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Will Newt Gingrich Run For President In 2012?

January 20, 2010 by  

Will Newt Gingrich run for president in 2012?Media speculation about Sarah Palin’s possible run for the White House in three years have been going on for months, but recent developments suggest other candidates may be emerging as well.

On Monday, the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) announced that former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich would deliver a speech at this year’s event in New Orleans.

Outside of the Republican National Convention, the SRLC is one of the most prominent GOP events that brings together party members, candidates for office and campaign donors, and conducts straw polls to get an early sense of potential candidates’ strength, according to RTTNews.

This has fueled speculation that Gingrich may be preparing for a presidential bid, especially since he has also formed a political action committee called American Solutions PAC that will allow him to raise and donate money to political campaigns nationwide, CNN reported.

The former House speaker’s recent moves have been praised by SRLC director Charlie Davies who said that Gingrich has been a key part of Republican victories over the past two decades and that he "continues to have a profound effect on the direction of our nation," quoted by the news source.

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  • Tinwarble

    Hasn’t everyone said that Newt may run for President ever since he left the House? And American Solutions was formed in 2007, so it’s not like he just formed it. I don’t know whether Newt will throw his hat in the ring this time, but it seems like every time we start getting close to the Presidential election year, someone comes out saying that he is going to run, or that it seems that he is doing something in preparation to run. Now I like Newt, but even if he does run, I think the whole Dede thing in New York has hurt him with many Conservative Republicans and it may be a uphill battle for him to overcome that with many of them.

    • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

      Newt is a bum, more of the same, elect him and history will be repeted, a career politician is what Newt is and always will be. New blood and term limits is what we need, or we will end up with more Pelosis, Reids, Kennedys, Franks and more of the same worthless people that are in there spending our money, breaking our country and filling their pockets.

      • Valverde

        Oh, BS. Study up on what happened when Newt was House Speaker and look at how much of that was cooked up by his own party to get him back for his arm twisting that he used to get legislation passed. Same thing happened to Tom Delay. Politicians, by and large are skunks. Newt has more good ideas than BO, Hairless Reed and Nancy Botox put together. I guess that’s not saying much, I’m ashamed to say, but he is an honest individual who, I think could get us out of this mess, given the chance. Just my opinion, you don’t have to agree, but remember, if we put some lesser being in charge, here we go again. The one I would trust as much as Newt, is Judge Napolitano. He has his head screwed on straight.

        • eyeswideopen

          Valverde, dude, read history, he was the only speaker to be brought up on ethics charges in 208 years. His fine was 300,000. He was forced out of politics by his own party. History on his actions has already been recorded and the radical right can’t re-write this one.

        • denniso

          It boggles my mind that there is any interest at all in ‘Newt’ running again. If he is part of what the rightwing has to offer to the American public,then they are in bad shape..Aren’t there really any potential Repub candidates that are new or fresh or smart??

          • James

            Denniso, again we see a blanket statement, this time about Newt Gingrich, would you please mention one thing he stands for that you disagree with?

          • denniso

            Pretty much everything..but what he did to his wife should rule him out totally on moral grounds. I have tried to not pay him any attention for a decade or so and I won’t give him any more of my time now. Like I said in another post,he’s scum…

          • libertytrain

            denniso – was this “Pretty much everything..but what he did to his wife should rule him out totally on moral grounds…”
            about Newt or John Edwards? Or Bill Clinton or whom – there are so many on both sides apparently.

      • Harold Olsen

        Term limits can be both a good and a bad thing. It helps us to easily get rid of bad politicians who ignore the will of the people and we don’t have to worry about voting them out. However, if someone gets elected to office and knows they are only in that office for a limited amount of time, then what have they got to lose? They can push through all the bad legislation they want and not have to worry about the consequences of what they did because they know they will be out soon anyway. Without term limits, we can vote them out and humiliate them by doing so. Unfortunately, though, I don’t have much confidence in the voters in this country. They complain about our so-called representatives not listening to us but then will vote for them again and again. They want to get rid of other peoples’ representatives but not theirs.

    • Harold Olsen

      I doubt very much that I’d ever vote for Newt Gingrich because I do not believe him to be a true conservative. He pretty much proved that by supporting the liberal candidate rather than the conservative in the 23rd district race a few month ago only because the had an “R” after her name. And then, when she dropped out of the race when she saw she could not win, she supported her Democrat opponent. I will only vote for conservatives and that does not describe Gingrich.

      • eyeswideopen

        Funny, it doesn’t bother you that he was corrupt, it bothers you who he supported for office? No wonder this country is going down the drain. Logic, common sense and ethics have left the country. He was corrupt!!! end of story.

  • Patti

    Newt would be awesome! And put Palin in with him as VP. With the results from last nights MA Senatorial race I think the people have finally woke up! Let’s take our country back America!

    • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

      Yea, that’s what we need another liar and piece of crap in Washington, this is the same person that left his first wife and kids to go hungry in Carolton, Georgia. Dirtbags never change. This one only says what you want to hear, don’t forget once you elect this trash it takes awhile to carry it out. We need new people with the Constitution on their mind, NOT deals and more lies. Old school need to be out and the new school needs to start. I don’t want to see another expanding government like we have now, that is why we have no
      industry in America now, we are spending everything on USELESS government and unending wars.

      • denniso

        Of course you’re right on ‘Newt’,but do you really think that all gov’t is ‘useless’?? Why do all societies have them? Maybe you mean the useless gov’t programs that do exist?

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Patti dear, it “sounds” like you know little or maybe nothing about Newt Gingrich. I researched this man on Wikipedia because “alarm bells went off” when he started appearing as a consultant? on FOX. OMG!

      Vic Bailey is ABSOLUTELY right! Gingrich would be “THE SAME” as we’ve been forced to accept the past 50 years and because he’s such a slick politician who has “learned a lot from his House Speaker/politician environment,” I seriously suspect Gingrich would be even WORSE than Obama (uh, no, that’s not possible!!)

      Bottom Line: We need NEW, untainted by greed YOUNGER people who are PATRIOTS and can at least, quote some of the Constitution if not all of it (meaning: they’ve READ that document,)plus they respectfully salute our Flag and repeat the Oath of Office with truthful dedication and determination instead of mindlessly mouthing the words.

      And Sarah? Well, I read Wikipedia’s report on her also and “maybe” she’ll grow into a more mature, settled adult on down the road! Case-in-point (and correct me if I’m wrong): her goofy stints on “Saturday Night Live” which I thought were demeaning to her turned me off and I had serious concerns as to “how” (as Vice-President) she would help deal with the heavy responsibiliy and burden of countless life problems for 305,000,000+ people?

      Last point: ANYONE (bar-none!) who associates regularly/consistently with the current political community is more-than-likely destined to become tainted UNLESS that person is VERY strong morally. I didn’t see that kind of strength in Sarah in ’08 and I don’t see it now.

      “Do not be deceived: “Bad company CORRUPTS good morals.”
      1 Cor. 15:33

      • Harold Olsen

        You researched Gingrich on Wikipedia? Why? That is the one place where you should never go to research anything. According to them, Rush Limbaugh died last month. The information you find there can not be trusted. Only a moron would consider it a valid source of information.

        • eyeswideopen

          Harold, all she had to do, was look up the history in the web site for info on Congress. It states that he had ethic charges and paid a fine of 300K. It was his own party that forced him out of office.

    • Marie

      Patti seems to be in a coma.

    • J LO

      Where the hell were you when W was acting like a King and running our country into the ground! He did what ever he wanted to do and left behind heaping pile of crap to be cleaned up by someone else.
      PALIN, Dumbest of all. She sure knows her talking points, I’ll give her that. I’d like to see anyone out there do what the President did this week on the fly. He is awesome!

  • Holly

    Not Newt! We need someone young,fresh and electable by both sides.He might be smart but He seems like a Bush type.

    • Raggs

      I can certainly see what happened in the last election with thinking like that.

    • Harold Olsen

      As much as I dislike Gingrich even I wouldn’t insult by calling him a Bush-type.

  • Jed Merrill

    Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!

    Mitt 2012.

    • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

      WHY do you all want to repete history again, we have a chance to start anew and you want to elect the past, read my lips” THE PAST HASN’T WORKED” we need people that believe in the Constitution and the people, not expanding government and never ending wars. All of these people that have been in office to date, all have been doing the same thing once elected, it’s only been one year since you heard the same lies from Bama and how many promises has he kept, NONE, 0, and you want to put more of the same in office. Now that we are waking up, don’t ho back to sleep on us!!! New blood is what we need and not career politicans.

  • Gene

    Serving divorce papers on your wife while she is starting chemotherapy so you can marry the young staffer in your office does not sit well with the conservative Christian base. Then there was the DeDe Scozzafava brain fart….

    • denniso

      I’m not a wacko rightwinger and what he did doesn’t sit well w/ me. It sounds like a rather low life thing to do,inhuman even.

  • Victor L Barney


  • Raggs

    I want to see Judge Napolitano run…

    This man knows the constitution like nobody else and will uphold it unlike the current administration..

    Newt may have a troubled past and conservatives and indepentants may not back him.

  • Robert

    Newt would do more for this country by staying with his current position. I like Newt but it’s time he stayed on the sidelines and provided his commentary on the issues at hand. However, those thinking of running for a political post would do themselves well by conversing with Newt and listening to his experience and handling of issues when he was a active congressman. He does have a keen insight into the mood of most Americans and does have some good ideas on how to move this country forward. This is just my opinion of the man, so those of you who may disagree, that’s your right. God bless America, our men and women serving or who have served in our military and the constitution. These three things are what gives me the freedom to speak, so let’s not forget this important point.

  • Josh

    I hope not. The Republican party is sure to lose again if he runs.
    Same with Palin. We need people with vision and forsight. Those two have only their own agenda.

    • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

      Until we get PARTY out of our minds we are SCREWED, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH PARTIES, it has to do with old ideas are NOT WORKING. This party crap has changed over the years and it’s time to change it again. Get rid of the old and start anew. This old school is KILLING our country, we have been letting the foxes guard the hen house and now we have no eggs or chickens, the foxes got rid of everything, and you want more of the same?

    • Marie


  • Norm

    Newt is probably one of smartest Republicans currently in the stable and I agree with much of his political agenda. The problem is that his personal life leaves much to be desired. He was cheating on his wife while leading the impeachment campaign against Clinton for cheating on his wife. It’s hard to trust someone like that.
    Someone above mentioned Palin as a running mate for Newt. Palin is a definate win for Obama.

    • Tinwarble

      Actually Norm, to get your facts straight, Clinton’s impeachment wasn’t for his cheating, it was for lying to Congress about cheating.

      • LindyMaeUSA

        Lolololol, Tin: I LOVE your corrections! They’re awesome and yes, it IS important to “get the facts straight!” Thank you :-)

      • Norm

        I stand corrected however that doesn’t make Newt a nice guy. Anyone who cheats on their spouse is not very trustworthy. If you have spousal problems act on them openly.

        • eyeswideopen

          Norm, that doesn’t bother the Conservatives, they will be leaving both Vitter and Ensign in office, both have no ethics. You can be an adulterer and they just wrap their arms around you and life goes on.

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Norm dear, I not only find it “hard to trust someone like that” . . . I DON’T trust someone like that!

      • denniso

        Smart or not, ‘Newt’ is scum..

  • Jean

    He will not get my vote.I respect him but don’t trust him.Character matters to me.

    • erry

      I agree with Jean, Newt is a smart, capable politician,but he is just a politician. I like him, but won’t vote for him, to much personal baggage.

    • LindyMaeUSA

      I also agree with you 100%, Jean. defines “character” as: “moral or ethical quality, honesty, courage, integrity.”

      Can you name or think of five people you know who express those special qualities? How about three people? I’m searching my thoughts as well.

      • Valverde

        What about former judge Napolitano?

        • LindyMaeUSA


          I’ve seen Napolitano on FOX occasionally but I know virtually nothing about the man or his standards so I can’t speak one way or the other.

          I did look for information from Wikipedia concerning Judge Napolitano but that site only listed his judicial, academic, media and writing credits along with his self-description as a “pro-life Liberterian.”

          It appears this man has written some very thought-provoking books, including “A Nation of Sheep” which I’m going to look for.

      • usmadgirl


        I can name a few: Duncan Hunter (SR & JR), Mike Pence, Sarah Palin, Jim DemMint, Michele Bachmann, Pete Hoekstra, Bob Corker & Zach Wamp & Glenn Beck (but not for political office – he’s THE best where he is. Who’d keep us informed of what’s going on in the country without Glenn?)

        Duncan Hunter was my first choice in the 2008 election. He was THE most conservative candidate, but it seemed as tho the GOP thought they should move to the CENTER in order to win – WRONG!!! Soooo, they didn’t promote him! The people were looking for Ronald Reagan & he was right before their eyes & they ignored him! I think they’ve come to their senses with the Tea Party movement & realize that their idea was the exact opposite of what the People wanted.

        • eyeswideopen


          • usmadgirl


            I certainly hope you were able to reattach it! Isn’t that where your brain is located?

          • eyeswideopen

            USMad, girl, you make me laugh, at least you have a sense of humor…too bad you are so mad, it isn’t good for you to tag yourself with such a negative name. Bless you.

  • DiverDan

    I believe that Newt is one of the smartest people to have ever served in Washington. Yes he has some dirty laundry in his personal life, but that should not stop him from doing a good job for the government. I believe that he has learned a lot having been there, and should know how to change things and get us in the right direction. Not so sure about Mitt, with his fines for not having medical insurance, especially for the people who can not afford insurance in Mass. Palin, sure looser, she is bright, but not presidential
    The republicans need GOOD NEW BLOOD and some experience as well. Newt can put together a good crew, I am sure better than OB did, with a crew with no experience running anything, not even a Dairy Queen. All community Organizers and BS’ers

    • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

      PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE you can’t have a bright future living in the past. You don’t keep a chicken killing dog to guard against the coyote. All of the Senate and Congress have the SAME mindset they are gods and we are crap, WILL YOU NEVER LEARN, if a dog bites you once HE WILL BITE AGAIN. How mant times do you have to touch a hot stove?
      Think of the people in Washington as used car salesmen, excuse me I mean pre-owned, they are mostly lawyers (crooks), they know how to word things to make you believe anything.

      • DDC


      • LindyMaeUSA

        Vic dear, KEEP PREACHING THAT MESSAGE! I’m with you!

        Until we can walk away from that ominously ingrained “faithful to the Party” mentality, it will be “politics as usual” in America for the next 100 years (if we last that long!!)

        The ignorant and devilishly stubborn refusal to look at any logic other than “Party Registration” has already destroyed us which is exactly what the NWO is counting on!

    • Robert

      Hey, let’s not pick on them community organizers. Our current President was one and look how he’s cleaned up our coutry’s problem. For starters: His bowing to the Saudi king has changed all Muslim Jihadists and radical Imans to preach only good things about America and we no longer face anymore terrorist threats. His bold stimulus action has reduced unemployment and jobs are bountiful. He has run out of Washington all the lobbyists and special interest groups. He has shown full transparency when it comes to political debate on the issues of today. The day’s of behind closed door deals are finally over. He has solved the problem of global warming. He has ended our military involvement in Iraq and Afghanastan. He has created a budget surplus for the first time since Republicans held the White House. He has lifted the educational standards of all children above that of the rest of the world. He has fixed our aging and failing infrastructures. He has lowered personal and corporate taxes by over 50%. He has thrown Rev. Wright under the bus. He has ended all forms of corruption thoughtout this country. He has worked endlessley with both sides of the political spectrum and has created a political atmosphere in Washinton where all politicians listen to their constituents and serve us unselfeshly. He usered in World Peace and has eliminated nuclear proliferation. He successfully garnered us as host country for the 2016 olympics. He made sure all illegal aliens were found and deported while securing all our boarders to 100% of Americans satisfaction. He ushered in the elimination of world hunger. And I could go on and on and on, but I wont. What I will say to all you who would criticize community organizers is this: What else does this President have to do to make you understand that community organizers are the ones responsible for saving this country?

  • Don

    As a conservative it will be a cold day in hell before I vote for Newt after getting in bed with Pelosi making these Global Warming commercials. If he doesn’t renounce man made Global warming for what it is, “A Scam”, and in those exact words, I will not support his candidency.

    • Norm

      How are you so certain global warming is such a scam? The vast majority of scientific evidence points to it as being factual. College dropouts like Rush, Sean, and Glenn don’t agree bur then …..

      • Jerry

        I’t easy to make something look factual when you eliminate all the opposing evidense. I may be wrong, but isn’t global warming still being descibed as being a hypothesis?

        • Raggs

          Global warming is in fact mans excuse for Gods wrath.
          Is global warming a true thing?… No not by any means, it is based upon a scare tatic to subdo the population much like the swine flu.

          • denniso

            So, ‘Newt’ was one of the smartest people in politics until he got on board w/ global warming? Something wrong in your thinking.

      • Tinwarble


        Perhaps if you would get your information somewhere besides the Liberal Websites you would know that there isn’t a consensus about global warming, here is a partial list of scientist that don’t agree:

        There are over 650 scientist that don’t agree with the great intellectual Al “I think the earths core is several millions of degrees” Gore. So who actually sounds like a “College Dropout” now.

      • Harold Olsen

        If global warming is NOT a scam, then why is it that the so-called scientists who believe in global warming refuse to debate the issue with scientists who do not believe in global warming? I’ll tell you why. They know their arguments can not stand up to close scrutiny. And Al the Bore won’t debate it with anyone either because he knows that everything he says is nothing but a pack of lies.

        • usmadgirl

          Amen, Harold Olsen! Like I’ve said on several comments, Al Bore is an embarrassment to my state! He’s a lying thief!

  • JKeyes

    No.. He will work on getting a Real conservative candidate for president; besides he could not stand the pay cut..

  • Ron Baker Sr.

    Newt, would bring back some of the old baggage to Washington, he is a brilliant historian. He would do well to continue in that capacity. Remember both parties have had a chance to reverse the downward spiral. Energy, how often have we the people been saying drill baby drill. I wrote a letter when Newt was speaker, about the problem of illegal immigration. We aren’t much better dealing with that issue than when he was speaker. He is a patriot, but we need fresh air in Washington. Thank You

  • Michael

    How about Newt being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations? They are trying to move us to a One World Order.

  • chuck b

    gingrich is one of the most intelligent people in our politics today.
    the problem is he is a professional politician and has become too much of an elitist, he lost me on the global warming issue and then i remember how he ran when clinton accused him of shutting the government down, if i remember correctly he didn’t show up for several days.
    palin may not be as poltical savy as newt, but that is a good thing. we need new faces and new thinking otherwise there’s not much hope. palin has the demos in a frenzy and thats why all the name calling, they hope to eliminate her before the nominations. the demos have only the clintons left, i doubt if obumbo will be a challenge, he’s already shown what he is and hillary with all her baggage could probably beat him in 2012.

  • Julie

    Sarah Palin is not a college dropout. She graduated from Idaho University with a degree in Journalism.

    • Norm


      She attended Hawaii Pacific University in the Fall of 1982 and North Idaho College (whose Alumni Association gave her the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award in June 2008 in the Spring and Fall of 1983. In 1984, after winning the Miss Wasilla pageant, she finished third in the Miss Alaska pageant, receiving the “Miss Congeniality” award and a college scholarship.

      She attended the University of Idaho in the Fall of 1984 and Spring of 1985, Matanuska-Susitna College in the Fall of 1985, and the University of Idaho again in the Spring and Fall of 1986 and the Fall of 1987, when she received her Bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism.

      A little shakey, but she did make it.

      • Norm

        Rush, Sean, and Glenn are another story.

      • Curtis S

        Hahaha So in other words Sarah Palin QUIT the University of Hawaii, and Sarah Palin QUIT the North Idaho College, and Sarah Palin QUIT the University of Idaho, and Sarah Palin QUIT the University of Matanuska-Susitna College and then went back to the University of Idaho. I see a pattern with this beauty queen… or third place Miss Congeniality. I keep asking, don’t you want someone better to run your country? Sarah Palin, Scott Brown, you conservatives sure like your candidates to be pretty! hahaha

        • eyeswideopen

          LMAO, definately a pattern here. P.S. I think she also quit taking her birth control too, or maybe it was just an irresponsible weekend for a forty something gal. Quick to Quit should be her mantra now. lol

          • denniso

            If Palin and ‘Newt’ are the best the rightwing can do they’re in trouble already.

  • C.J., CA

    It should be evident by now that the Republican Party needs new conservative blood. Let the good ol’ boys have their say but it is my opinion that they are too great a risk for 2012. No more “has beens” and besides that Newt already quit once.

    Sarah Palin is a good leader for the direction of the Republicans but but again is too much risk involved too run for President. The libtard media is laying in wait.

    There are plenty of strong conservative Republicans to choose from who will be new names.

  • Buckeye

    Please, Please let him run so we can tear him apart. When the story really gets out on him he will not have the backing of anyone and will be laughed out of everywhere except Faux News.

  • Mal

    Well, I see the critics are already out to get Newt. Sounds like the Democrats are at it again! What new?

    Change? Yep, we got in now in Washington with the Socialist. Take and give take and give. That is what this regime wants to do. Take what people have worked hard for all their lives, and give to the lazy bums who sat on their BUTTS and get all the free goodies from the one who brake their back making a humble living.

    Boy, when I was going to high school in the late 50′s, I was taught about what is now happening in the USA. Nobody ever thought this could and would happen in America.

    What is happening now to us had better be stopped fast and soon or we will be bowing down to a dictator, as our great king and leader of the free world, your president, not mine did when he went overseas.

    I respect the office of President of the USA, but I don’t respect the office holder we have now. He stands against everything that made us GREAT.

    God help us to overcome this blight on American history. Let’s change America back to the great nation it once was. As I have heard lately, “throw the bums out”.

    On well, I am just an old bald headed redneck country boy that know nothing that clings to my guns and religion.

    One day you will wish you had your guns…………. Just a forecast that will come true one day too soon.

    Drill baby, drill.

    Red neck guy not from Alabama.

  • gilly

    Hate to tell you guys… in both Australian and America, the politicians do not follow with most of the Constitutions. In Australia the Constitution does not mention political parties as being able to represent the citizens in parliament, yet we have two main syndicates of candidates running the country. So to ‘correct’ this claimed anomoly we have a number of politicians who want us to become a republic so they can attempt to codify many of the rules they are currently breaking. Luckliy many voters are suspicious of these left wing socialists who attempt to come up with with all manner of excuses to grab more power if Australia becomes a republic.

    Your America is already a republic , so hey use lawyers to read what they wish into the meaning of the Constitution and I doubt how many new candidates you can get into Congress you will not progress unless they have ‘balls’ to go against the lazy crowd. Gillysrooms from St Arnaud Victoria 3478 Australia


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