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With Elections Around The Corner, Some Dems Call For Spending Cuts

September 9, 2010 by  

With elections around the corner, some Dems call for spending cuts For months, Democrats have been accusing Tea Party candidates who won GOP nominations for moderating their anti-debt, anti-big government message and shifting to the center. However, there is now evidence that some Democratic candidates are doing the same.

As polls increasingly show falling popular support for Democrats’ handling of the economy, some members who are up for re-election this November are now calling for curbing government spending, even as President Obama promised billions in new funding for infrastructure projects.

For example, Senate candidate Paul Hodes from New Hampshire was quoted as saying that both the GOP and the Democrats have "willfully spent with no regard for our nation’s debt" for too long.

There are also signs that some Dems may be shifting on one of the hottest issues of the current election season, namely the idea that tax breaks for the rich should be allowed to expire.

The Obama administration has expressed a desire to let the Bush-era cuts expire, but Representative Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) recently went on record as saying that now was "no time to do anything that could be jarring to a fragile recovery," quoted by The Associated Press.

However, he added that the United States couldn’t afford to make these cuts permanent and the government could revisit the idea when economic growth firmly takes hold.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19936661-ADNFCR

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  • dan az

    Little do they know that the game is up and no matter what they cry they are going down. Flush on November people!

  • Jana

    These spending cuts that they want to implement all of a sudden is way too little, way too late!

    • Bob

      I agree Jana The dollar is going to be worthless in a couple years.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    THEY,should have thought about that when they passed (NAFTA)and bailed out (THE WALL STREET CROOKS)and gave all the fat banksters all the money to help american families save their homes,but no the slobs held on to the easy money the government gave them,and let the unemployed home owners lose their homes,and why were they unemployed? no JOBS,because all the boys and girls of both parties voted to give the world the biggest economy in the world(THE AMERICAN ECONOMY) via (NAFTA),i vote flush them all down the toilet,but their isnt a toilet big enough to hold that much filth.let them get unemployed.

    • Jim H.

      The Dems must think we have the attention span of a 5 year old. If they think we will only remember the last 2 months and nothing else, it would be another example of them thinking we’re that stupid.Let’s show them in Nov. that we do have memory’s.

      • TIME

        In fact you are 100% correct, its the common thread in DC as well all political game players is that the people of the United States are as stupid as a box of rocks.

        And to be fair on this issue, they have been allowed a 100% free pass for the last 50 plus years to do as they please, so it only goes to aid them in their opinions on why we are so stupid.

        The InterNet was their down fall by allowing us that TOY, and now its too late for them to turn it off, please do keep in mind they will keep trying to do so.

        As I have said now many time, Pandora’s Box was opened long ago, its now to late in many respects to do anything about it.
        Where we need to work hard is the education system, is the real week link and if we don’t fix it very soon, it will be too late.
        The people who have a clue will all be long gone and America as you know it will no longer exist for your kids and their kids they will be slaves to the government.

        We can fix the Political mess, the Economy, we can fix the injustice that the politicians have made over the last 160 plus years, we can fix the Media to stop the Brain washing.
        We can rid ourselfs of the Fed, the DOJ, even the ACLU, also even the World Bankers, thats all easy as its just EXPOSING them, thus Exposing the “TRUTH.”

        But to do so we must “reeducate our children” to understand why the United States was created, why it had a strong Moral backround that aided its growth.

        Free Men are far more productive than Slaves to the state as seen by all Marxist type governments, but if only Marxist forms of governments exist and no one knows any better, well then there will never be any reason to change to allow FREEDOM.

  • Warrior

    All of a sudden, everyone wants to go back to back to the bush cut tax and spend days. What’s going on here?


      You are sadly mistaken. We want the size of Government reduced. It is not a question of how much revenue we allow them to steal. It is about how and when they spend it.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Amazing… Some are actually becoming worried for their positions! The arrogance of this administration and the non-stop spending is not something that the average American agrees with. I think the closer it gets to November, the more scrambling we’ll see along with more of Barry in ‘campaign mode’….

  • GP

    “YOU LIE!!” That’s the first thing I think when a Dem starts talking about cutting spending, replealing ANY of the massive legislation they have enacted over the past 18 months. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. DON’T BE DUPED!!! This is just rhetoric to get elected. The dems are not capabable of such a profound change from their basic nature of tax and spend. The ONLY way to shake up the Democratic party is to present them with a MASSIVE rejection at the polls. Only then will they even start a true and honest look at how far from the American people they have gotten. Please, Please, Please!!! Don’t be fooled. You will hear a lot of pure abosulte B/S from the Dems over the next 60 days. They didn’t just see the light. They know they are down for the count and willing to say ANYTHING to remain in power. The only way to take our county back is a massive and overwhelming rejection of the Democratic Party and their agenda in November and again in 2012. STAY THE COURSE fellow Americans or loose it all.

    • Warrior

      I’m in.

    • Arizona Patriot

      Nov. 2nd Take out the Trash!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Arizona Patriot,
        Here’s a little ditty that came in my e-mail from, I believe, the patriot. It sounds like what Dr szuss would say if he were here.
        I do not like this Uncle Sam.
        I do not like his health care scam!
        I do not like these dirty crooks
        or how they lie and cook the books!
        I do not like when congress steals.
        I do not like theirsecret deals.
        I do not like this speaker, Nan
        I do not like this “yes we can!”
        I do not like this spending spree
        I’m smart, I know nothing’s free!
        I do not like this kind of hope,
        I do not like it. Nope, nope, nope!
        I do not like your smug replies,
        when Icomplain about your lies!
        So for the future, make a note!
        “I do intend to Vote,vote,VOTE!!”

    • Mick

      GP says:
      September 9, 2010 at 9:30 am
      “YOU LIE!!” That’s the first thing I think when a Dem starts talking about cutting spending, replealing ANY of the massive legislation they have enacted over the past 18 months. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. DON’T BE DUPED!!! This is just rhetoric to get elected. The dems are not capabable of such a profound change from their basic nature of tax and spend. The ONLY way to shake up the Democratic party is to present them with a MASSIVE rejection at the polls. Only then will they even start a true and honest look at how far from the American people they have gotten. Please, Please, Please!!! Don’t be fooled. You will hear a lot of pure abosulte B/S from the Dems over the next 60 days. They didn’t just see the light. They know they are down for the count and willing to say ANYTHING to remain in power. The only way to take our county back is a massive and overwhelming rejection of the Democratic Party and their agenda in November and again in 2012. STAY THE COURSE fellow Americans or loose it all.
      GP you’re totally right, we have to eliminate the threat the democrats are bringing to our country, they have had their way for way too long and we’re seeing the result of their interference with the moral values of this country today, it’s not pretty.
      All Americans should know that the Democrats are under fire right at this moment and they will say anything to get reelected, they’re the champions of promises to gain momentum then do as they wish and go back to their trickery once in office, don’t let them get away with it again if you want America to survive……..


        Almost 100 years. It will take a long time to undue all of the damage. The FED, IRS, Social Security. Just a few examples.

        • TIME

          You are 100% right, so to is GP, its time to fix the problems or we will go down the Hopie and Changie path to the very end of what was once the United States of America, the The United One World Order.

          All Politicians “LIE” to get what they want.

          The ones in the congress and senate that voted on bills they did not read, or are members of the American Socialist Party need to be removed, no matter what party they are in as in a D or an R.

          As soon as the table has equal legs, its time to defund all these bills that were passed over the last 19 months, and then remove them from the books, then Barry Soetoro and all of is staff.

          If not then in 2012 we will be facing {Hillery} running for the office and she will nail the last few nails in the USA coffin, then game over.
          Oh and she will win just as if there was no one else running.

          • GP

            Now wait just a min!! Don’t EVER think that Hillary is a lock! She is the one that reported Arizona to the UN!! She just solidly aligned herself with the Progressives and the Socialists and Obama himself. She just lost MAJOR points with independent and conservative women across the nation. And she is still part of this god awful administration. She is VERY beatable.

          • Christin

            Time and GP,
            Hillary has indeed identified herself as a “20th Century Progressive” (can anybody say evil Woodrow Wilson and FDR’s Raw Deal). I’m hopeful that people are on to the PROGRESSIVE (aka Communist) plan of the Elite Ruling Class. She said the “rich” meaning the $200,000 – $250,000) need to pay higher TAXES. $250,000 is NOT “rich.” The Clintons paid 3.2 million (that’s $3,200,000) for their daughter’s wedding… now I call that RICH (aka WEALTHY). Did you know that 36 people mysteriously died on Bill’s watch who was brought up by congress on impeachment charges??? KNOW that Hillary is the one bringing the “Small Arms Treaty” to the UN to take away your 2nd Amendment Rights. And surely most you REMEMBER… “HillaryCare”!!!! Sounds an awful lot like “obamacare.” Let’s NOT ever FORGET she is NOT ON THE SIDE of the American People (citizens).

            The Players have chosen sides… Constitutional Patriotic American Citizen OR Progressive Godless Marxist NWO. You just have to figure out which one they really are and know who you are.

          • TIME

            My friend, I said Hillery will be the next president and thats very obvious if you watch the signs.
            I also said Barry Soetoro would win by a slim margin in August 2007, and he did in November 2008.

            So I kid you not she will be the next president, Polls make no differance, (( the only hope we have )) is that 70% or more of the American public that votes “wakes up” prior to November 2012, if not, Barry Soetoro will be out and Hillery Clinton will be in.

            You can write that down on your Notes for November 2012 and check it out at that time I will not be hurt if I am wrong.

            And If I am wrong I will gladly ask you to Forgive me.

            But again if 70% of the American Voters don’t Wake up very soon you have the way its going to play out.

            Its not up to me and I am not telling you anything thats not clearly obvious if you watch the signs. I am not trying to anger you just point out what I see.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          You can get rid of social security just as soon as you figure out a way to return all I paid in plus interest all those years. I’m 60 years old have paid into it since I was 14 and I plan on collecting at least SOME!!! I know people that paid into it longer than me, but at a waitress wage and will need it when they need to retire! I may not need it, but I paid out of every check and I feel I have it comming! I don’t care what the liberal court decided!

          • http://GOGGLE vaksal

            TO.Joe H. i remember when i started working in 1962 i got paid a whole $1.25 an hour but that was in sliver certifites and had the choice of getting one dollars worth of silver in a small packet,sounds like nothing but in those days a person could get 10 cans of tuna fish or 6 loafs of bread or go and buy a coke for a nickle or a gallon of gas for 28 cents,the point is with all that was stolen every pay period in real money,a person could have had a massive nest egg,but when i left high school in the middle 60s i had saved $13.864 dollars in real money,and got my start in life,well things didnt go well in my later years,to make it short,my health failed,and everything vanished,so now i live on the little i get from social secruity,and i am very thankful for that,but why is it that folks dont understand,that us older working folks(NOT DEAD BEATS)put our hard work into building a nation,not sucking it dry,but no it seems that people forget that once we generated massive amounts of money into that social security system that has been raided by congress ever since john F. kennedy started raiding that very fund,and every person in office betrayed the american people and that is us the very folks that funded it.and now theirs talk about getting it canned,well thats the frosting on the cake,lets get rid of the seniors,well if all the dead beats stopped sucking it dry for every tom ,dick ,and harry program that funds those who have not put in,there would be more than enough to cover that program,but no like all far thinking public employees,they killed the goose that laid the gold eggs via (NAFTA) and crooks getting bailed out (WALLSTREET) and funding (SOCIAL PROGRAMS FOR ILLEAGAL MIGRANTS) Joe H. now theirs talk by a fellow conservative for defunding social security,well if thats the case i want all the money i payed ,in silver with interest and that means the principle compounded on the interest,yearly and that amount payed in full in gold,not the phoney money they have now.i want to see that day,since all the crooks have trashed america,and the people that funded this nation will be left holding the bag(IOU S)THE fun getting old is it JoeH.

    • Ken

      I’m in, lets take out the lying trash and restore this country to the American people and the rule of law!!!!!

    • Christin

      Well said GP!

      Dems are desperate and deem lies a necessity to get a vote.

      But Americans (Conservatives, Independants, Libertarians, disllusioned Democrats (not the progressive ones)) don’t buy their bull and bail on them in Novemeber.

      We are not fooled by the Fools.

  • jlwilliamson

    the memory bank of the ‘average american’ does’t go past his next beer. 75 years of watching, listening to the pols of both parties and the gaggle of ‘average americans’ have demonstrated that lying by the pols is forgotten within hours. The recourse for the lying never enters the memory bank

    • Ed Lester

      I am still convinced that “re-elect no one” is a good idea. I was criticized by someone who suggested that we need continuity and selective continuation of the “good” legislators was a better idea. (Continuity means “more of the same” to those of you who have spent too much time in “government schools”.) If these “good” legislators are willing to “go along to get along” and not vigorously object to these outrageous spending bills then I say hurl them out, too. If their decorum is more important than our liberty, maybe we should “fire” them.

      • Dr. Mabuse

        Big Ed !!!!!
        I’m in agreement with you. We have to replace all these self serving
        greedy maggots (both parties inclusive). In order to have a decent and effective government, we need to closely scrutinize all three branches: Legislative, Judicial and Executive from the local, state and Federal levels and ALL of those found wanting should get the boot.
        Additionally, all special interest monies should be kept out of politics. As an aside, we might want to look at Diebold and other corporations who are involved in counting our votes.
        What did Boss Tweed say? Its not the vote that counts, but who’s counting the vote.

  • J.M.R.

    yes vote in the same lib and after the election it will business as usual also that applys to a few repubs.

    • Pathfinder

      This election do your best to avoid all dems AND all RINOs.



  • Gene

    Isn’t it odd that the Dems are now changing their approach after all this time of ignoring the American people. The Democrats are bald face liers. they will say or do anything to stay in power. if you fall for it they will go right back to their old agenda.

    • Bob

      There is no difference between the 2 parties. Until people realize this nothing will get better. Both parties have been in power since at least the late 19th century. Can you tell me one thing that has gotten better?

      • Pathfinder

        I agree. They both stink. That is why I VOTE LIBERTARIAN.


          How many times does the Libretarian win? I have two neighbors who wrote Ron Paul in for President. I challenged them that they actually voted for Obama. They became angry, as did the idiots who voted for Ross Perot. Why not get involved in the political party of your choice that has an actual chance of winning, and make a real difference, not just voting?

          • CHICKADEE1

            Take my word for it! I was one of the idiots that voted for Ross Perot. Only very quickly to realize that even if he had been elected, he would never have gotten any thing passed. Neither democrat or republican would have voted with him on any thing. Just out of principle…he wasn’t in their party! I will never do that again!

          • Christin

            Okay, Conservative at Birth, I was an idiot by your standards, too. I voted for Ross Perot, because the other guys were bad. But most of the American population did not get behind the alternative choice, thus my vote was wasted and Billyboy won. I learned my lesson. Give me credit for NOT voting for Clinton or Bush 1 atleast. Too bad we all didn’t fully awake back then and begin to clean this mess up before the hyper-drive guy came along to ruin things.

            We would need a new candidate under the “Conservative” label, maybe. I am not sure people would go for the Libertarian, but might go for the “Constitutional Conservative” as they are now in the primaries. The Tea Parties seem to endorse the constitutional conservatives as they understand the importance of getting back to our Founding Father’s Documents for a Free Society, Free Markets, Freedom of Religion and Speech, and Right to Bare Arms.
            Maybe then we wouldn’t be throwing our vote out if ALL would stand with that Small gov/ Less Spending Patriotic American candidate.

      • GP

        I couldn’t disagree more. You are only falling into the trap being set by the Dems and their lapdogs in the press. They have really worked hard to blur the lines between Democrat and Republican. If they are the same then why vote for the Republican? Every time the Republicans take over our government we enter a time of growth and increased prosperity. Just about the time we have recovered from the prior Liberal government they convince the voters to put them back in power and they screw it up again. And then blame it on the Republicans. NO, the Republicans are NOTHING like the Democrats.

        We are at a point in our history where we need something better than both because of the extreme damage done by the Liberals this time around. But that doesn’t make them the same.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Look at the bills Bush got passed then look at what Nobama has changed. NOTHING!! He has even strengthened the patriot act! Spending? All he has changed is done a lot more of it! The repubs are mostly just slower versions of the dems!!!

    • ChuckL

      Your statement about Democrats makes them sound like Muslims. Are they?

  • Warrior

    Interesting Thought.

    “Fathom the odd hypocrisy that Obama wants every citizen to prove they are insured, but people don’t have to prove they are citizens”.

    ~ Ben Stein

    • Pathfinder

      Good quote. Ben Stein also has a film on DVD called “Expelled”. I highly recommend it.


      Look up the word “hypocrisy” in the dictionary and there will be Obama’s picture. Right along with “liar”.

  • Pathfinder

    Yep, November second is getting closer. And on November third they will immediately revert to their big spending and heavy taxing ways.

  • Bob Fowler

    Gee — the closer it gets to election day the closer the a-hole politicos talk like they are going to do what the people want them to do. Uh-huh. I don’t think so. They just talk-the-talk until they get re-elected then they laugh at the stupid voters and get back to doing whatever the hell they want to do. We’ve seen what this bunch of Liberal Democrats have done to our country in the time they have had complete power. Don’t be fooled again. Vote these a-holes OUT!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    The biggest worry we have here is that a % of naive voters will fall for the Democraps’ tricks. We can only hope people will judge the Democraps for what they’ve done over the past 19 months. WAKE UP AMERICA!! This year, and in 2012, we need to defeat as many democraps as possible!! Even if a republican is not as conservative as we’d like, remember that 99% of the time a moderate republican is better than anyone in today’s leftwing socialist Democrap Party!!!!!

    • Warrior

      Just amazing how the leftists can become centrists within a blink of an eye or at least over the Labor Day Weekend.

      • GP

        It’s funny how the Dems have had a super majority most of the past 4 years yet are saying that the problems are caused by the Republicans being the party of NO. This is so blatantly absurd I can’t figure out why they aren’t a total laughing stock. But then when the press if fawning all over them and their agenda I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

        To the Dems if you totally agree with their agenda you are being bi-partisan. If you disagree in any way you are an extremest and an obstructionist. So it’s not a great leap to see how they would consider themselves centrists. After all, they ARE the answer.

        • GP

          There are some Republicans that need to go. Those like Olimpia Snow who have consistently and reliably voted with the Libs over the past 20 months MUST be voted out. But that doesn’t put the problem on the Republicans. It’s the stupidity of the so-called conservatives of those specific districts. They need to wake up.

          • marvin

            don,t forget l graham he is another one that was for it befor he was aginest then for it

          • marvin

            they did in alaska

        • Christin

          One of the Senators, not sure who (Maybe Jim DeMint or J.Baynor, I’d have to go way back and look it up) said “the Republicans were the party of Hell NO!” Hell No, we’re not going to do that communist stuff to our country.
          That’s a good way to answer the Dems when they are saying we are the do-nothing party or the party of no.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            yup but they have only done that in the last two years!!! Otherwise they just slower versions of the dems!!

  • cerebus23

    i think it was jefferson that said every 30 years you needed a violent overthrow of the government to maintain your liberty. and we are way way way overdue.

    how many good conservative and blue dog dems have gone to the hill in the past with fresh faces and big talk about reform and reigning government in and nothing changes. they either are sucked into the grindhouse that is capitol hill or they are shut out of the process entirely.

    while it is true that 3rd party choices are pretty much a vote for the party you most want to oppose. i wish we had a viable and strong 3rd party that was national and was given serious consideration by the media if a 3rd party had enough support then washington would have to play ball or risk being made to look even more petty and decitful.

    how about we talk pork or earmarks or discreationary spending in washington and call it for what is it bribes for votes. you get a big paycheck to vote for something in washington, that paycheck goes to your state and creates jobs in a district you need votes in and get you votes for selling out your vote in the long run. how in any reality can politicians get away with this bullshit? how can the media not call these things for what they are? and how can the american people not wake the hell up and say to their politicians this stuff has to stop period. there is no excuse that anyone could possibly come up with to say this system is good and wholesome they cannot change the name of the things again to try and cover up the fact that they are payoffs and bribes.

    this is a prime example of what is wrong with washington and with the media and with the american people that we just let these things slide and slide and slide.

    • GP

      There is no such creature as a “Blue Dog” Democrat. The so called Blue Dog is a Democrat who got elected from a predominatly conservative district and has to walk a tight-rope on how they vote so that they appear to the voters at home that they are somewhat conservative. So they work with the Democrat leadership and are told when they MUST vote with the party and when they are ALLOWED to vote conservatively and not hurt one of their bills. And when the leadership knows a bill is not going to pass they let the Blue Dog dems vote against them. It is all controlled and handled by the leadership. It is not possible for a Democrat to go to Washington and be an independent thinker. If you think so, you are a fool!!!!

      • Christin

        You are right GP.

        I did not always know this and have only learned of this of late. I was truely very disappointed when I learned of this “trick” used in our congress to fool constituents into thinking they (congress) are with them (the people).

        I believe many Americans did not know half of what is going on that is just wrong and unconstitutional.

        You have described the Trick congress pulls very well.
        Thanks for your great comments.

  • David in Ma.

    And as soon as they get re-elected, the spending resumes…count on it!

    They will say and do anything to get re-elected!

    A leopard cannot change it’s spots, Harry Ried has shown us that.

  • GP

    “Politics of Personal Destruction”

    I’d hope that everyone would try to contemplate on the methods and practices of the Liberal Media. Since they discovered in the 80s that they can easily destroy a conservative’s reputation and career just by taking nothing and making a huge controversy from it that has become their primary weapon. Newt Gingrich was the first of many, up through and including Sarah Palin and George W. The trouble is that far too many conservatives get right in step and follow the tripe and make believe just like it was pure fact.

    Don’t forget that the Dems have been in charge of the Legislative branch for almost 4 years now! It wasn’t the Republicans who did ANYTHING to massively increase spending during the Bush years. It only happened under the Dems during the last 2 years of his administration. But history has been re-written THAT FAST.

    So why did Bush not veto the spending? Don’t you remember all the threats of eliminating funding for the war? How about all the rhetoric about forming Congressional oversight committees to review and approve every small iota of how the war was run? It was hardly reported how there really was weapons of mass destruction found, i.e. poison gas and biological weapons. But then the news was already pounding on Bush and the conservatives about the “where are the wmd’s?”

    It is my concerted opinion that Bush was politically blackmailed by the Dems. He was told if he would rubber stamp all domestic agenda they would give him what he needed for the war. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything to most Americans. I certainly does to me. And it explains just about everyting that went on during the last 2 years of the Bush administration.

    So now the supposed result is that the Republicans are just as bad as the Dems. As reported by the Lamestream Media. And the Sheeple of our country have accepted that as truth. So maybe the truth really is that the Republicans are as bad as the dems. But maybe it is not. You’ll have to make up your own mind. But please go back to the actual events of the time, not the narrow minded, biggoted, arrogant reporting of those who claim to be news reporters of today.

  • paul

    sorry in the pass the american people have forgotten what has happened 30 days ago and vote for their pocketbooks, money talks. the welfare rolls have increased and they want their money too

    • GP

      How about this for an idea? If you don’t PAY taxes, you don’t vote!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Good idea!! That way half of congress can’t vote!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    It is an ingrained mental defect in socialist democrats in allsegments of government, weather it is city, county, state or federal offices. They all will try and get the government as deep in to anything as they can. If question on the wisdom of crawling in bed with goverenment wonks, it always we will be controlling the situtation. Wrong once the feds sitck their paws in your business your a minion for the beltway smucks. I have watched farmers and rancher become lap pooches for De[t. of Ag., They cann’t even manage their land because it must be approved by a committee of f–k ups who don’t farm or ranch. These committees are getting a few bucks and decide what you will grow plant and if the approve of it. Still think socialist democratys care about the little individuals or want people to be self suffient, no way, every democrat still gets goofy at the mention of FRD. a evil totalition sorry jackass that is worshipped just like Onumnutts and his domestic terrorists administration.

  • ReddFrogg

    Sorry Democrats! No good closing the pasture gate after the cow already got out! You wouldn’t listen to anyone and passed your damn massive comprehensive bills without even reading them or allowing anyone else a chance to do so. Democrats, you made your bed, now you must lie in it. However, I just know the only lying you will do will be all the spin and falsehoods you will be regurgitating before the elections. We are all wise to that tactic and are not fooled. I hope every damn one of you are voted out of office come Nov 2nd!

  • 45caliber

    Is anyone surprised by this? After all, it is election time. As a politician you promise anything the voters might wish – with no intention of fulfilling those promises later.

  • Carol

    Do the spending cuts the Dems are calling for have to do with all people who are NOT Dems? Cut THEIR projects, NOT mine. Mine are important, HIS are frivolous.

  • Patriot

    It will take time, may not be in our lifetime, let the work begin on Nov. 2 and educate yourself and others. There needs to be no other party, just a right of center conservative Republican Party. Because of the primaries we may have to vote some RINOS in, we can weed them out later. People with a commonsense approach and commonsense solutions with real CORE VALUES need to be our standard! Then we can work on the most fundemental solution which would clear the swamp of all the snakes that would be TERM LIMITS!

  • http://gmail i41

    Onumnutts is sure trying to make his promises come through, he wants USA to change to a totalitaian dictatorship. We now just need to go question, in public all the socialist democrats that voted for and looked like bobbing chickens following the marxist muslim moron. Several of us are trying to see when the socialists are going to arrive in the state.To let socialist dems know how digusted with that party everyone is. We will not buy a Chevy or Government Motors, shop at Wal-Mart, since practically all board members are of dem. adminstrations, even Hillary sat on it. When the unions got money, I didn’t see the price go down, and as for WallyWorld, shop in small private stores, you may have to watch the specials, but over years, it is a cheap and better quality than WM. Chech the labels where your food comes from and what country. Every new member of Congress had better be told to do away with paying welfare rat farmer and ranchers for doing nothing, do away with LDP, subsistance payments and all the other wasteful government programs. Other wise we will be starving with all the productive farmland laying idle raising nothing and ADM, ConAG, and Contennital Grain holding the chips for food. Check out how much these mega boys get for government taxpayer subsidizes.

    • http://PrsonalLibertyDigfest SAD

      I41, you hit the nail right on the head about the demos and their socialistic ideas for the country. we all have to unite to vote out all the incumbents and back our next representatives that agree with our desires to have a united USA; accept term limits; whatever programs their vote will also be accepted by them; belong to the same pension programs or similar programs citizens have; keep illegals out of the country and deport those who are not citizens; close the borders; do away with NAFTA and GATT; keep a strong military and support our troops; get rid of the IRS and Federal Reserve; institute the Fair Tax. If only half of this can be done we are on our way to rebuilding the USA

  • hundabuxt

    The democrats can be thanked for one thing: they’ve pissed off what up to now was a constituency largely uninvolved and uninterested. Those formally called the : “Silent Majority” has awoken like a sleeping giant and we’re going to kick butt and take names including ACORN aka (average criminal on restriction now).

  • namesake

    Hopefully enough Dems will lean toward the No Spending side of the board and we will have a hault on spending until November.

    • JoJo

      What would they do on Nov 3? Go right back to tax and SPEND and SPEND.

  • marvin

    ever watch obama where he will go and give his speeches 99 % to a bunch of union employes,from way back in 06 when he started running for president,liberal are like a bunch of rats on a sinking ship they distroy all life on board eating or sh-ting on ever thing they touch, then like adam told god that woman you gave me done it,it an,t my fault,pelosie would not let us read obamcare,we will pass it then mabe read it, remember the line i am not a crook,or i did not vote for that or i did not stand and clap for colderon or i will change party,s so i can get re elected,there maybe independent voter but there an,t no ind reps,look at crist in fla and liberman and sanders don,t be fooled if it walks and sounds like a duck,liberal nut don,t fall far from the tree,i know it,s bush fault

  • s c

    Apparently, it takes a old-fashioned b#*^h slap in the face to get some Washington retards to awaken from their drug-induced insanity. So, someone told them that a continuous spending binge is not what it’s cracked up to be (imagine that!).
    Izzum afwaid of looosin duh powah? Awwwww.
    Take no prisoners. Offer NO sympathy. Aim for the jugular and the crotch. Get the SOBs OUT of Washington and keep them OUT! Spend your own money, you disgusting, professional RETARDS! America’s wealth does NOT belong to you, and it NEVER DID!

  • marvin

    Immigration Reform…
    Should America Follow Arizona’s Lead?

    Here are the results!

    The Total Number of people who voted in this poll: 463,866

    1) Should America follow Arizona’s lead when it comes to immigration reform?
    96% voted: Yes
    3% voted: No
    0% voted: Undecided
    2) Do you believe illegal immigrants take jobs U.S. citizens want?
    85% voted: Yes
    10% voted: No
    5% voted: Undecided
    3) Do you feel being asked for proof of citizenship is a violation of your civil rights?
    4% voted: Yes
    94% voted: No
    1% voted: Undecided
    4) Would you like to see your state pass a similar immigration law?
    92% voted: Yes
    3% voted: No
    0% voted: Undecided
    3% voted: I live in Arizona
    5) For whom did you vote in the 2008 presidential election
    8% voted: Obama/Biden
    79% voted: McCain/Palin
    12% voted: Other

    • http://?? Joe H.

      something is wrong with your poll or quite a few lied!! how could 79% have voted for McCain/Palin yet Nobummer won!!

  • marvin

    can anyone tell me the differance in illegal and criminal a parking ticket may not be criminal but just don,t pay it lieing to get a driver lic having a fake id or ss card is this illegal or criminal or samething i have heard three liberals that work in the obama amend say it is illegal but not criminal to be undocumented is that like saying i am just a little pregnant,but thats what you get with a brain dead liberal that is never broke tell the tax payer run out of money, vote all liberals and rino out in nov 2010

  • Jim

    The government, no matter who is in office, has to cut back on spending and there are many areas in which to do so that will actually benefit Americans.
    95% of UN members, since 2000, that recieve U.S. assistance have voted against the U.S. most of the time.
    Between 2000 and 2008 the U.S. has given, in 2008 dollar value, 51.2 billion, 25.6 billion, 18.5 billion, 10.7 billion 7.7 billion, 6.7 billion and 6.5 billion to Iraq, Afghanistan Egypt, Russia, Colombia, Jordan and Pakistan respectively.
    Along with the 23 other countries in the top 30 that we have given money to, that amounts to 172.2 BILLION DOLLARS.
    I know that some giving is needed to maintain an ally, sad that we have to buy our friends and that some of those countries will be destroyed by man or nature but when in an economy like we have now we had better take care of ourselves first because we could fade in to history and then those that are dependant will be destroyed anyway. Charity begins at home and if and when we recover we can, if we can afford to, help the rest of the world
    Most of what we give does not make it to where it was intended but ends up making a select few very, very, very rich. Some of it is used to finance organizations that kill our military people and attack us.
    American manufacturing companies went to some of those countries for cheaper labor costs. Yet we pay the same or higher prices for those items than we would have had to pay if the company had stayed here. The labor is still cheaper but now the company makes more profit. make them come back to the U.S and supply jobs to Americans.
    If our governments, federal, state and local spent as much time studying where to cut spending as they do in looking for something new to tax we would all be better off.

  • American Citizen

    We can’t trust a Democrat as they’ve never met a tax they didn’t like. Immediately after they’re elected, they’ll go right back to their tax and spend ways.

  • Cliff

    Maybe instead of spending cuts, they could take up Ron Paul’s idea to suspend the income tax for 3-4 years.

  • Robert Wayne

    Every Commiecrat I’ve ever seen is always, but ALWAYS in favor of higher taxes and more wasteful spending. Now, with the elections at hand they’re claiming they want spending cuts? They’re not fooling anybody. After the elections, they’ll go back to spending like drunken sailors and voting for every tax they can. Like another poster said, “they must think we’re as dumb as a box of rocks”. And let’s face it, there are a lot of imbeciles in this country. That’s how Ocrappo got into office. But I think even a lot of them are finally starting to see the light concerning these pro muslim, pro communist, tax and spend crooks in Washington.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    We must also look beyond the 2010 election. DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE!! Hopefully we’ll win back the House and/or Senate this year. And if we do, the GOP must work diligently, and not get too comfortable with its success. It must stop the agenda of BHO and his demon-crats. Stop cowering to the leftwing demon-crats!! We must also look at 2012, as we need to win back The White House to start reversing the damage to America since January 2009. I have to admit I made the same error. I began writing, commenting and avidly listening to talk radio (Rush Limbaugh, et al) during the Bill Clinton years. Of course, I got too comfortable, and drifted away from this in 2001 when GW Bush became POTUS and the Demon-crats were out of power. I suppose I took the GOP success for granted, until of course the 2008 campaign began, when I could foresee this current disaster coming. REMEMBER – the Demon-crats have been, and will be, sore losers when they’re out of power. They will lie about us to try to win back control. So we must fight them, and refute all their lies, and try to keep the leftwing statist demon-crats out of power permanently!!!!!

  • Charles

    Sorry, my trust in the Whitehouse, leadership in congress and Main Stream Media is very low just now. To change their tune now is a little too late. As I see it, the only hope for America is repentance and restitution. May I be willing for this myself.

  • http://Verizon Bud G.

    Time: Did you watch Jay Leno interviewing people on the street after the Presidential election? He asked some very tough questions like “Who was the President’s running mate, what state was the President from and what position did he hold in Congress. Do you know that none of the answers were correct. The first question he asked was who did you vote for and the answers of those who voted for Obama were all wrong.

    I believe that answers the person who said the Democrats are far ahead of Republicans in their thinking. Problem is many aren’t intelligent enough to recognize what is happening in this country and that applies to both parties. There are also a good number of people on this site who know exactly where we stand.

    I believe after the November elections, you will see a large number of Independent people in Congress. When we defeat the Socialist Democrats, we have a beginning to bringing this country back to sanity in government and that also includes the judiciary at the Federal and State levels. When the American Civil Liberties Union manages to file and win frivolous lawsuits, it is time to question how these judges were seated.


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