Woman With Two Wombs Delivers Twins


CLEARWATER, Fla., Sept. 20 (UPI) — A Florida mother with the rare medical condition of possessing two uteruses has given birth to fraternal twins, one from each womb, doctors said.

Her rare condition, called uterus didelphys, can lead to infertility, but Andreea Barbosa of Clearwater defied the odds and simultaneously conceived a boy and a girl in her separate uteruses, the St. Petersburg Times reported Monday.

“It was definitely a shocker,” said Barbosa, 24, who learned about her unusual double pregnancy during an ultrasound at seven weeks. “I was frightened and scared — a little bit of everything in one.”

Doctors put the chances of a successful double pregnancy of this kind at 1 in 5 million.

Healthy twins Nathan and Natalie Barbosa were born at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, with Nathan first, followed two minutes late by sister Natalie.

They join older sister Izabella, 2, who was conceived normally in Barbosa’s right uterus in a single pregnancy.

That will complete the family, Barbosa said.

“The first pregnancy I had one, the second I had two,” she said.

“I can’t risk having three the next time.”

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