our house. At best the plant was 3ft tall. The description you gave was nearly identical to what our family experienced. House ransacked, MP5 at my mothers head while she lay naked on the floor, as well as the next months rent stolen (never to be returned), and an unsigned search warrant to boot.

        My brother was pressured by the agents not to seek the advice of an attorney, or risk any type of plea deal to a misdemeanor charge void. I am quite certain that a qualified attorney (which we did not have money to retain) would have easily gotten the entire case thrown out as without a signed warrant their ( DAs ) case would have been viewed as fruit of a poisonous tree.

        Numerous items were destroyed or stolen by these “officers”, but that pales in comparison to the psychological effects it imparted on my family. Although my brother was in violation of the law as written, the power that was exerted upon us can be no less described as tremendous. One would have thought he was running 30 kilos of crack cocaine through our door on a daily basis.

        I agree with you that many who post comments here have no idea what charging head long into the official police state means to them until the people that are signing their checks have no more use for them and the hammer drops upon them and THEIR families.

        Fast forward to 2010 and while in the field installing off grid solar, I see multiple DEA agents hanging from the side of quick deployment ( Black ) helicopters with FULLY Automatic weapons at their side. They merely happen to be using cameras to peer into residents houses while they are away at work. This was occurring for the entire day I was in the field, and I even got the opportunity to smile for the camera myself while I gave an appropriate one finger salute.

        Our small town was continually being terrorized by these same DEA agents, as they would organize their “trainings” with local law enforcement agencies ( paid for by no other than Federal Grants ). Even the local guard units were “assisting” in these so called “police” operations in direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

        Our entire town was locked down and no one allowed in or out during these operations. It was not until a local investigative paper discovered what was happening and did a full feature expose did these activities come to a stop.

        This is NOT some Sci-fi movie plot. Many people were arrested in our town for growing weed, but in all cases the charges were reduced or dropped, most likely due to the fact that the evidence was obtained in direct violation of law, and would have been not admissable in court.

        Please, no one ask me to have faith in our local police jurisdictions that they will not violate their oath of office. It is as clear as day to me, that what these trainings were no less than pilot projects to gauge the effects in a micro climate how the public would react to the implementation of a police state.

        I strongly doubt even the police and agents on the ground truly understand what the bigger purpose was in their task. They are merely spokes in a wheel and may never understand the gravity of their participation in these actions.

        Mr. Hottington, thank you for having the courage to write about what happened to you and your wife. I agree with you 100% that loads can already be mapped with current use of Smart Meters, and it does not take further expansion of that technology to garnish incredible amounts of information that may one day be used against those who wish to remain free.

        I also applaud your use of the battery bank to smooth out your load map and completely throw out the window the ability to gleam any meaning-full information about your residence, but eventually anyone who is off grid ( or has the capability )will also make their way onto a watch list. The direction our country is headed is unfortunately very similar to a locomotive in that we can see the accident up ahead on the tracks, and we may have already pulled the brake ( recognized the problem ), but there is so much momentum that we are most likely guaranteed to hit the object with the only saving grace being that we have scrubbed speed before the collision.

        Will the train drive through the object? or will it become derailed? That is the question that I see before us. One last item that others should take notice of is that as I logged off the other day, I received a call from somewhere in the Wasatch Range of Utah with the subject wishing to take a poll. Please be aware if you receive a call from area code (801) to please let others on this forum know. There is nothing like the effects of sunshine to act as a wonderful disinfectant.

        May God Bless America, ( coming from an Atheist ). Good luck everyone.

  • Mark Howells

    Without resisting progress there is a way to address privacy concerns; Legislation!
    We elect “public servants” to do our bidding. When considering a candidate ask their detailed position on smart meter privacy and express that only overall load be monitored not individual appliance usage. If appliances are now being monitored ask for legislation to abolish the practice.

  • Steve

    You don’t have to buy your power from the government / power company. You don’t need a power meter at all…..

  • http://yahoo William

    Here’s my experience so far with the smart meter. My wife was reading a comment some where about the privacy invasion implications of this device. She found a site with much info, most of it negative but very informative and scary. I, wanting more info said lets wait and see what else comes up. Now, before I go on let me describe our situation. We live in the country on 3 acres, no neighbors near. I put a 6′ field wire fence all around for all reasons anyone would install a fence at a residence but mostly to keep our animals in and predators out. This fence also kept the meter reader out, so the power co sent us a card with the little wheels and numbers on it. We get a call from the power co computer that they will be out to read the meter the next day and we transfer the meter reading from the meter to the card and put it on the gate. Works great, our dogs stay loose,nobody gets bit, the gate stays closed and locked. Good for us, good for FPL. Two weeks ago a lady from the power co calls and says ” We’ll be out Friday to install a smart meter, please have your gate open. I said, I’m not sure I want a smart meter since there is so much controversy. She said ‘Oh, Mr. xxx that is not a choice a customer has. I said, pardon mamm, I’m not sure I agree with you but in case that is fact what are the consequences of my refusal. She said that a metr reader would have to come out once a month and read the meter and there would be a extra charge or 46 dollars on the bill each month. How’s that for arm twisting. So I guess I have to knuckle under and permit the installation. Here’s a plan I have tho, I’m going to wrap the meter with either aluminum foil or sheet lead if I can get some and remove it once a month so the little spy can send our reading into the SS. Any comments would be appreciated and welcome.


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