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Will Ron Paul-ers Vote For Romney?

April 13, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Betty

    I fully respect your view and others like you who support Ron Paul…but, as the Athenian orator and statesman Demosthenes stated after he fled the battlefield where 3000 Athenian’s died and he was subsequently censured because of his desertion. To anyone who later called him a coward, Demosthenes retorted, “The man who runs away may fight again.” From that line is derived the modern day version “He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day.”

    The principles of Liberty are important, but in these days we have before us if Obama is re-elected we may become paralyzed and make to battle more deadly than it has to be. I am not sure of any of the Republican candidates. One thing I am sure of is the expectations of our current president to divide and conquer. If we don’t all pull together, we will certainly all fall together.

    • DaveH

      United we Stand. I stand beside Ron Paul.

      • Earl, QUEENS, NY

        To all the delusional Ron ‘MoRon’ Paul supporters, all I can ask is: if this crackpot is so great, why does he always get the fewest votes in every primary????? That’s a consolation to me, suggesting that while American voters are often stupid, they’re not stupid enough to vote for an old McGovern-type nincompoop who should be dispatched to retirement. We could blame the media and GOP establishment that Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum didn’t get as many primary votes as the RINO Romney. But these three (the better choices) did better than Ron Paul ….. because it’s evident they would’ve been a better POTUS.

        • Sean Steele

          The answer is because there was wide spread vote fraud against him that has been documented and is presented on you tube by real honest Americans in every state the caucus was held starting with Iowa. Just look at th videos of anywhere Ron Paul goes, the place is packed with people. Why is there so many ads the lame stream media wont show? They’re Skeerd {Yes that was a play on the aint skeerd sticker} Scared the truth that the policies alway had and always will fail. That the Greatest Fraud {not Obama, he is a close second non the less} ever done namely the Fed and the central banking. But the biggest reason is the monied interest behind the Imposter in chief dont want their puppet to have to debate Ron Paul in a public forum. Nobody could type that fast for the teleprompter, and they couldnt cut him off for commercials or have somebody interrupt him without it looking suspicious. Not to mention they are skeerd the public may wake up to see how phony and fake the system really is. To surmise Henry Ford if the people understood how money is made there would be a revolution by morning. I hope this clears up the fog caused by drinking too much koolaid.

    • Vicki

      Running away means getting shot in the back.

      Our choices this year are obama, obama spelled with an R, and Ron Paul. I choose priciple. Ron Paul. Should it happen that the rest of the voters stand united behind Dr Paul, Obama will be gone in 2013. Otherwise it will be same o same o.

    • Sean Steele

      A vote for Romney is the same as a vote for the abomination. nothing will change except more debt more wars more wealth being transfered more of the same. He is owned just like the fraud in who is there with his fraudulent papers that would get us thrown in jail. I once read you get the government you deserve. Why do you think nobody except secret service shows up at his speeches. Now the Republican party breaks it own rules to keep Ron Paul out. Thousands of people show up at his rallies. I dont think Odumbo is campaigning like every other politician has this close to an election because the same thing would happen as Romney in Detroit. They have already exposed the new electronic vote machines have built in programs to alter the count and Soros owns the company who counts the results in spain see you tube “from the horses mouth” There is no place to pencil in a name on an electronic vote. Romney is the other name to make you think there is choice. WAKE UP the other choice is Ron Paul! The spineless politicians have sold out to the UN and the Global Power Grab disguised as Climate Change is going to be going to dictate every action as we are all put down. I have hope that we can regain control of this country thru the election process. When both sides are the same and the only real hope is scammed by monied interests and influance over media out of running not only by the opposition but the party that proclaims to have thoes values, in word only. ” It matters little to vote, what really matters is who counts the votes” Joseph Stalin

  • TIME

    One word, “BRAVO!”

    This is just what we hear daily from hundreds of people of all ages within the confines of this nation, – the hundreds amounts to thousands per week that amounts to countless Millions in total.

    “One must stand for something or they will fall for anything!”

    Thus: “Please do Give me Freedom, as well Personal Liberty,” also the ability to not fall prey to the mass media’s ploy to VOTE for the ” Lesser of TWO EVILS.”
    Evil is just that, I want no part of EVIL, I never have, I will not start now.

    If Dr. Ron Paul fails, { he still wins,} so to do the people of this nation who have taken off the blinders of thetotaly controlled Rothschilds – Mass media’s propaganda.
    I being just one of the countless millions who will “write Dr. Ron Paul in as my vote.”

    I don’t feel that my vote will be wasted, I feel its value is beyond any form of measurement that can be assigned to it by the mindless blind lazy sheep, or the totaly controlled Mass media.

    Peace and Love

    • Vigilant

      May I ask in which state you are registered to vote?

    • http://Syracuse,NY Dolores Reed

      Even a no vote is important and it certainly does send a message. I have spent more than 30 years in politics, I always try to get the info on those votes, it’s good direction.

    • http://Syracuse,NY Dolores Reed

      In spite of his age, I will vote for Ron Paul. I believe in his positions and his strenhth to cary them out. He is a strict Constitutionalist. In spite of his age, I will vote for him because I am sure his Vice Presidential Candidate will follow his lead and support our Constitution just as Dr. Paul has. Have faith, his age does not count, his positions do!

  • Patriot higgins

    We the people still don’t get it. Only the delegates vote count. Did you care enough to become one?
    My integrity will remain intact. As in 2008 I will write in RON PAUL.
    A vote for Romuy IS THE SAME as a vote for Barry Soetoro from Kenya.
    Follow the money. The number one campaign contributor for both of them is the FED
    Gold man sack , Chase Manhattan Bank, etc,etc,
    If you are still easy enough to be watching the Lame stream mafia whores that you should be convinced who they are cramming down your throats. That alone tells me who is the next anointed puppet choice of the FED.
    A t.v. eater sheeple told me that they did not like RON PAUL but could not tell me anything about him.
    It’s A good thing that her vote does not count. She is sure that it does.

    • Stan Lee

      I hope you and you will live happily ever after.

  • BobbyG.

    Hello My name is BobbyG.I am a 60 year old man who grew up in NY.I can’t believe where our country has gone.I am a Vietnam era veteran,who at the time put in two sets of orders to go to Vietnam as a Medic and was refused twice.As luck would have it,God didn’t want me to be there.Now after researching the reality of Vietnam,with all the useless killing,God blessed me not to go.I see quite a bit of this Dual standards happening now,all over again.The Great difference today is the youth has more availability to the truth than my generation.I have always been split between backing the USA as I do now,and the reality of how our government has gone off track somewhere,probably between trying to separate our rich and poor.While our middle class sits in turmoil knowing the truth but can’t do anything about it the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.Can this go on? NO. To answer your question,No I won’t vote for just anybody.I would like to see on the voting Ballot a place where one can vote as a right in.This way we as a nation can see how many voters are actually dissatisfied with the candidates on the ballot.If I don’t vote I have failed my duty as a citizen.When the candidates on the Ballot are both substandard the citizens of the USA have no where to turn.This has to change.I don’t care how many delegates a party wins.As we now see its not just the which party wins,its all up to the individual that wins.So again if Ron Paul isn’t on the Ballot,America as I knew it wil only be a memory.And as the Obama Regime states,”Its easier to proceed when the youth has a clean slate or actually is grossly ignorant to the past years or our Heritage.Thanks BobbyG.

    • Stryx

      Oh, my friends. It is called, ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face.’ There is NOTHING WORSE than Obama and his communist policies for our beloved country. We will not survive another four years as a United States of America with Obama. We all love Ron Paul for his outspoken positions, and yet know he is unelectable. Romney is not the ideal Republican candidate, but he IS electable if we stand together. Ron will have his place in a Romney White House. He will not be lost. The only way he will be lost is if we put the Communist in for another four years.

      • kdchex

        I know you mean well, but I think you are gravely misguided. Ron Paul is the only candidate who can beat Obama. He is the only one who can attract votes from all political spectra. Romney can’t do that. A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. Please don’t put our country in further jeopardy by voting for Romney.

      • DaveH

        No, you are cutting off your nose, when you vote for the Big Government Candidate that the Establishment selected for you. It doesn’t matter if they are establishment Republicans or establishment Democrats, they all are looking out for themselves and their Crony Capitalists. A vote for anybody but Paul is just a vote for 4 more years of Big Government Growth. You are throwing away your vote if it is for anybody but Ron Paul. Unless, of course, you are in the Leadership or one of their Crony Capitalists who are taking advantage of the rest of us.

      • Vicki

        Stryx writes:

        There is NOTHING WORSE than Obama and his communist policies for our beloved country.

        Yes there is. Voting for Obama with an R. None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free free.

        We will not survive another four years as a United States of America with Obama.

        Exactly why we must ALL get behind Dr Paul and stop voting for evil. Lessor or greator they are still evil.

    • Andrew C

      So in other words, you would rather vote for obama who wants to turn this country into a european socialist state than vote for romney. What a bunch of big babies, if your canditate doesnt make the nomination, neither will the nominated one, thats great logic, and may i say, VERY mature.

      • DaveH

        It has nothing to do with maturity, and everything to do with wisdom. The Leaders have been playing us for fools for over a hundred years, and they love the fact that people like you have bought into and promote their propaganda for them. If you do nothing else this tax month, read this book and get an idea of how we got where we are:

      • Vicki

        Andrew C says:

        So in other words, you would rather vote for obama who wants to turn this country into a european socialist state than vote for romney.

        who wants to turn tis country into a european socialist state. Witness his actions. Does Romneycare ring any alarm bells for you?

        So vote for Obama if you want. Vote for Obama with an R(omney) if you want. Both dream of being the leaders of a european socialist state.

        You can vote for the lessor of 2 evils or you can vote for the ONLY candidate who is committed to the US Constitution and has a 30+ year history of doing so.

      • Bruce

        That is right! If Ron Paul is on that Ballot or there is an option to write him in …I will vote for Ron Paul. Voting for Romney is out of the question. Romney is a white Obama who will accelerate Amnesty, continue Obama care, raise taxes, Gas prices will jump, The wars will
        multiply, Bankers will continue the robbery, foreign aide will double, serving Isruh will continue,
        and in short, no change with the exception of blaming Obama sooooooooooooooooooo..
        why hire a republican liberal marxist when there is one already in the white house? If Ron
        Paul is out of the race. then my vote is to re-elect Obama. (Cheaper that way…I won’t have
        to bear the thought of moving a republican marxist at taxpayer expense and we just as well
        keep the kullud one instead.

  • TyrannyCrusher1

    Again as said before, voting for Romney is a vote for Big govt, the New World Order, the criminal cartel banksters, a police state, martial law, more wars. This guy Romney to me is an idiot. He seems barely smarter than George W. He seems like a drunk. He may have made lots of money but I suspect that most of that was thru his political connections and cronyism that exists when you are a politician and not from his hard work or smarts. We are in big trouble. Ron Paul is the only hope for our country and that is why they are cheating him with voter fraud. He would close down a lot of the wasteful government bureaucratic agencies and attempt to balance the budget which would totally foil the plans of the Elite. Say your prayers folks, 2012, is scheduled to be the end of the world for a reason. The Mayans were not dumb. They saw something about this time. Now, that I’m awake, I see what’s happening. Evil is growing like a cancerous tumor that is metastasizing at insurmountable rates.

  • Nick

    I think this question, and it’s implication are backwards. It should be, will Romney supporters stop stonewalling and support Ron Paul – as he has polled best against Obama pretty much this whole election.

    Why? Because Ron Paul get the majority of Independents and some Democrats.

    The GOP needs to stop forcing Romney (who is essentially the same as Obama) down our throats, and support the only candidate that can actually beat’s

    • Vigilant

      That poll you cite was a press release from the Ron Paul PAC,

      “Authorized and paid for by Ron Paul 2012 PCC Inc.

      “SOURCE: Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee”

      Three things bear comment here:

      (1) The poll is a statistical tie between Obama, Romney and Paul.

      (2) There’s no doubt the numbers will change in favor of Romney, now that Santorum’s out of the race and as Republicans coalesce around Romney in the coming months as the nominee.

      (3) Interesting how Paul supporters consitently diss polls in general until the poll seems to indicate that things are going their way. Cognitive dissonance?

      • DaveH

        Mark my words. Romney will get elected and the Liberal Media will slaughter him, because he offers no real choice. The Blue Democrats that would have crossed over for Ron Paul will cast their votes for Obama, and the Independents will look elsewhere because, again, Romney is just Obama Lite. So, most likely, Obama will get re-elected.
        If Romney does get the nomination and somehow the win, he will talk the talk until after the election and then find ways to renig on his campaign promises. He WILL NOT shrink Government. At best he will maintain its present size and at worse grow it more. And then those of us who love Freedom will have to wait 4 more years for another cycle of more of the same.
        Arghh. My life story — Ignorant and Evil people using Government to make my decisions against my will and steal my money.

  • hoser

    I’ll be writing-in Ron Paul if I have too. I will not vote for romney. I’m done voting for the “Lessor of Two Evils!” Amerikan’s deserve another 4-years of Obama’s socialists/pro-banker/New World Order agend’s. Amerikans are that STUPID! We could only hope and pray for a Ron Paul Presidency but alas, CNN/FOX news won’t allow it.

    As a registered Republican I will continue to donate bi-monthly to Ron Paul’s campaign and will cast one vote only this fall. Ron Paul and thats it. All other Republicans can kiss my rosey-red butt.

    Sincerely, Hoser

    • Vigilant

      “Ron Paul is now desperately asking for donations to keep his campaign alive, but unless he runs in November as a third party, his campaign has no more reason to continue. Why waste money to help Ron Paul continue to help Mitt Romney, which is what he has done in recent weeks, and all he would do with his current strategy? Paul has largely disappeared from the high-visibility scene after he began dancing with Mitt, so it is not surprising that his donations have slowed enough that his campaign is now in danger of closing down.

      “Ron Paul could have been a much more important player in 2012. He got off to a great start then, for whatever reason, began his tap dance with Romney.

      “I hope that Paul runs as a third party or as an Independent, but I don’t think there is any chance he will. Unless he runs in November, people can give money to Ron Paul, but they might as well donate to Mitt Romney in Paul’s name and make it official.

      “Either Ron Paul announces a third-party bid or it appears Ron Paul will soon be closing down the show, and saying farewell.”

      • DaveH

        I suspect the third party run is in the cards. I also suspect that the Republican Party may be on the way out, since they offer no clear cut alternative to the people. Leaders in both parties have become almost brazen in their disregard for anybody but themselves and the Crony Capitalists who help them get re-elected.

  • Ron

    There’s nothing sexier than an eloquent Patriot chick. ;) She took my breath away.

    • cheongyei

      Totally agree with you.

    • DaveH

      I love her smile.

      • DaveH

        And her eyes. I think I’d vote for her regardless of her ideology. Just kidding.

  • Ben W.

    I Enjoyed Your Video,Romney Would Just be Another Puppet,Like The One We already have.But Maybe There would be a little less money that would be printed(GOd only Knows)!!I Too ,will be writing in Ron Paul”S Name. i’m sure we will see Ron Gain in the poles as the months go , But .It would be great to see Ron Mess up Romney ‘s over PAID Plans to become President.

    • DaveH

      They aren’t puppets! They are doing it for themselves. And their Cronies, but only because they can help them get re-elected.

  • Michael J.

    Most inspiring young patriot. It’s too bad Ron Paul will not be allowed to succeed. “Give me Liberty, or give me death”, is a slogan whose time has come to fruition.

  • Louis Lemieux

    I don’t share Ron Paul’s libertarian ideology but I wish each and everyone of us would be a gentleman as he is.

    • cheongyei

      What aspects of keeping governments in check and expanding personal liberty do you have a challenge with??

      • DaveH

        Louis likes to help people — with other peoples’ money.

  • Louis Lemieux

    I don’t share Ron Paul’s libertarian ideology but I wish each and everyone of us would be a gentleman as he is.

    • Evelyn Studdard Levine

      I have gone through three candidates as they came on the scene and fell. But I am coming to see that Romney is indeed qualified to be president. I have prayed so much about this country and the way Obama is taking us and the liberties we are losing that I just can’t not vote because due process of the election system has had it’s say. So I urge all of us who are Conservatives to get behind Romney so that we have a chance to get Obama out of the White House and start over on a different path. I still wish the three candidates that I wanted who fell away were still running but reality is where we are. My concern for Mr. Paul is his age and the severity of the job of President would be too much for him. I know he has the mental capability for that job. And he has already had such an impact on the party that all will remember and fight for the things he believes that we share with him. But the longer we wait to unify, the more behind we will get in unity. Together we can vote Obama out and Republicans/Conservatives in. I see the success of their family as a unit and know that it took exceptional people to arrive to that point in our society and that has been the saving grace for me to give them my allegiance. Please pray about this and I know Ron Paul would not want this nation divided anymore worse than it already is. God bless you and thank you for allowing me to share my point of view. Evelyn Levine

  • cheongyei

    I can’t wait to learn who the Libertarians will nominate. I would rather urge Republicans and independents to vote Libertarian than to cast a vote for a RINO.

    • DaveH

      I suspect (and hope) that it is going to be Gary Johnson.

  • Rob

    Even Ron Paul’s son in the end will end up voting for the Republican nominee. If you stay home in November you are giving up your right to vote that so many died for.

    If people do not come together and fire Obama thus allowing his healthscare legislation to stand, you will literally be giving people death.

    You idiots are the reason the likes of Ron Paul will never be elected president. If people like TyrannyCrusher are indicitive of the people that make up the Paul team, then he sure doesn’t need enemies. So please stay home along with the lazy that expect Obama’s entitlements. We need you with lesser iq’s to pass on voting. Better yet, why not move to Greece?

    • GG

      Well said, Rob. Many young people haven’t a CLUE as to the seriousness of the moment…their brains, literally, have not had time to sift through the b.s. they encounter. Unfortunately, this also holds true for too many adults who are too lazy and sorry to think for themselves.

    • DaveH

      I was young too, 35 years ago, and I decided that the Libertarian Party was the only one offering real Principles of Freedom and Responsibility. As I was indulging in my “idiot” Principled thoughts, friends and co-workers told me how important it was not to waste my vote and allow a Democrat to get elected. That was about 1975. Government spent 33% of our GDP then. Now they spend over 40% of our GDP. That’s 20 percent Growth in those 35 years.
      So who are the real idiots?
      Quit being an establishment Tool:

  • GG

    Your postion is quite naive, yet I understand your unwavering commitment to Dr. Paul. Altruism is a lovely thing on paper and in spoken words, but the reality of today is we, as a nation, are dealing with a destructive, lying Marxist, who is determined to relieve you and me of all our liberties. There’s a very good chance that if Obama wins in November, you won’t HAVE a country anymore and your silly position of not voting for the other guy will have cost you more than you anticipated. Better think hard and long before you caste a wasted vote, just to prove a philosophical point.

    • DaveH

      How do you suppose we will ever get Smaller Government and More Freedom if you keep voting for candidates who don’t want to give you either?

      • Evelyn Studdard Levine

        My plan is not based on some doctor of insanity. It is based on the Living Word of God and it is fool proof and works. I have believed what I have stated since I was a small child and never faltered from seeing His truth. When you pray to the Almighty, you then have the power of the Almighty. He is beyond any power that has even or ever will be. So I simply take Him at His Word and trust Him to guide me on the Way. I will not waiver from His guidance as I believe with my whole heart He is who He says He is and He has proven it over and over again to me since I was that small child. You have no choice in your thinking. I have the sky is the limit on my side. I will rest on that side knowing He will accomplish that which He has started until the end. I have chosen a reality. You have chosen a foolish way.

      • DaveH

        Are you referring to Dr. Paul, the most Principled candidate (by far) in the lineup?
        Your “reality”, Evelyn, comes from a book written by men. Much of the advice in that book is good advice, but it is human advice. And I don’t care what religion you choose, you should Practice it. I doubt seriously that any of your ministers, or priests, have taught you to disparage people for their beliefs, like you did to Ron Paul and myself.
        I have known many religious people in my life, and so far none of them have proven to be as moral as myself (I mean in respect to following the Ten Commandments). And I’m an Atheist. You can pray all you want, but in the end the only thing that will help you is to be consistent in your beliefs (that is follow your own moral code).

    • Dan Doyle

      …that “other guy” is a fraud. He made his living excersizing his freedom to sieze and destroy people’s livelihood and place those people on the backs of the people who pay the taxes which sustain the welfare system. Robmey to be rewarded for that by buying his way to our oval office is not a deal with the devil. It is giving the devil the keys to your house and car. At least OBama is telling us what he will do. We can see it, while Robmey pretends to care for what I am sure he thinks is the “poor subjects of the working class”. I will err on the side of truth and remain true to what truth is and go where it is.
      Ron Paul TELLS THE TRUTH as he knows it to be. Truth is never the wrong way. It very well may be the hard way though. I am prepared to do the hard road as long as the carrot dangling is truth.

  • GG

    As an educated man, who ran against other intelligent opponents for the presidency, I’m sure Dr. Paul would NEVER condone NOT voting for the salvation of the nation. It’s one thing to be idealistic, but quite another to be foolish and making decisions against your own best interst.

    • DaveH

      It’s a matter of suffering a quick death, one in which there will still be people who remember the benefits of Freedom, or the slow death, one in which those with memories of Freedom will be gone and nobody will have a clue how to recover.
      Personally I prefer the quick death over the slow agonizing death.

  • Olga

    I couldn’t agree more with this young lady, and happily, there are many millions more who feel just as we do. The GOP has provably committed election fraud against Ron Paul, the mainstream media (except for Ben Swann and Judge Napolitano) has blacked him out (and when they actually report on him, they either attempt to marginalize him or flat out lie) apparently not realizing that “you can’t stop an idea whose time has come.” The R3VOLUTION is here. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. A vote for ANYONE but Paul is a vote for Obama, and idiots such as a couple who are posting here had better get it through their thick heads and get behind Ron Paul.

    By the way, I am a retiree and a well- educated, long time, active (office holding) Republican, so the silly accusations of naivete and such give me a good chuckle. As a Christian, Dr. Paul is the only candidate I would even consider voting for. “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.”

    • Evelyn

      “f my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and seek my face, I will heal their land.” This is option 1 and the only one that works. You choose to rationalize insanity and it will still be insanity. There is no fraud or Ron Paul would have cried out about it. He is a man who stands up for himself. Olga, you sound like a delightful person, but a vote for anyone but Paul is not a vote for Obama. That is insanity. It will be cast to the name that is on the ballot. Reality has spoken and you cannot will it away. Stop fight against what must be done by the Republicans and put your energy in working to defeat Obama inspite of your first choice and my three choices. We move forward with the desire to keep our country from decay at the hands of the most evil man we have ever encountered in American politics.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Alondra

      Olga, you stood in so stubborn and arrogant posture. Your attitude do not justifies the means.

      I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat. I am an Independent and a strong supporter of Tea Party. I am not pleased by the Republican Party attitude and by Romney choice. I voted for Newt in my state’s primary. But I was born and grew up in the country with Dictatorial, Authoritarian and Tyrannous regime – USSR. I escaped mostly for my children, because I wanted raise them in the FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

      Romney is not “gift”, but Obama is the great and profound abomination for the country. If this corrupt, vicious and detestable FRAUD will be re-elected – the sentence for USA will be the DEATH. I guess you do not dream to attend the funeral for AMERICA.

      You can call me “idiot”, but I am a REALIST.

      And “as a Christian” you should know that freedom is God’s gift. And this GIFT, which we received from our Heavenly Father the CHARLATAN and USURPER snatching out with the insolent unlawfulness. He and his DOJ are above the law.

      P.S. “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” No, you will not die “on your feet”. You will die from the absolute distraction, impotence and desperation. Good luck, dear.
      God bless America.

      • DaveH

        Olga is being “stubborn” and you aren’t, Alondra? Give me a break. Olga has her eyes wide open. You and your kind are just perpetuating the Politician/Crony Capitalist alliance that has crippled our country for over 100 years.
        If you’re in the Political Class, you may be benefiting by establishment Politicians. But the rest of us are losing.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Alondra

        DaveH, I give you a break. Olga has her eyes wide open, but she keeps her mind overly locked. Probably because she did not have my life experience – she never lived under DICTATORIAL, AUTHORITARIAN and TYRANNOUS COMMUNISTIC regime, where we could not have our own views and opinions.

        DaveH, here you are again with your deceitful leftist/communistic propaganda that “the Politician/Crony Capitalist alliance that has crippled our country for over 100 years.” My understanding is that you are blaming Republicans for the “crippled our country for over 100 years.”
        Let’s see:
        1913 – 1921 = 8 years – President Woodrow Wilson – Democrat
        1933 – 1945=12 years – President FDR – Democrat
        1945 – 1953 = 8 years – President Harry Truman – Democrat
        1961 – 1963 = 3 years – President JFK – Democrat
        1963 – 1969 = 6 years – President Lyndon Johnson – Democrat
        1977 – 1981 = 4 years – President Jimmy Carter – Democrat
        1993 – 2001= 8 years – President Bill Clinton – Democrat
        2009 – pres. = 4 years – Fraud Obama – Democrat/Communist

        Total – 53 years Democrats in Power

        2006 – 2010 the Democratic majority in Congress, which were led by the complete IDIOTS Pelosi and Reed.

        DaveH, if you are leftist/communist/obamacrap HOAX – bad job DaveH, inconvincible. You will not receive your treat from your master for your diligent zealousness to please your master/s.

        If you are ignorant – educate yourself. Listen Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Dennis Prager and do not watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and PBS.

        Alondra – Proud American, Proud Bigot, Proud Homophobe and Proud Islamophobe.

        P.S. I never ever belonged to “the Political Class.” First time I voted in 2004 for Bush and not because he is Republican, but because I couldn’t stand Kerry. As I said in my previous posting, I am not a Republican, not a Democrat. I am INDEPENDENT and supporter of the TEA PARTY. Do not look for the black cat in the completely dark room.

        DaveH, my advice: CHANGE tactics. Blaming and labeling do not work anymore.

      • Vicki

        Now wouldn’t it be interesting if Flashy’s research is to try and see what outlandish things can be claimed by supposedy random posters. How terribly convenient that most anyone can appear here using whatever name they choose. We already have knowledge of flashy’s multiple persona here and now another new poster appears with such interesting and openly illogical claims.

  • Dan Doyle

    Ron Paul might not be right on every count, but he is telling what he believes is truth and that is certainly the biggest part of any credible platform. Without truth there is nothing to start with and from truth anything can be built.

  • Rob

    Ron Paul appears to be an honest man with principles. However, he is never going to be elected president and he knows it. He is trying to grow an awareness to out of control government and he has done that.

    For all of you who abstain from voting for the Republican candidate in this particular election will help this country move towards less freedom. First under Obama your doctor or your grandmother’s doctor will not be making the decisions concerning your healthcare. So good luck.

    Also, there will be one or two Supreme Court appointment in the next 4 years. Just think about that.

  • jopa

    All this bickering about voting and in the end it doesn’t matter anyway.No matter what party wins they will do the work of the big oil, bank, ethanol and mining industry.A lobbyist walks in with an envelope stuffed with cash means more to a politician than any vote, e-mail or whatever else you have to throw at themMoney talks and our BS walks in DC.

    • Vicki

      “…..big oil, bank, ethanol and mining industry…..” Didn’t you forget the Pilsbury Dough Boy?

      I am reminded of a scene from a movie long ago. These 4 characters and a small black dog are standing in this great hall facing a wall upon which there is a huge angry face. There is a lot of stage effects around the face and when the face speaks it speaks with a voice of thunder. The 4 are transfixed by the spectacle.

      The little dog however uses all of his senses and goes over to a curtain hung on a nearby wall.

      We are not buying into the “evil oil, bank, mining, whatever” did it.
      We are as the little dog sniffing at the curtain to see what is hiding behind.

      • Bruce

        Unfortunately, this is not the great land of OZ. In these days and times, alot of people lost their lives sniffing around and behind that curtain. There lurks more power and evil than you know.

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