Yellen To The Fed Is Much Ado About Nothing


Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Janet Yellen is said to be President Barack Obama’s top choice to replace Helicopter Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve now that Lawrence Summers has taken his name out of consideration.

Progressives are said to be ecstatic, viewing Yellen as someone who will continue if not double down on Bernanke’s money printing policies. As usual, progressives are missing the point.

Regardless of who is placed at the head of the Fed, he or she will do the will of the banksters and Wall Street. He or she will continue to manipulate interest rates and print money, which causes inflation and malinvestment and steals the wealth of savers and devastates seniors. A perfect example of this is the market’s reaction to Bernanke’s speech Wednesday, which eliminated the prospect the Fed would back off its money printing.

Progressives claim Yellen accurately forecast the housing collapse. That’s not much of a resume enhancer and it’s also untrue. Zerohedge found a Yellen quote from The New York Times in which she admits she missed it.

For my own part, I did not see and did not appreciate what the risks were with securitization, the credit ratings agencies, the shadow banking system, the S.I.V.’s — I didn’t see any of that coming until it happened.

That’s OK, Ms. Yellen, your boss never saw it coming either.

However, there are those of us who did. In March of 2002, I wrote in The Bob Livingston Letter (subscription required):

The Financial Crisis Builds! Where Are We Now?

The answer: Nowhere near the bottom! — many months even years to go! — out to 2004 — 2005 minimum!

Unbelievably, the fate of the U.S. economy still rests squarely on the preservation of grossly inflated stock values and ever more financial speculation. Both will collapse! Three bubbles still remain! Consumer spending, the real estate mania and the U.S. dollar.

In addition, consumer spending has not retrenched. We still are somewhere near the top of the real estate mania and the US dollar bubble. Only a veneer of hype and wide denial is between the markets and reality.

With these exceptions, history’s biggest economic and financial bubble has burst and the Fed can’t stop it. This strongly suggests what lies ahead — a crash and a liquidity trap. New wars won’t change this… The herding wave that brought on history’s greatest financial mania has reversed into a down or negative social mood that has or will erase all the paper profits in the stock market and real estate speculation.

And in December of 2006, I wrote:

Predictions for the Housing Bubble — It’s Not Good!

The U.S. housing market is the largest market in the world. You can imagine what economic madness lies ahead.

The housing bubble was created to burst. It is a mess and the whole world is holding its breath.

Hot air will not support anything but this is the foundation of the housing bubble.

What do I think? I think the Fed will create money with wild abandon. It will lower interest rates and out of nowhere 50- and 100-year mortgages will appear just like in Japan.

Deja vu all over again. Those millions of marginal mortgaged homeowners will flock to refinance to get lower payments and maybe some new cash. It will all seem like magic but it is only another deferral of doomsday.

Every financial trick is an illusion of prosperity and a put-off of the inevitable, but it feels good and it is here and now. Damn the future. We will worry about that tomorrow, like Scarlet O’Hara.

Regardless of who sits in the big chair, the decisions made there will be made to benefit the elites. The people will continue to suffer under the ongoing economic calamity.

Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Dave S.

    “He or she will continue to manipulate interest rates and print money, which causes inflation and malinvestment and steals the wealth of savers and devastates seniors” Yep, Bob. Five years of liberal policies at the Fed have really pushed inflation up to a sky high rate of 1.5%. That’s lower than it was during all of George W’s term or Ron Reagan’s. “Contra factum non fit argumentum.”

    • KSPatriot


      The only reason why we haven’t seen sky-high currency inflation (or even hyperinflation) by now is because the currency market is GLOBAL, and other countries (and the Eurozone) are printing money even faster than we are. It is the biggest money laundering scheme in history, akin to a game of musical chairs, and the music will play as long as the illusion can be maintained.

      But you don’t want to be in this game when the music stops, for there will be NO chairs to sit in. When the hyperinflation comes (and it will – you cannot defy the laws of economic gravity forever), it will be GLOBAL in scale. Only currencies backed by something other than “good faith and credit” will hold any sort of value (which is why the Chinese and Indian governments are buying up precious metals at a rapid rate)…

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Dave S.

      You write: “Five years of liberal policies at the Fed have really pushed inflation up to a sky high rate of 1.5%” Nonsense. 1.5% is a phony, cooked-book number. Based on 1980 measures, inflation is around 10 percent.

      You understand nothing about inflation. You can begin your education here.

      Best wishes,

  • dan

    WHEN the dollar implodes…the FED (and dollar) will be replaced
    by the IMF (international monetary fund)and it’s ‘gold backed’ currency
    and The World Bank ( why won’t they just call it the Rothschild Bank?)
    will finally make order out of chaos….sigh

  • hungry4food

    Oh the deception that the economy is on the mend …. here are some
    details on how the Markets are being Propped up …..

    Buffet and Bank of America as well as all the Big Banks have this helping them
    profit …. it’s the greatest group of insiders ever in the history of
    the world !!!!! This will take you right to page 144 and show you the
    insider information …….

    is how they are controlling inflation…. and it shows how the insider’s club is
    not helping the debt investment market that feeds a consumer supply side demand
    . So this means the market is over priced .

    they pumped this into the equities markets ,

    Dr. Ron Paul thinks the destruction of the bond market
    is at hand ……

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Thank you for that, Hungry.

  • momo

    Yellin is Bernanke in drag.

  • Elvis Presley

    The Fed has been illegal since JFK released Executive Order 11110 which means everything the fed has done for the last 53 is illegal, and has to be undone and the perpetrators jailed.