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Woman Placed On Probation For Protesting TSA

October 25, 2012 by  

Woman Placed On Probation For Protesting TSA

A woman has been found guilty of disorderly conduct after she refused to let Transportation Security Administration agents pat down her and her teenage daughter. Andrea Abbott has been placed on probation.

Abbott faced up to 30 days in jail, but the judge opted for probation because Abbott does not have a criminal record. Nonetheless, Judge Joe P. Binkley Jr., hopes that probation will prevent Abbott from getting “into any further problems with the law.”

In July 2011, Abbott refused to abide by the TSA’s orders. She didn’t want someone to see their “bodies naked.” Abbott began cursing and calling the officers pedophiles. She was then arrested.

The prosecution claimed that Abbott caused an unnecessary disturbance which made the other security lines come to a standstill.

“The defendant should have been aware that her behavior would prevent others from carrying out their lawful activities,” said Assistant District Attorney Megan King.

Defense Attorney Brent Horst argued that the unlawful activity is the invasion of a person’s privacy.

“Since 9/11, we’re losing a lot of freedom, and we have to draw the line somewhere,” he said.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • independant thinker

    Constitutionaly she was right in protesting. Unfortuantely in todays climate of the loss of our freedoms to travel FREELY about the country and our loss of the right to be free from unreasonable search she has been branded a criminal.

    • eddie47d

      Obviously we all aren’t protesting enough on this issue or else it would be headline news and a stronger topic. One thing that ticks off a police officer (or TSA agent) more is someone bad mouthing them. They always act like you have thrown them a punch and take it personally. Whether she thinks it is true or not using the word pedophile to the TSA agents face will naturally get you in trouble. Calling a police officer a M.F. might get you a baton upside the head. I wish there was this much concern for protesters who don’t cause violence and are pepper sprayed and beaten. American history if full of peaceful protesters who are clubbed and shot at and there are plenty who vocally say they deserved it. There are government agencies all over that know they can get away with these acts because it is tolerated in other situations.

  • Vicki

    This is not really new. Disorderly conduct has been used for MANY years to suppress non violent vocal political dissent.

  • Les

    When did TSA become the Law? I don’t recall these phoney agents actually becoming fully deputized law enforcement officers. Because it this is the case then wouldn’t they need a warrant to search each individual they decide to harass since the Constitution and Bill of Rights still exist. And wouldn’t these “officers” need to fully trained in law enforcement?
    Giving someone a Blue Shirt and a nice shiny badge doesn’t qualify as training.

    I want my country back….

    • Z

      I second your comment. All I can say is Americans today have become the new Palestinians: dominated, brutalized, disrespected, detained, conspired against, murdered and constantly monitored. There’s only one way this pyramid of control will end, when the People (government won’t) establish a nationwide bank that can compete big time like the Federal Reserve. By having the power to own our nation’s money supply is the only way we will ever get control back over our government. Working cleverly within the system no longer can win it for us, no matter how smart you are. We need to take back the power of money from the decision makers. We need thousands of people in America to organize a new bank!

  • Aberdeem

    How many terrorists has the TSA stopped??????????????????

    • twistingyarn

      None. Its purpose is to force the masses to submit. They are there solely for their use as an indoctrination technique as our last freedoms are stripped away by an out of control bureaucracy that is hell bent on dictating every aspect of our lives down to how much soda we may drink. It is a conditioning process so that the serfs or slaves get used to complying with directives so that when the time comes they can be herded and corralled easily for whatever purposes the powers that be see fit to impose.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest John Stohr

        Neal Boortz, radio talk show host, says the masses are dumb. True!! This country is full of dumb-masses.

    • carolinerh

      Easy answer. NONE to date and that has been published. Just another control of the populace, that is, you and me. Stopped flying because I don’t like being molested!

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      None!! the TSA are the terrorists…..Take their badge numebers and names and log them…They are your enemy.

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    You gave away your rights with your own ( CONSENT ) Now you have nothing to complain about, ~~ now do you?

    Do you want to be FREE again?

    If so then you must walk away from this monster you allowed to be created in your name

    ~~ All in the name of a ” little safety” ~ of what value is that really, ~~ when the very monster you hate so much ~ is in fact ~ the very one ~~ you All ~ allowed in the door?

    Peace and Love be with you all

    To all of you,~~ if you so wish to better understand whats gone on and whats really wrong, ~ Then please google this viedo;
    Russel Means ~ We are all on the Reservation now.

    This may still be on Prison on lower right hand side of the page

    If you can watch this beautiful presentation and yet still not get it, ~~ Than saddly you will never get it.

    • Vicki

      I tend to be a little more direct. Here is the video

      You could google the words suggested and would find much more info including the fact that Mre means has passed away, so that can still lead to more knowledge.

      • TIME

        Dear Vicki,

        The reason ~ I posted the video as I did, is infact two fold ~ first Is – that I want people to do some work on their own. – To ~ learn to do the task of digging, but ~ I will not lead you to anything that I did not find the same conclusion’ on.
        { As in with any form of science, ~ if one can come to the same conclusion by using even a differant approach ~ One finds TRUTH. }
        As many of us know the ~ truth ~ is not always as easy to understand nor see as it should be ~ due to all the years of Programing we all have had,

        Also, that once they get there – many times ~ one can then garrner a ton of other great intel.

        Peace and Love be with you. ;-)

  • twistingyarn

    Freedom in this country is merely an illusion to appease the fluoridated masses to comply with the fascist Bureaucrats masquerading as communistic socialists. Voting machines are already showing up rigged (N. Carolina) and just to make sure the votes will be counted overseas by a foreigner owned corporation(SCYTL). Our founding fathers must be rolling over and vomiting in thier graves.

  • samuel

    Here we go again with the TAS’s aggresive and undisciplained behaviour.
    I will never forget the nasty bad treatment i had like i was a criminal for carrying my back pain and high blood preasure medication prescribed by my Doctor in Georgia at Raleigh-Durham airport , North Carolina. I dont know if it is against the law for a sick person to travel with his medication.
    I hear a lot people say they will never fly due to such rude nasty behaviour by some of the TSA undisciplined personnel

    • tlgeer

      When I flew, two years ago, instead of just talking enough meds for the week I would be gone, I put all the prescription bottles in my bag. I went through just fine. They didn’t have a problem with my ear plugs or my shampoo and conditioner or my hand cream.

      If you put your meds in one of those weekly containers they have not idea what they really are. So, you will get pulled over for a deeper look. I decided that it was worth lugging around 12 prescription bottles (that would stay my hotel room’s safe anyway.

  • Americanmom

    no protesting in Kingdom Obama, the queen will not allow cake either!

  • Taz

    Nov 22 is Opt out and film day. If you are traveling that day please participate and be ready for serious delays.

  • chamuiel

    Stop flying! If everyone did this, watch how quickly TSA officers lose their jobs.

    • c t frank

      I’m fortunate that I seldom need to fly. I take the train whenever possible. But I’ve heard rumblings that the TSA will start searching/screening train passengers.

      • Hedgehog

        Gee! I thought hijacking trains went out with Jesse Jame. I’m sure that Jesse would have known exactly what to do with an d to the TSA!

      • Chester

        Hedgehog, it would have nothing to do with hijacking a train and more to do with the idea of someone bringing a bomb aboard to be set off outside some big chemical plant as the train rolls by. Most of the passenger trains would be nearly impossible to hijack anyway, as there is no direct connection between the cars and the engines, unless you LIKE crawling along walkways exposed to the wind and weather either along the side of the engines or over the top. Those would be accessible only if the front door on the front car was left unlocked.

      • Vicki
  • Vance Porter

    This woman is a heroine for standing up to fascism. Those who arrested her and the judge who sentenced her are just so many fascist thugs.

  • Rick

    the 4th amendment says”The rights of the people to be secure in their persond, houses,papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and n no warrants issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or thing to be seized.” So she needs to appeal this as far as possible as a violation of her constitutional rights.


    After reading article after article about the TSA, and reading response after response to those articles, I started to do a little thinking. On the surface, it appears to be about our Constitutional rights. It’s not, it’s about destroying us economically. Follow the logic. Have a program that steps across the boundary on our rights, and make people mad enough about it that they don’t fly. On top of that make flying as inconvenient as possible. People stop flying, trains to much of the country are already inconvenient. Most people will resort to driving. The airlines revenues drop. Aircraft parts and new aircraft orders drop. People get laid off. More traffic on the roads further congest already overused highways. Commerce slows down, people choose to not take a vacation. Less business, more people out of work, it just snow balls. It also gets us fighting amongst ourselves, which we are currently doing. The terrorists were hoping for something like this. The attack of 9-11-2001 wasn’t meant to kill a bunch of people, but to destroy our freedoms, and with that, our economy. If you want to fly, then fly. If you want to fight the TSA, then do it, but don’t give in the terrorists.

    • Carlucci

      KYATC is drinking the koolaide. How can you continue to believe such nonsense? Wake up – ! This has nothing to do with “protecting our freedoms”. However it DOES have to do with controlling the masses with dehumanizing tactics such as the ones shown in the video. How many people on this board are aware that when you purchase an airline ticket, you have agreed to submit yourselves and your children to this type of harassment from the fed guv?

      I am planning to go visit a friend about four hours away from my town. I found out that I could get there in the same amount of time or less if I just drive there versus taking a plane; and I will save a lot of money if I drive. Most importantly, I’ll eliminate the hassle of being forced to submit to either molestation or radiation by subhuman perverted government goons.


  • Steve E

    It wasn’t Abbott who caused an unnecessary disturbance which made the other security lines come to a standstill. It was the TSA. Abbott didn’t give any order to have the security lines come to a standstill.

    • Vicki

      And she has no power to stop the security lines. They tried to get around it by claiming she was creating a distraction for the other passengers. From the videos it looked like the TSA left her in the path of others and not her choice.

  • Joe Citizen

    Just another example of the Nazification of the United States which is going on unabated. Those jerkwads doing these unconstitutional pat downs @ our airports might as just go ahead put on swastika armbands and brown uniforms.

  • SJJolly

    The American public has told Congress that it wants public air travel to be safe from terrorist attacks. Congress has tasked the Transport Security Agency with doing so.
    Now, say that you’ve been hired (you can’t find a better job) to work an airport TSA securiiy checkpoint. Along comes someone with the attitude that they shouldn’t be screened, either by scanner or pat-down, and calls you a Nazi, Communist, or whatever, ala the postings in this thread. Q: What do you do with them? — let them pass thru, unchecked?

    If you don’t want to be security screened, do like the rich do — hire a private jet and pilot.

    BTW: If you think the present pat-downs are invasive, just wait until some would-be suicide bomber tries a “butt bomb” !

    • Preston Weiters Jr.

      10/26/12, do’t give these savage clerics any bright (butt) ideas. this was already approximated w/this guy hiding something in his pants. The religion of death doesn’t even consider self-preservation, a basic human instinct.

    • Big Woody

      SJJolly says:
      “The American public has told Congress that it wants public air travel to be safe from terrorist attacks. Congress has tasked the Transport Security Agency with doing so.”
      This is where the lies began. I probably was not paying attention, but who, when and where did the “American piblic” tell our Congress about these saftey concerns? As I rememer it Our Congress told us they would make travel safe because the paranoid leaders of Homeland Security told the Congress that air travel was not safe. Homeland Security raise the issue and THEY provided “our salvation”. to justify THEIR own existance. We need to stand up and at least support Rand Pauls efforts to contain or abolish the TSA. When a mother’s cry Of “don’t you touch my daughter” is enough to try, convict and sentance a woman, we have a serious problem that needs to be corrected. It took a “Freedom of Information Act” to get the TSA to admit they had hundreds if not thousands of TSA thefts by it’s officers. One TSA officer admitted to stealing over $800,000 in personal items from flyers? Why hasn’t the TSA and the Homeland Security been sued for facilatating these thefts? The TSA and Homeland Security does not feel they are enforcing the law. They act like they think they ARE THE LAW.

  • midamerica

    buy a bus ticket

  • tlgeer

    “In July 2011, Abbott refused to abide by the TSA’s orders. She didn’t want someone to see their “bodies naked.” Abbott began cursing and calling the officers pedophiles. She was then arrested.”

    A pat down search isn’t done naked.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Touch my junk and your on your way to a hospital and screw the idiots at TSA.

    • Vicki

      tlgeer says:
      “A pat down search isn’t done naked.”

      And fondling genitals is still illegal even if done thru clothing. Should you doubt this, try going up to a 15 year old girl and grabbing her between the legs.

      Here is the report on the court case that included the age of the girl.

    • eddie47d

      I bet Benjamin is blowing smoke. Either that or he doesn’t fly!


    It may not be realized in total but the TSA and the government unions are now moving toward probation then removal. The napoloidiot days are drawing to a close and not soon enough for most.

  • Vicki

    And it would appear that the charges themselves were made up. I wonder what thejury got for evidence.

    “The TSA agents claimed that Abbot was out of control, yelling and cursing. When a video surfaced it showed she was calm, despite being face to face with a group of officers. They also accused her of blocking two security lanes but the video doesn’t show anyone is blocked from passing through. Nevertheless, the prosecution stuck to her story, saying it was “unreasonable” to believe that TSA agents would lie. “What she did was a crime.””

  • Dan Mancuso

    I noticed alot of people commenting on this article are putting down the security personel for ‘doing their jobs’. The Nuremberg trials notwhithstanding, these peple are working to feed their families, maybe they are doing this job because there are no other jobs and they don’t want to be a parasite at the teat of the taxpayer – read welfare recipient. Personally I would go hungry before I took a job like that – at least for a while…
    If you want to rail at someone, go to the top. Who exactly is ultimately responsible for the TSA being there? Is it Congress, we all know how corrupt they are. Is it the president? Well he may be the public facilitator of these un-Constitutional atrocities to your liberties, but he’s merely a puppet on a string.
    If you need to vent your very legitimate anger and frustration, point it at WHO IS RESPONSIBLE.
    So who is it????

    • paul shanks

      perfect question who is responsible , the puppet master ?

    • CEO

      All government employees are sucking the teet of the federal government.

  • Richard

    This is exactly why I drive. If they did to you on the street what they are doing in the name of security (security for who, I wonder?) it would be called called felony sexual assault!

    • JC

      The location of the assault does not change the nature of the assault.
      But very good point Richard.


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