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Judge Who Voided Collective Bargaining Law Has Tie To Labor Dispute

June 7, 2011 by  

Wisconsin judge who voided collective bargaining law has family tie to labor disputeA legal expert from The Heritage Foundation has questioned the validity of the recent decision to void Wisconsin’s law that limits collective bargaining rights for public workers.

According to, senior legal fellow Hans von Spakovsky suggested that Judge Maryann Sumi, who rendered the May 26 decision, should have withdrawn from the case because of her personal connection to the case. Sumi’s son was an organizer for one of the big unions that protested Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s legislation, von Spakovsky claimed.

In her 33-page decision, Sumi rejected the law — which passed through the State Senate on March 9 and was signed by Walker on March 11 — claiming that lawmakers violated the Badger State’s Open Meetings Laws. The State Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the case beginning June 6.

Von Spakovsky told the media outlet that Sumi blatantly ignores the law herself, failing to acknowledge the specific exemption that allowed legislators to pass the bill.

“She basically said that they didn’t give a 24-hour notice of a legislative meeting,” said von Spakovsky. “But the meeting was for a conference committee, and the Senate actually has a rule that says that there doesn’t have to be any notice of proceedings for a conference committee.”

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Republicans have not let the recent decision affect their legislative agenda. According to The Associated Press, GOP lawmakers recently advanced a law that would require all new police and firefighters to contribute more to their pension benefits and health insurance coverage.

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  • nax777

    If you have nowhere else to go than the two parties then why are you voting?
    Both parties allow Islamists to inter by the half million and growing a year.
    Both parties allow Latinos to inter by the millions a year.
    Both parties allow a million more from other nations.

    That’s at least three million new comers a year folks. US citizens have had a zero population growth for decades yet we swelled from 274 million to 312 million in eight short years!

    Both parties allow the very real overpopulation threat.
    Both parties allow the death of the American culture and view it as the death of racism.
    Both parties allow the global warning myth to live on.
    Both parties allow Judeo-Christian values to be stripped from governing bodies.
    Both parties allow the creeping police state.

    I can go on for days, especially on details. The Pubs and Dems will deny or support these facts based on hair splitting lip service or false sense of security including racism.

    Replace the parties with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

    P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest vieteravet

      You must have watched Jesse Ventura last night!

  • Warrior

    Go Scott Walker! Democreep’s corruption has no bounds.

  • DanB

    Well, if they pass this bill again, I shall cheer. If the media wasn’t so tied up in compliance with all this, the judge’s conflict of interest would have been headline news on this story before the judge even had the hammer in hand.

    • GRusling

      Actually, this was reported before that ruling was made, but the “MEDIA” failed to report it or even recognize that the objection existed, so it didn’t become widely known in advance…

      • Larry L. Jones

        Her son probably told her how to rule, She does not seem to know the laws of her state.

    • wandamurline

      This judge needs an investigation into her reason for dismissing the law. It is now going to the supreme court and the court should have some questions for this judge as to why she did not recuse herself.

    • Vagabond

      I would think any one with an ounce of common sense would have known the judge? was working hand in glove with the union thugs. she should be defrocked and dissbarred. plain and simple,

      • sue

        The judge’s son has nothing to do with a judge performing their job. If she knew the law was broken based on her education, credentials, the LAW books themselves, and made a ruling against GOP law-breakers, how does that make her in-cahoots with union thugs. Being a relative of someone who aligns with unions doesn’t mean she is not doing her job based on the LAW. Open Records Meeting violation was a LAW that was broken, not a RULE, if you watch the actual proceedings, when a Democratic senator Barca was still speaking and they (Pubes) took a vote in the middle of his negotiation with them. Totally ludicrous

        • ET50


          You sounded as you know the LAW, but you ignore the natural law that places her position as in conflict.

          It is not just the optic, any person who is honest with him/herself knows his/her position can be compromised because of the relationship. This incident only showed her to be unfit to be a judge for lack of discretion. She should have step aside to protect the integrity of the court.

      • sue

        Has anyone ‘de-frocked’ you or do you still wear a wig? This judge will not be dis-barred for upholding WI laws.

  • Dad

    How do you spell “Dis-bar?”

    Does anyone doubt the corruption in the media as well?

    • Bus

      she’s a hack, our system is screwed when we allow one person to overturn the wishes of the people and the legislature. The Wisconsin people are reaping their years of liberal worship now.

      • sue

        YOu have no idea of the wishes of Wisconsin people. Many people who voted Republican now hold signs outside the Capitol stating “I voted Republican, and I AM SORRY” “Recall Scott Walker”

  • James

    Back to the subject, people who work for their government should have no say so about their wages or benefits. Nor should they be required to return part of their wages for benefits. When they decided to take the job they obvkously agreed with the pay and benefits, if they don’t later like either, they can just quit their job. Making it appear that government employees are taxpayers too, is ludicrous. All of their pay and benefits are paid for by federal or state revenue collected from real taxpayers.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. That is one reason they are paid more than most private employees … they “pay taxes” on the money the private employees pay in taxes so they can be paid. Then they end up with more money to take home than the private employees.

      • sue

        Private sector employees jobs (contract positions within the state) are paid two-fold more than what state workers are paid. Someone is not educated here. Several civil service employees have threatened to leave state employment and work for the contractors instead because of this. wages have been stagnant for over 3 years. the cost of living keeps rising. People are not making it, state employees, Univ employees or PRIVATE employees.

    • Vagabond

      you are so right James. back when I was a boss man and one of my hand threatened to quit I told them dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out because there are plenty of people waiting and hoping for your job. I worked for a damned good company and the hands knew it too. they didn’t quit,

    • sue

      So you’re saying that working 40 hours a week and doing the jobs of two people thanks to all those retiring under this Republican Draconian scheme, and having the monies deducted for fed taxes, state taxes and social security are not ACTUAL TAXES PAID OUT OF THEIR COMPENSATION? REgardless of the source, they are TAXES, and your statement is ludicrous. state workers in WI have not had raises in well over 4 yrs and when they did, it was 2 or 3% every two years, last in 2007. State employees are NOT RICH and take difficult civil service examinations to compete for jobs that are COVETED because of the better health and retirement benefits. You don’t just ‘get’ a state job. They are hard to come by and to keep

  • Charles

    Not surprised at all. Mean acts do not help the heart of hate.

  • dan

    I LIVE in NW Wis and this is the first I’ve heard of this conflict of interest.I usually feel like a lone conservative voice in the wilderness
    …..but if it weren’t for the “interweb”and sites like this……….
    at least I feel as if I finally have some representation in Gov Walker.
    The moonbats/union tools and social progressives of Madison have the smell of fear and desperation about them because they have finally goaded We the People into action if only for our survival.

    • Vagabond

      Dan in that case you and all of the people of Wisconsen need to get behind your Governer and help him. I dont live in Wisconsen but I do think you have a damned good Governor. I just hope they identyfy thos SLIMEBALLS who trashed the building and make them pay for the dammages.

      • sue

        Hey, VAGABOND slimeball, your code name is SO FITTING

        Now roam somewhere else. You know nothing about teachers rights and workers rights and students rights and the disabled population’s rights in Wisconsin

    • sue

      It’s not surprising most of the state doesn’t know the real truth of what’s going on, are uneducated, and are blind-folded and brainwashed into thinking Walker is representing their best interests. He is only representing corporate interests and big money interests. He is reverse Robin Hood and is Stealing from the poor, elderly, and underprivileged people of the State of WI and giving to the RICH and corporate interests. Soon corporations will run the state and no one will have a job paying more than $8 an hour to start… and the cost of living will ever continue, as the list of foreclosures doubles and triples, and then those rural hicks, as well as the so-called ‘progressives’ in Madison will be living in TOTAL POVERTY. You will be able to thank Scotty for that if he succeeds. He will not. There are enough pledges of votes to recall 6 REpub senators and later, Walker,if that recall succeeds. Power to the REAL PEOPLE — the highly educated people of Madison, WI

  • eddie47d

    So true and Governor Walker’s act was unfair and dishonest to begin with. Now he wants to take even more from other employees of local governments. If it corrects a previous discrepancy of unfair wages then I could come on board. If it takes away something someone has earned through legitimate negotiations then I still won’t have any respect for the Governor. We all have to pay our fair share in life and that includes government workers. Their benefits are generous and they are very lucky to have a steady job. Still in all they don’t deserve to get screwed for what they rightfully earned. I hope this measure does go to the Supreme Court to see who is over reaching.Also to see how much a person can earn without being labeled as un American. I can point out numerous contractors who make millions off the government and plenty of bankers and Wall St marketers who make millions off our government. If we can bludgeon fire fighters and teachers who make an average amount of money then we can have a field day with the elites raking in their multi-millions. This is a battle worth having in defending those who weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

    • Push comes to shove

      So what you mean is an honest days pay for an honest days work?

      Well as we see from the most recent headlines are government workers are tweeting semi to fully pornographic pictures, using govt hardware to watch porn, and the list goes on. The elites you speak, for the most part (the very most part), people just like you and me. They have passion and drive and earned thier millions for diligence, CONSERVATIVE spending practices, and hard work. Do they deserve less of what they earned so people who earn a modest living can live in mansions too, or so you can knock the rich down to our level.

      By the way, the rich do give back without being forced. Many give large sums to charities not mention they provide jobs for the one who earn a modest living.

      Do the teachers and fire fighters (both of whom i admire for thier work) deserve benefits that far outreach what a modest income earner recieves? Maybe they deserve something more, but in some areas they get way too much. I pay for portions of my retirement (90%) and healthcare (40%) why shouldn’t they have to pay some. While appreciative of thier work, they still put thier pants on one leg at a time just as i do.

      By your assertion just because there are crooks in the housing market, banking industry, etc we should let everyone fleece the AMERICAN TAXPAYER?

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest vieteravet

      The law doesn’t take money away, it takes collective bargaining awy! DUH!

      • sue

        Get real, it takes consumers’ money away, even statre employees, gives them less earning power, less spending power, and the economy further collapses. The economy can’t recover when people buy their clothes second-hand, drive used cars or beaters, eat at community and free meals (I’ve done all of these) and then have conservatives telling them they ‘earn too much’ and don’t deserve a ‘steady job’ because they earn too much. state workers have not had raises in years, and before that, it was like every 3 years, at about 2-3% only. That doesn’t even half-way catch up with the rising cost of living. Soon no one will be there to help the vulnerable citizens of our state; namely, the elderly, frail, disabled people of hte state of WI, and there will be sick and dying people laying in the streets; believe me — all because of the disenfranchised state workers doing the jobs of 2-3 people having to quit their job because they are not making ends meet anymore. Any more loss of wages means a total collapse of the system, believe me.

    • Firefly

      So basically you are saying, put it to the middle claass. Force them to pay up. Union bosses deserve their million dollar mansions and to be invited to White House events. The middle class can afford it. If they can afford to buy a house they can afford to pay more in taxes than the house is worth. Funny no one ever retires and moves north where the unions dominate. They always move south where people are freer and can afford to own a house. Where I live there are reasonable priced houses but an extra thosand a month in taxes to support the unions keeps them from being sold. This is all coming to end though and everyone will suffer when the Greater Depression descends upon us all. Have you heard the latest about the newest test in population control. Check out:

  • Dennis48e

    We can always depend on Eddie to support any union stance or activity and bash any business making a profit.

    • eddie47d

      I support honest union workers and honest businesses. That seems to be much more than you support.

      • Dennis48e

        How would you know what I support or oppose since this is my first posting here after doing much reading to get the feel or tone of the site.

      • James

        Let’s not forget unions, in the United States, were started by communists sympathizers. The rift this created between employees and employers is still with us today.

  • 45caliber

    Personally, I prefer to work at a place where my boss appreciates my work and is willing to pay me to do it rather than at a place where I have to pay someone else for the right to hold a job there.


    The judiciary is packed with skanks and landmines, this judge is activist of low moral character and will not reacuse’ herself from the bench in order to gain a honest ruling but instead will sell her own soul to contaminate the law even further….Such is the state of our present day judiciary.

    • sue

      ABSOLUTAMENTE NOT!!! The law was broken and the judge called them out on it. You cannot pass laws by breaking laws. The Judge is an activist of HIGH morale and made the decision based on law books and the republicans breaking the law. Her son’s involvement with a union had nothing to do with performing her job as an elected official who follows the laws and rules of publication.

      • Byrrni

        “The Judge is an activist of HIGH morale…” Judges are not supposed to be “Activists” but impartial interpreters of law. They are supposed to recuse themselves from any case that could, in any way, be construed as conflict of interest. Since her son had some more-than-casual interest in the ruling, she should have excused herself.

  • i41

    Dennis48, in case you didn’t know this, eddee is a generational ward of the government, a reservation welfare rat. He can go to colleges until the fall of feathers off his favorite owl’s rear. His past generational training is always promoted the tribes need to have a boss, to do any thing, down to when and who to steal from. Indians and black stoneage idiots have never thought about doing something for them selves. They are generationally too stupid and lazy, it doen’t matter what rez you go to in any state, you will see the filth and waste of humanity is there. The only tribe up in the NE that isn’t under BIA control, owns their 12 banks and live like multi millionars. But now the Banking Reform democrat smucks are trying to take away their banks ownership from the tribal members. The indians under BIA control always vote for any dumbocrap no matter what. Rezs are a great place to see the failures of several government funded programs that citizens have to pay for year after year with filure rates of over 96%.

    • sue

      Who do you want to insult? Who do you think forced Native Americans to undesired land of reservations where they could no longer live as CLEAN and traditional natives of their lands? Where they could no longer hunt, fish, and had and have to live on government subsidies, poor food, introduction to alcoholism because there seems to be NO HOPE. I have several nATIVE aMERICAN FRIENDS AND WHAT YOU SAY IS SO UNTRUE. MOST OF THEM LIVE IN POVERTY, ON OR OFF THE RESERVATION

    • sue

      YOU are a FILTHY WASTE OF HUMANITY, SLIMEBALL, FOR INSULTING OTHERS. keep on being your schmucky self. Narcissist!


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