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With Family Rates Up To $20k Per Year, No Surprise Most Americans Unsure Of Buying Into Obamacare

June 4, 2013 by  

With Family Rates Up To $20k Per Year, No Surprise Most Americans Unsure Of Buying Into Obamacare

As the January 2014 deadline looms for Obamacare to take effect as the law of the land, nearly two-thirds of Americans are still on the fence about buying insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

An survey reveals that 64 percent of uninsured Americans are reticent about complying with Obamacare’s mandate to purchase health insurance – in part, according to one insurance industry advocate, because “people are still in the dark about what their options are going to be – and they’re skeptical that the penalty for not buying insurance is going to be enforced, at least in the first couple of years.”

But Obamacare was conceived as a closed system; one which would be buttressed by everyone’s participation. But with more than half of those whom the law was intended to benefit – the sick and uninsured – still wary they’ll see any financial benefit at all, the system is in danger of failure, even before it’s begun.

“[The] system is predicated on the theory that enough healthy people will enroll and buy insurance so that their premiums will offset the costs of benefits for less healthy people in the same plan,” Laura Adams, senior insurance analyst at, told CNBC. “If only the sick enroll, it could be very precarious for the industry and the cost of insurance.”

Meanwhile, the embattled IRS has released a rulemaking proposal as it prepares to take on an enforcement role in implementing Obamacare. For a family of five, the agency is operating on the assumption that the cheapest insurance they’ll be able to buy will cost them $20,000 a year.

In a convoluted document; one littered with headache-inducing examples designed to illustrate how those opting out of Obamacare must calculate their mandatory “penalty,” the IRS posits that, while the “cheap” coverage will cost $20,000, the penalty for opting out altogether is relatively light. In fact, for a four-member family with a household income of $120,000, it would only come to $2,400 a year.

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Stephine

    Oh yeah real affordable, what a line of BS. Why don’t they call it what it is, an f’ing tax on everyone. It is getting to the point that couch potatoes living off the welfare system will be better off than the working class. Hmm, can you say revolution?

    • jdn

      Its hard to say what the last straw will be or when it will happen but one thing is for sure , it will happen and our first Civil War will look like a drunken Saturday night brawl .

  • Robbie

    I think only folks with piles of money should be allowed to have proper health care. So, for examples, if you had a rich uncle who died and left you lots of cash you should naturally be allowed to buy the best doctor or if you were really good at selling used cars or broom handles then you should have only the best medicines or if you got lucky in Vegas and won loads of money at the roulette wheel then you should always have instant access to only the better hospitals. Anyone – even if they work hard all their lives – who cannot amass large sums of cash has no right to proper medical care. There’s really no other way to deal with this commodity.

    • jdn

      Well then is it a commodity or not ? If its not a commodity but a right who is going to pay for everyone to have all the pricey million dollar procedures even though their only contribution to society is to breath air at best . Where do we stop ? Does everyone get a McMansion and Mercedes next because its unfair that a few rich folks can afford them ? What is happening is those that worked hard all their lives are being priced out of insurance so those that never worked a day in their lives can have it for free . But hey don’t let facts get in the way of pandering of votes in the largest section of society – the welfare queens , the perpetually unemployed , the 49% of the population on food stamps , the 11 or so illegal Immigrants . That’s whole lot of votes to pay for .

      • Robbie

        You’re going kind of extreme the other side of which would be to simply exterminate anyone who does not have a job. So we should seek some middle ground. I kind of like our Canadian system of socialized universal health care. All medical services are funded from our graduated income tax system and when any citizen needs health care it is available to them. We think of hospitals and nurses and doctors etc in much the same way as we think of the fire dept. If your house catches fire or you are trapped in a car wreck the fire dept comes to the rescue and it’s paid for from the public treasury. No one up here thinks about having to pay the firefighters if their house catches fire. Medical care is a basic human right here and no one worries about going bankrupt if they get sick. There is private health insurance for stuff like private rooms in hospitals, drugs, TV in the room if you want and such like but we shutter at the thought that in America private companies eat up 30% of health care dollars. We find that stupifying and I have a close friend in N.Y.C. who pays a veritable fortune for private health care insurance but when his wife came down with breast cancer they were told that they were not covered! The insurance company there found a way to wiggle out of paying for her care. No one in Canada has to worry about such thievery. Mind you Israel – with the best health care in the world according to none other than Mitt Romney – not only has universal health care like Canada but they even provide dental care for children. That’s something we in Canada can only dream of.

        • Beverly Levitt

          I have no desire to live in Canada, nor have Canadian ways brought here. Many in Canada that have needed life saving surgeries or treatment have had to come to the states in order to receive the priority treatments needed. This is nor has it been a secret. Socialist answers in a Republic are not the answer this country needs. A flat tax might just free our people to be able to afford private insurance. Government intrusion into our medical choices is NOT the answer.

          • Robbie

            In fact it works well here and in Israel (even according to Mitt Romney who introduced it in his state when he was governor). The good folks there give it high grades in case you don’t know. No one in Canada ever feels that the government is involved in doctors’ decisions. You make an appointment for whatever reason with your doctor and he/she bills the gov. for services rendered. Or if its an emergency you simply head for the hospital and they look after you. Period. Some Canadians do take off for the states for certain specialized care just as some Americans come to Canada’s Montreal Heart Institute or Toronto’s Shouldice Hernia Centre which is world famous. Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children is world famous for the separation of Siamese twins and trains many American plastic surgeons specializing in childhood facial abnormalities. You may live in a big city with plenty of hospitals and doctors. Folks living in border states have a different reality which you may or may not care about. In fact Sarah Palin noted in her book that as a kid up in Alaska her parents often went over in to our Yukon Territory for medical services. But again that may not be your personal reality. Oh, and giving over a full 30% of all health care spending to shareholders of insurance companies strikes most Canadians as totally nutty.

          • Michael Shreve

            The thing about COMMUNISM is that the proletariat seldom realizes it has bee enslaved. For the most part he communist Chinese think they are a free people.

          • Robbie

            And do you think Canadians are unknowingly enslaved because we have a system where all citizens are entitled to proper health care without going bankrupt?

        • Michael Shreve

          Sure, AND those who can come to the U.S. for REAL healthcare.

          • Robbie

            REAL health care? What do you mean by that pray tell? May I assume that you think no other country has good health care? The pure unmitigated arrogance of some Americans boggles the mind. Actually it’s not even arrogance – it’s lack of knowledge.

    • Stephine

      I don’t understand what side you are on. With this new crap system only the very wealthy and the couch potatoes will have health insurance. If you are working to make ends meet and your company doesn’t offer insurance or does but it is $200 a week and your takehome is $300. Well guess what, you make too much to qualify for “free government health care” but no way to afford the insurance from your employer. So you go without and pay the $600 TAX at the end of the year. Why not just quit and live on the government teat getting free medical and stick it to all the working class that are struggling to make ends meet.

  • Bill

    The answer is to go to Mexico, get another ID, sneak back across the border and have free medical, free education, voting rights, politicians willing to give you anything to get your vote and you can work for cash and pay no taxes.
    Such a deal!!
    If you are the poor dumb working stiff who tries to do the right thing and pay your taxes, you will get screwed

  • Beverly Levitt

    I will pay the fine, that simple. The government will NOT mandate my personal choices to a private industry that rapes us with their blessings daily.


    While this bunch of clowns we call lawmakers is trying desperately to convince you this piece of illegal legislative HC crap is worth some thing, they have yet to denounce their own infamous tax paid Cadillac plans at over $10K / person, a little detail to denote that the law applies equally to all citizens not just some of them……My personal advice is if you have a spine, then you will cajole, bark at and push these lowlifes into repealing this crap law and making them remove the state lines law to allow free trade so that the insurance market to compete equally and bring down the cost of insurance of all kinds…government in their flawed wisdom makes everything they meddle in cost more and that is a fact worth noting also….get the government the hell out of our lives by using the Constitution.

  • CommonSense4America

    Citizen nullification!!! Just say NO!! If enough citizens just say no, then it will be unenforcable and Obamacare will die under its own weight

    • Robbie

      Try it if you like but right off the bat there are something like 40 million Americans who will now be getting proper heath care who had no or little before until they were forced in to an ER (at tax payer expense).

  • Michael Shreve

    “For a family of five, the agency (IRS) is operating on the assumption that the cheapest insurance they’ll be able to buy will cost them $20,000 a year.” THIS is for the “good” of the people. ANYONE believe the administration didn’t KNOW what a catastrophe Obamacare would be. The goal has ALWAYS been nationalized healthcare.


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