Yale Professor Amazed And Embarrassed To Learn That Tea Party Members Know Their Science

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Conservatives are often ridiculed for being anti-academic science deniers by their liberal detractors, but a new study from Yale may force the American left to remove accusations of scientific illiteracy from their list of smears against conservatives.

After analyzing the responses of more than 2,000 American adults recruited for a study, which indicated that people who leaned liberal are more likely to be science literate than those who leaned conservative, Yale law professor Dan Kahan found that Tea Party members are the exception.

To the professor’s surprise, he discovered that people who identified as part of the Tea Party movement were better versed in science than liberals as well as conservatives as a whole.

Kahan said that the results surprised and amazed him.

“I’ve got to confess, though, I found this result surprising. As I pushed the button to run the analysis on my computer, I fully expected I’d be shown a modest negative correlation between identifying with the Tea Party and science comprehension,” Kahan wrote.

“But then again, I don’t know a single person who identifies with the tea party,” he continued. “All my impressions come from watching cable tv — & I don’t watch Fox News very often — and reading the ‘paper’ (New York Times daily, plus a variety of politics-focused Internet sites like Huffington Post and POLITICO). I’m a little embarrassed, but mainly, I’m just glad that I no longer hold this particular mistaken view.”

See Kahan’s full analysis here.

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    Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so. -R. Reagan

    • FreedomFighter

      Yesterday I watched a guy driving down the highway in front of me with “The GOP is a bunch of Crybabies” written across the back of his giant SUV rear window in used car window paint, right above the Obama 08 sticker, he was talking on a cell phone (illegal were I am) weaving thru traffic cutting people off: He suddenly cut across several lanes to seemingly make a turn, still talking on the phone striking the rear end of a car in that lane. It was as if he was flaunting his vehicles rear widow in everyone’s face he could.
      I waved to our highly educated self important puffed up Obama supporter as I slowly passed by, he quickly turned his phone off and realized his false hubris.
      Laus DeoSemper FI

      • TexasOlTimer

        My older son’s been driving a truck for some 30 years. Since about ’10, he’s been conducting an informal survey of drivers – mostly trucks but occasionally a car will have a CB. When a driver is rude, cuts him off, almost hits the rear of his trailer when they finally move out to pass, cutting in and out of traffic, etc., he’ll ask them how they identify themselves politically – liberal, conservative, independent, tea party, libertarian, progressive, Democrat, Republican – almost without exception they say proudly either Democrat, liberal or progressive.

        When he finds someone that driving as they should, being helpful, (like we’re supposed to drive), he’ll ask the same question and get the answer – Republican, tea party, conservative and very occasionally independent.

        Kinda says it all….

      • rivahmitch

        Perhaps we should institute a one gun salute for such folks;-) Semper Fi!

        • Vis Fac

          When someone gives me the “one gun salute” I am quick to reply that I know that his age is the square of his IQ.

          I said that to a youngster and he tried to get in my face funny how cowards back down when you give them a choice to walk away or be driven to the hospital.

          Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • rivahmitch

            The one gun to which I was referring is NOT a finger. Sorry for any confusion. Semper Fi!

    • Bill

      Good comment, Jay

  • Bruce Raymond

    Hmmmmm … I design and implement flight control systems for aircraft and spacecraft and I’m listening to lawyer tell me about science?

  • greggsan

    To the liberal mind, anybody who questions the global warming B.S. (Belief System) must be a scientific Neanderthal. Other scientific knowledge doesn’t count.

    • Bill

      Hi Greg
      The only scientific knowledge that counts with the global alarmists is what is bought and paid for. It is amazing what scientists will say to keep their grant money coming

  • rivahmitch

    We’re smart and educated enough to recognize our enemies as well as most of their lies.

  • Don 2

    Was there ever any doubt?

    Climate Alarmists Seek Shelter From Public Storm


    • Bill

      Good comment, Don
      Global warming is all about money and is a very well executed scam. They have people programmed to think that any change in the weather is caused by global warming so they must be a loyal customers of the Al Gores of the world who are making a fortune.
      Brilliant idea, I need to use the same principles in my own marketing

      • gelliott


        You are right, but it’s also about control over our lives. Taking our money is one of the ways they achieve that objective.

        • Bill

          Hi Gell,
          The joke will be on the people who believe in global warming. It will continue to kill the economy with it’s over regulation and it will become evident in lessor incomes and lessor job opportunities.

          • gelliott


            Again, you are right. However, we’ll all have to pay the bill for these mistakes made by our government.

  • madmel69-70

    I also find that the majority of the people in my chosen profession, are #1. Conservatives and #2 better than average at Physics, Math, Weather and balance. Balance isn’t a science, I know, but it is an important part of the brain’s function. Flying helicopters is a balance of all of these and I did it for 44 years and still alive.

  • mort_f

    I always appreciate when my lawyer acquaintenances ballyhoo the engineering iin their foreign automobiles. Most of them cannot even handle a screwdriver. And then there are the lawyers in Congress, the vast majority of whom are lawyers, who enacted legislation separating time and frequency. Per Mother Nature’s laws, time is just the reciprocal of frquency, they are inseparable.

    This Tea Party member was, before I retired, over 30 years as an engineer on meteorological satellites, with my primary specialty being remote sensing.using microwave technology. I do think that I learned a little.

  • gelliott

    What surprises me about the good professor’s study is how liberals somehow think that if you subscribe to Tea Party ideals you’re ignorant. He was really just trying to prove that’s correct with this study. What’s so anti-intelligent about wanting smaller less intrusive government that balances its budget without taxing us to death? Nothing. It seems to me that anyone who doesn’t want these things is naive of history and human nature and/or lacks any realistic ability to reason with facts at all.

    • Vis Fac

      Liberals are DEATHLY afraid of the Tea Party if they weren’t they would merely ignore us/them instead of expending so much time energy and hate filled rhetoric on a non issue. You know when you are getting to someone when they constantly belittle you trying to appear offensive (oh I’m offended but that’s another issue) when in reality they are purely defensive.

      Libertas inaestimabilis res est

    • Bill

      Hi Gell,
      We scare the hell out of the Marxists, who want total government control.
      So they will say anything to demonize us, but they are just trying to protect their gravy train.
      You forgot to say that you are a racist, also

  • Brandon Campbell

    When you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME.

    • Stuart Shepherd

      Professor Dan Kahan, the assuming man. Sounds like a real “genius” to me, huh- but what do I know, I just be one of dem dere Tea Party morons that can actually read the constitution and understand its intended meaning and power. Poor me.

      • Bill

        Hi Stuart,
        We are growing in numbers. Jesse Ventura 2016

    • Vis Fac

      I NEVER assume anything I question EVERYTHING That way I am never surprised. It’s too bad we live in a nation of dumbed down liberal morons I should also include dumbed down conservatives as well.

      Libertas inaestimabilis res est

      • Bill

        Good analogy, Force

        • Vis Fac

          It’s not an analogy but my credo and general observations that have allowed me to attain a measure of success and most importantly stay out of trouble. Unlike most people I learn from other’s mistakes so I don’t waste time and most importantly resources.
          I wish the dumbing down of America wasn’t true but alas you cannot make a silk purse out of a Sow’s ear, it is what it is.

          Libertas inaestimabilis res est

  • Vis Fac

    Since liberals are always quoting science (their science ) here is a scientific study that refutes liberal (only in their minds) superiority and mental acuity

    Liberal s will first hate this then deny it. http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2012/10/pew-report-republicans-smarter-than-democrats-tea-party-more-educated-2509406.html

    Libertas inaestimabilis res est

  • Rocketman

    At least he’s a real scientist who knows how to evaluate evidence collected in the scientific method. There are far too many money whores out there that use a PhD to rig data and cherry pick the “results” to come up with whatever the government is paying them to say.

  • Nick Lebo

    Read on McDuff, Rather than the trained Wizz Kid, Super Intellect, Savior of the Planet, etc,etc, “Professor Dan Kahan” thinks he is, I believe in truth that he actually a member of the Snarkey, Don’t try to confuse me with facts my mind is made up”, Pseudo Intellects running the EPA.

    “Of course, I still subscribe to my various political and moral assessments–all very negative– of what I understand the “Tea Party movement” to stand for. I just no longer assume that the people who happen to hold those values are less likely than people who share my political outlooks to have acquired the sorts of knowledge and dispositions that a decent science comprehension scale measures.”

  • Vigilant

    Tea Party folks are generally old enough to have graduated high school/college before the “education” system was dumbed down.

  • Paul

    Let’s see how this works. The Tea Party basic beliefs are: fight for smaller government, less government corruption (since we can’t get rid of it), less taxes, more freedom, more local control of regulation, less Federal government, our Constitution, personal accountability, to live the American dream we all fought for and many died for it, etc…
    Yep, they are a really horrible, murderous, bigoted group! Let’s call them traitors of our nation. Don’t believe what the Liberals are telling you about the Tea Party.