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Woman Arrested For Interfering With Speed Trap

July 2, 2012 by  

Woman Arrested For Interfering With Speed Trap
Cops set their sights on Natalie Plummer after she warned drivers of a speed trap.

A Texas woman spent 12 hours in jail after she warned motorists of a speed trap.

Natalie Plummer was riding her bicycle home from the grocery store when she noticed that police were pulling people over. “I felt like he was just pulling random cars over,” she said.

So, Plummer scrawled “Speed Trap!!” on a paper grocery bag. “I was completely abiding by the law,” she opined. “I was simply warning citizens of a situation ahead.”

But the tactic upset Houston police. According to Plummer, one officer grabbed her backpack and began searching through it without consent. Allegedly, he told Plummer she was obstructing justice and would be incarcerated for three to five years. She was cuffed and taken to jail.

Eventually, Plummer was cited with “walking in the roadway where there is a sidewalk present.” A spokesperson from the Houston Police Department said she “was a danger” to others, and her actions constituted “an arrestable offense.”

However, she says she was never in the road. “He couldn’t take me to jail for holding up this sign or he would have. So all he could do was make up something fake about it,” she recounted.

In May, a judge near Orlando, Fla., ruled that it is Constitutional for citizens to warn of upcoming speed traps by flashing their headlights. The judge concluded the act is protected by the First Amendment.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Robert Smith

    There are good police and bad police. Sadly the system in this case supported a bad cop.


    • Vigilant

      For the first time, we agree on something, RS (:-)

      • rendarsmith

        I lived in Houston for 17 years. Police there are very corrupt.

      • 45caliber


        I’ve always been convinced that if someone dropped a nuke on Houston, no one would mind … including the people living there.

      • Wil

        Now 45, that just might be the future home of Wall Street, since New York wants to crumble into another Detroit, and Houston or Dallas could serve their needs just as well.

        just think,then you yanks would have even more to hate Texas over.

      • 45caliber


        I hope you weren’t assuming I’m from the North. I’m not. In fact, I live about an hour’s drive from Houston.

        Incidently, there are three things a Texan hates to see pulled. One is a Mexican pulling a knife. The second is a black man pulling a gun. The third is a Yankee pulling a U-Haul.

    • JOE1CR

      It’s the Mayor’s tax department at work. LOL

    • Randy131

      In the USA today, all governments, from federal, to state, and to local, are making the US Constitution irrelevent and ineffective, by usurping our rights and freedoms of the Bill of Rights, added to that once great document as the first 10 Amendments to it. And they will continue to do so until they have usurped all of our rights and freedoms, in which case is only a matter of time, for ‘Evil’ prevails when ‘Good Men’ do nothing. Can anyone truthfully say that what Janet Napolitano is having the TSA do at our airports is not in violation of our 4th Amendment rights and freedoms, and if not, then why the docile and quiet response to this usurpation of part of the Bill of Rights, for rights and freedoms are not lost all at once, but one at a time, in a domino effect, for a people who refuse to stand up and fight for them. This article is but another example of that domino effect, and shows that soon time will run out to even be able to do something about these usurpations, whose list is growing longer by each day that passes without an active response.

      • 45caliber

        Most of those officials don’t know or care what the Constitution says. One ex-judge in Houston used to insist that HE was the only law in his court and he’d send people to jail for contempt of court if they argued that their rights were being violated. In fact, if they insisted their Constitutional rights were violated, they would get six months. They finally got rid of him.

      • pweiters9

        7/2/12, Issuing traffic warnings to other motorists is legal & protected by the 1st amendment even though the cops might not like it. My question is why this woman chose to hold up a sign; or care who would get a ticket so long as she wasn’t driving. Or, maybe it could be sour grapes on her part, possibly having gotten a ticket herself there.

    • Tom Cook

      Rob, there undoubtedly are some good cops; but these days I believe they are a minority. It is difficult for a good person to remain on a police force where most are brutal thugs for they will be compelled to join the majority. I think most cops are like the scum-sucking thugs who murdered Eric Scott in front of a Costco; Scott a West Point graduate and productive citizen was murdered by copthugs who have been protected by their department and who are guilty of first degree murder. This happens too often these days. There have been too many Wacos and Ruby Ridges committed by government criminals.

    • Steve L.

      You have apparently never driven in Houston or you would be siding with the police. In a state that has 80MPH speed limits on some highways and wants to up it to 85 in other places.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        I drive a 18 wheeler in Houston when i run local loads , I don’t have to much problems , as long as i doge the truck enforcement cops trying to make the city money . Hint , when driving a big truck in on the freeways when you get ready to Change lanes you Hit the turn signal at the same time you start changing lane , Or the cars well speed up so you can’t get in front of them .

    • Art

      I’d sue the ba*tards see how they like that

  • Big John

    WARNING!!! Fiscal confiscation ahead! I flash my lights all the time at people after I pass a speed trap. It’s not that I condone speeders, but I harbor even less affection for local, county, and state governments that finance their operations by this act of fiscal confiscation. If some cop finds his monthly quota of tickets low for a given month, that’s NOT my problem. So he takes it out on the local citizenry and burdens them by taking some of their rent or mortgage money, car payment money, child care money, etc.
    Those that dangerously speed or drive recklessly SHOULD be sanctioned, for the safety of the greater whole. But to sit behind a bush and hassle people going 5 miles an hour over the speed limit that are late for work, or late getting kids to school is (expletive deleted) in the extreme.
    Further, on the local level, these types of actions diminish support AND donations for law enforcement. You wanna write me a $175 dollar ticket for going 9 MPH above the speed limit? Fine; Do NOT come to me for toys for tots donations, Sheriff’s office donations for youth summer camps, or donations to upgrade equipment and vehicles.
    Ticket JUSTLY AND WISELY, and your local reputation remains intact. Ticket UNJUSTLY, and the citizens you swore to protect no longer have your back.

    • Jazzabelle

      I couldn’t have said it better!

    • B. Bonds

      AMEN Brother! 100% correct……

    • Steve L.

      How Lame, don’t call a cop when your life is being threatened either. Or one of those houston driver’s runs you off the road doing 20 miles over the spped limit and your in his way. It happened to me on the loop.

      • TRex

        I don’t argue that there aren’t bad drivers in Houston (although everywhere I travel there are just if not worse drivers), the problem is the POLICE. If the police didn’t act and believe that they are God’s hand on earth, I would return to supporting them. Unfortunately, my experiences have shown me that instead of getting better, the police and other law “enforcement” participants are getting worse. They protect obvious criminals in their ranks and foster their own “it’s us against THEM” and the them aren ‘t the criminals in society, it’s everybody NOT wearing a badge of some kind. They speed and get caught while off duty, flash the badge and don’t get a ticket. Confiscate some drugs and money, turn in half the drugs and 1/3 of the money, after all they are due something extra for the “danger” they are in all day. This is the cult of the Police and woe unto anyone who points it out with any major attention.

      • CJ

        Left lane road hogs deserve to be run off the road. If someone threatens my life, I’ll call the cops to dispose of the body of the perp.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        If you can;t run with the big dogs , you need to stay on the porch ! You can always stay on the feeder road .l

      • independent thinker

        As far as drivers are concerned the best city I ever drove in was Batob Rouge LA and the worst was Nashville TN.

  • sabulaman

    I lived in Houston for a while, and I’m sure that while these cops were running their speed trap, and harrassing this woman, there were serious crimes being committed somewhere that could have used some police presense. It’s not just Houston, it happens everywhere. Then again, do you blame them for going after easy money instead of dangerous police work?

    • Steve L.

      Right, it just easy money eh guys. Some roads in houston are the wild wild west. Ask the family of the dead mother who got killed on her way to work because some self centered driver doing 25 over the speed limit cut her off in morning traffic. She gave her life for that

      • Bob in Boston

        90% of the time when I hear someone say they were “cut off” it’s because they were driving too slow in the left lane. Some people just don’t understand that they need to get back in the right lane every time it’s possible whether they think they are going “fast enough” or not. And it’s definitely worse with drivers in some states – for example Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey drivers always head for the left lane as soon as they get on the highway and then never move right no matter how much traffic they are blocking.

    • 45caliber


      The problem isn’t the police so much as it is the city politicians. They demand the police give out the tickets to bring in money. In fact, some towns have a budget of $0 for city police departments. If they want to get paid they have to turn in more tickets than their salary for the month. Wrong system.

      On the other hand, the cops in Houston are lazy among other things. Several have sat and witnessed a crime without ever calling it in for fear they would have to do something. And I dislike all their SWAT teams. These men have been trained (overtrained?) to shoot instantly on the slighted provication. Too many times it is innocent people who suffer.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        Your right ! I would sit at baker on rankin rd wanting to get unloaded and watch them play 101st with helicopter , they would take off and make a circle hover at about 100 ft and lower theme self’s with ropes off the skids . ( it would have been funny if somthing happend to the tail rudder ) LOL

  • johnny

    As an ex-police officer I agree, this is an attaack on freedom. Police powers must be rolled back to preserve the integrity of justice.

  • johnny

    sorry about the mispell

  • Mike Austin

    She was getting in the way of revenue generation. Is anyone suprised?

  • Jimmy The Greek

    I am a trucker and any time i see the police running a speed trap i flash my headlights to traffic for about a mile , and get on the CB radio and warn other drivers . I live thirty miles north of Houston and can tell you Houston and all the (expletive deleted) towns around are making a lot of money on speeding and seat belt fines . It used to be that if the cop did not show up for court the ticket was dismissed , Now the court resets it . However if you miss the court date you lose . My brother went back and forth to court on a speeding ticket seven times in 2 1/2 years because the cop was not showing up for court , until he missed a court date , then he had to post a bond to get a new court date and it is still going . this is in the Houston court system . the reason we have to fight the tickets is because if you have a CDL licence you can not get a ticket dismissed be taken a safety course even if you got the ticket in your privet car . Now you tell me if that is not discrimination treating two drivers different in there car or motorcycle just because of what you do for a living . On you can hold me to a different standard when i am driving a 80,000 pound truck , but in our own car or motorcycle we should have the same rights as any other driver .

    • Jimmy The Greek

      Sorry i messed up however you can still understand it if you read it slow LOL

    • RW113

      Jimmy: The US Supreme Court has held that the right to a speedy trial under the US Constitution does not permit such delays, without a time waiver. Have him demand time – the next time the officer does not show up. Also, have him request dismissal. Weird how rights may be deemed if not demanded.

  • RW113

    Unfortunately, most lower level police [like traffic cops] are simply playing a game of cops and robbers they began as children; while others are on a power trip; their role is all to often interchangeable with those playing the “robber” – they can be either good or bad. Psych testing shows near identical personalities. Lingo, personality, behavior, etc is identical to those they lock up – any any given time, their behavior mirrors that of the bad guy – and they can truly be a menace to society. Yet, they are a necessary evil, if we are to live together in a civilized fashion. Thankfully, there are some who act human, and do not abuse the power entrusted to them. Unfortunately, they are often few and far between – with a “us against them” mentality – though we all try to teach our kids they are there to help and protect “us”, and technically, they are our employees. Like facing the dreaded IRS Audit, for some reason they have instilled fear in the majority of society.

    • Jimmy The Greek

      My kids and my grandchildren have had it drumed into there heads that you never ever call the cops or give them any infofmation but your name, birth date , or ID if they are old enouf to have ID .

      • Mr. Smith

        I agree 100% with Jimmy The Greek, however I remember a time when I was growing up we were taught that the police are our friends.

        It is sad that this is NOT the world we live in today. Today there is an ever widening separation between “us” and “them” on behalf of both Law Enforcement and “we the people.”

        I remember the first time I heard that, “there’s a storm brewing” and thought that only an instigator would say such a thing, but today I’m not too sure that it is an overstatement.


      • 45caliber

        One of the really sad things is the number of people who won’t stop for an accident any more. When I was growing up we were all taught to ALWAYS stop. Now? You are instantly guilty of something if you do. It may not even have been your fault but you will usually end up paying a fine, at least. So many now do not stop.

  • LLoyd Rex Bennett

    Having lived in Houston for most of my life, I can sadly testify to the brutishness of most of the Houston Police Department. I have been ticked for flashing lights to warn others of a speed trap as “a hazard to public safety.” I have been targeted by the HPD because I pursued the death of my brother in law who was killed by two drunk HPD officers going home after shift change. They weren’t ticketed or arrested because it was my brother-in-laws fault for standing in his front yard when they lost control and drove through his and his neighbors yard, ending up in the ditch on the other side of the road. I have never had a pleasant experience with the HPD in the 50+ years of living here. The only thing the majority of the HPD that I’ve dealt with is the maintenance of their “authority” and the fear that they can engender. Unfortunately, as an attorney, I have to deal all too frequently with them and furthermore most of the judges here don’t bother to ever give the ticketed parties or the arrested parties any credence in court.

    • Jimmy The Greek

      You Got Right !

  • Steve E

    That women that was arrested was simply saying to other drivers to slow down and obey the law, What’s wrong with that?

  • Sol of Texas

    Houston PD has a terrible reputation. In most other Texas cities it is anecdotal that if one is caught flashing headlights to warn of speed traps one might be pulled over. If questioned as to why the lights were being flashed, if one answers “I didn’t” or “I don’t know” the driver will be cited for unsafe vehicle/headlights not functioning properly. However, if one replies “I was warning drivers to slow down” they will let you go, as there is no basis for detention.

  • Butch

    Solution’s easy: arrest the pigs that violated the hell out of her rights and fire them w/out pensions. GUARANTEED it would never happen again.

    • Mr. Smith

      Although I agree wholeheartedly with what you said – the idea of it actually happening made me laugh. I hope that your response was “tongue-in-cheek,” and that you see the humor in it as I did. It made me smile today, thank you!

      The idea that the law enforcement would “self-regulate” IS humorous. What was that bumper sticker I saw, “Giving power to the government is like giving teenage boys liquor and car keys.” The idea being, like teenage boys driving drunk, you just know that it will NOT end well.

      With our Supreme Court allowing the majority of Obamacare to stand we’ve effectively given our government carte blanche, unlimited power to do anything they want. The government cannot even run mail delivery without SUBSTANTIAL taxpayer (that’s you) support (and that’s your money), I can’t wait to see how they’re going screw-up our healthcare! If it wasn’t so funny, it would be a titanic tragedy.


  • phideaux

    Where are eddie and Flashy defending the indefensable actions by the officers.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Careful what you wish for.

      • phideaux

        Didn’t say I wished for them just noting they are conspicuous by their absence. I notice
        Steve L is doing a fair job of standing in for them.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Tickets haven’t been punishment in a long time, just another tax for the cities, I was going to be a cop, took the test, pasted the interviews and was headed to the Academy, then my wife said she would divorce me if I became a cop, then she said to get rid of my motorcycle or she would divorce me? Could have been a motorcycle cop, she divorced me anyhow? Go figure?

  • Benjamin Fox

    I know passed not pasted, how did I pass that test?

  • Gene

    What that lady may have not known because of her stupidity, is the Police may have been there waiting on a subject they were looking for. What she had done was tip that person off. The Judge should throw the whole library at her.

    • phideaux

      Gene use yer noggin boy. If they were stopping multiple vehicles they were not looking for a certain vehicle/person. Their very act of stopping any vehicle other than the one they were looking for would give them away.

  • Sasha

    She should have been arrested for obstruction of justice. The police often times get criminals/Drunk drivers/etc off the ‘streets’ by setting these speed traps. We should be following the speed limit laws. Speed traps are necessary.

  • Bud

    As a retired LEO from Califorina I often flash my lights to warn oncoming traffic of radar ahead or an Officer parked off the road and hidden by bushes or signs. I did use radar in school zones. I think enforcement is better served by an Officers visual presence and I caught plenty of violators just watching those right in front of me. You know what I mean! You have often seen the crazy driver and only wished you were a cop for a few minutes and you woulg get that driver, RIGHT? No need to hide and play games. A real Officer is there to serve and help and when the need arrises that a crime occurs to either prevent it by their presence or apprehend the violator by being present and not by hiding in the bushes!

  • Peter McGuire

    45 Caliber – funny but I will be real clear – this Yankee would not move to Houston if it were the last place on earth. Nor would I visit Mexico , or vacation in Nova Scotia. I am also glad to get rid of our trailer trash, who tend to seek employment in your place.


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