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Will Huckabee's Alleged Clemency Of Seattle Shooter Cost Him Politically?

December 10, 2009 by  

Will Huckabee's alleged clemency of Seattle shooter cost him politically?

Have revelations that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee pardoned accused cop killer Maurice Clemmons in 2000 doomed Huckabee’s chances of securing the GOP presidential nomination in 2012?

Clemmons was shot to death by Seattle police Dec. 2, four days after he killed four Seattle police officers in a coffee shop.

Last week, The New York Times ran an article detailing the concerns some Arkansas prosecutors had about Huckabee’s apparent willingness to pardon individuals even with a significant criminal record.

According to the news source, "[the governor] typically gave little explanation for individual pardons [but] spoke often of his belief in redemption, based on a strong religious belief that even criminals are capable of changing their lives and often deserve a second chance."

In the meantime, Hucakbee sought to correct media reports by writing on the conservative news website that he only reduced Clemmons’ sentence from 108 years to 47 years, rather than setting him free.

Still, the former governor took full responsibility for his actions and expressed his sadness over the tragedy, but added that "if the same file was presented to me today, I would have likely made the same decision."

According to opinion polls taken before the shootings, Huckabee was leading the group of major candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, with 50 percent of respondents saying they believed he was qualified for the highest office.

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  • eyeswideopen

    The Republican party will not allow him to be a candidate, which is a shame. They won’t look at the errors that the Bush administration committed, but they will attack someone who didn’t release the criminal. Seems they have a hard time holding the parole board responsible for the release. Facts are something that the radical right can’t deal with very well. This man had everything going for him, but the right has decided that he has committed a unforgiveable sin by reducing his years. He is a true Christian who believes in redemption, a little thing that Christ taught, but the religious right is anything but religious in practice. Very sad that he is now being attacked by his own party.

  • Linda L Hill

    I agree that Mike Huckabee will not escape real damage from this recent event, however, I disagree with the reason that the Right will inflict the blows that will destroy him. The Anti-Religous folks from both parties will do the dirty deed.

  • Robin from Indiana

    Mike Huckabee is a good man. He based his decision on the facts that he had at the time. Clemmons made some very bad decisions. There were other legal encounters that he had that should have put him back in jail. Once he proved himself incapable of living in society, those who had the ways and the means to put him back in jail should be the ones that are held accountable, not Mike Huckabee. I continue to believe that he would make a great President.

  • Jerry

    Yes I believe that his Presidential run for 2012 is over. I am a Conservative and Republican and I will not Vote for this man for President. I will vote for a Man or Woman that has my values in hand. I come from a long History of Preachers of the Traditional BIBLE ! Not a Politically Correct Version of the Bible as Huckabee spews from his mouth for votes and Political gain . He has values that I disagree with, ie… He is and has been Pro-Illegal Alien ( these are Laws of this Country ! , He has been taking up for Barack HUSSEIN Obama , who had enough balls to stop National Prayer Day @ the White House , but have a National Muslim Day instead . Sorry Not My Vote:

    • Larry

      What? You guys can’t even agree on which bible to use? There’s a politically correct bible now and it’s not as good as your traditional bible? How long until all religion is nothing more that a bunch of sects or cults that disagree on the color of the cover of their particular bible or their hymn book or their prayer beads or… or… All of this petty infighting must make the atheists feel justified.

  • Dale, Oklahoma

    I like Hackabee, but whether or not he’ll be my pick for the
    GOP Presidential candidate won’t be based on this potential snafu.
    Nobody had the ability to accurately predict what a criminal MAY
    do in the near to distant future. Unlike the “potential future
    crime” police in the movie Minority Report, we have to punish
    criminals based on their current or past transgressions. Should we
    or could we as a society enforce harsher penalties on those crimes?
    Probably. But until then, Huckabee had to work with what he had at
    the time.


    he had goby the fact that he had in front him.

  • Ed La Cruze

    While a person may accept that Jesus Christ died on the cross, was buried to rise again, that does not change the lawful sentence one was given by this society. The Governor has many positions I do not agree with, therefore I did not support his campaign for the Republican nomination for President in 2008-2009 nor will I in the future.

  • Rod

    Mike Huckabee is OK! It was an honest mistake he made and he owned up
    to it.This will not hurt his chances in the BIG race if people know
    the facts.

    • Len

      Some of you need to get the facts straight, like the left. Huckabee did not “make a mistake” and in my opinion should not apologise at all to anyone on this. he gave a full explanation that this guy had been given a sentence of 108 years for a relatively non-violent and minor crime.That was excessive in anyone’s book. Huckabee reduced his sentence but the guy was later released by the parole board. It was later he committed more crimes.

      • eyeswideopen

        Len, hands clapping.

    • Lindy

      I agree Len. I saw Huckabee on the Daily Show this week and his explanation was very honest, sincere and totally understandable. Nine years ago, his sentence reduction was very logical. As Huckabee said, the justice system had plenty of chances in the past nine years to take care of what became a career criminal. If Huckabee falters in his campaign this won’t be the reason why (or it shouldn’t be!)

  • Rod

    I am concerned about Sarah Palin. I really hope she dose not get in
    the BIG race as a third party candidate. Obama (CRIMINAL) that slimed
    his way into the White House would be very happy if Sarah runs on a
    third party ticket. She needs to stick with the Republicans.

  • David

    I agree that it would not have been such a slam dunk
    decision at the time.
    However, the subject now really is Mike Huckabees overall record on
    granting clemency. The 4 policemen here in our state is just the story
    the media could not ignore. But it is just the cap of an otherwise
    dismal record in this area, and it is out now:

    Huckabee is a good guy, and a conservative by todays standards. He has
    just made some bad choices in some key areas. It takes a firm
    grounding in constitutional principles not to IMO.

    • RICH


  • hermannelson

    Huckabee’s day is done goodbye and good riddance

  • Oldfellow

    After Bush I said I will never vote for a Republican. This bunch of so called Conservatives are nut cases. Huckabee may be an exception. I thought Goldwater was OK but the rest didn’t have a clue. Huckabee is honest. A case in point he complimented Obama on his speech at the Noble prize ceremonies. The rest of the pack, still in their hate mode, criticized.
    I hope Huckabee runs. I even liked Palin. If Obama does ok and runs and Huckabee runs the country will be in good hands.

    • RICH


  • David Hall

    Before those who want to stone Huckabee to death, for his reducing, that murdering scum of the earth, sentence. Look, at the pardons and
    reduced sentences that Obama is setting the stage for by trying them
    murdering, scum of the earth, terrorists, by being tried in a civilian
    court, rather than military court. Plus, by the fact Obama and his
    thugs, don’t use the words (War On Terror) and (Terrorist) in itself is
    a pardon. Plus, going around the whole damn world, bowing and kissing
    a**,and for the world to pardon us (U.S.A).Like we were the criminals.
    The fact is we (U.S.A.) have freed nations, feed nations and rebuilt
    nations. And your, Obama wants the world to pardon us. I tell you, all
    that man, makes me want to puke. That’s who you need to be concerned
    about, not Huckabee. Huckabee, made a bad mistake, but it will not
    destroy our nation. Obama, will.

  • RICH


    • David Hall

      Man, if that ain’t the damn pot, calling the kettle black. Republicans
      and Democrats, have done NOTHING to stop illegal immigration, except
      doing a little smoke screening down on the border states. Messiah
      Obama will give them ALL, FREE HEALTH CARE, already giving them drivers
      license, if they should their phony green cards. Obama will most likely
      open the borders, after he gets his trillions of dollars health-care
      passed. Obama has lost the elderly vote, so he’s got to have the Mexican VOTE. YEAH, OLE HUCK HAS MESSED UP ARKANSAS, AIN’T HE? DAMN-IT-BOY!

      • Joe H.

        david Hall,
        Duncan Hunter did get about 50 miles of the fence built himself!!! He kept nagging, raising hell and being a general pain in the assets till they built the part he was working on getting built. Give him the respect he deserves for that!!!

        • Joe H.

          I forgot to add that I would have voted for either him or Tancredo last go around as they both felt we had to stop the flow of illegals into the country and were ready to do something to get rid of the ones here!!!Tancredo and Hunter or Hunter and Tancredo!!! either way!!!

          • eyeswideopen

            Joe, your boy tom, sounds just peachie.

          • Joe H.

            OK, maybe I made a mistake about tancredo But I will ADMIT it! I still stand on my choice of Duncan Hunter though!!!

        • David Hall

          Mr. Joe H.,Pen a metal on him, hell I don’t care. The last time, I checked according to the people counters, there is 12 to 20 million
          illegals in our nation. Numbers don’t lie, people do. I hope the
          illegal don’t discover wire cutters, there will be more than 20 million. That’s about like the Government getting tough on crime.
          Yeah, give em credit!

          • Joe H.

            It’s better than doing nothing!!! The liberals stand around sucking on their thumbs and doing nothing while our nation from top to bottom is invaded! Do you have any idea how much trouble say 15 million hispanics could cause? I say cut out the jobs and they will go home!!!!

          • David Hall

            Sir, Mr. Joe, I agree. Plus, after Obama gets done, promoting his wonderful job plan, there want be none. Your right, maybe they will go
            home, then.

  • Ruth

    WE NEED MORE PEOPLE like Gov. Mike and this will NOT in any way ruin him as far as anything goes. THE PERSON WHO IS RUINING THIS COUNRY IS OUR WONDERful “so called PRESIDENT!” He is a being judged by the company he keeps as he mentioned before and just take a look at the people who he hangs with..Communists and then some. We would not be in this terrible mess is McCain was in here at this time or anyone else for that matter…and enough is enough as far as blaming George Bush…he kept us safe and now look what OBAMA is doing…what he and HOLDER are doing is disgraceful and if they had lost a loved one in 9/11 do you think they would want to go through what they are going to put everyone else through..I think NOT and what’s with this nonsense about NOT calling TERRORISTS..TERRORISTS….This country has never seen such bad leader ship and what a joke that Obama should get the NOBEL PEACE PRize….What has he done to deserve it..this was nothing more that to show up Bush and his administration. I could go on and on about the OBAMA administration because I am so upset with everything that they are doing and GLOBAL WARMING…NO SUCH THING…READ THE BIBLE. Gore is nothing but a crook and made his millions off of a FRAUD and should pay for it somehow.

    • David Hall

      Ma’am, very well put!

    • eyeswideopen

      Ruth, darling, you are a little confused, nobody said that they didn’t want the terrorists to be called terrorists, we don’t want the terrorists to be called soldiers as they don’t represent a country. They are nothing but common criminals who have no standing in the world. The are terrorists but not soldiers.

      • Joe H.

        come on Eyes your man O-man said he didn’t even want the war called the war on terror anymore!!!

      • David Hall

        Eyes, I guess I made it up, uh? Listen to what Obama and his cronies,
        say, they will not mention the words, (TERRORISTS), OR (WAR ON TERROR).
        Eyes, what kind of medication are you on?

    • eyeswideopen

      Ruth, since it is so important who people hand around with, maybe you should check out this link…You won’t like it, but facts are facts.

  • Jennifer

    I kind of liked Huckabee until I learned that he pardoned that cop killer. Why should this murderor be freed just to kill again. People might think that was “o.k.”, I do not, and I just bet ya the families of the murdered officers were very upset about it too. Didn’t this cold blooded killer kill again after Huckabee let him out? Huckabee WILL NOT GET MY VOTE in 2012. With the presidential power who knows how many killers he will free because he believes they deserve a second chance to kill again.


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