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With Corruption, Injustice And Propaganda For All

May 22, 2012 by  

With Corruption, Injustice And Propaganda For All
Operatives of the State shape your entire life.

Often, media outlets provide headlines of shocking abuses of the state from abroad that leave Americans feeling happy that they reside in the land of the free. But things happening right here in the United States are slowly leading the Nation to the very type of despotism that its citizens are appalled to see occurring in other parts of the world.

Here are five signs that the United States is becoming a totalitarian country where people are fed disinformation and beaten into submission not by sinister-looking soldiers, but by their teachers and local police:

  1. At North Rowan High School in North Carolina a high school social studies teacher told her students that not only would she not tolerate students speaking ill of President Barack Obama, but also that they could be arrested for doing so.
    Sadly, the incident is not isolated and illustrates part of the broader problem that the United States public education system functions as little more than an indoctrination machine. Routinely, students are subject to school lessons that fail to teach them to read proficiently and to do basic math and science work. In fact, students in the U.S. perform far worse than their international peers in those areas. Instead, U.S. high school students are educated to feel good about themselves and about people living alternative lifestyles. They are taught that U.S. foreign and economic policy are paramount, that global warming will kill us all and that rational self-interest should never be a motivation for anything. Upon graduating, many of them go to college where they receive an accelerated version of the aforementioned curriculum. After that, with no capacity for thought or self-improvement, they join the ranks of the unemployed or underemployed and are helped along by the Nanny State.

  3. In many countries, there is no such thing as fair trial, and accusations are enough for imprisonment. Since 1989, re-examination of evidence has freed more than 2,000 people who were sitting in prisons throughout the U.S. because of wrongful convictions. Experts say there are likely thousands more who deserve exoneration. Each day, overzealous prosecutors, motivated by the prospect of gaining higher authority in the bureaucracy of the justice system, use tactics that send innocent people to prison.

  5. Not only is justice being removed from the court system, but law enforcement agencies increasingly rely on entrapment to quell dissidence and validate their increasingly militaristic nature. The FBI repeatedly preys on mentally disturbed and inept individuals and coerces them into agreeing to perform outlandish and often impossible “terror” attacks that otherwise would not have happened.

  7. In many developing countries, it is common for police to bribe people with the threat of false imprisonment if their demands are not met. This has also become common practice in the United States. Police in Brown County, Wis., recently stole $7,500 from Beverly Greer, stating that the money — which she had gotten out of a series of ATMs to pay her son’s bail — had traces of narcotics on it. This was done through civil asset forfeiture, a policy that lets police confiscate money and property with very little evidence to connect them to drug activity. The assets usually go back to the coffers of the police department that confiscated them. In most instances, individuals whose property is stolen by police are never convicted of a crime.

  9. Images of street riots and of people in foreign countries being brutally beaten by authorities are always shocking to Americans. But it is probably going on in a city near you as you are reading this and will likely intensify in coming months. Though many Americans aren’t too worried about police crackdowns on raucous protesters because they don’t get involved in such situations, it is worth noting that tyranny historically makes massive power gains in times of chaos. Some people posit that growing and increasingly violent protests will result in the Federal government’s implementation of martial control over the entire American populace, possibly aided by foreign governments.

Teachers and police were once lionized for their selfless service to communities. But the positions have become so bureaucratized and given so much power in recent years that they have become attractive career paths for sociopaths and statists. More and more often, these once public service jobs are becoming burgeoning examples of how the state is taking control.

These are only a few examples of how the United States is beginning to embrace propagandist, unjust and brutal policies to control its people. Each day, more examples are offered in the headlines and are pushed on to Americans as positives that will make them safer and healthier. But the truth is that the general public of the United States will only become dumber and more submissive to the ruling elite with each passing day.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • http://none noveldog2301

    A well written article and true to a fault. Slavery is alive and well and our leaders want us to stop complaining and just follow orders. All hail Caesar….I mean Obama. Long live hypocrisy, and poverty, and may injustice come to one and all. Thanks Democrats….who needs all those freedoms we once enjoyed?

    • Karolyn

      The Republicans are not without blame regarding any conditions in this country.

      • Rocky Night

        I really feel sorry for you Karolyn.

      • Karolyn

        I feel sorrier for you, Rocky, if you don’t see that there’s plenty of blame to go around to everybody. They are all the same – repubs and dems. Self-interest comes first.

      • ps

        Nor is the general population who voted for crooks and/or fools to represent them, regardless of their respective party, if they voted at all.

        (What surprised me about the audio recording, was the general atmosphere in the class room, with the “teacher?” seemingly being as ignorant as her students; no wonder as a nation we’re falling apart, our kids are being taught my morons.)

      • dan

        In this case I am glad to agree with you Karolyn….not only do the GOPpies pass more
        than their fair share of freedom usurping laws…they fail to rescind the Unconstitutional
        statutes or discipline those who abuse them. Let us not forget the enemies of freedom.

      • restorefreedom

        Get real both parties are to blame! Indict our politicians for treason.

      • TIME

        Dear Karolyn,

        Yes in fact you are 100% correct.

        Saddly – the truth is – we are all to blame as we all have allowed the ill behavior to go on for so long that its now just pure criminal.
        So much so that these very acts have been commited by the American people on themself.
        Now lets talk about self destruction…

        The only saving grace, ( if that can even be said) is that we all voted for and supported these Criminals by way of “”Deception”” from not only the Criminals in the De Facto form of Government known as the United States Inc. but as well the Mass Media.

        Of what just how odd is it that The Chinese are now buying up the Media in whats noted as the “FREE” world..
        What a bloody joke, will the people of the “FREE WORLD” ever wake up?

        Peace and Love

      • Teresa M.

        Your right Karolyn. The legislation that takes away our rights has been written by republicans. The only difference in the two parties is where they choose to waste our tax dollars. Both parties are out of touch and dangerous. Those who blindly follow either party are more dangerous.

      • Michael

        For the most part, the US Congress is working hand in glove to further Obama’s socialization of the US. The Republican “leadership” should all be turned out, but I strongly suspect they will not and when new conservative members arrive next January, they will be co-opted and the beat will continue.

      • s c

        K, you don’t have a clue, do you? I heard that “teacher” ranting on the radio, and what she said is straight out of Uncle Scam’s tech manual for destroying schools and lives. The ONLY thing Uncle Scam hasn’t done to utterly implode Amerika’s schools is to force teachers to attend “UNION” colleges and universites. They don’t exist yet, but that’s because Congress and the current prez don’t have any funds to try such absolute stupidity.
        That “teacher” is a QUACK. I hope she’s a UNION teacher, so people like you can see what REALLY goes on states like Wisconsin. She is a disgrace to the profession, and North Carolina should run her out of the state and send her to Cuba. Whether you realize it or not, K, people like you support such “teachers.” You think you can sit back and claim innocence. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that most of your “teachers” were just like the LOSER in this article. Like “teacher,” like student. Like prez, like robot lemmings.

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        The American citizens are the real cause of this. We have set back too long and let government do whatever it wanted. Voter apathy is the biggest culprit. We can blame the political parties all we want, but the truth is it is not their fault. The citizens of this country have not been doing their job. It is up to us to keep our government in check, and we have failed miserably.

        We now have a Congress that is practically an aristocracy. Seats are being kept in one family through incumbency and name-recognition. Few voters even know the names of their State Representatives. When a member of the House or Senate loses to a challenger, it is major news. It should not be that way.

        To start with, we desperately need term limits on every government position. When someone gets into office, the chances are excellent they will be there as long as they live. Government service used to be about doing a term or two, then going back to the real world. Today, we actually have career politicians. How is someone that has never held a real job supposed to help govern? The vast majority of our “leaders” are parasites that have fed from the public trough their whole life.

        We also need an educational system that teaches our children how to think. All they are taught today is the answers to the standardized tests, and how much evil America has done to the rest of the world. Very little real history is even taught anymore. We are taught that our country’s founders were evil for stealing this land from the Native Americans. How we are responsible for what happened centuries ago is a mystery to me. The Native Americans were doomed as soon as this continent was “discovered”.

        We the People desperately need to stop fighting among ourselves over trivialities, and start standing together in the face of rapidly increasing government oppression. The government is blatantly ignoring our Constitution. We have Presidents sending troops to war without Congressional approval. We have a President that has ordered the assassination of an American citizen. Even if he deserved to die, he should have had a trial first.
        Clinton’s regime had a serviceman court-martialed for refusing to wear a UN patch on his uniform.
        Obama wants UN approval for war with Syria, but not Congress’.

        Obama has been the worst President we’ve ever had for ignoring the Constitution. I do not understand how he was not impeached after what he did to Libya without Congressional approval. Obama swore to veto the last NDAA, and signed it as soon as it hit his desk. Now, there is a fight in D.C. brewing about whether the government can lock up one of us with no trial and hold us indefinitely, just like we do the people in Gitmo. Obama has banned the import of over 600,000 M1 carbines in his war against the 2nd Amendment. See for details. Holder must have told Obama about Fast and Furious before Holder authorized that felony. Obama mentioned that operation on Mexican TV months before the story broke here. Obama definitely knew about it, and lied to Congress and us about it. The Attorney General, Eric Holder, ordered the illegal sell of weapons to Mexican drug cartels with Obama’s blessing, and we still let Obama keep his job as President.

        These examples are the tip of a huge iceberg that the public has been ignoring. If we truly want America to return to its former greatness, it is up to the people to start taking an interest in what our government is doing. If we so not keep them in check, politicians will always try to grab more power for themselves and turn us back into peasants. We all must try to get our friends and family involved with our political process. If we do not change the direction in which we are going, America will soon be a third-world country ruled by a corrupt and bribed government. Wake up or give up, the choice is ours.

        • RichE

          That’s funny, blame it on the Indians. If the chiefs did their jobs we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

        • joseph foster

          Well written and thought out comments. As far as I am concerned the following presidents are inept and incompetent Obama, Bush and Clinton. Rommney is a clone of Obama. Joseph Foster.

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        The American people are to blame for the mess our country is in. Our laziness and apathy has led us here. If we do not impose term limits, and hold politicians accountable, things will never change.


          Well said, the people are too busy watching garbage on TV and football, many show no interest in politics and never vote. We no longer have a Government by and for the people, it is now a Government for special interest, that interest by money control the Government and most of our politicians serve their needs.
          Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’ Available at:

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      There is NO difference between the republicans and the democrats! They are the SAME thing. They are all controlled by the same people! The two parties are an illusion to make you think you have some say in things, which you DON’T! Don’t be fooled any longer! Wake up to the truth!

    • jojo


  • http://None Keith Allison

    The police aren’t the only ones who disobey the law. You ought to look into how so many judges ignore case and/or statutory laws and make up their own court rules in order to have the outcome of a case be to the likings of their friends they face from the bench.

  • eddie47d

    Its a terrible injustice when weak evidence can land a person in jail for life by overzealous prosecutors. 2,000 wrongly convicted is a large number but considering how expensive it is to overturn a conviction we can be sure there are many more. The Denver Post said one man was incarcerated for 27 years until DNA exonerated him. The real perp was traced fairly quickly after tests were done.

    • AZ-Ike

      Actually, Eddie, it is the jurors who convict and judges who sentence that put most in jail–not the prosecutors. It is the police culture of ‘making an arrest’ rather than ‘finding the truth’ and, especially recently, it is also media that convicts without evidence or trial.

    • eddie47d

      The judges have to abide by mandatory laws and the jury receives it’s information from the prosecutor who pursues the case. The prosecutors have the evidence and sways the jury to look at things their way.

  • Karolyn

    And then you get preachers advocating putting all gays in fenced enclosures until they die off. Disgustin display of unchristian behavior.

    I know it’s kinda off the topic, but I just had to.

    • Robert Robbins

      bet u haven;t made ur bed this morning.

    • Michelle

      of course my question out be …… is it true or did the station manipulate it to what they wanted like treyvon martin?????

      • Karolyn

        Did you watch the video? That would answer your question.

      • 45caliber


        Michelle has a point. Did the station modify the video or not? Someone who knows what they are doing can make a video show whatever they wish. It always reminds me of Rowan and Martin’s Laughin.

      • Karolyn

        I know what you mean. It was put on Youtube I believe by a member of the congregation. It is a Baptist churh in NC, and the story is just starting to go national. I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more about it. Some people are planning on picketing on Sunday. The pastor won’t talk to any reporters at this point.

      • Vicki

        I watched the video. Very short clip. Could easily have taken a much more innocent sermon and twisted it just like the media did with the 911 tapes.

        Besides what the media CLAIMS the speaker said is a whole lot nicer that what would happen to gays in say Iran.

    • Ted Crawford

      That’s very different, if no less offensive. I may chose to leave a Church that teaches improper beliefs, the children haven’t that option!, in addition the Preacher is paid by the private sector, the Teachers are paid from public funds!

      • 45caliber


        Did you see the article about the boy who was assigned the task of dressing up like Martin Luther King at school and giving a talk about him? I think the school was in NE and the boy was second grade. He dressed up like MLK and showed up for the presentation – only to be sent home by the school because one teacher said it was offensive to her for a white boy to pretend to be MLK.

        I think the school just gave the boy his first lesson on racism.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        The kid should have put on some black shoe polish on his face .

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Jimmy boy he did color his face that is what got him in trouble.

    • Jimmy The Greek

      That is not a bad idea fencing them in ! that would keep them away from the normal people .

  • Sirian

    “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”—Benjamin Franklin
    The masters are WE THE PEOPLE!! Is anything more needed to be said?

    • Aleks Mici

      Are you really the “Master”???That’s was been told to you and you belive this !!??
      No, you and me we are not the masters , it is impossible, they will kill us and the 90% will aplaud our execution.,first convicted by the slaves of the Presstitution an dfater that by the slaves and criminal minds of the Justice the big prostitutte of the Money Power !
      It s too late, maybe 3-4000 years too late, to be free and to be our own Masters!

      • http://yahoo catsueme

        since when do the workers set their own wages and perks without asking the masters? We the masters lost that arguement(?) a long time ago and now we are the workers who are taxed to death by coruption(?). sorry about my spelling. it never was my hot spot in school LOL

  • Brad

    Am I the only one that noticed the helmets wearn by the police in Chicago over this last weekend against the protesters, they look like UN helmets and or the same helmets weran by police in European countries? I’m sure it makes it simpler to Identify the officers but I have not seen these being wearn here in the states and thought it looked much like trhe helments wearn by UN military.

    • GiveMeLiberty

      Probably just a coincidence. There is no way our government would ever let a foreign nation influence us. Our pride and values are just too strong….yeah, right!

  • Vern Bowling

    Why has that teacher been allowed to keep her job? At least 1/2 hour has passed without teaching anything except that foul language is allowed in classroom discourse. In years past four-letter language would have earned a trip to the mens dean or the principal followed by corporal punishment. A professional teacher would also have insisted on civility in the classroom, not street-thug language, let alone unfounded threats based on political bias. Looks like the dumbing-down process has firm roots in the teaching staff and the school administrative system!!

    • Karolyn

      That teacher sounds like she needs to go back to school, especially for her grammar.

      • Libertytrain

        Sadly, she is not an anomaly.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        She shouldn’t be teaching AT ALL!!!

    • Ted Crawford

      Comming to a neighborhood near you, by Lyndon Johnsons Department of Education!

    • http://yahoo catsueme

      Listen to the voices.I bet she is black and thats why she’s alowed to get away with this.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        BINGO ! you get the prize .

  • JDN

    I was in Oklahoma City last year and witnessed a raid down the street . No less than twelve cars full of riot geared ,assault weapon carrying officers . The street was barricaded and after a half hour they dragged out a small bloody twenty something woman and left . When I got home I turned on the news because the camera crews were there and low and behold it was just a routine arrest for failure to show up in traffic court . Traffic Court Really , That gets your front door smashed in and you get beaten bloody by a mob of officers . People wonder why there are those who hate and despise officer friendly .

  • GALT

    Since when has “public education” not been a machine of “indoctrination”? Since when
    have police not been “corrupt”?

    Define “rational self interest”?

    What is the rational self interest of an obese person? Of an elected official? Of a coal miner?

    Is there a distinction between “rational” and “enlightened”? Between “reason” and “rhetoric”?

    “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.”

    When was the last time you’ve heard anyone use the word “decimate” correctly?

    How about “direct and indirect” taxes? ( important stuff that is really in the Constitution )

    Just curious but isn’t inflation the perfect “fair and flat” tax?

    How come “income” for corporations is after deducting all expenses, while for individuals
    it is the amount “over” the standard deduction? If that is sufficient to survive, let’s adjust all public salaries to that amount, and no more?

    Why is it that machines wear out and can be depreciated over time, but people do not and can not be? ( even OIL get’s a depletion allowance )

    Meanwhile, further info on 26 CFR 31.3402 (p)…….

    Also, Federal Courts have combined some interesting things: The Federal Rules of
    Evidence for Criminal and Civil Procedure. and U.S. Law has been arranged into Titles,
    known as United States Code…….

    Civil Law is Roman Law, Codification is Napolianic, unless you want to go back to
    Hammurabi or Justinian………neither of these are available in the Constitution.

    • Terry

      well said, but not enough of your understanding are willing to be heard … at least in general public; just hope there is strand in sidelines to pick up the pieces as worry for future generations

      • GALT

        Issac Asimov once observed that scientific inquiry was more often than not inspired by
        “HHmmmmm, that’s funny?” rather than the “Eureka” realization of Archimedes.

        What is particularly disturbing about the present trend… that while opinion abounds
        and everyone is concerned about what government is doing, and they all have their own
        idea about what is and is not “constitutional”………..none of them are asking questions,
        they are just making statements.

        Elected officials and those seeking office should be under a constant assault regarding
        regarding what they think is “constitutional” and/or “unconstitutional” and why? The problem they would face is that as soon as they declared themselves on any single point, in either camp, they would be faced with any number of “other” examples that would also
        demand clarification as well posing the challenge of forcing consistency…..

        Instead, they are allowed to hide behind labels, such as conservative, liberal, etc. and
        so called journalist’s never press the point ( like politician’s their first job is to get paid, and their second job is continue to be paid……..the truth has little to do with anything,
        which has nothing to do with the “scoop”, which is just about being FIRST, and little else.)

        The short attention span of the so called multi-tasker ( which is the myth that you can perform several tasks simultaneously and proficiently ) feeds into this perfectly…..
        unfortunately it is not capable of the sustained analysis and critical reasoning which
        is required to unearth the truth or produce solutions to complex problems.

        The ultimate holy grail of this insane state of affairs……is the “opinion poll”……
        and so called fair and balanced reporting……and sites like this…which are opinion’s
        which generate further opinions…… nauseum. Cui bono?

  • Karolyn

    “U.S. high school students are educated to feel good about themselves and about people living alternative lifestyles. ” What’s wrong with that?

    • Robert Robbins


    • Julie35

      There is a lot wrong with that statement especially since it is becoming a well known fact that kids who graduate high school anymore are dumber than rocks. I end up having to teach my kids the real facts when they get home from school parroting back ridiculous theories learned in school. I wish I could afford private school, but there is no such thing for middle to high school age kids, at least not in my area. Dang it.

    • Karolyn

      Julie – All I’m saying is that in addition to other studies there is nothing wrong in teaching kids about real life.

      • Ted Crawford

        Political Correctness is very, very far from reality! The best defination of Political Correctness I’ve seen ” Political Correctness is the belief that one can pick-up feces by it’s clean end “!

      • Karolyn

        Nobody’s talking about PC. What is important is kids being taught that everyone has value and is important and should be accepted for who and what they are.

      • Robert Bradfield

        Hi, its that South African again,

        Karolyn, how can teachers that have very little experience of “real” life teach youngsters how to behave in “real” life. I am not saying it just in your case but also in the case of South Africa. Teachers are, as all human beings, subjective in what they teach, therefore, if a teacher has had a bad experience with for example a white male, or for that matter any male/female/government body, then his/her teaching will be influenced by that. To my mind teachers should teach subject matter, mathematics, english, economics, accounting or whatever other subject and thus prepare their student to be productive citizens.

        The parents’ primary task is to teach moral and social values and thus contribute in that way to a balanced outlook of children. It is, however, sad to say that parents have passed that responsiblity to others that have no idea, except for their “training” or “experience” to relie on to undertake such a task. In our case we have a more serios problem in that, because of large numbers of HIV infected parent that die, that we have children that have to take reponsibility for children which in the long run could only lead to either more violence or even more deaths by highly contagious deseases.

        Whether there is a resolution for our problems, I don’t know. The one thing I do know is that we can not have our children be taught what sould happen in “real” life by teachers. You as in South Africa have to deal with unionized teachers, in our case that do not take any resonsibility for their wards, their primary concern is money and not teaching as I experienced it when I was still at school.

      • Steve E

        Real life is learning math, science, geography, history, reading, writing and grammar. If you go through life thinking that you can feel good without the knowledge of these things, you won’t feel good for long. Especially when others compare you to an idiot that you will turn out to be..

      • Libertytrain

        Robert Bradfield – very nicely said.

      • MAP

        It is the schools’ and teachers’ jobs to teach the student what is necessary to earn a living and to think intellectually – not to raise them. That is the job of the parents. It is not the job of the state. Any system of morality and values, I want to teach my son or daughter myself. That is my responsibility as a parent and I am adamant that it remain the parents’ responsibility alone. Indoctrination and brainwashing is the methods of communist countries and other oppressive dictatorships.

      • independent thinker

        Karolyn the problem is teaching them about “real life” is being done in place of instead of in addition to teaching them useful things like math, science, reading and comprehension skills, even exercise.

      • 45caliber


        I know that people like to see children taught that people have value, etc. The problem with our school system is that the children spend so much time at studies like that they don’t have time to study the basics. That is why ouir students do less well than those of other countries. I would prefer to see them learn the basics and learn the values when they get older, preferably in college.

      • Karolyn

        Well, all I have to say is that I wish I was taught more about living in the real world. It would have saved me much pain and assisted in my achieving more mentally, spiritually and financially. Not that my parents were bad. As a matter of fact, I went in somewhat of an opposite direction from what they believed on some things. I do believe there has to be room for teaching the value of others and that everyonbe is important, and we are all brothers and sisters and it should start at a young age before society-at-large gets its talons into them. I am greatful that I didn’t follow in my racist parents’ footsteps.

    • Libertytrain

      I’d be grateful if they would just be educated once again…..where they could actually be considered knowledgeable and capable again.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      All of this “feel good” crap is what got us into this mess in the first place! Feeling good about yourself can only come through achievement. Trying to make people “feel good” just for existing only creates a bunch of sociopaths.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        And narcissists, like obummer!

    • http://yahoo catsueme

      Because their lifestyle is an abomenation as crimes against nature these people are an affront to the life of others. You may wish this waqs’nt so but you need to get over it. We the people are not buying it.

    • Jimmy The Greek

      A lot ! karolyn

  • Steve

    Obama’s Preamble to the United States Constitution
    We the People of the Obama Administration, in Order to form a more dysfunctional Union, establish Justice for our donors, insure opposition silence, provide for the common decline, promote the redistribution of wealth, and secure the Blessings of unbridle power to ourselves and burden our Posterity, do ignore this Constitution for the United States of America.

  • Average Joe

    This woman…is licensed to teach? God help our children. While listening to the recording ….I was wondering if she was teaching Ebonics….and then she said she was teaching social studies…..Sounded more like anti-social studies to me.
    It was quite obvious that this woman…who is being allowed to teach….has no concept at all what the US Constitution and Bill of Rights….actually say or what the nations was founded upon.. If this is standard of teaching intelligence…the nation is lost…God help us all.

    • cawmun cents

      Dont let media/academia get you down Joe.
      It’s just another symptom of the illness known as progressive liberalism,and let’s face it,it’s not going away soon!
      But when you have cancer,there is a period of time when you suffer great pain before the tumorous growth is removed.The perhaps if it is not kept in check,you might have to fight it off a time or two again.The you can be healed and move on…..or not,and it may mean the death of the nation.
      But just think of the magnificent deviant utopia that will rise from its ashes like a phoenix of multi-culturalism.Everyone will tolerate everything and there will be no moral boundaries.
      Imagine living in such a place.Like a vast combination of Mexico,Bangkok,Moscow,and Detroit,all rolled up in a psychotic vision of San Fransisco.
      It will be a deviates paradise.Suffering will come at a premium price,and the new Babylon will be awesome in its death throes.The still born nation that remains festering in the womb of North America will be a cesspool of delight for foreign sailors.It will put all the science fiction authors to shame in the depths of its depravity.What a gleaning of humanity will occur there!
      I drink to the vision of progressive liberals everywhere!
      A toast!
      May the slavery to your manipulators be as excruciating as the tortured life you will lead until your demise!

      • http://OKLA jojo

        HOW DOES THIS PIECE OF crap keep her job i am glad she don’t teach mine if she teaches any of your kids get them out now.

  • http://N/A HapHarris

    I recently heard it said: “The American people have been dumbed-down to the level of a box of rocks.” After listening to that clip I believe it. I haven’t been in a classroom for 57 years. All I can say is : Thank God-! Perhaps these people deserve a despot for their leader, for they certainly act like idiots. God love them, Hap

  • FreedomFighter

    Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.
    John Adams

    Most of you idiots will think I am posting about America, you are both wrong an right, America is a republic, turned into a democracy by communists, its why we are falling.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Teresa M.

      Well said.

    • 45caliber

      And originally, in our country, only those who owned property could vote. The reason was that those who didn’t own property had no personal interest in the government beyond what they could get out of it. Those with property were more concerned about insuring the government didn’t run out of control and try to buy votes with the tax money.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        We should go back to them old voting laws to !

  • Jeremy Leochner

    As a citizen of the United States I cannot speak of conditions abroad.However as a student I can speak on behalf of the public school system. During my school years from kindergarten to college today never once was I told I could not speak ill of the president. The only time alternative lifestyles was brought up was in the discussion of historical figures like Harvey Milk and the contributions to civil rights that he and others made. Economics and Foreign policy were discussed in debate classes but we were encouraged to take whatever side we agreed with. As to global warming I did have science professors and teachers who believed in global warming and many believed it was partly man kinds fault. However they presented their views along with the evidence to back up their beliefs. Take scientific evidence as you will. But I always remember people being allowed to offer their opinions on the subject. The discussions were only stopped when it distracted from the lesson plan which was to talk about the atmosphere or the carbon cycle or whatever subject we had been discussing that related somehow to global warming. Global warming itself was never an issue that was taught. Finally I admit I never took a psychology class but matters of self interest and motivation were never brought up. I was never taught to rely on others nor was I told rational self interest is the prime motivation. I was encouraged to motivate myself but to never forget that I sometimes need help and to remember where I can get it. Public school is focused on neutrality politically and centered on increasing ones knowledge about the world and other people. I have no doubt teachers and professors have their own sometimes strong beliefs in certain things. But my experience is that personal beliefs are best left outside the classroom and that while one can tweak the assigned curriculum to make it easier to learn, politics and lifestyles are not allowed to influence.

    • Steve E

      I went to school when Global Cooling was the fad. Then it was Global Warming. Now it’s Climate Change. I wonder what the next fab will be in the future..

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Its not so much a fab as an understanding of what is going on. Learning takes time and often theory’s can exist that turn out to not be true.

      • Steve E

        I believe that those Theories are base on someone’s self interest. Not so much fact.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        The best I figure is when carbon gets pumped into the atmosphere it stays there. That can cause problems. As to how bad the problems are and how much is man kinds fault is up for debate. But I do not think its based on self interest.

      • independent thinker

        “The best I figure is when carbon gets pumped into the atmosphere it stays there.”

        That might be partly true but in general carbon in the form of CO2 is taken up by plants who then release the O2 back into the atmosphere while using the carbon in their growth. Any problem would come when/if more carbon is released than can be taken up by the available plant life.

      • 45caliber


        CO2 (carbon dioxide) is part of the life chain. When it is produced, it goes into the atmosphere alright, but it is then used by the plants. An animal (human or other) breathes in oxygen and breathes out CO2. Plants absorb CO2 and emit oxygen. If you have only one or the other, all will die. And CO2 actually is a fertilizer to the plants by making them grow faster and bigger. One reason the dinosaurs were so large was that the plants also were due to excess CO2.

      • 45caliber


        Don’t worry about the existing CO2 being excessive. The rain forest in Brazil or Canada or Siberia alone can handle all existing CO2 without even counting the rest of the plants in the world. Any biologist can tell you the same.

      • 45caliber

        Steve E:

        The “scientists” who study global warming have made a big thing about it to insure the governments give them funds to study it. Most get salaries in excess of $100,000 a year. Real scientists study things to find out what is going on.

        It is like the Y2K scare. After nothing came of it, someone asked one of those pushing the scare why they made such a big deal about it. He said that they wanted to force the governments to do something but had to frighten the people to get the government to care.

      • jake

        I am older than you.

        The global climate problem when I was in school was Global Drought. Scientists had laid out plans to tow ice burgs from the poles to supply water to the continents. They were trying to find ways to initiate cloud formation and then seed the clouds to create rainfall.

        A young scientist by the name of Carl Sagan jumped on the Global Drought bandwagon, later, he switched to Global cooling, [ "Air borne particulates will have the same effect as Nuclear Winter' was one statement that he repeated over and over...], then, before his death, he was spouting Global Warming..

      • Jeremy Leochner

        True 45 caliber. But if I am not mistaken too much CO2 to a plant is like to much food or water for us. What is happening is there is so much that they cannot keep up. I believe if a plant absorbs too much carbon it can actually start spewing it out instead.
        Also 45 the rain forests are drastically shrinking. That is one of the primary issues for people who believe in global warming like me. Forests in general are getting smaller and their ability to absorb all the carbon pumped into the air is fading.

      • Steve E

        There are just some fools out there that are so afraid of CO2 as if it were the same as having a rattlesnake locked in the closet with you. The CO2 scare is Y2K. You are not going to die from CO2 in the atmosphere but you may die from the rattlesnake.

        • RichE

          Steve E, Any comments on the ocean becoming acidic because it’s absorbing CO2 faster than the algae can convert if to a hydrocarbon?

      • 45caliber


        The rain forest in Brazil is getting smaller – but not the other two at this time. Further, these are only two small areas. The US alone has more than enough plants to easily handle everything now out and being put out. My point is that when you put ALL the plants on earth together, the CO2 hasn’t a chance of not being absorbed. Simple biology. And CO2, according to my biology teacher, doesn’t poison or harm a plant – it causes it to grow faster. Simply biology. I know the libs don’t like to admit it since it doesn’t fit with the global warming guess but it is still simple biology. Want to do something about CO2 and erase your “carbon footprint”? Plant a few trees. Plant a few flowers. Plant anything.

      • Vicki

        CO2 suppression is Plant oppression.

    • Maynard Runkle

      Jeremy, you obviously had a good public education. You were taught how to acquire information, not what to think. I graduated in 1963 and I was not indoctrinated with any political or social views. Certain topics, such as relating to sex, were scarcely mentioned. I was fortunate to be in debate class and on the debate team where we learned how to acquire evidence, question sources, analyze arguments looking for inconsistencies and false premises. It has stood me in good stead. That’s why when some of the commenters start ranting about communism or socialism without any documentation, I go back to the very first step in a debate: to define the terms. What kind of bizarre notion do these people have that everything fits into their labels?
      I was a teacher for years but I taught Spanish and English as a Second Language so it did not lend itself to presenting my personal ideas. It is probably for the best because I soon was aware that the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower had warned us about was calling the shots. I mean that literally. Unwilling to simply accept the government line, and unafraid of being labeled “a conspiracy nut,” I looked into the assassinations and found they were committed by multiple shooters and covered up by governing committees. This then allowed me to see the Vietnam war as a money maker for insiders, not a necessity. Later the Tonkin Gulf incident was proven to have been a false flag to get the sheeple fired up to support the war. Watergate, Iran-Contra, the first Gulf War, the first WTC in ’93, WACO, Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, the anthrax attacks,Iraq, Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, NDAA 2012 were all obviously tools of the power structure. They have worked because people believe patriotism requires going along with the Machiavellians who say and do anything to advance their agenda of greed and power.
      If people do not question everything, as Thomas Jefferson told us to do, we end up going along with their stupid, irrational propaganda.
      There are some good, sensible people in government, but the sheer ignorance of the voting public makes that more by chance than because they knew what they were voting for. Most representatives and senators are just facile liars and dissimulators who use their party labels to get votes. The value of their positions is usually non-existent.

  • Steve E

    “But the truth is that the general public of the United States will only become dumber and more submissive to the ruling elite with each passing day.” And also, those people are too dumb to ever realize it.

    • eddie47d

      Then you must agree that all these false or unproven conspiracy theories that run rampant on the Internet (Inforwars for one) do more harm than good. They bring out their daily crystal balls and predict just about anything to make money or find their 15 minutes of fame.

  • william l collins

    these teachers like her should not be aloud to be teaching in our schools thats one thing wroung with our schools today there not teaching math reading writeing spelling or the golden rule get government out of our schools and all racist teachers like her compleatly out of our school systems

    • Wayne, Missouri

      The structure and spelling in your own response says it all about what should be taught in our schools. I counted ten mistakes in that short paragraph that hardly made any sense. I was distracted by the spelling, lack of comas and missing capitalization.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I couldn’t help but notice that also. I found it ironic.

      • Jazzabelle

        Well, he has good reason to complain about what the public schools aren’t teaching.

        Although, I also found it ironic that Wayne misspelled “commas.”

      • Steve E

        Don’t get distracted on Williams spelling. Listen to what he said. It makes sense.

    • 45caliber

      I remember a story on the news in Arkansas about 30 years ago now. An English teacher wasn’t rehired after her first year teaching at the Little Rock School District. She insisted that it was due to her race. But I counted five different gramatical errors in her single sentence spoken aloud on the news – which included the word “ain’t” and a double negative. I could see why they didn’t rehire her as an English teacher!

    • Whit

      William, your post is most ironic!

    • Katharine

      Wow William, You either had lousy English teachers or you slept during class.

  • David

    Government need to be cut off like you would do a drug addict.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Except that would lead to complete and total anarchy. Talk about with drawl.

      • Whit

        It’s rather difficult to “talk” here on the forum but I will try with a drawl…Y’all get the idea?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agree with David. This government is finished. Time to move on and reestablish what our forefathers envisioned. Allow people to be independent and responsible for themselves. The current form of government is not working!

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Whit: My use of with drawl was in reference to the drug addict in Daves comment.

        Nancy I would point out that the Articles of confederation did not work either. That was the original government the founding fathers established. That confederation with a weak central government proved too unstable and was abandoned in favor of the constitution which is the basis of what we have today.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        The basis of what we have TODAY is actually socialism. This country is no longer operating as a republic. Our government, all three branches, is trashing the Constitution. I want a government that will uphold the oath they took to defend the Constitution.

  • Dave Bishop

    I want to cry when I see this kind of article. It smacks of anarchy. True, there are times when the police have been corrupt, just as there is corruption in high places. Certainly this administration is probably the most rabid in rooting out righteous (can be used in a secular sense as well as religious) individuals who are opposed to the corruption that runs to the core, BUT, there are those on the other side who advocate self-gratification and personal liberties that trample on the rights of others.
    Any mention of God is an anathema to both sides since there are divisions among the secular groups as well as the religious groups. And God has become a bone of contention among men, just as the prophets of old have said. And few have noticed what is to come. God help us all.

    • 45caliber


      I think that most police are still good people. But I hear more and more of cases where the police people have broken the law such as murdering their spouses, etc. Are they getting more violent or is the press covering such cases more publically? I don’t know.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        The people that become cops nowadays are the ones that got there lunch money taken away and got wedgies every time they went from class to class .

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Dave, whenever you have one group of people “ruling” over another you will have corruption. This country was created for all people to be equal but our current (and not recent) government has turned into a “ruling class”. It is time to end the ruling class and this government along with it.

    • http://yahoo catsueme

      Things have gotten so bad in this country that to build a dog house I have to buy a permit from the govn. We have very nearly loss this country to corrupt politions and beleive me it’s going to take tremendous effort to right this ship

  • 45caliber

    I heard this morning that the teacher had been placed on probation for a day or two over this. I hope so. Too bad she wasn’t fired.

  • Louis Lemieux

    Education’s main object is to teach us how to keep gaining knowledge and comprehension once we’re out of school and to show us how to best think for ourselves.

    • Wildey

      Louis Lemieux, Accept for selective souces of information, education has become indoctrination in America. Franklin said, I think with you that educating the mind just as important as education in virtue. Together they are the strength of the state.

  • Wildey

    Hitler said, give me one generation them thinking and acting as I want. To accomplish this as he did he used teachers and local police, put on the central governments payroll. Local police became Gestapo. Probably the biggest threat to America today is the latest generation of Americans. We had safeguards so its probably taking a bit longer but our Constitution is really a thing of the past.

    Websites like Personal Alert are absolutely essential to enlighten people. The colonist had their “Letters of correspondence”. Riders use to take the news from town to town so the towns people wouldn’t get surprises. It helped them to beat the Redcoats.

  • Louis Lemieux
  • Buck

    There are no more teachers or police in America , there are only propagandists and gestapo .

  • RichE

    “Teachers and police were once lionized for their selfless service to communities.” That’s what happens when socialists become capitalists.

  • Roger, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    “Karolyn”, with the exception of Galt, your thinking is too far ahead, of MOST making comments, but I admire your Chutspah….keep it up!!!

    Do a search for “Thrive”, the Video…it is very Hopeful and Positive

    • Karolyn

      Thank you Roger. I encountered Thrive last year and have it downloaded onto my computer. Actually, it is time to watch it again. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Jay

    George Soros – The Most Evil Man in America

    Branding someone the most “anything” is a risky endeavor; superlatives will always be suspect. But I cannot find words strong enough to condemn George Soros.

    If you haven’t heard of him, you’re not alone. Outside of politics wonks and special-interest-group gravy-train riders, he is not well known.

    But he should be.

    There is no doubt in my mind that George Soros is the most dangerous man in America.

    Pick most any attack upon our culture you please — that on Christianity, the push to legalize recreational drugs, the drive to grant amnesty to invaders, the trampling of our constitution, the metastasizing of the nanny state, and many others — and Soros’ fingerprints are all over them. He funds leftist causes to the tune of 400 million dollars a year.

    This article partially exposes the machinations of this creature, and here is an excerpt:

    Didn’t the mainstream media report that 2006′s vast immigration rallies across the country began as a spontaneous uprising of 2 million angry Mexican-flag waving illegal immigrants demanding U.S. citizenship in Los Angeles, egged on only by a local Spanish-language radio announcer?

    Turns out that wasn’t what happened, either. Soros’ OSI had money-muscle there, too, through its $17 million Justice Fund. The fund lists 19 projects in 2006. One was vaguely described involvement in the immigration rallies. Another project funded illegal immigrant activist groups for subsequent court cases.

    Soros is the invisible hand behind much of the manipulation of our culture. He reminds me of the evil emperor in Star Wars; his minions are all about bedeviling us, but you don’t see him much. He stays behind the scenes, scheming, calculating, making his deals with the Devil and pulling strings. He is the miasma beneath the demon wings of the foot soldiers who do his bidding, the dirtiest of dirty work.

    What is truly disgusting about this man is that he tirelessly tries to destroy the very civilization that gave him the opportunity to make billions. Of course, he has made his money through noble pursuits such as breaking currencies, so I’m sure he sold his soul long ago.

    Even more shameful, though, is the media’s abdication of its responsibility. The author of the piece I cite bemoans the lack of transparency with respect to Soros’ schemes, but the media can render something transparent as easily as invisible.

    Barack Obama is a “rising political star” because the media decided that he fit their favored profile; Michael Savage is ignored perhaps because they know that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.

    If the media did its job and spotlighted Soros to a degree commensurate with his endeavors, they would be transparent. Then, the American people could make their decisions with open eyes.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t say that the media have to score Soros as I do.

    However, movers and shakers should be scrutinized based on how much they move and shake, not based on which way they move and who they shake.

    The truth is that the media is one of the greatest enemies our country could have.

    So the cancer metastasizes, steadily, inexorably, perhaps irrevocably, as we die a death by a thousand cuts.


    Both political parties contribute to the corruption, injustice and corruption.
    People vote in elections because of what they see on TV and what they see depends on how deep the pocket of those paying for the air time, the individual seems unable to see past the gloss. Money and business is the politics fuelling the greed of those in power and those in government are there so long as they bow to the power of money.
    There is nothing real in American politics it’s all money orientated showbiz’s gloss and faults smiles nothing genuine, the money men pay for it and expect to get a return for their input. The end result is America has third world living standards and people starving to death with little healthcare for the desperate within its borders because the money men prefer profit above life.
    The UK is going down the same path already power is money and money is power greed governs all.
    Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’ Available at:

  • sonata

    To: The People of the United States of America

    Obadiah 1:2-4

    Behold, I have made thee small (Nation) among the heathen: thou art greatly despised.

    The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; (In God We Trust) that saith in his heart, who shall bring me down to the ground?

    Thought thou exalt thyself as the eagle, (U.S.A.) and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord.

  • Silas Longshot

    Yeah, good luck on getting rid of any of the above, especially the policing for profit angle. As if the crooks in the average cop corral weren’t thick enough, now they can essentially rob you at gunpoint (try and resist while they steal your cash or car, see what happens) behind the ‘authority’ of a badge. Many times they will F… with you just for fun, taking your car for a “drug search” ( to a local chop shop) and quite literally tear your vehicle to pieces. And when they don’t find anything (what a shocker, eh?) they smugly say, well, you’re clean and you’re free to go. BUT, they WON’T put your car back together. So, you go to court (in the crooked jurisdiction where this occurred, of course) and six months later they ‘might’ give your car back to you. Unfortunately, it’s parts have usually been sold for ‘storage costs’ or your X thousand dollars will cost you XX thousand in lawyer costs to get it back.
    Now, exactly how is ROBBERY defined, again?
    Click the name.

    • boyscout

      Yes, it seems that the newest form of the “swearing in” oath reads: “to swerve and collect.”

  • Thinking About

    Speaking of education, has anyone here listened to the EXXON education commercial? We are spinning ourselves into a web no one can exist in. Our teachers and preachers are doing a great disservice and it seems like the crazier their output the more weak ones falls for their potion. It is time for the strong to take a stand, show courage and take center stage, leave the fringe on the fringe and we will have to work together to show the real strength of America. Stand with the strong or go to the fringe.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Obviously… We are Witnesses; But more over, we are VICTOMS! THE game of CHESS that is going on is betwen TWO (2) CONTROLLERS! We being the Ponds, only chance to win is to knock out Both Kings.. Sadly enough, not in the rules. The Rabbit must kill the Fox! To be FREE! & LIVE!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    win is to knock out Both Kings.. & Both Queens & All Knights & All Biships & All Castles!

  • Chris

    I’m sick and tired of all the two-faced hypocrisy of radical WRONG-wing extremist conservative republicans. They are by far the very worst, most ignorant, small-minded, dogmatic, brainwashed hypocrites on the face of the planet. They contradict themselves by falsely pretending to be anti-government…. all the while simultaneously supporting big business and all the arrogant rich criminals above the law who run the government. The only time they hate government is if it actually defends underdogs being stepped on, the poor or environmental protection at the expense of business profits. It’s all a matter of who and what the corrupt government is for…. not because they are really against it.

    The American people are definitely to blame alright : for being stupid and brainwashed conservative sheep who do nothing but watch ” Crooked – Sly – as – a – FOX NEWS ” on television all the time. Or listen to that dumb retard Rush Limp – brains all the time.

  • Chris

    Not that I’m all that thrilled with ignorant and dumb liberal democrats, either. All you mediocre and shallow minds switch-off that television. You know where the OFF button on the remote is. Stop watching a mentally-retarded flunkie loser shoe salesman who is married with mental retards. Pick-up old-fashioned books and read more often. Expand your mind. A public that reads is the root of all democracy.

    Or else otherwise, the small-minded, dogmatic children’s politics of kindergarten pre-schoolers will continue to become ever more bi-polarized in opposing camps of left and right.

  • Chris

    My own personal experience with wealthy radical right-wingers…. in collusion with corrupt government favoritism for the rich…. is that personal liberty for those with a million dollars or more is all they care about. They could care less about personal liberty or justice for all if the person in question has less than a million in their bank account or is not rich like they are. And believe you me, wealthy radical WRONG-wing hypocrites will use all the corrupt government favoritism in their power to squash liberty and justice for everybody else.

    When they falsely pretend to be anti-government…. DON’T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT. Wealthy conservative hypocrites will always exploit government corruption in their favor to maintain the status quo.


      The best and accurate comment I have read. The few very wealth individual has caused our Government to be corrupt. These special interest group works against the majority of Americans. They mislead the American people by fraud and deceit. My anger caused me to write a book.
      Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’ Available at:”

  • Chris

    The one and only solution ? DUMP BOTH DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE AND INTO THE STREET. Make every one of these crooked, self-serving politicians grovel in the street and eat garbage from dumpsters. Pin a sign on the backs of all of them that says : ” TRAITOR of the people.” And kick them in the ass on their way out the door.

  • Chris

    After all, Barack Obamination is not really all that different than Ronald Reagan, Bush One and Bush Two when it comes to the phony economic scam of ” trickle – down ” economic theory. First he gives away a trillion to the rich criminals above the law who caused the financial catastrophe in the first place. Then to make himself look good, he turns around and insults the poor (slap in the face ?) with a paltry economic stimulus check of only a hundred dollars or so.

    Instead of these arrogant status quo scoundrels being so much better and more productive than everybody else, all this phony trickle – down bunch of B.S. is what caused the Great Depression of the 1930′s, among other disasters.


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