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Would They Do That? Benevolent Totalitarianism

June 10, 2010 by  

Would They Do That? Benevolent Totalitarianism

Remember David Koresh and the Branch Davidians?

You look like me. You talk like me. You go to the same schools and churches with me. You grew up in the same culture. Why would you use force of arms against me and even kill me and my children, maybe burn us alive? Because your mind is seduced by government propaganda and you are on the Federal payroll and pension plan.

The truth is the government and its military complex can create serious and divisive issues that can separate families and even set family members against each other. And of course government always has the issues of race, class and economic warfare at its disposal.

Currently 50 percent of the American population supports the other 50 percent with their income taxes. The producers support the non-producers.

Your Congressmen and Senators are supported by the super rich, but they legislate in favor of the non-producers at the expense of the producing middle class. They never use terms that express what they are doing. They address the people with altruistic and collectivist statements. They use “for the greater good” which translates “share your production with the non-producers and the non-producing parasite system.”

The term “the greater good” is not for the individualist and his pursuit of happiness.

Big government has an endless bag of tricks to keep the pot of population boiling over with issues that divide the people against themselves.

The American people still believe, or can easily be persuaded that if the “Feds” get after you, then you must have done something wrong. They don’t stop to think that the men manning the guns are government employees. They are paid gunmen even if they are ordered to shoot their brothers.

And then there is that subtle economic class war syndrome that implies that the accumulation of wealth makes one dirty.

Aha! But governments are subject to public opinion when it rises toward unanimous. Foreign wars now fit this category. The public mind no longer believes government’s reasons for going to war. The people are building an immunity to war propaganda.

Fiat governments have endless means to achieve what they want. And they want war. They want foreign wars and they want domestic wars.

The means to war is paper money. Propaganda and fiat (paper money) is the cause and makes it all possible. Does anyone think that war in any age could be carried out with a gold monetary system? Governments would find it impossible to get enough gold to carry on the high cost of war.

World War II and subsequent wars were possible because all combatants used fiat money which each country could create for nothing.

Benevolent Totalitarianism
Benevolent totalitarianism is a term created to describe the modern system of government that is fascism in all but name. It is all hidden under that loving word “democracy.” This is a political lock with an iron grip on the minds of the population.

Any political, economic or military alchemy or chicanery is hidden behind the word “democracy.” This is a major, major key to understanding reality today.

Let me explain: Nazism was an unvarnished police state based on massive propaganda that funneled the German mind to focus on the State for protection and safety. Millions were persuaded to die. The men were drafted with the support of the population until their destruction could be ignored no longer.

The German fiat army was defeated by the American and British fiat army only with greater numbers of fiat soldiers and fiat war material.

So what is the difference between ugly and obvious Nazi fascism and modern fascism under the pretense of democracy? Modern fascism is hidden and twisted under an aura of benevolence.

After all, the modern propagandists have learned volumes since Nazi fascism. The modern police state does everything possible to make modern fascism palatable. It is being refined every minute of every day.

The lid is still on but millions are beginning to slip through the cracks. They no longer trust the propaganda, the politicians and the ruling elite.

As the American people are impoverished, they may consider that they have less to lose by confrontation to the system.

The “benevolent” police state is no longer characterized by the loud knock on the door in the middle of the night but by an unassuming letter in the mail from the government tax collector which has all the power and intimidation of the Gestapo. That letter is backed by the police power of the State and harassment of assuming tax authority that has a very detailed profile on every filing taxpayer who has made himself available to “voluntary compliance.”

American taxing authority is, “Your papers, please. Where are your papers?”

When “benevolent government” seeks a citizen out it has a complete dossier and profile which can be manipulated in a thousand ways against a “suspected enemy of the State.” The jackboot and the Swastika have been replaced with a suave and very sophisticated information system backed by State police power. The noose is formidable but not visible to the mundane public.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Anthony

    Currently 50 percent of the American population supports the other 50 percent with their income taxes. The producers support the non-producers.”

    THIS IS WRONG – ALL INCOME TAXES GO DIRECTLY to the Central Bank [aka: Federal Reserve] to pay the interest on tha accumulated debt our politicians (under the Hamiltonian Philosophy) built up over the generations of promising us everything “just to get re-elected”. THIS IS A FACT. Read: Creature from Jekyll Island

    They use “for the greater good” which translates “share your production with the non-producers and the non-producing parasite system.”

    It was one of Alexander Hamilton’s greatest successes — getting the Constitutional Convention of 1787 to LEAVE IN the General Welfare Clause —- something that Jefferson Davis and the South “took out” when they created the Confederacy!

    With this Clause, Hamilton, Adams and especially John Marshall as Chief Justice, all went about subverting the Constitution for ever gambit of carpetbaggery that could ever be invented. Andrew Jackson was right – “let John Marshall enforce his own decisions, if he can” — later, it seems, Lincoln took away that right of the States to “dissent” against Supreme Court decisions, which today gets treated as if it never were the case…. when it was!

    Bottom Line? The Consitution was (in fact) written to halt our Government from becoming just like what they all fled from in England in those times – and Hamilton wanted to simply re-create it. This is why he and Thomas Jefferson were bitter enemies.

    The Consitution tells us -
    1. That States are ‘sovereign’ over the Federal Government
    2. That the Federal Government shall not infringe upon citizen’s rights
    3. That Senators will be “appointed” by State Legislatures assuring these people work only for the good of their State(s) – there was to never be a general election for Senators, as the option for complete corruption was simply too great – and what do we have today?

    THEREFORE – the 17th Amendment must be erradicated and I do mean NOW

    4. That Congress is who has the right to coin money (not foreign entities) – The Federal Reserve is an illegal monopoly which goes directly “against” the Constitution and needs to be defunded/abolished and (or) nationalized immediately – and all Members, both current and past imprisoned for their treason.

    The Byzantines had prosperity for over 800 years (8 Centuries, not just 1 or 2) based on the fact that their Currency was “always” based on gold – and there was NO Fractional Banking System nor a Central Bank, which is actually a CARTEL, or better yet …. A CABAL.

    THAT taxation has specific limitations – this you MUST READ for yourselves. The 16th Amendment goes directly against the Constitution as all monies collected directly from a people MUST BE RE-APPORTIONED, EQUALLY, BACK TO ALL OF THE CITIZENRY …. and this is not happening, right now. As stated earlier – all income taxes go immediately to pay the “interest” on the debt we owe to the Central Bank. It does not, in any way, shape or form, pay any of the Principal.

    On top of that, the politicians at the time, lied to the People in saying the necessary 36 States did (in fact) vote in the Income Tax – when they did not. It has been found that only 20 States actually thought the Income Tax was a good idea. Of the other 16 States, five of them actuallly sent back a vote “against” this new Amendment. Of the other States, it is found that they violated their own State Constitutions in processing their vote on the matter – which immediately makes their vote(s) null and void.

    1) In 1913, the 16th Amendment (the “income tax” Amendment) was fraudulently and illegally declared to be ratified by a lame-duck Secretary of State just days before leaving office;

    2) There is NO LAW that requires most Americans to file a tax return, pay the federal income tax or have the tax withheld from their earnings;

    3) People who file a Form 1040 “voluntarily” waive their 5th Amendment right not to bear witness against themselves;

    4) The IRS routinely violates citizens’ 4th Amendment rights against illegal search and seizure, by failing to properly obtain warrants issued by a court upon probable cause and supported by oath and affirmation; and

    5) The IRS, as standard operating procedure, routinely and grossly violates citizens’ due process rights in its administrative procedures and operates far outside the boundaries of U.S. law.

    NOW I ASK YOU – What have you been voting for?

    YOU’RE TELLING ME – That you would do these things to your own neighbors?

    What kind of Patriot(s) are you?

    Final Thought – there is no provision in the Constitution for a Standing Army. There is commentary in there about local militias. The only time an Army is to be created, is for strict need of national defense, and only for the duration of said defense, after which, everyone goes back home to live their lives in peace.

    The only reason for a Standing Army – is Imperialism

    And, remember – the only reason for Gun Registration – is so they can “take them away”.

    • valricoslash

      You nailed it.

    • Frank Oak

      Why do you people continually trash Hamilton? You read opinions of others instead of Hamilton’s own words. Hamilton was one of the great defenders of the Constitution with his writings in the Federalist Papers. You say he insisted on the Commerce Clause and you don’t know what he said about it. Read a Constitutional Scholar on what the Commerce Clause means here.

      Learn the truth before you spout off. We can’t win our country back as long as you let the enemy take away our ammo and Hamilton along with Madison are our best weapons for showing us the original intent of the Constitution.

      Always remember we want facts not opinion.

      • s c

        Frank, get this straight. Get it straight NOW. Alexander Hamilton was a Benedict Arnold in Founding Father’s clothing. How can you not make the central bankeing connection IF you take a hard look at Hamilton’s anti-Constitution antics?
        Those of us who realize what central banking is, what it does and what it means to our FREEEDOM know that Hamilton was a no-good, back-stabbing, treasonous SON-OF-A-^&#+@ whose ego and arrogance was matched only by his misplaced intellect.
        Where have you been? Have you been programmed? Are you an unknowing, useful idiot? I won’t be the only one on this website who makes the SAME observations, Frank. WAKE UP! Hamilton was a rockhead progressive who was truly ahead of his
        freedom-hating ‘time.’

        • Frank Oak

          SC & JC:
          Read what you have posted. Your posts are filled with hatred. You make allegations, but you don’t document any of them. I’m saying you should read Hamilton’s actual writings in The Federalist Papers, and make your judgment of Hamilton based on his actual writings, instead of repeating what you have heard from others.

          The fact is – and this is PROVEN by Hamilton’s own writings, that Hamilton is one of the greatest champions of limited constitutional government who ever lived. Perhaps that is why the Enemy has set out to destroy him. And not only have you two fallen for the lies of the Enemy, you spread the Lies!

          Publius Huldah quotes Hamilton’s & Madison’s writings in the Federalist Papers all the time to prove the “original intent” of the U.S. Constitution. There is no way one can read Hamilton’s actual writings and maintain the position you maintain.

          Read the quotes! You will see where Hamilton says in the Federalist Papers that any laws made by Congress which are not within Congresses enumerated powers are “mere usurpations and deserve to be treated as such”, that the people are the ultimate guardians of the Constitution, that the purpose of the Militia is to defend the States and the People from the federal government, etc.

          • s c

            If the shoe fits, wear it. Call a spade a spade. You are so typical of the pc-driven, progressive crowd, and you’re determined to destroy America from within. American history, reason and the Constitution never touched you, did they?
            You’re still swilling that sadistic cruel ade that progressives love to dole out to those who are incapable of connecting the dots or doing the math. You might as well be a distant relative of Hamilton. You’re doing his work, and your eyes are sewn shut.
            Cuba is fairly close. That’s a good place for you and all of your friends to re-locate. For your kids’ sake, I hope you never teach in any American school. You are beyond sad, because you’re that way by your own choice. The Founding Fathers were right. You are living proof.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Frank Oak,
            What Hamilton wrote pre-Constitution was one thing. His actions and writings post-Constitution were something different altogether. As Washington’s Secretary of Treasury he tried diligently to undermine the Constitution. Hamilton was a mercantilist in the British model. He favored a strong central government and wanted America to be ruled by a king with supreme power that appointed state governors who would be loyal to the king. Among the legacies of Hamilton and his acolytes is the idea that the Constitution granted the Federal government “implied powers”—powers that were not actually in the Constitution but that statists like Hamilton wish were there. He described the Constitution as “a frail and worthless fabric.”

            Hamilton was no lover of liberty and we are suffering now because most of his policies have been enacted: Central Bank, public debt, high taxes, activist judges and corporate welfare. I urge you to read “Hamilton’s Curse” by Thomas DiLorenzo. I reviewed the book here:

            It will open your eyes to who Hamilton truly was, and it was not what he wrote in The Federalist Papers. He was truly the anti-Jefferson.
            All the best,

          • kate8

            As soon as posters like you, Frank, start throwing around the liberal buzzwords (hate, hatred, racist), you give yourselves away.

            As soon as I saw this I stopped reading your posts. You’re just another brainwashed ACORN or SEIU paid garbage slinger.

          • JeffH

            kate8…you betcha! A dead giveaway!

            Bob Livingston, thanks for everything you do to help educate and keep an active dialogue going between Americans supporting a constitutional America.

          • DaveH
          • JeffH

            DaveH, thanks to you again…I’ve had mises bookmarked for awhile now.

          • JC

            Dear Frank Oak,
            My posy has no hatred whatever in it. It’s all in your head.
            I merely stated facts and an opinion.
            You want proof? Do your own homework, but start with “Hamilton’s Curse”. It’s an excellent and completely verifiable account of Hamilton’s motivations and alliances.
            It explains in very matter of fact terms just what made him a traitor to the fledgling United States.

          • JC

            “post” not posy. :)

          • Bob Wire

            What ta hay is this?, ~ we take offense with any revisit of 1990′s and 43′s administration, saying things like, “when is the present administration going to start taking credit!” and in the same breath go back as far as 1774! Make up My mind!

            While it hold true, Hamilton was very much as you comment, what’s that to do with the price of bananas?

            >>“benevolent government” ?<< there is no such animal.

            Your mother is about as benevolent as it's going to get. Look no where else!

            You really reached out and tried to stir the pot with this one Mr. Livingston. Gains of truth in buckets of sorted history. ~ The current administration, has no world domination interest, no strong arm "Brown Shirts" ~ The Tax man has been there for many years and people pay less taxes now then they did when it was created, much less Federal Taxes. City and State is something else.

            It leave one to think, that these Tea Party Folks, are wanting exactly what they accuse the poor of wanting "a free lunch"

            I don't want to believe that! American's pay less taxes then their contemporaries in other countries that enjoy civil liberties.

            If everyone did what they should, there would be no need for laws or programs in any society. But they don't and they won't, so we have laws and programs. It's by no means perfect as Jefferson & Hamilton along with Franklin, Adam and Quincy attempted to make it "work"

            The US Constitution is a "living document" it grows with the needs of the nation while honoring the original intent and spirit. A little of Hamilton & a little Jefferson with Franklin and Quincy for balance.

            There are many things not addressed in the Constitution but omissions fails to constitute either rejection or acceptance.

          • DaveH

            You had me fooled, JC, I thought that was a new slang word for comment. Lol.

          • DaveH

            What? “The current administration, has no world domination interest, no strong arm “Brown Shirts”. Explain this:

          • DaveH

            And Wire,
            Do you even know what it means to consider the Constitution a “living document”? The unelected Judges, in that case, get to interpret the Constitution as they see fit. Get real. Our Democratic Republic would become a shambles if that is allowed to happen. We are a nation of laws, not men. And even the Government needs to obey those laws.

            One thing I will say positive about a Liberal takeover – I will in that case welcome my finite life.

          • Bob Wire

            I can;t explain your link dav, ~ I need to hear it in context and you do too! I’m not sure what he was talking about “a civilian security force” or to whom he was talking to. ~ That matters Dav.

            It’s true, We are a nation of laws , but these laws have always been subject to interpretation by men. There no way around it Dav. It has always been so and will always be.

            There is always someone willing to push boundaries or alter “intent” for self-serving motives.

            The only document I know of written in stone is the 10 Commandments and even it offers us conflict and sometimes impossible to obey. For there comes times killing is required to defend and preserve.

            But I understand what you offer, that someone might come along and take liberties with law. ~and they do!, laws are under attack everyday as laws truly cut both ways, much like a good fence. Are we attempting to keeping something out or keeping something in?

            Convicts become interested in law as well, feeling a victim and having the spare time on their hands. It’s a good thing. But so often as not, they bypass, high school and freshman studies and go unprepared straight to senior studies, not really having any foundation for understanding.

            For anything to survive the ravages of time, it has to bend or it will break. And with that, I consider the Constitution a living document. A Standard of measurement, a rule to apply.

          • Right Wing

            Hamilton’s words in the Federalist introduction were exquisitely insightful into the potential pitfalls of a unified country. He warned, “So numerous indeed and so powerful are the causes which serve to give a false bias to the judgment, that we, upon many occasions, see wise and good men on the wrong as well as on the right side of questions of the first magnitude to society.” Taken at face value, Hamilton could be viewed as genuinely concerned for the welfare of a fledgling country. Historical reference says otherwise and it appears that he was one of the wise and good men who fell on the wrong side of the first magnitude to society.

          • Vicki

            Bob Wire says:

            “>>“benevolent government” ?<< there is no such animal.

            Your mother is about as benevolent as it's going to get. Look no where else!"

            How true :)

            Bwire: "…~ The Tax man has been there for many years and people pay less taxes now then they did when it was created, much less Federal Taxes. City and State is something else."

            Which tax man? There have been many. Also "people" is to vague so across all time and any people your statement could be correct.

            Lets focus on a subset and choose federal income tax since you did include that in your statement. The federal income tax was created in 1913 and had a marginal rate of 1%-7% depending on income. (Oh those were the days my friend…)

            The current rate is 10%-35%

            That would be a dramatic increase from its inception. The peak rates however make the 10%-35% seem benevolent however. They were
            23%-94%. Just imagine your income today at the tax bracket you would have been in. (Adjust for inflation if you wish)

            The other thing to note is that the rates started out in 1913 very low and reasonable (1%-7% where 7% was 500k+). But it took little time for the politicians to realize what a goldmine they had discovered. The rates jumped rapidly up to 6%-77% by 1918. Imagine 75% of what you got as income being taken by the government. It is no wonder there were so many tax "loopholes" added to the tax code over the years. No way were politicians going to allow themselves to be taxed like that.


      • Denniso

        ’50% support the other 50% w/ their taxes’? NO…something like 47% of people pay no Federal income tax,that doesn’t mean they are on welfare,it only means they don’t make enough to pay Fed income taxes..and that could be because of the number of kids they have in combination w/ their income. Most of those pay taxes in other ways…
        property tax,sales tax,state tax,Fed excise tax,auto license and registration. Not paying Fed income tax does not mean a person doesn’t pay taxes and definitely does not mean they are ‘supported by the other 50% of the population’.

        The other side of this is that wages have stagnated for decades for most of the working class and we have roughly 10% unemployed. The rich have gotten richer,as everyone knows,so the amount they pay in taxes should naturally go up. If we have a society where almost half
        pay no Fed taxes it says something about the totally unequal and unfair distribution of wealth and opportunity in our country. The distribution of wealth is not a natural occurrence,but rather a function of the economic rules and power structure in a society. It doesn’t correlate directly to the desire and willingness of individuals to better themselves.

        • 45caliber

          This does not mean that all not paying taxes are on welfare. It means that you count all on welfare PLUS all those drawing a salary who works for the government – federal, state, local, and schools. All their salaries come from tax money just as all money for welfare does.

          In fact, I think the real figure is something like 53% are supported by 47%. NONE of the government works produce anything that can be exchanged for money.

          • ceberw

            So are you saying we should have no education,police or fire departments. If you are, you must be incredibly stupid.

          • JeffH

            “ceberw says:
            June 10, 2010 at 9:41 am
            So are you saying we should have no education,police or fire departments. If you are, you must be incredibly stupid.”

            No ceberw…your comment of assumption and your leftist paid trolling is what is incredibly stupid.

            What is it with these liberl hacks that always use lower case lettered names and just troll around conservative websites making ignorant one liners…I hope they’re being taxed for being here.

          • ceberw

            What assumption. He said:

            “NONE of the government works produce anything that can be exchanged for money”

            That isn’t really true, but how would you feel if your house is on fire, the fire department shows and and says “OK, give us $10,000 and we’ll save your kids and put out the fire”?

          • TIME

            Your ignorance is exposed for what it is, your property taxs pay for the noted services rendered.

          • paul

            You are all forgetting the one big tax that screws the lower income earners worse than all of them . . . it’s called INFLATION!

          • ceberw

            Where I live there is a municipal income tax (though it is not that much, a falt 2% I if memory serves me right) as well as property tax. What does it matter? Taxes are taxes.

          • ceberw

            Oops, flat not falt.

          • DaveH

            ceberw, says:
            “So are you saying we should have no education,police or fire departments. If you are, you must be incredibly stupid.”
            Obviously a Liberal. Calling somebody “incredibly stupid” for thinking we could do fine without an education department, or a fire department, or even a police department.
            You obviously aren’t aware that many people these days are turning to private security forces to get the protection they don’t feel they get from the police.
            And to include the “education department” in your list of essential government services is beyond “incredibly stupid”. In fact, to call you stupid, CeberW, would be an insult to stupid people.
            Private schools educate their students better at much less cost than the government-run public schools:

          • kate8

            DaveH, it’s amazing how liberals think that, without a government provided service, we are utterly helpless in regard to protecting ourselves, educating our children, running a business, managing our health….

            Geez, however did we survive before big brother stepped in.

          • angel-wanna-be

            DaveH, I know A LOT of folks home schooling their kids today, because they don’t trust public schools and they don’t have to deal with the BS either.

          • JC

            ceberw…do you know the difference between Federal and Municipal services?

          • Denniso

            So, famous libertarian DaveH thinks we could do just fine w/o police and fire depts? Sure, the wealthy could afford to hire their own police and fire protection,and leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves…what a pleasant society that would be.

          • independant thinker

            Angel………..”I know A LOT of folks home schooling their kids today, because they don’t trust public schools and they don’t have to deal with the BS either.”

            Me to. Unfortunately in some places the state and the NEA plus local teachers organizations are working to eliminate the right to home school your children if you wish (thankfully not where I live yet).

          • angel-wanna-be

            Independent thinker, I know I’ve heard about the NEA, my half sisiters a retired teacher and on more than one occasion we’ve had discussions about home schooling. I’m for it, she has other ideas. The friggin unions will stop at nothing!

          • DaveH

            And the infamous Denniso thinks the poor wouldn’t have protection. What do they need protection from, denniso? They don’t have enough money for you and your Liberal buds to bother stealing.

        • Ms. Jones

          Sales, property and other taxes aside . . . When 50% of people pay federal income taxes, and others (who may or may not work for wages) file a tax return and, due to the number of their children, etc. get a REFUND of something they never paid into, that is wealth redistribution by tax code, and the 50% are indeed “supporting” the other 50%, whether or not the latter is drawing welfare.

          • ceberw

            Getting a refund does not mean paying no taxes. I almost always get a refund, even though I have not claimed any dependents for years. The refund just means that the taxes withheld all year exeeded what I owe as a taxpayer.

          • DaveH

            She’s talking about the “earned income credit”, which would more properly be called the unearned income credit, in which case people get back money that they hadn’t paid in through withholding or other means.

        • MOMSRIGHT

          Dear Denniso, Your words “it says something about the totally unequal and unfair distribution of wealth and opportunity in our country. The distribution of wealth is not a natural occurrence,but rather a function of the economic rules and power structure in a society.”

          My experience is that “unfair and unequal” are code words used by liberals and socialists who fancy themselves to be the only ones capable of deciding what is fair or equal! They then begin to build these power structures as you call them, to legally rob from those who have worked hard for the wealth they have! They make it seem like they are doing all this to give the wealth to those who are less fortunate but really they only take what doesn’t belong to them to line their own pockets and increase their “structures of power”! Consider the unions, the federal reserve, and the myriads of other government philanthropic programs! America is a land of equal opportunity! Look at Bill Gates and countless others who had an idea,a product, a talent, a service they didn’t get the government to help them become who they are! It is a myth that government can help anybody! The bigger government becomes the more they take until pretty soon no one has anything! We should all be concerned about the future that awaits our children and grandchildren under an out of control Government! BTW the government sued Microsoft because they said they weren’t being “fair” and the government ended up confiscating a big chunk of Microsofts money! It is only “Fair” right?

          • MOMSRIGHT

            opps! My mistake the fed is Not a government run entity! It is a Cadre of foreign controlled persons of wealth who steal American money and loan it out to foreign countries or borrow from foreign interests. They have put our whole country in debt! They play monopoly with Americas wealth and they have the power to tank our whole economy if they so choose! Where is that in the constitution? of course they work hand in hand with the American government! When Obama needs more play money he just calls his friends at the fed! If you want to get right to it none of us has any money! It is only pieces of paper that we have consented to give value to! If you have no gold you have no real money!

          • http://naver samurai

            Duhniso a lib or socialist? Why do you think we try to ignore him as much as possible?

          • Denniso

            If MOMS wants wide open capitalism w/ no rules imposed by gov’t then she’s hopelessly naive and pointless to debate.

            The gov’t started the internet…the gov’t through huge computer purchases for schools,the military and itself made Microsoft what it is. MOMS vilifies the gov’t just like most here and fails in her blindness to see the proper role and necessary function of gov’t,w/o which capitalism would devour itself and her.

          • JC

            Actually Denniso, YOU are hopelessly trained and useless to debate.
            A completely programmed statist drone. Sad really.

        • Airangel

          Denniso, you quoted “Most of those pay taxes in other ways…
          property tax,sales tax,state tax,Fed excise tax,auto license and registration”…the working middle class pays all those taxes mentioned AND federal income, state, Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid…we are sick of being taxed to death and especially sick of paying for “non-citizens”! and frivolous Government spending for parties, booze, food, jets, art museums, NASCAR sponsorship, etc -Comprende?

          • Denniso

            Airangel…comprende usted? many of the working poor and lower class also pay gasoline tax,social security tax…my point was that Bob Livingston is wrong in stating that half the population doesn’t pay taxes and is supported by the other half. I think most people pay too much in all the taxes combined and that the very rich pay way too little.

          • http://naver samurai

            Duhniso, first drop the spanish. We speak English, remember? Second, if you read the article (A lib read? OMG!) you’ll understand that they are talkong about federal and maybe state taxes. You say the rich pay too little? Where have you been? The top 5%-10% of wage earners pay up to 95% of all revenues collected by our government. Get off of the liberal crack. It’s frying your brain!

          • Denniso

            Tienne una problema? No hablas espanol? Pobrecito…so what gives you the right to tell me what language to use? Are you afraid of seeing another language written? Is this country only open to english speakers…no Spanish,German,French?? Take a hike phony warrior.

          • http://naver samurai

            Don’t forget duhniso, our official language is English. It is also our one unifying language and was the language that was vote for the Constitution to be written. I have no problem with someone speaking another language, like I do (Korean), but if you want to live and do business in America, you should know our language. Come up here to my hometown and start talking that nonsense, you moron! You’ll get an answer, just different then the one you was expecting. Who the !@#$ are you calling a phony warrior? At least I served 20 years, but what the !@#$ did you do but sit back on your big fat arse and bitch about everything that wasn’t given to you free? Like I said before, if you are here legally, welcome.

        • DaveH

          From Denniso: “The other side of this is that wages have stagnated for decades for most of the working class”.
          Then how do you explain this, Denniso?

        • Right Wing

          Denniso, wrong. The statement that 50% are supported is a fair assessment. There was no mention of federal tax filings as the basis for the statement so lets return to that in a moment. Welfare is comprised of many facets including education, housing subsidies, unemployment and disability insurance, income subsidies, food stamps, etc. Approximately 37% rely directly on welfare programs to stay above poverty level. Consider social security benefits, prescription drug subsidies, etc. and 50% support looks very reasonable. These funds are generated by producing taxpayers therefore, the comment, “The producers support the non-producers.”

          Now lets look at the 47% who don’t pay federal taxes. If you are truly naive enough to think that the majority of those not filing federal returns are hapless victims of a lean economy, then you belong in the footnote section referring to blind idiots. I bet you jumped on the ship of fools who claim all loan borrowers fell victim to “predatory lending” but could not fathom the concept of predatory borrowers. You seem to think taxes decrease for prosperous people which is so far in left field you are beyond the fence. The fact is that about 63% of tax funds are generated by 5% of the population. The bottom 50% of the population generate only 3% of tax funds. You are so far left on welfare for the poor victims that you have no more logic. Try coloring books, they would suit you better.

          • Denniso

            WRONG wing…you are so far off that it’s pointless to try to talk w/ you. You are including social security benefits in the 50% of the population being ‘supported’? Didn’t the vast majority of SS recipients pay in to it? Isn’t it basically their own money? Your ridiculous and a waste of my time.

          • Right Wing

            Your pointless and baseless fact slinging is a waste of time to all here. You simply are not capable of understanding what you read and obviously invent facts to support your wild speculations. If you have something valuable to contribute try offering supporting information for your “facts”. Your unsupported liberal agenda does not fly here so consider wasting your time somewhere else.

          • http://naver samurai

            Duhniso, its not whether they paid into it or not. Its the ones that are getting handouts and are able to work is what is being talked about here. Go sell you left wing crap somewhere else! Iran is nice this time of year!

          • Denniso

            WrongWing…sorry to upset you,but why didn’t you answer the question?
            Are you including social security recipients in the 50% that are supposedly being supported by the rest?

          • http://naver samurai

            OK duhniso. Just the ones that havent paid into anything, but are getting free handouts. Is that clear enough for you, moron? If you think you libs are doing a good job, then answer these few questions:

            1. Why don’t the dems, libs, and bleeding hearts abolish the self destructive welfare state? I thought this would be obvious since it is unconstitutional.

            2. Why did Obama bin Laden force many of his bills down the throat of the average American who didn’t want them?

            3. Why does “Osama” and his cronies believe in shredding the Constitution every chance they get, because our founding fathers based it on common sense and their christian beliefs?

            4. Why is “Osama” plunging us into a record debt, no economic turn around, no jobs, no money, and now we owe China more money than any other country or organization on the earth?

            5. Why has he lied about everything he has done in his life? College, selective service, citizenship, experience, his faith (He was caught saying he was a muslim in an interview with NBC News, and many other things?

            6. Where’s your DD 214 showing that you did your military service, even just your hitch?

            I suggest that you just shut the !@#$%^& heck up until you can answer all these questions with facts to back them up. 알겠느냐 미친놈아!
            In Korean that means, “You understand you crazy bastard?” How do you like being spoken to in a different language, you moron?

          • Right Wing

            Samurai, Thanks for covering for me. Denniso is an argumentative twit that applies baseless logic and amorphous “facts” to support his in-conclusions. I made the mistake of assuming Denisso could understand the rational disdain producers have for being told to the carry the water of able people…in any form. Oops. Thanks for clearing that up for me Samurai. Any more questions Denise?

          • http://naver samurai

            No problem right wing. Glad to be of service!

          • Denniso

            I don’t usually talk to people who directly call me names, and won’t make an exception to even read your crap.

          • http://naver samurai

            Duhniso, if you don’t want to read ny posts fine! Fine! If you can, can you answer the questions I have posted with facts to back them up? Is this better labguage for you, so I don’t hurt your feelings again?

      • JC

        Hamilton was an advocate of central banking and taxation on the British model. The very model we had just fought a war to rid ourselves of. He instituted the Bank of the United States and encouraged hiw wealthy friend to buy bonds in that bank in order to ensure their support of taxation. (Their profits)
        He led an army of 13,000 into Pennsylvania in order to put down the Whisky (tax) rebellion. He imprisoned and executed citizens of Pennsylvania that were in opposition to his authoritarian profiteering.
        That enough facts for you Frank or do you need more?
        Hamilton should have been shot for the traitor that he was.

        • http://none Alex

          “Hamilton should have been shot for the traitor he was” ?
          So, logically you will agree that Robert E. Lee, the traitor responsible for killing more Amerikans than Osama bin Laden, should likewise have been shot.

          • http://naver samurai

            General Lee wasn’t a traitor, you idiot. He went and fought for his native state of Virginia. Also, during our Civil War is was Americans vs. Americans so what is your point?

          • JC

            Robert E Lee was hero and a Patriot and you couldn’t carry his water.
            How you can even begin to compare the two is beyind all reason.

          • Al Sieber

            Alex, Hamilton was shot in a duel, by Aaron Burr.

          • http://none Alex

            Al Seiber–I was quoting JC the Teabagger who said that Hamilton should have been shot (that is what quotations marks are meant to indicate).

          • http://naver samurai

            OK, Alex. What’s wrong with being part of the party that wants to take our country down the road set by our founding fathers? Guess you must be part of that 50% who either don’t pay taxes or get that unconstitutional welfare check every month. Get off of the koolaid.

          • JC

            Thanks for the clarification Alex. I will be more clear also.
            Hamilton should have been shot by a firing squad ordained by a courts martial, for acts of sedition against the People of the United States of America. Glad I could clear that up.

      • Frank Oak


        If you read the notes of the Convention by Madison, Hamilton proposed that the British system of Government was the best in the world at that time. I do not know of a better one and am certainly happy we didn’t model our government after the German or French. There were many other proposals submitted and the Constitution was a combination of many of them.

        What Hamilton did after the Constitution was ratified makes no difference on what he said to entice the States to accept the Constitution. His statements in the Federalist Papers prove the original intent of the founders who ratified it. Those arguments are essential for bringing back Constitutional Government. We must bring it back if we are to survive as a free people.

        It is impossible to bring back Constitutional Government when few people understand what it is. We live in an age when everyone thinks their opinion is as good as fact and people have been so indoctrinated by the public schools they don’t know the difference. I don’t know how understanding comes about in people unless God opens their eyes. I found that Publius Huldah is trying her best to explain the Constitution on her website. She has shown how the Supreme Court lied to take religion out of the government and in her recent paper she showed how the Arizona law was constitutional. She is one of the few people I have found on the web whose papers are all self-proving. I do know that if you search for the truth you will find it and the “Truth will set you free”.


        • JC

          Well just like the media…we’re not going to find any truth listening to you, just “spin”.

          • http://none Alex

            Funny how you Teabaggers throw around the word ‘spin’ without seeming to understand that all media, left right or centrist, put spin on all editorial content—do you even understand the term ‘editor’?
            Bill O’Really? of Faux News introduced the old term ‘spin’ to a new audience—specifically the dunderheads who watch his spin-smothered program for anything more than a laugh. Faux News puts all of their news through more spin cycles than a Saturday laundromat. Did you see Glenn Beck the other night, claiming that only Faux News was showing the Israeli attack on the care workers? HAA! You people who never venture far enough from Faux to breath real air probably believe him!! HAAA!!! Absolute lie,again, from Glenn Beck and the Teabag Network. At least people like me get our information from a variety of sources, even the jokers at Faux. Teabaggers listen ONLY to conservative Fright Wingers like Flush Limpbowels and the Faux crew. The Left is right, always has been and always will be!

          • JC

            Oh Look…a communist is calling me names. I’m so hurt.
            It’s kind of like getting “the finger” from a cockroach.

          • http://naver samurai

            Alex, just stay off of the site unless you have something useful to say. Wait, a lib, commie, athiest? Don’t think so….

      • Annie Ladysmith

        The truth is; Hamilton was a spy for the Rothchilds and was hired by the Illuminati cult (yes, they were in many ways behind the ‘revolution’,they had plans to get total control of the new country and it’s gold, Hamilton was one of their main spys), it may be hard to take but it is the truth, there is just too much documentation if you do the research.

    • James

      Anthony, Brilliant! I would just add that there is no provision in the U.S. Constitution for the president and vice president to be elected by the people. And Art. I, Sec. 8, Cl. 5 reads: “Congress shall have power To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign coin.” The only problem is, it doesn’t say they must do that.

      • JC

        Nor does it say they have the right to turn that power over to a private bank outside the realm of the government. Which they have.

    • Julie

      I would vote you in for office! We need more people like you to actually stand by our Constitution and defend it.

    • kate8

      Thank you, Bob, for addressing this issue so well. It’s time we all become aware of what is actually going on and, thanks to people like you, we are.

      Thank you, also, Anthony, for your excellent post. You are, obviously, someone who has done a great deal of research and are able to see through the smokescreen of propaganda.

      We all know that the reason that politicians pander to the poor is because they have set the system up to have mostly poor, in order to insure the votes. They are the easiest to manipulate, to make them believe that government helps them when it merely keeps them poor. Besides, the uber-rich actually benefit the most, anyway.

      By the time the majority figure it all out, the system is well entrenched and we find ourselves thoroughly enslaved. I guess the elites figure that, in our outrage, we’ll end up killing each other off and they’ll have things just the way they want them.

      What a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

    • JeffH

      Once again Thank You Anthony for your wonderfull contributions to Personal Liberty Digest.

    • Dan

      You are right on in dealing with the 16th and the 17th Amendment. Both of these amendments have got to be overturned. Only then can we begin to get this country on the right footing. The 17th Amendment will put the power back into the states, and the people. That is required before we can get rid of the transfer of wealth / welfare state mentality. Getting rid of the governments power of taxiation, violation of the 4th and the 5th Amendments in the process, can only happen when the 16th Amendment is reversed. This will be a real uphill battle, but once won, it will save the Union, and be worth it the effort.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Anthony,
      I must disagree with you on one point. The income tax does not go back to the Federal Reserve, which does not need the money. When the Fed needs money it simply prints more. There is no such thing as public debt. How can the Federal Government have debt with electronic money that is nothing more than computer symbols that can be created to infinity? I urge you to read:
      All the best,

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        Bob are you saying public debt is irrevelnt because it does not exist and we should not concern ourselves with the 13 trillion.

        • kate8

          Bruce, the system was set up to collapse. That was always the intention.

          • angel-wanna-be

            kate8, but none of us figured on living to see it come to pass.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Bruce D.,
          Kate8 is correct. They system is set up to collapse. The simple answer to your question is yes… and no. I invite you to read the linked article above. I’ve written a lot about this, so search through my archives for a complete answer.
          Best wishes,

    • Freedom Fighter

      Well said. These points and many more are for the ever-increasing power of the state, rendering us no more than slaves. The logical conclusion is that the feds will use us until we have no use to them. It is a culture of slavery, debt, and ultimately death.

      • kate8

        You are right, Freedom Fighter, and we have reached the point where we are no longer of use to them.

        Mass genocide is well underway, and has been for some time. We’ve been a bit more resiliant than the PTB would like, but people would be amazed at all the assaults being hurled at us. The USA is now their main target, and we can expect the intensity to increase.

        This is an uncomfortable topic that most don’t want to acknowledge. It’s far too horrifying and, anyway, no one is listening. But it would behoove many to turn more toward spirit, since I don’t see help coming from anywhere else.

    • http://none Alex

      Wrong on that last little pip there, Anthony.
      The Second stupid Amendment calls for a “well-regulated” militia—and, though not specified at the time because the technology was not there, clearly gun registration falls under the line “well-regulated”. Gun-totin’ Teabaggers miss this point, always.
      The reason to register guns is to determine who owned guns used in particular crimes.
      If idiots want to protect their homes, a rifle or shotgun is fine. Hanguns, concealable and easily transportable MUST be made illegal.One can protect one’s home with a long gun, but you cannot easily take a rifle down to the 7-11 to kill the night clerk.
      Gun toters suffer serious penis envy and use the gun to mask their own, um, shortcomings.

      • JeffH

        Alex, perhaps you are the one in envy because of your own shortcomings and that Americans have that inherent right to protect themselves and their property from criminals and tyranny, something you obviously don’t or can’t understand.

        OOPS! Forgot you hated America.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Obviously Alex has never seen a 17 jnch sawed off 12 guage shotgun!!! Think that little bird full of double ought buck would kill that clerk??? Any determined criminal will find a way to kill, if not a gun, then a knife, club, or a rock!!!

      • Dan Burke

        I don’t own a gun, but I don’t think my neighbor should have to register their guns. It is a law and I think we should obey the law. However, I do not think the law is the right thing. What I have come to understand that a well regulated militia to be is one that actually knows how to use a gun. How many of us would be dangerous around guns? Not because we are dangerous people but because we don’t know how to safely handle a gun? I took a gun safety class a long time ago. I would think I should be held accountable to have a refresher if I were to decide that I want to possess a gun. Just like if I don’t want to injure myself going scuba diving, I should have a refresher course (which it has been about five years or more since I dove so that would be prudent whether they accepted my scuba license as is or not). And just because I learned some gun safety still wouldn’t make me safe. I should practice regularly so that when I use the gun it is less likely that I will shoot the wrong target (or to even know when I can and cannot “make the shot”).

      • Al Sieber

        Alex, you should be banished from this country to somewhere like communist Cuba, you would fit in real well there, I’ll buy the ticket. no firearm’s allowed.

      • JC

        Man you are one seriously twisted little freak.
        Its sad because you are probably a product of public “state” schools and you were given no sense of morality whatever…other than to blindly follow whoever tells you that they are your benefactor. And you’re actually gullible enough to believe it.
        Gun Control doesn’t work…never has…never will.

      • http://naver samurai

        Oh, I don’t know about the Alex. Considering I used one for 20 years just to protect your sorry little but from our enemies. Just go somewhere else. You must be a teenager high on some weed right now. Sober up and get a life.

      • rwnut

        Alex….I’ve never heard so much leftwing,liberal,twisted gibberish in my life.The reason to register guns is CONFISCATION! Iknow what you want to do with me when they’re confiscated.
        K— M- A– you leftwing liberal,UNAMERICAN peice of S—!

        • http://none Alex

          The fact that you have “never heard” such Left Wing comments is part of your problem, FrightWingnut. Intelligent people like me are not afraid to venture over to the other side to see what is in the current discourse. Teabaggers, on the other hand, do not think for themselves, nor do they listen to alternative points of view. You people are like scared little sheep, always following what other people say. By closing your starving minds to even the idea of listening to what other people have to say severely limits your ability to add to the public discourse. Grow up–join the real world.
          The Left is right, and always will be.

          • JC

            The only problem we have is an infestation of communist cockroaches.

          • rwnut

            Alex…Venture over and listen to this,(no one said it for me)you’re not smart enough to tell the differance between a baby ruth and a turd.You ought to give up that candy habit Alex,it rots your teeth and gives you bad breath.Great Wise One,nothing you’ve said is “worth” discourse.Your post about “that stupid second amendment”shows your IQ.As I said before,it’s pure gibberish and garbage.Discourse is not what you’re about Alex.I’m smart enough to know when a leftwing commie(you)is about the destruction of the Constitution.That’s your game Alex and nothing more.I’m not discoursing with someone who only wants to s— on the Constitution.That’s yours and Yo Mama Obama’s whole purpose in life.Why pretend Alex? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,”You can’t piss on my back and call it rain!”

          • http://naver samurai

            I think that liberal crack you have been smoking has fried your brain!

      • scratchpad62

        i love the line where you stated “if idiot’s want to protect their homes”! so i’m an idiot for wanting to protect my home,family,loved one’s? tell you what, post your address! we’ll see who’s the idiot!

        • angel-wanna-be

          Scaratchpad62, send him to the Northeast, I’ve got a pitbull who loves to play with strangers!!!!__LOL

    • Bud

      Why in the world was such an epistle postd? Is there anyone who has such a non-life that they would sit and read through that?

      Sorry, but when a diatribe runs more than two or thee reasonably-brief paragraphs…

    • SiliconDoc

      With Obama and the new liberal doctrines, who needs a standing army?
      Like the One’s recent yet rare official national address from inside the Oval Office – on the BP oil leak, the now insane potus spewed the government libspeak and had his WAR ON OIL LEAKS marshall language flopping out his flaptrap.
      So this is what they are up to. Anything goes for a WAR, so any issue they want to subvert and ignore the Constitution on, automatically becomes a WAR when the speak about it.
      War on Poverty.
      War on Terror.
      Now war on the oil leak.
      Everything is a war to these left loon eggheads, a crisis, a man made disaster, and so any government action can be pushed through in response, since the pinheads are fighting a war.
      War on drugs.
      War on the overweight.
      They’ve got so many standing armies and so many simultaneous wars and so many complete losses and not a single win, they should declare a war on their own power hungry mental illnesses.

  • Al Sieber

    Good article Bob. I’m rereading The Rise and Fall of the third Reich, and in the chapter “life in the 3rd Reich 1933-1938″ it talks about “for the greater good” and “guns before Butter” and the Hitler Youth, if anyone has that book check out that chapter, we’re there, uncanny.

  • http://Yahoo Sandy Archer

    Well, That was very informative and eye opening. Never looked at the situation as producers supporting non producers but unfortunately that is the BEST analogy yet!! The sad thing is alot of the producers have lost jobs but the freebies still go out to people who do nothing to give back to the communities and they keep having babies that they cannot support. I am very worried about our Country and feel helpless and hopeless. Fact is, we need someone in office that has an allegiance to the USA and Obama is not that person. I did not vote for him in ’08 and certainly will not in the next election. God Bless America

    • WEM

      Food for thought…
      Please do not feel “hopeless or helpless”. Your chance as well as everybody else’s is comming up in the next election. Just be aware and the reason why our decisions are very important for the future is simply becasue if the percentage of “non producers” exceed the “producers”, which will eventualy happen, as more and more jobs leave this Country for no other reason except greed: Guess who will be making the decisons? Also, if you take a look of what is happening internationaly, as well as unfortunately in this Nation, education is being neglected and the motivation is simply the fact that government does not want educated people, they have a tendency of “thinking” and that is dangerous for irresponsible governments with their own agenda… As voters, lets put our pants back on and clean house. Some of our leaders had 30+ years to prove their incompetency and are still doing it. Why are we keeping them in their functions? They are obviously not for “WE the PEOPLE” which is really the reason why tehy were elected to begin with. They are suposed to be OUR representatives. Has that been happening?…

      • skipfoss

        No,WEM this has not been happening our representives have not represented us they have been doing only what O.Hussein tells them to do at the extreme objections of the public those paying and not paying. They claim we are a country of laws and O. Hussen has broken everyone of them,no he is appointing judges that will cover for him when he tries to finish setting up his dictatorship. This Half Breed jerk is a worthless communist Muslim. If you take a close look at his life he has been taught nothing but communism by his mother father grand parents,stepfather his mentor George Marshal Davis and his so called Pastor,that has proved himself a Black racist America hating communist. Hussein said there is no proof of any communism in his upbringing.If you look at all of those Czars he has appointed all have admitted communist ties.He has done everything to keep from prosicuting Islamic terrorist shot of giving them a presidential pardon.He has turned his back on Isreal and supported Hamass and the Palistinians. He has done everything except ban the constitution and I am waiting for his latist appointment Kagan to get sworn in and then try to do away with the constitution

    • Richard Pawley

      Sandy, Never feel hopeless or helpless! Of course it’s easy for me to say that because I’m a Christian and you might look into what that is really all about. Books like the 106 page classic PRISON TO PRAISE by Merlin Carothers have been printed at least 50,000,000 copies in about 50 languages because they have helped so many. Most can’t put it down when they read it and I have read it 12 times in the past 35 years. It’s available on eBay if you don’t have something like a Christian bookstore in your town or city. Additionally I would like to add that OBAMA is only one man and it is the 111th Congress that has passed all this dollar destroying, economy busting legislation. Do not wait until 2012 to vote. You and millions of others must vote in November if we want to save the country. We can’t avoid skyrocketing inflation in the near future with food and fuel tripling in price, and sadly riots in the streets in major American cities just we saw in Greece. This is a given because of the incessant spending and taxing and borrowing that Congress, supposedly “our representatives” have already done. That cannot be changed but it could be much worse. The only way to keep it from being much worse is to learn all you can about the candidates for office and vote like your life depended upon it come November (or at least your children’s lives). Look at the amazing victories of the Tea Party Candidates in the primaries! Hope is not all lost for our country but like the mess in the gulf so the mess in Washington is going to take years to clean up, but it must begin this year. Think like Winston Churchill who said, “Never, never, Never, never give up!” He didn’t and the socialists in Nazi Germany were defeated. Don’t vote for a Republican just because they are a Republican because they are part of the problem too. We need fresh blood, new people of strong character, who are not bought and paid for by the 36,000 lobbyists in Washington. Why do you think both parties fear that one lone woman, the former Governor of Alaska, so much. She’s not a PhD (thank heaven, look at how the only PhD we ever had for a president, Woodrow Wilson set the path of destruction for the 21st Century. He was the second most dangerous president we ever had) but Sarah Palin thinks for herself and that is unheard of nowadays. What she doesn’t know she is learning. Why do the powers that be Glenn Beck so much, because he asks the hard questions and wants others to think for themselves too. There are many others across this great nation that are willing to sacrifice for their country, and that is what it will take. Sacrifice! We have very serious problems in this country that our cowardly Congress (well they are not really cowards but they are controlled – and not by you and me) that must be faced or the individual liberty that our founding fathers gave us with their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor will be lost. I’ve even heard some say, “What’s so great about freedom?” and I wish those people could live in Mexico or Russia or Iran or a hundred other places for a year and if they survived they would know the answer. Just as you can’t eat the typical foods that Americans eat and not get the diseases that American typically get, so you can’t just know the pabulum that most American students are feed by the unionized teachers and the socialist universities. You must educate yourself. So far it is still possible in this country where books are suppressed but not burned. Jesus said that nothing was impossible to those who believed and that is why the ACLU is so against any mention of him although all the founders of this county had great respect for him even if they didn’t all believe the same things. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand and you must know more than is typically taught in schools for the past 30 years. There is a lot of hogwash on the Internet but there is truth also. That is where the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible come in handy, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, even discernment, and above all Love. Don’t hate the socialists who have taken over the Democratic Party (not all of it, just most of it) but vote them out of office. Don’t hate the Republicans who cow-tow (sp?) to big business even more than the Democrats do but vote them out of office as well. Now there are good people in both parties but only a handful. Hard times are coming, ultimately worse than the great depression but that may not be for a few more years, hopefully a decade, but there is time to prepare if we don’t waste it. Some believe we only have 36 months because our cities are broke and our states are broke and our country is more than broke but owes more money than anyone has ever owed in history but it all just paper that they owe so they will do what they started last year and just print more until everyone realizes it’s just paper. The rest of the world is broke too so don’t join the thousands who leave the country each month unless you have some other very good reason. We can prepare our own families and possibly our own communities for the day when the government will finally admit they are broke, and unable to pay anything but the interest to the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank. This printing of money, creating it out of thin air is called monetizing the debt, and it never ends well. Learn about non-perishable foods, things that you can store for decades and are still nutritious. Get out of paper investments and get out of the big cities if you can. To much to tell. I wrote a book about much of what is coming. There is time to prepare but not a lot. Pray as if it all depended on God and your prayers but vote and work like it all depended on you. Oppose every new tax Congress, your state or your city tries to put around your neck until they can prove they are no longer squandering all we give them. Attorney General Holder came to Vassar College this year and told the graduates to consider a career in government. If I had realized like some of my family how well it paid (nearly twice what the private sector pays) I would have gone into government work years ago. Sadly, though that is all going to come to a screeching halt when they finally devalue the dollar out of necessity. Learn, pray, vote, but do so by November. It is NOVEMBER OR NEVER!

      • Richard Pawley

        Sorry I didn’t proof-read it better. I meant to say that we would one day see riots in the major cities of this country, just AS we saw in Greece. I left AS out. I also meant to say “Why do the powers that be hate Glenn Beck so much?” but I left out the word “hate”. Of course since hate is something he and others who really care about the country and it’s people are often accused of perhaps it was Providence that I left it out. And American students are “fed” not “feed” as I wrote. I could really use a proof-reader and a secretary but you can get the gist of my meaning. May God bless the United States because no one else is going to do so.

        • barb m

          i hate glenn beck because he sabotaged our texas gubernatorial candidate, debra medina, in favor of his good buddy rick perry who is the incumbent. he was insulting before the interview even started, but she couldn’t hear that part so was not prepared for his back stabbing. he asked if she was a 9/11 truther to which she stated she did not want to comment because she didn’t have all the facts. after pushing her, she said there were some things she’d like to know. he immediately translated that into a yes and refused to shut up long enough for her to fully answer the question. after the interview, he said he’d like to french kiss rick perry. he talks the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk. he works for the same station as palin who campaigned for perry. medina was kicking butt and taking names. she won every debate they televised. her poll numbers were rising by leaps and bounds, then beck threw her under the bus. i will NEVER listen to him again or believe he is anything other than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

          • kate8

            barb m, I’m with you on thinking there is something not quite right with Beck. As much as we want to rally ’round him, things like what he did to Debra Medina, his ridicule of “birthers” and “truthers” (labels intended to marginalize those demanding the truth), his handling of FEMA camps, etc., only show that he is not really all he seems to be.

            He provides an outlet for conservatives to “vent”, while keeping them steered down the desired shutes.

            Wolf in sheep’s clothing is an apt description, in my view.

          • DaveH

            Beck is a man, and men are imperfect (women too). But he has opened peoples’ eyes to many facts which they might not otherwise have been exposed to. I listen to what he says and form my own opinions based on my life experiences.
            I do think Stossel speaks much better for the Libertarian principles than does Beck. But few people stick their neck out as far as Glenn does in the pursuit of truth.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            I understand your viewoint Barb m. Beck was doing the job liberals are suppose to do. There are things he says I do not like either. That being said Glen Beck is in some way a great American hero. He is exposing the rot in the system from a very public position. He is also educating people on the ‘founding fathers’. It is the liberals job to take Glen Beck down. Please do not aide them in their cause. He is being attacked very hard by the left. We are all going to say something others do not like. It is unavoidable. I am sorry about what he did in Texas.

          • Al Sieber

            Glen Beck has opened a lot of people’s eye’s, but, is a shill for the N.W.O., like Alex Jones, they both have their certain subjects they avoid.

          • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

            A write in candidate can win an election, start a campaign now, you don’t need “Big Bucks”. Actions and the internet are a powerful tool and weapon, “GET UR DONE” ! For love of Texas and Country.

          • Kevin

            Glenn Beck helped sabotage the Texas elections for Perry, but the Eagle Forum also backed Perry. Orlean Koehle, President of the Eagle Forum of California, has written about Perry’s betrayal of America in two chapters of her most recent book, yet the Eagle Forum still backed Perry. Having spoken with Orlean on this issue, this really upset her. Who can you trust?

            The really good propagandists (including “conservative” organizations) tell you what they know you want to hear without telling you what you really need to know to make a difference. They create, cultivate, and maintain the divisions in America, playing American and American, while they legally plunder America.

            I wrote a commentary a few years ago, “Are We Cattle or Are We Americans”, where I wrote about how the Democrat and Republican Parties were herding us toward the same totalitarian slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, the more I research, the more I realize that most Americans accept being treated like cattle, so long as they are fed, housed and entertained.

          • Claire

            barb m–Kudos to you!! I don’t care for Beck either. I tried to listen to him, but he is NOT what he seems. Another paid entertainer.

            kate8—You are absolutely correct.

        • JeffH

          Richard Pawley…barb m is a classic example of that hate…and you are right about it.

          • kate8

            JeffH, while I agree that barb m’s use of the word “hate” for Beck was a bit strong for my taste, what she said was true about what he did to Medina. I’d love to believe he is a patriot, but I’ve had a number of alarm bells go off about him, myself.

            I don’t know who barb m is, so I don’t know why you made that statement about her. But to discredit her because of one post, I find puzzling.

            Am I missing something?

          • kate8

            JeffH, I’m sure that you are aware that a tactic used by those seeking to conquer is to raise up a hero of the people, someone who will draw them out and bring them forward. That is why it is so important to be discerning and careful.

            Ask yourself why the PTB, who own all the news outlets, allow people like Beck to stay on the air. It’s obvious that he has to steer clear of certain issues. Anyone who gets enough media attention to gain a following must necessarily be suspect. Look how many really good people get no traction because the media ignores them. It’s how the PTB operate.

            The media is about controlling us and, it seems, exposing us. I actually think that the “war” between the WH and FoxNews is a ruse for our consumption, since the same people who control the WH and all media outlets also own FoxNews.

            Let’s all use our heads here.

          • JeffH

            kate8, don’t you understand why Beck doesn’t support the “birther issue”? The “birth” issue is just another distraction to keep the peoples minds elsewhere and off of his “fundamental transformation” of America. As Beck has said before; why produce it if it’ll keep the people pre-occupied with it?

            I have no problem with Beck and whenever I catch his show, like anybodt elses shoe, I sort through his information and make my own conclusions. I don’t like Madcow or Oberego either, so I have no quandrey with you on Beck…I just think there should be a better reason than the “birther issue”. He’s is quirky, but then aren’t they all a bit odd at times?

            Her’s a link to an exhange Beck had on the birther issue…decide for yourself.

            GLENN: Yeah. And then my advisors would come in and go, let’s just make this go away. Here’s an idea: Just call the doctor, just get the nurse. Just, here, let’s just have, you know, three really credible people examine the birth certificate because really let’s just make this go away so we can get on the work with the American people. If I were Barack Obama, I would say, no, now, wait a minute; why do that when these people are so discrediting themselves because if I can get them to discredit themselves and they’ll use the argument, “Well, you think it’s nonsense to have him answer that question when it’s in the Constitution? He would be the first unconstitutional president!” Yes. But I believe he already is, seeing that healthcare is against the Constitution. The fundamental transformation of the country is a little unconstitutional.

            STU: Right. When you’ve lost 40 points off your approval rating, the only thing you have left is the people who are coming out and yelling about your birth certificate. The only positive this guy has left.

            GLENN: Yeah. So why would you discredit yourself? Why would let’s say it’s true. Let’s just say it’s true that he’s not. Do you really think that is the fastest way to get him out? Do you really think that’s the fastest way to stop him from what I believe is the fundamental transformation of this country? Do you think that’s going to stop healthcare?

          • JeffH

            kate8, sorry I can’t fully buy into the Beck thing. But I won’t dis you for not trusting him, that’s your choice.

          • kate8

            JeffH, the “birther” issue is only one of many he avoids. Besides, I just don’t buy that it’s only a distraction. There is an all-out blackout on this issue in the media, except to occasionally ridicule it.

            It is a direct Constitutional matter. Don’t you wonder why no judge has been allowed to proceed with this case? The ones who’ve tried have been visited, and have dropped the case or have stepped down.
            The issue of BO’s history being concealed from the People is a huge one, in fact a true conspiracy, and would, if allowed to be presented to the American People, exclude him from office.

            Don’t you see that by side-stepping the Constitutional requirement here, in effect, nullifies any Constitutional matter they wish to circumvent? And it has. Just look at healthcare.

            It’s not just Beck. Look how much coverage Palin gets. These people look great, sound great. Maybe they are sincere and don’t know that they are being used. Maybe I’m way off-base. I can only try to connect the dots where I see them, and know that the only thing that gets coverage is what has the approval of the PTB.

          • JeffH

            kate8, I won’t fully disagree with you, it is a constitutional matter and I too feel it’s important to reveal, but…By the time someone of power can overide the presidential powers to get a valid court order to force produce the facts, Obama will be long gone and America’s fate will be sealed by either a more constitutional government or the blood of the citizens. Obama has already violated the constitution just by signing the Health Care bill…I just feel there are more pressing matters to deal with such as the HCB.

          • DaveH

            I’m with you on that, Jeff. We need to stick to the issues that the majority of citizens can sink their teeth into. Otherwise, we are just spinning our wheels.

          • kate8

            Yes, but only because those who do have authority to call his legitmacy into question are covering for him or being held off. Besides, who, more than the citizens of this nation, have a right to the truth?

            Do you really think that, with all those who are complicit in this, we really have any actual other options? Don’t you think this has been forseen and planned for? We are dealing with people who have spent a century studying human behavior and learning to anticipate and manipulate it.

            The fact that all those running for office or in media commentary comply with the program by avoiding certain issues shows that they are playing by the “rules”. Bucking them is a deadly game.

            I just think that it will take more than an election to bring about any real improvement. I really hope I’m wrong.

          • kate8

            BTW, I actually do like Glenn Beck. His is the one program I try not to miss. (BTW, do you know why TV was called “programming”?)

            I’m just trying to keep a perspective on the big picture. You know, trust, but verify…

          • kate8

            Jeff, Dave, have you seen the breaking news?


          • SiliconDoc

            kate8, there are certain issues that if exposed or ruminated upon by the big news players on cable and msm networks, they would be labelled lunatic by “pop culture opinion”, and would lose their jobs.
            That’s just the way it is, unfortunately.
            Used to be THEY couldn’t even mention Bilderberger meetings without being labelled a lunatic, now that has changed, and the mettings are admitted to and spoken of, even if in soft, pat terms.
            Same was true about the trans Texas Corridor / nafta superhighway.
            Eventually, self centered “know it all” giants like Michael Medved for instance had to slyly take back his screaming “you’re insane” and admit the plan exists and is under implementation “but is not a takeover or some conspiracy against sovereignty” -etc etc.
            So the TV and talk show and magazine and newspaper people have bosses and advertisers and people to answer to, and reputations of not being insane conspiracy theorists to protect, so many of these things not spoken of have to trickle into the pop culture consciousness before the scared and insecure big shots can start mentioning them, or believing them publicly, lest consequences befall them.
            If they come right out, and are fired for being insane loons, whose side does that support ? Certainly not theirs as they exposed the coverup or secret info. It’s a win for the opposition in that case.
            Just like the successful attacks on whistleblowers… same kind of thing.
            So don’t despair too much and give some credit to these people like Glenn Beck, who certainly are aware more is out there, and will do what they can when they can do it.
            It’s dangerous for them to go too far when the pop culture brainwashing is already so deep and so complete in so many cases.

      • IronHorse

        Citizens of the united States, not only will you benefit yourselves, but that of this country’s younger generations to come…..Take Heed to these words.

        Glory to Christ Jesus my Lord & Savor…

        • angel-wanna-be

          Amen IronHorse, he’s my Savior too!

      • angel-wanna-be

        Richard, Nice post, and Freedom is, a hell of a lot easier to defend, than to regain once lost!__I don’t remember who it was who said this.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I have heard that before as well and I can’t remember where. It is VERY true though. We are in danger of that very thing happening here!
          BTW another reason not to use BP fuel, they have water in their oil!!!

          • angel-wanna-be

            JoeH, we live in midatlantic, the gas here is horrible! theres only one gas station we frequent, that doesn’t seem to be watered down as much, and the only thing our old 90′s jalopy will run on—lol!

        • DaveH

          You will like this poem, Angel:

          • angel-wanna-be

            DaveH, That’s a hell of a poem Dave, one you can envision, thanks for the link, God Bless.

          • kate8

            DaveH, I loved the poem, too. I copied and I’m going to email it to everyone I know. Thanks.

          • JeffH

            DaveH, thaks, I’ve seen and read it before and again I’ve copied it and passed it on through email. Great poem.

      • sonny

        Richard Pawley: I agree with MOST of your post; However, Adolf Hitler was “only” ONE man, also. I’m 63 years old and in that time I’ve seen lots of presidents and congressmen come and go and I’ve NEVER seen an administration as corrupt AND pro-totalitarian as this one. You say they are not cowards; I disagree. Anyone that will not stand up for what they believe, perhaps in fear of their J-O-B
        IS A COWARD. There is/was a reason why Obama, for 20 years listened
        to a pastor preach “G.D. America.” This man HATES THIS COUNTRY AND IS OUT TO DESTROY IT.

    • uSNpops

      If you think it’s bad now, wait till the 135 new beauracracies, and 60,000 plus new government workers are hired to support the Obamacare bill. Then the government will be the largest union supported employer in the country. And once you are hired by the government, it’s pretty hard to ever lose your job.
      Socialism is a great thing until you run out of other peopls money.

      Vote the bums out, take our country back, if it isn’t already too late.

    • Gordon DeSpain

      It’s not common knowledge, but, there is a “Golden Ratio” that determines the health of a civilization: when 85% of the productive Citizens are supporting 15% of the non-productive (both Elite, and, very poor), that civilization is at its zenith. As the nation ages, this ratio will begin to shift toward a population of non-productive citizens, and, it is considered ‘in decline.’

      When the ratio of Productive Citizens to Non-productive reaches 65/35, that nation drops into Footnotes at the bottom of pages in dusty Tomes nobody ever reads.

      And, we’re at 53% to 47%?


    I am currently under a criminal investigation (being harassed) by the IRS for what they say “non-reporting of income”. They entered my business offices and embarrassed me in front of my employees. An “X” business partner is who called the IRS and made accusations. I do not even know what they are looking for. They have come in and turned my small business upside down in search of anything. I and several of my employees, my CPA, and attorney, have spent countless hours gathering documents in response to irs summons. I would like to learn more of your article that states there are no laws that even require the citizenry to pay taxes. Are there any cases of folks who have refused to do so and are living normal lives. I am fed up with having to deal with this.

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      @ Chris, watch Aaron Russo’s Freedom to Facism. It’s out on YouTube in about 11 “parts”, used to be in full on google but it no longer seems to be working. It’s about two hours long but worth it. There is a ton of information on it about the income tax hoax. It will make you sick.

      Best of luck to you….

      • Al Sieber

        Yes Strawberry, I bought that DVD 3 years ago, burned a bunch of copies and handed them out. great education.

    • Voice of Reason


      Yes there are some people who have fought the IRS in court over not paying income taxes and have won. Some have lost, and have had criminal charges filed, but there really is NO law on the books requiring us to do so.

      You will be going to court one way or the other for noncompliance, if you have a really good lawyer you may be able to win… It will be tough but it’s been done.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      What ever the out come of your problems, keep the faith as that’s the one thing they CAN’T take from you!! Best of luck!!

    • IronHorse

      Chris: If you google Sherry Peel Jackson you’ll see a picture of her standing side-by-side with Congressman Ron Paul. Sherry was an ex-IRS agent that figured she could find the law that says everyone owes Taxes, and collect the $50,000 reward money. Well, low and behold she couldn’t find such a law !!
      She is now incarcerated because she was informing the American public. I personally had my IRS Individual Master File, IMF decoded through the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA. It contained all lies
      that I had a business on the Virgin Islands. When I received my IMF from the IRS it was coded, therefore I had to have it decoded. Check out the book by G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island, is it any wonder why Ron Paul wants to end the federal reserve.

    • Gordon DeSpain

      A simple reading of the Title of the Income Tax Law will give you a clue: “Temporary Income Tax to pay for the War in Europe, for Citizens of Puerto Rico, and, other Dominions.”

      First, it was “Temporary” to pay for World War I, and, it was only meant to apply to Puerto Rico and other Dominions. Only 20 of 36 States agreed to ratification, and, at least one sent it back to DC, asking how it applied to Citizens of their State, and, affirming that it might not be ratified, even if it were applicable (Wisconson? Michigan?). Five States voted against Ratification, but, this meant nothing to Philander Knox (appropriate name?) Knox, the Secretary of State, in the employ of the Federal Reserve, paperclipped a note to the Bill that it had been ratified, placed it on the Presidents desk in a large stack of papers that needed signing, the President (Wilson?) signed it, and, the IRS and the Federal Reserve were both created by that act.

      In more than 33,000 pages of Internal Revenue Code, it never says one time that a person who has Taxes withheld from his paycheck is required to File a Tax Statement, unless requesting a Return of overpaid Taxes. The only one required by IRS Code to file a Wage/Tax Statement, is anyone that collects Taxes on sales, or, withholds Taxes from someone elses Pay.

      This was proven in a Supreme Court Decision that appears to have been suppressed (access limited to government employess with a “need to know,” usually, Tax Collectors). I believe the womans name started with a ‘K’ but, I can’t remember, and, I’ve lost the Link to that webpage, and, the copy that was on a crashed Hard Drive. This was documented by the founder of “Keep and Bear,” Angel (?) who suffered the exact fate you are facing now.

      I’m sure that this “oversight” has been corrected in the last couple of years.

  • Conservative at Birth

    Totalitarians are never benevolent!

  • HFlashman

    Interesting thought processes. Examining history, in 1979, the federal deficit was 63 billion dollars and the debt was less than a trillion. 12 years of Republican administration (Reagan was the worst in piling it on) gave us massive debt and deficit spending. At the end of Reagan’s fiasco of economic rule, we had 2.5 trillion in debt and the annual deficit was $206 billion and climbing. Earning power for all except the upper wealth brackets dropped for the frst time since the Depression.

    Clinton came and the percent of debt to GDP dropped. We end the Clinton Era with a budget surplus and the debt was being paid off. CBO estimated we would have been debt free by 2012. And then came the Bush/Cheney years of graft, corruption, entrenchment of the wealthy and corporate interests.

    What did we gain from the Republican rule since 1980? Entrenchment of the class system, lower wealth for all but the Uppe Elite and Corporate interests, small business declined, overall taxes on the middle income went up, personal liberties restricted, and the govrnment intruded into our lives as never before in history.

    Examine the built in deficit spending Obama inherited from Bush/Cheney. Go ahead, take a gander and one realizes that the current deficit spending was a foregone conclusion. Anyone elected after Bush/Cheney was going to have this deficit spending…that is unless they were going to send us spirialing into a Great Depression.

    Such are inesacapable facts. To state otherwise is to either ignore reality or exemplify such a level of simplistic thinking as to make any sane person wonder what was indeed in the tea drunk at the party.

    Since 2000, we have had the passage of the unPatriotic Act…cheered on as our Rights, liberites and freedoms wre ripped away. We have seen the federalization of our school system taking away local control and …as a fact … limiting the ability to prevent propganda being fed to our kids and dumbing them down even further. We have had the wealthy given untold trillions in tax breaks and welfare while the remainder are burdened with increased taxes and increasing debt. We have had the decline of the family farm and small business. And now we have a portion of the ppulace cheer these as good…and demanding the end of an administration geared towards reversing the trend.

    Personally, I am disgusted at the growth of the ranting mobs against the efforts of this adminstration at trying to bring under control the giveaway of rule and our freedoms. Not one protested during the Bush/Cheney years at the damage wrought yet now it is all consuming them as if they were protesting all along (in reality they were sheep led and duped by lies of unfounded fear).

    Trust the claims that they now know how to fix it? Bah…it’s shown that give the fringe right the reins and we spial down to totalitarianism ruled by an oligarhcy of eleite and corporate interests. And the solution offered today by the Right as to any “fix”. Yes…the silence is deafening. They offer no solution because the only one available is being enacted as we speak and wtire today. Yet…they want to overturn the election and vote of the people because by gawd….the damage the Right has done to this Nation isn’t good enough. They want to complete what was begun by Reagan….nothing less than the destruction of our Nation as we know it. The same goal as our enemies.

    • CJ

      What fails to be considered, in your assessment, is most administrations deal with the fallout of the previous one. Reagan’s dealing with issues was from actions of the Carter and Ford administration, so they set thing going in the right direction. Then, after Reagan got things headed in the right direction, with only a little help from Bush, Clinton comes in and reaps the benefits of his predesessor. The havoc put in place by the Clintons didn’t manifest itself until Bush II arrived into office.

      With the current administration, they have set out to completely change EVERYTHING about our country, and are stopping at nothing to reak total havoc, to the extent of authorizing more deficit expenses then the previous three (so far) and they’re not half way through their term. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • Richard Pawley

        Unfortunately what you say is true and there is a danger that the terrible spending going on in Congress as we type will not cause the tripling of prices of food and fuel until after the next election. If Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives get elected en masse this fall they will of course stop the squandering of what’s left of our meager wealth but they then might get blamed for the inflation that is the inevitable result of the spending of the Democratic Congress for the past four years. Still, we should not worry about who might get blamed for what is in the future. There is enough blame to go around. Two things HFlashman did not mention is that the 2.5 Trillion Reagan’s Congress spent to defeat the Soviet Empire and rebuild our military and intelligence forces is the equivalent of 5 Trillion in today’s inflated dollars. It really is. I just looked it up. Secondly, the purchasing power of workers did not go down just as a result of what Congress spent while Reagan was president. That has been going down since John Kennedy was president, maybe even Eisenhower. In any event we all know (not Washington but real people) that is better to be debt free than hopelessly in debt, so vote this November for the Tea Party person of your choice, Democrat, Republican or Independent. Don’t put the same old tired people back in or you will get the same old tired results. We need new people who truly care about out country and what it once stood for. Learn all you can, and remember, it is NOVEMBER OR NEVER.

        • Gordon DeSpain

          “Don’t put the same old tired people back in or you will get the same old tired results.”

          Hmmmmm? There’s something wrong with that: they’re not “tired,” the correct word, is, Criminal.

        • SiliconDoc

          I think you both kind of missed the boat, and that ship is Congress – the people who write the tax laws and spend the money, hold the purse, and can override any presidential veto.
          Reagan perhaps influenced policy, but the buck stops at the CONGRESS.
          It is my opinion, that until the citzenry wakes up and understands this fundamental truth, NOTHING is going to change for the better.
          When 535 scoundrels can blame everything on the current pretender in the White House, absolving themselves 90+% of the time for any blame, including the historical rewashes, who can realistically expect anything different ?
          When GW Bush finally vetoed, the CONGRESS slapped it down and the Farm Bill passed into law anyway. The spending occurred, despite the “dictators” wishes.
          People, nearly everyone in my experience, miss that fact entirely, and instead prefer the potus blame game, or potus praise game.
          With the Congress split nearly equally between the two parties give or take a few percentage points for the last 20 years, the illusion is extremely powerful.
          Strangely enough, between the inheritance blame game and the partisan screeching, the Congress actually does get blamed some of the time – for the same thing the potus’ are held accountable for on the same or other occassions.
          Bottom line is Congress holds all the power, and assigns it to the executive branch, or any officer of any department of the federal government, which means any bureacracy the very same Congress has created, not to mention the congressional ability to LIMIT and REMOVE jurisdiction of the courts…
          Congress holds the keys – they make the mess, they blow the oversight, they shirk their responsibilities off on the giant bureacracies they create and on the potus’ they assign as leaders of executive branch entities they create through laws… wether or not the potus at the time signs the bill into law or vetoes it… since, again, the OVERRIDE function is ALWAYS available to CONGRESS (even when the parties are split near down the middle) or down the middle with the VP making the deciding tie-breaker vote.
          It’s the CONGRESS.
          Granted, there is plenty of influence peddling, even from the public, and the potus, and the media, and foreign government, and the lobbyists, and campaigns, and on and on – but the bottom line is ALWAYS there – THE CONGRESS HAS THE POWER TO MAKE THE FINAL CALLS, PERIOD – THEY ARE THE ONLY BRANCH WITH THAT POWER, in each and every case, every single one.
          That’s a fact. A fact lost on the entire nation.

    • Al Sieber

      Hey HF, your president just renewed “the Patriot Act” when he could of over turned it. he isn’t for the constitution, or any rights. he hates this country, wake up!!!

      • JC

        So much for “change” Al.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Al Seiber,
        There is very little if anything that Odumber has changed that Bush put in place even with a majority in both houses!! He’s afraid to tempt fate and take the chance of a change coming back to haunt him!!!

        • JC

          Government “never” gives up any amount of authority once achieved.
          It has to be taken back.

    • AttilaTheHun

      HFlashman -

      Some of what you say is true. You’ve got a selective version of history. I prefer to start back in the ’60s with LBJ’s “guns and butter”. We had the start of inflation to pay for the Vietnam War and expansion of the Great Society.

      Nixon took us off of the gold standard because countries like France and Russia were demanding to be paid in gold rather than dollars (because we trashed the value of the dollar).

      Paul Voelker shut down the inflation machine in ’79. However, Congress continued to spend money (Democrats controlled Congress while Reagan was President). This was manifested as debt.

      The first two years of Clinton’s presidency were a financial train wreck, which is how the Republicans took control of Congress in ’94. Clinton’s fiscal success during the rest of his presidency was BECAUSE the Republicans controlled Congress.

      Bush’s great fiscal mistake was not saying NO to the Republican-controlled Congress for the first six years of his presidency. Remember, the Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006.

      The real issue is that the Government spends more than it takes in. This has to be financed either by inflation or debt. My observation is that we’re best off when we split the Executive and Legislative branches between the parties so that they limit each other (think Reagan and Clinton).

      It’s ironic that people cite Clinton’s tenure as wonderful (it was, fiscally) and yet I’m sure that these same people complained about gridlock at the time. The gridlock was what was keeping government spending in check. Long live gridlock.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        Bush inherited the Dot Com bubble from Clinton that lead to a recession in the first few months of his presidency. Reagan inherited the worst economy sense the depression from Carter that caused Carter to become a one term president.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Bruce D.,
          Let’s not forget that Clinton included the Social security surplus in his budget, thus making it look like there was a surplus when there wasn’t!!

          • Delores Smith

            JOE H.
            Thank you for the info about Clinton inheriting the Social Security Surplus! Now, I can try to figure out why there is a file box at the bottom of a white file cabinet in West Virginia, holding $1.4 trillion in IOU’s due from the Treasury to that Trustee Fund. (AP article 2010). West Virginia housed The Bureau of Public Debt during the Cold War. The AP article stated it was time to cash in the IOU’s.
            Delores Smith

      • uSNpops

        President Bush told congress in 2002, and subsequent years that they needed to get control of Fannie and Freddie, and restrict their lending practices and ridiculously low ARM interest rates. This was put in place many years before Bush came into office.

        Barney Franks in congress Laughed at the idea, saying “They were doing such a great job, they were untouchable” or words to that effect. Plus they were getting people into the American Dream of home ownership.

        Nobody, including the homeowners took into consideration that after 5 years their loans would almost double when the full interest rate kicked in. Which drove people into foreclosure, overloading the banks with toxic assets, that Fannie and Freddie had to pick up. So then we kick in Government Money to bail out Fannie and Freddie who forced the banks into accepting the people that couldnt afford the mortgages in the first place. It was a house of cards that had to fail.

        One of our kids had a mortgage that was interest free for 5 years, and when the 5 years were up, their mortgage payment nearly doubled. They were fortunate that in the 5 years, they both had advanced in their jobs and could afford it. But lo and behold half the houses in the same subdivision are now sitting empty, owned by banks and not being sold.

        So now we are still paying for these Toxic assets with government funds, and supporting Fannie and Freddie who are “Too Big to Fail”. Used to be no business that was poorly run was considered by the Government to be too big to fail, and then use tax dollars to bail them out.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Not to disparage your kids, but why in he!! did they accept a balloon type mortgage!?!?!? That interest free part is tempting, but remember if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!!!

      • Gordon DeSpain

        What’s really strange about the Republican takeover of Congress in 1994, is, they left the Democrats in Control of all the Committees, as if the Democrats had won.

        Bush seemed to continue this process, appointing Democrats to almost every Post in his administration, creating several new Agencies and Departments, and, this led to the Contressional debacle of 2006.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      Reagan’s total debt in 8 years: 1.4 trillion dollars. Obama makes Reagan look like a slacker in just 1 year 5 months Obama’s debt is 2.4 trillion dollars. Much of the debt under Reagan went for tax cuts. Much of the debt under Obama went to create and save government jobs. Also to repay political favors in the democratic party through the Stimulous Package. A lot of money went to China to create ‘green jobs’, such as wind turbins. Also if 50% of the people do not pay income tax, who do you think are the other 50% that are paying the income tax?

    • Michelle

      You have to look at the whole picture. Congress controls spending!

      • kate8

        But Congress no longer writes, or even reads, bills they pass. They simply do the bidding of those who own them.

    • Martin


      Several of your statements are either mistakes or knowing falsehoods. You simply don’t know or are willfully ignorant of history.
      Stating a pretend “fact” doesn’t make it true.

      The Great Society of LBJ created the greatest entitlement class that the US had ever seen. No longer were people expected to be reliant on themselves and their local community. Big Government was the answer to all societies ills, meant to replace common civilitude and self reliance. No longer was it shamefull for a man to have his hand out, seeking others do for him what he could and should do for himself. I know, I watched it happen.
      When Reagan took office the economy was in the tank. When he left the country was in full recovery by any measure. I know I lived through it.
      All nations mobilized for war run deficits, in both money and the blood of their children. When 911 happenned America went to war.
      The excuse that others have run deficites as justification for the shock and awe spending spree we are witnessing now is as unpersuasive as the childrens excuse “but Billy did it first”.
      Any parent could answer this excuse and they often do with “if Billy jumped off a cliff first would you do it too?” .
      Pointing fingers at supposed culprits for our misery and using it as an excuse for seizing industry after industry, justifying new regulation and taxation while pretending it is going to somehow benefit the poor downtrodden is an old tactic. The cost of this, as always, will end up passed on to those who politicians are pretending to help.
      Using divisive class and race hatred and envy to further an agenda isn’t new either. It’s always used by those here to save us from all manner of illusory hobgoblins. Unfortunately, in truth, the hobgoblins are usually nothing more than the people living nextdoor. A cop doing his job, an employee of a hated bank/oil company/insurance company/greedy health care provider/investment firm/those allowed to listen to too many objectionable points of view, etc. All a great danger to us ignorant, helpless, members of the poor huddled masses.
      And when this present darkness has come full circle we’ll all wonder what ever were we thinking. The monsters we should fear are those who would have us exchange our freedom for their “protection” and “social Justice”.
      I’ve had enough of hope and change, I’ve seen it all before.

    • Ms. Jones

      The stated goal of this administration is the “total transformation of the United States”. One does not wish a “total transformation” of a beloved object. In spite of a rubber-stamping Senate and House, Obama has failed to repeal any of the so-called Bush/Chaney failures that he blames for the economy, unemployment, the oil spill, etc. You mention loss of liberty? What about the trial balloon sent up the the FTC which would tax electronic devices in order to re-define journalism? One of the pages suggests a fine for “bad” journalism to subsidize “good” journalism! Who do you think gets to decide what is “good” and “bad”? Or, how about Obama setting up where his supporters could rat out anyone disseminating “misinformation” about Obamacare? Do you think Obama and Emmanuel, etal, invited dissenters to come to the White House and discuss the health care bill over a beer? Or do you think that list was immediately submitted to the IRS? We’ll never know, since the web page was considered a political entity and therefore not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Obama has seized control of the auto and health care industries, and is now gunning for the bankers.

      As for the IRS, I completely agree with the Gestapo analogy. What other branch of government can seize your assets, freeze your bank accounts, garnishee your wages, and throw you in jail, all without due process? And, under the guise of the health care bill, Obama wants to hire tens of thousands more IRS agents? God help us all!

      • Ms. Jones

        Oh, and it was CARTER who created the (federal) Department of Education, wresting control away from local government, to appease teacher unions. Regan tried to repeal it, but the Democratic-majority in both houses tied his hands.

        Rosie O’Donnell just said yesterday that Obama should “take over” BP. There are many on the left who would just love to see an Obama dictatorship.

    • DaveH

      It’s telling, Flashman, that you excuse Obama’s Debt growth of over $3 trillion in a little over a year by saying “Obama inherited [it] from Bush/Cheney”, but consider no such thing for Reagan who inherited massive economic problems from Jimmy Carter. If you want to have credibility, you need to treat them fairly regardless of their political party.
      As far as Clinton goes, read this article:

  • http://WindowsInternetExplorer Walter Brown

    If there is no “law” requiring U.S. citizens to pay federal income taxes, then how does the federal government get people to pay these taxes? Should citizens be pushing for a “flat tax or fair tax” as opposed to what we have now? The country will cease to exist if “WE THE PEOPLE” do not work ddiligently to change the present tax system and push congress to cut spending in a responsible way.

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      “If there is no “law” requiring U.S. citizens to pay federal income taxes, then how does the federal government get people to pay these taxes?”

      Fear and keeping people ignorant.

      • kate8

        Also has something to do with being a natural sovereign human vs being property of the State (possessing a SS#), jurisdiction and maritime law.

        Most people mess up on income tax issues because they inadvertently place themselves under State jurisdiction, usually by giving a wrong answer. One really has to know what they are doing to attempt this, because the government is expert at knowing how to trap you.

        As natural sovereigns we are protected by the Constitution, and are only bound by statutes by consenting to being under maritime jurisdiction.

        It’s all very convoluted.

        • Gordon DeSpain


          “Also has something to do with being a natural sovereign human vs being property of the State (possessing a SS#), jurisdiction and maritime law.”

          You’re absolutely right, and, the most insidious of these devices was inadvertantly created by the 14th Amendment. It ‘created’ a little ‘c’ “citizen of the United States,” a ‘virtual citizen’ of the 10 miles square District of Columbia. You also need to know the proper name of the United States, is: the “United States (in Congress Assembled).” And, a “citizen of the United States” is a ‘virtual person,, subject to the control of the Federal Government, with only such “privileges and immunities granted by the “United States.” Both “citizen,” “person,” and, all forms of “reside” are considered transient. This means that if you are living in the house you were born in, have never been more than 10 miles from home, and, you intend to die in that house, you are treated as ‘temporarily residing’ in the place of your birth.

          The way they trap you into this is a question that is on every Government Form, “Are you a citizen of the United States?” If you answer, “Yes,” you are now a citizen of the District of Columbia, and, protected from the Constitution.

          The Zip Code is another…it is not a Postal Code, it is an Internal Revenue Code that the Postal Department was ordered by Congress to require for the delivery of Mail.

          This is the one several instances where Maritime Law is your friend. On the advice of Justice Hugo Black, who said, “If the people do not declare their Rights, I cannot protect their Rights.” To regain your Uppercase “Citizen” title, you must write a “Declaration of Constitutional Rights.” Then, have it registered with the Attorney General of your State, designating you a “Local National” of that State. When you sign any type of Government document, just above your signature, write, “With reservation of all Constitutional Rights, UCC 1-207″ (Universal Commerce Code 1-207), this is the ‘short form’ of a Declaration of Rights (every thing, especially your name, must be written in upper and lower case letters, exactly as on your Birth Certificate).

          • kate8

            Thank you, Gordon DeSpain. How can I learn more? Do you know of a reliable source?

          • JC


    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      We need an exise tax that would eliminate the IRS from most of our lives. The excise tax would be to replace the income tax and in no way added to the income tax as the two together would just suck all the money out of the private sector. Something Obama is pushing for.

      • DaveH

        Getting rid of the onerous Income Tax System would definitely be a good thing, but first and foremost we need to do something about the out-of-control Government spending.

  • gary

    Of course Anthony is correct in what he says. The problem is that it is probably already too late. I think in a very short period of time, the USA will succumb to total socialistic control. Why? Because most people in the country want to be taken care of and do not believe what is coming. YEs there are a lot of angry citizens today that think they can change things by their vote, but it is all rigged against them. Citizens of the USA are so very gullible that they will believe nearly anything a politician tells them. A case in point is the recent primaries where democrats were reelected because they have been taking lessons about lieing from Obama. You tell those lemmings what they want to hear you say and you will get elected.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I will never give in to total socialism! I can’t even stand the thought!! God Bless a free America, May she ever be so!!!

      • JeffH

        Joe H, Amen to you brother.

      • kate8

        “Freedom’s just another word for…nothing left to lose……”

        • JeffH

          …ah kate8…

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Nope JJ!!!

          • JeffH

            Bobby Magee

        • angel-wanna-be


    • angel-wanna-be

      gary, in part you are right, a lot of people do want to be taken care of, especially the younger generation. They want to be taken care of UNTIL, they realize what little freedom they have left and that’s whats happening today!__More and more people have awakened, we all have! Our kids in their 20′s and 30′s and their friends, have crawled on the wagon with us two years ago. Between us we’ve bought 24 different books ranging from Original Intent to Sacred Fire. We must keep arming ourselves, our families and friends with info.
      BTW__The word is spreading__There is a business just down the road from us, who are known Democrats. They’ve erected a sign in their front yard, so large, you could see what it says from and airplane it says
      “NO AMERICAN SOCIALISM!”___I say Keep the Faith and God Bless Us All!

      • JeffH

        angel-wanna-be..people are getting educated y the day, let’s just hope enough wise up to the “NO SOCIALISM FOR AMERICA”.

        • angel-wanna-be

          At’s what I’m sayin’ JeffH, I pray the Good Lord will mount up and ride with us!

          • kate8

            I agree, angel-.

            Evil forces have all the world’s tools at their disposal: media, law-enforcement, education, medicine…all calculated to keep us fearful, stressed and hopeless. It’s all psy-ops.

            I recently heard someone talking about how it’s all to keep us unaware of how powerful we can actually be as spiritual beings. We are being placed on the defensive. Somehow, we need to reverse that.

          • JeffH

            kate8, very true. I never thought during my “dumb” years that we would be facing these challenges in our own nation’s capital. The fight for our very existance rests in our hands now…no one elses.

          • JeffH

            it’s up to us angel-wanna-be, if the good lords willin’ an’ the creeks don’t rise, to effect the changes for our countries return to a citizen government anf to never get caught “flat footed” again.

        • angel-wanna-be

          kate8, I think to a point we have to remain on the defensive Kate. But We CAN’T over step our bounds and get violent or crazy about it. I’ve been on this earth for almost 54 years. Two years ago, I felt a real need to learn about American History and politics today. When I started my information gathering, I was never more ill at ease, than I was, with this administration and still am. My Husband who is the eternal optomist, feels the same way.
          I’m surprised at nothing in life, Kate, I’ve seen waaaay too much good and bad, to be gulliable or foolish. For starters, I was suppose to have been an abortion and lived, it’s been and up hill battle ever since.
          Thank christ Bob L. has this site, It’s infomative, and fun speaking to people across the country. To share views and compare notes. take care

          • kate8

            angel-, being on the defensive is a weak place to be. I didn’t mean, by reversing that, to in any way imply violence. There are other ways to go on the offense and still be good, kind, loving people.

            Progressives is very much on the offensive, in every sense of the word. We could learn from some of their organizing tactics, in order to beat them at their own game. We just can never stoop to their hellish level.

            God bless.

          • angel-wanna-be

            Kate8, no, no I didn’t mean to give you impression I meant violence. In other words, I meant, we have to hold our course and stay vigilant, like never before.

          • kate8

            angel-, I’m with you. Absolutely.

    • Delores Smith

      I think that we can rearrange The House and The Senate in Novemeber. Gary, I think that Americans are more aware…and they care. How’s that for poetry?
      Delores Smith

  • valricoslash

    Great article. Two statements could have been taken directly from my mind. First, that politicians get their monetary support from the rich only to legislate for the poor. Youw owuld think that therich would be smart enough to know that the very people they are supporting are screwing them. It is easy for a rich person to say that people of wealth should pay even more taxes, becasue in the end they will still have million left. But, if you are a middle class worker, even one that makes a six figure income, once the IRS gets through picking your pocket you generally have about the same amount of spending money as a worker who makes consdierably less money or none at all. For example, I earn about $61K a year. After taxes,my 401K etc. dedcutions I actually bring home about $42K. My son-in-law, earns about $26K a year. He pays absolutely no taxes except for social security and medicare. He gets back from the government between $7k and $8K (freebies from Uncle Sugar) a year from taxes he does not pay because of such things as child care credits, low income credits, etc. That brings his income up to $34K a year. Only slightly less than my take home.

    This goes to the second statement about half of the people support the other half. How long can we sustaine this? It won’t be long, if we are not there already, that less than half of the people will be supporting the rest. Once that happens it is all over. just look at Greece and soon to be other benevolant European socialist countries. There is rioting in the streets because the the number of “Haves” has been reduced tothe point that they can no longer support the “Have Nots” who refuse to give up their freebies, or evene a protionof them. this same thing wilhappen in this country if we don’t start controlling the public employee unions. Soem of thes people are retireing at 90 percent of their highes salaries. Not bad for not having to go to work. that is why California, New York, and soon to be New Jersey are broke. Once they can no longer get these redicuouls retirement payouts, they will surely take to the streets. It is time that we took back our country and send the socialist do-gooders fo the nanny state packing. this must be done sooner rather than later.

  • jomama

    I want to respond to Chris:
    Do you remember the guy (I forget his name) from NH who didn’t file his taxes & when the Feds came to collect them, the guy wouldn’t let them in & locked himself inside his house with his wife for months?? Well, they ended up shutting off his water & electricity if I remember correctly – they had to bust in & take him down with shock grenades.
    It was awful.
    All because he said he had the right NOT to pay his income tax.
    I think he owed them for a few years.
    Anyway – good luck with that. Keep us posted

    • 45caliber

      The government will also set liens against any property you own. When you sell it, they keep the money for “back taxes”. Further, after a few years, they can come in and take it back even if you are living there. Personally, it isn’t practical to simply not pay. Besides, if you look closely, you can find ways to get around most of the tax anyway. Most of us simply don’t have the time or the taxes we have are too small to spend that time hunting the loop holes. That’s why the rich pay little and hire good tax preparers who know where the loop holes are.

  • FreedomFighter

    17th amendment does need to go.


  • angel-wanna-be

    Demonize those that work hard for success & prosperity, so they can pay for those that won’t. Your right Bob and others, fear and keeping the people stupid, is Governments only hope. And now allegedly trying to regulate the Internet. WHY?_to cut down on opposition, dissent, and to keep the American people from arming themselves with pertinent information. They say money is power, so is information and why Government wants to cut down on the info flow.! We need to saturate and wallow in information, all we can!___GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • 45caliber

      When Clinton was in office, he had the Privacy Improvement Act passed. What it does is require that all communication devices such as telephones, fax machines, and computers have a chip installed that records everything transmitted. Government computers can contact these items and copy that information. It is then searched for key words such as “bomb” and if such words occur the message is flagged for a human to see. The search words can be changed at any time. The SCOTUS ruled it was illegal prior to him getting it passed by Congress but since Congress passed the law as a form of the Commerce clause, it has been ignored ever since. Without private communication any attempt to rebel is useless. No one can organize without the government knowing.

      However the internet is HUGE. It would be difficult to scan every message sent. So if you want to insure that no one uses it, you much control it.

      Incidently did you know that over 60% of all spy satellites are pointed at the US – by the US? They take a photo of every place in the US every four seconds. These photos are of a quality to allow enough expansion to allow someone to read a newspaper laying on the ground. Since they can also measure heat, they can “see” people inside most houses. These photos are not allowed to be used for normal crimes due to a desire to not let the population know they are being spied upon by their own government. However they were used to identify McVey when he bombed the building in OK and have been used a few times for similar purposes.

      • angel-wanna-be

        45caliper, nothing surprises me about the Government. If they’re looking into our home letem!__I grow flowers, plant veggies, paint and take care of my grandkids, if that makes me a threat, so be it.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Now I feel like going out in my back yard and flippin’ the bird at the sky tomorrow!!!!

          • angel-wanna-be

            JoeH, how funny is that, I thought about doing the same thing!_ROFLMAO

  • JC

    A couple of quotations come to mind

    “Naturally the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
    ~ Hermann Goering

    “Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.”

    “We cannot but be astonished at the ease with which men resign themselves to ignorance about what is most important for them to know; and we may be certain that they are determined to remain invincibly ignorant if they once come to consider it as axiomatic that there are no absolute principles.”

    “Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Sometimes the law places the whole apparatus of judges, police, prisons and gendarmes at the service of the plunderers, and treats the victim – when he defends himself – as a criminal.”

    “Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve… But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn’t belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime. Then abolish that law without delay … No legal plunder; this is the principle of justice, peace, order, stability, harmony and logic.”

    Frederic Bastiat ~ The Law

    • kate8

      Great post, JC.

      • JC

        Thanks Kate,
        If you haven’t read “The Law” yet, you should.

  • emmie

    One only has to recall what happened after LBJ’s Great Society. More gimmies than one can imagine. What did the recipients do? They burned down the major cities across the land. Entitlements are never-ending, and those who receive them have an insatiable thirst for more; they are never satisfied. Livingston’s observations are sickeningly true, and if we, as a culture, do not (1) recognize the problem and (2) elect officials who can and will reverse the situation, we are doomed.

    • DaveH

      Right on, Emmie. All one has to do is know a teenager into adulthood. In their teens, the parents are “ruining their lives”, and that doesn’t change until they leave the house (willingly or not) and pay for their own lives. Then suddenly, they become decent human beings.

  • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

    Keep up the good work Bob. Great article as it keeps the focus of the debate where it should be. The Democrats will only win if the focus of the debate comes off big government spending and growth. It is also a wake up call to progressive Republicans if they want to keep their jobs.

    • JeffH

      Bruce D., right on.

  • jopa

    Great article; I have often wondered what to think of the Bush Cheney political scheme, and it turns out to be Nazism.

    • JeffH

      jopa…any relation to Van Der Sloot?

  • commonsense247

    Several individuals on, all admittedly Progressives, have first treaded lightly into the subject but with the election of Obama – Jim Wallis being one of his spiritual advisers – have been emboldened to clearly and bluntly claim that they are hoping and working towards a ‘benevolent king’ or ‘ruler’ to be leader of this nation, and quite likely the world. Totalitarianism, anti-liberty, anti-freedom, and the antithesis of the very principles upon which this nation was founded.

  • Jiim

    “Currently 50 percent of the American population supports the other 50 percent with their income taxes. The producers support the non-producers

    BS … 50% of people pay income taxes of which accounts for 40% of the budget … everyone pays the other 60% in the form of local taxes such as sales, gas and other levies. No one gets a free ride … we do not have 60% of our people sitting around waiting for handouts as non- producers. Even illegals pay taxes somewhere.

    • JC

      Income taxes?

    • George Halepis

      Oh, so everyone contributes and partakes of the goodies equally? You CANNOT be serious! If that’s the case, then why not allow everyone to keep what’s his and not allow anyone to take what’s not his? Which is, of course, the way it should be. If it’s morally wrong for me to steal from you, then it should be morally wrong for a third party [government] to steal [via taxation] from you to give to me, which is what the Founders intended and made this country great.

    • Ms. Jones

      “BS … 50% of people pay income taxes of which accounts for 40% of the budget … everyone pays the other 60% in the form of local taxes such as sales, gas and other levies. No one gets a free ride … we do not have 60% of our people sitting around waiting for handouts as non- producers. Even illegals pay taxes somewhere.”

      Jiim: City taxes support city budgets; sales taxes support state and local budgets or projects (like building sports arenas). They do NOT support the federal budget. When someone gets a federal income tax refund when he paid no federal income taxes, that is wealth redistribution and THEFT!

    • independant thinker

      It is true the illegals pay some taxes. What they pay is mostly if not totaly state and local taxes. The illegals do pay sales taxes when they make a purchase in a store. They do pay property taxes either directly on property they managed to buy or indirectly in their rent. However many if not all do not pay federal taxes because they work off the books for cash they also do not pay state income taxes.

      • 45caliber

        They also buy two sets of ID papers. They work on one and draw welfare under the other. Every six months they change. At the end of the year they file two income tax returns both showing six months on welfare. So they not only get all their income taxes back but also some of the other “free” money.

        Further they don’t always pay rent. My wife inherited a house. We had to take half price for it because twenty something illegals moved in without paying anything. I tried to get them evicted but was told that if I did they would come back and tear up the house since no one would be living there. In fact, the real estate salesman told me that they NEVER locked an empty house because they would break the door moving in.

    • valricoslash

      What rope have you been smokin’? If you truely wanted everyone to pay taxes regardless of income, then the only fair tax would be a consumption tax (sales tax) on everything you purchase. Rich people would still pay more in taxes because they buy more expensive items. And yes the non-working poor would pay a much higher perecentage of their income in taxes (which to you blathering liberals seems unfair), but then, they don’t earn their income anyway, unless you call sitting in line at the welfare office work.

      So get your head out of your ass Jimm. Just take a look at greece. It is comming here sooner than you think.

    • 45caliber

      The 50% who are supported by the rest of us includes all government workers as well as welfare people. After all, their money has to come from somewhere. Money offically represents the value of goods produced but government employees produce nothing that can be exchanged for money.

      Actually about 53% of the population of the US are either on welfare or work for the feds, states, local, or schools.

    • DaveH

      So Jiim, if that 50% pays 1% of the budget, that’s okay? How about if they pay for 5%, is that okay? Or maybe 10%? Where do we draw the line between somebody getting a free ride or paying their own way?

      On top of paying a greatly reduced share of the Government expenditures, they get an equal vote to those who pay the lion’s share. That’s just? Of course, if they have little skin in the game, what do they care if the money is wasted?

      If I designed a country every adult would owe the same taxes. Those that couldn’t pay would be the ones who spent time filling out the paperwork to justify not paying their fair share. And they wouldn’t be allowed to vote until they were paying their fair share.

  • lighterknot

    This dumb lemming might not be good for the cause; “united we stand” now march on into the sea and have some oil before you drown. I would think a united mass might be more manageable than a fractured one. The oligarchy seems to think the opposite –divide and conquer and so they have. Totalitarianism can be almost anything read The Iron Heel
    Or check it out here

    HFlashman; Thanks for your well written and thoughtful comment – you got it right.

    • JeffH

      …with your head lying comfortably on your “surealistic pillow”…it’s all been a dream…

  • BobbyB

    Please folks, take a look around you. Clinton greatly reduced the welfare state.
    The amount of $ we give to the poor pales in comparison to what we give to the rich. Bush, not Obama started the financial bailouts to the tune of 800 BILLION.
    That money went in the pockets of Blankfien and others of his ilk, not Leroy and Juan as they would like you to believe. Wake up and smell the [offensive term removed]!

    • George Halepis

      You mean that the statists [liberals] haven’t impoverished minorities by making them dependent? That’s how they buy votes! The point is that the corporate/welfare state is the very essence of fascism, which is exactly what we now have and have had for at least the last 75 years.

      • Ms. Jones

        Amen! Have you ever heard a successful man or woman say, “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for welfare (food stamps, Section 8 housing, etc.)?

        • 45caliber

          Star Parker in LA (now running for Congress) insists that welfare is the worst thing that every happened to the blacks. She was on it for sometime before she wised up.

          • DaveH

            It is. It is the perfect way to keep a people from progressing. When the time comes that the money runs out (and it will, just look at Greece) those people who don’t know how to take care of themselves will be in deep doo doo.

          • angel-wanna-be

            45caliper__ star parker has quite a life story, and your not going to pull anything over on her either, because she lived practically everything in life, both good and bad!

    • uSNpops

      Bush had no choice but to sign the Bailout. He was told when it hit his desk that if he vetoed it, congress would override his veto. And Pelosi and Reid made that very clear. I wish he has vetoed it, and let the congress take the heat, but he didn’t, and the rest is history.

      • DaveH

        Bush was spending like a drunken sailor. Admittedly, he pales in comparison to Obama, but I think he would have vetoed it if he really wanted to. Look at Reagan. He also had a hostile Congress (even his own party members) but he vetoed more bills than any other president in my lifetime (60 years). And 12% of them were overridden, but there was nothing he could do about that.

      • Delores Smith

        I wonder who told Bush that Pelosi and Reed would force a bailout vote, if Bush did not give Paulson the approval to request it. Well, Paulson, formerly CEO of Goldman Sachs whose staff went to Timothy Geithner, went to the Committee very nervously stating that “the sky was falling.” I believe that Paulson convinced Bush to approve the bailout, with a script by Geithner,
        Bernanke and a bit of Paulson. Bush can be blamed for approving the bailout…with deceit. What happened to the toxic assets? Delores Smith

  • Conservative at Birth

    Sadly, many Americans have chosedn ingnorance over knowledge. Those of us who have not must make every attempt to educate our fellow citizens to the perils of apathy. I see no alternative, or we will end up with armed insurrection, if we still have our weapons.

  • Dagney

    “The means to war is paper money. Propaganda and fiat (paper money) is the cause and makes it all possible. Does anyone think that war in any age could be carried out with a gold monetary system? Governments would find it impossible to get enough gold to carry on the high cost of war.”

    “The German fiat army was defeated by the American and British fiat army only with greater numbers of fiat soldiers and fiat war material.”

    I have a question regarding the above quotes from the original article. I’m starting to understand how printing money is a hidden tax to us all because it devalues the dollars we do have. However, if we were to go on a gold standard and all our enemies stayed with their “fiat” money, wouldn’t we be more easily defeated in a war? I mean, the first quote above makes no sense to me because war is brought on by human nature, not by the type of money we have. And, we cannot force other countries to stop printing money. So, how would our going to a gold standard stop wars?

    We cannot change human nature. This is what drives me crazy about liberals. All their utopian dreams do not account for human nature and what will help people become better than their inclinations. Am I making sense?

    If you continue to hand out money to people, they will continue to take it and think they deserve it all the while hating the people who give it to them and not knowing why they are so unhappy. If you help and encourage people to support themselves, they become happier, excited about their work, learn to produce more, achieve pride in themselves, etc. This is all basic common sense and human nature. It drives me crazy that liberals do not get it. They call themselves the smartest people in the room! Clearly they are not.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Dagney,
      You are assuming wars have been fought for the reasons expressed in the main stream media and in history books. Nothing could be further from the truth. Wars are fought to benefit the military-industrial complex, corporatists and the state at the expense of the people (especially the soldiers who are used as cannon fodder). Countries followed the US off the gold standard, and since all currencies are tied to the US dollar if we went onto a gold standard they would have to eventually follow suit.
      Best wishes,

      • 45caliber

        All currencies WERE tied to the US dollar. They are now tied to the Euro but that is now looking bad. They may go back to the dollar.

        All wars are started due to greed. That may be by the ones who get rich off the sale of arms but it is usually because politicians are trying to use their “power” to hide something else.

        For instance, FDR and friends got us into WWII because too many people were worried about the economy. Think not? Did you not know that the military knew 2 WEEKS before Pearl Harbot that it was going to be attacked because we were supporting the Chinese? They decided to not tell Pearl because they wanted to shock the citizens of the US into agreeing to war. In fact they sent a message to the Admiral at Pearl the evening before. “Expect a surprise in the morning.” He thought it meant that some navy planes were going to stage a mock attack and had all ammo locked up.

        Check all the past wars including WWII. As far as I can tell ALL wars except those since 9-11 were started by Democrats who were hoping to use the war to get attention from what they were doing. Clinton tried several times to keep media attention off his mistresses. 9-11 was an exception since it was due to an attack on us. Desert Storm may or may not have been an exception but probably wasn’t even though it started under a GOP.

    • George Halepis

      What made this country the greatest, most powerful in history is unparalleled production. What made this possible is freedom which we still had while we were on the gold standard. Fiat allows governments to finance illegitimate programs like aggressive wars via inflation which is an indirect form of taxation. War is the health of the state, which allows it to increase its power while the people lose theirs. The Founders believed in peaceful commerce with all nations and entangling alliances with none.

      • 45caliber

        Because we allowed our citizens the freedom to make decisions, production was higher and many new inventions came about that helped further. In addition, our soldiers were allowed battlefield improvision. Instead of spelling out exactly what they were supposed to do, they were given goals. (“Take that hill!”) The other armies had officers spelling out how to do it. (“You must charge directly up this flank until you overrun the top of that hill.”) However, since Congress began to try to micromanage everything our own military is poorer than it used to be despite officers still trying to allow the soldiers some leaway.

      • DaveH

        Very well put, George.

    • JC

      For some perspective you probably haven’t seen, find and read
      “A Century of War” by John V. Denson.
      That will open your eyes.

  • raven


    It is sad to see someone who does not know what to think, when the facts about government plundering and evil men are so easy to see. You will reap what you sow, collectively we all stand to reap a good deal of pain because the consequences of stupidity usually eliminates the stupidity.

  • FRED

    What is happening in the USA today has been happening in Europe for 100′s of year. Before the royalty took what it needed when it needed, then the socialists – comunist with the help of unions took over the taking, now every government in the world thinks they have the right to milk the land dry.

    I heard my Mexican Friend say:” If you have a party using DEMOCRATIC in their name you are dealing with a bunch of liers but when they call them self “DEMOCRATS – SOCIALISTIC” you have a party of liers and thiefs.

    I left Europe in the fifthies because of what was happening – the destruction of the initiative of the individual.

    In my opinion the destruction of the USA started with “Political Correctness”, used as a weapon the average man is defenseless.

  • Carlos

    Great article I forwarded to my kids and friends. This is no news to me is been going on for quite a long time. Our current government purposely, by design, wants more people to depend on them. Also by design they will drain the wealth of the country. Once they accomplish this, they will take over and become a totalitarian government. Obama is not the first president working towards that goal, its been going on for quite a wile, remember those that advocate for “One World Order”. Too many Americans are naïve to think it would’nt happen here, but the fact is that is happening under the name of “democracy”. The only positive I see about Obama is that he is waking up many people to participate in their government. Hopefully they will have enough sense to change the ties. I did not vote for him but the opossiton was’nt any better either. For too many years both parties have been failing this great country. God Bless America.

  • Vonbeck265

    Well economic factors definately play a part in how wars start. There are many other factors involved, obviously, and we take advantage of these to boost the economic factor. The Treaty of Versaille emasculated Germany and they used the “Depression” and The Treaty and improved thier ecomomy by buidling up thier armed forces, which ramps up industrial production, trade, imports/exports, manufacturing,r and D,farming, mining,etc… If you look at whats going on it’s really history repeating itself, accept it’s more complex and more dangerous than ever. The socialist who are in control of our country now are the closest thing to the National Socialiists in Europe that we have seen since. They are trying to engineer a broken capitalist system and replace it with the “New World Order”, “World Governanace” version. Unfortyunately for them they pushed too far too fast and the people have awoken. I only hope we get them out and get back on track before WWWIII starts.

  • Harry

    Voting is a right and that is the problem. If voting were a privilege it would have more merit and correct many wrongs in our country. To vote one must pay taxes and support the government. To vote one must not receive welfare and be a draq on the working citizens. John Kennedy had it right. Ask not what your country can do for you.

    • Gordon DeSpain

      In point of fact, Harry, voting is a privilege, because in the Constitution, and, the correspondence of the founding Fathers, the word vote was never mentioned or used. It only says the states and People may “chuse” their representatives in such manner as they see fit, and, it’s not unheard of that this was settled with a good, rousing brawl. Gets the blood circulating, and, sharpens ones thinking, at least when you wake up.

  • 777dove

    Our system was not ever broken. The elitists have provoked the failure to their advantage. I say wake up, realize this train is chuggin down the tracks and we are probably too late to stop it. Ten years ago anyone talking about the NWO was considered a crazy conspiracy theorist. Not so now. I am hoping to finally get off the grid and work toward being self sufficient utilizing th coming blackmarket economic system. All who desire to actually work for fiat money will be required to receive the mark of the beast. It is a provision to identify all legal workers and non legals. Most everyone will be 100% for it. Not me! Give me liberty or give me death!!!!

  • bargal

    ‘those of you that back this present governing are the lemmings that will eventually be sent over the edge and then your dreams will all come true. However God, Our God will not be there but you can ask Allah for help

  • Al B Tross

    The workers control the means of production, mere ownership produces nothing.
    You want to bolster the middle class, raise taxes on the top 5% to 65%(like what we had in the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s the “good ol’days you all long sooooo much for) and we will have the middle class back.

    And stop supporting policies that are not in you best interest, such as tax breaks for the rich and Corporate.

    • JC

      And how does this provide incentive for people to start new enterprises?

      • angel-wanna-be

        JC, there is no incentives. The only ones who can overide it and start new business, are the folks who have money enough to live on apart, from disposible income.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        That is the big progressive flaw that they will never understand as you already know of course. There is no incentive. That is why government ends up owning everything because there is no incentive to take a risk. Society begins to stagnate when incentives are removed from the equation.

        • JC

          Exactly right.

    • George Halepis

      Karl Marx advocated worker’s control of the means of production [the "dictatorship of the proletariat"]. What he failed to take into account is the function of entrepreneurial ability, without which there is no production! In other words, no “bosses” no work!

    • uSNpops

      Reading the Mainstream media hype, you would think that the present Stock Market problems are caused by problems with the Euro, Greece etc.
      With a bit of research however, you find that Companies are preparing for the worst. Many large companies are not hiring, and laying off due to the upcoming tax increases going into effect next year to cover Obamacare. The Taxing kicks in in 2011, but benefits, if any do not start till 2013. That is only part of it.

      The Administration in place is scaring the entire economic community with their threats, and new regulations on how they can do business. So many in the financial world are pulling back and not re-investing in America, but either sitting on their money, or investing in Japan or China.

      The present administration is creating a business climate in this country that says if you are successful, you are bad, and must be criticised and controlled by the government.

      I will grant that in the Free Market society, there will be abuses by some individuals. And the government needs to seek these individuals out and Chastise them. Bernie Maddoff comes to mind. But these are the minority, the Majority do good business and advance the country. But now they government is afte everybody, good and bad, so all are holding back to see what will happen.

      When the president of the US makes a public statement that he is always looking at situations so he can know “whose ass to kick” we are in trouble. And when the congeress is thinking of taking control of the Oil companies like they took control of GM, we are looking at big trouble.

    • DaveH

      Without that “mere ownership” the workers would have nothing to work with. How many of your Liberal buddies are investing in Capital Equipment to make production more efficient? Most I have known spend their money as fast as they get it. If not for the long-term thinkers and investors (usually the “rich”), the existing goods would eventually be consumed and we would be in no better position than Cuba or North Korea. You’d best hope and dream that you don’t get what you wish for.

      • DaveH

        I apologize, Al B, for not giving a better answer.
        Perhaps those workers who are responsible for the production could get together and start their own companies. Right? Don’t tell me you can’t do it, Al. After all, you Liberals are the intelligent class, remember?


    George the III, the king of England liked to consider himself a benevolent man in charge but he allowed his parliment to run roughshod over the colonist in America. Ben Franklin who considered himself a man of the crown was called to the peanut gallery in front of a inquisition since he was the colonial representative of the day in Britain and was chastised for the rebellious attitude of the colonies and their disrespect for the benevolent crown. It was enough for this colonist to become a American and become defiant of the parliment, they had pushed him to far at last.

    We are again experiencing a government of those who even though they are of us, have the idea that they know more because they are employed by us gives them the right to know what is “best” for us. They could not be more wrong about a subjective topic and they need to be reminded in a strong way, their representation is a trust we the people expect them to perform on our behalf and for that we will compensate them. This abuse of power and the wrongminded thinking is becoming intolerant, we now need to refine the office holders boundries and ask for public accountability since trust has been violated and cover-up is more in vogue.

    I ask for the public to put in place term limits, moritoriums for the electeds and appointed between the holdings of public office, I ask for public audits of all earnings and holdings of those holding or in any public office. This is to contain the cost of government salaries and allow the public to have a voice in this cost. We are in dire need to put order, ethic and trust back into the system of a government Of, by and for the people. This is what what I would ask all to consider to protect the Republic and our citizens from the intrusiveness of government.

  • Robert Pgh Pa

    if you want to understand what is really said in this article get the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. read and see what is now and what is almost here now. we are almost dead meat. our founding fathers gave us a constitution to protect us and the politicians have constantly said that that would never do anything contrary to the constitution, but thats just what is happening. the violate most of the constitution and it will not be very long untill we have a dictatorship. the beginning of the end of the constitution began with the begenning of the civil war. you will understand that with just a little reading. the truth will set you free in mind and spirit. then you will want to revolt. it has been a long time comming the waking of the people.

    • George Halepis

      You mean that “Honest” Abe Lincoln and the War of Northern Aggression wasn’t the greatest thing that ever happened to this country? Didn’t you go to public school?

      • 45caliber

        But remember the old saying, still true today: “The winners write the history books.”

    • uSNpops

      Not really sure what the Civil War has to do with the present governing body in Washington bypassing the constitution they swore to uphold when we hired them.

      Lets go back even farther, and see where the constitution allows us to send armies west and take the land originally owned by the American Indian.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        Let’s go back to your birth or your parents birth and figure out who made the mistake of letting you in this country. Maybe you can donate your house to the Indians and make your part of it right anyway.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        You must also agree with Helen Thomas that all Jews should leave Palistine. Maybe all Spanish decent should leave Mexico and go back to Spain. How about clearing out all of South America too because there were Indians there. Why don’t we require everyone to have a genalogy done so that we can sort it all out and make sure everyone goes back to where their ancesters lived 200 years ago.

        • DaveH

          And the Native Americans should leave and give it back to the animals that owned it before they migrated here from what is now Asia.

          • JeffH

            uh uh! That’s different…lol!

          • Al Sieber

            Kennwick Man, had it before the indian’s.

      • 45caliber

        Prior to the Civil War the federal government was required to follow the 10th Amendment (States Rights). But many in the North didn’t like it. The Southern states were larger and had more population so they were starting to pick up more control of the House. The North wanted a solid Federal government that made the laws that states had to follow. Lincoln was one of them.

        Prior to the Civil War, coal and iron ore was found near Mobile, AL. The people in the area began building a plant to make iron. This threatened the hold the North had on the South due to manufactured goods. Congress had put price controls on all agricultural products, including cotton, and had stated that all agricultural products had to be sold to merchants in the North. The South could NOT sell cotton and tobacco, their only cash crops, to anyone else such as Europe. The merchants in the North bought at low prices set by Congress and sold at any amount they could get to Europe. With the discovery of the coal and iron ore, the North, through their control of the Senate, passed a law that forbid industrialization of the South. The most they could do was haul the ore to the North for use there – at low prices set by Congress.

        The South stated that the North had no authority to dictate to them due to the 10th Amendment and left the Union. The North declared war to force the “rebel” states back into line. It would have been impossible for the Northern politicians to convince the young men of the North to fight to make the Northern merchants richer so they used the argument of freeing the slaves (in the South only, by the way.) Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was worded that way and designed in hope of causing the slaves in the South to rebel. Incidently there were less than 1200 slave holders in the South. Somewhere around 250,000 to 300,000 Southern men were killed in battle. Does anyone honestly believe that they cared a bit about making those 1200 slave owners richer by keeping their slaves?

        Several years after the war was over, the Northern troops who had fought for freedom for the slaves learned that slavery in the North, at least in the disguise of “indentured servants”, was still legal. They justly raised Cain and finally got all slaves freed. The freed indentures servants immediately headed West, partly to seek new opportunities and partly to get a lot of space between them and their former masters.

        But the North, due to their control of Congress during the Civil War and to winning the war and maintaining control, were able to bring about the belief that the federal government now ran everything. They “Federalized” the government system, which had not been intended under the Constitution. Later they set up a national bank, also something not intended or allowed under the Constitution because it established whoever controlled the bank as the power in the nation.

        Does that give a good short answer to why things changed after the Civil War?

        • DaveH

          Very Good, 45.

      • 45caliber

        As far as the American Indians were concerned, NONE owned land. That is a white-man’s idea. Some Indians did own land after they learned that from the whites. In most of the West they were nomadic, moving every few weeks to a new area. They didn’t even consider “owning” the land. (I think one of the major reasons the Indians moved a lot was the smell. A camp can get smelly quickly due to sanitation problems.) The Indians weren’t upset at the white man “owning” the land they built houses upon; they were upset because the new owners tended to kill all their game and insist the Indian tribes went around their lands. The whites also got testy when the Indians killed their cattle and stole their horses. The Indian culture was based on all others outside the tribe being enemies. Thievery and murder were considered virtues. That started the real problems between Indians and white men. While the immigrants to this country are considered only those in the last three hundred years or so, the Indians all the way to the tip of South American also immigrated here from Mongolia.

        And before you get too excited, I’m quarter Indian.

        • angel-wanna-be

          45caliper, I as well, Native American, Lenape. Great Grandfathers we’re Shaman.

  • the goat

    we NEEED to do away with the nafta, that is realy when we started to take it in the butt

  • Airangel

    A few reasons we need to dump the IRS and current taxation system…all this spending and they won’t secure our borders or create jobs or clean up the oil spill…something definitely stinks. They are enforcing “stealing our money” with taxes taken out of our paychecks…how do we turn the tables on them to get this under control?

    •Anti-poverty spending has surged 89 percent faster than inflation since 2000. Nearly half of this increase occurred in the past two years. President Bush became the first President to spend 3 percent of GDP on anti-poverty programs, and President Obama has already pushed it above 4 percent of GDP. State and local governments spend an additional 2 percent of GDP on these programs.

    •Since 2000, Medicaid and Food Stamp rolls have expanded by nearly 20 million. Average benefit levels have grown faster than the inflation rate.

    •Program success should be measured by reduced government dependency, not increased spending.

    •Between 2008 and 2020, the cost of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and net interest is projected to rise from 10.2 percent of GDP to 15.6 percent of GDP—making them responsible for nearly the entire rising budget deficit.

    •Earmarks distribute government grants by political favoritism rather than merit. Rather than allow agencies to distribute grants based on merit, or let state and local governments decide how to distribute federal grant dollars within their own communities, lawmakers earmark government grants to recipients of their choosing.

    •Consequently, the distribution of government grants now typically depends on politics, campaign contributions, and the committee assignments of local lawmakers.

    •President Obama pledged to reduce earmark spending down to the 1994 level of $7.8 billion (in nominal dollars). Instead, he signed $16.5 billion of appropriations earmarks into law last year.

    •Government auditors spent the past five years examining all federal programs and found that 22 percent of them—costing taxpayers a total of $123 billion annually—fail to show any positive impact on the populations they serve.

    •House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her staff have charged taxpayers $101,000 for “in-flight services”—including food and liquor—during trips on Air Force jets over the last two years. Charges reportedly include “Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey’s Irish Crème, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewars scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey, and Corona beer.”

    •Fannie Mae—now backed up by taxpayers—paid $6.3 million in legal defense costs for ousted executives such as Franklin Raines. An additional $16.8 million was spent defending Fannie Mae’s regulators in litigation against the former executives.

    •The Census Bureau spent $2.5 million on Super Bowl ads, and on-air mentions by sportscasters

    •Washington spent $126 million in 2009 on projects associated with the Kennedy family legacy in Massachusetts. Additionally, Senator John Kerry (D–MA) diverted $20 million from the 2010 defense budget to subsidize a new Edward M. Kennedy Institute

    •Members of Congress have spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars supplying their offices with popcorn machines, plasma televisions, DVD equipment, ionic air fresheners, camcorders, and signature machines—plus $24,730 leasing a Lexus, $1,434 on a digital camera, and $84,000 on personalized calendars.

    •More than $13 billion in Iraq aid has been classified as wasted or stolen. Another $7.8 billion cannot be accounted for.

    •Congress recently spent $2.4 billion on 10 new jets that the Pentagon insists it does not need and will not use. (not sure this one got approved)

    •Lawmakers diverted $13 million from Hurricane Katrina relief spending to build a museum celebrating the Army Corps of Engineers—the agency partially responsible for the failed levees that flooded New Orleans

    and the list goes on and it all adds up to billions!!!

    • uSNpops

      Actually if you didn’t know it, the levees in New Orleans are not the total responsibility of the Corps Of Engineers. Many of them are privately owned by the descendents of the original landowners that constructed them early in the history of New orleans.

      At least that is what was in a piece I saw on TV. But who can trust anything on TV anymore.

      • 45caliber

        The Corps of Engineers are responsible for all levies on lakes and streams. On the other hand they can pay others to take care of them. They paid the city of NO ten million a year which was sent to the mayor. The money was to be used to examine the levies and make sure they were safe. The mayor hired a minority firm every year and had them study to see if the bridge on the road out of town was in good shape in case of an emergency evacuation. They donated heavily to his reelection campaign each term.

  • marvin

    he who forgets the past is destined to repeat it, bush has been out of office for 18 mt but the liberal still blame him, congress has been under control of the liberal dumcrats from 2006 and have spent more money taken more rights, given away more money with their failed policys with no end in sight tell nov,we have had a lot of dirtbags in office like carter,clinton,obama, that like all liberals thank goverment is end all be all,obama and the liberals have spent more in the last 18mt the the last two presidents and congress has snubed are friends give add to are enemys people if we do not get are house in order it katy barred the door, if obama, reid, polosie,boxer, rangel,franks,shumer,kerry,bluburg and all their left wing liberal friends are not put out of office by vote or impeachment,our goverment will get bigger and stronger,a liberal would rather tell a lie 40 differant ways then tell the truth one time even if the truth would do them more good so less look at the past and think of the future with most of american saying we are going the wrong way so vote your head and wallet not skin tone or broken promise,s of handouts we don,t want or need and amnesty for illegals we can not afford that has not worked and will not work,so i say let the past guided you if were yesterday,or it could be 100 day or 1000 days

    • 45caliber

      Politicians have always said, “Look to the future!”

      To me that means that they are doing the same bad things that already failed in the past and they don’t want you to realize it.

  • Durham

    What pretense of democracy? We used to have a republic and now have degenerated into a real democracy. Remember that democracies give individuals the right to vote and no others. Once the best organized mob has won in a de-mob-ocracy, everyone has to march in lockstep with it.

    Our best organized mob mandates slavery. Forcing A to pay B’s bills forces A into slavery to B. To retain power, it also mandates socialist (government owned) schools.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. I’ve been saying the same thing for years.

  • Jess Smith

    The simple fact that everyone ignores is: Selfishness is the root of all evil because no crime, sin, or other wrong can be committed except by and through selfish acts committed by the criminal, sinner, or wrongdoer. So, when considering whether or not a person’s actions or intentions are good or evil, wiegh everything on the scale of selfishness. Selfishness in the law is labled as INTENT to commit an act, and morality is, indeed, legislated in penal and criminal codes.

    Also, Jesus in the Temple identified the radical right of his day as liars, hypocrites, and evil children of the Devil. Who, then, are the selfish and radical right of today?

    • 45caliber

      You have taken their line, hook and sinker, haven’t you?

      Go back and read your Bible. What you are calling the radical right of Jesus’ day were simply translating the laws for their own benefit. That far more covers the liberal left of today. Just check out Kagan, for instance. Even Oblama agrees that the law must be intrpretted with “emotion” rather than hard facts.

    • JC

      That’s about as twisted as it gets.

    • Allan

      The selfish radical right would be the left, the socialists and communists who want to regulate your life.

  • 45caliber

    Indentured Servants:

    If you check, indentured servants were very common, particularly in the North prior to the Civil War. Offically, an indentured servant was someone who couldn’t afford travel costs to the US from England. The ship owner would “sell” the costs to some person here. The “servant” would then work seven years to pay back those costs.

    In actuality, many indentured servants were never freed. The “owner” would go to the judge at the end of 7 years and supply the judge with the costs the indentured servant had accumulated during the seven years – such as food, clothing, and shelter. Even medical care. The judge would then extend the servanthood until those costs were also paid off. Since there were no price controls, the owner could (and some did) price these goods at many times the actual value. (The pimps who run illegal brothels with enslaved women do the same thing today.)

    Someone said something that made me realize that we – as taxpayers – are in the same fix. But our “owner” is the Federal Govenrment. The debts we have to pay them back are those they are running up now in our name. And like originally, the judges are on their side.

  • Publius Huldah

    Folks, I see that some of you have been today to my website. I hope you will read my short papers where I explain the original intent of the Constitution using quotes from the Federalist Papers.

    It is horrifying to see such misinformation being spread on this site. The things which many of you are saying are simply not true! I see personal and nasty attacks, but no documentation.

    Too many of our People are so poorly educated that they do not know the difference between “facts” and “opinions”; and they do not know the difference between a “primary source” and a “secondary source”.

    Why not cool off, and read Hamilton’s actual words from his own mouth? Here is some typical Hamilton:

    He wrote in Federalist No. 33 (5th para):

    “…If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people, whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard [The Constitution] they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify….”

    In Federalist No. 83 (7th para), Hamilton said:

    “…The plan of the [constitutional] convention declares that the power of Congress…shall extend to certain enumerated cases. This specification of particulars evidently excludes all pretension to a general legislative authority, because an affirmative grant of special powers would be absurd, as well as useless, if a general authority was intended…”

    In Federalist No. 33 (next to last para), Hamilton says:

    “…But it will not follow…that acts of…[the federal government] which are NOT PURSUANT to its constitutional powers, but which are invasions of the residuary authorities of the..[the States], will become the supreme law of the land. These will be merely acts of usurpation, and will deserve to be treated as such…[Art. VI, cl. 2] EXPRESSLY confines this supremacy to laws made PURSUANT TO THE CONSTITUTION …”[emphasis in original]

    In the next paragraph, Hamilton points out that a law made by Congress which is not authorized by the Constitution,

    “…would not be the supreme law of the land, but a usurpation of power not granted by the Constitution…”.

    In Federalist No. 81 (9th para), Hamilton said that federal judges may be impeached for usurpations. In Federalist No. 66 (2nd para) Hamilton said the president may be impeached for encroachments.

    Hamilton writes like this all the time in The Federalist Papers!
    The Federalist is on-line – check it out for yourself!

    And the person above who commented on the so-called “general welfare” clause got it all wrong! The Federalist Papers show the “original intent” of that clause, and I quote them here:

    Folks! Learn first! Speak second.

    Was Hamilton a perfect man? No! Was Jefferson? No! Are any of you?

    Was Hamilton always consistent? No! Was Jefferson? No! Are any of you?

    The Federalist Papers are “a primary source”. All biographies are “secondary sources”. Whenever one reads a secondary source, one has the problem of separating verifiable FACTS from the author’s BIAS. I fear some of you have not done so well in making this crucial distinction!

    • 45caliber

      Sometime ago I had a friend in the Patriots. They are a group who research old laws and then try to hold government noses to the grindstone over them. They are also one of the groups the politicians dislike the most for that very reason.

      They found that about 1785 or so some of the judges were using their power to take advantage of the poor as other judges did in England by seizing property, etc. (You say, NO! Really? No judge would do that!)

      A law was passed to allow citizens to stop this. If you felt that a judge had set aside your rights under the Constitution, you were to write a letter to the judge telling why you think your rights were bypassed. You then take it and a copy to the County Clerk. The clerk would notarize the letters and send the original on to the judge. The judge then either had 30 days to restore your rights or reply as to how he did not bypass your rights.

      If you did not hear back from him, via the county clerk, in 30 days you went back to the clerk to pick up your copy there and a note from the clerk stating that the judge had not responded. You then took that to the sheriff. The sheriff was to IMMEDIATELY collect $100,000 from the judge. The law even spelled out the order that the sheriff would take the money/property until he had collected this sum. That was then given to you. The ONLY thing exempt was the judge’s wedding ring.

      Note that there was no other judge or court involved. This was meant to eliminate the possibility of a judge ruling for a friend instead of you.

      The Patriots found that the law had never been recinded. They used it in a trial. Unfortunately I don’t know what the final outcome was but I suspect Congress repealed it as soon as they heard about it!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Publius Huldah,
      You are correct in part–that part being your recitation of what Hamilton wrote in the Federalist Papers. However, you are not revealing the entire picture by concentrating simply on the Federalist Papers because he did not cease to exist after the ratification of the Constitution. We also have Hamilton’s actions as Treasury Secretary and things he wrote after the ratification.

      “The power to raise money is plenary and indefinite … The terms general Welfare were doubtless intended to signify more than was expressed.”–Hamilton, Report on Manufactures

      “There are implied as well as express powers [in the Constitution], and that the former are as effectually delegated as the latter. Implied powers are to be considered as delegated equally [to the federal government] with express ones.” Hamilton, Opinion on the Constitutionality of the Bank of the US

      I have no bias, as you imply, unless it is a bias toward the unvarnished truth. You may recall that President Clinton wagged his finger and said he had not had sex with that woman, Miss Lewinski. If the story stops there then the story is incomplete. We, of course, now know that he did indeed have sex with that woman and it doesn’t depend upon what the meaning of is is.

      Hamilton was a progressive, plain and simple. He believed in a strong Central government, a central bank, public debt, taxation, an army of tax collectors and corporate welfare. That’s why he and Jefferson so hated one another. They were matter and anti-matter.
      Best wishes,

      • JC

        True that!

  • jopa

    Raven; So true stupidity will eliminate stupiidty.Bush & Cheney gone but not forgotten and now we must deal with the pain.Thank God for our current President.Slowly but surely we are climbing out from the mess of the former administration.

    • 45caliber

      I must disagree with you. We aren’t climbing out of anything under the present administration. We are simply digging the hole deeper at a faster rate.

    • JC

      How blind can you be? We are quickly going under…our economy, our rights our freedom…gone with the call of the minaret coming from the White House.

      Take out the trash in November. (and ship it back to Kenya)

  • http://mog7@cox.net06042CT Muriel P. Goyette

    America is in bad trouble. The president of what is said to be the most corrupt country in the world came to USA dictating demands for his illegal invaders and got a standing ovation from the president of the INVADED COUNTRY (USA)and his now corrupt democratic party.It is what happens when you elect FLAG BURNERS. FLAG BURNERS are disloyal to their own country. In every single instance, this former flag burner, now president, has stood on the side OPPOSITE to the citizens of his own country. You kids aint seen nuthin yet. Who said don’t let a good crisis go to waste? This, dear hearts, is a crisis. They want to make sure you are DISARMED first. The Supreme Court, the entire Senate and Congress has remained SILENT in the defense of America. And he stands as president snickering to you all, smug that he and his communist administration can commit any crime. All he has to say is the magic word of RACIST and the unintelligent bullied public cower and cringe.
    If 99% of those committing terrorism is a certain sect, I say have the guts to confront this truth and PROFILE THE ENEMY or you will be destroyed by your sheer stupidity. Enemy countries arm their citizens
    give them maps of America and directions how to squeeze the blood right out of us, chuckling wildly that supporting their illegals costs America FIVE TIMES THE COST OF BOTH WARS, and rob us of our language and our culture. They don’t wish to assimilate, as was REQUIRED in sensible times, they want to MOOCH AND DESTROY AND DEMAND ALL KINDS OF BENEFITS WHEN AMERICA, thanks to the preident who doesn’t have agood word for it, is in debt to the tune of $12 TRILLIAN. American soldiers are sucker punched in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Fight a real war or bring our boys home. They are needed to protect OUR OWN BORDERS. After all, HOMELAND SECURITY (check out their “American credentials-IF they exist)has already declared they WILL NOT DEFEND THE BORDER, ESP OF ARIZONA. And since that is just another crime, the president, of course, APPROVES. IMPEACH THAT MAN so that all the damage he has done can be NULL AND VOID.

  • http://windowslive C. Baum

    Bravo;;; Anthony… Finally some enlightened words. It’s about time some truths were told about some of our founding fathers and Lincoln etc. Most people think that the civil war was fought primarily for the end of slavery and they never look into history or they’d realize there was a lot more to the story. Especially where Jefferson Davis was concerned. The Federal government and its abuse of power and states rights were at the top of the souths’ wanting to succeed from the union.. Lincoln wasn’t having any of that. To my idea that was the war that disgraced our country. I never saw lincoln as a hero and the part about his wanting to end slavery being his reasoning for most of it was a bunch of hooey.. When he took away the right to succeed he changed the democratic principals that made our nation great. And about Hamilton? Well our constitution does have its flaws , but at present while we have B.O. in office I’m thinking it wouldn’t be wise to contribute to his abilities to rip apart the constitution . Him and his cohorts already desire to change the term of office for the president . It’s a touchy situation; indeed. As for the Federal Reserve? Stringing those chairmen up would be a fine idea… Eh? And as for God helping us; well there is that saying: God helps them who help themselves… Perhaps the good Lord is waiting to see just how far we’ll allow this charade to go… Hmmm?

  • LeAnne

    It’s time to expatriate from the corporate U.S. and repatriate back into our true countries, such as Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Maine, Florida, Colorado, etc.

    The reason our countries/states are not able to go forward with the State Sovereignty movement is that our countries/states have no access to the 10th Amendment. Why? Because the people living in these countries/states are dual citizens and are considered/presumed U.S. Citizens/Nationals and not an Arizona National or a Colorado National, etc. We collectively give the country/state its sovereignty by having repatriated back into it in order to allow the illegitimate government die a natural death by our non participation. The usual definition of “crazy” is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Click on my name and go down a rabbit hole most of you have never been down to see how we are able to thwart the NWO peacefully. :) You’ll be surprised…think critically as you read the plethora of information about the secret to how this is all coming about and how WE can change it!

  • DaveH

    Thank you, Bob Livingston, for providing us with this wonderful Forum.

  • DaveH

    This is too funny. Glenn Beck wrote a Book “The Overton Window” due to be released on June 15th. He has this video trailer to promote it:

    • DaveH

      The Huffington Post in their Liberal zeal, wrote this article about the Trailer:

      • DaveH

        The words in the Trailer that the Huffington Post was so quick to denounce as “crazy and ridiculous” were from Rudyard Kiplings 1919 Poem, “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”:

      • DaveH

        Notice that upon finding out about the poem the Huffington Post put an UPDATE on the Webpage as if they knew it all along. Typical Liberals. They can never mouth those words “I was wrong”.

        • JeffH

          What else could you expect from HuffnToke…Beck writes a book of fiction and they have to dis him before they’ve read it. FICTION?

          Here’s a little tit for tat from an email I recieve.

          On Today’s Program
          Huffpo humiliation

          After seeing the promo trailer for Glenn’s new book The Overton Window ( called it “one of the most epic book trailers of all time”), The Huffington Post quickly mocked it, and the hilarious Glenn jokes from progressives began to fly. We found that weird because progressives and liberals are supposed to be so intellectual and such big fans of art. Apparently when it comes from Glenn Beck, it’s not art – it’s crazy. BUT – if The Huffington Post made the oh-so difficult effort to ‘google’ the poem, they may have been able to avoid making complete fools of themselves. Fortunately for us, they didn’t, so Glenn happily took the opportunity to mock the hapless Huffpo writer and commenters.

  • Bob Wire

    nor can “righties” it seems

  • Bob Wire

    the civil war has been fought, they won.

    The general 2008 general election has been decided, as well.

    I accept the results of both.

    And Hamilton is dead and not running for anything.

    We can’t rebuild a single nation full of simple sand people all of one son of Abraham.

    Yet we try to rebuild a nation comprised full of many Fathers and many nations.

    How ambitious we are! It’s reaching the point of mental masturbation.

    • JC

      Well for sure, you just shown us another point in mental masturbation.
      Keep it to yourself will you? It’s disgusting.

  • Monarchist

    Unfortunately were all living in the past! The world you are all debating has long been gone! Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton…etc
    It’s over folks! The America I grew up in is gone and never coming back!
    Wish someone could prove me wrong but I have lost all hope! I will just keep waiting for the Savior because that’s our only hope!

  • Anthony

    Alexander Hamilton “may have” written very Jeffersonian-like in The Federalist Papers. It’s too bad, he didn’t mean a word of it. The real thruth to his words were, that he DID intend to focus his efforts on getting the States to vote FOR the Consitution. At the same time, he also had pre-planned to “demand” (the first ever, and only) Constitutional Convention, where he was to have played his trump card, like a veteran poker player.

    ONLY – what happened was, Thomas Jefferson (even though in Paris, France at the time) had Allies at the Convention who understood his freedom concepts and the depravations of tyranny and oppression… and by whom. Hamilton LOST at that Convention – BUT, his followers (like John Marshall) have worked ever since to assure we live in a Hamiltoniam America, which is NOT free and is certainly oppressed from the Central Government down….

    I posted previously – in 2004, we have CFR GW Bush(2) running against CFR John F Kerry (both cousins to each other)… for President. THIS IS HOW CORRUPT the process has become “because” all of us were busy pretending someone else should be dealing with our own freedoms.

    And, Monarchist is showing his true colors… hopefully none of the rest of us will be stuck in his foxhole.

    When it comes to Freedom… there is no “that was then, this is now”

  • Bob Wire

    I’m not so sure about that Anthony, ~you freedom ends where other peoples nose begins. The more noses, the less freedom you enjoy, I was in Tokyo back in 1970, a GI on R&R,hoping to catch the world fair and ride the first bullet train. I lite up a cigarette on one of their transit buses packed full of people. Dumb thing to do, as the Japanese were years ahead of the US with such social behavior issues and I was dumb to it, plus I had lost all social manners with 6 months being in the bush, few roofs over my head, living “outdoors”. Not a word was spoken. But I was wrong exercising my freedom. Needless to say, I didn’t make any new friends on that bus ride.

    We have to pick and choice our battles, the battles worth fighting for or we’ll be fighting all the time.

    There are many kinds of freedoms and many thoughts on each.

    here is just one view ; Political freedom
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Please improve this article if you can. (February 2010)

    Freedom • Liberty
    Negative liberty
    Positive liberty
    Individual liberty
    Social liberty

    Freedom by area
    Civil • Economic
    Intellectual • Political
    Scientific • Academic


    Political freedom is the absence of interference with the sovereignty of an individual by the use of coercion or aggression. Freedom is commonly known as a state of being free from government oppression.
    The opposite of a free society is a totalitarian state, which highly restricts political freedom in order to regulate almost every aspect of behavior. In this sense ‘freedom’ refers solely to the relation of humans to other humans, and the only infringement on it is coercion by humans[1].

    The concept of political freedom is very closely allied with the concepts of civil liberties and individual rights, which in most democratic societies is characterized by various freedoms which are afforded the legal protection from the state. Some of these freedoms may include (in alphabetical order):
    • Freedom of assembly
    • Freedom of association
    • Freedom of movement
    • Freedom of religion
    • Freedom of speech
    • Freedom of the press
    • Freedom of thought
    • Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, which is related to freedom of privacy
    • Freedom to bear arms
    • Suffrage
    • Scientific freedom
    • Academic freedom
    Various groups along the political spectrum naturally differ on what they believe constitutes “true” political freedom.
    Left wing political philosophy generally couples the notion of freedom with that of positive liberty, or the enabling of an individual to realize his or her own potential. Freedom, in this sense, may include freedom from poverty, starvation, treatable disease, and oppression, as well as freedom from force and coercion, from whomever they may issue.
    However Friedrich Hayek, a well-known classical liberal, criticized this as a misconception of freedom:
    the use of ‘liberty’ to describe the physical ‘ability to do what I want’, the power to satisfy our wishes, or the extent of the choice of alternatives open to us…has been deliberately fostered as part of the socialist argument… Once this identification of freedom with power is admitted, there is no limit to the sophisms by which the attractions of the word ‘liberty’ can be used to support measures which destroy individual liberty, no end to the tricks by which people can be exhorted in the name of liberty to give up their liberty. It has been with the help of this equivocation that the notion of collective power over circumstances has been substituted for that of individual liberty and that in totalitarian states liberty has been suppressed in the name of liberty.[2]

    Hayek also famously noted[3] that “liberty” and “freedom” have probably been the most abused words in recent history.
    Milton Friedman, another classical liberal, strongly incorporated the absence from coercion into his description of political freedom.

    Which one of the freedoms do you feel under the greatest attack today and from whom?

  • mehoward

    The earned income credit was put in place to get the ones who were lying around the house drawing welfare would get out and get themselves a job and they have to work all year long to get the earned
    income credit. Which is better drawing welfare for nothing or drawing
    earned income credit for working? It’s not fair to the ones who have
    prepared themselves for the work force and make a little too much to qualify. They didn’t pay anything in taxes but could draw up to $3,000
    at the end of the year. The ones who didn’t qualify wound up paying what was taken out in taxes during the year and maybe more. I don’t know which is better? mehpensacola,fl.

  • Bruce

    There is a clever way to fight back, especially on the financial front.
    I do not claim to be the financial wizard behind this, in fact I am just the Internet Engineer, but i have watched as thousands have used this system and come out not only ahead and out of debt, but have money now to strengthen their lives. I know people are going to look at this and go oh yea, another get out of debt Internet thing. I did too until I started working the sites for the Attorneys running it. I was floored when I saw it take shape and work for so many people. At first I asked why they gave the book away, and they laughed at me. They knew the core of this program was so good, it was only right to give information that would help people get started. People are always talking about the national debt, and how much we pay in tax. Thats the reason so many people never get ahead. They cant afford to.
    If it sounds like I am marketing a bit here, well I am. But I feel comfortable doing it for something I know helps people get out of from under the boot. They simply believe that any Big bank or big Government must be right and they must be wrong. Americans have a choice, they dont have to be enslaved to huge debts, and Im not talking about bankruptcy or some consolidation scheme. I am talking about a way to get out of debt and start over. WITH a new perspective of how not to fall back into the same trap. Yes I did say trap because thats what it is. Its modern day slavery.
    So here is the site they can view.
    Its been online a few years but not until recently has it evolved to be totally effective against big institution. The people who produce so much and pay so much for those who produce nothing, now is their chance to even the score up on a financial front. Its also a good way to recover our brainwashed youth who have been enslaved by big credit. They have been lured into being dependent on govt. and hand outs and a seemingly endless supply of credit and money. Wake up call!

  • Amy

    Could we have some sources or a bibliography of some sort?

  • BOB

    I cant believe how many “know it all’s” replied to this thread..

    LMAO…. I’m talking about all sides… All of your comments (even those with the name calling, etc) simply shows that everybody is caught up in the bullshit opinion game rather than thinking of ways to actually assemble and put SOLUTIONS together…

    AND THIS IS WHAT “THEY” WANT—- Get the people to fight with each other in order to produce confusion..

    Congrats, 90% of the people who replied to this thread are contributing to “THEIR” success…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      And you yourself just contributed to it as well!!!!!

    • JC

      Most of us are aware that the whole political scene is a conquer and divide, dog and pony show. And most of us have chosen sides and are preparing for the inevitable.

      What is your solution BOB?

      • Bob Wire

        Figure out exactly where you are in the food chain and if it’s not working for you, “Change some things around!”

        Not suggesting , anyone a fool but if you are, allow me to sever you.

        • JC

          Not suggesting , anyone a fool but if you are, allow me to sever you.


          • rwnut

            JC….I’m still in deep thought with that one.I’ve tried it forward,backward,upside down,rightside up,AND sideways.Six aspirins later it still boggles my mind.

          • JeffH

            As I’ve said before, I thought lighterknot was a loner but apparently there are others resting their heads on surealistic pillows and talking to white rabbits too.

  • Bruce

    I appologize for not leaving much in the way of resources or a bibliography. Im not much of a writer. I am just so fired up at all that’s going on with govt, banking, debt and well just everything that i thought id start helping anyway I could. I have been sitting on the side lines and realized that a lot of folks out there have been lured deeper and deeper into debt. Im not sure if even the authors are fully aware of whats happening. People have been enslaved to it. I see a connection between big debt and big government. It has worked perfectly. My aim is to help people get out from under it and stand on their own two feet, then they have a better chance of not being brain washed and stuck under the regime of big banks and big government. Obviously the Attorneys know what they are doing, although they have reputations as well, but from what i have seen, its legit, and i see a dual use for it. Get the people om their feet and not in debt, they will have more self confidence and esteem. Then we can all fight tyranny together

  • Publius Huldah

    Dear Bob,

    Thank you for your letter.

    The issue is not whether Alexander Hamilton was a good man or a bad man. Instead, it is this: Our Country is teetering on the brink of destruction. Our Constitution is being erased.

    I seek to restore our constitutional republic. This necessitates rediscovering the “original intent” of the Constitution.

    I and every other lawyer in this Country was taught in law school that the Constitution means whatever the judges on the Supreme Court say it means. The idea that the Constitution has an objective meaning was abandoned in the law schools 100 years ago!

    The Federalist Papers were written during 1787-88 by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, in order to explain the proposed Constitution to the People and induce them to ratify it. For this reason, they are the most authoritative commentary we have on the original intent of the Constitution. Look also, e.g., at the Minutes of the Board of Visitors, University of Virginia (Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, Members) March 4, 1825. A discussion was held over which books should be in the law library: A resolution was moved and agreed to in the following words:

    “2. The book known by the title of “The Federalist,” being an authority to which appeal is habitually made by all, and rarely declined or denied by any as evidence of the general opinion of those who framed, and of those who accepted the Constitution of the United States, on questions as to its genuine meaning.”

    You can find the above at:

    I write on the Constitution showing the “original intent”. To show “original intent”, I use primarily The Federalist Papers. Hamilton wrote most of the Federalist Papers. In order to understand “original intent”, one must read Hamilton! Hamilton and The Constitution are inextricably intertwined. And the Truth is that Hamilton’s writings in the Federalist Papers are masterpieces in the philosophy of limited constitutional civil government.

    When I am explaining “original intent”, I must have Hamilton and Madison. I care not what Hamilton did (or is rumored to have done) later. It is simply irrelevant when it comes to determining the “original intent” of the Constitution.

    For 100 years, the Enemy has been erasing our Constitution by denying that it has an objective meaning. Those few of us who are trying to restore our Constitution and our constitutional Republic are seriously hampered by those who malign one of the two greatest defenders and expounders of the original intent of the Constitution we ever had! Those few quotes of Hamilton’s which I posted earlier are but a handful of the gems of limited constitutional government which freely flowed from Hamilton’s pen in the Federalist Papers. I suspect this is why the Enemy has focused on Hamilton.

    It thus comes down to this: I must cite Hamilton’s and Madison’s writings in The Federalist Papers to explain the original intent of the Constitution. Meanwhile, I have people who claim to be on the side of limited civil government, trashing Hamilton and spreading vicious lies about him!

    Surely you can see that this plays right into the hands of the Enemy! It really boils down to this: an attack on Hamilton is an attack on the Constitution which he worked so hard to explain and promote!

    And I expect you are well aware that most of the vitriolic Hamilton haters have never read a word he wrote!

    Read in context, what Hamilton said about the so-called “necessary & proper clause” (Art. I, §8, last clause). We are told today that this clause allows Congress to make any laws which they think are “necessary & proper”. But that is not true! Hamilton said the clause merely gives to Congress a right to pass all laws necessary & proper to execute its declared powers (Federalist No. 29, 4th Para); a power to do something must be a power to pass all laws necessary & proper for the execution of that power (Federalist No. 33, 4th Para); “the constitutional operation of the intended government would be precisely the same if [this clause]were entirely obliterated as if [it] were repeated in every article” (Federalist No. 33, 2nd Para); and thus the clause is “perfectly harmless”, “a tautology or redundancy”. (Federalist No. 33, 4th Para). James Madison agreed with Hamilton’s explanation. (Federalist No. 44, 10th-17th Para). In other words, the clause simply permits the execution of powers already declared and granted. Hamilton & Madison were clear that no additional substantive powers were granted by this clause.

    We need your help in we are to have a chance of restoring our constitutional Republic. We can not restore it if one of its two principle defenders and advocates is so persistently and viciously maligned by people who pat themselves on the back for being “patriots” while they undermine our Constitution with every poisonous word they utter. PH

    • Bob Wire

      “Publius Huldah says:
      June 10, 2010 at 11:26 pm”

      great read! Thank you! So the enemy is? A question of “who’s intend?” and complacency?

  • BigBadJohn

    It seems a lot of people have zeroed in on “Currently 50 percent of the American population supports the other 50 percent with their income taxes. The producers support the non-producers.”

    A number of statements have been made about tax refunds and people just not making enough to pay tax. And other statements about income disparity.

    Check this link out it may help explain. The richest top 5% have 62% of the net worth in America. They also have 72% of the financial wealth in America.
    Drop down to the top 25% and they control 85% of the wealth in America, but they only pay 50% of the tax burden – sounds like they are getting a deal to me…..

    • Bob Wire

      >>.”Check this link out it may help explain. The richest top 5% have 62% of the net worth in America. They also have 72% of the financial wealth in America.
      Drop down to the top 25% and they control 85% of the wealth in America, but they only pay 50% of the tax burden – sounds like they are getting a deal to me…”<<<

      Well, perhaps they are. ~ The point! as I see it is , " Everyone! should be in a position to pay taxes! No matter now small! ~ If the "race" is such where we are required to "spot" many people 3/4 of the race course to contribute while insuring they not found destitute and starving , something is 'bad' wrong with such a "system". And that's where we are today.

      Earned tax credits, is a way to make a system that don't work ~ barely work!

      My bother and his wife in the last 12 months filed for bankruptcy. He's all but given up trying to "produce" his way out of the hole. Now he is saying, the county medical coverage that he and wife recently got involved in, only permits him to make 18,000 per year to qualify. Otherwise, they are looking at 700.00 per month for the both of them in major medical premiums or 8,400, dollar per year.

      To generate 8,400.00 per year clear profit, require a Gross of 19,000 dollars minimum ,! on a good day!

      So 18,000 allowed plus $19,000 is $37,000.00 per year. But to make the 18,000 profit requires $40,000 gross.
      So we are talking about grossing $ 59,000.00 per year to be a qualified member of the working poor.

      This is the situation many independent Americans are stuck in today.

      There is a "break point", the covering of basic needs that must come first ~ and only then does additional generated "wealth" come into play.

      Something about this setup just stinks! ~ No one wants to be classified as working poor! while working their ass off. And few people I know wish to feel they have nothing to contribute and but baggage on the system.

      This hurts people pride, and they go silent, I feel we have a nation full of silent ones.

      The noisy ones being the ones holding on to gains while harboring fears of future loses.

  • WeroInNM

    Question: Do you believe that the American people have sufficient justification to call for the immediate resignation of President Obama based on incompetence, deceit, fraud, corruption, dishonesty and violation of the U.S. Oath of Office and the Constitution?

    My recent blog post contains an article that provides us with the indisputable answer to this question-You Decide:

    “Food For Thought”

    “God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

    Semper Fi!

    • Denniso

      Those violations could have been more correctly leveled against Cheny/Bush…did you push for them to be impeached?

      • Bob Wire

        in one word, “No”

      • http://naver samurai

        No duhniso, but we apply them to the terrorist we have in office.

      • JeffH

        My, it seems there were plenty of movements to remove Bush…short memories?

        IndictBushNow movement, Impeach George W. Bush petition, Impeach
        Denisso and Barb wire when the movement to impeach GW was going on?
        Just a few of them…
        George W. Bush and Dick Cheney , FRANCIS A. BOYLE professor of law, University of Illinois School of Law
        108nd Congress H.Res.XX-1st Session-Impeaching George Walker Bush, President of the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors,
        Impeach-Bush – A Committee to Impeach Resident G W Bush, Impeach Bush
        Editorials and Information on How to Impeach Bush & Cheney.

        Where were you during all of this “Impeach Bush” movement?…I don’t recall seeing your names or even seeing you around voicing your opinions then!

        • JeffH

          The dumbest question to ask anybody is “did you push for them(Cheny/Bush) to be impeached”? It’s irrelevant at this point and a pretty stupid question… kinda like everybody else was a huge Bush supporter and supported him 100%.

          • http://naver samurai

            The obvious answer is “NO!” Duhniso doesn’t know how to do things and must be lead around by the hand. Unfortunately, the one leading him is as blind as he is. Consequently, they both end up at the bottom of the ditch.

          • angel-wanna-be

            JeffH, it still all Bush’s fault!!!___When the libs have nothing else to say, they Blame bush!!___Blah, Blah, Blah!!__Change the channel libs!!

      • Aero

        To Alex and Dennisso. Communism, Socialism, Nazism(yes it is a left wing ideology) etc. have failed. Only true capitalism has created wealth for any nation. I don’t understand the liberal mindset. I asked the question to liberals of why they think high taxes are fair and i can’t seem to get an answer. I will ask Mr. Alex and all you who want to tax the rich to make it fair crowd. Has it made it fair? Are rich people poorer? Are the poor richer because of more taxes on the rich? We have spent trillions on the war on poverty since Lyndon Johnsons “failed society”, and you know what Alex and Denniso we still have poor people. Why? Because the policies of the government that hurt people and business from creating jobs. Businesses are in business to make money not make life fair. That is why they have taken jobs overseas. But people like you think they do it out of greed. The media has done a good job of selling companies and lg corp. that they are greedy and don’t care about the little guy. When in fact it is the policies of the federal government that have caused the loss of jobs in this nation. The fed govt is the greedy one. They steal from the creators, the shakers and the movers of our economy everyday. And what does the govt create. Nothing not a damn thing. They steal(i go to jail if i did)they print money(i would go to jail if i did). You think that people are going to continue to create jobs if they are going to get robbed everyday. Look around you Alex and Denniso. The states of California, Ohio, NJ, NY, Michican and a few others are broke because they have taxed wealth out of the state. NJ alone has had over 80 billion dollars of wealth leave because people are tying of paying the bill for the non producers. The middle class are getting shafted everyday by the unfair taxing of the fed govt. Whe wealthiest AMericans can get around many of the high taxes( i am glad they do). And the poor don’t pay any(Alexa and Dummo they don’t pay nothing). So who pays the bill. Me and my wife. I am warning you now Alex and Denniso. One way are another your days are numbered. We will overtake the libs and bring liberty and true capitalism back to this country via the ballot box. Are you will suffer the consequence along with many others in an unfortunate civil war.

  • Delores Smith

    I have stated that our Administration and its majority is Socialism with Marxists dancing throughout. Their ultimate goal is Fascism. Bob, your article convinces me that I’m right. There is only one word that I would add to your article: This Administration is operating under the guise of “transparent” loving democracy.They are truly transparent. Thank you again.
    Delores Smith

  • June Gagnon

    Delores, thank you, for confirming my own “state of mind”! To Bob Livingston, I say thank you, for producing (and proving) truth and facts. At age 73, I can only recall 2 “good presidents”-Harry Truman and Ron Reagan! I was only 7 when FDR died, but remember hearing my parents (loudly) discuss his progressive, left-bent attitude(among other things). Personally, I do like Fox News – -they do their best to research and provide “facts” -not “personal opinions”; the latter is all we get from the lame-stream media. As for the current, corrupt administration- -I firmly believe there is still hope for America and those of us who love her and want her back. For any of you who “doubt” the eligibility of the current “fraud in the oval office”- -go to your search bar and type in “election official-no obama birth certificat in Hawaii” – -it is “stunning”!

  • Bob Wire

    Well there you have it! ~ they do their Best ! and that’s good enough for us!

    >>”go to your search bar and type in “election official-no obama birth certificat in Hawaii” – -it is “stunning”!”<<>”I was only 7 when FDR died, but remember hearing my parents (loudly) discuss his progressive, left-bent attitude(among other things).”<< and mom and dad are always right! Nothing like a little parenteral imprinting to make up your mind for you.

    I remember an uncle that very opposed to LBJ's Medicare, "It was socialism!', "It'd break the nation" ~ now at 86 that all he's got! Beside his 1000 acres adjoining 20,000 acres of Mississippi nation forest and a Tool & Die business ran by 5 sons. The man squeaks when he walks.

  • Robert Pgh Pa

    I remember what my dad said before he died when I was 16. A democrat will steal $3 from you and tell you about $2. A republican will steal $3 dollars from you and tell you about all 3$. but they both will steal three dollars and you are getting screwed. Trust no one in government. the days of trust in government died in 1860. I see no redemption in the future. Shame on politcians and voters.

  • Bob Wire

    Most have been some old Republicans! The news one’s with steal 5 and blame it on democrats! LOL !

    • Duende

      That would be funny if it wasn’t true. and both parties try to convince us that it’s all for our own good on top of it. I can see where “they” have so many americans afraid. Right and Left wing both. And whe you’ve got people afraid they’ll lose all perspective and fall into the dumbest of litanies. The left accused the right of hate speech. The right accuses the left of hate speech. You know what… they’re both right. They just can’t see it in them selves.

  • Victoria

    We do not have a black president, We do not have a white president. We have a bi-racial president. If he had realy wanted to unite the country he would have run on that status and used his mixed race to bring the country together-black and white can unite. Instead he ran as a black man so he could us the race card at every posible moment and devide the country.

    • JeffH

      …race is just one of many diversions with Obama…his purpose is to transform the US into equality with the rest of the world…he’s done a very good job of it by providing “zero” leadership…as bad as past presidents have been, this guy resembles one of the Marx bros…a “frudeville” act…

    • rwnut

      Victoria….I’m voting against his “white half” so they can’t call me racist any more!

  • jopa

    President Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest leaders the world has evr known.He not only reunited our friendship throughout the world he saved the world from economic ruin.We are much safer from attack abroad and nuclear devastastion through nuclear arms reductions.Troops are being taken outf Iraq and I hope they come home soon.All Americans should display their American flags in honor of our troops and our Commander in Chief. Thank you Mr, President

    • Jeep

      Otherwise known as the “man of steel”, he wears a red cape, blue tights with an “S” on the front, along with red booties! He can make kool-aide and pass laws faster than a speeding bullet, he’s more powerful than a petty dictator, and he’s able to leap over constitutional precepts in a single bound! Yep, he’s a great guy!

  • succinct1

    Paranoid BS

  • Robert Pgh Pa

    jopa he will go down in history right along with Hitler Stalin Mao ghengis Kahn and mohammad and other socialpathic dictating losers and evil beings.

  • jr bob

    if all decided to revolt peacefully. no one would work for a living. we would all start raising our own food in our back yards and front yards and roof it they were flat. people who did not have flat roofs or front or back yards would barter their labor for food. people who had big savings accounts could buy food and clothing they needed and a barter system could be instituted. now how would the illegal alliens, welfare receipients and other takers be able to live off a government that was broke? The government would be unable to operaate and then they would have to listen to the producers who would not trust a bunch of crooked politicians? now that would be next? they would have to reinstutite the constitution of the united states of america pre civil war. that would be acceptable to the producers and we would have our country back. enough said.

  • 14Freedomfighter88

    Mr. Bill, what is “Nazi Fascism”? Looks like some Americans still have a problem with definitions. They are NOT the same. By the way, I am not worrying about Nazis, nor Fascists. I worry much more about your socialized crypto-communist police-state, as it is runned by this negro bolshevik and his administration.

    Nazis, Fascists fought communists to save our Christian civilization. You can moaning about the jewish hoacxac aust for hours, I don’t buy it. I don’t buy it base don scientific proofs. If Hitler wouldn’t go against the odds and wouldn’t attack madman stalin (yes, with a small “s”), I am not sure as a person who born in Europe in the ’50s, I would be here now. For stalin the European, Christian question was only “question of wagons”.
    So, get rid of the “threat of Nazis, neo-Nazis, Fascists, neo-Fascist” and start to be scred by your own social-communist regime. If u have doubts, read this link and get scared.

  • Tim Duff

    What is the great motto of the American Empire and its military, the police force of the New World Order and the right arm of Israel?


  • Anonymous

    What went wrong in America? THIS book PROVIDES THE DEFINITIVE ANSWER
    The single most important book – that every American should read – SOON !
    Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People


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