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Wisconsin Senate Passes Concealed Weapons Law

June 17, 2011 by  

Wisconsin residents are on their way to being able to carry a concealed weapon.The Wisconsin State Senate recently passed a law that will allow citizens to more effectively exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that the measure to allow Wisconsinites to carry concealed weapons passed by a vote of 25-8.

“This is a great victory for the people of Wisconsin and for the 2nd Amendment,” State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said in a statement. “The right to protect ourselves by legally carrying a firearm is long overdue, and I’m glad we’re joining 48 other States with this law — finally.”

Wisconsin and Illinois are the only States that have outright banned the carrying of concealed weapons. However, Wisconsin is on its way to joining the rest of the nation.

The measure will require those who wish to carry concealed weapons to undergo training and have a permit.

All 19 Senate Republicans were joined by six Democrats in the vote.

“It’s a Constitutional right,” State Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) told the news source. “I respect the fact that people have that right.”

Fox News reports that Republican Governor Scott Walker has backed the bill.

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  • C130 Gunship

    It’s about time, I’m happy for the honest hard working people of Wisconsin to be able to live in state that recognizes 2nd Amendment rights. I bet this will give some of those violent union libtards pause to think before they physically assault another person.

  • Thor

    Good news in the wake of Obama’s having just signed an order banning the re-importation of 1 million historic firearms–M1 Garands manufactured in the US for use in WWII and Korea–from the South Korean government. See the petition at

    Maybe the move will help make Wisconsin society a bit politer.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Of course someone named Thor would necessarily have big enough pockets to conceal an M1 Garand in.Possibly even a million of them.I had the opportunity to buy one of the firearms in question,but found that it was in poor quality and was afraid that it would break down during use.Big 5 sporting goods was selling them for several hundred dollars.Repairs do not a shelf-gun make.-CC.

      • Robert Smith

        The M1 Garand mostly manufactured in Springfield, MA, is one of the finest firearms in the world.

        I find it sad that you would slam one of America’s finest accomplishments.

        I’ve owned my DCM M-1 for decades and I’ve enjoyed it over the years. It is a fine piece that I wouldn’t give up for anything.


        • Cawmun Cents

          I am not disparaging the M-1 sir/ma’am.I was merely suggesting that the particular weapons in question are being re-imported from Korea after having been there since the 1950′s.And that the quality of dis-repair makes them a liability for consumers.Bent barrels and pieces missing which only a collector can identify,are good reasons not to consider paying sporting goods stores for the product which they are selling.I happen to own a top notch Springfield Garand that I paid a handsome sum for.However the”ban”which was spoken of was lifted and the weapons were allowed into the customs for distribution to wholesale markets.Do your homework please before you jump to conclusions…there is enough of that going around already.-CC.

        • Keith

          I do agree with your statement i also own a m-1 springfield 308 match com and would never part with it untill they Priey it from my hand………

      • sybucket

        Since the importation of the M-1, “the Firearms in question” was banned,I doubt that you could have bought one at a Big 5. Furthermore, buying one for “Sever hundred Dollers” seems to me to be a mythical figure as M-1 Garands typiceally sell for $800 and up, being one of the best rifles ever made. Not to disparage you but are you sure it was an M-1 and not something else….like an M-1 Carbine? Some Carbine’s were made by commercial and foreign manufactures not to Mil Spec.

        • Cawmun Cents

          There are more importers,and replica companys than you know.Springfield was not the only production company as you claim.You would do well to do your homework sir before castigating me.You would not know of such things unless you looked for them on-line,but I actually saw one of the weapons in question in the local Big 5.It seems that not all the weapons in question were banned.Or that you have incomplete intelligence regarding the specificity of the availabilty of M1-Garands,and the companies which produced them.If you truly knew me sir,you would not doubt my ability to identify firearms.I have done this before when others were mystified by photographic content on this thread.I know the difference between a Garand(I happen to own a Springfield as you do)and a carbine(which I also happen to own).-CC.

          • Cawmun Cents

            My apologies sir it seems the I got my posts mixed up….it happens,Haw!But the fact is that I did inspect a Garand for sale at Big 5,and found it lacking.The price given was $399.00,but the quality was $150.00 too expensive.I would not pay the price in question,but my aqquaintance did,and he thought it was a good deal.He bought it…I declined to buy one after close inspection.-CC.

        • LouisianaJoe

          A few years ago a number of Garands and Carbines were imported from Europe and sold by the CMP. They disassemble and reassemble the rifles and price them based on the grade that they assign to them. I have one of each and both were in very good to excellent condition and both are accurate. They will have some that are not in such great shape. Neither have all original parts. The Springfield has a 1952 H&R Barrel that was probably put on during the Korean War, but it looked unfired to me. There is also a lot of junk out there so you have to be careful and know what you are buying.

          There are many would be collectors out there that are being denied a chance to own a part of history because of politics. I can’t wait until these idiots are gone!

    • jibbs

      This is old news, labama banned those almost a year ago.

      • independant thinker

        Actually it was Hillery that banned the importation of them but you can be sure if he did not order her to do so he fully supported the banning.

  • element man

    Let’s not get too excited about this being a marker of the restoration of freedom. “The measure will REQUIRE those who wish to carry concealed weapons TO UNDERGO TRAINING and HAVE A PERMIT.” This still allows to Establishment to arbitrarily decide who has Second Amendment rights and who has them denied. Training and permit requirements still violate the principles of “shall not be infringed” and “shall make no laws…”.

    • Dan az

      That’s one small step for man one large step for the constitution.

    • jibbs

      The Dick Act of 1902, voided all guns laws, past, present, and future.

    • Ms T

      Those requirements exist in most states in order to obtain a CWP.

      As long as the fees are not exhorbitant, and the training is not unreasonable, it is not that big a deal..Most civilians need some kind of training in order to be able to use a gun effectively…

      It also helps to educate folks about the ins and outs of the law in their state. For example: where it is NOT legal to carry, where you need specific permission to carry, what about in your car, what the law says about the use of lethal force…. that kind of thing.

      • LouisianaJoe

        I went to a required class prior to getting my permit. I also had to submit fingerprints for an FBI check. The class covers the legal responsibilities that are necessary to carry concealed as well as making you show that you know the proper and safe way to handle a handgun. I feel that the permit shows that I am one of the good guys.

      • vicki

        Hmmm….. I went back and re-read the Constitution (again :) ) and I could find no requirement for training nor permits nor fees to exercise a Constitutionally protected right anywhere in the document. If you saw it please share the location.

        Just think where the “free” press would have been if we had to get a permit to write.

    • JerryM

      REsidents of Wisconsin have always had the right to carry a loaded sidearm “openly’ while of foot, with no permit required. Wisconsinites have ot been denied the right to carry for self defense. The caviat to open carry in Wisonsin was that you had to unload your weapon and stow it in a locked case before you could enter your vehicle. The state laws consider inside a motor vehicle as being “concealed carry”.

      What I don’t get is why so many people think they have to carry “concealed” to go armed. Open carry (OC) is legal in about 27 states, WITH NO PERMIT REQUIRED. All total, I think 44 or 45 States allow OC.

      • Cal from WI

        You are correct, Sir, in that WI residents have always had open carry – it’s in our State Constitution. You are also correct in your later post that the AG sent all law enforcement agencies in the state a letter stipulating they were not to harass those who were exercising their right.

        However, the harassment continues (as you mentioned with the “disorderly conduct”). In addition, there are severe restrictions as to where you can and cannot open carry.

        The new concealed carry permit is a “will issue” permit, meaning that if you apply for one and are found not to have a felony on your record they must issue a permit. Also, unlike the last time we tried to get CCW, the local sheriff has no say in whether you will or will not be issued a permit. In addition, we will no longer have to empty and case our weapon prior to entering our vehicle. The no carrying “within 1000 feet of a school” will be changed to “school property”.

        There are several other changes, also, but all stipulations of the bill are still pending the Assembly debate and vote on Tuesday, June 21. We actually won’t know for sure what the bill contains until after it is voted on. If the Governor waits to sign the bill until next month, it will take effect the 1st of October.

        I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Sabulaman

    That only leaves the communist/socialist/corrupt/bankrupt/out of control state of Illinois. Who’d-a-thunk.

    • Dan Duffy

      That is true about the midwest, but we still have the libertards in NY and NJ that don’t trust law abiding citizens, and the regulations fanatics in Ca that make getting a permit nearly impossible, and then finding a suitable “carry gun” that meets all their requirements almost as difficult.

      At least I can drive through WI on my way west without worry about the Politzi in IL for arresting me for transporting my target rifles and Pistol (illegal even unloaded in locked cases with ammo and accessories in separate locked cases…)! Only a moderate inconveniece (and 100 each way for extra fuel) to excecise my 2nd ammendment rights without fear of going to jail)!

  • JimH

    It figures, one state out of the 50 says no and it has to be the one I live in. One of the 2%er’s.
    Quinn still won’t get the message.
    I have a Utah CC permit and can carry in 29 states. The one I LIVE in ISN’T one of them.

  • JC

    Welcome back to America. :)

  • Dr. Feelgood


    After seeing so many RADICALS doing so much damage to the capitol building in Wisconsin, I’m glad the citizens will finally be able
    to exercise their right to bear arms and protect themselves.

  • ladykroft

    WOW!!! a Democratic state senator with at least a half a brain. Miracles do happen!!!

  • Richard Beyer

    A comment regarding the right to carry in the other 48 states. Although the law says a permit to carry can be issued in Hawaii, it’s just window dressing, it must be approved by the police chief (appointed by the mayor) who can deny the permit for any reason or no reason at all. I don’t know of any one who has been issued a permit to carry in Hawaii. I’ve heard we have the most repressive gun laws state wide in the nation. We also rank 47th of 50 states regarding individual freedom according to a recent poll. Although some are attempting to liberate the Peoples Republic of Hawaii, it seems very few of us give a damn. God bless the people and state of Wisconsin for joining the other 47.

    • independant thinker

      Hawaii is not the only state with “may issue” instead of “must issue”. I am fortunate enough to live in a “must issue” state.

    • Dan az

      Sorry to here about that but really where would you carry a gun in a swimming suit?Just playing with ya.

  • dan

    Finally….but watch out for that “improperly stored” loophole that
    LEO like to use…for the children.Keep it on you…it’s no good in
    a drawer/safe….I just had a 600 lb blackbear come through the yard the other day.It’s good to have a noisemaker in your pocket when you can’t get out of the way.Now we have a pack of feral pigs,too.Careful
    shot-placement takes practice and control.

  • E Pluribus Unum

    Arm yourselves and watch the crime rate decrease. Professional training is a very good idea, it will teach you to recognize a ‘kill or be killed’ encounter, (as apposed to publicly practicing your quick draw like some kind of moronic loose cannon.)

  • Chuck Lund

    I remember buying an M-1 Carbine from the NRA for only $20 plus shipping in the early 60′s. I like the new Concealed Weapons law. Now Citizens won’t have to be as afraid of getting robbed as they used to be, as the robbers won’t know for sure if someone is armed or not. I carry an old G.I. 45 in a spine holster. No one can tell if I’m reaching for My Wallet, or My Pistol. Only had to use it once.
    Guy was so scared, He Pee’d His Pants. Didn’t have cell phones back then, but I walked Him over to a gas station next door and told the attendant to call the police for me. They were there in 3 minutes.

  • Bob from Calif.

    Now lets hope that Wisconsins police don’t draw down on its citizens that are exercising that right. Like they do in so many other states that have the supposed right.

    • JerryM

      Many Wisconsin law enforement offiers and their agencies have already been taken to the woodshed (law suits) over unlawful arrest of residents openly carrying a side arm, which has always been legal without a permit in that state.

      Some where trying to charge open carriers with “disorderly conduct”. The State AG, as well as the courts, told all state LEA’s that they could not do that. Open carry of a sidearm is already legal in Wisconsin – no permit required.

  • monty s. young

    well then illinois ha better wake up and get things changed like it is suppose to be all 50 states are legal to have carry permits not just some of them,illinois does not have the right to refuse to go by our 2nd amendment rights.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Duffy

    Responsible “Carry” gives the police time to get there to arrest the perp, not put the citizen in a body bag. I am surprised by the stories that involve the CA police and the trampling of the rights (and valuable property) of law abiding “antique gun” dealers.

    One would think that the majority of the LEO community would appreciate the support of the CCW croud (which seems to be the case in MI and OH). I just completed a round of training and the LEO that was teaching was very clear about what he wants: No surprises and No Messy “shots fired” cases to clean up. If there is a threat, shoot if necessary; if just to protect property..Lower the barrel and hold your fire — let the bastard run.

    He also suggest a number of training techniques that will help insure that you have the skills required when the threat occurs to overcome the effects of the adreneline surge; Permitting is good and training is important (to keep you alive and out of jail). 5 of the 8 hr course were law and situation awareness. Good Stuff…should be mandatory in CA and NJ and NY.

    • JerryM

      Tennessee, my state of residency, is a “Shall Issue” state. However, the state does not issue a CC permit, it issues a “Handgun Carry Permit” (HCP) which gives us the option to carry openly or concealed. There is no law here that prohits us from carrying a loaded side arm on our own property or property under our control (rental/lease), which includes residential or fixed place of business.

  • OldNYFirefighter

    Dan, do you remember when the Bill for Nationwide Concealed Carry was defeated last year or the year before? Time goes by so fast, not sure which year it was. That said, it was two NY Senators that sent it to the dumpster, Chuck Schumer & Christan Gillibrand. I emailed her before the vote & she replied she was going to vote against it because most States don’t have a handgun safety course as good as NY’s. What a dip$hit! She parroted Chuck Schumer’s attitude which is totally anti-gun. Now that we have some new Senators after the 2010 election, this Bill needs to be reintroduced, as there is a good chance it will pass this time. Outside of NY City you can get a CCW Permit, but most Judges ignore the Second Amendment & restrict it for target & hunting only unless you are a personal friend or Retired LEO.
    In NYS you are not even allowed to touch a handgun until you have your CCW Permit, that doesn’t let you CCW. In other words you get the CCW Permit with absolutely no experience firing a pistol or revolver.
    Brilliant move Ms. Gillibrand!(Disrespect intended).

  • John Cunningham

    I live in the people’s republic of NY also. Fortunately, I only live 9 miles from the PA border. I plan to move there soon. I also emailed both of our retarded senators and got the same answer.

  • James

    I realaize this will fall on deaf ears, but: The right to bear arms is not a Second Amendment Right, it’s an unalienable right that doesn’t depend on any document for its existence. The Second Amendment is simply part of the Bill of Rights restrictions that the States placed upon the federal government.


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